Can I Quote You?

The persecution of journalists, eh? James Foley, beheaded by jihadists. John Cantlie still held by ISIS two years on. US reporter Alison Parker shot dead live on air. Gadzhimurat Kamalov hit six times in a drive-by shooting in Moscow. Of the 27 journalists known to have been murdered so far this year, 37 per cent were related to politics, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Across the world, even excluding the largest category (killed in war), journalists lose their lives as vested interests see no option to prevent truth being told or minds changed. Surprisingly few result in prosecutions. Russia now has a Remembrance Day for Journalists Killed in Action.

I knew an editor in Kashmir who published what rebels told him or he would die, a female reporter from Chile who had been forced not to tell the story of abductions under Pinochet and a Yugoslavian journalist who feared he could not work under threats from Serbs and Croats as the Balkan conflict got under way. (All encountered in the US in 1991).

I’ve had my notes examined and my camera crew’s film vetted by Israeli security, been delayed at a Romanian airport while my director’s passport was held up (for a bribe) and recorded secretly in China after being denied a journalist’s visa. I had to go up a stair into a room full of unsmiling men to ask ‘Sinn Fein’ permission to record voices on the street in West Belfast.

Believe me, working as a hack at Holyrood is a doddle.

Which is why the petty hysteria of the Scottish media looks so parochial. David leaves Twitter. Stephen forced to stop writing. STV intimidated by MPs. What a bunch of self-obsessed pansies. Just how many of these straw characters has actually earned their spurs in what the wider world thinks of as frontline journalism, I’m not sure. I know one who bravely confronted a lesbian TV presenter on her doorstep because she was pregnant. (That’s a story, see?)

You get the impression that making a name for yourself means, in reality, stirring up controversy. It doesn’t seem to entail learning the trade or building a reputation, laying a foundation for consistent quality or insight. In other words, say something outlandish to provoke a reaction and, hey presto, you make your mark. In the dolls’ house that is Scottish journalism – a miniature construct staffed by small people –opinion divides. Your wee gang takes against the other lot. It’s…what do we call them?…the Brian Spanner Set against the Nat Loyalists.

The result isn’t just febrile, it’s deranged. Thank the Gods of Newsprint that above the rabble there are rational voices of intellect that have mostly been with us a long time, indicating lasting quality.

Newspapers in my experience were always creatures, if not of the establishment, then of the consensus. Whatever we as reporters dug up on corruption, hypocrisy or error and blasted across the front page (with any luck) didn’t shake the foundations of Scottish society. Yes, individuals were brought down, companies destroyed or elections lost as a result of media scrutiny. But we never challenged the basis on which society was built. There were areas that few, if any, ever entered. There was little or no public appetite for a communist Britain for example or a Nationalist Scotland. We laughed at those. Proportional representation was foreign. Bosses confronted unions. Politics was binary. We did get a fright in the 80’s when the Social Democrats very nearly broke the mould but they were terribly nice middle class types who weren’t very threatening. So, although it wasn’t particularly happy, Scotland in Britain knew its place. Our demands were limited to a measure of local responsibility for running police, the courts, the schools and a bit of industrial development which we effectively did anyway. We could oversee it with an elected assembly, maybe. What do you think?

What has happened since is of course the SNP’s fault. No, I mean it. The rise of the SNP did what no movement had done before – it broke the consensus. The basis on which we all viewed our country and ourselves fell away beneath our feet.

Suddenly the certainties turned into doubts. Our indulgence of nationalism became dangerous because for the first time it really could mean independence. This was no longer protest or grievance. They governed. It was raw politics – a new reality. Something we could reach out and hold. Instead of teenagers talking loudly of sex, we were doing it. This was the real thing.

I think this change has been fundamental, like a bereavement or a redundancy or maybe a medical diagnosis. It has left us searching for a new stability, an emotional concrete. Throw in the still barely believable demise of Labour and the minor catastrophe of Brexit and we are a nation discombobulated.

Our media reflects that, caught in addition in a downward spiral of sales and revenue, the move to online overshadowed by the loss of advertising income. Within shrinking budgets Scotland’s media is searching for a new reality, trying out new messages and charting possibly a new course. Meanwhile a gale is blowing against it in social media where it is not only challenged with a ferocity it cannot comprehend but ridiculed and often humbled by instant correction and contradiction. The idea that there is a respectable newspaper industry which, whatever individual titles’ foibles, still represents the consensus of society, is the Woolworths of the media world – just a memory. Putting a Unionist writer under, for example, a Scotsman masthead no longer confers status or respect. He is just another writer alongside the bloggers and online commentators. One day soon the BBC will realise this too and stop pretending the public cares about print content as if it were the latest despatch from the front.

For these reasons the tiny circle of newspaper diehard anti-Nats who constantly reference each other are, I think, suffering a spasm of bewilderment at their fate. This is what defeat looks like. The self-identification as one of an embattled group implies ‘Yes. We’re going down but we’re going down together.’ So they support each other. When David is chased off Twitter – by Nats, of course – Kenny pays him to write it in the Times. I didn’t look but I assume he also wrote it for the Herald so, right there, you get paid twice for your tantrum. There is a living in this victimhood thingy.

When STV decided the reputational damage wrought by Daisley was too great, this was put into the public domain (wonder by whom?) as another SNP-initiated purge of the innocents. I have been utterly astonished that a regulated broadcaster allowed this unpleasant, low-grade, agit-prop student drivel to go out under its name. Separating commentator role from editor would have helped but even then it would be damaging. STV can definitely have as part of their website a commentary page with the most provocative material it is legal to publish. What the rules on impartiality demand and a wider expectation from the viewing public expects, is not to be confronted with an STV staff journalist expressing personal views on issues of the day. Commissioning them from other, yes. Supporting a political party? Israeli policy? Insulting SNP supporters? Absolutely not.

The word is that objections came from within STV. Are we surprised? If you were concerned about the integrity of the station would you be happy to see Daisley represent your journalism rather than Ponsonby? The truth, as I wrote on the one occasion he attacked this site, is that he showed he was a first rate writer with something to say – when he started. Three months later he had said it all and descended into the infantile. He became an embarrassment.

But as one of the commentariat insiders he has to be championed. And it’s here we can trace the threads of influence our Stephen has inculcated as an array of media luvvies, whom I assume to be anti-Nats, retweet his ousting by the SNP (never mind its not true, this is a propaganda war) – Andrew Neil, Oliver Kamm, Nick Cohen among them. It is a given in some circles that the SNP is a sinister force akin to Putin’s Russia – so that’s why Sputnik is here?

We have to live with that because there are some things you can’t change and the bigotry that infects the British media establishment is beyond reform. Although I have to admit for me personally this is a positive development. The more these opinion-formers misrepresent us, the more they encourage us to hold to our beliefs. The more British thinking regards Scotland as separate and incomprehensible, the more likely independence becomes. Their real message is: You’re not like us. (Thank you)

That the reinforcement of his role as editor is taken as a cause celebre by the aggrieved tells us more about the small-minded journalists of Scotland than about the issue itself. All I can see that’s happened is confirmation of his actual job as editor – hardly comparable to arbitrary imprisonment or threats of death. I suspect he’ll be writing again too but maybe more in the style of Laura Kuenssberg than Katy Hopkins.

Did SNP MPs complain about him? You bet. All politicians play the same game of questioning journalists. Did they ‘force him out’? I refuse to believe a) that his dismissal was suggested or b) a media management would bow in such a way. They might decide to change a writer if they agreed he was giving them problems but they would make sure it couldn’t be construed as the result of pressure. Did someone else on their staff embarrass them by suggesting otherwise to contacts outside?

Funny how this little episode has been manipulated into an anti-Nat conspiracy when so many previous confirmed incidents were downplayed or ignored. Did they rush to defend Isabel Fraser insulted on air by Ian Davidson? There are countless attempts by Unionist politicians to oust journalists. The Tories tried with me under Annabel Goldie and George Foulkes also tried through the Sunday Times (today outraged at the Daisley nonsense). There was not a murmer of complaint over either. You may remember Alistair Campbell and the Gilligan affair which not only lost him his job but the director general as well.

The Daisley business is the latest outbreak of contrived victimhood which fits perfectly with Adam Tomkins’ one party state. Imagine being a professor of public law and an elected opposition politician in a country (that isn’t a state) with six parties and a proportional voting system and actually calling it a one party state. And Adam is the brains of the Scottish Tories.

Shrinking as it is, our journalism has some who can live with the best, who know not just the newspaper trade but the people and the country of which they write and whose breadth of understanding defies partisan branding. We should treasure them. Treasure too the freedom we have to express without persecution. Respect the trade in words and ideas denied to so many elsewhere.

And please, don’t pretend there is a civil rights controversy in a man being asked to do his job properly to safeguard his employer’s reputation. That’s not persecution. Ask the Committee to Protect Journalists.




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77 thoughts on “Can I Quote You?

  1. And impoverished Jim Murphy was hit by a egg

  2. Your descriptions of the true horrors and difficulties that journalists have to endure the word over certainly puts into perspective the ludicrous, infantile and deeply insulting tantrums those hacks (they’re certainly not journalists) in Scotland and their “chums” are currently throwing. It is disgusting what they do in the name of their beloved union, tarnishing not only their own careers, but that of their colleagues and the journalistic world as a whole. I don;t care what their reasons are, they make me sick and I hope their careers will soon come crashing down.

  3. Loved this article Derek .

    The thought of the Journo’s being victims is now one of my faverout highlights of the independence drive. Standing in frustration at the lies the Scottish press and media spew , i never thought we would ever get revenge or satisfaction back .

    But the victim card has burst that damn of frustration and I now see we are winning and have been for a long time . We have the liars on the run . Crying about nasty nats has shown how childish and immature they really are.

    These men and women taint the trade and spoil the history of brave people who went into harms way to get us the truth .

    I think we have finally won the war with media… no one can take them seriously now.

    hurry up Nichola … we are ready and waiting

  4. Excellent perspective exposing the Big Girls’ Blouses of our indefatigable unionist churnalists in Scotland.

    Such a bunch of self serving scribblers on the make who are the shame of Scotland.

    Where are our Ian Bell replacements in the printed word?

  5. 47%? 50%? 53%?

    I genuinely do not know what percentage of the population of Scotland supports independence but what all sensible folk do know is that it is a number so huge that it is now very definitely a mainstream independence movement. Ever so much more definitely in the mainstream than the MSM.

  6. Great article Derek. Puts things into their proper perspective.

  7. This latest wee rumpus has led me to conclude that there is no MSM any more. what’s left is the USM. Unionist Stream Media. The odd glimpse of the Olympics coverage confirms this and certainly the next Question Time will. MSM has gone down, shrieking and flailing.

  8. Thank you Derek for a great article. This whole thing is an embarrassment, or at least it should be for these foolish hacks.

  9. Nail on head again.

  10. Brilliant Derek.
    As usual you put this whole stramash succinctly in it’s place.

    Actually I am gobsmacked that folk like Andrew Neil would get involved in such a pathetic wee spat

  11. Beautifully succinct Derek. The cabal of arrogant, narcisstic, self-indulgent, superior thinking Fettes boys’ days are numbered and they know it.

  12. “Adam is the brains”.

    Great article. Maybe time to buy some wine

  13. And by the time the Brit Nat journoe’s have stopped doing reels and jigs in relation to the release of the next GERS figures there will be zero sympathy or tolerance for any of that Brigade of Scotland haters should something ill befall them. Like the closure of the rags they ahem work for.

  14. ‘Our journalism has some who can live with the best’

    Name three.

  15. Brilliant piece . You have written what needed to be said, why it needed to be said and how it needed to be said.

    Any comment by me would truly be over shadowed by your wonderful and eloquent assessment .

    Thank you .

  16. Gordon Bickerton

    ‘Where are our Ian Bell replacements in the printed word?’

    Well, the above article proves we still have one at leat.

    Thank you Derek, once again.

  17. Typical nat showing up our Unionist commentators with your high standard of journalism. Have you no shame?

  18. Fantastic, no holds barred, and quite rightly. These guys bring folk like you, and those you describe, into disrepute.
    I can understand their confusion about the future, social media input etc., what I can’t understand is the lazy arse trolling and clickbait, they have resorted to.
    Thank goodness Scotland does have extraordinary amounts of talent, like yourself, ready to step right in.

  19. George S Gordon

    Excellent analysis. I just wonder who the good guy reporters are in the print media if you leave out The National and Sunday Herald. There are certainly none in The Scotsman, which should really change its name.

  20. Best piece I’ve seen on this petulant nonsense so far. What is happening to Scottish media ?? I thought it couldn’t slide down the drain any further.

    I was clearly wrong.

    Everyone is well aware of the vile stuff out there from the Union supporting side (ie Spannerville) and bullying unionists politicos, but it never gets the airtime … I wonder why ?

    Well done for this.

    Media in Scotland, largely has the stench of sewer. Beyond saving sadly.

  21. Mr Kevin McKell

    It’s been a depressing and mad few days online seeing the “rage” directed at nasty Nats, not least when I saw my a certain MSP tweet “Je Suis Stephen Daisley”. Thank you for this analysis – it has been the best read in days!

  22. They’re a disgrace tae humanity never mind journalism.

  23. Contrived by so called journalists with zero integrity and even less credibility, come an independent Scotland will there be a place for such “pansies” ?

  24. Excellent read! From what I can see there are many fine writers online who no longer write for newspapers in Scotland. On the other hand there are too many appalling “journalists” employed by the mainstream media that shouldn’t be allowed near a newspaper. If they swapped places newspapers just might have a chance of surviving even in this digital age. It’s hard to comprehend that newspaper owners don’t see this.

  25. Great article. Really puts this nonsense in perspective. Thank you,

  26. STV is a business that depends on advertising. Advertisers are paying for audience reach.

    If I was an advertiser I would be questioning the value I was receiving from advertising aimed at the general mass of the public if the media outlet was so grossly offending half the public that they were switching off.

    If I was aiming advertising only at BritNats, then any place employing the likes of Daisley would be perfect, but if I wanted to reach the whole public, no way.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who avoids what I regard as the msm propaganda outlets.

  27. Superb! Though I am astonished that you say there are really good journalists left working in Scotland , I am struggling to think of one.

  28. Alasdair Macdonald

    Of course, these journalists and their employers supporting Mr Daisley are not directing their output at those of us who support independence. They are seeking to sustain the NO vote. They clearly feel that Project Fear has a bit of mileage in it yet. Sadly, throughout history across the world, projects fear have been fairly potent. Both sides of the EU referendum used it.
    However, many people are afraid of what will happen to the UK in the aftermath of the vote to leave the EU. And, they are afraid that those in Westminster charged with dealing with the matter do not know what to do, or if they do know, then it will be about protecting narrow landowning and financial interests based in London and the ‘home’ counties.
    Despite what Labour and the Tories say, we have a better educated population than there has ever been. We have access to far more sources of information than in the heydays of the print media, two TV channels, and radio media comprising mainly four BBC stations. The ‘new’ media have been tremendously creative and challenging. People who worked hard and paid their taxes see their children getting low paid insecure jobs. They see their savings getting negatory interest.
    Increasingly people are seeing that the UK has failed. Some who were previously sceptical are now feeling that an independent Scotland might do something different, possibly, something better.
    We need to be frank about the issues, debunk the present Project Fear and present a better narrative of an independent Scotland than we did two years ago.

    • If we are to accept the story from London about Scotland spending beyond it’s means,then the question has to be,who has the deepest pockets in order to support us,England or the EU?

  29. Having never heard of Mr. Daisley until Tom Gordon and Daniel Sanderson raised this (and apparently they did not give Messrs. Nicolson or Wishart a chance to give their side of the story, which I thought was incumbent on them) I was fascinated by the articles in Saturday’s “National” by Janice Burns and John Nicolson giving the true story.
    There are a couple of people who write letters regularly to every paper under the sun (Messrs. Howell and Redfern) and as soon as you see those names you know it is an anti-SNP rant without even bothering to read it. I feel very sorry for these poor misguided people.

    • All these unionist gers and black hole figures on the Scottish economy are,a result of them running the Scottish economy they make the case for Scottish independence better than I ever could do they not realise if we ran our own economy,we would not allow this to happen but they are right in one sense we are to blame for allowing them to keep doing it

    • John Mitchell
      You missed out Alexander McKay and Clark Cross as frequent writers. They even send letters to the Metro FFS.
      I imagine them getting their Daily Mails etc. at the newsagent then jumping on the bus to get their Metros. Poor sods.

  30. Bloody Brilliant Piece.

  31. Remind me again. What happened to Lord Haw-Haw after the war?

  32. Steve Asaneilean

    Fantastic Derek – thank you.

    Journalists are allowed to peddle lies and deceit in this country with no comeback. That is the reality of our free press and perhaps it’s the price we have to pay for having press freedom.

    But every year we hear of individuals, families and communities ruined and torn apart by salacious journalists and their hatchet jobs with no redress beyond a couple of buried lines at the foot of page 17 months later.

    Freedom of the press should not be the freedom to tell lies.

    And it’s beyond me how asking for proof or evidence can be portrayed as intimidation yet apparently that’s what it is.

    Sad days indeed.

  33. Great article, Derek. You make sense of a sad little episode. Thank you.

  34. “The result isn’t just febrile, it’s deranged.”

    I think this is it exactly.

    I don’t have a Twitter account and missed all the flouncing (for which I am grateful). Consequently, I came to this late but I am taken aback that these people should compare themselves with those that have risked their lives, torture and imprisonment to report events. Pansies is fitting, I used the term “craven fuds” myself but self obsessed pansies works too. They aren’t big and they aren’t clever and they most certainly are not intrepid reporters. I don’t imagine the flounce off Twitter will last long either. They need the nitrous oxide of publicity.

  35. A very fair commentary, Derek.

  36. Superb post Derek.

    You nailed the whole sorry business perfectly.

  37. Spot on.

  38. A pity you didn’t repeat your opening paragraph as closure to your excellent article, to remind we readers of world reality.

    Adam Tomkins – a ‘selected” politician surely – due to the flawed D’hondt system? I think Mr Tomkins is finding politics somewhat different from standing in front of a class of students, and facing little challenge to his authority.

    The twitter departures do look a bit, contrived?

  39. Chapeau Mr Bateman. ‘Nuff said 😊

  40. Lewis MacKenzie

    Yeah, pretty much bang on the money here, Derek.

  41. Excellent analysis.
    Perhaps you could run journalism remedial classes for the flouncers & pansies who have the title but not the wherewithal.

  42. smiling vulture

    best dissection since herophilus 200 BC

  43. Thwack! A crack on the arse with a wet towel, thats gonna sting!

  44. Excellent. Excellent article. And necessary…this shit never ends, it’s daily. Ripostes like this are the life-blood of a long, dirty campaign.

  45. ‘Thank the Gods of Newsprint that above the rabble there are rational voices of intellect that have mostly been with us a long time, indicating lasting quality.’

    May I venture that you, Derek, of the surviving rational voices, are First Among Equals.

    Your command of the written word is easy on the eye and mind. Real grown up thought provoking writing.
    You verge on spoiling us.
    Allow yourself a self effacing , ‘Aw, shucks.’

    Tomorrow, News Where We Are will present the farcical GERS figures as gospel, and invite the Usual Suspects to studios to deliver Scotland the Basket Case propaganda into our living rooms at teatime.
    The BBC boast specialist journalists, yet their Business and Economics reporter, editor, journalist, who knows that GERS and the ‘independent OBR’ are Tory political constructs, designed to undermine Scotland, and whose findings are based on wet finger in the air pessimistic guesstimates, and omissions, treat this WM supplied guff as fact, and act out a Unionist Morality Play with, Rennie, The Queen’s Eleven Murdo Fraser, or the smirking Baillie, where it is taken as read that Scotland is an economic toilet, and the SNP are really really Bad.
    It is now beyond satire.
    There are not a few good scribes in Scotland still; sadly not in the political arena.

    I’m sure that they are devoted parents, earning a coin to bring up families, kind to and respectful of their elderly parents, and have adopted an elephant.
    They are basically ‘good people’ most of the time.
    They must be worried constantly that the bubble is about to burst when they won’t have Nixon around any more.
    I hardly see the Yoon Hacks surviving the MSM Night of the Long Knives, when Scotland achieves Self Determination again, and their Foreign owners ‘downsize’ and ‘rightsize’ their ‘Scottish’ titles.
    In a sense, they are fighting for their jobs. I get that.
    I understand, but that’s as far as I go in attempting to rationalise the Mass Propaganda hysteria at play in News Rooms throughout Scotland.

    Pst. The SNP aren’t really Bad, guys. But you know that already.
    More please, Derek.

  46. Wonderful article. Nail. Head.

  47. The threat from what Derek describes as ” the tiny circle of die-hard anti-nats” is still considerable, despite the downward spiral of their outlets, and their continuing presence in the M.S.M can only increase in intensity, especially when the date of the forthcoming independence referendum is announced.
    They, the media, are our greatest obstacle to convincing the people of Scotland that being an independent country is our best option, especially after the debacle of Brexit.
    Will we overcome the propaganda of the unionist media, with their, almost, unlimited funds and resources? Hopefully, but it’s certainly going to a hard slog because as we all know nearly all of the M.S.M will be ranged against us, and despite their declining influence, they are still a force to be reckoned with. And the reality of the situation is that it will be difficult for us on the side of independence to get our message across, at least via the print or broadcast media, because they will for the most part, be uniformly hostile to our cause.
    So while of course the independence minded websites help a great deal, it’s back on the streets once more, chapping doors, and hoping to convince a majority that this time independence really is our best way forward, for all the people of Scotland.

    • Gordon Bickerton

      Alex, you’re right re chapping doors, but after the last referendum, two elections etc. some of us pensioner chappers are footweary. Getting the younger ones trained up to join in is our immediate task.

      • Getting younger folk to vote must also be a priority. They are less in thrall of MSM which will throw its unionist blanket over all stories about Scotland.

        Frankly, it is going to be up to the grassroots footsoldiers and new media to move folks forwards towards independence. It’s down to us to promote our new media and our excellent writers, such as Derek, as much as possible

  48. Thanks for a top notch article,Derek.One of your best,perhaps.The “journalists” in question have circled the wagons.Theyre trying to hang on to an ever declining readership,but they know they have no chance of achieving anything more than slowing that decline a little.They think they are staving off irrelevance,but in fact they are speeding it up.

  49. There are many thousands of commentators now on the state of Scottish politics that make their feelings known everyday. That is why the usual suspects are circling the wagons. They are losing the argument and they know it..

  50. Wow! just wow! At last a REAL Journalist puts the pretendy Journalist in Scotland to shame.

    And all he did was tell the bloody TRUTH, something those who work for all the daily rags, & the broadcasting networks would not know how to do.

    LIES have Been their pay packets for so long now, and there is NO work at all involved in publishing or reporting lies, because no other rag or Broadcaster is ever going to challenge them… We are lucky to have you on our side DEREK. VERY lucky indeed…

  51. An excellent and incisive article from a real journalist. Always worth reading Derek, thank you.

    Pretendy narcissists peddle their own agendas, laced with untruths, via print media or Twitter. TV and radio scour those and repeat the drivel, slavering over misinformation in their attempts to further belittle their own country. The fact that about half the population of said country seem to lap it up without realising that they are being fed propaganda is depressing.

    The Torrances, Mccolms, Olivers and their like are useful idiots for the present. They have been allowed a false sense of their own importance and ability. They will be thrown to the lions when their compliant utterances are no longer of use; they don’t even have any amusement value. If that is when Scotland becomes independent, I doubt the public will be tolerant of them and they must know that they are of no significance outside Scotland either.

  52. Ah, poor Stephen. As martyrdoms go, I fear his lacks the epic character of that of Joan of Arc.

    • Bugger le Panda

      Jeanne D’Arc, she lives down the road from me ant b freed she say that Scotland must be free of the Saxox Ox.

      Views oujaboard influenced

  53. Great article.
    Where are Scotland’s versions of real investigative journalists like Seymour Hersh or John Pilger? The hacks in our MSM couldn’t hold a candle to these guys.

  54. A very good and timely post Mr Bateman regarding the sad state of the media here
    This must be the only country on the planet that has allowed itself to be held captive in a sugar coated straight jacket in a dysfunctional parallel universe where everything is rosy according to the media
    What is it going to take for people here to waken up from their stupefying coma , we have today another PFI fiasco in the shape of the final cost of a prison in Edinburgh add to this the Parliament building the Tram debacle the PFI cost of Schools and Hospitals , what the final total will be of wasted money accrued during the term of the last administration is anyones guess just how much has been wasted in and around Edinburgh is probably beyond belief but this wont get to be headline News or on the BBC
    And surprise surprise waiting in the wings with bated breath will be the BBC and the rest of the clowns crowing LOOK -LOOK -LOOK at how bad the GERS figures are they are so bad we the establishment have brought them forward to heighten the impact on you mugs who believe the junk we peddle .

    • Judging by the many responses to this topic it is nice to know I am not the only one to despise our lickspittle meejah hacks. Shug MacDiarmid once said that Scotland does not deserve a Revolution because we have no one worth assassinating. Who wants to behead an empty heid?

  55. David Pratt

    • Oh yes, a real journalist. Does he still contribute to The Herald? Haven’t read The Herald for a couple of years now.

  56. He’s a good journalist Diabloandco

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