One More Time

Well I must say I’m bowled over. What a response from so many loyal friends. I appreciate deeply your sentiments. Just have a look at them on the right hand side. Thanks for taking the trouble to write. And as there’s only a week to go…I’ll stick with it meantime.

Have you noticed a trend of addressing the impending electoral success as something abnormal? There’s a tone of that in John Harris from the Guardian – How Long Can the SNP Own Scottish Politics? And in Martin Kettle from the same paper – What Now for the Rebels Who Became the Establishment? …with the referendum behind them, they need to find a new purpose. Meantime other writers are seeking a new politics in the light of the SNP success.

To be frank, I doubt if Mr and Mrs Scotland is really on the bus to work debating if we should be doing politics differently. For so many of them they have started doing just that – they began voting SNP for the first time in their lives and they like it. For many of us this is the first time we’ve voted for the party that wins, the first time we’ve voted – and got – the government we wanted. Success feels good. It’s empowering. We got sick of Tory governments in London and Labour hegemony in Edinburgh so over the devolution years we’ve eased them out of the way and left them on the sidelines. On the way we’ve transformed politics in Britain. We’ve obliterated the UK Lib Dems and, increasingly, taken on the role of the Opposition at Westminster.

We’ve blown apart the carefully constructed voting system at Holyrood and won over the broadest coalition of voters in our country’s history, first edging out the Tories and then bulldozing Labour. With all its faults the SNP represents more comprehensively the attitudes and outlook of the nation than any party has ever done while the MSPs and MPs themselves are like an identikit of the nation – born in council homes, taught in local schools, educated at our universities, self-made businessmen, industry professionals, health workers, carers and gey few career special advisers…and lawyers!

The argument that all this needs to stop is the intuitive mindset of the unbeliever. These are the voices of those brought up and conditioned by the constraints of old politics – Labour for 10 years (if you’re lucky) then the Tories for 10. The Westminster-minded only see through the same viewfinder. To them the rise of the SNP is a freak, a spasm, that will pass when emotion dies down and sense returns. They after all are used to setting the parameters within which we are invited spectators. When Yes kicked that idea in the groin in the indyref, there was muted celebration that someone had broken the mould. But to those who make a living from the Millbank village that could only be understood in relation to their world. So it had to transfer in some way to the old binary politics. But it didn’t. It marched right on down the road to London and occupied their green benches. It is supplanting Labour in the Westminster Parliament as internal strife erodes the authority of the official Opposition.

Steadily, through their efforts in Parliament and impressive performances in the UK media, the SNP is now courying in to the mind of the British voters where instead of starey-eyed bigots they become mature contributors saying things that chime with English ideas. They are gradually detoxifying themselves in the eyes of a misled electorate whose own fears of future independence are allayed. Persuasive salesman open doors to profitable transactions. An English electorate more relaxed about a new arrangement with a sensible and friendly neighbour helps open that door.

I am bemused how winning a democratic majority has translated so quickly into becoming an establishment – at least in the minds of the doubters. It is meant to cast an aspersion of stasis, corruption and decay. Is that what you see in modern Scotland? A country open to immigration, arguing for refuge for abandoned children…a gender-balanced Cabinet…the appointment of a critical anti poverty scrutineer…engagement with an almost universally hostile media…a transformative renewables industry internationally praised.

Put it this way – did the Cabinet all attend the same exclusive schools? Or go to Oxbridge? How many are millionaires? Is their money stashed in Panama? Do they have existing links to big business? Has there been a wholesale M(S)P expenses scandal? Is there a long-running suspicion of top-level conspiracy on child abuse or football death cover up? (When there was a huge complex issue who was it who stood against so much world opinion and released the convicted killer?)

To me, electing the SNP is the new politics. They fact that so many critics are obsessed with undermining it is the proof you need. They might as well say: Stop voting SNP because we don’t understand it. Can we go back to normal now?

There is of course a case for doing politics differently – if you’re the opposition. It isn’t the winner that has to reassess but the losers. Will they merge into one anti-SNP regiment? Hardly. What appears logical on paper rarely works when emotion and tribalism are involved. Logically Edinburgh should have one football team but what happened when Wallace Mercer suggested it?

No, I think the next big move will be an STV voting system which will offer elected places to a more diverse range of views to challenge the SNP. The one idea I could envisage is Labour dropping its outdated commitment to the Union as it stands. There is a gap in the market where the Liberals used to be because if we have to wait for independence, there is a compelling case for UK federalism. A Labour group that made that case while not opposing independence longer term might get back into the game. But the issues are complex. There is evidence today that SNP voters are actually to the Left of Labour voters which, if true, leaves Labour stranded without the very people they’re appealing to.

But, with less than a week to voting, that’s their problem. Our problem is making sure the forecasts are correct by eliminating complacency and delivering the vote. With an SNP government installed, and I hope, an increased Green contingent, we can look ahead to the council elections next year (I’m assuming we’re still in the EU!). If the re-election of Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister is the mark of a Scottish establishment, it’ll do for me.

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55 thoughts on “One More Time

  1. Excellent article, Derek, and William Wallace, who was made Guardian of Scotland 719 years ago quarter of a mile away from where I type this in Selkirk would have been proud of you!

  2. Thomas Greathead

    I don’t comment on blogs as others generally put things much better than I could,but I have been reading yours for years and must say I was extremely happy to see this post today after yesterday’s.Thank you very much for all you have done and for continuing as it must get pretty wearisome at times.
    All the best,Thomas.

  3. Wonderful piece! More like the Derek we know and avidly read. The sun is here and actually delivering warmth! Thank you.

  4. Great. Don’t dare threaten us with chucking it again!!!!

  5. PS Meant to add. I, too, read the Guardian articles this morning. They really don’t get it at all. Just nonsense.

  6. Bugger (the Panda)

    “There’s a tone of that in John Harris from the Guardian – How Long Can the SNP Own Scottish Politics? And in Martin Kettle from the same paper – What Now for the Rebels Who Became the Establishment? …with the referendum behind them, they need to find a new purpose”

    Quite simply the whores of the Westminster bubble reacting as you would expect; incomprehension.

    They feed off the High Table of Westminster and their faces are so close to the plates they cannot see what is going on in Scotland.

    The SNP is there to make a difference politically, economically and socially in Scotland which clearly will need Scotland to dissociate itself from Westminster’s democratic corruption.

    They are doing it and improving the lives of many, bit by bit, within the limits of Westminster’s limited gift.

    The midterm objective will be to wean Scotland off the imposed normality of Punch and Judy Politics onto a muti party cooperative approach which will share the same basic and core values of serving the needs of the people who live in Scotland. We really do need to avoid the retention of P & Judy norm, which the Irish appear to have not done.

    Scandinavia, here we come.

    • I’m going to stick up for John Harris here. During the general election he was about the only reporter to break away from the press pack, talk to campaigners (and voters), and really make some attempt to understand what was going on. His short documentaries from that campaign are still fascinating to watch. I’ve no reason to doubt he’s doing the same thing this time round. I think, though, that what he is picking up is the frustration of the other parties at being unable to make enough of an impact, rather than discontent among the voters…

      • Bugger (the Panda)

        Thanks Kininvie,

        My response was a generic response to the Bibble culture of the Press and BBC.

        I accept there are outliers, but few and far between and not as many there was a while ago.

        I will now endeavour to read his pieces wherever I come across them.


        B le P

  7. Well done Derek, Another cracking article. SNP x2 for me!

  8. God save us from an STV voting system. Horrendous creation.

    Nothing wrong with AMS using d’Hondt if parties don’t lie to the electorate about how it works, and tell people things that just aren’t so in order to get them to vote against the party they actually support.

  9. So glad I don’t have to send Mrs M after you. I’d have felt quite guilty you know. 🙂

    Couldn’t agree more on the post. The SNP aren’t the new establishment, but they are the beginnings of our new politics. They are something we haven’t seen for a very long time in Scotland.

    They are representative. They reflect our will. They respect our mandates and they are more accessible as a government than any we have ever known.

    No, they won’t achieve all they set out to do. No party ever does. How and ever they always make the effort and do so with a level of transparency not seen before in UK politics. Their work ethic is second to none and their competence has been put to the test many times over by this point.

    Do some have feet of clay? Probably. Will others fall by the wayside? Its not unheard of. Will they, as a body, always put the people of Scotland’s needs first? Absolutely. They own no allegiance to other parties in other countries. They are not tied to the whims of the Westminster establishment. For them, their power stems from the sovereignty of the people of Scotland and that is where the buck stops.

    Pretty much, just what you should expect from a party of government who actually gives a damn IMO.

    • Bugger (the Panda)

      Spot on and totally a party of the people for the People, not the gravy train.

    • Thank you, Macart. You said what I was thinking.

      My view exactly. The SNP are doing what they can for SCOTLAND, not themselves. I dare say that one or two WILL go rogue and have visions of grandeur – there are always one or two who start to like the power they are given and then go ‘off course’. But as a whole, I have to say that I TRUST the SNP to work for the people of Scotland, and ‘trust’ isn’t something I give lightly. When I trust someone to do their best for me and my family, I will support them all I can. It’s a contract between me and the SNP… And as such #BothVotesSNP

  10. Britnats desperately want the SNP to be just as bad as all the other britnat parties. They can’t understand why the SNP remain head and shoulders above evey other party.

    • And it doesn’t matter how many times you try to explain, they will never get it because they are wedded to power and money; programmed for personal aggrandisement.

  11. “A Labour group that made that case while not opposing independence longer term might get back into the game.”

    Hmm . . . there’s a whole generation who simply do not consider the Tories because, well, they’re Tories!
    I suspect that labour are currently making that kinda rod for their own back in Scotland too. They have flipped and flopped in the prevailing wind, trying to be seen to be associated with anything that folk might vote for. If they were to come out now in favour of Independence a lot of Scots would assume that that is just this weeks focus group topic, and that they’ll no doubt drop it without conscience next week

    However my gut instinct is that memories are long, and bad memories longer, witness the Hillsborough families this week.

    Labour have had it, literally.

  12. Great piece Derek. I hope we do see circumstances where we can move towards a friendly independence, with better relations all round.

    One of the things that hurt Labour the most was not just standing with the Tories in opposing independence – but the fact the UK Labour party was prepared to actively damage a new Scottish state in refusing a currency zone.

    • But wait a mo’ … Labour was the most anti ANY new powers during Smith. In areas where the failed to attain all their goals, Westminster obliged. Rosy smiles all round on the Labour collective cupon. Labour can’t even be trusted with devolution. No matter how it’s spun, there are many faux pas of Labour making, they believe we’ll forget. Huh, that’s possibly their biggest error.

  13. You are a canny and much respected commentator, and I hope you will never stop giving us the benefit of your political dissections. We would be the poorer without it, in the unending stream of lies, deceit and spinning from the MSM.

    Many of us have felt despair in this long journey of returning our country to independence. Some of us have lost members of our own families since this journey began, who died still waiting for the return of Scotland to an independent nation.

    It will take as long as it takes. We need to stick to it, like all those who have gone before and died in the Westminster colony they all despised, in the country they loved.

  14. It’s a pity you’re considering giving up your blog as it is well worth reading. You are really hitting your stride now. I hope you continue.

  15. Jacques Coleman

    Excellent piece. And surely you were joking when you said you were thinking of giving up your blog?

  16. Many a treasured Shibboleth on the the unionist side has been put out to grass since the rise of the SNP. It is increasingly obvious to me that the UK establishment simply doesn’t know how to respond. Hence the face melting levels of nonsense that is now being passed of as “analysis”. As to the once proud parties of Scotland, who are forever more “Unionist” in the minds of many…

    The Scottish lib dems are in some sort of brigadoon fantasy on loop, were they the righteous peasants chase away the SNP monster with pitchforks.

    Scottish labour are useful idiots looking for someone to put 50p in their outrage meter.

    Scottish Tories have decided to try and be the new useful idiot party instead of labour.

    The media and the so called “commentariat” are howling at the moon.

    why? Because the SNP won a democratic vote. No really….that happened.

    Its at this point I came to an epiphany. All this drama is down to one thing and one thing only. There was a feeling among certain folk that the Union was the accepted will of the Scottish people. A happy clappy sort of non-national nationalism that all but a few didn’t accept. It was as Colin Kidd described in his book “union & unionisms” – A banal unionism that folk accepted and just got on with their day. The truth was that no Scot had ever truly been asked what they thought of the union, the UK and British identity, then express that opinion with a vote. If Brown had not panicked and jumped in with the vow, they could very well have lost. Despite the po-faced triumphalism that never really convinces, they know this to be true.

    The price for this narrow win was the complete collapse of parties that had once traded on the slogan “Home rule for Scotland” for votes. The minute they identified themselves as the parties of Union and the Westminster consensus, they lost the trust and support of those who genuinely believed in Scotland and that Scotland should control more of its own affairs. It wasn’t just labours cozy relationship with the tories that saw them collapse, it was the fact that they had no faith or belief in Scotland or its people to achieve anything or be anything of value – even while in the UK. They practically luxuriated in this notion of Scotlands dependency – Labours joyous celebration of Asda threatening to raise prices in an Indy Scotland and the more recent spectacle of them cheering the GERS report is a case in point. George Osborne’s sermon on the pound was the hammer that drove in the nails of Scottish labour’s coffin and all these smirking idiots could do was laugh. And they’re laughing still. Read into that what you will.

    We have not “woken up” to banal unionism as described by Kidd. We’ve finally been given a platform and a party that can express clearly our displeasure about it.

  17. Derek, you are in a unique position that your trained eye see’s things which the untrained eye does not. Along with a lot of people on line using their skill to direct and let people ask the questions which educate, support they have never had. As the saying goes “it only takes good men to do nothing “. What is happening in Scotland is so out there, so amazing, 300 years being stripped of lies and truth having the light shone on it for a very long time.

    But, the layperson who is stripping this onion layer by layer rely on you and your kind. You have built up a reputation of trust by people who have been lied too and trust does not come easy. Guys like yourself have not had the open doors of BBC/MSM to get your message across, so people have made time to come and read YOUR engagement of news.

    Not everyone will get what’s happening in Scotland and you are only one voice in amongst a few others, however, you are educating everyone that comes onto these sites and they in turn educate others, its like the ripple effect.

    I truly hope you get the impact you are making on other people, people who had no where to turn, didn’t trust what they were being told but didn’t have anyone to ask, who they trusted. I really hope you realise how many people rely on what you do, it might not be said enough and maybe taken for granted. But I assure you its not.

    Keep up the good work Derek, until you get your own Scottish newspaper maybe ? lol
    I would love all the guys who are doing this to get a newspaper of their own. It would sell out in Scotland 100%. You are one of the voices Scotland needs, you can’t walk away from that Derek, you just can’t.

  18. Another excellent article! You certainly assist me in framing my arguments with the doubters and waverers.

  19. kailyard rules

    Once again , just SNP x 2 and Forward.

  20. Steve Asaneilean

    Thanks for this.

    Come May 6th Nicola will finally be fully fledged. This will be her government 100%.

    It needs to be bold and radical even more than it has been to date. That need not clash with a gradualist agenda but Scotland faces real challenges. An SNP Government is best placed to deal with these challenges in the interests of Scotland and it must not shirk that responsibility.

    Which brings me full circle to your doubts about carrying on with your blog. You need to carry on – more than ever after May 6th. Those of us who support what Scottish Government is trying to do must bear the greatest responsibility for ensuring that they deliver.

    So please don’t stop. I don’t read newspapers any more so I rely on commentators like your good self.

    And in return I will keep doing my bit on line and, as you know, in print.

    If we can show enough voters that Scotland can cope with the challenges – that it can be a different country where equality, egality, liberty, truth, honesty and justice can survive and flourish – then independence will surely follow.

    • Like you I no longer buy the Johnston Press Southern Reporter (stopped buying it a year or two ago) nor more recently the Border Telegraph, have not bought a Scotsman for many years, buy the National 6 days a week and the Sunday Herald and they keep me informed!

  21. Over and over again, you say the words for me. Once again, I have a lump in my throat, and a mist of tears as I read your blog. Well said Sir!……….AGAIN!

  22. No, no, no don’t you even think about it! People like you have totally awakened me to politics and since I won’t read any news apart from the National, we need this form of conversation to keep us informed.

  23. Bill McDermott

    I can’t remember where I read a journalist’s comment about the fact that the SNP and particularly Angus Robertson at PMQs was offering the real opposition in Parliament.

    Reflecting on this, I think SNP stand out because they don’t play politics or if they do they hide it well. This was brought home to me last night with Alex Salmond’s response to the question of Indyref 2 on the back of a Brexit at the end of Question Time.

    He gave a masterclass on how to vote in the EU Referendum, which is to say that people should forget the childish fearmongering and vote on principle.

    Likewise, Angus Robertson went to the heart of the child refugee issue, questioning the Government’s appalling neglect of the Calais situation.

    Statesmanship is alive and well and at the heart of the SNP’s approach.

  24. Phew!! Thank gawd. I had plans involving a visit to Bateman Towers, a chair and a roll of duct tape but that won’t be necessary now.

    Yes, Scotland hadn’t been given the choice before. Suddenly, they were asked – is this union fine with you or do you think it’s about time we stood on our own two feet, and by the way we got blackmailed into this union against our will and we have the right to make a choice.

    Many hadn’t even thought about it before What we had was the way it was and at least we weren’t like North Korea. It was a big, knobbly,unchartered question that to many was something they had to get a handle on before they could even ask themselves what they really thought.

    The aftermath of the referendum has seen people flocking over to the yes side because well, it just took them a little longer to decide, plus the Tories got so toxic it was hard to ignore them. Now that the pressure was off, no voters (“not this time perhaps”) could decide without a deadline.

    We are nearly there. The corporate media will do their worst and the government and its flunkeys will wave their arms and try to deny us our independence, but it will come. It is coming. Hold the faith.

    Let’s see what Nicola and the team have planned for summer and lets throw our weight behind it.

    Glad you’re still here, Derek. 🙂

  25. I pop in every now and again to read your words of wisdom – rarely do I comment .
    Like Wings and WGD , Scotland needs a good bunch of commentators as opposed to the ignorant biased bunch in the media, please never stop.

  26. So you aint packing it in yah old fart ,in my opinion a welcome decision , And your continued commitment to servicing this Oasis of hope in a desert of unionist manufactured despair is appreciated. The quoted pieces by these journalists appear to be the last desperate attempts to land a fatal blow on a, as quoted previously a competent administration , Yet another failed attempt ,their unrelenting smear campaign failed ,they are out of Ammo they know it and they know we know it , oops starting to sound like Donald Rumsfeld with his unknown unknowns , anyway carry on trooper you are a vital part of our defence against a media hellbent on destroying honest people whose only desire is a better country for all .

  27. Well I am smiling on three counts today. First even though I might disagree with a lot of what you write I still enjoy reading it. Secondly it is a dry braw day here, not to worry some hack will no doubt blame Sturgeon or Salmond for that. Thirdly but not least my sister and brother in law neither of whom have voted SNP in the past had SNP pledge cards popping through their letter box today. They will at least be voting for SNP in constituency vote. I have no idea what they are doing with their List votes and I don’t particularly care, I just know it wont be Liberal this time as they have been Liberals most of their adult voting lives.

    Keep smiling Derek. Reading your scribbling’s is like that braw day – refreshing and invigorating, don’t deprive us all of that fresh blast of air.

  28. Excellent piece Derek, as always. Judging from the reaction to Alex on QT last night, our neighbours are continuing to get what’s happening here.

  29. With reference to the English electorate, I dared to venture south into darkest England at the weekend.(Well Berwick upon Tweed to be precise). My partner and I were confronted by a couple of leafletters. We declined their offer, informing them that we were merely visitors who supported the SNP. They were enthralled, and we spent the next thirty minutes or so having a pleasant conversation, mostly answering their enthusiastic questions. We finally departed, still unaware of what or who they were campaigning for, but reassured by the fact that the Eatablishment bubble is losing support within it’s own borders.

    The printed media is also losing it’s influence, particularly here in Scotland. Guardian sales are barely over 8000, Hootsman just above 20k and Herald around 32k, and each of them on a downward spiral as more and more people access news and political opinion online through blogs such as yours. Keep up the good work.

  30. Alasdair Macdonald

    We all have ups and downs, in spirit, Mr Bateman, and when someone is feeling down and then reads another shallow, hate piece in the msm then it can be daunting ….. momentarily, so I trust you have got over it. Things like the Panama Papers, despite the obfuscation and clamping down, and the Hillsborough verdict, are, I hope, milestones in the awakening of the decent people of England. When Mr Khan wins the London mayoralty, that will be another one. The antisemitism/Zionism brouhaha, is a diversionary tactic to divert attention from things like Hillsborough and crass opportunism by the Blairites.
    Whenever, you feel down, visualise the face of a recent female leader of SLab, the pursed mouth, the soor face, dishing out insults at FM Questions, and, in effect saying to the huge mass of ex-Labour voters, “Youse ur pure basturts. Yese ur supposed tae vote fur us like yese always done, but ye’ve votit fur THAME! So, f*** yese aw, we’re gonnae support the Tories, because thur no youse.” Such people are tribal and beyond persuasion, but they are a perfect image to dangle in front of the electorate, the ones who are decent and reasonable and saw the continuation of the Union as the least worse option. As the venal politics of Westminster plays out, more of the decent people, here, and in Wales and Northern Ireland, are going to think that it is better to run things ourselves.

  31. Excellent piece Derek. I hope you enjoyed writing it as much as I did reading it. My only contention is that I don’t think Labour can now be revived in Scotland. The point of no return had been reached. Even if they did embrace DevoMax or federalism with cream on the top now (or sometime soon), the people just don’t trust them any more. Labour’s big chance to stop the rot and support DevoMax was in 2007. The people may have given them a second chance in 2011, but not now. Too much offense has been cause, too much betrayal has been suffered. A slow lingering death, with the best of media care, is all Labour now have to look forward to. My heart bleeds. 🙂

    • I just hope you are right. I am not sure exactly how Labour arrived at their decision to oppose a “yes” vote but I would be amazed if it was a democratic decision and obviously in retrospect I suspect even Labour diehards would probably admit it was not a sensible decision!

  32. Once again Derek you hit the nail firmly on the head, and your musings are what keep many of us sane, so don’t even dare to suggest quitting!.
    You are the go- to blog for more people than you think, as I share your blog widely on FB, where lurk those who do not necessarily share my politics, but read my posts.
    Keep truckin’!

  33. More excellent comment and ‘stuff to think about’!! A really good, thought provoking piece…

    Indeed, as David McCann above has said, I too paste your musings on Facebook to reach those who don’t necessarily go hunting for political comment. They’re getting it whether they want it or not! Lol! Seriously, I’m sure reading all the blogs I put up MUST give them something to think about. And one day, perhaps, if they haven’t already, they will decide they have had enough of political expenses cheats, tax haven cheats, NHS sellers etc taking their hard earned cash out of their pockets and leaving vulnerable people to die. That MUST hit home eventually! And we will be ready to say ‘welcome’…

    But good to hear you are sticking with this ‘blogging’ thing. You do it SO WELL! Thank you!

  34. till your blue in the face. then some.
    no rush, just when ever, all good.

  35. The SNP being to the left of the Labour Party is not indeed difficult. Since the Labour Party. The Blairites new Labour project are far, far to the right.

    If you are to blame the SNP for anything. They are pragmatic administrators who wish to do the best for most people, with the least funds. I don’t necessarily mean the least funds because of austerity, they just want to get the most bangs for the buck.

    But the people respond to good governance, rather than high ideals and dogma. Not because we dislike ideals higher or otherwise it’s just for 40 years, the Labour Party has sold as an ideals that they never delivered. In fact, they never intended to, door envelopes to keep, and lordships to be gained. The people with there only to elect the great and the good. Representation of those people was seen as onerous burden that eventually was just ignored.

  36. Derek i’ve been reading your blog for a little while now , I sometimes comment and agree when it comes up my humph , but being serious you ,JK , WGD, WOS , BELLA, MACART are really ,really needed to keep us norms ,aware, enlightened , entertained ,informed , and give us something to aim at when we disagree ( kidding ) seriously we need all you independent media savvy guys to help us by continually exposing the medja garbage.

    Over on Bella a guy Alf Baird seconded by myself made a seriously good suggestion that the SNP SG should consider recruiting yourself and representatives of the pro indy independent media to liase with them , to explore and suggest ways of furthering the cause due to the experience,insight and contact your blogs generate

    • Robert Graham

      Alf is a well known critic of all things the SNP do or have done so that was surprising , I would take with a great big pinch of salt a lot of the posters and contributors on Bella , particularly the editor who i believe is an acquaintance of Derek Bateman , I wholly agree with you regarding the suggestion of media training and presentation an has been proposed by quite a few and in my opinion has to be addressed as a matter of urgency .
      being caught out by silly mistakes and lack of knowledge of policy and current events is downright laziness and in this totally hostile media environment unacceptable .

  37. Just read your last two posts. Can’t believe you’d ever give up Derek. History shows that the road to self determination/ Independence for nations is rarely short, and for a self confessed emotional Nationalist like yourself it’s not in your DNA to quit. You’ll keep up the struggle just like the rest of us.

  38. Me and a friend was discussing your previous article ‘If You Don’t Know By Now’ yesterday evening and was sharing our feelings of the sheer frustration on how we Scots was played like a fiddle by a bunch of farts. It is real pain in my heart why so many of us here in Scotland adopt this cognitive wall against ‘what I would describe’ a journey, an adventure of true hope for all our future generations. You is an honest and straight up guy Derek. peace

  39. You hit the nail on the head again, Derek! Thank you for staying with us as I love the high calibre articles you write – thought-provoking and intelligent – and often in line with my ideas and beliefs. Thank you!

  40. Derek are you aware that Facebook is blocking your blogs? all Indy sites are getting a message from Facebook that your posts have been reported to Admin, then blocked. Kind regards, George Admin.

  41. As always, I’ve arrived at the party late. Suffice to say that Derek, keep on doing what you do, and I truly hope that the pollsters guided by the establishment are not playing us wrongly so we assume an SNP majority is in the bag,
    Never assume.

  42. Brian Watson

    Derek , everybody’s getting a bit wabbit and disjaskit but stick at it please , your’ s is a strongly welcome contribution to our national political discourse. Respect ( but not in the gorgeous George sense , BMDW

  43. Derek, can I just say don’t stop? You post your opinion with your heart on your sleve, and it’s always of an informed nature. It’s honest, and democracy is about honest views and perceptions. Anything else would be a sham. You’re doing it right in my book, and that is not conditional on me agreeing with everything you write. Sometimes opinions are reformed when points, never considered before, are brought into the mix. How few comentators have this couage? Mair power tae yer “qwerty”.

  44. Good article. You are wrong on one point though – the Lib Dem’s destroyed themselves by going into coalition with the Tories.

  45. Brian Fleming

    ” Labour for 10 years (if you’re lucky) then the Tories for 10.”

    Derek, what’s so ‘lucky’ about having a Labour government for 10 years?

  46. Brian Fleming

    No way is the SNP the Establishment. Scotland is still largely run by the Unionist placemen and women in government bodies and quangos the length and breadth of the country. For an example, there’s the hounding of the Indy camp in Holyrood Park. The Parliament itself is clearly riddled with servants of the real Establishment.

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