The Mother****** of Parliaments

A little detail is being missed from the deluge of anti Scottish slime oozing from the establishment media outlets – England has an in-built majority in the Westminster Parliament, one that trumps everyone else, not just the hated Scots.


The constant wheedling sound of English-orientated hacks about Scots (not just the SNP, mind) having influence over UK government policy overlooks the glaring point that neither the SNP, nor the Scots – nor even Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish combined – can ever outvote English MPs in any circumstance on any issue.

England has, and always has had, an automatic veto over every other nation in this ‘family of nations’ – ‘the greatest union in the history of the world’. At any time in any parliament, a matter of overriding ‘national’ interest to the English people can be voted through the Commons with such ease that counts and tellers and trooping through lobbies are rendered redundant. A simple show of hands will suffice and even vertically challenged John Bercow will see a forest of 533 arms aloft for England and, if the other nations combine, 117 against. That’s a majority of 416 for England (and St George) because England has 82 per cent of all the seats in the House, fairly accurately representing the distribution of population.

You can see why the English are moaning on about it not being fair, can’t you? Try this self-pitying paean to a lost utopia

It must be obvious by now from listening to the anti democratic Unionists of all parties and reading the bigots in their media, that Scotland’s 59 MPs can easily outvote England’s 533, yeah? That’s the implication of their anti Scottish propaganda ground war, isn’t it? ‘There’s nothing we can do but complain and play victim as the awful Scots trample over our democracy…’ Yet to underline England’s supremacy, research shows that if all Scots MPs were removed since 1997 only 21 Commons votes out of nearly 5000 would have been different. (Distorting democracy, are we?) If England really is a nation of one mind and doesn’t want Scots having a say in government, are they are suggesting nothing can be done? How can you be held to ransom by someone whom you outnumber by nearly 10 to 1? If you hold all the cards, how can you be defeated and cowed by an opponent?

The same iron rule applies to English votes for English laws – if there is agreement among English MPs, they vote for what they want and they get it. Nobody can outvote them. Let the other nations do their own thing in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast but in England the English are sovereign, even if everybody else from other nations is in the chamber and votes against them. What the hell are they moaning about?


Here is Labour MP Tom Harris saying something similar in Labour List. English colleagues should consider the reasons why Scotland demanded a Scottish Parliament in the first place: it wasn’t for reasons of nationalism or national identity; it was because it was patently unfair that our contingent of MPs could easily be outvoted on any issue by even a small fraction of English MPs. England could never, ever be in the same position. Even if every Northern Irish, Welsh and Scottish MP wished to foist an unpopular policy on England, they could not do so unless they were joined by at least 209 English MPs. And the occasions when Scottish MPs have made the difference in policy areas affecting England have been so vanishingly rare, they hardly justify such a constitutional upheaval.

Now the problem here, as you will have spotted, is that English MPs don’t all share the same views and neither do their parties. But surely that is a political problem, not a constitutional one. The constitution, from an English perspective, gives total control of Parliament to them, should they wish to exercise it. The fact they don’t, and can’t agree among themselves, is their problem, not ours. We can’t stop them no matter how many SNP MPs we send south to their dining club. It is only because they disagree on most issues that they don’t combine to vote in England’s interest. To put it another way, there can’t be an overriding English national interest to vote for.

The idea of Tories, Labour and Liberals agreeing jointly on policy for England is laughable. They’d rather spend time tearing fur off each other. There is no English voice in Parliament – it’s a Daily Mail myth. There may well be growing all-England opinion among the voters…God, I hope so, it might stop their whiney voices…but in the Mother of Parliaments (apologies to Iceland’s Althing), it’s a joke. Oh, MPs like to sound indignant about it, it’s true, but in reality, they vote for party first and England second.

This is now another characteristic differentiating England from Scotland where there is a greater consensus on national questions to the extent that the opposition has to manufacture differences to appear relevant.

The answer to the undemocratic parties – who are inadvertently arguing against the very Union they claim to love – is that if England wants privatised hospitals, businessmens’ academies, outsourced services, nuclear weapons, immigration detention centres and even abolition of the Scottish Parliament and the Barnett Formula, they only have to vote for it. It’s theirs. If they want a Grand English Coalition of Tory and Labour, nobody can stop them. Nobody. Just stop moaning and blaming us, for pity’s sake. It’s not our fault your English democracy doesn’t exist.

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31 thoughts on “The Mother****** of Parliaments

  1. How true, pity this was not published in one of the national media

    • trouble is labour with the conivence of the other anti English parties…they push through legislation for the benefits of the celts paid for by the English….to me i see britain and the british are Englands most dangerous enemy…not ISIS…English independence is the best defence against uncontrolled immigration…as we will leave the EU,ECHR..drop the HRA…i don”t need it……only criminals..terrorists..illegals and such like…so having a lot of English MP’s does nothing as some are traitors to the country..and some sell out to business..ENGLAND FOREVER..BRITAIN NEVER..

  2. Katrine Paterson

    Succinct Derek. I’m wondering why none of our ministers have pointed out these facts. If this was done, it would mean the ‘Elite’ would have nothing to talk about on theSUBJECT ‘Dangerous Scots.’

  3. Why don’t we send all our money to Berlin instead of London and elect our representatives to the Reichstag instead of Westminster.
    What difference would it make?
    Probably far greater autonomy for Scotland than we will ever see from London and no dodgy bookkeeping designed to ensure our dependency mindset.

    • bringiton, I take your point, but there hasn’t been a Reichstag since 1945, as there hasn’t been a Reich (essentially empire). Nowadays it’s the Bundestag (Federal parliament), as befits a democratic, federal Germany.

  4. I’ve been saying for ages that the problem is that the English electorate can’t decide which of the major parties they dislike the most. We don’t like them either. So we’re not going to vote for them. If the polls are correct (and they are remarkably consistent) we are about to clear the political decks, which we can then repopulate with political parties of our own devising. Maybe there will even be room for a few of us Independents too. But the start is to remove the last of the London-based parties from the Scottish political landscape. Let’s do this!

  5. Nailed it Derek.

    Its been the glaring hole in their argument since before the original devolution vote and more recently throughout the referendum. It also goes straight to the heart of the current FFA stooshie and the main reason they don’t wish to see a large contingent of ‘not so tame’ Scottish parliamentarians.

    The establishment parties have spent a great deal of time and effort muddying constitutional waters for the electorate, but the recent referendum, the pledges made, the ridiculous vow, all of it, will become undone with a few simple questions from a strong SNP presence and aren’t they terrified of the answers they will be forced to give.

    In that final fortnight of the referendum the media were allowed to run riot with the devo max narrative. Brown was given carte blanche to spin home rule, near federalism to the electorate and very few within the media raised the question of the elephant in the room… the Westminster parliamentary system and the unwritten constitution.

    The party leaders could effectively promise nothing, though it didn’t stop them making promises or having promises made on their behalf. Bills have to be created and cross party consensus agreed. Readings would have to go through both houses with amendments and be agreed upon by both houses before ratification. The bill at one end could potentially bear no resemblance to the bill coming out the other and that’s if it managed to get through at all. At every stage it would require votes cast in a system where the bulk of the MPs don’t come from the country whose sovereignty and powers they are voting upon.

    The Smith Commission was a joke, a farce in which even Smith’s own proposals were ignored before ink was put to paper. Most recently we have seen that the permanence of the Scottish parliament will NOT be secured under law as guaranteed by a certain Mr Brown and the HoL have already stated that they have a ‘deep concern’ over implementing even the Smith fudge as it stands.

    So some simple questions backed by the presence of several dozen SNP MPs:

    Will Scotland receive the ‘gift’ of devolution max, FFA, home rule, near federalism from the parliament of Westminster? Y/N

    Will both houses honour the pledges made on behalf of the union by the Better Together campaign and certain parliamentary politicians in the recent referendum? Y/N

    Were the party leaders empowered by Westminster consensus to make such pledges or have such pledges issued on their behalf? Y/N

    If not, will the Westminster parliament publicly admit that the pledges were, are and always have been unsanctioned and undeliverable under the current system and constitutional arrangement and that the Scottish electorate were effectively mislead?

    A few simple yes or no questions. Not so difficult to answer, you’d think?

  6. Well said Derek.

    I’ve been trying to get this point across to family and friends for ages, especially when the question of Trident renewal is brought up and the SNP are tarred as bullies attempting to hold the English to ransom.

    What the hell are they so worried about? The English establishment, of all political shades, has an inbuilt majority which would stymie any Scottish aspirations should they wish to use it.

    What that says about our “Better Together” union is another matter.

    Willie Rennie’s ludicrous attempt at explaining the LibDem’s position on Sunday Politics was another exercise in knot tying which highlighted the nonsensical ‘logic’ behind the UK’s conduct when dealing with Scottish voters’ democratic wishes.

  7. Ooftya!

  8. Derek, you’ve just blown the whole charade that is the UK Parliament – an English forum with Scots, Welsh and Irish (now Northern Irish only) bolted on, for our resources and what was once strategic lands.

    There is no other point to Westminster for those not English, other than being the milch-cows and back-door guards for the greater good of the mother ‘country’.

    Does any sane and rational person think for a moment that the ‘union’ would be kept going if it was a chronic drain on England?

    Even now, thanks to the poisonous propaganda spewing from the media and BBC, there are numpties like Lord Darby Jones and Boris Johnson who are so inured to the Treasury coffers being unrelentingly filled with funds from Scotland’s produce and natural resources, that they would cast us off without another thought. Cut off the goodies and we would be history by the very next day.

    The pathetic love-in caused by rising panic in the latter days of the Referendum showed our wannabe best pals up within hours of them nicking it for NO. Now, it’s full-on propaganda war. No cuddles and hugs now.

    Is it any wonder the rest of the world was left agog as we ‘voted’ NO – or that’s what the result was anyway.

    • Exactly. They dare not lose our considerable assets; which means they’ll do and say anything to retain them. As far as they are concerned, it is essential a grip is maintained on Scotland’s wealth. Hence the hostility. They are dependent upon us, so they cannot let us walk away. The sooner we become independent the better for us but certainly not for them. I feel sorry for the people living in England as many have realised that the SNP are actually FOR the people, unlike the self-serving established British/English parties.

  9. DB,
    We are not, and never have been, an equal partner in the ‘Union,’ That is mythology. It is all about England’s power.
    There is a veritable fest of putrid newspaper hacks showing their racist tendencies, and all those poor English folk on the news talking about the ‘danger’ of the SNP getting some clout at Westminster, just shows up the truth. The Act of Union is and always has been about England’s power, and that’s why they are expressing such hysteria. It’s under threat.
    Since the day and hour the Act of Union was signed and the Scottish M Ps shifted their feet to Westminster, it has been obvious that we were divested of the power we had as an independent nation.
    The nonsense they are saying about a Constitutional Crisis is their reaction to the fact that they never foresaw the Jocks having the backbone to stand up for themselves and demand to be taken seriously. Now that it’s happened they’re like headless chickens.

    Love Geoffrey Wheatcroft’s line about ‘this devolution caper.’ That one was written on the playing fields of Eton.

  10. Steve Asaneilean

    Excellent stuff Derek.

    The fundamental problem is the endemic ambivalence in Westminster to democracy. They talk the talk of course but they certainly don’t walk the walk.

    Instead they defend to the hilt a first past the post system that can give absolute power to a party with barely a third of the popular vote because it allows for “strong government” and they call that democracy when nothing could be further from the truth.

    By this means the Government of the day gets 5 years to behave like a quasi-autocratic elite. So guess what they tend to do?

    How can that be democracy?

    In a true democracy all the hues of public opinion are represented in the legislature. Compromise is necessary and valued. No-one is ignored or steam-rollered by shear dint of numbers.

    Yet we are told by Westminster that striving for such genuine democracy is “dangerous”, “unconstitutional” and a threat to the fabric of our society.

    Fortunately democracy is more powerful than them especially when linked to an overwhelming sense of natural justice among the people.

    So let’s show them just what democracy can achieve on May 7th and dare them to ignore it and us.

  11. The locus classicus of what you’re describing can be found in the drowning of the village of Capel Celyn in Wales in the early 60s to provide water for factories around Liverpool. 35 of the 36 MPs from Wales voted against the bill which would give Liverpool Corporation the power to evict the villagers and cover their homes and farms with a few million gallons of water. The only MP from Wales who didn’t vote against the bill was the Tory minister of state at the time.

    Needless to say that the bill was carried by a massive margin, and the village of Capel Celyn – a stronghold of our culture – and the farmlands around it are now submerged, the traces only emerging into view whenever there’s a severe drought.

    The ‘Union’ (the Annexation in our case) is a sham designed to project and protect permanent dominance by the English ruling classes over the rest of us. It’s always been a sham, and it will be a sham until it is finally destroyed.

  12. And, of course, the buggers are quite well aware of this – as the now disgraced Rifkind let slip in the process of making another point. Remember this?

  13. The Union is no longer fit for purpose. Irvine Welsh crudely described what the English are doing now as corpse fucking.

    I think he has nailed it.

  14. Lorraine Fannin

    This is such a good and logical summary of the situation. Thank you. Could we please send it to ‘The Washington Post’, so the Tories won’t persuade the US to invade Scotland in order to ‘safeguard democracy’ (or get their hands on the oil)

  15. Good-one, Derek – wee-bit more ‘bite’ in that piece, could feel the fire in your belly with that one – that’s what I want to read, Mind-you, I clicked that link to Geoffrey Wheatcroft and his Barnett Formula ignorance:

    “This gives Scotland about £1.20 per head of public spending for every £1 in England,” then his hate-stirred;
    “As long as the English taxpayer heavily subsidies Scotland,”
    and his uncontrolled rant:
    “Here in the west of England, and despite what some have said, there has been very little Jock-bashing, certainly nothing to compare with the vicious Anglophobia that distresses some Scots in their own country”..
    Shows how much he knows about Scots – we’re much too busy exposing Labour in this country, and poking fun at them*, to be paying any attention to our pals in the south – and we have MANY good pals in the south and we’ll keep it that way despite Wheatcroft’s attempts to drive a crude wedge.
    *And what fun we’re having in the process!

    Ha. I love these mad, anti-Scottish, ‘Burn the Heretic’ axe-grinders – they hasten my independence from them. Hey!

  16. oh! aye, Derek …. nailed it ma friend !! …. quite simply one o’ yer best pieces o’ analysis … mair o’ the same !!!

  17. they recognise that 1 of ours is worth 10 of theirs.

  18. In 1956, a private bill sponsored by Liverpool City Council was brought before Parliament to develop a water reservoir in the Tryweryn Valley which meant flooding of the village of Capel Celyn out of existence in the process. By obtaining authority via an Act of Parliament, Liverpool City Council would not require planning consent from the relevant Welsh local authorities.
    In the Mother of Parliaments 35 out of 36 Welsh MPs opposed the bill (the other did not vote), but it did not matter and in 1957 the Bill was passed. The members of the community waged a fruitless eight-year effort to prevent the destruction of their homes but the English MP’s had spoken and that was that.
    I know that was in 1956 but absolutely nothing has changed.

  19. Starting a sentence with “And nor…” is a clear indication that the barbarians are within the gates. Why expect rational behaviour from such as those?

  20. Small typo in the MySociety link. Needs a colon between https and //

  21. Great article and hopefully will educate many in the south that constantly bleat about it. The London media are a dangerous vehicle, they have incited hatred for the Scottish whilst saying with a straight face Scots are anti English. In all my years, I have never once seen Scottish media write anything quite as horrendously racist as the articles filled with lies and venom of their neighbours in the north. The world looks in though, I’m sure they must be shocked at the extraordinary venom and racism being spewed on a nation of people well loved around the world. Folk in Scotland have taken racism on the chin and being stoic about it maybe unaware of the Race Discrimination Act 2010 where insulting a Nationality, National Origin is included in Race Discrimination along with Race, Colour, Ethnic Origin what is even more interesting and maybe something we should use considering the vast amount of daily incitement of hate towards Scots by the English media, a recent article by UN Human Rights chief on the “British” media..check out near end Article 20

  22. Terence callachan

    Well said all of you,nice to see there are people with the same views as my own.I feel really sad that we have so many Scottish politicians who know all this and yet they are prepared to support England in draining Scotlands wealth ,I have concluded that these politicians must be doing it for their own personal wealth what other reason could there be .If I am correct it is absolutely despicable of them .

  23. Did you catch this last night Derek?

    Has Miliband just handed the election to to Cameron on a plate, started a constitutional crisis and eaten all the cheese in one go? If ever there were words you wanted to take back…

  24. i see the scots are starting to worry about the growing animosity towards scotland and the scots…which in turn helps increase English nationalism…what would be fair would be all 4 parts of the UK split…and all revenues raised in said countries stay in said countries..that way scotland gets the independence they crave but daren’t vote for…and there would be no silly grandfather rights for peoples of one country of the former UK can use in another country of the former UK………….whats not to like….we get out of the UK ECHR and EU and have the borders we crave and the ability deport those that have no right to be here and all the others.

    • You talking about deporting Scots? English nationalism, hated by the world because it hates everyone but English people…….that sounds a bit like ISIS and their love of only their kind of nationalism, In their peabrained minds……..only ISIS rules. If England gets rid of “all others” along with those “no right” then that’s what you are, a bunch of English ISIS folk? We have 400k English folk settled here, I’m sure they will be glad we Scots are more human and a lot less racist…we sure as hell wouldn’t kick our Anglo Scots out and I doubt if they’d want to live in “your” England.

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