The Sun Never Sets…

I’m reading a history of the British Empire which reminds you how long it took for messages to be communicated between the Colonial Office and the colonies before the telegraph. It could be weeks, sometimes months, before crucial information was received. So much so that when the Natal administrators decided to attack Zululand against the government’s commands in 1879 they did so in the belief the war would be over before they were told by London not to proceed. It would be too late. And so it was – except not the way they expected. The Zulus had crushed the British and chased them.

I’m adopting the Empire approach and have been awaiting news arriving of the result of the local elections. I estimate a week is long enough for a coach to thunder north from London with the details. I always think the civil servants in Victorian London had something of an advantage over us today because there was little point in them responding with utmost urgency to a communication.

‘Mhadist forces entering Embassy building. Defences overwhelmed. Send reinforcements. Gordon.’ It could take four or five weeks to arrive in Whitehall from Khartoum.

Knowing this, the staff were obliged to take a longer view and make a strategic appraisal rather than a pressurised instant option. Which is what I’m doing.

I’m over the shock of the Tory insurgency because, after a moment’s thought it’s clear that they are hovering up former Labour voters. It is a direct consequence of the implosion of Labour as a power in our politics and with our debate polarised around a Yes/No on the constitution rather than austerity or Brexit or any domestic issue, it makes sense for the SNP to gather up the Yes support and the most strident No group to take the rest. Partly, too they are appealing to the Orange vote, a factor I’m afraid we are going to confront increasingly as Davidson’s No Surrender-No Policy approach takes over.

What is more interesting is the way the old matrix of affiliation has broken down. As Labour has sunk further into oblivion, their historic resonance has eroded to the point where the seemingly intractable attachment of working class Scots has evaporated. The road signs which said No Entry to Toryism, have gone, channelling those whose emotional impulse is triggered by Union into what may turn out to be a cul-de-sac.

But this is of marginal interest when set beside the latest electoral tour de force of the Nationalists. It seems not to matter which voting system is applied, they still break the bank. Those who have decided the future is independence appear totally committed. The ‘story’ was the Tories simply because it was against the grain and the media really got the emphasis all wrong. But the underlying reality is the overwhelming, consistent, decade-long reign of the SNP. (Gordon’s done for. The Sudan has fallen. But the Empire remains supreme).

As I suggested a few blogs ago, to much teeth-grinding comment, the collapse of Labour and the consequent lift of the Tories is, strategically, no bad thing. We may not want Tory councillors or MPs, but their very presence looms over the debate as a reminder of who the real enemy is. No longer is a vicar’s daughter able to sound distant in her prejudices and outlook, disconnected somehow from familiar Scotland. Those foot-stomping Tory suits cheering on election night are her praetorian guard and they’re here in our communities. They are pro-austerity, cutting public spending back to 1930’s levels. They are deporting people whose papers are not in order. They are brutalising the disabled. They are anti European, killing our businesses and freedom of movement with Brexit. They will take back powers from Holyrood. They ensure the rich are the sole beneficiaries of policy. And, at a time of national crisis over Europe, they will bring back fox hunting…

It is easy to forget what Conservatives represent when they’re in decline, seeming less important. But when, as helpfully blared out by the media, they are coming back, the danger becomes real, the threat present. Nothing will inspire Yes voters in places like Moray more than being told their votes are shifting to the Tories. If there was underlying confidence in Tory circles about ousting Angus Robertson, they’d go quietly about their business. Instead they’re bellowing like football fans how they’ll blooter him. There is no better way to firm up Nationalist support. That’s what happens with a real opponent.

And I repeat: never fear the exposure given to an over-confident adversary. One of the key differences between the modern SNP and the main Unionists, is the talent at their disposal. In my time the Tories had herds of big beasts striding meaningfully across the political landscape and Labour led the UK party with authoritative and authentic individuals. Today the talent has flown, either to the SNP or into obscurity. As the fortunes decline so does the money and the magnet that draws in the able. What we find now is that, under scrutiny, the scarecrow nature of the opposition dances across our TV screens, a barely coherent reminder of how shallow is the gene pool.

This matters. People imbibe impressions of who’s credible and who isn’t. Competence is important. Davidson has done a good job of being decisive when Labour is weak. She projects outspoken opposition. But does she sound like a minister? Does she enunciate policy or is she a rabble-rouser? What lies behind her on the MSP benches? Where is the skilled practitioner, the voice of experience? Is there the merest hint of statesmanship?

This is an opponent we can deal with. But it is real and it is, in campaign terms, effective. All complacency can now be dispelled. They will take seats in the General Election. The Scottish Tories will be lauded by May in her stonking majority victor’s speech confirming a UK Tory hegemony that lasts a generation. If that doesn’t stiffen the sinews and make the Scots face up to their future…then we won’t deserve better than being a province operated remotely by the Colonial Office and awaiting the latest instruction to the natives.

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41 thoughts on “The Sun Never Sets…

  1. Never under estimate your enemy when they have the MSM in their pocket


    • Thank the Lord you’re back Derek, and able to give us ‘the bigger picture’ amongst all spin. Yes, I remain ‘totally committed’ .

  2. Foxes beware!
    Disabled beware.
    Poor beware.
    Old beware.
    Society beware.

    Empire 2.0 is being imposed at home.

    Scotland must escape.

    • Never under estimate the tories, throughout my lifetime which is mid seventies they have played the same games, and it allways gets me how they are able to pull the wool over peoples eyes, with their lies and the help of MSM. Don’t EVER trust them. It doesn’t matter how long it takes them they will get there and will screw the rest of us, at all cost to do so. The only answer is independance.

  3. bob mccracken

    im getting to the conclusion that scots dont look behind the curtains,,, sit down at 6oclock absorb lies,and repeat
    maybe we dont deserve independence

  4. Robert Graham

    The total capitulation by the CPS with the release of their latest findings regarding the tory expenses investigation , where despite evidence presented by channel 4 they turned a blind eye .
    A whitewash that would have even the most despotic banana republic blushing with embarrassment .not this tory lot ,even now they are calling for the electoral commision to be disbanded , next will be the CPS itself ,followed closely by the heads of channel 4, three with one bullet aye a good days hunting for the tories . And the other political parties are where ? , the on the ball media , all marked missing in action .
    Whats the bloody point ,when idiots yes total brain dead idiots south of the border give this robot their support .

  5. Iain Anderson

    Deadly serious but vastly entertaining !

  6. They’re not just over-confident. They’re better organised and better resourced.

    NEVER underestimate the enemy.

    Sorry, but anger and action, not complacency is needed.

  7. More importantly Derek, never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake. 🙂

  8. Thomas Valentine

    Decisively winning an argument only comes when most of those opposing you accept they have lost. We the YES side lost the referendum vote but we didn’t lose the argument. We all know why that is the case. The NO side could not win a free open debate. They had to lie and suppress facts as well as silence the YES side in the media.

    Simply put we did not get a fair hearing.

    Yeah boo hoo for us. It’s not a fair world. That was why we had the Labour Party to try and at least take the cutting edges off that club the world beats the average working person. But Labour was more interested in London living and a future in big finance or the House of Lords. In Darling’s case both.

    Labour helped herd the more fearful and nervous into the hands of the Tories. Because I am certain that after trying for years to beat it out of us, those who support independence are firm in their opinion. But the NO side can only say that about less than half of their support. The rest have succumb to the FEAR. Poorly educated elderly voters without the ability to question or circumvent the block on information who blindly followed the Labour Party and swallowed the BBC.

    I always remained amenable towards Labour. We I thought, were on the same side. Now it’s like finding out the priest you had confessed to for years was always been an atheist. Who just stuck with the job because of the automatic respect, lucrative favours and a cut of the property portfolio. Now he is telling people to “let Satan into your life”.

    Yes I think we can win an argument when so many of the other side have been terrorized and lied to compel support. Just point to who they are walking hand in hand. Remind them who the Tories are in graphic detail.

  9. It is now a straight fight – Yes !or No ! to independence . With the Labour vote disintegrating in Scotland the big question is ”which way will they fall ?”
    Clearly in the Council elections some for whatever reason went with the Tories – but how many didn’t bother to vote ?
    Having lived through the Thatcher years in Scotland I fail to understand how a Labour voter from then could stomach voting for this rabble in Westminster + Ruth Davidson , the Orange tendency excluded .
    Let us hope that when the June 8 comes along most Labour voters ( former and those still clinging on ) will see that the salvation of their party and Scotland lies in independence – so vote sensibly for that .

  10. Gordon Ross ADI

    Let the dog see the rabbit Derek. The dog is us by the way. (In case anyone was wondering)

  11. put simply, the Blue Red and Yellow Tories have turned the GE into Indyref 2.
    There is no doubt that anyone voting SNP in June knows that they are voting for Self Determination. There can be no other logic at this crucial time.
    The SNP manifesto does what it says on the tin. We are voting for Independence in Europe now, or rather in 4 weeks time at the last UK GE ever. No need to wait until October ’18. Now IS the time.
    The WM Blue Tory Government is driving through Far Right anti social policies on the back of a FPTP majority, while only about 25% of those eligible to vote opted for the May and co..
    What’s sauce for the goose, and all that.
    If even as low as 40 SNP MPs are returned out of 59 in June, then de facto we have voted for Independence under the same FPTP rules that gave May absolute power in England.
    surely 66% is mandate enough?
    There’s still time for Labour members to join the fight.
    The UK is dead, and in their heart of hearts they know it.

  12. PS If the Blue Tories were returned with a landslide 430 seats, would they see this 66% to be justification to do what they like?
    Yet in Scotland, the same does not apply.
    No more will we be under the Iron Heel of Westminster.
    If the SNP return a significant majority of Scots MP’s then that’s it for me.

  13. But we aren’t just dealing with the Ruth No Surrender Party.
    We are facing the BBC Ruth No Surrender Party.
    Drip drip works with her core vote, the elderly.

    • Yet, Juteman, Davidson, Rennie, and Dugdale have no authority or permission to campaign for their UK Parties; none of them are standing in the UK GE.
      They can, and indeed are, saying anything they like, promising anything they like, lying and distorting at will, since they know that they will never be held accountable. They head Branch Offices attached to London Parties, that’s all. Yet TV and the Dead Tree Scrolls report their every word, feature their inane grinning faces, cuddling fish, or whatever, as though they were UK Political Leaders.
      Where are Mundell Murray and Carmichael?
      Hiding from the truth?
      Our MSM need a reality check. Mundell needs held to account over the Rape Clause, Pensioners’ Bedroom Tax, 50,000 disabled citizens having their disability vehicles removed, Widows losing widow’s Allowances, disabled unemployed losing £30 a week Employment Support Allowance, the Chinese two child tax credit cap, 18-21 year old jobseekers losing their HB, and so on.
      All three voted through the £30 billion Austerity cuts, rob the poor, reward the rich in January ’15, so come on chaps defend your Stronger Together assault on civic society. Why aren’t the MSM hounding them?
      Come out, come out, wherever you are.

  14. I think we are entering dangerous times – internationally and domestically. We have a lunatic in the White House, another lunatic in North Korea, a buffoon in the FO, an autocrat in the Kremlin and another autocrat in Downing Street. May is drifting so far to the right (see Craig Murray yesterday) she has gone beyond UKIP and is entering territory previously occupied by the far, far hard right lunatics. She will take the UK into war, hamstring and capture the forces of law & order and the legal system so that she will get no opposition from that quarter. The Brexit negotiations will be a disaster for Scotland. Her language of “saboteurs and wreckers” to describe Scottish Nationalists is indicative of what is to come, once she has her overwhelming majority (in England) and she will eviscerate the devolution settlement and egged-on by the Scotophobic elements in her party will emasculate the Barnett Formula.

    There is plenty of evidence to categorise the UK Govt as enemies of the people of Scotland – years of exploitation of our resources, for example, trashing of our industrial economy through the 20thC, and more recently the vile partisan policies which have favoured the rich at the expense of the poor, the disabled, the unemployed and then the demonisation of immigrants, such that it is now acceptable to be a bigot, and the outrageous levels of inequality. There’s enough to fill a manifesto.

    A recent book suggests that inequality only decreases when there are major shocks such as wars or pandemics. We don’t want that (and we can’t wait that long while people suffer), so maybe now’s the time for another kind of shock. If we get a majority of SNP MP’s at the GE then they reconvene in Edinburgh and declare Scotland to be Independent.

    No doubt many would consider this move to be of dubious legality, (or even morality), but what is the alternative? SNP MP’s being routinely humiliated, ignored and treated with contempt in Westminster; Scottish Tory MP’s (assuming there are some) simply acting as lobby fodder for the BNP-lite and not standing up for Scotland’s interests and any Labour or Libs being a complete irrelevance. And then another Referendum with the full might of the BritNat/BBC propaganda machine thrown at us yet again.

    • Horrific article, Iain. What to do? Immediate independence.

      • I remember a Panorama programme last year stating that future wars would be cyber wars and here is the proof. Really grateful to the ex employees of these malicious companies who have spoken out.

  15. As I watch the lunatics taking over the asylum I begin to fear that waiting for Brexit before calling a referendum is just playing into the unionists hands. Post Brexit they will reject any calls for an independence referendum, impose more inequality around the UK and probably close Holyrood.
    Can’t we just withdraw from the Treaty of Union. This is the end time…..NOW!

  16. Yet with three majorities in three different elections, we are still held in serfdom. What are we waiting for, a favourable wind that was here all along.

    Something radical needs to happen, not more majorities that ain’t worth a pillar of salt in this corrupt UK. We are no nearer independence and I am getting very pessimistic. If they can ignore 56 then they can ignore 50 just the same.

    Change will only happen when we are brave enough to trigger the revolution. We are waiting and we need action not hope.

    • Bill – Correct absolutely. The UK will trample us outside the protection of the EU. We need immediate action after the election. The UK could be out of the EU in September.

      Then what they slowly dismantle Scotland. The next six months are a fight for the very soul of our ancient nation. The Snp seem to be afraid of their own shadows at the moment.

  17. Brian Fleming

    The idea of another General Election victory as a mandate to go cap in hand and beg once more for a referendum is so feeble I despair. As many commenters above have pointed out, this is the time to go for it. It’s now or perhaps never.

  18. Agree with you entirely Big Jock. The SNP are a competent and decent government but are far too timid in their dealings with unionists in Scotland and London. I can’t see a future for Scotland unless we get out before Brexit. Sorry, I want independence as much, if not more because of my age, than most but can’t see this timidity overcoming the savage ruthlessness of Tories!

  19. Yes it’s thoroughly depressing and there is now no clear path to independence. The problem is that spending too long in a devolved government where macro economics are out of your control. Leads people to assume that you are responsible for the lack of funding of Education and the NHS and even unemployment When in actual fact it’s caused by cuts outwith your remit at WM.

    The media spin this deception on a daily basis. The SNP cannot do anything more with Scotland under devolution, we have reached a glass ceiling. Macro economics are the levers for making Scotland more prosperous. Without them it’s managed decline under the Tories. We can’t grow anything without any water.

    Time is not on our side now!

  20. What I am afraid once the tories get there big majority in June they will just kick the Section 30 down the road as far as possible and once Brexit is done they can just do what they like to the Scottish Parliament i.e. close it. Where does that leave the independence movement?

  21. Why have the goal posts moved….Maggie thatcher said if the scots voted for a majority of independence candidates that was enough to be self governing or words to that effect….why do the snp persist with going along with all the barricades. Minefields and worse that wm place In our’ll never enough to convince them to play fair and allow Scotland to exit this disastrous union…I worry how complacent, docile and frankly uninformed the vast majority of scottish citizens seems to be with our place as second class people in this out dated, farcical charade called the uk…I’m getting on, and frankly if it’s not make or break soon I’ve had it….I have to accept we don’t want or deserve our self determination, and deserve all that’s coming and more…

  22. I begin to see it now. All that has happened is that the tories have replaced the hapless, and mortally wounded remnant of Scottish labour. The unionist parties are now cannibalizing their own votes – they’re not growing their vote, they’re just moving it around. But what is worse for them. Is that Davidson is killing off her only credible partners that supported Scotland in the UK. Scotland in the UK will come to be defined by a single party that is a hostage to fortune of their English tory paymasters.

    In one of his rare moments of lucidity Duncan Hothersall identified that the unionists had planned to win a war but never planned for the peace. They don’t know how to win the peace. They are destroying themselves to keep fighting the war. The war; as they see it, is all they have.

    With labour gone, we can set to work bringing down those smug tories feeding off labours corpse and trying to make Scotland look like Ulster in the 1970’s, while her English tories chums try to make England resemble Hogarth’s Gin Lane.

    I see it now. We will win.

  23. How, exactly, will we win? Our govenment has asked Westminster for another Section 30 mandate, to be told sumat.

    This is completely unacceptable. We have the right, have we not, to demand another referendum on the basis that we were lied to. For that is what Westminster and particularily David Cameron did, immediately after the result. The arsehole turned it on it’s head,

    That is what you get with Tories.

  24. Sorry, just a tad angry. i genuinely hate Tories…Scum of the Earth…

  25. I am not sure we will win if we continue on the same progressive path. I fear another referendum will be rigged in all manner of ways!

    Instead we need to progress to independence by winning a majority at WM. We then need to demand a differential deal in the EU. We demand to stay in as we voted to do. If that is not an option then we call a Scottish election on independence.

    We win that and start the process of withdrawing from WM. We make Edinburgh Scotlands only parliament.

  26. I am giggling to myself about your wee mistake – Ruthie “Hovering up Labour voters” – sounds kinky!!
    I also smiled when thinking of Ruthie dealing with all those Orange lovelies – let’s see her handle them😂😂😂😂

  27. You should stand as a Liberal Derek, your former bosses would run your election campaign for you. Our Imperial masters would love to push you in front of the cameras if you did that. You wouldn’t be of the Brainwashing Corp. At least you aren’t as odious or as poisonous as Christine Jardine.

  28. SCOTLANDS “TIME” – VOTE “59”

  29. Exactly, my No voting wife viewed the SNP party political broadcast relentlessly attacking the Tories askance. I patiently explained that all the SNP has to do is stimulate the 50% who voted for them in the last GE to do so again and this, in Scotland is how to do that.

    It is sensible, rational politics which understands its voters and their motivations.

    There is also the dog whistle about Tories, we understand about Red Tories, Orange Tories and Purple Tories too. Dugdale is being attacked there too but she is too dim to realise. SLAB no longer understand the voters, they are bewildered by them, complaining that they use Social Media to check SLAB claims and find them wanting. Well stop lying to people then.

    But the problem is once people see you as a liar its a long road back to being seen as honest and reliable and success is not guaranteed.

    I also agree that Noes coalescing around the Blue Tories and the Orange Lodge coming out loud and proud behind them is in Yes’s favour.

    Last time the Coalition in Westminster had those nice cuddly Orange Tories reining in the Blue ones. Also on referendum day Milliband’s Labour were 10points ahead of the Tories in the opinion polls and promising no Brexit referendum.

    This time we have Brexit real and present as a danger, we have a nakedly Nasty Blue only Tory government in Westminster and a No campaign that is Blue Tory front and centre with the OO active.

    The enemy is in clear view, negotiation is not possible with this foe. Let battle be joined, we can win on this field, it is our best ground. Advance the schiltrons! Let the blue blood cavalry impale themselves on our spears.

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