Mr Chris Deerin

At the weekend on Twitter I described Chris Deerin of the Daily Mail as a bigot. That was inaccurate and inappropriate. It was unworthy of him and of myself. It was said in haste and I regret it. I offer him my sincere apologies.

What I meant to say, but couldn’t fit in, was that he is intolerant, unreasonable, incorrigible, one-eyed, zealous, doctrinaire, cunning, dogmatic, artful, partisan, ingenious, and Scotophobic.



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18 thoughts on “Mr Chris Deerin

  1. Don’t you mean “ingenuous”.

    You have apologised so no need to resign.

  2. So are we to assume that the legal definition of the word ‘bigot’ is different to what you and most of us readers thought it was, before you published your blog?
    Shame you had to use all the extra ones, as the single word seemed such a comfortable fit.

    Keep up the good work, Derek.

  3. Is that second paragraph just the long winded synonymous equivalency…for…bigot? Smirk

    fyi: I concur.

  4. …but apart from that, he’s OK.

  5. Haha…superb! Have to say that many people that pass as ‘clever’ are merely expensively educated, in the mould of Chris Deerin, but are in fact well conditioned social mimics who adapt to their surroundings via a process of adaptive imitation ie “all Scots are kilt eating spongers…gufffaw…what, what?” type of posh pantomime stereotypes frequenting the fevered corridors of the Telegraph & Mail’s HQ’s- just because he relentlessly sneers in a posh voice people are taken in by him. I’ve always believed that real intelligence is evidenced in degrees of lucidity, in heightened self-awareness & innate sensitivities to novel stimuli…Deerin is devoid of any of these capacities. if he is clever then it is of a very limited= & like a lot of grosser personalities- of a devious nature.

  6. LOL…and what was calling him ‘a prick’ shorthand for?

  7. I must never get on your wrong side. 🙂

  8. Bet you feel better after getting that off your chest Derek. Well said.

  9. I think just that one word summed him up perfectly.

  10. Gheibh cearc an sgrìobain rudeigin, is chan fhaigh cearc a’ chrùbain dad idir.

  11. When “bigot” just isn’t enough 🙂

  12. Haha, brilliant. I didn’t agree with your Carmichael post but I can happily agree with this one. Those are all traits that need to appear on your CV to land the gig at the Daily Mail.

  13. There is one wider aspect of the vote returning Carmichael at the GE. The voters on O&S had no way of knowing that the LibDems would do so badly across the UK, so they would have expected the Libems to continue in coalition.
    The coalition policies were for austerity cuts. Were they so comfortably off that they weren’t bothered about it affecting them?

  14. Er Scotophobia is actually a fear of darkness….

    I would have thought a former journalist would have at least checked out the meaning of his adjectives before employing them.

    Still as you went Tonto, I suppose journalistic standards went out of the window.

    Never let accuracy get in the way of a rant, and Mr Bateman you clearly did not.

    Sadly all the other adjectives you employed could equally be used to describe yourself.

  15. Thoroughly agree with your assessment of Deerin’s character and his lack of any modicum of journalistic integrity or reason in his obvious hatred of Scots and the SNP. BTW I also get the distinct impression that poster Stuart doesn’t like you.

  16. Stuart needs to update his research…..”Oxford English Dictionary. Oxford University Press. 2008. “Scotophobia, a morbid dread or dislike of the Scots or things Scottish”

    Other than that you have pricked Deerings sensibilities.

  17. “One of my favourite newspaper columnists is Chris Deerin, who writes for the Scottish Daily Mail and who stands on the other side of almost every political position I hold dear.

    Last week, for the sin of being an ardent unionist and rightwinger, he was the subject of a very personal attack by another Scottish journalist whose work I also admire. It was personal, vindictive and undeserved. Politics is important, but not as important as faith, family and relationships.”

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