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This is from Hugh (real identity undisclosed). Always grateful for considered contributions from Labour. 

We already have significantly higher spending per capita than rUK.

How awful of our London masters, that even a Tory majority doesn’t prevent us from spending so much more on public services than we could, without a deficit double the size, under Indy or FFA.

That labour is proposing to use the increased opportunities of the Scotland Bill to remove the effects of the tax credit cuts is a…what? A bad thing? In socially progressive, left leaning, SNP Scotland?! Well I never!

The SNP have been so determined to pooh-pooh the Scottish Parliament post Scotland Act 2016 that they’ve forgotten to plan for how they might propose a radically different approach to the increasingly devolved competencies. And don’t kid yourself, that’s the opportunity the Bill offers.

Labour have stolen a march from the left, and yes, it is a costed policy (*coughs…white paper).

Ignore this reality it if it stokes your inclination towards sneering self congratulation if you like-there is many a labour politician who can tell you where that attitude eventually lands you.

We want a higher welfare society, with benefits of shared currency and continued EU membership (which, thank goodness, we voted to maintain), as well as keeping higher public spend per capita with Barnett? Fine. Let’s vote for it. But we have to pay for it ourselves. The Scotland Bill allows us to do exactly that.

I’m up for it. I’m a member of the Labour Party. Where are you lot?

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20 thoughts on “Letter of the Week

  1. Anonymous, real identity undisclosed , iso we can keep both sides of this wee debate in balance.

    Removing or mitigating the effects of the cuts to tax credits is a good thing and something many of can easily agree on.

    One of your other points about how our deficit will double in size if those benevolent unionists stop our pocket money and set us free is just a theory. Those of us on the other side of the debate don’t agree with this old theory and “expert” economists are pretty divided about it too. Of course, if there is truth in your deficit theory, it begs the question as to why almost every politician elected to represent an English constituency is absolutely against our “subsidised” nation being allowed to go its own way.

    So lets try and find a way to mitigate the effects of these cuts on our people but lets not pretend that the Labour plan stands up to the rigorous financial scrutiny that a government should abide by.

  2. “continued EU membership (which, thank goodness, we voted to maintain)”

    I take it the forthcoming referendum on Brexit is a figment of my imagination? You know, the one that could take Scotland out of the EU against its will? The situation we’re powerless to do anything about as a direct result of voting No last year?

  3. If Scottish Labour want to be taken seriously, then they should devise a plan to remove the effects of the tax credit cuts that actually works.

  4. What would help is if Labour would join forces with the SNP in doing everything they can to beat down the tax credits SI. But no, they would rather try and score points with a plan that doesn’t even make sense to anyone except Kezia Dugdale.

    Or is it just like too much hard work to stand up to the Tories? Isn’t it just easier to go “SNP-bad” as usual?

  5. What a Wally!! Who is this Muppet? Let’s use powers we don’t have yet to offset something we could have voted against if we has the bottle. Let’s pull numbers out the air n talk utter garbage. Let’s moan about how evil the Tories are when we spent the last few years persuading people against indepence when we could have got rid of them forever. Let’s keep repeating the line than we are subsidised and totally inept at running our own affairs because that’s really endeared us to people so far!!

    I had this subsidised argument with another plonker in Scot goes pop, he said basically Westminster supported us by 14 billion every year. They just love us that much that they pay us to keep our company. I’m so sick and tired of hearing our status as a nation reduced to beggars. They might be happy to crawl on their knees but I for one am not. Scotland is not subsidised, end of, if we were they would have cut us loose years ago. Quite frankly these bampots make me boil that they claim to be my country men and women.

    No thanks= no self respect, no spine

  6. All of this, and more, was available if only Hugh had the intelligence and guts to vote for Independence!

  7. “Deficit double the size” – is that a reference to the claim that Scotland’s deficit would be double under independence?

    A claim made by a unionist who admits they’re not an economist?

    A claim based on biased and downright dodgy GERS figures?

    A claim demolished by Wings Over Scotland (see http://wingsoverscotland.com/the-limitations-of-gers/).

    No wonder no-one takes Labour and its cronies seriously if this is the best that they can do. I’m just surprised and disappointed “Hugh” (who appears too scared or too embarrassed to provide his real identity) was given this platform to air his lies.

  8. It gives you an insight into the slavering No mind. They believe all that crap that we are subsidised by England so really ought to be grateful to them for stealing our oil revenues for the past 30 years when our net contribution was also far higher per capita than the rest of the UK. ‘Per capita spending significantly above rUK’. Well no actually, the highest spend in ‘rUK’ is actually Northern Ireland. Too poor to be independent, so pooling and sharing must mean mooching of the English, I guess.

  9. Steve Asaneilean

    First things first – I am not a member of the SNP or any political party or organisation.

    In the past I leant towards Labour – that was until Blair and Brown transformed them into (Not) Labour and betrayed us all.

    Now let’s look at tax credits which were introduced by (Not) Labour to make up for low wages – instead of doing what they should have done and made employers pay living wages (and don’t give me cap about small business – I am in small business and all our employees are paid above the living wage because we choose to do it ).

    Now (Not) Labour in Scotland want to ensure that no-one in Scotland on tax credits will lose a single penny if these credits are cut. But there is no new money and they can’t tell us where the money is going to come from – not cutting APD doesn’t provide you with EXTRA money. Nor have they told us, in the absence of new money, what they will cut.

    Then we have the usual too wee, too poor, too stupid mantra without a shred of solid evidence to back it up. Way to go “Hugh” – try to persuade others you are right by telling them they are too wee, too poor, too stupid.

    (Not) Labour are false prophets peddling snake oil ideas.

    The very fact that their manifesto is based entirely on SNP bad without offering a single costed, credible policy tells me all I need to know.

    If shared currency is good why not the Euro? If being in the EU is good why spend the entire referendum campaign essentially trying to make sure an independent Scotland got kicked out?

    And if you really believe Scotland should have more control over its finances and they way it spends its money why so bitterly opposed to full fiscal autonomy which would be the surest way of getting the powers you wish to get and creating the progressive, socially just society you wish to create?

    I for one am not buying it. You have had 100 years to create the society you claim to represent yet despite ample opportunity (most notably in1997) you have failed.

    So move aside – your gemme’s a bogie.

  10. What this Labour unionist supporter fails to understand, like the rest of his pro-UK bumlickers, is that an independent Scotland would NOT follow the same failed and punitive economic policies as the Tory/Labour/LibDumbs or the UKIP bigots, for that matter. We would have access to ALL our own revenues, none of which would be falsely labelled UK, ex regio, or just English, merely because they were exported from an English port. As a result there would be no such thing as the alleged “black hole” in our finances.

    A final point, if Scotland is the economic basket case as claimed by rags like the Daily Heil, Torygraph and our own Daily Rancid, why is Westminster so determined to hold on to us? I certainly wouldn’t keep a lodger in my house if their rent didn’t cover the cost of feeding & clothing them, and especially if they kept complaining that they weren’t getting fair treatment!

  11. Derek I I think you nailed it before. Labour are inventing economic myths and BBC are colluding with them.

  12. I’m just amazed how thick some of these folk are, no-one surely would pretend to be this dense, would they?

    The Scottish economy, or what the UK gov. allow us to know! was dissected within an inch of it’s life before, during and after the Indyref. But still the zoomers think they know it all and come up with all the old worn-out cliches:

    You can’t afford-(too poor)
    You need the largess of UK-(too wee)
    Look at the Emperers fine clothes-(too stupit)

    This latest wheeze re-tax credit cuts and how to mitigate has most “normal” folk looking round for the nearest desk to bang their exasperated heads on!

    Bang…ouch ..bang…ouch…bang… ouch…!

  13. Labour’s record tells us everything we need to know and why they are known as the “pink Tories”. Anyone remember Willie Ross, Harold Wilson’s hard right hatchet man who “ran Scotland like a personal fiefdom”, and opposed devolution? Then there was Blair, Brown & co who betrayed every Socialist principal in the pursuit of power and licked the arses of the rich. Tax credits (exposed by Steve), PFI, continuing Thatcher’s war against the unions, illegal wars, lowering taxes on the rich etc etc. Not forgetting Barren Darling who handed billions to criminal bankers, no strings attached and conned so many Scots into voting No and now has made the great journey from socialist revolutionary to ermine wearing toady.

    And then they wonder why we despise them!

  14. It’s ironic that Labour now want Scotland to alter tax rates. When they campaigned so vigorously to deny Scotland total control of tax rates. What do they think a country can achieve with less than 20% control?

  15. Hugh, I am a member of the S.N.P, and I can tell you that the most important people, the electorate, don’t believe you, or your party. How do I know this? Simple. By speaking to them on their doorsteps, especially in former solidly Labour voting areas.
    And why don’t they believe you? Again simple. You stood with the other unionist parties during the referendum campaign, especially the tories, and that has sickened them to the extent that most have now switched their allegiance to other political parties, mainly the S.N.P, I’m glad to say.
    The damage done to your party, not only by your referendum stance, but by your continual choice of incompetent leaders, both in our country, and nationally, of a lack of coherent policies to benefit the people of Scotland, and a refusal to acknowledge that the political landscape of our country has changed completely, so much, that we now have one of the most politically aware electorates in the world.
    So admit it, without the support of the M.S.M, led of course by their, and your, cheerleader, the B.B.C, your nonsensical policies for Scotland would be laughed out of the park. They are the only reason you still exist, and yet you still can’t, for whatever reason, see the writing on the wall.
    Didn’t the General Election result start alarm bells ringing? Obviously not, since you still continue on your not so merry way digging an even bigger hole for yourselves, with your ridiculous attempts to try make yourselves appear a “left wing” party. Didn’t you notice? Another party has stolen your clothes. Your stranglehold on Scotland, and it’s people, has gone, hopefully never to return, and by the way, in our constituency, while your support continues to plummet, the tories, I hate to say, may even beat you to second place.
    You, and your ilk, brought this catastrophe upon yourselves, and you have only yourselves to blame if it brings about the final moments of this once fine political movement. The founders of the Labour Party, if they could witness the demise of their socialist ideals, must be horrified that it has come to this.
    Will a phoenix arise from the ashes? I don’t know, and frankly if they resemble any of the present lot, I couldn’t care less. Until, in all truthfulness, the Labour Party, if it still exists in some form, genuinely, puts the people of Scotland first, they have no place in the Scottish political landscape, and will be replaced by others in an independent Scotland.

  16. I welcome Hugh’s contribution as an attempt at dialogue.

    I’d be more convinced though that Labour was against the cuts to tax credits had their peers supported the fatal motion put before the HoL by LibDem peers.

    To what extent is SLab’s tax credit policy costed when it does not state what would be cut, or alternatively how the economy could be grown and tax revenue increased, to pay for it?

    SLab has recent history of talking about cuts to universal benefits such as free prescriptions and fee education, were they to return to power in Holyrood. Now they have announced a policy on tax credits and trumpeting how left wing they are. They should not be surprised if this is treated with some scepticism.

    One point in favour of Labour’s announcement is that it adds to the wider debate on what should be done to address the effects of the cuts on needy people. I therefore look forward to parliamentarians in Holyrood working together to find sensible and sustainable means to do this, whoever is in power.

  17. Mmmmm, yes and when Labour actually comes up with a policy that doesn’t use non existent cash and powers that are in the here and now which will put food on a table, I may actually be bothered to have a look. Until that happens…

  18. Why would you want a ‘ higher welfare society ‘ ?
    Is it a ‘ higher welfare ‘ system that most of us understand ‘ from cradle to grave ? ‘ or is it everyone in the new neo liberal meaning of welfare , where anyone needing assistance can be scapegoated for the banking crash ?

    See this is the dilemma with Labour. Is it Daily Record Labour , party for the working people or Labour who are best buddies with the Tories ?

    This is what happens when you’ve mair faces than the toon clock, no one knows which face is talking

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