Come In, Kezia…

….Your time is up. I appreciate the world hasn’t exactly been straining for my judgment on the new Scottish leader of the Labour Party but nevertheless here it is, belated or not. You’re out of your depth, Kezia. The election is lost.

I don’t mean to be rude but I’ve waited since her elevation to give her some time to produce a new tone, an idea or, indeed a strategy…waited for her to hitch herself to the opening provided by the Corbyn phenomenon perhaps to position herself in the Scottish Left to reach a wide, young and working class constituency…waited for a wee twist in my gut that she might be turning folk back to Labour and building towards a revived showing next May. It’s like waiting for Godot.

She’s had a go, to be fair, by suggesting her party can, as individuals, embrace independence and by allowing nuclear subs to rise from the depths and surface at the Scottish conference as a debating issue. And while I have no problem with the Branch Office having distinct policies from the UK HQ, it’s surely self-defeating to have both ideas effectively crushed by the Corbynistas. The failure of the UK leadership even to get Trident on its own party agenda signals a fear of confronting a tricky question and, as Tim Reid of the BBC, pointed out, renewal was endorsed in an over-arching policy document adopted by conference. So a nuclear weapons upgrade is quietly supported while an open debate is stifled, leaving any decision either way in Scotland stillborn. Indeed, a vote against Trident in these circumstances could leave Scotland looking doubly impotent. A branch office.

As for Labour types openly campaigning for Yes, chance would be a fine thing. It looks the surest way to a quick suicide in a party whose real leader gives every impression of cleaving unquestioningly to Union, blinded by a failure to comprehend what the bloody Scots are on about. (Apologies: he doesn’t do nasty and personal). This is where Kezia comes in (not). Corbyn hasn’t a clue about Scotland except to grasp that things are different here, like all Labour leaders before him. The difference is that Kinnock, obviously Smith, and Miliband had a selection of senior party servants they could call like butlers in the state dining room for sage advice to be guided by. Poor old Jeremy has Ian Murray and Kezia, neither of whom would rise above the status of junior barista in Café Nero. There should be an immediate inquiry into who is furnishing Corbyn with his attack lines which have for days now been a source of online fun and parody. Forget Calmac and Scotrail – ask him about Whisky Galore and he’d blame the Nat’s maritime policy. This is where the local knowledge and voice of reason should come into play when the grave Scottish leader is asked for clarification. Dugdale needs to give the impression Jeremy is busy with other issues and is leaving Scotland to her…and here’s my definitive line.

While Kezia and Neil Findlay try to breathe progressive life into the Caledonian balloon, their party calmly votes to endorse the austerity charter of the most vicious right wing Chancellor engaged in a real class war. So much for attacking the Nats on the Left.

The trouble of course is that without a political conviction of her own – having been schooled by the idiotic Foulkes – Kezia doesn’t know which way to turn. She would just head Left, if she thought Jeremy was in front leading. But when he compromises and trims his ideas to suit the bulk of the payroll vote, she can’t be left stranded, so has to rein herself back – jerked this way and that. The unfortunate image is a puppet on string.

This is hapless, chaotic Labour still struggling to sort itself out before it has any chance of being trusted with the government of Scotland.

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20 thoughts on “Come In, Kezia…

  1. Labour, especially in Scotland, cannot be trusted. Their only hope is a slate wiped clean after independence.

  2. When will they ALL realise that we, the SNP, are NOT the enemy. The enemy of all working people are, now and always will be, the Tories and their self serving policies and to hell with the working people of this country. Both parties should be working together to oppose everything they do and stand for instead of trying to out-tory the Tories.

    • @Iain Petrie

      They do believe that the SNP are the enemy, that is why they went into alliance with the Tories during the independence referendum. They are essentially careerists in politics, whose basic aim is to protect their careers and status. They realise that the SNP, and hence independence, pose a major threat to these things. They know they have run down Scotland and its ability to govern itself so much, that their time at the political trough would be over, were we to vote for independence. That is why they hate the SNP so much.

    • Bugger (the Panda)

      Iain The enemy of the scottish people is Labour, or has become so. Tagged on at the end of the Coo, the North British cohort is obliged to go where the Coo goes and always behind. Thus the same N Bs had only an option of pretending policies and out sight at Westminster voted as told, often opposite to what they told everyone in Scotland what they really would do. They were, in this Jeckell and Hyde existence, shielded by the MSM who would feed the unwashed a gruel of Corrie, Fitbaw, Seagulls and soothing talking heads.

      Arrive SNP and the WWW and all bets are off. Maggs etc continued sailing her wee Zephyr of lies and deceit littel realising that on the WWW we were exposing her lack of any political covering.

      Corbyn doesn’t get Scotland Kezia has only been schooled in the labour swadling of the old ways.

      As each day draws to an end it tolls one more day closer to their extinction in Scotland. They still do not get it and Corbyn would be well advised to write Scotland off and concentrate on building up his base in England.

      I, for one, will regard him as a real political player, when he does this. Otherwise he is just another political talking head puffed up by the Court and blinded by the fog of leadership politics.

      Move on, people of Scotland, our destiny is in our hands.

  3. Derek, I believe you are correct in your assessment of Kezia Dugdale. All Dugdale does is one massive SNP BAD brain fart. She is a one trick pony, a careerist without a trace of political principles, integrity, or vision. Kezia Dugdale is a Tory in my opinion, I reckon she joined SLAB for a career, and has no sympathy whatsoever with the founding principles and values of the Labour Party. The once mighty Scottish Labour Party has been reduced to having Kezia Dugdale, Ian Murray, Ian Smart, Michael Kelly and Fats McDougall as part of their ruling clique. They are certainly on the road to nowhere… 😀 😀

  4. Islington North is a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since 1983 by Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party. At 735 hectares, it is the smallest UK Parliamentary constituency.

    Ross, Skye and Lochaber represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since May 2015 by Ian Blackford SNP. At 1,200,000 hectares it is the largest UK Parliamentary constituency.

    Let me repeat:
    Islington North 735 hectares
    Skye Ross and Lochaber 1,200,000 hectares.

    Wonder why Corbyn doesn’t get it? Its a whole different world up here.

  5. Could it just possibly be that Corbyn IS naive and trusting.
    As people have said, he doesn’t get Scotland So did he trust Kezia and Ian Gray to put him in the picture?
    Did they decide ‘let’s set him up good and proper’?
    And spoon fed him utter mince about the SNP, smiling sweetly at the same time no doubt.
    ‘Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts’

  6. Kezia and (Not) Labour in Scotland can really be summed up in four words – mince and dough balls.

    The way Kezia does FMQs week in, week out is childish and downright dull – “How many sweeties are in the jar First Minister? You don’t know? Well that’s because you and your SNP Government are bad. And the answer is 32,172”

    I just wish Nicola would turn round one day and say “Kezia, will you not just grow up a bit?”

  7. As Stuart Campbell has been commenting for weeks on his Wings site, Kezia comes out with the most puerile and “SNPBad” rubbish, based on figures obviously provided by her “advisors” such as Jackie “Porkies” Baillie and Iain “failed leader” Gray. Her recent claim that “50% of primary pupils in Scotland are unable to read & write to an acceptable standard”, is disproved by the Education Department’s official statistic that over 80% of schoolkids leave primary school with an above average to good literacy standard. Incredible, especially given the fact that her parents are school teachers!

  8. Surely ‘Nats’ maritime policy’? In all other respects, you’re on the money.

  9. And let’s not forget the arrogant hypocrisy. How many rail franchises did Labour bring back to state ownership during 13 years, how many PFI’s did they lumber public institutions with, leaving taxpayers in hock for decades to come while their pals in private enterprise laugh all the way to the banks that Broon and Lord BT bailed out with our billions and no strings attached so that their chums could continue to enjoy mega bonuses and at the same time kicked off the privatisation of the (English) NHS, how much did they reduce inequality and hence poverty by – they didn’t, it increased – how hard did they tax the wealthy and corporates, how much did they clamp down on companies shifting their profits to offshore tax havens? etc etc. 13 years of Thatcherism by a different name. Reminds me of the old joke about capitalism and communism: capitalism is the exploitation of man by man, communism is the exact reverse.

    Of course it’s all different now, they were really all socialists who dared not speak their name.

  10. As we all know,the London based parties have never been interested in what happens in their northern colony so long as the revenues continue to flow south.
    Corbyn has now made it clear that he is no different from anyone else over the last 300 years.
    Pity…he had so much promise.

  11. Saw her prattling on in the Lumpen Party political broadcast today, saying nothing but meaningless platitudes. No programme, no politics. Nothing.

  12. They are not and never will be the ‘change’. Not Labour’s branch office in Scotland and not Labour UK.

    Its not in them. Their vision is clouded with dogma and tribal warfare. They exist to get elected and their strategy of choice is to damage their opposition. They glory in the downfall and pain of others for they cannot imagine politics without an adversarial arena. The opposition must always be an enemy and not a peer with differing viewpoint. Manipulation, smear, innuendo, lies if need be, are tools of the political trade as it is practiced in the UK and societal discord and pain merely viewed as collateral damage. This is how politics is viewed by ALL parties. Its just how things are done, but does it have to continue to be this way?

    We the public are barter coin and our votes manipulated by people who think of nothing but the short term gain their tactics bring. Five years, another five years and another.

    If we want our politics to change, to return to the control of the public and out of the hands of politicians and an entrenched establishment? Then we must end the established parties control in our lives, Labour, Conservative and Liberal. We must clean house and we must become an independent nation with a written constitution. A constitution with civic input which will determine the nature of our governance and provide a framework for how our politics is practiced in future.

    In short, no more tail wagging the dog.

    No more politics as it has ‘always been’, the parties deciding for the people and forcing their unwanted legislation through parliamentary sovereignty with next to no mandate whatsoever. No more politics by media manipulation, triangulation and spin, pulling our emotions and our votes first one way then the other.

    If people want to change this seemingly never ending self destructive cycle of abuse, all they need do is show the politicians the way. And if they don’t understand, or won’t understand the directions?

    Show them the door.

  13. The man is on another planet as far as Scots are concerned He would get lost I n Argyle Street

  14. We waited for Godot and got Godawful.

  15. Ms Dugdale: Ferrywoman to Hades for British Labour in “Jockistan” (pace, Kelvin MacKenzie for the latter epithet).

    The pro-British SLABers really do seem to have a death wish befitting the most fanatical members of a death cult: Jim Jones’s poison swallowing members in South America increasingly springing to mind.

    Marx, Karl’s rather than Groucho’s, rule of thumb guideline, and I paraphrase, that all history begins as tragedy and ends in farce also springs to mind; although, Groucho-San’s – my Japanese wife’s honorific – adage about “elite” club membership also seems apt in the circumstances (more and more so).

    What a guddle of an opportunistic shambles by the UK reactionaries in Scotland.

    What a fcuking mess.

  16. Good article, and comments, as usual. But, and at the risk of repeating myself, it’s not the Labour party, nor it’s increasing inept leaders, North and South of the border, that’s the real problem.
    It’s the M.S.M, led by it’s cheerleader, the B.B.C. They spread lies and disinformation far and wide, and don’t forget, they still have the greatest reach. Their headlines are read, and believed, by the gullible, so while websites such as this disassemble their untruths, their reach is still limited.
    If we had proper journalists who did their job,( are there any left Derek ?), then these incompetent politicians would soon be exposed as people promoted well beyond their limited abilities.
    As Robert Peffers has pointed out on W.O.S, it’s not only the M.S.M who indulge in false attacks on independence supporters, it’s the establishment, along with their bedfellows, the security services, and it’s being going on since the formation of the S.N.P as a political party.
    So while I believe we will eventually become an independent country, we are going to have to overcome all the muck the British state will throw at us, and that will be considerable.

    • Alex
      Forgive me, but you seem to portray things in terms of a neither/nor scenario.

      As I say, forgive me if I have picked up the wong end of the stick, but don’t these two phenomena gang hand in hand?


  17. Does Kezia’s latest edict mean that we now face an existential crisis? If the Labour Party stops talking about Scotland will we gradually fade away until there is nothing left but our smile? And will the branch office have to change its stationery?

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