Much activity at Castle Bateman including a visit by a friend from Oxford who didn’t mind staying with an anti English racist. I’m working on all my English pals and family in readiness for the end of devolution which has about two years left to run. There will be little point in staying in Scotland when all the [powers that make us different have been repatriated. And there will be lots of employment opportunities in London at the head of Empire2. Luckily I’ve been reading up on the Zulu wars so will be well placed as head of the Africa Desk. In the spirit of Empire, I know how to talk to the natives and have mastered the  process of smile, promise, proffer coloured beads followed by gunpoint in chest.

I used to worry about docile Scots pretending not to notice when their country was being humiliated because it was easier than actually doing something about it. But you know what? We’ve kind of learned to get used to it, so long as it happens a wee bit at a time. And if we’re not exactly on our knees, well, we’ve taught ourselves how to hirple with dignity.

Part of the process is silence. As it always is with insidious movements. I was struck by the deafening sound of nothingness from Labour circles when Ian Taylor put his £500,000 into Better Together. His rapacious company and his links to the Tories – which prompted public alarm from Douglas Alexander prior to the indyref – were quietly forgotten when his money was put to the cause of fighting self government. The same voices were silent or even supportive over Khan’s snake-like intervention in our politics.

Of course, the usual voices were raised in condemnation (with Paul Kavanagh especially prominent in my timeline) but where was the wider progressive movement in Scotland? Did I miss the STUC chipping in? What about the professional organisations – the doctors, architects, academics and all those groupings who want to be heard  on issues they think to be of importance? They all dally and schmooz with the nationalist government in their own interest. So when the dominant political credo and half the voting public are traduced in this way, why the shyness?

And isn’t it strange that our media can pump itself up with outrage at tittle tattle on Twitter yet remain cowed when the very basis of the constitutional settlement is ripped up. I recall the rallying call of the brave ‘Scottish media’ during the devolution years when we campaigned for an Assembly and a Parliament. It was at times like the warm-up to the World Cup[ (when we qualified). Everybody was a patriot. There was high dudgeon in the leader columns. No shirking, Blair! We’re watching you…

Only the Tories stood against, betraying their true instincts which are returning now as they feel the adrenaline of Churchillian Britain course in their blood with each Labour convert. With Labour behind the Assembly plan, it was safe for the papers to play along and of course, behind it lay the notion that devolution would leave the SNP bandwagon up on bricks.

What we  witness today is the welching on that commitment to which the Tories were never truly wedded. Devolution saved their skin and now they will murder the very thing that kept them alive. They will do so with no mandate. The infusion of die-hard Unionist votes deserting Labour has acted like heroin on the Tories giving them delusions. To imagine Davidson as First Minister is the political equivalent of Renton emerging from the lavvy pan.

Here we are haunted by our own words from 2014. If we hand back control we will lose it all. We will be at the mercy of every Labour careerist and neo-con crank that English voters elect. And here we are, not a generation later but a mere three years, heading out of Europe on a wave of jingoism, GDP losing £2400, the pound falling, eternal Tory government, ballooning national debt, Trident renewal, renewables halted, Sewell revealed as hot air and powers to be repatriated.

But you know all this. Here’s the bit that has frightened me.

In recent months I’ve listened to voices outside the bubble. Conversations, observations, overhearings and the anecdotal assimilation of remarks – social osmosis if you like. What do people really think who aren’t on Twitter and regularly engaged because, you know politics is boring. Or those who are a million miles removed from my opinions – what do they feel that I don’t.

Well, it’s clear to me they hate the SNP. Not surprised? You may have been subjected to more of it than I have but I can only say the degree of venom reserved for nationalism has surprised and depressed me. What I think of as a progressive, outward, democratic, justice-centred ideal based on the fundamental human right of self-determination is, in their eyes, a terrifying and dangerous experiment by people who don’t know what they’re doing. The SNP is dictatorial, doesn’t allow dissent, isn’t interested in alternative views. It is unbending and, even if the facts don’t fit, it doesn’t matter, it behaves like a one party state. It is turning society upside down. It is rallying every ne’er-do-well and social misfit to rise up. It is shouty and pushy. It is disrespectful. There are no words adequately to encompass the sheer evil empire of Sturgeon and ‘That man’ (Salmond).

It is reminiscent of the public vilification of the Tories under Thatcher which at least had the benefit of justification in my view because of the policies which were manifestly disabling and not supported by the voters. For some Scots it seems that the SNP and the Yes movement is the Black Death.

I’m not entirely sure on what all this is based as it seems to be incoherent. Even policies the speaker might support are somehow ‘typical of the SNP’. Asked if they’d prefer an alternative like Labour or leaving the EU, they dismiss it as besides the point. It is fascinating to realise that the same ill-feeling does not always transmit to the British government. Any rational assessment of the Tories with their state snooping, brutal austerity, child poverty, money for nukes and Royals, accumulation of enormous debt and casual contempt for the nations of the UK, is seen as part of the problems a government has to wrestle with. It’s as if anything said in a plummy voice after the bongs of Big Ben must be Britain gamely doing its best. But who do these upstarts at Holyrood think they’re kidding…

There may be an issue that none of the non-SNP [parties are led by anyone of stature or intellect, so if you’re biased against the nationalists, you’ve nothing much to hold on to. But it’s beginning to feel like Brussels, an institution that struggles to sell itself and which people find it hard to relate to. They wonder what it does when there is a real government in London. This is partly the harvest of success. It breeds resentment and for many not these folk, they can’t see anything that will stop it. Fear therefore is one of the triggers. Almost anything Westminster does they can handle because its familiar but they have no sense of Scotland (other than as part of the UK) which can replicate that. Against rational thought they have opted for default antipathy and will endure anything, including Brexit, to see the nats  put back in their box.

British behaviour in Zululand was irrational too as soon as they realised the Zulu weren’t falling for their blandishments. The British reverted to form and deployed massive force to get their way.  So, Assegais at the ready, friends…Usuthu! Usuthu!







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41 thoughts on “Zulu!

  1. I had a chat recently with a colleague in passing. His wife is Dutch so I was expressing sympathy with what must be a concern. This is a very likeable chap, helpful, easy going, etc etc. When I suggested that “Nicola Sturgeon has a solution” to his worries with respect to his Dutch wife, he looked angry and said “She’s peddling lies just as much as the rest of them”. He meant the claim that independent Scotland would be able to stay in the EU. We discussed calmly for a minute or two then agreed to pick it up over a pint (which I must do).

    Point is, even someone who is reasonable & intelligent, progressive in his outlook, Scottish in origin (by his accent & surname) and has a good reason to support independence, is still hostile to the notion. There are a lot of people like this out there, and we have to find a way (and I wish I knew the answer, I only have the question right now) to connect broadly with people like that in a way that appeals to them.

    • We are good friends with a delightful couple. He is English in his 60s, she is Portuguese (not a British citizen) in her late 50s. After the 2015 election result she said that she hated Sturgeon like poison and couldn’t understand how anyone could vote for her.

      In the EU referendum he voted Leave, she of course didn’t have a vote.

      The other day I expressed concern at her position and she replied, “Oh, I’ve had a letter from Nicola Sturgeon claiming that she’ll look after my interests but I don’t believe a word of it!”

      Of course, in any indyref she gets a vote which she didn’t in the EUref.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if she voted No.

  2. Alasdair Macdonald.

    Mr John Major in 1992 probably expressed things accurately when he said’ “The bastards can’t afford not to support us.”

  3. Absolutely correct Derek.

    The next indi ref is not just about independence. It’s essentially a decision about whether we are North Britons or Scots. If we vote no the Scottish parliament will be reduced to stormont. It will be worse than before devolution. At least people had a fire in their belly about Scotland leading up to the creation of Holyrood.

    People of every hue clung onto the concept of Scotland. We had to do so to keep our nation recognised. Now unionists and moderates are willing to dissolve Scotland altogether due to their blind hatred of the SNP and Yes voters. We are about to see the re-birth of a proud historic nation or we are about to see:” the end of an auld sang”.

    How many yes voters will want to stay here if there is another no vote. I will be looking for a way out.

  4. Great post Derek and timing perfect.

    90 minute patriots and only occasional democrats. Champagne socialists and full time cynics. People who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

    The either stand idly by whilst central government imposes draconian austerity, rides roughshod over both civil and human rights and consigns democratic representation to the bin. Or they willingly participate in the exercise. Political class or media doesn’t matter a damn. Their actions and their inactions mark them for who and what they are.

    They hurt people.

    The how is easy. They do it every day and have done so for decades.

    Posted this elsewhere, but fits neatly with the how of it:

    RE: Name calling

    Or as I like to call it, labelling. Bit of a swiss army tool. Its use or purpose defines both the tool used and the user.

    First rule of any confrontation or conflict: Two pronged, either demonise or belittle your opponent. The intent of the user is all.

    Type a. If you want to perpetrate appalling acts upon an opponent, or wish others to perpetrate those acts. If you simply want people to underwrite those acts with their approval, then first you must dehumanise your opposition. Make it easy for those whose approval you seek to look the other way as you smear, degrade, take benefits, abuse human and civil rights or otherwise practice harm on your intended victims. The most abusive terminologies, vocabulary and derogatory descriptors is the order of the day. Anything that strips the common humanity from your opponent. Take a wild guess at who considers this a go to strategy?

    Type b. The piercing of self importance, belittling the bully, or otherwise deflating of the powerful. The aim is to take away the perceived threat of power or station, invulnerability. To knock them off a self built pedestal by lampooning, satirising or otherwise taking the pure pish. It does NOT however, dehumanise your opponent. Quite the opposite, it makes them appear only too human and fallible. As above, take a wild guess at who prefers this approach?

    Type a. is the preferred option of the bully and the thug and the gangster. Y’know, Westminster’s political class. It has allowed them, for decades, to perpetrate the most unspeakable acts and violate rights both civil and human as required by the government or policy of the day. Anyone wondering how that works, or what the inevitable fallout from overuse of such narrative or strategy looks like? Simply pick up a paper or look out the window.

    Brexit UK with runaway right wing Tory government, rising hate crime, intolerance, isolationism, protectionism, ever widening rich/poor gap and austerity (not yet to the max).

    Type b. resulted in a capable social democratic Holyrood government. A government which follows, (to the letter), the mandate of its population, even against its own natural inclinations. A government willing to hand the power of the state and sovereignty over to its own people.

    Personally, I’m for pure ripping the pish out of bullies any day. (ends)

    But in a nutshell, I’d say that’s not far off the mark.

  5. John 3.26. You know the answer to give to your Dutch doubters husband.

    Voting no in indi ref 2 guarantees we leave the EU, and removes all hope. Voting Yes gives the opportunity to remain and therefore hope. So it’s a no brainier with anyone with any degree of insight.

    Certainty of bad news versus uncertainty of possibility.

  6. Great post, Derek. Empire 2 is an affront to any decent minded people, just when you think it can’t possibly get worse. The rest of the world must be listening with incredulity and derision, because I’m embarrassed sitting in Scotland, that we are part of this.

    I don’t understand this blind, venomous hatred of the SNP either, because when you refute each accusation, or provide evidence, it’s met with mockery or of course, you are a brainwashed cultist. We have to face that some of the shit being slung is sticking, AND that the SG is not doing enough to get their message, and record out there, so that its irrefutable.

    If there is a second No vote, I honestly believe life in this country won’t be worth living. Loving your country is not enough. Independence is about changing this country into something better, and its vital we attain it.

    We can see the effect of Brexit down south, the brain drain has begun, and those with skills are staying away. That is drifting up here for sure.

    I believe the Tories will look to dissolve Holyrood with a second No vote. It stops all this Indy nonsense dead, once and for all. Why have that layer of gov’t in Empire 2?

    I’m working hard between now and indyref2, but I’m also looking at leaving the country if there is a No vote.

    Indy supporters read the runes correctly back in 2014, we know what is coming with another No vote, these will be the halcyon days. I don’t think I can bear to be here to watch what happens if we are not independent.

  7. The Scottish Cringe with extra bile. As Derek says: It’s fear. The mair feart they are the mair bile they spoot.

  8. Sturgeon must be thinking and scratching her heid, ffs, what kind of “country” is Scotland. She must have thought “oh we will at least get a wee Indy surge in the polls with this Brexit shambles”. But naw! Feel sorry for her and her team. Tell you, if it’s another naw I will be taking my Irish passport and me and my family are off. We will not be tarred with being associated with a spineless country.

  9. Instead of deciding what to do should there be a negative result get out there and make sure the answer’s YES. You’ll never win if you throw in the towel before you start!
    Head out there and help the move towards Scottish independence – NOW!!

  10. Those of us who support Scottish independence are exhibiting normal human behaviour whereas those who subscribe to having people in another country electing their government are deviants.
    Their only plausible claim to sanity being that Scotland isn’t a country in their minds.
    Unionism is deviancy and now associated with the xenophobic bigotry being pursued by HM government in London.
    Not much there to attract those of a progressive liberal mindset,not that Toryism ever did,just a bunch of opportunist chancers aka second hand car salesmen.
    Thanks Derek.

  11. Tories are dropping enough hints as to our future. Scottish Government > Scottish Executive distributing funds as per Westminster law. It’s a heartbreaking thought. All we have worked for for decades. We Must win when the chance comes again and anyone of a No persuasion need reminded of all they get for their SNP bad government. Health service best in UK, free care for elderly, (one for the elderly) free prescriptions and free education from nursery to university. None of that will be safe with a tory government as beligerent as this one. Our progressive direction will not be tolerated in brexit Britain. Get fit, get the walking boots out. Let battle commence, but only when we see the whites of their eyes.

  12. Derick fae Yell

    Pretty simple really. Most people get their opinions from the press and the TV. The press in particular have abandoned any pretence of truth and are simply pumping out SNP bad propaganda, much of it flat out lies, every single day. Every newsstand in every shop in your face as you go in the door. And of course the papers are backed up and amplified by the state broadcaster.

  13. Robert Graham

    Good to see you back old timer , I thought you had been kidnapped or after having a look round thought f/k this I am surrounded by idiots , Blind Deaf & Dumb dosnt come close when listening to some people .
    I honestly believe Mayhem will dissolve Holyrood or castrate it beyond recognition after another NO vote
    If the Tory party do as the Labour party has done and listen to their respective local branches this along with her Ministers who would like a Final Solution to the Jock problem , I believe she is Mad enough to go for the full English breakfast , why should she care , we dont vote for her brand of Fascism so why bother, We ,like our Fishing rights are and will be expendable .
    All this and more if we allow another “NO” vote to stand unopposed.What is the saying ” its not your vote that counts , it’s those who count your vote that Counts ” Unmarked Vans & cars arriving at the count as witnessed during the 2014 count must never be allowed to happen again , the simple question was , where did they come from ? , did they stop on the way , did anyone verify the security , and postal votes some with a 100% return , is that even possible , Hopefully this time the EU will and should have a closer overview of proceedings , because i refuse to accept we lost after all the local Q & A sessions i witnessed and all the visible support that even the BBC couldn’t hide , Oh you can’t tamper with a referendum i have heard said , if the stakes are high enough and enough money is at risk Governments will , and have done anything even Murder , This one is going to be Messy and really nasty .

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Robert. I have always had a feeling the result was tampered with, even though most of the evidence is anecdotal.
      Everything that has happened since gas convinced me that those suspicious feelings were correct.
      Surely the SG think this way too.
      We must collectively ensure that the British state does not run the next Ref.
      As I and others have said before, the Empire never lets her valuable colonies just walk away, she will destroy them first!!!

  14. I’m like you Derek, I am totally confused and bemused by the bile and venom saying anything positive about the SNP or Independence seem to generate. I don’t know or understand the cause and I can’t see why so many seemingly reasonable people respond in this way…But you are right. They do!

  15. Gavin C Barrie

    Declare UDI once Article 50 is posted. The 62% EU referendum result is the mandate, delivered by the Scots nation.The naysayers as mentioned above, and in Derek’s article, don’t have the spunk to fight/protest UDI, many will wring their hands and wail, doubtless many of them silently be glad that others delivered what they were too feart to decide upon.

    Why risk another referendum and risk corruption of the votes? Noted elsewhere senior Tory is connected to the company that provided postal voting services in IndyRef1.

  16. jacquescoleman

    I think you and most of the commenters before me are wildly exaggerating the ill-feeling against the SNP in Scotland. How else do you explain the fact that the SNP has swept the board with numbers of seats at WM and Holyrood and shortly in the Council elections.

    Such pesimism is not helpful to the YES cause, so please stop it. Get the enthusiasm going again!

    • Heidstaethefire

      I think some of our colleagues need a wee cold compress to calm fevered brows. Brexit hasn’t even started yet. We’ll get there.

  17. Pentland Firth

    You seem to be meeting a lot of Daily Express and Mail readers in your strolls around Glasgow! There are, I suspect, many Old Labour voters who have been disconcerted by the direction of travel in Scotland since 2007, and are struggling to adjust to the changed reality. They rage against those whom they identify as the agents of that change, and are, for the moment at least, blind to the real threat to their future happiness. It will be our task to enlighten them over the next year or two. This can and will be won.

  18. I had an old boy in my work regurgitate Daily Fail headlines last week. Theresa May tells Sturgeon to get on with day job, our education system is worse than Poland our NHS is in chaos.

    I told him May was going to sell the English NHS to Trump. I pointed out the irony and ignorance of him just reading crap without insight. There are many older voters who detest the SNP and love Britain. He is the type that hurls abuse at English people I’m sport then votes to be run by them.

    I often find the most anti English people are actually unionists. Most Yes voters are angry at Scottish Bits who hold our country in shackles.

    These people see Scotland as a sporting nation but not a political nation. Hence they hate Holyrood because they understand nothing about its function in protecting them.

    They will not change even if their homes are set on fire and their jobs are taken away. They just don’t get it because they are blinded by self harm.

  19. Depressing stuff Derek but a useful reminder about the intransigence of many no voters. Good time to emphasise that we should focus on ‘soft nos’ rather than the ‘hard core unthinking Nos’ who will exhaust and depress us for no gain.

  20. Derek – Far too pessimistic. Negative and unhelpful even. Of course some people are prejudiced but just come and join us on the canvassing trail and I’m sure you’d start to see things differently. Patience, persuasion and hard slogging are much stronger than this armchair moping!

  21. An interesting mix of comments BTL. At present I am working outwith Scotland and will probably miss the next referendum vote unless I get a postal ballot. (Assuming the rules don’t change!). It seems there are a number of points here:

    1. This “intelligent” people who seem blind to the reality probably do so due to subconsciously absorbing the daily diet (often subliminal) of Scottish Government is useless, everything is failing (despite the actual evidence), SNP are racists/fascists etc. etc. They are possibly not that politically aware or interested (individuals will vary) and AT THE MOMENT don’t want to get into the meat of the issue. I suspect, or hope, that once the actual campaign starts, their intelligence will allow them to see the reality. All is not lost.

    2. Others less interested in facts and simply blind “Brits” will not change. These are probably a hard core of 20% or so, and at the risk of stereotyping (and I KNOW there are exceptions – I am one of them) are in the over 60 age group and rUK “immigrants” who have moved to Scotland as its a nice place to live, but want to live in the UK. Scotland to them may well be just “North Britain”.

    3. The media create the background noise. The BBC feeds lies into our homes (for which we pay for – although I have cancelled my license many years ago) and the Corporate Media print aggressive headlines, which often bear no resemblance to the actual article. Many people don’t read past the headlines, or first few paragraphs, but that’s not the point. A shelf of similar SNP BAD headlines slips into the sub-conscience and defines the issue for people. Repeat this everyday for years and are we surprised that many people believe it? (Here is where I would use a quotation from Goebbels. There are so many that accurately describe what has happened to UK Media – so, choose your favourite). I still do not know how to deal with this issue.

    4. Finally (Thank God I hear you cry!), it’s past time that the SNP called out the media and the BBC with far more assertiveness than they have shown in the past. Their spokespeople also need to be far, FAR better at challenging the rhetoric when they have an opportunity, and they need to talk over the interruptions from the usual suspects.

    I really think this really will be a Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If we fail to win back our independence this time, I fear for the future, and I may well remain outwith Scotland (I have a second passport). Not my intention, but if we throw away our future again, I do not think a Tory controlled Scotland will be worth living in. And I firmly believe that the Tories will run the UK for the next 15 years, and they will neuter Holyrood, or even dissolve it. And there is NOTHING that we can do to prevent it.

    Rant over – apologies!

    • Well put Tony – agree completely. The Unionists are successfully framing the issues in almost all of the corporate media at present, including the denigration of the independence movement in ways that may even discourage new users exploring pro-indy online sources.

      Once the indyref2 campaign is formally launched, these negatives can be mitigated ‘on the street’ but for now I’d rather be ‘realistic’ than complacent about the negative effects the corporate media messaging is having. At the very least, the effect is to severely limit momentum towards Yes.

      The consistent and pervasive negative messaging on ‘Scotland’ across multiple media outlets has an overall amplifying effect. Constant and enhanced effort to amplify the great pro-indy writing that’s available on line is needed even more now, preparatory to a new indy ref campaign.

  22. Derek. I wonder if some of these Scots you gave as examples, maybe have had a sort of, dose of the Stockholm Syndrome, where the sufferers begin to form a bond between themselves and a government. Then they are somehow, able to accept austerity, with benefit cuts, bedroom taxes, food banks, nuclear weapons?

  23. The UK economy is about to collapse under the weight of debt once article 50 is triggered. We are sleep walking into a great depression. This is not doom mongering it’s fact. The crippling debt will be exposed as company after company exit the UK for Eire and the continent. May is leading the UK to it’s final end , it’s just that she is too bloody minded to admit it.

    Once the scale of the lies and cover up is exposed , a yes vote will be seen as a life raft for most Scots. Not the alleged scary cliff into the abyss the Yoons peddle.

    We are on the cusp of independence but it’s not going to be easy. This is going to be a fight for our very soul.

  24. Just remenber how far we’ve travelled in the last few years. Through all the hysterical flack of the britnat media. We’re nearly there.

  25. kailyard rules

    Change is an irrefutable constant. Many people prefer, somehow, to attempt to live in a bubble of secure stasis which of course is impossible.

    Changes will come with Independence.In my opinion many good changes.
    Changes will come with a Unionist dominion. In my opinion many bad changes.

    My personal “armament” while talking to those of a NOmind is a headfull of pros and cons.Constantly updated. As a peaceful cadre it’s all I have.

    I will make myself more noticeably YES by wearing a symbol of Scottish Independence.

    I am YES.

  26. I think most of us are anxious to see the starting pistol fired for indy ref 2. I had a feeling all along that it was going to be March 17, St Patrick’s day. It would be quite apt as most Yoons despise the Free Irish Republic.

    The House Of Lords are about to send the bill back to WM to amend. WM is likely to refuse the amendment. This will slow things up by a few days, but Article 50 will be triggered by next week or at least ratified. The SNP conference starts on the 17th March so the delay will suit us.

    The announcement of indy ref 2 will lighten our souls and put a bounce in our step, as we march towards freedom.

  27. The British establishment is overplaying its hand – that sort of unbridled villification no longer works against niche, or clear minority, opponents. It doesn’t play well in Scotland when Yes is around half the electorate. Let them show themselves up for the kind of friend they are.

    As for the hard NO voters, give their Britain a dose of the condemnation their Britain gives to Scotland. It might not change their minds but it’ll keep their heads down.

  28. Indeed Blether- Don’t waste your oxygen on fundamentalist hard line Brits people. Work on the moderate people with open minds. A closed mind is a friend to nobody.

  29. I’ve been pointing this out for some years. I listened to a life time socialist say how dare Alex Salmond wave the Saltire behind David Cameron, ‘our PM’, at Wimbeldon. How dare he embarrass us in front of the UK elite.
    They expect to be saved by the Scottish Government when the crunch comes, but what if the Scottish Government says, enough is enough, sort it out yourself?
    I agree there is a very low quality in the opposition politicians, and without the backing of the UK they would lose.
    I think the same applies to the Trade Union leaders. How is it possible for the UK be unique in the developed countries where as GDP rose the workers wages fell? The only one.
    I listened to one person saying, Brexit is only a word, nothing will happen. That was after a lifetime of complaining about Tory policies.
    Like the Unionism and Loyalism of NI, the Brit establishment doesn’t give a shit about it. It’s one of the poorest areas of the UK, if it meant something it would be well looked after, it isn’t.
    I think there will be plenty of handwringing and how did this happen by the same people if we don’t take control and the Tories pile the crap onto Scotland.
    We should also remember Slab tried to put the minimum in Smith and stood quiet while UK Lab voted with the Tories to vote down every amendment that the SNP put forward which would have given Scotland real powers.
    They are dead, but like a corpse we are chained to they will drag us down if we don’t snap the chain.

  30. Yeah, I have been trying to get out of the bubble too, and listen to what’s stopping the progress of the Yes movement. There is a huge amount of bile and resentment against the SNP and Yes movement that’s been building up since 2014. It’s irrational but has been stirred up by the mainstream media playing on the fears and prejudices of No voters.

    But it’s also due to the passivity of the Yes movement.

    Having thought it over it is clear to me that we are remiss in letting them get away with it. We have to go on the offensive. Get out and campaign. Make the case. Get hissed at. Being nice won’t get us anywhere. Waiting for folk to come round won’t get us anywhere. We are deluded if we think that we can seamlessly transition out of the UK.

    Freedom is what a man or a woman takes for themselves. What is handed to you on a plate Is not freedom.

    I read some of the comments above and I read despair. Get up. Fight. Get over it. We will never win our freedom if we don’t stand up passionately for what we believe in.

  31. Gavin C Barrie

    The view is that the elderly are resistant to change, just want things to stay as they are, and there is the small conservative types, getting along comfortably.

    Brexit is a step into the unknown, Scotland remaining in the EU means that essentially “things will just stay as they are”. I simply do not see any positives for Brexit for the general population.And that line of discussion is the one I’ll use when campaigning.

    In today’s I paper, the UK hopes to form trade agreements with African nations. A bit late possibly, the Chinese seem to be well embedded there. Also an article that the Chinese are buying UK companies, not too helpful for the African Empire 2 strategy, as Whitehall has termed it.

    The Conservatives are playing hardball, witness May’s conference speech, and wee Ruthie’s belligerent behaviour, but the reality is that 50% of the Scottish nation want to end the Union, short term, long term, that is not political stability. It is not in the Establishment’s DNA to compromise so independence, whenever, is the route.

  32. I recall Gerry Fitt of the SDLP (?), he later became Lord Fitt FFS, on The Frost Report at the beginning of the ‘seventies, just as the euphemistically name ‘Troubles’ kicked off in Norn Irn, describing the gerrymandering and voting privileges of mainly Protestant landowners and merchants, which always ensured that the Catholic minority had barely any political representation at Stormont.
    We all know what happened next.
    By some miracle, despite having more than our own share of sectarian bigotry, we in Scotland avoided becoming embroiled in that ‘struggle’.
    Life was much more straightforward here.
    In the West of Scotland, if you were a Prod, you voted Unionist. Teddy Taylor quite recently admitted that they flogged ‘the Unionist’ tag to death, since it was highly successful in attracting the True Blue vote.
    Davidson has resurrected this simmering pile of dogshit by rebranding the North Branch as the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.
    Professor Adam WATP Tomkins and Murdo The Queen’s Eleven Fraser who were both soundly defeated at constituency level continue to exploit bigotry and sectarianism as List Freeloaders.
    If you were a Kafflik, you voted Labour. The rabble rousing OBF nonsense of James Kelly’s one man political wing of the Green Brigade is the other side of the same bitter evil coin.
    This week, Norn Irn held an historic election, which left the Unionist Parties without overall control. Times they are a’changin’.
    Young people, tired disillusioned people, even the formerly elite professional class have had enough.
    Brexit has concentrated the mind wonderfully.
    No one wants a hard border between the South and the North. No one seriously wants to leave the EU under May’s Hard Brexit threat.
    Scotland has moved on from the ‘seventies too.
    I need not repeat the milestones on the road to self determination here.
    We hit the crossbar in 2014.
    EU Brexit will get us over the line next time.
    Far be it from me to suggest that you move in heady professional circles, Bateman.(I’ve gone all Fifth Form Monitor here) But you seem to be getting a ‘false negative’ here.
    macart and I discussed this hard core sizable No vote the other day on WGD or WoS.
    I argued that there were about 1 million immutable No voters regardless of what mess May and Co get the UK into following Brexit.
    Some are dyed in the wool Brits and let that be an end to it.
    Some are the comfortable off class from a long line of well paid professionals; accountants, lawyers, doctors, dentists, bankers, and so on. They have a pretty big cushion against the pain of Brexit. They see a professional elite as The Natural Order. They are British, end of.
    Some are Tories who have no problem with the hierarchy, with them near or at the top of the pyramid, while 3 million or so are at the bottom. The poor will always be with us.
    The ‘democratic deficit’ argument for Independence, the Scottish minority always out voted by the English majority Down There, doesn’t bother them in the slightest.
    It was always thus in an Elitist World.
    I suspect that you have been mingling too much with one or perhaps all of the self identified Ruling Classes described above.
    The madness of Tory Brexit will sway the vote towards independence.

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