Are You Crazy or Somethin’?

It’s like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Observing Labour grapple with the awful truth that we’ve all seen coming is like watching the asylum inmates queuing up for their pills. Maybe we’ll have to revisit our approach to the constitution. The people won’t listen to us until we do. We’ve been slow to understand…

Poor buggers, the rest of us think. Imagine being so out of touch and so deep in denial. Labour activist Scott Arthur tweets: As SNP enter their 10th year of Gov, what have they achieved? 1. Divided Scotland.2. Moved Scots to right.3. Boosted the Tories.

As Alan Bissett points out, nowhere does he take responsibility. It’s always someone else’s fault. This is classic denial and deflection which has afflicted Labour for a decade. They’re like an amateur boxer getting skelped rigid, telling himself after every punch that he’s still standing and it’ll stop soon. But it doesn’t, until he’s carted off to the infirmary. The stupidity is staggering. They haven’t even learned to duck. When you combine it with their disbelief and resentment at others, it fuels a poisonous gas that the whole of Scotland can smell. We shut our windows and call the children in.

Here’s Jamie Kinlochan in Labour Hame: I don’t believe that constitutional politics gets many Labour members out of bed in the morning. It is clear now, however, that we can’t just lie in because we don’t want to have the conversation. So we might need to set our alarms half an hour earlier. As long as independence is the single issue that dominates Scottish politics, social justice will not be. Kez’s plan to challenge that and continue to fight for those who are being ignored is the right one. We will rebuild and we will restore our party in the pursuit of equality.

Again, Jamie needs to take his tablets. He totally misses what Yes was about – realizing that self-determination for the Scots is the platform from which equality and social justice can be attained. It’s true there are old Nats like me with a deeper, more historical yearning for independence but I too believe that Scots governing Scots will always trump the efforts of the British state. Look at the inequality the British have wreaked on this country yet Jamie and Scott blame the Nats! How much easier would it be to win in Scotland and nudge left-leaning Scots to more radical policies than trying to convince the essentially right-wing English electorate and the public school neo liberal Brit establishment? (Which the two of them campaigned to keep in control with Better Together).

It’s Labour’s failure to present a coherent programme that has encouraged anti-Nats to vote Tory. Blaming the SNP for winning, convincing Scots and raising expectations is psychotic in the circumstances. (Sorry, getting caught up in the Cuckoo’s Nest analogy).

You might as well say it’s a pity Scotland had it’s political reawakening. We should have stayed cowed and unengaged. We should have shut up and voted for woodentop Labour backbenchers with limited ability, no power and a sense of entitlement that makes them think socialists and democrats have a natural home in the Lords.

The more you hear this stuff, the more you realize that it isn’t Nats who are locked into nationalistic thinking but the Unionists themselves. Even when Scotland is shouting in their face to wake up, they check their watch and turn away. Today Anas Sarwar talks of revisiting powers for Holyrood yet, as Michael Stewart reminds us, they’ve just finished telling us we already have the most powerful devolved government in the world. Which is it?

My only conclusion is that Labour aren’t really radicals, or socialists, or proud Scots at all, although some will be. Essentially they are what we said two years ago – Britnats who can see no future outside their beloved Union and whose self-loathing transfers to fellow Scots who want to move on.

Too many Labour voices now sound like grudge and grievance – the very charge they laid at the SNP who at least had a plan. What’s Labour’s plan now? Their dismal failure has lost them even opposition status, trapped between the bogeyman Tories and the bogle they themselves made of the SNP. Yet they will now have to choose every week whose side they are on, stumbling on for a year until the final cataclysm – local government wipe out.

On which point can I go against the grain and say I don’t think Kezia is a good leader. I know there is sympathy for her and I feel it myself. I know she’s attractive in a presentational sense. I’m sure she’s intellectually honest…heart in the right place and all that. But her few months in office have been appalling. Her attempts at reforming the party to get rid of the duds is mocked by the return of Sarwar, Gray, Baillie and the others who are themselves responsible for lack of vision and wider voter appeal.

Her policy positions have been patchwork and reversible. Her commitments have been elastic and her messages the equivalent of political morse code. She can’t sell an idea or a policy. The lack of any capacity to punch through the effect of limited resources and still command respect rather than acquire a general likeability has been glaring. You can reasonably argue she had little chance but what she can’t do is go backwards which is what has dramatically happened on her watch. First impressions count. The view I heard in Glasgow – from an older Labour woman – ‘Is that lassie really running Labour?’ sums it up. The answer is Yes, she is and she’s the best they’ve got. The sad part is she is now a diminished presence in a beleaguered group, carrying the burden of ridicule as the Labour leader who lost to the Tories. Personally, I don’t think that’s sustainable. Nor is it good for her self-esteem and dignity.

Am I right that the normally voluble Blair MacDougall, the brain behind Scottish Labour’s last few years of triumph, is remarkably quiet? Why would that be? And where is the ever sneery Lord George Foulkes, never knowingly undersold? Kezia will be on the front line taking the flak while those with the real responsibility take the Gordon Brown route of impersonating Macavity the Cat and disappearing. Isn’t that the truth?

In Cuckoo’s Nest the patients are divided into Acutes who can be cured and Chronics who can’t. In Labour’s case, you decide.

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69 thoughts on “Are You Crazy or Somethin’?

  1. Since the election results were announced the depth of the doo-doo into which Labour had sunk has become clear . And yet … the problem is with the electorate who do not yet understand the message which Labour are pushing – according to the Labour Party !
    Never mind ”One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest ”, Derek , this is more like ”Plan B From Outer Space”.

  2. cyril mitchell

    They stood on a platform with the Tories in effect voting for austerity, but then it was a tax increase for Scotland to mitigate the Tory cuts Eh? We were not so Better Together after all were we?

  3. You are very astute Derek in noting that Macdougall and Foulkes are nowhere to be seen. They have abandoned her. She is personable enough but she just doesn’t have the talent. None of them do. It’s sad, sad, watching them go into oblivion. What is Scottish Labour for? How is socialism compatible with unionism?

  4. smiling vulture

    Remember Gordon Brown Lasswade,every MSM outlet LIVE UNCUT telling us about Fed Max.

    Vow,just before YES/NO ref vote.

    Days,weeks later talking Vow +(changed position that many times,can’t remember order he said it)


    Labour Don’t know the definition of HomeRule

  5. smiling vulture

    Sorry they do know definition of HomeRule,just don’t want to give it

  6. I said it a year ago, when Murphy quit, that Dugdale was the wrong choice. It’s not a dislike of her or Labor – she simply doesn’t have ‘it’.
    The problem is, where the hell else would they possibly turn now? Sarwar? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

    • Before the election, I was expecting Sarwar to take over. I still kind of expect it, but Sarwar is ‘only’ a list MSP. Granted, not bothering to contest a constituency puts him ahead of all the other Labour MSPs who were rejected and then snuck back in on the list. However, they have three constituency MSPs – Iain “lost the one before last” Gray, Jackie “smallest margin” Baillie and Daniel “first gain since 2007” Johnson.

      The last of those may be someone to watch. As a brand new face totally unassociated with every single one of Labour’s past defeats, he may be Scottish Labour’s one last hope. Even if the “magic DJ” turns out to be unviable, they may figure they have no choice but to try him.

      In response to the article directly, I read a comment last year that said once Scottish Labour realises the depths to which it has fallen, it will either finally adjust or go mad. That article on Labourhame is a breathtakingly staggering indication of the latter – they are actually taking aim at the electorate for being “full of Tories” in their comments, pretty much implying that Scotland needs the UK to protect socialism!

      It’s interesting to compare that reaction with the Lib Dems’. Who weren’t and aren’t moaning about the electorate being full of illiberal fascists or whatever. They may not have stopped their decline yet, but they seem to have at least halted it. No prizes for guessing where the next set of Labour voters are heading…

  7. What is their point? I look on the Blairites as having gone full Blue. The diehard rump of Labour now scrabbling for meaning and failing because the Greens and SNP have taken it.

    As one of those former diehards, I clicked one day, how can you go back. Is it simply a broken intellect that makes Labour voters carry on? Dugdale is painfully weak, but the fact that Labour in Scotland accepted her was a good indicator of them having nothing left.

    Everything, from Hug’a’Tory Bitter Together, from austerity support, from ‘the Vow’, from Smith, from the amendments to Smith the SNP wanted – they didn’t turn up to the debate.

    I relish their demise, honestly, they are pointless cretinous idiots with no purpose save lining their own pockets.

    • You are being too kind to them. Since 1950 or so they have just been a back-up option to the tory party – a place holder till the tories get back in.

      • They were absorbed as soon as they entered Westminster and will do and say anything just to get elected. There is no political socialist programmes, just winning elections and careers. Most of them could not even define socialism. Making anti Tory noises and now anti SNP, regardless of thioy own record in office, is all they knew. Time they were rumbled routed, and replaced.

  8. What has Labour achieved since 1997 ?

    1) Broke the promises of a 1997 landslide within a year.

    2) Escalated de-regulation of financial markets and continued privatisation of the public sector – for profit rules.

    3) Helped to achieve a devolved Scottish Parliament by taking 5000 sq miles of the North sea and demeaning our independent judiciary by telling us the highest court in the land was now the UK Supreme Court in London.

    4) Increased wealth inequality further and faster than anything Thatcher did.

    5) Got into bed with George W Bush, facilitated some of the greatest lies told the British people and took us into an illegal war that has caused the deaths of somewhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 million civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. The fallout from this will continue for decades.

    6) Financial deregulation policy now helps to cause the greatest financial catastrophe in living memory. Protected bankers salaries and bonuses at the expense of the poorest in British society.

    I’ve gotta stop, I’m getting depressed….

    Feel free to add your own, maybe we can get to 500.

    • Steve Asaneilean

      Preserved House of Lords after promising to abolish – and created a shed load of new crony Peers in the prices without even a hint of democracy.

      The Millennium Dome – £1 billion waste of money.

      Individual learning accounts – £100 million lost to fraud.

      Tax credits – used to subsidise low wages and then over-paid to the tune of at least £2 billion.

      Assets Recovery Agency – spent £65 million to recover £23 million.

      Rural payments agency – “lost” up to £400 million.

      NHS IT for England – £20 billion lost.

      Failures of the London Underground PPP scheme – costs to UK taxpayers estimated at £20 to £30 billion.

      Failed attempts to introduce national ID cards – £300 million lost.

  9. Aye, we did what we set out to do after the ref result. That’s how powerful ‘the people’ really are. They (labour activists) told our pensioners they wouldn’t get their pensions if they voted Yes, at polling stations on Thursday the 18th September, they told our older folks they wouldn’t get their money on Friday the19th September if they voted Yes.

    That, that is what has kept me engaged since the referendum, my family voted Labour for generations in Scotland. I voted for the first time in a European Parliament election in 2014, for the SNP. I voted last year for the first time in a GE since ’97, for the SNP. I hadn’t voted in any Scottish elections till Thursday the 5th May 2016, for the SNPx2.

    I’m not done with making sure they never see the light of day again in any significant way within our political landscape in Scotland. Next year I will place the fifth most significant cross on a ballot paper that I have had the honour to do four times in the past two years and vote to remove Labour from Glasgow City Council by voting SNP.

    The first honour was to vote Yes in September 2014.

    The Labour party have denigrated the people of Scotland for far too long. They are not worthy of us. They are not worthy of our vote. They are not worthy.

    When I witness the stream of crass, arrogant and ignorant pish emanating from them even after Friday’s result it merely confirms and strengthens my decision and resolve to ensure they ‘feel’ the absolute contempt they are held in by those ‘former’ Labour voters who they so eagerly and easily ‘forgot’ put them into their career positions in the first place. They are beyond redemption, they still think ‘we’ the ‘people’ should be ‘listening’ to ‘them’.

    Aye…Right! AFY’s.

  10. While Blair and Foulkes have hidden in a bunker, ‘Bothers all’ and his mini me Kev O’Donnell are busy telling the world of the magnificent swing to the Tories from the SNP, ignoring the fact Ruthie has only 22% of the vote and Lab is on life support. Indeed, Master Kev accuses the SNP of targetting right wing voters as “that’s where all their voters come from”. You couldn’t make it up. He must have been terribly confused when It was pointed out many of us were decades long Lab voters and more left wing than him.

    We have Messrs McLeish & McAveety winning a coconut by watching the penny drop and saying that they need to focus on both constitution & social justice, yet the above put on their clowns outfit, rant comical nonsense and pretend it’s all SNP’s fault they lost.

    As for Kezia herself. Where’s this autonomous party she keeps telling us about? So much for
    “I won’t be the only face from a new generation leading Scottish Labour. I want to bring new expertise, new experience and new energy to the Labour Party in Scotland”. What happened dear, did you get over-ruled?

    My own mother,in her mid 80s and with zero interest in politics, looked at the telly last week and remarked ‘she does talk a load of rot, does she think we’re all buttoned up the back?’. If my maw can spot it you can bet those more politically astute can smell it from a mile away. I have no doubt Ms Dugdale is a lovely person etc, but a smart person would never have touched the poison chalice of SLAB leadership. Some of her party call her courageous, but misguided and perhaps an inflated view of her own abilities springs into my mind.

    Who knows where they go from here, but I bet many councils, especially GCC, are counting the days till next May. That’s when Lab will reach true rock bottom.

  11. Labour are neither socialist? reformist, or even liberal. They are/were just a election machine and gravy train for opportunists and bams. The three wheels have come off that waggon. They still have external media support in Scotland a=maybe we need to attack them too?

  12. The SNP should define what devo max / home rule is.

  13. He’s painting the fence and having a macaroni cheese apparently.

  14. No soft options. Independence only

  15. fermerfaefife

    Labour missed the bus with the Smith commission and Scotland bill. They had the opportunity to be the driver of meaningful home rule but instead were the most reluctant of all the parties. Hence the half cocked scotland bill.

    To go back now and stand on federalism after trashing snp plans for FFA would be seen as blatant opportunism and would have no credibility.

    It is now a straight fight between tory right unionism and Snp./ green left nationalism.

    Taxi for labour…Missed the bus

  16. Steve Asaneilean

    As you sow so shall you reap.

    The Indy Ref flushed (Not) Labour out and showed them to be first and foremost supporters of the concept of a “British” state.

    As you point out Derek, those of is who campaigned for Yes did so because we believe that a Scotland entirely accountable to itself is far more likely to bring about fairness and equality.

    (Not) Labour chose to ignore that and instead got into bed with the right wing neo-liberals.

    And now they wonder why we deserted them.

    Every week they are going to have to decide – support the Scottish Government or support Ruthie.

    I see today their deputy leader is talking about them flying the flag for home rule. Really? Are they really going to say everything in Scotland’s hand bar defence and foreign policy?

    If they are then people are just going to logically think “why not independence?” – because if we are independent within NATO and the EU we’ll be sharing defence and foreign policy anyway.

    • All together now:
      ‘ You can stick yer Home Rule up yer arse.’

      ‘Too late , too late, he cried in vain, across the stormy water.’
      The same tired old faces are going to wedge their fat erses into the seats at Holyrood, and fester for another five years on £1200 a week, plus expenses, plus appearance money on BBC/STV, and columns in the Herald , Record, and Scotsman. What are they going to actually ‘do’ for a living?

      A total waste of space, oxygen, and our fuckin’ money!
      Ruth and Jackson and the new breed of Dim But Nice chinless bloated capitalist Tory Boys will be having an inaugural bun fight, and firing paper aeroplanes across the Chamber. First Day japes!

      The vast bulk of us, We The People, are steadfastly on the road to Independence.

      How low has the Labour Branch Office sunk? Anas Sarwar resurfaces, FFS! Has he no shame?

      What he does have is a lot of money…New Labour. Money CAN buy you love.
      Where’s Murphy?
      As for BBC Scotland? Give us some credit.
      Yesterday’s Unionist Fest was bordering on farcical.
      Does Brewer never tire of peddling Unionist Pish?

      We look forward to Ruth defending her Master’s Austerity cuts to Holyrood.
      Onwards, mes braves.

  17. This party needs to be scrapped and then they need to form a new party . They then need to set out their vision of Scotland clearly and concisely .They also need to recognise that Scotland has changed beyond words since the day of Foulkes , Brown , Darling etc., the SNP has changed how Scotland sees itself . The unions don’t have clout so they should not go back to the dark ages by affiliating themselves with them . They will also need to make sure they attract the right kind of candidate , people more forward thinking ,well educated , younger . If they can at least start with that kind of change they just might save themselves from complete oblivion .

  18. Giving Goose

    I have been of the opinion for many years now that Labour politicians are simply Sociopaths.
    There are several definitions but if you look at just one of the definitions and several of the associated behavioural characteristics then it is a good fit for a many Labour Politicians.
    Just think Jim Murphy, George Foulkes, Jackie Baillie or James Kelly when you read them.

    • Superficial charm and good intelligence
    • Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking
    • Absence of nervousness or neurotic manifestations
    • Unreliability
    • Untruthfulness and insincerity
    • Lack of remorse and shame
    • Inadequately motivated antisocial behaviour
    • Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience
    • Pathologic egocentricity and incapacity for love
    • General poverty in major affective reactions
    • Specific loss of insight

    You are effectively dealing with people who are working as predators within and on society for their own narrow selfish agendas. They have previously been clever in manipulating the general populace but have now been found out and exposed.

  19. Labour to re-introduce the 40% rule?

  20. Great article as always Derek, thank you.

  21. I agree with everybthing you say Derek – except the council vote wipe out. Just as D’Hondt is designed to prevent the SNP getting a majority (normally!}, the STV system will allow the Yoons to vote 1,2,3 for each other – unless the SNP get 50% in the first count. Maybe the Greens and radical left will do them a favour if we’re all back on speaking terms next year and allow 45% to be enough on the second or third round – if ALL the independence groups vote 1, 2, 3 ONLY for each other.

    No counting chickens this time.

  22. Aye, its spooky how the strategists, triangulators, movers and shakers disappear sharpish like, when responsibility for abject failure is being doled out. Labour are where they are because of these men and others just like them.

    THEY moulded Labour in Scotland, set their narrative, their course, their strategies. THEY created the tribalism, spread the misinformation, the smears and the societal divisiveness.

    They got well paid for it too.

    • Macart, No more Mr Nice Guy. Most of them are as thick as pig shit. No names, no pack drill, but most of them could not hold down a job in the ‘real world’ which the rest of us inhabit.
      And that’s the problem. Why would I listen to a mumbling fool?
      I’m fed up of MSM attempting to cover for them.
      The class and calibre of Holyrood Unionists is alarmingly dire.
      The road to Independence is more clearly defined than ever now.

  23. I tried to post a comment on Torrance’s rabble rousing ‘Ulsterisation’ piece in HS, and Alex (Rejected at the ballot box) Rowley’s Home Rule nonsense, but mentioned two parties which obviously ‘the Ethernet’ doesn’t like, and my comments were subsequently blocked, wiped out, in effect.

    Torrance, you are a nasty piece of work.
    We shall achieve Self Determination without so much as a paper cut.
    My, how the bellicose Yoons would like any excuse to bring the army Up Here to ‘restore order’ and of course disband Holyrood; just like wot they did in Norn Irn.

    My family members lived through that Reign of Terror since 1969, Torrance.

    You haven’t a baldy notion, but as long as it promotes you and your fascist right wing rants, do you really care about the feelings of the victims of the North of Ireland?

    Do you fuck.
    Crawl back under your stone and give us all peace, literally, and metaphorically.
    I am as mad as hell at you, you little shit stirrer.

    • Torrance has joined in on that brainless trope has he?


      HOW STUPID AND IRRESPONSIBLE can you be? The thing is, he probably thinks people condemning such writing is great publicity. If they’re not talking about you, they’re not talking at all kind of bollocks.

      Not only is this trope brainless and quite demonstrably untrue, but through such irresponsible writing the more brainless may feel inclined to make violent statements. THIS is the very thing I’ve been banging on about, feels like forever. In defence of their precious system, the media and their political chain tuggers simply don’t give a shit how much pain and suffering they inflict on others.


      • I will gladly take Torrance on a trip up Shankhill and back down the Falls.
        We’ll stop off at a pub in each sector and he can give the audience the benefit of his wisdom and experience.
        Thousands of innocent men and women died, FFS. And this hirsute faced idiot tries to make capital out of it.

        Nasty vicious little shit.
        It’s in HS, Macart, which has morphed into the Rangers Times. Know yer audience.
        Let’s hope that I never have to be in this toady’s company.

      • Thankfully I haven’t seen it. Whit is the HS?

    • Bad behaviour from Torrance, yet another one trying to make himself relevant

  24. Tempting to say that the Ghost of Murphy looms large over Scottish labour’s failure. But this is giving him to much credit, even it is to cast him in the role of the villain of the piece.

    I was going to write a longer post, but frankly the labour party in Scotland, are and have always been a sub branch. When the main branch decided to be the margarine of evil with regards to austerity politics and then play Mini-me to cameron’s doctor evil, the sub branch was always going to have an identity crisis.

    the westminster branch of the sub branch sold itself out for the easy life of being room meat and yes men.

    The Scottish sub-branch packed out its MSP ranks with people of little talent, who were there because of who they knew, not what they knew.

    Somewhere along the line the pragmatic unionism that defined them was swapped for a narrative that defined them as troughers on the gravy train express. From the councillor to MP – serving Scotland was a nice little earner. Why rock the boat, when you can sit back, fart out the odd anti-tory message and let the money roll in?

    Folk like this will never admit they were wrong. The only thing they’re sorry about is getting caught out. The only thing they will strive to do better is getting away with it next time. And they think there will be a next time and that they will get it away with it. Why? because they think we will forget what they did. Also because they think it will be their turn next time…that’s how it works in their minds.

    Do not ask who Scottish labour smirks at – they smirk at you.

    • I see they’ve set up an ‘independent enquiry’ into the crooked PFI deals that Brown’s labour championed.
      Walls come tumbling down, actually and metaphorically. What if children had perished?
      Crooks should go to jail. And something crooked went on during the halcyon Labour Council Days, that’s for sure. Bring me the head of Alfredo PFIO !
      It’s a police investigation we need; not a Sir Humphrey ‘Enquiry’, the Whitewash of all Whitewashes.

      We are told that Chilcot is to report in July, £10 million pounds, and 8 years late. I’ll bet Tony Boom Boom and Jack Straw get away with it.

      Alistair Carmichael’s Parliamentary Standards’ Frenchgate Enquiry, quietly quashed, deemed ultra vires by the Westminster Establishment (and not a croak of protest from HM Opposition, Morningside Red Tory Murray) , and buried by our MSM Up Here. He lied, and cost us , the taxpayer a reported £1.4 million wasted on a needless enquiry as the liar stood silently by, and gets away with it.

      Operation Yewtree dies a death. A few octogenarian TV has been ‘personalities’ banged up, the only Lord charged the victim of dementia, Dolphin Square still the bolt hole of White Powder sniffing Labour Lords.

      The Establishment is in overdrive to cover its corrupt, perverse, greedy ass, every time.

      May 2017 is the next staging post on the road to independence.
      There are only so many documents and photo opps with Jimmy Savile the Gravy Trainers can shred.

  25. Robert Graham

    well a lot of folks being pretty hard on Labour , they are not all dumb after all they managed to conceal the fact and for more years than i care to remember that us jocks dont figure in this British state.
    They gifted us a Parliament with a voting system designed to confound and confuse , and surprise surprise we can’t change it without Westminsters approval and consent , what are the chances of that happening , we can play all we like in this Parliament stamp our feet shout at the moon in the end we dont have the keys to get out , we can’t make meaningful changes merely tinker and move the chairs around of course with the permission of Westminster.
    Only one way out and we all know the answer to that issue does Labour , does anyone really care ? now .

  26. I enjoy these posts and all the comments. Makes me feel much better.

    But isn’t there something more pro-active we can do? Unless we can get under the skin of the Unionists and hold them to account publicly then we might as well be talking in a darkened, sound proof room.

    Maybe some of the wise heads on here can suggest how we ordinary Indy supporters can take the argument to the Yoonie MSP’s for example. How can we get them to answer for Cameron/Osborne and their all-out attacks on social justice while at the same time featherbedding the rich. Or what about Ms Davidson, who says the idea of a second referendum is dead – is she a democrat or not? If the people want one will she try to block it? Maybe she would like to appear on a Bateman podcast and answer some searching questions?

    • Robert Graham

      having watched some of the question and non answer session from Westminster on Work and Pensions and watched a procession of Tory ministers try and defend the DWP and their present policy , These people are providing more ammunition in one short session than our first minister could fire off in a week .
      The Tory leader is now in the same position as the current Labour leader of having to defend their parties actions in Westminster over which they have no control , i agree with the idea of annoying them and instead of shouting at the moon some constructive tangible way of assisting the next step to Independence ,this has become polarised because of the Tory insistence on ref-ref-ref assisted by the media headed up by our very own BBC .

  27. Has Scotland ever supported two large parties ? is there room for two equal sized parties ?

    the SNP have 40-50% of the vote now , just like labour did in its heyday ,

    Labour are reaping what they sowed , as the Tories reaped their dismantling of Industry in the 1980’s

    916k Scots voted Tory in 1979

    800k approx in 1983

    700k approx in 1987

    increasaed to 766k in 1992

    and 495k in 1997

    reached it s nadir in 2001 at 360k

    (height of Tony Blair and new lab , seems Tories went over to lab then )

    2015 434k voted Tory
    now they seem to be coming back to Tory

  28. Derek, I’ve just read the DR’s Editor’s Groundhog Day Recordview nonsense. I am attaching my comment on this far fetched election analysis to this excellent piece by you as it appears apposite, and I value your in depth knowledge our now totally hapless media bubble for comment.
    It comes on the back of pieces by Our Henry Mc Leish, advocating that the crumbling pile of PFI bricks that is left of Labour reinvents itself as the Home Rule Party, and Anas and Rowley peddling the same dross elsewhere in the MSM.
    The editor of the Record (is that the NI lad Clegg? I cannot be bothered looking it up, but it would explain the ‘Ulsterisation’ viciously dangerous nonsense that is being peddled elsewhere in the MSM).
    The DR positions poor Kezia between two ‘dynamic young politicians’, by whom I assume he means Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson? An ingenue, a waif, caught between a rock and a hard place? Aw, diddums.
    At a stroke the Labour supporting Record elevates the Tory Tank Commander, a vacuous little bit of political fluff, to the same status as possibly the most influential and able politician in Scotland this century. My, how he hates NS and the SNP.
    Stuff and utter nonsense of course.
    Ruth got the Middle Class Tory I’m All Right, Jack, Britnats and their barrel necked Loyal Sons of William Brownshirts, vote out on a 54% turnout, to rerun the Indyref, the single issue constitutional right wing Groundhog Day which she will attempt to peddle for the next five years. There’s your Groundhog Day there, Ed.
    The Tories are financially raping Scotland, and she is their mouthpiece Up Here. That’s all. Dynamic she ain’t. A right Wing extremist, she is.
    The Record view seems to be that the SNP’s ‘ wings have been clipped’, because of all those ‘crowds, and mass, rallies , and provocative cheerleaders’.
    What part of the SNP result does this so called editor not understand?
    They wiped the floor with all comers, Ed.
    9 years in office, and 63 MSP’s returned, the majority as constituency MSP’s.
    The language of the Record is permeated with this SNP LOST karap. It’s everywhere on air, in the Dead Tree Scrolls. The SNP’s bubble has burst !
    Sturgeon will be ‘forced’ to work with other parties?
    No she won’t.
    No amount of linguistic bitching from the Record editorial team will change the fact that Pro Independence MSP’s are still in a majority

    Kezia Dugdale , whose tax and spend social justice last minute manifesto the Record seems to think had resonance with the Scottish Public , (whit?) was somehow squeezed out by a fight between the Supergirls.
    What utter guff. But if it gets you through the night, keep the delusion going.
    I really think that the Record Team should keep out of the hot sun (see what I did there). They are taking nonsense to a new height of arrantness.
    Labour is Dead in Scotland. Face it.
    Sorry for appending this so late.

  29. Daily Record in denial. Daily Record in meltdown.

  30. Robert Graham

    Had to laugh SKY News promoting Gordon Brown as an asset to the remain side in the European referendum , they of coarse mentioned his success in the Scottish Referumdum as the saviour , Aye ok that really sorted us out a overwhelming victory was secured , I think the Devils in the detail comes to mind on that statement .

  31. I think they think we think Gordon Brown is important

    They’re thinking wrong

    • They think like Jerimiah Corbyn, who hasn’t a clue about Scotland and does not think we are important enough to find out. Broon, was not really accepted down Sarf because of his Scottish accent which is too pan loaf for most us here.

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