Just Desserts

Remembering the tumultuous events of 2014, I have a bagful of images, from the Japanese TV crew filming our Yes meeting on a summer’s evening at Luss beside Loch Lomond, or saltires flying in George Square to faces – thousands of them – laughing and cheering in a prolonged carnival of optimism. But the abiding picture that encapsulates what actually happened is this…


A corny mash-up, I know. But it will be real soon enough. It tells you everything you need to know about Britain, about the Establishment, about Labour and the way the people’s dreams and ambitions are sacrificed to save the careers and the incomes of few. Darling didn’t just desert the working class of Scotland, he turned on them. He put the interests of big business and Tory governments before their interests just as he subsidised the banks with our money, having first created the loose regulation that allowed their rip-off routines that caused the crash. He leaves them with a decade of brutal Tory government.


Just look at the man he once was when he believed in something, challenged authority and collective wealth. Everyone travels a political journey yet tragically he followed the same sad road with other so-called Labour rebels like Brown and Wilson, seduced and diminished by the corrupting power of Westminster.

Even while he worked hand-in-glove with the Tories and the bankers to prevent independence, he trousered £250,000 in speaking fees from corporate sources in addition to his MP’s salary…a Labour MP. There is something comic and pathetic about his reward – the care home for has-beens who have done their duty and a velvet robe topped with the pelt of the vicious stoat. How appropriate…

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16 thoughts on “Just Desserts

  1. Not a damn thing need be added Derek.

  2. And yet there are many just like him, so it would be a mistake to think we’ve got rid of him. Others, as yet unnamed, have taken his place, and now have the ear of the gullible masses through the Unionist State propaganda machine, notably, in Scotland, the DR and the bbc.
    Will the new Alistair Darling please step forward.

  3. Once again the implication is that people can’t legitimately oppose independence on the basis of their own beliefs and views, but must instead have been corrupted by Westminster/dirty money.

    I suggest it’s time, one year later, to start respecting the other side’s perspective. A year is enough time to let slip the childish need to believe everyone who holds a different opinion to yours is either corrupt or a slavering idiot.

    • Then I respectfully suggest you take your own advice.

    • Implication? It was not so much an implication as a statement. Are you suggesting that Darling did not turn his back on the principles upon which he was originally elected?

    • Obviously from your post you approve of this man’s having abandoned all his previously held socialist principles, in order to work alongside and funded by his erstwhile political opponents the Tories, in order to thwart the aspirations of almost half of the Scottish population. No doubt you also approve of the fact that he has also accepted the reward of his appointment to the unelected House of Lords – the modern establishment’s equivalent of Judas’s thirty pieces of silver. Darling fits the cutting comment by the late great Groucho Marx, applicable to all political chameleons and turncoats, “I have principles, and if you don’t like them, I have others!”

  4. Stoats deserve a better demise than ending up as trimming on a comfy dressing gown.

  5. Where in this article is there any hint that Darling et al are “slavering idiots”? If anything the opposite is true. We are the slavering idiots for letting the Oligarchs who own and run “the establishment”, WM, ‘the Media’ and most of all the Board Rooms where the likes of Darling will pick up their rewards for selling out. You are arguing that there is nothing wrong with Rifkind & Darling et al feeling they are worth more than we are prepaired to pay them for failing.

    During his Better Together campaign when Darling was insisting the NHS was not and would not be Privatised he picked up in excess of £10,000 a time giving “talks” to Businesses the majority of whom at the time were looking for advice on bidding for NHS Contracts. I suspect you won’t believe this so if you need it, the extracts from his Register of Interests are probably still available. (Unless they have been spirited away like Osborne’s were after his 2009 Expenses fiddle). Earlier this year, Darling accepted a Directorship on at least one of these Boards.

    Slavering idiot? No. Corrupt? Yes. If you believe their behaviour is acceptable, that’s your business but please don’t dismiss the views of those who don’t accept this as ‘childish’.

  6. Darling was just another career Labour politician who adopted the clothes of socialism in order to build his credentials.
    Every political party has them just that British Labour seems to have had more than it’s share.
    Fortunately,his performance along with others during the referendum exposed all this duplicity and is one of the reasons British Labour are now toast in Scotland.
    Thanks Derek.

  7. Darling, a dispicable man. My mouth dropped when I read that Nichol Stephen had been made a Lord…..for what???????????

  8. Every cloud etc. At least Darling will have to declare his Directorships in the Lords Register. Up until now they have “vanished” from searches. Don’t know if he has an Injunction or has exercised his “right to be forgotten”. I wonder if Jim Wallace will have to come out of hiding as well. Foulkes, Rifkind, McConnell, Goldie the list is endless.

  9. Lord Weir and Baron Robertson, and their involvement with PFI…

    Somewhere not a million miles from Holyrood that the Labour dominated govt establishment are trying to shield from prying eyes…

  10. Darling was always a phoney. He just reverted to type.

  11. I loathe liars – but somehow i find the hypocrisy of Darling and his (Not) Labour cronies even more sickening.

    Your fine words Derek sum up the man and the whole situation perfectly.

    In reality what has (Not) Labour done for the people they purport to represent?

    Set up the NHS? Not quite – they took the model set up by a Liberal Government in the Highlands and Islands and tried to apply it to the country as a whole but from day one they and the Tories ensured it was never adequately funded such that it struggled from birth. And the they started the whole process of dismantling and privatising it.

    Set up the welfare system? Is that the same one they sat on their hands about and abstained form the vote which sets up the dismantling of the system?

    And after that what? Seriously, what?

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