Listen Carefully

Not sure whether to laugh or cry? Perplexed? Wondering if all the noise is having an effect? I too have been weighing the evidence of the Labour propaganda and trying to gauge its impact on the voting public with an election imminent.

My conclusion is worse than I thought. At first I was convinced the Murphy machine was on the right track by emphasising pro-Scottish language. I put myself in their position and it didn’t take more than a moment or two to realise that Labour had been afraid to be ‘Scottish’. They had effectively ceded the ground to the SNP, flag and all, and were left trying to belittle national aspiration as petty nationalism kicking against the Great British Benefactor.

The people had been trying to tell them but Labour had gone from cloth cap to cloth ear. They knew best. They had adopted the patrician Tory mode of patting voters on the head and reminding them who was boss.

So all appeals to a vague Caledonian sentiment were broadly aimed in the right direction, corny as they were. And then a touch of old style socialism would also help by appealing to the very working class traditions Blairism had abandoned as passé._79707677_79707676

I got all of that. I saw it was artificial and opportunistic but if that’s a losing hand in politics, most post-war governments would have been stillborn.

So I was concerned at the prospect of a revived Labour effort, not because I don’t want a rejuvenated Labour in Scotland, but because right now we need to ride the Yes momentum wave to drench Westminster with demands and entreaties.

But I needn’t have worried. The Murphy effect has become a trending joke, an overstated contradiction of everything he stands for, a herculean push that has become a parody of itself. In French, it is debile (translation – something so stupid, weak and feeble, it verges on retarded).

So is he doomed to fail and everything’s OK? I don’t think so. It’s true that the main victim here is the credibility of Murphy and the damage done is to Labour but I think we are now entering a period when our politics is changing to such an extent that the fall-out will affect us all.

The Murphy machine is corrupting debate, debasing politics and alienating the people. I now see and hear regularly what I can only truthfully describe as out-and-out lies from Murphy’s mob. I have been schooled over many years in decyphering political encryption, that is translating statements into what they really mean like a kind of BBC Enigma Machine. Hours in studio listening closely to answers (and watching facial and body language) turn you into a spycatcher, evaluating phrases and words which can have double meaning and waiting for the giveaway line that reveals the truth behind the screed of chaff.


To be fair, many of you are expert at this today too. It’s what happens when politics becomes important to you. You listen. So like me you will hear the little half-truths and the studied omissions that subtly change the message. (They all do it).

But what we are now getting is something quite different. I have witnessed Labour old-timers who know exactly what the game is deliberately misleading voters in the most naked and unrepentant way. Lewis Macdonald repeatedly and emphatically denying that Gordon Brown used the term Home Rule and Margaret Curran tweeting that she voted to stop to fracking…both out and out falsehoods designed to deceive and to fabricate the opposite impression from the truth.

Call me naïve but I have been taken aback at the wilful misrepresentation becoming common in Murphy’s team – the appropriation of the women’s prison campaign from Women for Independence, the jaunty letters to Nicola claiming that ‘You followed us on the prison, now will you back us on fracking…’

Now again, some chutzpah is needed when you’re fighting on the street which is where Labour is right now as a kind of dissident gang prosecuting its last throw of the dice. But I’m detecting a new and cynical approach which sets its face against truth and transparency and simply reorders reality to suit itself. It does so in the knowledge that virtually everyone from their own side, their opponents, the media and every intelligent voters is aware that they are lying but that doesn’t matter – as it used to do.

No, this welter of falsehood and fabrication is aimed squarely at the few tens of thousands who hold the future of Labour backbenchers in their pocket. And it seems clear to me that Labour regards these Scots as so ill-informed and dense that they will believe anything. Labour’s contempt for its own people is manifest in every trick statement and cod claim. It isn’t Glasgow Man Murphy is after, it’s Thicko Man. He believes, as have generations of low-grade apologists for socialist MPs, that if Labour say it, what he regards as the council house hoards with vegetables for brains will read it in the Record and vote accordingly.

In truth, there is form for this. Communities in grubby schemes without shops, transport, police or jobs have been fodder for calculating Labour careerists all my life. Check the map for the places with the worst social conditions and see which party has represented them for how long. Then see where the John McFalls, Irene Adams, George Foulkes and Tommy McAvoys and John Reids end their careers – in the comfort of the Lords.

Macdonald and Curran are only two of the gang who definitely do know better than to make up distortions but who are now goggle-eyed adherents of the Murphy doctrine of lie, lie and lie again.

And no wonder. Behind the chameleon Murphy is the man who wove hyperbole, fear and untruth into the fabric of Unionism as head of the No campaign, Blair McDougall. He is aided by the rat-like cunning of the truth-twisting McTernan, both men congratulated publicly on their jobs by the political editor of the Daily Record (to make sure he curries their favour).

I haven’t known a time when the telling of lies, as opposed to the massaging of the truth, has been so blatant. It has the potential to corrode our debate and repel voters.

And yet…the signs are that even those Labour regard as willing dolts have wakened up to the way they are treated. The indyref has set off the siren and the warning has been noted. They voted Yes for independence and SNP for Holyrood and must decide if they turn back now or follow through for Westminster and for the first time, shake off the shadow of Labour failure and compromise.

I believe the Scots of the West of Scotland are part of the pride in change that the whole country has undergone and I credit them with the insight and sense not to be fooled again by Labour lies. They couldn’t deliver independence but maybe Home Rule is what they really wanted all along and look – here it is.



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54 thoughts on “Listen Carefully

  1. Been up since 4am so really hoping that last part is ironic?!

  2. Bugger (the Panda)

    I smell the odious presence of McTernan. Tjay man is lower than a snake’s erse.

  3. Steve Asaneilean

    Like most stereotypes the notion that putting up a monkey with a Labour rosette was enough for some communities in the west of Scotland to vote for it had a large smidgeon of truth about it. I know because I grew up there. That is what Labour is still banking on – bask in the warm red glow of the rosette and don’t think too much about it or ask difficult questions.

    Did they learn nothing from the referendum? Hopefully not and they will be swept out to sea.

    But in the unlikely chance that these same communities return to the Labour fold in May and we are still left with a sizeable number of Labour MPs in Scotland then they will have only have themselves to blame for the consequences (which is not much comfort to the rest of us who will have to suffer those consequences too).

    • Yes they will have to live with the consequences but so shall the rest of us,which is the pity of it all,the fool can be manipulated by the sleekit and the rest will have to pay.We need somebody with the charisma to have a following and he/she must have honesty and integrity,the record did their best to ruin Alex Salmond and have turned too many against him a brilliant man with honesty and integrity ruined by a cheap rag that has manipulated the people for the Labour party for 100years now,makes me sick to think that they never had to pay the price of their lies.Reporters with the excuse its the editor and the editors with the excuse its the owners who tell us to lie? what really none of them with a shred of decency nor integrity there is no honesty in the “Nuremberg defence” you did it for the money just like a common whore who at least has the honesty to tell you its for the money.

  4. Delusion : a fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact

  5. One thing to be an opportunist. But to see an opportunity to lie about something as a good thing, is on whole new level of stupid. even with the support of the media, all that happens is that the lie is faithfully reported. When you lie about the lie, that too is faithfully reported. When you trip over past lies. with new lies that contradict the old lies, yup you guessed it, that too is faithfully reported.

    That has left Labour sitting in a room, stacked clear up to the rafters with bullshit. With increasingly no maneuver room for them as they boxed in by their own crud. All of it dutifully reported in the media. Today the SNP are being attacked for their moratorium on fracking. News stories of “Doom for Scotland!” as we face an uncertain future, with high bills and unemployment. How long before the fevered mind state of Scottish labour picks up on this, and attacks the SNP for putting Scotland’s future at risk? Count the minutes before Curran tweets on how she voted for the fracking bill to pass as it was a good deal for Scotland. Again dutifully reported by the MSM.

    What this creates is a narrative were Labour don’t seem to be capable of holding any position. They are constantly shifting their narrative as it is overtaken by events. It doesn’t matter that this is done by lying, its the perceived advantage they gain over the SNP. All that matters in the end is to score points, no matter how deep a hole they dig for themselves. The end justifies the means.

    But the end is a party that is looking and sounding incoherent, insincere and basking in the glow of imagined achievements. Propped up by a narrative that literally is contradicting itself from day to day.

  6. Yes Derek, their down-right lies are astonishing. There is no pretence at the truth any more.
    Sickening. Can’t wait to see the back of Murphy and his followers.

  7. Katrine Paterson

    I can smell a ‘rat’ a mile off. The house of Commons is overrun!

    I hope Westminster is a total shambles on May 9th.

  8. We did it to the tories so it will happen to labour,but how about England with limited choices?

  9. Brilliant, I read this once, but spoke the words out loud on the second reading, boy, that felt good.

  10. Good post Derek, though “is aware that they are lying but that doesn’t matter – as it used to do.” I think they’ll find in May that it really does matter. 🙂

    I think they’ll find that their lying to people, their contempt for those who gave them position and power, their out and out abuse of those positions and the people’s trust will matter a great deal.

    They betrayed everything they ever stood for and everyone who put their trust in them. They deserve neither sympathy nor a second thought. We’ve got better things to do with our votes and better things for those who represent Scotland’s interests to be doing. Labour won’t hold Westminster to a ‘Home Rule’ pledge, hell only recently they denied the term had ever been used. Though Mr Ed has decided to use it as his newest catch phrase as of today. In point of fact Labour and the conservatives are the very bods who threw even the Smith Commissions proposals out in favour of the watered down variety wasn’t it?

    If we want home rule to mean HOME RULE, then there is only one answer. We make sure that they know that lying to us does matter and that there is an electoral price for those lies.

  11. smiling vulture

    If you want HomeRule Labour/Lib Dems have forced you to vote for Independence,because calling smith commision HomeRule is a insult to all Scots

  12. Until events of the last year or so, I often found myself disagreeing with Labour politicians but essentially I trusted them. OK there were exceptions, but as a general rule I regarded Labour MPs and MSPs as well-intentioned if sometimes misguided individuals who were sincerely trying to do their best for their country. I now find that the “Labour” label immediately makes me question a politician’s integrity. Perhaps there are some for whom this is unfair, but the way I see it now is that if a politician is naive enough to fail to understand that the Labour brand is tainted in Scotland, then even if they have integrity they are too stupid to represent me.

    I never thought I would say it, but I would trust a Tory more than a Labour politician. I may find Tory policies obnoxious, self-serving and designed to preserve privelege, but at least the Tories don’t really make any effort to conceal this. By and large you can take them at face value. It’s not pretty, but you know what you are getting. With Labour, I really don’t know what they stand for – other than getting elected. Do they support fracking? What is their position on Trident? What are they going to do about food banks and poverty? Do they support Home Rule? For each of these, it is possible to find directly opposing and contradictory policy statements from people who claim to be speaking for Labour. The only thing that unites them is the desire to be in Holyrood or Westminster and they will say whatever they think will improve their chances at the time.

    It is vital that the insidious influence of Labour is ended in Scotland. In the Westminster election, we must strive to make Scotland both a Tory free zone and a Labour free zone.

    • Couldn’t agree more Richard. It was only a day or two ago that I remarked to my son about how uncomfortable I was in finding myself not agreeing with, but admiring both David Cameron and Ruth Davidson for being upfront and, relatively, honest about their plans and motivation. Labour on the other hand, are happy to jump on any bandwagon they see, whether or not it contradicts the previous one.

  13. We really need to start getting some of this stuff printed up and stuffed through letter boxes Derek, I don’t think i could stand a labour majority in Scotland

    • I so agree. My worry is that the people reading all this stuff are those of us who already believe, who are interested enough to investigate for themselves. The mainstream media merely report the lies without question. There is no true investigative reporting, what Labour politicians say is taken as gospel. If this is where you get your info from then you are being led towards voting Labour without even knowing it.

  14. I can only put faith in my fellow country men Derek and live in hope they take the time to weed out the lies
    that are told by Jim Murphy and his festering crew. I do not think people will be so easily taken in for a second time by a complete shower of CHANCERS.

  15. Sad though isn’t it. We deserve better representation than this. I am one of those who will probably vote SNP for the first time in May having always voted Labour before and I feel pretty bad that there is no viable socialist candidate and precious little socialism being promoted by any part of the Labour party. We were abandoned and betrayed during the referendum campaign and it will be very difficult for any Scottish Labour party to recover, the party led by Mr Murphy has no credibility with the 45%.

  16. They only get away with it because the London based media will not hold them to account,at least as far as their Scottish editions are concerned.
    Labour are the only political organisation which allows Westminster to claim that it represents all of the nations of the isles.
    Once the Scottish contingent are swept away,that pretence will be gone and that is why HM Press allow them to say and do whatever with impunity.
    Thanks Derek

  17. Right on the money Derek. Remember your interview with Margaret Curran, and Alan Smarts reply on Bella? Absolutely classic!

  18. Once again the problem comes back to the MSM, or the state propaganda machine to be more accurate. Thankfully, we still have the internet and excellent bloggers such as you Derek, and the National.
    Maybe we could issue a tablet to every “Glasgow man” (and woman) so that they can bypass the media and share online.
    Only 100 days to go to vote out every unionist in the land!

  19. And our system of government is still called a democracy – but not for much longer if Labour has its way.

  20. Agree with you 100%. The MSM either colluded with SLab or let them get away with it during the referendum campaign and will do the same again.

  21. Firstly brilliant piece Derek.

    Secondly , most of the old school labour voters have died off and the new generation , thanks to the referendum, are much more aware of spin and doublespeak.

    The internet has given us the tools to find answers for ourselves and i believe most are aware of the of the MSM . The polls prove this with SNP running away with the votes.

    Jim Murphy is rightly or wrongly hated by most Scots after his panto antics during the ref. Asking Scots to trust the man who cried after an egg hit him and who suddenly finds he’s on our side and looking out for our interests ,is stretching the myth to staggering proportions. Even die hard Labour voters hate him as a Blairite puppet.

    Scotland is awake Derek. The referendum and the rise in blogs like yours have educated us to the point that we get it now. We see the lies. Commenters have much to say and they are a clever bunch , they get the word out.

    We lost the referendum by a whisker but Scotland will get the second chance it deserves. I once thought we would never beat labour , They are responsible for the No vote. And look at them now. falling over themselves with claim and counter claim and we can see right through them.

    Keep faith Derek. We are witnessing history .

  22. It could be that citizen humour holds Jim Murphy’s mirage of Scottish Labour to account far more than any traditional political discourse.

    It’s also very difficult to seriously debate with someone who reinvents their fundamental beliefs every few weeks. Sometimes you simply have to laugh at the guy wearing “no clothes”, especially when he is simply clamouring to be a Sun centrefold.

  23. Doon the Glen came murphys men
    like a bunch of ballet dancers
    one in ten were time served men
    the rest were fucken chancers

  24. Alasdair Macdonald

    Yesterday a friend and I were discussing exactly what Mr Bateman is writing about today. We are ‘old men from the west of Scotland who used to vote Labour, but voted YES’. Like Mr Bateman, we are incredulous about what Labour is asking us to ‘swallow’. It is so unvarnishedly mendacious and shallow that we were asking ourself if we had missed something. We had heard the interview with Mr Lewis Macdonald by Gary Robertson on Good Morning Scotland. It was obvious to us that Gary’s first question had identified the lie, and, indeed not to belittle Gary, a 12 year old child of normal intelligence would have asked the same question. Yet Mr Macdonald, a man of intelligence and insight simply repeated the statement again and again and …. Has Labour simply concluded that the game’s a bogey and the MPs and others will get their index linked pensions, their places in the Lords, on quangos, on the boards of companies, having done their duty in ‘saving’ Scotland’s resources for the continued plundering by Mammon? Alistair Darling has the excuse that he was just defending the interests of his class, but the others are simply contemptible carpetbaggers seeking to destroy hope – the belief that politics can actually achieve good things, as happened with the early Labour Party.y

  25. Its also pretty hard to have any form of debate when your opposition is incapable of truth. Its a false relationship, a kind of half life of let’s pretend. What we need is a media that will stop them and say wait a minute here pal ,you didnae turn up at the vote. You have just lied to the nation. Instead they just swallow it and then try and bounce it back to the SNP. Get used to phrases like UTurn. This is the new strategy and Sarah Smith just loves saying UTurn. You have hit the nail on the head Derek. Mcternan’s strategy is to make everything seem like SLABs idea and then say that the SNP are just catching up.

    I am afraid politics is no longer a calling ,or will to improve. It is now just a game of one upmanship for Unionist politicions.

  26. The Labour Party are so deluded and trying hard to delude the voters. They worked together with the unionist parties during the referendum campaign and told us we were “Better Together”. Tonight I heard Ed Milliband being pushed by Bernard Ponsonby on an STV interview as to how the people who voted Yes last year, voted SNP in 2011 would be convinced that they could trust the Labour Party to deliver Social Justice to Scotland.

    Milliband said the Labour Party would have two manifestos, one for the UK and a different one for Scotland. So why does Scotland need a separate manifesto if we’re Better Together? And how long is this piece of elastic that will give Scotland social justice, deliver the vow, cut the deficit by introducing the Mansion Tax so many things?

    • Ed gave the game away yesterday when he said ‘[it was] absolutely right that when it comes to devolved issues, for Jim to make those decisions’. So it would appear that Mr Murphy’s grand powers over Labour’s manifesto for Scotland are confined to matters that are devolved only. The rest of it will be dictated from London.

  27. ronald alexander mcdonald

    Your comments regarding Labour are spot on. With regard to Home Rule I disagree. No Westminster party will give Home Rule to Scotland. The SNP’s ploy is to demonstrate this to the people of Scotland. It’s one thing saying it. It’s quite another (and a hundred times more powerful) proving it.

    The people will then realise it’s Independence or nothing. This is really what’s scaring Westminster.

  28. R A Mcdonald
    There’s a nail there with a very sore head!

  29. British Labour had a farm (animal that is)
    E I E I O
    and on that farm they had some XXXXXXXX
    E I E I O
    with a vow vow here and a vow vow there

  30. I’m not surprised by Labour’s blatant lies for 2 reasons:

    1. They have absolutely nothing left to try and attract voters – should they tell the truth? That they voted for more austerity WITH the Tories? That they abstained from a moratorium on fracking? That they voted for a replacement for Trident? The Labour party are supporting policies that are abhorrent to many in Scotland, particularly those in the Labour heartlands simply because Labour have deliberately moved tot he right to chase the English vote.

    They have NO other option but to lie to people in Scotland, hoping that if they say it often enough it will work.

    2. It WILL work for them, just as it did during the referendum where 55% voted against independence as a result of the vast amount of lies that were propagated by Better Together, who were North British Labour in all but name (just look who’s on Jim’s team now – McTernan, MacDougall, etc)

    And it will work, to a certain degree, because they effectively control the mainstream media in Scotland. The Daily Redcoat, Hootsman, even the Sun and Herald will reprint their lies without question. And of course there is the jewel in the crown, the BBC.

    If you can’t or chose not to hunt down the truth, because you actively have to do so, on pages like Derek’s, the Wee Ginger Dug, Wings Over Scotland, etc then you will never know the truth behind the lies from Labour. And this is exactly what Labour are desperately relying on and the MSM will dutifully deliver.

    If the MSM weren’t behind Labour, THAT would kill off the Labour party within days given the number of lies they spout. However, that won’t happen while Scotland is in the union and Scotland won’t leave the union until the MSM stop backing it. Pravda had nothing on the insidious, carefully biased reporting from the MSM – Labour know it and blatantly lie with impunity.

    I do believe Labour will lose seats in May. However, thanks to the MSM and 55% of people willing to believe the lies they print, I honestly cannot say whether it’ll be as few as 10 or as many as 41 seats.

  31. Derek
    Never doubt the esteem in which you are held
    Never sway about your value to the Independence Movement
    You are superb – and a great broadcaster.

    Today your insights have once again added to all who read your words.
    Who can detect the currents in a political sea – you can.
    Listen carefully.

  32. Venal, mendacious, self-seeking, unprincipled.

  33. What is Lewis MacDonald going to do now when his boss in Westminster said only a day ago that Home Rule will be on 100 days after the election?
    Probably not bother much, now that open lying is in.
    But the Scotsman, Daily Record, Herald, Guardian. Telegraph, BBC, are all chained together on the ‘good ship’ Labour. If one slips and falls hard enough they will go rattling over the side.

  34. Scottish Slabber are plumbing the depths again. Jackie Baillie stands up in Holyrood and tries to hijack SNP policies as their own, while Kesia Dugdale can only scowl and try to insult Nicola at every turn. Murphy is of course the ringleader, spouting his usual stolen ideas from the SNP. The MSM will not question them on this, although they will have many opportunities to do so. I am always optimistic about possibilities in the GE, I am sure we will wipe the floor with Labour, in the meantime we must make people aware of behaviour of these numpties who are trying to Scottify themselves to appeal to YES voters out there.DO NOT BECOME COMPLACENT, THERE IS STILL WORK TO BE DONE !

  35. Gosh, that was powerful.

  36. DB .. not sure if you ever read these comments …

    I started writing pro-Indy stuff some years ago. One of the things I always wanted to work out was a word or phrase that both had a good ring about it and accurately described the average naysayer. I have to admit I’ve yet to come across one that covers all bases … but it is a characteristic I’ve noticed in many naysayers, this self loathing you mention. Being embarrassed at all things Scottish, even apologetic. But when you understand as I do the machinations of colonialism, first hand .. you can see all around you the truly colonised Scotsman everywhere, who I describe using the phrase ..Tartan Morris Dancer …For whom political ideology plays very little part, in their allegiance to any of the Westminster parties. It is a allegiance to the idea that all that is English is good and better than Scottish and should be what we all aspire to!

    You might say a Tartan Morris Dance, who in all but name is English is the product of Macaulayism:,d.d24&psig=AFQjCNHRHz73zi-1Rzd7XU3U26GxjRZP5w&ust=1422757668384810

  37. An excellent post Derek and sadly there are still those out there who believe what Labour says, but I sense a change in the air. Less and less of those who Labour depended on to do their bidding are there any more, they are away working for the SNP. They, the wise ones suddenly realised during the last months of the Referendum that they were being taken for mugs.

  38. Long overdue article by a respected broadcaster. And it needed spelt out now before we get any closer to the G.E.

    I and others have been stating this observation for months that since the Referendum the ‘Murphy’ strategy masterminded by MacDougal and McTernan has been one of downright lying.

    It was obvious from the moment of the msm’s anointing of Murphy as the Unionist figurehead for the G.E., that phase two of the Ref. campaign..i.e annihilation of the Self Determination campaign was on. His contradictory and bogus pronouncements were not only never challenged, but have in fact been megaphoned by the msm, with your old employers, Derek, being chief culprits.

    The utter cynicism of the Brit pack and their howling sycophants…the msm is actually frightening to behold…..all honesty and democratic discourse abandoned in the pursuit of sustaining British domination of our country at all costs.

    We are witnessing black propaganda from the Labour party compounded by complete complicity and collusion by the UK msm. Democracy is compromised beyond repair by these criminals. I fear that because a very large majority of ‘NO’ voters are having their misguided and selfish prejudices reinforced that they will unite behind unionist parties in the G.E. and vote tactically. Further, I fear that many Labour ‘YES’ who were engaged during the REF debate, but have since switched off due to the continuance of the dreaded status quo will either not vote or revert to default c/o the ‘Record’ and the ‘BBC’.

    Those who are more optimistic than I need only look at the never-ending onslaught of Brit Prop in our media: I give you the 50th anniversary of Churchill’s funeral for chrissakes!….a man who cheerfully had tanks arrayed in George Sq. ready to shoot down the ‘returning heroes’ of WW1! Who also would have sanctioned Royal Naval guns from warships on the Clyde to fire on Glasgow, in the same way the Brits did to Dublin two years earlier.

    If you needed external evidence of the British State’s desperation to keep the population loyal ,that is a stark and frankly ludicrous ‘celebration’ to ponder. I

    In the Referendum, we had ‘Hope over Fear’…. now we are facing ‘Truth over Lies’.

  39. […] does, do outright lies and deception. Rather than me exploring this, now you see the background, go read Derek Bateman’s excellent post on […]

  40. And don’t forget that in the liberation of Greece, Churchill ordered the British Army to attack the Greek freedom fighters who fought the Nazis/. Churchill was also in favour of poison gas (chemical weapons) after the First World War, considering it a useful tool for subjugating tribesmen. Referring to Norther Indian tribesmen, he is on record, since declassified, as saying “I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes,”

    The British state has a long and sordid history of duplicity which is not taught in schools

  41. Consider Derek, would you have written this article soon after your retirement from the BBC? You appear to have travelled somewhat on a political awareness journey.

    Lies? They are only words.

    The Murphy japes described in your article are simply a more blatant version of Westminster activities through the years. Japes? Yes japes.Murphy and his ghastly henchmen McDougal and McTernan, the Burke and Hare of politics, couldn’t care less about truth and integrity. Power, and money, well that is a different matter. As wordsmiths they will use their word tools to deceive the unwary and gullible

  42. You’re a braw writer Derek …. The wee ginger dug has the same outlook as your good self but he tends to concentrate on Magrit the Curran, his local MP.

    Presume you’ve seen his latest epistle..?

  43. Labour think the way things stand, they’ve very little to lose. They’re gambling their remaining credibility just to get back in the game.

  44. There’s a review of Ferdinand Mount’s “The New Few, a very British Oligarchy”,

    Mount who was in charge of Thatcher’s Policy Unit at No.10, details how the whole corrupt Incestuous quagmire that is the British Establishment works, covering everything from The Financial Sector through Boardrooms, Westminster, Media, Academia and Quangos. Even explains how Thatcher ‘hollowed out’ the Tory Party to ensure no problems from the local ‘Clubs’ and how Blair followed suit.

    Click here to go to the article.

  45. Murphy and gang are engaging in, what psychologists refer to as, Gas-lighting

    “Gaslighting or gas-lighting[1] is a form of mental abuse in which information is twisted/spun, selectively omitted to favor the abuser, or false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception and sanity.[2] Instances may range simply from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred, up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim.”

  46. […] you think an honest, heartfelt and carefully considered piece by Derek Bateman would cause a change of tact?  Scottish Labour actually got more deceitful and […]

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