Thank You and Goodnight

I love the night before the vote – the realisation that the campaign is over, that the polling station staff are preparing for the morning and in every home across the country people are ready to have their say.

We all think we know what might happen. But we don’t. Until every cross is pencilled in and each ballot counted, it remains the Great Unknown – the peoples’ expression of our democracy, imperfect and sometimes dysfunctional as it is.

This time tomorrow, a few minutes from 10, the doors will close and the sovereignty of the people will rest in those dark boxes.

Hearts will be broken tomorrow. Hopes will be dashed. Some good people will leave the stage (and some charlatans with them). But, if the evidence holds true, there will be tumult and relief too and maybe history made. Last September we lost the war but I think we’ve won the peace. And, if that evidence does stand, Scotland will speak with a voice we’ve rarely heard before and never on this scale – united and progressive.

We should be proud of ourselves and we should be proud of our democracy. Let’s get out tomorrow and make those voices heard.

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30 thoughts on “Thank You and Goodnight

  1. andy jamieson

    what a nice way to leave the debate. Fingers crossed that the polls are right.

  2. Thanks Derek,you’ve been an inspiration and a comfort.
    Let’s hope for the best,as usual,tomorrow.

  3. Lost the war?
    Surely not.
    To paraphrase the man whose career should have ended after the Gallipoli Campaign:
    “Now that was not the end. It was not even the beginning of the end. but it was, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

  4. Great post Derek and many thanks for all your work.

    We didn’t lose a war though, we lost a battle. The struggle against establishment self interest, intolerance and greed goes on as does the struggle for meaningful change.

    The hinges on that box lid are well and truly busted.

    • Agreed Mac, we had a wee skirmish which ended in a small defeat. The war has not yet begun, we are now in another phase.
      As I am writing since the count we know we won that particular phase, now for the next one. the good thing is that the Metropolitan Media and their masters haven’t got a clue what has just happened.

  5. hossmackintosh

    Thank you for all your hard work Derek.

    Without the few principled journalists like yourself on the Internet we would never have been able to overturn the bias from the BBC and the MSM.

    Our country will always be in your debt.

  6. Forward..Let us be like that wee lassie in Greenock and raise the banner high. On-wards and upwards.

  7. Round One: The bruiser is stalking the ring gouging, biting and throwing low blows but our hero Stan Laurel is holding his own. He outsmarts and outruns his bigger opponent who all the while is becoming more and more enraged. Ding! Ding!

    It’s the end of the first round and Stan slumps onto his stool. Olly removes Stan’s glove and drops into it a huge iron horseshoe with a smile and a jaunty wink. Ding! Ding!

    Round Two…

  8. Derek, AS stole my thunder, so to speak, at the George hotel when he said that many people either say to him ‘Sorry’ (for not being able to vote YES) or ‘thanks’ (for giving them the opportunity to vote in the Indy Ref). Of all the words I could muster, the essence of my thoughts were to thank him.
    Similarly, I would like to thank you for distilling our thoughts and presenting them back to us in a coherent and structured way, for keeping us inspired and for keeping things withing the realm of the possible,
    Your post ‘Thank You and Goodnight’ reminds me of something said on Christmas Eve, so in that vein, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope that Santa delivers what you (and we all) want.

  9. 50+. oh please let it be so.
    I never want to hear MacDiarmid’s ‘all is dead here,save stupidity,’ ever again.
    Thank you Derek. All you guys in the alternative media have kept the rest of us alive. Thank you.

  10. Thanks for all you have done so far Derek but please keep going!

    For me today is just the first half. I think May 2016 could turn out to be an equally defining moment and whilst we can breathe a little easier today I think that, regardless of the outcome tomorrow morning, the hard work continues for another 12 months. Only then we’ll have a true understanding of the lie of the land.

  11. Never lost the war, only lost a skirmish.

    As long as 100 of us remain alive…

    Thanks Derek Bateman for sharing your journey with us.

  12. Free Scotland

    Thank you, Derek, for your thought-provoking articles. You’ve encouraged many, and persuaded not a few. And, unlike the trash on the news-stands, much of what you have written will be read and quoted for a long while yet.

  13. Katrine Paterson

    Thank you Derek for keeping hope alive. Now it seems there will be a new dawn tomorrow despite all the dirty deeds from certain quarters. I hope the ‘elite’ finally get the message with a good kicking.

  14. Many thanks Derek, hope to be hearing more from you in the future, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

  15. Thank you, Derek. Today we can hear all the voices of the past – the people who fought for Scotland over the centuries – and we are the ones who now hold the flaming torch and the bloodied pennants and flags. Westminster is about to get the fright of its life, because we know we will be sweeping much of the board and possibly its entirety.

    We have inspired so many down south to believe in a better kind of politics and a better standard of representation. Many are in despair that they don’t have the choices we do up here, and they see us as a breath of fresh air.

    Thank goodness for the alternative media. Thank goodness for you, Derek, ploughing on through the heaving mess of political spin.

  16. Thank you Derek for standing up to the BBC.

    For sometimes being utterly blunt when necessary. Most of all thank you for being one of the good guys ,who could so easily have been one of the bad guys at the BBC.

    I expect a few heads will roll at the BBC after today!

  17. Time to take a wee breather and sit back to see what the people decide….I am sure that we may be about to witness the most enthralling of nights we have ever seen.

  18. The time and effort you have put into your writing Derek is much appreciated. I know lots of people who read your blog. Some reply, many do not, but quote chunks out to anyone caring to listen.

    It can be difficult to ascertain how things get to where they are. Even with the luxury looking back through the misty clouds of history the sparks that ignite change can be difficult to pin down.

    I recall that earlier this week that the anniversary of the penny black stamp was celebrated and was amazed to learn that from this idea sprung letter boxes on doors, pillar boxes in the street, and an emancipation to some extent of women by allowing sealed letters to posted in anonymity.

    I feel that when the history of the early days of a free Scotland are written, your blog will be up there as a beacon to what has been achieved against the odds of powerful mainstream media.

    Thank you!

  19. Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.

    Mark Twain

  20. It’s going to be a long night. But I’ll be checking back from time to time over the next day or two to see your comment on the outcome. Very much appreciate your insight into these momentous events. I’m looking forward to some progress towards genuine democracy throughout the UK but starting here in Scotland and, I hope, also Wales.

  21. Free Scotland


    SNP – WON

    LAB – ONE

    CON – ONE


  22. Job done. 🙂

    On to the next one, which is getting the best deal we can at Westminster in the meantime.

    The constitutional future? Well that’ll be down to Westminster. 😉

  23. Well, job not exactly done so much as beginning.

    And, even spaced out with euphoria and lack of sleep the remaining disappointment with the Radio Scotland election night programme huge. They sounded like two lone broadcasters with too little backup, too few microphones, too little planning, too crowded with contributors at times, too large a table in too large a room, too much reliance on their own TV monitors which we couldn’t see. Where to stop?

    Radio Four sounded like a smooth limo by comparison, but, there was Naughtie. Had to switch away.

    Job starts now. Keeping the 56 in line, on message, focusing on Scotland. The calmer, experienced heads will be needed to help us back in Scotland understanding, supporting and being proud of the efforts down in Westminster.

  24. Anybody taking bets on how soon wee Kezia will retire “on health grounds” (Jim Murphy’s foot on her throat) so he can be shunted into Holyrood in a by-election?
    Doubt he will be able to live on his massive persion (minus expenses) for more than a week, myself.

    • Can’t happen. Kezia is a list MSP. Jim can only be shunted in on a by-election if a constituency MSP dies or resigns.

  25. Steve Asaneilean

    Well that’s the away leg won at a canter.

    Now for the home leg May 2016

  26. Thank you Derek for your untiring work over the past wee while, most of the time I have agreed with the words you have written, ever so often we have disagreed, but then that is human nature. You, the Wee Ginger Dug, Stuart and Tris have done sterling work, we would not still be here fighting. Helena

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