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As today’s Daily Record becomes the first newspaper in history to turn itself into toilet tissue before people read it let me tell you what this despicable, unprincipled, mind-numbingly boring, Labour tribal and professionally incompetent rag is really about.


This is a true story about a young woman, emotionally vulnerable after a family tragedy, living alone in a basement flat in Edinburgh, who was physically intimidated and harassed by the Record.

They found out her address, which she did not provide. When she didn’t answer the bell, they banged with a fist against her door knowing her to be in the property alone. She knew who it was, so stayed silent, cowering inside. An aggressive male shouted through the locked door: ‘We know you’re in there. We just want a photo. We’re not leaving ‘til we get one.’

They parked outside her address for two days – two men in a car. The photographer jumped out and confronted her neighbour, thinking it might be her. He took her picture without asking.

She was scared, but she was resourceful. She escaped through the window and the rear garden and avoided going out into the street. For two days she crept about and hid while they sat outside. Eventually, as the neighbours grew restive, they gave up.

Before that they had gone to the pub in the village where she used to live and questioned locals about where she might be now and told them why they were hunting her…because she had been seen in the company of a married politician and this was big news.

Such big news that she could be terrified and hunted because this was what the journalists were for – breaking news of great importance that affected peoples lives, like who they might be drinking with or seeing or discussing a possible future with. That’s the Record’s job, when it’s not making up trick political statements to con people into voting.

The big hard men of the Record made her life a misery – a woman living alone. Brave journalism.

When her father, who was abroad as it was happening, heard about it, he said he would sort it but she said No. She just wanted them to go away and leave her alone. In fact, the father was very close to asking some thick set chums to physically bump their car down the street towards the sea. They will never know how close they came to an uncomfortable and threatening experience themselves.

All over Scotland people have equally traumatic experiences of dealing with lowlife so-called journalism which is nothing more than licensed thuggery and intrusion that is way beyond any lurid name-calling or rude suggestions by cybernats. When the Record tries to lecture Scotland on morality and behaviour, it does so not from the gutter but from the sewer. It ceded the high ground a long time ago.

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70 thoughts on “Gutter Press

  1. You’d have thought the Leveson inquiry would have been enough to provide the public with an insight into the nature of the UKs press practices.

    Our press is in a pretty grim state.

  2. Excellent article & analysis Derek.

    • This article is ludicrous. If any actual journalists ever read this pile of horse shit, they would immediately recognise it as complete and utter nonsense and that its author has quite clearly watched far too many films.

      Derek, for a man who apparently has 45 years’ experience, seems to ignore even the most basic concept of ‘right to reply’. Instead what he has done is make spurious claims against journalists at a certain publication without even offering them any chance to either (a) defend themselves or (b) refute the story completely.
      For someone who claims to be shining a light on the worst excesses of the MSM, Derek certainly doesn’t mind throwing out untested accusations himself.

      Where is the detail here? Why hasn’t he approached the DR for comment? Did he speak to the woman first-hand or hear about it through her thickly-connected father? When did this occur? Was it this week? Last year? In the 70’s?

      When there is so little detail on a claim like this, by and large, it means it is a lot of rubbish. An apocryphal tale to frighten the grandkids.

      Derek, you are a disgrace to your profession.

      • jacquescoleman

        “…what he has done is make spurious claims against journalists at a certain publication without even offering them any chance to either (a) defend themselves or (b) refute the story completely.”

        Do they ever offer a chance to anyone to defend themselves or to completely refute a story? THEYCERTAINLY DO NOT.

        You wouldn’t be Torcuil or some other gutter press ‘journalist’ would you?

      • The Plain Truth

        Scothead, I suggest you do a little simple research of your own. Then you will discover what an absolute fool you have made of yourself with this post.
        Some people should be separated from their keyboards before blasting off in the wrong direction.

  3. The lack of real journalism in MSM is very disturbing. I now only pay for the National but get free articles from the other main papers.

    • The trouble scouser is that our ‘free’ peek at articles may not leave the paper out-of-pocket. Advertisers pay for the click-rate which we increment by our wee keeks at the supposed journalism.

  4. My sister died at 28. The Record and their Sunday sister publication knocked our door looking for a story and a photo. They went to her husband’s house and his parents, they even went to the hospice where she died. Nobody talked to them. A few weeks later they made up a story and printed it anyway.

  5. Thank you Derek. Some powerful articles these last few days.

  6. It’s getting vicious now from the liars of the Record, BBC Scotland and other MSM outlets.

    It’ll only get worse as Labour see their grip on Scotland at risk.

    This is just the start of it.

    You can bet your boots that the cowards at the Daily Record will going over – again – every piece of information they have about Stuart Campbell, in the hope of finding a chink with which to attack him personally.

    DB may also be in their attack list.

    Fine work DB, a genuine pleasure to read such honesty.

  7. I can’t wait for the day the scurrilous rag goes down. Soon it will become a matter of embarrassment to even be seen buying this publication and friends & relatives of the evil reporters will have to hide their copies, for fear of even being seen with them. I would never wish unemployment on anyone, but in this case I would hope these reporters never work again in their chosen career!

  8. Is Wings in any way culpable for casually throwing a nurse under the bus for having the temerity to openly support a political party that is not the SNP? I am a yes voter, but this demonisation of all Labour politicians or supporters as quislings, liars or fools is becoming increasingly intolerable. The Rev is a demagogue, a tartan McCarthy and as the temperature rises as the GE approaches, I await with trepidation his continuing excesses.

    • The Rev is a demagogue, a tartan McCarthy. Try a INVESTiGATIVE ( JOURNALIST ) You might look ah wee bitty harder to The ACTUAL people who exposed her DR SIMPSON / CRAIG MILLER & the LABOUR PARTY for putting her in this position, & without a doubt the DAILY RETARD..

      Good piece Derek at least there are some good Journalists to expose the BAD HACKS.

    • Wrong! The only person to throw herself under the metaphorical bus was Suzanne herself. As a public servant – apparently a nurse for 8 years – she should be well aware of the restrictions as regards political activity, which includes allowing herself to be included on that leaflet, which has been distributed far and wide. She’s dropped herself in it, and must accept the consequences.

      • Why would it matter if you are a YES voter? We don’t care and frankly announcing it only raises doubts – anyway bottom line this nurse very clearly and knowingly broke her own professions guidelines and user her professional status to promote a cause not directly related to health. We know she knew because when the photo was taken and used for the NO campaign last year they airbrushed out the health board name on her uniform when using her to tell us the NHS was safer in the UK. Unfortunately for her Labour in using the same photo to tell us that in the UK the NHS is NOT safe unless we vote for them (hilarious eh) did NOT airbrush it out through ignorance or stupidity – take your pick Labour has both in spades… SHE made the error or judgement in using her profession to promote a political cause and LABOUR threw her under the bus to smear WoS – just as YOU are doing right now…

      • She is a model planted by Labour .She would not have known the circumstances of her job.

      • As a public servant – apparently a nurse for 8 years – she should be well aware of the restrictions as regards political activity

        This makes me a bit uneasy. There is a lady called Phillipa Whitford, you might have heard of her, who was quite active during the referendum campaign and spoke a lot of sense about the NHS and TTIP, none of which I disagreed with. Should she have been prevented from speaking because as a breast surgeon in Crosshouse she’s a public servant and should be well aware of the restrictions on political activity? If we want to hear from those on the inside, we may have to listen to those with whom we disagree.

        • Not the same thing – Phillipa at no time presented herself in an NHS uniform with the logo of an active NHS trust on her chest! She spoke as a private individual NOT as a employee or spokesperson of the NHS or of her profession. If a policemen spoke to you and said “Vote NO for your own good” do you think he’d be speaking with the same authority if he said it while IN his uniform or OUT of it?? That’s the difference…

        • jacquescoleman

          Absolute nonsensical to compare the two. Phillipa Whitford was quite open about who she was and who she worked for. And always made it clear she was speaking as a private citizen. The nurse/actress on the other hand….

    • I certainly don’t think all Labour politicians are liars or fools. Some are – and earn the obloquy they receive. Comments about bayoneting independence supporters or “not weeping if the FM went under a bus” (thanks Mags) are the tip of the iceberg…

      Saying only Labour can defeat the Tories whilst simultaneously (and against your party’s rules) suggesting people vote Tory is certainly foolish.

      Murphy’s inane comments about 1000 more nurses than the SNP which magically becomes 1000 nurses, which as a Westminster politician he can do naff all about (still standing for Westminster is he?) is also pretty foolish.

      Standing side by side with Tories and getting applause at their conference is fairly close to quisling (Alistair Darling).

      I wait for you to point out any excesses…

    • What absolute hogwash. Wings over Scotland is one of the very few sources debunking the outrageous lies and misinformation disseminated on a daily basis by our so-called msm they do not deal in sensationalism and paranoia but facts..a notion alien to many these days it seems.

    • Why would it matter if you are a YES voter? We don’t care and frankly announcing it only raises doubts – anyway bottom line this nurse very clearly and knowingly broke her own professions guidelines and user her professional status to promote a cause not directly related to health. We know she knew because when the photo was taken and used for the NO campaign last year they airbrushed out the health board name on her uniform when using her to tell us the NHS was safer in the UK. Unfortunately for her Labour in using the same photo to tell us that in the UK the NHS is NOT safe unless we vote for them (hilarious eh) did NOT airbrush it out through ignorance or stupidity – take your pick Labour has both in spades… SHE made the error or judgement in using her profession to promote a political cause and LABOUR threw her under the bus to smear WoS – just as YOU are doing right now…

      • When you say ‘we’, who are we? Also, I am not smearing WoS, I am questioning his methods and the demonisation of anyone who is publicly supportive of Labour, represents Labour or who simply questions the intolerance which WoS and his followers (like you) fan. Furthermore, the fact that I felt it necessary to assert my yes credentials was in order to try to preempt exactly the type of hostile response you posted. I am and have always been a socialist. I am and have always been a democrat to my bones and the rabid hatred of all things Labour and the vitriol, paranoia and constant resort to witch hunting and hysterical condemnation is unhealthy and creates a context in which extremist views flourish.

        • With all due respect, have you actually read the article in question?

        • “,,and the rabid hatred of all things Labour and the vitriol, paranoia and constant resort to witch hunting and hysterical condemnation is unhealthy and creates a context in which extremist views flourish.”

          You are not smearing Wings?

          By ‘his methods’ I presume you are referring to Stuart Campbell? Can you post some evidence of his and/or of those who post on Wings of this ‘rabid hatred’ and of course the ‘vitriol’, the ‘paranoia’ and ‘constant…witch hunting’ and ‘hysterical’ condemnation to which you refer?

          He’s dissecting the constant lies that emanate from the branch office of the Labour party in Scotland. Who chose to align themselves with the Conservatives in ensuring that as many people in Scotland were as uninformed, frightened and coerced into believing the lie that we are uniquely incapable of governing ourselves.

          Since then he has challenged the rhetoric and methods of their GE15 campaign in Scotland and shown how it bears a startlingly similar modus operandi in its sheer capacity to twist and assert all manner of untruths to suit its woefully dogged determination to stay in power in Scotland. Labour had no positive case for the Union, and they have no positive case to make with regards retaining their ‘fiefdom’ in Scotland.

          Case in point, the ‘nurse’ leaflet contains an outright lie, a Labour vote makes no difference in the GE15 when it comes to protecting the NSH in Scotland. As our NHS is a devolved matter.

          I think your comment (quoted passage) is far more descriptive of the Labour party’s stance and those who are in what was formally called the ‘No’ camp during the campaign. Just replace Labour with SNP and there you have it!

          I also think the Daily Record are the smearing vitriolic witch hunters, the articles released over the past 24hrs are testament to that.

          Your description of Wings is at odds with reality.

          I think you protest too much.

          P.S. Wings did not ‘demonise’ anyone. Why don’t you re read the actual articles you seem to be referring to, again. And re read the Daily Record article for the comparison and the true meaning of the word ‘demonise’ in this context.

        • I condemn rabid hatred of anyone. But it’s only fair to point out the ‘rabid hatred’ lobbed at the SNP and especially Alex Salmond by Labour and their sympathisers in the MSM. I agree that debate should not get personal, especially with ‘little people’ working quietly in the sidelines who are not prominent public figures, but on the other hand I find it hard to be other than personal in my condemnation of prominent public figures like Malcolm Rifkind for his dishonesty, hubris, sheer greed, arrogance and disproportionate sense of entitlement. It was his unattractive personal qualities as revealed by the sting and his failure to apologise thereafter and to recognise his weakness that I find unforgiveable.

    • Yes and no. Wings knows what he’s doing and would be well aware that a furore could be kicked up because of this. Personally I don’t like the way he personalises issues but on the other hand at no point does he make anything that could constitute an attacks on her and he also actively discourages a reporting of her (minor) misdemeanour.

      The record on the other hand have exploded a pretty much non-story into a 2 day feud to try and re-run the old nasty cybernat narrative. Based on apparently the sum total of zero evidence of cybernattery. They then run a quote from the nurse condemning the swathes of abuse she has taken, again with zero examples of said abuse, at which point wings is probably going to start to lose sympathy with her as she crosses the realms of nurse who backs labour into nurse who corroborates unfounded claims to attack nasty internet man. Hence why he seems to be continuing the chirade today – also because he’s trying to drum up support for his next fundraiser…

    • Mr Cawley
      But Is she a nurse?

      The only people demonising labour politicians and supporters is themselves, seemingly on a daily basis..

      It’s clear that you don’t read WOS.

      • I do read WoS, as well as Derek Bateman, Zelo Street, even Labourhame. Oh, and Bella Caledonia, Thoughtland, the Record, The Herald and sometimes The Guardian. Just because I don’t agree with you or I object to the methods used by WoS and his followers, doesn’t make me wrong, it just means we don’t agree. I read WoS and I fear the untrammelled and increasing power he wields and the irresponsible way in which he goes about his business.

    • jacquescoleman

      “I am a yes voter,”

      No your not! You are clearly one of McTernan’s goons sent here to try to stir the shit. You are too, too, obvious.

  9. After reading your article my thoughts are with that young woman…I hope she has been able to move on….what doesn’t kill us…makes us stronger..

  10. A few years ago a close friend told me how days after her schoolfriend committed suicide the Record doorstepped his parents harassing them shouting through the letter box for an interview.

  11. Welll said Derek. Time to call out what passes for modern journalism. Happily there are still decent journalists, out there, like Ian Bell, Ian McWhirter, John Pilger, and of course yourself.

  12. Bravo Derek, a much needed punch on the nose, on a hopefully red nose for the Daily Record.

  13. The scandalous behaviour of The Record and other media has been uncovered by great journalists like Derek. BBC won’t survive it’s blinkered, bias and elitist core. The News of the World trial showed the establishment and political toxic relationship. The demonising of our previous First Minister was incredible. The Record’s hounding for a story has gone on for decades. Shameful to impact on lifes and health of it’s victims. Vote in all ways. Don’t support the inexcusable. Leave the gutter press on the shelf.

  14. I am compelled to say ‘Well done, Derek’.

    The Daily Record is just a WC.

  15. The DRs article has Labour/ McTernan smeared all over it. His attack attack mentality that cost Labour in Australia dear, and got him booted out sits very well with the unionist biased MSM in the UK. Well done Derek for doing what has been ovrdue for the vile little rag the DR has evolved in to. Now lets see you do the BBC, you have been giving them a light touch of your armoury, lets see guns blazing from now on as that is exactly what they are now doing. These thugs are accountable to no one and they know it.

  16. You are so right Derek. They are fighting for survival now so will be even worse until they are laid to rest.

    Not be long now.

  17. Never again will I buy this redtory mouthpiece, enemies of the Scottish people

  18. Brave Derek.

    Summing up the Rectum nicely.

    We need an organised boycott of this rag along with the EBC license 🙂

  19. Newsflash…
    The Daily Record was ALWAYS a vile little rag. The only difference is more people notice it now.

    Good article, Derek, but it made my blood boil.

  20. typo:
    “Eventually, as the neighbours grew restful” – restive?

  21. As well as a duplicitous rag, it also contributes to undermining democracy and Scotland – a total amoral rag of a paper.

  22. As usual, another fine piece of journalism Mr. Bateman . Your card is ,of course, well-marked by the yellow dogs of the mainstream media, Please keep doing what you’re doing , secure in the knowledge that it pisses them off big time .

  23. Thank you for this piece Derek.

    My wife and I , who are Indy activists had a similar experience. Although they didn’t camp-outside our door, the scummy Sun newspaper reporters were intimidating us for our work during the Yes campaign. They are certainly working on behalf of the State, this I have no doubt.

  24. I don’t agree with the person who comments on the Rev on Wings. The Record and the Labour party, are using so called NHS workers as propaganda. Misleading leaflets are being put through peoples doors to try and influence voters.

    If the nurse is genuine. Then she has breached NHS rules on giving political opinion for official campaigns. If she is not genuine then a lie has been sold to the public. The fact that the Rev has now confirmed she was an actress and the Record maintained she was nurse at Larbert Royal for 8 years! Then realising their error as it had only been opened for 5 years.Canged it to a nurse for 8 years!

    So in other words things are being invented on a daily basis and passed as fact. Without the Rev we would never have known that she was an actress all along.

  25. Wings is often hard-hitting. But by God, don’t we need it. Without Derek and him asking critical questions of what is ‘factually’ misreported, where would we be.

    Still reeling from the shock of the Rifkind sting. I really thought he was a worthier man than that, even though I don’t agree with his politics.

    Just when you thought press and political standards couldn’t get any lower, these recent revelations cause them to fall lower still.

  26. May I add that if and it is a big if this woman is a nurse then she is aware of the restrictions placed upon wearing uniform, Phillipa Whiteford was not in uniform and I do not think, like it or not she has the same restrictions, for instance Dr Richard Simpson,Labour MSP.
    I wonder how this would have played had the boot been on the other foot and said Nurse had spoken out for the SNP. I can imagine the screaming, the calling for blood that is Labour, Scottish Branch, hypocrisy yes indeed.

  27. Steve Asaneilean

    @alan-b – the issue here is not that health workers have political views – most of them do I hope. Also they are quite entitled to stand up for them in public – in their own time as ordinary citizens. They are, afterall, also users of the NHS from time to time.

    What they are not allowed to do is make it look “official” – in this case by posing in an NHS uniform – because that makes it appear that you are speaking on behalf of your organisation (in this case NHS Forth Valley) and that your views are in effect their views. That is why the uniform restriction is in place.

    So Philippa Whitford is quite entitled to stand up and say her piece as a citizen who works in the NHS and to say, in general terms,waht she does in the NHS. But she was not entitled to do so (and she never did as far as I can tell) wearing her surgical greens with her NHS logo on them wearing her official NHS identity badge pronounncing that she is a specific consultant doing a specific role for a specific hospital/health board. Others, of course, may point these facts out but the individual concerned must no play on them.

    • Hi Steve
      I agree in part, but not entirely (as usual). I don’t think that when Philippa Whitford spoke, anyone thought she was speaking on behalf of NHS Ayrshire & Arran, and I don’t think it would have made any difference if she’d been wearing green pyjamas. What a group of GPs on Skye wrote a letter to the WHFP last year in support of the Yes campaign, no one thought they were expressing official NHS Highland policy. I also don’t think that anyone sane would believe that the nurse in the Labour leaflet was expressing official NHS Forth Valley policy, even if she was photographed in her work clothes.
      Stuart Campbell was careful to say when he raised this that he didn’t want anyone sacked and he wasn’t making any formal complaints, but read down the comments on his latest thread and you’ll see calls for investigation, suspension and dismissal and replies to emails to Forth Valley HB. These things can look like the proverbial angry mob with pitchforks and flaming torches, and that’s never a good look.


  28. Well said Derek. The propaganda wing of the Establishment is foaming at the mouth now about alternative media views expressed online. Thanks to Wings, Newsnet, RT and yourself we have the means to find out what is behind the charade that is Westminster style “democracy”. We can expect the rage to become industrial strength before the election arrives. But they must realise that we are not easily intimidated and not about to allow any of our excellent online journalists to be bullied by their smears.

  29. I was really pleased to read this excoriation of the Daily Redcoat. They don’t do irony clearly as their editorial online content makes them the most prolific cyber-trolls this side of Tron. There stuff is online, on Twitter, on Facebook and retweeted exponentially Wings needed you and all of us to get our comments and responses out there today…as others have said it is high time for us all to call them out vocally and visibly.

  30. I’m not sure I’d group Derek or wings in the same category as Russia today. It’s even more politically manipulated than the BBC

  31. Thankyou for this piece Derek. I feel so sorry fro the woman. But it again reveals the paper’s hypocrisy.
    I have been shocked at how many of my acquaintances have jumped onto the WoS/Nurse debacle, condemning WoS, when the Daily Record tells lie after lie with impunity. It must be that “small” lies are easy to understand and condemn, whereas, if you tell a big enough lie…..

  32. All that might be valid if Wings had *actually* abused anyone. It was a pretty silly story and the comparison with the actress was pretty daft, but the point was actually quite an important one. The subsequent reaction was madness though and we do no-one any favours by buying into Daily Record and Deputy Dugdale-spun moral panics about evil cybernats. Stu himself did something that was arguably not wise but he didn’t doorstep anyone and didn’t call anyone names. He just questioned whether this person could really be a nurse; if so, what were they doing in uniform promoting the Labour Party; and if not, what could be done about it since there’s no law against lying in election literature? He pleaded with people NOT to attack her personally, NOT to complain to her employers and NOT to make abusive comments. As far as I can see, nothing genuinely offensive was said. The Record has now dragged the story our again to distract attention from their own Labour-promoting lies.

    And if you’re worried about “hysterical condemnation allowing extremist views to flourish,” perhaps you’d like to comment on the Record’s story about the “VILE CYBERNATS” “abusing innocent Suzanne” by suggesting (correctly) that someone has blatantly broken the rules of their employment and by rights ought to face disciplinary action…even as virtually every Wings commenter has said “I hope she doesn’t get sacked…Labour are to blame, not her.”

    • A person who was unwise enough to volunteer to appear in a Labour election leaflet
      Became the focus of a media storm after WoS just kind of wondered if she was an actress and if she spoke like a real person. He wondered if she was in breach of NHS regulations having casually enquired of friends whether she was allowed to promote a political party while displaying the NHS logo. This is not ‘pretty silly’ or ‘daft’, this is cynical. Casually wondering who she is, whether she is an actress, whether she is in breach of her terms of employment is simply to invite his ardent followers to find these things out. Then after making her the focus of the storm, he blames Labour for putting her in the firing line, even though he handed out the ammunition. WoS is not just some guy, he has thirty thousand followers and today has successfully crowd funded tens of thousands of pounds. At the same time, he has made sure any Labour supporter who wants to appear in any literature or on TV promoting or discussing the party’s policies will think twice. All they need to do is look at Suzanne or Clare Lally.
      Labour are a cack-handed shambles reeling from one policy or PR disaster to the next, from Yvonne Hama to the welfare cap. They are not evil, they are just not up to scratch, but they are a party which significant numbers of Scots have voted for in the past who may do so again in the future. I fear a Scotland in which Labour are terrorised into submission through fear of nationalists who mistake their political beliefs for something approaching religious certainty. Therefore, anyone who disagrees is a heretic, a quisling or an unbeliever and will suffer trial by social media. Are you now or have you ever been a Labour voter or activist? With the compliments of Rev McCarthy!

      • jacquescoleman

        More rubbish from a McTernan goon pretending to be a supporter of YES? SNP? what? McTernan’s hands are all over your post. It is what his people did in OZ when he helped Labour tthere to a disastrous loss. Seems he is doing the same here. LOL

        • Disagree with me, but leave the character assassination out. Look me up on Twitter and then reflect on the way you just jumped in with abuse because I have the temerity to disagree with you and object to the WoS personality cult. I am a yes voting socialist and I hold no brief for McTernan. Apart from that, you’ve nothing to say worth discussing.

  33. I never believe campaign literature anyway which does not clearly identify the person giving the ‘quote’, such as by giving the person’s surname. Or which makes very general statements that are so information-lite as to be meaningless. I just assume they are just using actors for meaningless point scoring.

    But that’s just me. Maybe the general public are more gullible?

    Whilst Wings’ does a lot of valuable forensic work in detecting behind-the-scenes investigations into the minutiae of political machinations including at local level, it’s a bit off when it invites comments on individuals who have in some way simply allowed themselves to be used in a campaign. The Claire Lally monstering was a bit different in that it uncovered that this woman was really not what she seemed (‘an ordinary Mum’) but a politique, a local party member and branch secretary close to Johann Lamont, but this ‘ordinary nurse’ woman seems to be just a person with a viewpoint to which she is perfectly entitled. She must have neighbours, family, friends, a job, and a life, and it just seems ‘off’ to invite comments about her.

    On the other hand, she did agree to put herself in the public eye, very prominently, in a leaflet which she presumably knew was to go out to every household in Scotland. So to expect to remain anonymous would be naive on her part. People are bound to wonder if she is real or not, and entitled to find out.

  34. You can’t have it both ways. If Wings is going to be litigious, accuse the Record and all MSM outlets of being propaganda-spouting rags, then he needs to hold himself to a higher standard than he has in cases like the nurse or even Clare Lally. Also, the fact that anyone who comes out in favour of Labour is then subjected to Wings or his followers trawling the net to find out who they are and what they’ve done and where they work in order to fit them into a pre-existing narrative – a narrative where Labour are evil, where Wings is a paragon of integrity and the nationalist cause is the only moral or sensible choice for all Scots with the interests of Scotland at heart -I find to be undemocratic and frightening. Politicians are compromised, cynical and routinely face party discipline, collective responsibility and the tendency of the electorate to throw them out on their ears should they fail to measure up. Labour have failed to measure up and will reap the whirlwind in May. They are out of time, compromised and politically tone deaf, but they are not evil. We live in a time where books have been burned (The Smith Commission), where Labour canvassers are filmed, where to openly support Labour is to be pilloried, where Labour politicians are routinely despised.
    These are interesting times, but I repeat, Wings is a demagogue, unbound by the rules he demands of the MSM, followed by people who see him as their spiritual leader, with all of the power but none of the responsibility of politicians or even the MSM rags he so despises, who pay for their sins in declining circulation and dwindling credibility. Nevertheless, I am a democrat to my bones and I look at the current political context and I fear a country in which Scotland is a one party state and those who dissent are monstered by Wings or his followers for having the temerity to support a party other than the party Wings approves of.
    Don’t tell me he is just one guy with a computer in Bath. His power and influence (crowdfunding, The Wee Blue Book, damages from newspapers, a media profile, TV appearances…) is huge and grows daily. Finally, in order to support the last point I intended to make reference to the number of Twitter followers Wings has, but I seem to have been blocked! As I said, I am a democrat to my bones, I am just not sure Wings is.

    • I don’t think Stu is a demagogue, sorry. I think most people think Wings is a bit Marmite. Great for unpicking politicians with power who put themselves in the public eye, and scrutinising policy details and lying sloppy journalists who con the public, but less sure about exposing the ‘little people’ who play minor roles in campaigns who by-and-large, are just ordinary people.

      With the nurse issue, I think people are perfectly entitled to know if ‘Suzanne’ is indeed a real nurse. She has after all arrived centre stage in every household in Scotland in what everyone agrees will be one of the most significant but unpredictable elections in living memory. It’s this unproven suggestion that this individual may or may not also be an actress who has posted glamour shots of herself on her agency website that I am uncomfortable with. The focus of the story shouldn’t be personal, but if Labour has been inventing lies. The focus of Wings’ investigation should have been to get Labour and the DR to prove beyond doubt that this was a real nurse. That would actually have been more embarassing and revealing, as both would have squirmed about saying that they couldn’t possibly divulge that. Yet they used that. So why shouldn’t the public have proof, if it is to believe?

    • We live in a democracy (England’s that is) and we are not forced to read online blogs or newspapers that we disapprove of.
      Why is it that no one was complaining about Labour when it effectively ran a one party state in Scotland?

    • jacquescoleman

      “We live in a time where books have been burned (The Smith Commission”

      “you can’t be SERIOUS”

      NOW the truth is appearing. You are definitely a faux flag troll.

  35. John Cawley, you sound slightly hysterical. Your criticism of WOS is strange. Surely we need alternative views rather than the MSM? Complaining that Stu gets thousands of pounds from crowd funding is ridiculous. He writes well and questions everything. Money that is generated is a result of all that work. How many hundreds of thousands of pounds ..sorry millions of pounds is given to the very biased BBC and all of money generated from advertising etc. for all the newspapers (all bar one which came out on a Sunday which was the lone voice supporting independence during the referendum.) What it you actually want? WOS to go away quietly & everyone rely solely on information they are fed from MSM? Get a grip. Stu didn’t attack the nurse. The real issue is that the Dailly Record had to admit they lied & they didn’t like it. Tough. Tell the truth then….oh wait people might believe Scotland can be Independent. ..

  36. We do need alternatives to MSM, but WoS commits the same sins as those he criticises. I am not hysterical, I simply distrust a person with such power and influence without any accountability. WoS debases political debate, his followers are zealots and the GE looks to be conducted in the same nationalist equals good, Labour equals evil narrative of the Indyref. There is the beginning of a personality cult around him, a whiff of the Mccarthy about him and I am exercising my right to discuss the issues re WOS outside of the bubble of backslappers like Derek Bateman.
    As far as what I want, I want a debate about the power and influence of a guy who has the potential to become a malign influence on Scottish politics at a time of polarisation. Finally , Bella Caledonia and Common Space are more constructive, inclusive and effective places for alternatives to the MSM than WoS in my opinion.

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