The Propaganda State

It catches up with them in the end – the cheats and spinners, the swindlers and crooks. After an organised campaign of vilification against the senior civil servant at the Scottish government, a whole shovel-load of Unionists have been left with their trousers down as the top man at the UK treasury admits he deliberately bent the rules on which the impartiality of British administration is founded.

Sir Nicholas Macpherson is Permanent Secretary at the Treasury and is charged with taking a neutral stance in British politics, while obviously serving the government of the day.

Macpherson_Treasury will be tougher on public sector pay

But in a talk in London, Macpherson makes explicit that the view of the British state was that independence was a threat to the fabric of British society and its physical integrity (like a German invasion in 1944 I suppose).  He said that in such an “extreme” case as last year’s referendum, in which “people are seeking to destroy the fabric of the state” and to “impugn its territorial integrity”, the normal rules of civil service impartiality did not apply.

It therefore was imperative that  – in effect – anything and everything could be spun, elided, made up, distorted and omitted. And there you have it. When it chooses, the British state makes up its own rules and, despite not bothering to inform you in advance (perhaps I missed the press release), mounted an all-out attack on the independence movement while pretending to be balanced and fair, while promoting their case. They lied. Who authorised this propaganda assault? Who approved tearing up the rules? Who decided to keep it quiet?

George Osborne Underlines UK Government's Opposition To Currency Union

No one here is remotely surprised that the UK would go into ‘war mode’ against the Scots and break every rule it tells the world it lives by but it is rare indeed to hear the guilt admitted so soon. Indeed, it looks like an embarrassing mistake by the British if we find ourselves facing another vote in coming years.  Mind you, we are happy to learn that Macpherson did all this ‘for our own good’ – us silly little Scots who think we might run our country. And what mockery it makes of the Edinburgh Agreement and its Cameron-backed promises.

Item 30.  The United Kingdom and Scottish Governments are committed, through the Memorandum of Understanding 4 between them and others, to working together on matters of mutual interest and to the principles of good communication and mutual respect.  The two governments have reached this agreement in that spirit.  They look forward to a referendum that is legal and fair producing a decisive and respected outcome.  The two governments are committed to continue to work together constructively in the light of the outcome, whatever it is, in the best interests of the people of Scotland and of the rest of the United Kingdom.

Only one side wasn’t. It was planning to cheat its way through the process. Where is the section that declares; ‘the UK government regards independence as a threat to the fabric of society and impugns its territorial integrity. It is therefore tantamount to an act of war which we will oppose by all means at our disposal’?

I also struggle to see how the fabric of British society is threatened by a democratic choice. The SNP offered to maintain the social union, to have no frontier, to share any number of services and responsibilities including currency. It was unionists who howled Foreigners! (How excruciating now for the Margaret Currans and others who said their own family would become foreigners).

We were of course told, us blogging Yessers, that we were paranoid. We were obsessive. We built the state up into a sinister presence when it was just benign old Britain. Who’s paranoid now?

And, for fun, let’s recall all the really paranoid nutters who (publicly) attacked Sir Peter Housden in Edinburgh while their own side was gleefully breaking all the rules in London.

First up is Weasel (Brian) Wilson in the Scotsman: ‘And that brings me to Sir Peter Housden, Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government and widely regarded as a wholly-owned Salmond subsidiary. Sir Peter’s eagerness to please ministers is well-known, but he needs to be reminded of his duty of care to fellow civil servants.’ And the funny bit is this Wilsonian Holy Willie epistle to his own utterly impartial time. ‘It all seems an incredibly far cry from my days as a minister in the Scottish Office when the delineation between government statements and party propaganda was rigidly enforced and a tension existed between politicians and the civil service, particularly the press office.’ Self-serving crap. I was there as a reporter on the wrong end of any number of contrived spin efforts by Wilson and his toadies. He has been a propagandist all this life. Do you really think he stopped when he could do most damage?

Another Labour slugger with a big boot is Paul Martin MSP. ‘The checks and balances that the permanent secretary is supposed to be providing in his role are being sorely missed and Sir Peter Housden seems content to cheer Alex Salmond on rather than scrutinise his conduct.’

Of course there is no Labour story without the demonic McTernan whose stock in trade is abuse. Ergo ‘What’s happened in Scotland is this extraordinary process where parts of the civil service have adopted the ideology of a political party and promoted it. That’s because of the leadership from the top, of the permanent secretary, and because of the weakness of the UK Civil Service in preventing discipline being applied. I know a lot of really good and talented civil servants who have simply left the Scottish government because they are being pushed too hard and not being protected from political pressure.”

And who’s this popping up with one of the most virulent and personalised attacks of all? ‘Yet again Sir Peter has failed to uphold the traditions of the independent civil service. He is acting more like an SNP lackey than the head of the Civil Service in Scotland.’ Yes, Wee Willie Rennie…


And of course the Great Bore himself, Alistair Darling, as if to prove that the cabal had indeed organised its attack (you know, like the cybernats pelting Murphy with eggs). He told the Commons – to make sure it went into the parliamentary record – ‘The entire effort of the Scottish Government is now being directed towards the referendum. I just do not have the confidence that the permanent secretary … is going to have any control over the SNP at all…’ And, in the Guardian he followed up: ‘They’re getting away with stuff – we’d have been stopped in our tracks by the civil service. He is very fortunate in his permanent secretary. He’s incredibly accommodating.’

From someone who has been rescued by civil servants before and who must have known how his personal friend Macpherson was handling the referendum unfairly, this tells us pretty clearly that posh Alistair really is a shit.

Still, as we now know, all’s fair in love and war and if the Britnats have to lie and cheat to keep themselves in charge, if they have to diminish their own people and traditions to block a democratic vote, then we know them all the better for it. This process really has been enlightening –it has confirmed my own doubts about so-called integrity in government. Yours too?

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92 thoughts on “The Propaganda State

  1. Universal suffrage…get thee behind me…..

  2. Given this public admission that the UK Civil Service was actively engaged in working to defeat the YES campaign, you have to wonder whether the UK spooks, widely known to have been in place in Scotland for years, actually interfered in the authenticity of the result of the vote.

    • Many people have been howled down but with regards to interferingwith the votes but I know we in my household think this is quite possible,

      • Online there are plenty who seem curiously emphatic in their dismissal of the possibility of it having been anything other than pure as the driven snow.
        In the real world, I’ve not met anyone amongst Yes & No’s, except for the odd politician who understandably need to be very careful what they say, who doubts to a greater or lesser degree that the whole thing stinks.

      • But there’s no evidence it happened, and an awful lot of evidence that it didn’t.

        I think people should stop obsessing about interference with ballot papers and look at what they actually did do. Like the above. And other stuff I strongly suspect but won’t mention because I can’t prove it. Things that should be being discussed are escaping scrutiny, partly because of an unjustifiable focus on vote-tampering.

        • I wonder how many impartial and independent observers were involved in the actual tally of the bundles of YES/NO votes to produce the final tally.

          I suspect since there were no partial and aligned observers involved in this fundamentally crucial aspect of the entire voting process, that it was left to the integrity of the Returning Officer in each polling area.

          It’s always fine for some to keep the pot boiling with worries over unprovable issues which in-effect deflect attention, but whomsoever permitted, or designed the final tallying of vote bundles to be accrued, or mis-accrued, unobserved, could probably be getting a mention in the coming honours listings for services to democratic processes.

          Given Macpherson’s vainglorious testimony, was just about anything, ever out of bounds? Methinks not.

          Just saying like.

        • Margaret Brogan

          I couldn’t agree more. They are now so confident that they openly talk about how they behaved during the Referendum. They really don’t care what we think.
          Kevin McKenna’ s piece in yesterday’s National is chilling.

        • Margaret Brogan

          I left a reply agreeing with Morag, but it has disappeared. See if this one survives!

        • Oh I am sure Morag that there was no vote rigging among those votes cast at the Polling Station, I have serious doubts as to those Postal votes, I wonder if they can be found now.

    • Well, there can not be much doubt now

  3. Great piece, Derek. No soft approach; simply saying the actual horrifying truth……..especially concerning Brian Wilson. Despicable behaviour from him.
    Thank you.

    • Here is the awful truth in full from our state broadcaster, BBC Scotlandshire:
      “Sir Humphrey justifies ‘suspending the laws of economics’ during Scottish referendum”


  4. Aye mine too Derek. We always knew that this was probably going on, but it’s nice to have it confirmed. Store it away till next time.

  5. And this really does make the independence referendum null and void.

    The oil price drop is being used by the BritNats to tell us that we are even less able to be independent.

    Followed by devo max is now a ‘danger’.

    Next up. Scots MPs being excluded from votes which will have an effect on Scotland.

    How will we escape this corrupt union, why do the usual suspects still support being in this increasingly obvious abusive relationship?

  6. Arseholes ( pardon my French) so we have to ask now , is the electoral commision “neutral ?” obviously not after looking at their pamphlet with a full page vote no advert and as has already been alluded were GCHQ, MI5 etc etc also “neutral”
    If only we had the MSM picking up on this, a common lament

  7. It didn’t take the Scottish Referendum for me to understand “…so called integrity in [British] government”.
    It was ever thus. If only we could do something about it.

  8. Many of us naively thought that the spirit of the Edinburgh Agreement would be adhered to. Despite the mounting evidence throughout the referendum campaign, part of me still clung on to the diminishing belief that our opponents would play fair. Now I know that between the BBC, the UK Civil Service, captains of industry, the press and of course our corrupt unionist politicians, we were stitched up good and proper.

    But lets not think that the unionists feel any shame about their actions. They do not recognise our description of them as “liars and cheats”. They see themselves as heroes of the union who did what was necessary to preserve the British state. Their argument is an extreme case of the end justifying the means. And of course for such an argument to prevail, there must be total conviction that the end – preservation of the UK – is worthy. But if you have to lie and cheat to persuade people of that worthiness, is that not a self-defeating agument?

  9. This information has to be put out in the public domain for next time, Westminister, Scottish Parliament elections and the next Referendum.

  10. This should be published in a print paper such as The National. I know it wont though?

    • Front page today..

    • Much of the above has been printed in The National today.

    • What is also needed is that all those in favour of Independence or even Devomax, become active on Twitter, Facebook, et al, especially Twitter, because the more who are ‘speaking’ out on these unedited and uncontrolled media the better. The Establishment including the MSM is trying to ignore what is said on social media but that is impossible and it is having to interact more and more.

      So join up. It is not complicated. And you will immediately be able to offer your opinions to a world wide audience just like the many Scots who are already doing so.

  11. A very good report into what the good old (HONEST) British state was up to , but are we really all that surprised . I think they have had plenty of time to refine their skills in the black arts ,but perhaps people will start to wake up and think that SCOTLAND is being milked like the proverbial cow and not a partner amongst equals. But I have a feeling it would not matter Derek what kind of proof you might come up with
    some people will all ways vote for the UNION.

    • Some people will always vote for the famouse UNION. But every day, every week, every month, every year – there are fewer of them.

      Yes, the won this time. But at what price. The Labour Party, the CBI, the Civil Service and yes, Derek, the BBC, have all massively damaged their own credibility.

      About that little boy, who cries ‘Wolf!’. What happened next time.

  12. Of course this begs the question: Do you still think it is a credible argument that the BBC’s partiality was solely down to Incompetence and poor management?

  13. We, the regular readers of these blogs, are well informed. We get the picture, we know about the abuses, the flaws, the corruption and the lies that the Britnats were putting out there in order to get a result. We know that anything, however despicable, however fictional, however demeaning of Scotland and it’s people was fine as long as it might help the NO vote. We had a process that politicised many more than any previous campaign but, on this evening, there are still way more folks in Scotland grieving over a soap opera star, lamenting or feeling pleased at the departure of tits from the Sun, checking their lottery tickets or talking fitba pish than there are reading this blog. That is what makes it so easy for these Britnats and that is what really gets me down sometimes. Like now!

  14. It seems indy was to be defeated by any and all means. You can be sure then, that all avenues from MI5, dodgy postal votes and plain old cheating were almost certainly used.

    • I read that, before the count was started, the Irish civil service who were preparing the response in the event of a yes win were told by their bosses to wrap it up as a response would not be needed. Clairvoyant or what.

    • MI5, I’d say so. Have you ever thought about what MI5 might have done, though?

      You keep going on about postal votes, but that’s been debunked to hell and gone by Lawyers for Yes, among other people. There simply is no scope in the numbers for postal vote tampering or fiddling to have swung the referendum.

      Think about other things they could have done and probably did do, that don’t involve the (impossible) large-scale tampering with ballot papers.

  15. Sir Nicholas Macpherson, another Eton-Oxbridge old boy…what a surprise.

  16. Politics is a dirty business, devoid of integrity. Until the majority wake-up to that reality, nothing will change.

  17. Hmmm…suspected the underhand tactics, but it still makes me furious. If the democratic will of people in Scotland is for independence or even home rule, the Westminster establishment is determined to deny us our democratic rights. Talk about being second class!

  18. The Independence Referendum should have been declared null and void as soon as Westminster got involved and interfered with it. There and then the Edinburgh Agreement was broken and we were not being allowed “The decision for the people of Scotland” as Cameron was so fond of saying, but only until they realised that it might just be about to happen then they had to rig it to get their desired no vote. We should be declaring it null and void now, especially in light of this admission and on top of all the other stuff that has come out before.

  19. The British government told lies – now there’s a surprising news story.
    The first time they tell the truth, let me know – then I will really worry!

  20. Let’s go for UDI ASAP.We are never going to have our independence by any other means.

  21. Even in the event of a YES vote, they were quite clear that they would do their damndest to ruin our economy. Remember when they were talking about closing Grangemouth in Oct 2013? It was said at the time that the Scottish economy relied so much on it that economic chaos would ensue with its closure. Who was a major recipient of the spoils of the NO vote? INEOS with all those fracking licences. I think they still had plenty up their sleeve that they never actually had to deploy. I’m not saying this is what a actually happened, it’s speculation, but it still has a fishy smell.

    Not that that scares me, I’d rather be poor and free of the whole sorry lot than be subject to them.

    • Indeed. I expected the old fake ‘tartan terrorists’ to make an appearance in September, and perhaps a substantial smear against a major SNP figure, but in the end it turned out that they were not needed this time.

      Does anybody actually believe that 97% of the Scottish electorate registered to vote? All we can say is that a number of persons equivalent to 97% of the Scottish Electorate, were registered to vote. These two things are not necessarily the same thing.

      The UK’s electoral system as operating in Scotland in September 2014 was as full of holes as a Swiss cheese. Individual voter registration introduced in England & Wales earlier but delayed in Scotland until after the referendum (this was just an accident of timing I think) will help, in that people seeking to get on the electoral register will in future have to prove they actually exist. But I see no sign that there will be any systematic check that they live where they say they live.

      And as for Postal Votes – bah! ‘evidence of electoral fraud that would disgrace a banana republic.’ Richard Mawrey QC

  22. Well said sir, the corrupt society in the south of England deserve such a parliament, we don’t.

  23. I now truly believe that BBC Scotland is being run by the Labour party. There are enough people in that organisation from Labour backgrounds to make it happen. Witnessing the nightly attacks on the Scottish Health service is proof enough. There is an agenda. Despite the SHS being miles better than the English one and meeting 95% of its targets. They manage to find some old biddy every night who has had to wait a week for a bunion removal. There is no counter balance and no pointing to the success stories for the 95% of cases. So we have the BBC making mischief and its part of Murph’ys plan.

    • I believe every word that you’ve written to be true Big Jock! I always thought the Labour party run the BBC, oh and that company called “38 degrees” is also run by the Labour party!
      And I would say that the main reason that SNP are being excluded from debates, are quite simply because Labour hates SNP!!
      The only thing I can say is that people all over Scotland are becoming more aware of Murphy’s mischief, and Labour’s spin! But in regard to the blog…..2 words….stitched up!!!!

    • Eleanor Bradford

      Eleanor Bradford is the BBC Health correspondent with an unhealthy obsession about the Scottish Government. She continues to develop her own stories – i.e.’ Hospitals are sometimes busy shock’

  24. You know what is even more disgraceful? The fact that we as peaceful democratic voters have no redress. An unelected public servant can decide what he thinks is a threat to the fabric of society, not an expert from the MOD , not an academic expert but an unelected administrator.
    Add to that , the fact , there is no public outlet in Scotland to examine, discuss or even explain to the public just what a significant admission this is and it only reinforces how poorly served we are by the BBC , STV and our newspapers.
    Where’s BBC Scotland’s chief political Correspondent ? Should he not have a view on this? Is a democratic vote in Scotland worth less than a career in the civil service ? An absolute abuse of power .

    • It seems to me that the only redress we have is for someone to get going a petition from the people of Scotland to the Scottish Government to proclaim a UDI. If over half of the population signed it, then Holyrood would have no choice to obey the sovereign people of Scotland, and Westminster would have no choice but to go along with it or send in the Redcoats. Of course they would try to disrupt or trade and economy when we would become independent, but they are doing that anyway. Sending in the Redcoats would not gain them favour internationally.

    • Sadly,perfectly correct…to anyone who was uncertain before: what do you feel now? I’d voted yes, while thinking that our Referendum was important enough to be conducted properly and fairly – I wonder what our ‘No-voting’ friends must feel, in the light of this information?! I had always been positive regarding the rUK, but not with Westminster and all it has influence over. This certainly depicts a review of my attitude; but, certainly strengthens my urge for our true Independence!

  25. What price an honest election now, especially given how shit scared they’re getting about a possible SNP landslide?

  26. His arrogance to come out and admit it,means he feels safe to say it

  27. This is why Salmon’s said there are other routes to independence. He realises that another referendum is a busted flush as its practically unwinnable against the Colonial Empire. We have to get our independence by mutual agreement between the two governments. How? We make as much mischief and mayhem in Westminster as we can and destabilise the system to breaking point.

    • Big Jock I see that as the only way for us to finally get free. We will be faced with another load of cheating. I do think that there is very likely to be another seismic shift in the UK just as there has been elsewhere in the World, being an island has kept Britain free of new ideas for a very long time. They hate the Internet, it is the conduit where new ideas come from, and which they are at present impotent to deal with, give them too long and we will all be terrorists.

    • I think that is exactly what SNP will do, and with at least 50 of them being in WM they will create Havoc.

  28. I demand…no insist, the EUROPEAN Union lawyers and human rights people, look into the legality of the referendum result, is this true democracy? , GB goes around the world, telling everyone how to behave, and how to run elections, then choose to lie, and cheat their own subjects….conservatives are trying to take Britain out of the EU, time for help from those same people,the British establishment are rotten to the core……scotland needs help, the truth is out there….

  29. “the fabric of the state” is a telling phrase. The state is *fabricated*. It is a human construct. To sacrifice all to a human construct is, I think, what is meant by idolatry. The state, like any artifact, may be discarded when it is broken. This one has long been broken, and my limited knowledge of history suggests that there was but the briefest of times (post WW2) when our representatives were trying to mend it.

    But don’t take it personally. The state is not being preserved at the expense of Scotland, it is being preserved at the expense of everybody within its borders. We nearly had a chance to try to do things differently, but that would have destroyed the precious fiction.

  30. Aye mine too. The civil service says normal rules of impartiality don’t apply, the BBC makes “mistakes” . My eyes have been well and truly opened

  31. Does anyone still feel that the vote was not in some way manipulated. Given the comments it would be a small thing for them to lose some postal votes. I can’t prove it, but I suspect the vote was rigged in some way. In the end I think no would have one. However as it looked like a tight race they may have made sure there was no recount, as that would have revealed the truth. So the dodgy postal votes were a security in the event of a tight race. Remember Camerons first words:”There will be no recount”.

    • Yes and why not, why no recount. I will say this as a member of the SNP, that the party should have cancelled the referendum as soon as the Vow was promised. This was the final bit of cheating by the British State, why was this allowed to continue?

    • Yes. Honestly, declaring that they had the motive and the will to do it doesn’t make any difference if they didn’t have the means, and if the evidence all indicates that it wasn’t done. Every which way you examine the voting numbers, there’s no scope for fiddling at the scale of hundreds of thousands of votes.

      Look, guys, they had other means. Things that should be being discussed are being ignored because every single time the discussion turns back to baseless allegations of vote-tampering. The treasury bias discussed above is one thing. I think they did other things too, things they thought would be enough to swing it but bloody nearly weren’t. Why not talk about the more creative and more likely scams that were going on?

  32. I made a statement in April last year that we should have had the referendum overseen by the U.N.
    I firmly believe we would be in an independent country now if we had.

  33. The westminster establishment do not play by the rules,why should SCOTLAND ,why can’t we do what Mr.Smith did for Zimbabwe all those years ago when he declared UDI for that part of of South Africa to rid themselves of the yoke of westminster .

  34. “posh Alistair really is a shit” …surely you can do better than that. I enjoyed this article, a good point well made.

  35. The worst kept “secrets” for those with a few brain cells now confirmed by one of the protagonists. There is little that can be done when so many people keep their heads down, dare not think or acknowledge what their elected representatives or officials in the pay of the public purse will do to move against democracy.

    What they will do is anything it takes; nothing is sacrosanct. They will run a country and its people into the ground, they will create and execute wars and conflicts, they will hound the poor and dispossessed to suicide, etc., etc,

    The people for whom they are supposed to work do not matter only the power; it is no less than a protection racket. Honour and integrity? Missing in action.

  36. Surely this admission renders the result of the referendum null and void! Something must be done about it. Would some courageous organisation initiate and circulate a petition to the Scottish Government to make a UDI? If a majority of Scots were to sign it, Westminster could not gainsay it. They may send in the Redcoats, but that would not go down very well internationally. We should not lie down to this.

  37. Steve Asaneilean

    As you eloquently put it Derek – who’s paranoid now?!

  38. Sir Nicholas Macpherson’s observations read more like the effusions of a retired colonel spluttering over his kedgeree that the sober reflections of a senior civil servant. At one point he even speculates that the referendum result might have been more favourable to the Union if the Irish free state’s decision to cut pensions in 1924 had featured as part of the proposition put to Scottish voters in 2014. Good grief!

  39. Katrine Paterson

    Thanks Derek for this proof.
    When I heard the first result from my wee home county of Clackmannanshire, I ran upstairs and covered my head under the duvet. I knew what was about to happen.
    I would normally have watched results of such magnitude.
    Despair was immediate, as I believed the powers that be, were not about to let us
    split from the UK. The way the big shots descended en mass in a state of shock after the poll in favour of Yes, made me aware that they would stop at nothing to save their hides.
    So how can we surmount this huge brick wall?

    We have to find a way!

  40. And yet those that voted no will still say were better together,

  41. Derek, in all seriousness can you really maintain the position that the BBC was merely incompetent and poorly managed when it broadcast such blatant anti-independence propaganda?

  42. Morag – Call me crazy,but I honestly believe BBC Scotland are running the SLAB campaign. The coverage of Murphy,constant berating of SNP and the health service. Giving air time to that vulture McTernan. Dumb and Dumber Dugdale and Marra never off the TV complaining about the NHS…etc etc. There is no balance which gives the game away.

    • I’m hardly going to call you crazy since I’ve been saying the same thing. I got pelters last year for saying they were running the No campaign. I honestly can’t see how it’s inadvertent.

  43. Aye,and they had the cheek to summon them to a Westminster committee about impartiality in the civil service if i remember.

  44. Brilliant! Sheer inspiration. Thanks so much for this Derek. John

  45. Here he was, speaking in Dublin last year, to polite applause, about the Scottish indyref:

    • He’s so dull its really hard to listen to what he is saying, I’m struggling to keep listening and I’m only at 5 minutes.
      I can’t believe he just brought up the Darien Scheme!!!
      Hmm! He speaks from ‘family experience’ from the 18th and 19th century – what? He looks like he is lying around 9.30 looks stressed and shifty, different to the beginning of the talk when he looked pretty relaxed. 12.39 mins Scottish Banks would relocate! Oil Revenues getting smaller at 14.16 mins. And currency union 15.47 mins. He advised against a currency union 16.37mins. Its the full scare script.

  46. Steve Asaneilean

    The links between New Labour in Scotland and those in a position of influence in the BBC (especially BBC Scotland) are there for all to see. Does that amount to a conspiracy? I don’t think so.

    But it does amount to a huge conflict of interest which in any other line of work would simply not be tolerated. For example, the decision by Kirsty wark to invite the then First Minister Jack McConnell to her holiday home in 2005 illustrates the point quite well. How she was then allowed to carry on reporting on current affairs and politics for the BBC through her Newsnight gig is beyond me. It simply would not be tolerated anywhere else because the potential for a conflict of interest is so overwhelming.

    And anyone who says they are above that sort of influence (just like anyone who says they are not influenced by advertising) is just deluding themselves.

  47. It’s weird how the machinery of the British State was mustered to bring undue influence to a democratic process but can’t publish the Chilcot Report (despite the underlying inquiry having its last public hearing in 2011).

    People living in Scotland seeking to govern themselves are somehow a greater threat to democracy and the rule of law than the government entering an illegal war and subjecting its citizen to death, injury and increased terrorist threat.

  48. Alistair Darling being described as “posh”. Is this irony? Or some new definition of “posh” that I have not heard before, like describing someone as “queer” when of course you mean “gay”?

  49. How ironic this man is called Macpherson …. no doubt proud of his Scottish heritage ….”We are bought and sold for English gold” ….

  50. Anybody who believes for a second that Scotland and Scottish people will ever be given a fair crack of the whip from Westmonster and the establishment is living in cloud cuckoo land ! I watched STV news last night only to be informed that “Labour” have called on the Government to address the issue of taxation in the North Sea oil industry. They are obviously copying Nicola’s homework jotter,since the SNP have been calling out for this for at least a month. Tonight we learn that the Chillcot Report will not be released till after the GE, because of the damage it will do to the careers of existing cabinet members, not to mention exposing Murphy’s Blairite credentials.
    Scots will be “kept in their place” to remove the chance of us, or the majority of us daring to opt for self determination.Fear not, the lies, deception and scaremongering will continue between now and the GE in the hope that our Imperial Masters can terrify some more OAPs into voting against the SNP.
    Get one thing straight we must send a final message to Labour ,that we will never forget their actions last year during the Indyref.They and their sheep like followers must be taught a lesson come May…you flew with the Tories be prepared to be obliterated with the Tories.
    Talking of the Chillcot debacle, Tony Blair and his fellow warmongers must have breathed a gasp of amazement at this lengthiest of delays.Murphy must have lit a big cigar and laughed.
    Indeed this whole pile of crap is a classic example of the Establishment closing ranks, just as happened last year during the referendum.
    So as I started off in my rant, Scotland will be viewed as a thorn in the Westmonster side, so lets do it properly and return as many SNP ministers as possible to Westmonster ……WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY.
    Lets do this !!!!

  51. What is evidenced by this is that this ‘fabric of British society’ that Westminster like to harp on about so much is psychopathy. I’ve always wondered what they meant by that phrase and now I know. They have no issue hurting one state within the ‘family of nations’ as long as it is to the benefit of their own state.

  52. Well, yes. Yes they did break both the spirit and the rule, when it came to the Edinburgh Agreement. The only thing they would have upheld was the result for or against.

    As for how the desirable result would be achieved? Well for the establishment there really only was one way.

    Throw the rule book in the bin. As far as they are concerned democracy isn’t what we live by, its tool, a word, a toy, a useful shield to hide behind or discard as required. They never intended fair debate or democratic free choice and bent every effort toward that desired result.

    You ‘almost’ feel sorry for those who voted in the belief that UK governance was worth saving. That being part of some state idea of Britannia was worth the spread of societal division, fear, lies and national denigration we had to endure.

    They can still put it right though in May. There’s no hiding what HMG and BT did during the campaign and we’ve had plenty of time to analyse their arrogance post referendum. So confident are they that there will be no slap on the wrist for them, that their campaign director openly admitted the strategy was entirely targeted negativity. That the Queen’s accidental interference, wasn’t exactly all that accidental. That Cameron lobbied overseas aid, retail corporations and the financial sector for intervention and now the capper, that the impartial civil service wasn’t really so impartial.

    If you haven’t been used and abused enough yet, then continue to vote for the same toothless representation you always have. If you feel you could stand some payback though. If you feel you’d like a shot at FFA (devo max), or indeed feel that a future second chance is what you require, then put pro Scotland MPs on those benches in May. Sending down as many SNP MPs as we can is a start and IMO its the only thing that will stand between WM and further damage to the Scottish electorate.

  53. It would appear that the British Establishment view the integrity of the British state, as being more important than the existence of a democratic mandate for their actions. Who’d have thunk?

    I’ve never felt more like a piece of livestock, #theythinktheyownyou.

  54. Macpherson’s “confession” might well be the thin end of some wedge in coming Whitehall tactics.It comes from the new masters of the Grand Game , those graduates in the dark arts of The Spin and the mendacious Special Alliance.They do have form in preserving monarchical state control.It’s the orwellian taint in their machiavellian mash that turns the stomach of many and blinds lots more.Time will tell.

  55. Morag says: “Derek, in all seriousness can you really maintain the position that the BBC was merely incompetent and poorly managed when it broadcast such blatant anti-independence propaganda?”

    I think Derek must realise this and your further comments about the Beeb running the SLab campaign during the referendum and now.

    The Beeb campaign against the Scottish Gov continue apace. My other half was apoplectic this morning having listened to Gary Robertson on radio interrupting John Swinney incessantly then allowing Carmichael to say his piece uninterrupted. G Robertson then rather cheekily gave the link to complain to the Beeb on Twitter. They now think they have totally free rein and their arrogance is insufferable.

    I don’t suppose it is any use reminding them of the dis-service they are doing to the Scottish electorate who put the SNP in government in Scotland and could reasonably expect to be able to hear their Ministers, etc., speak about policies which affect them via what is supposed to be a public service broadcaster.

    Public service? – the joke is on us.

  56. I always thought there would be dirty tricks – you only had to listen to the daily lies coming from BT and the UK govt to know they wouldn’t play fair – but the degree of collusion by the forces against Independence exposed recently is appalling. I really shouldn’t be surprised, however, for a number of recent books by the likes of Donnachadh McCarthy, John Hills, Andrew Sayer, Danny Dorling, Nicholas Shaxson, James Meek and many others, have laid out in all the gory detail how the British state is in the hands of the rich and powerful and is doing all it can to enable them to become even more rich and powerful

    MP’s, Lords, the mandarins of the Civil Service, the higher echelons of HMRC, the MSM are all (or many of them are) in the pockets of the oligarchs of big business. We know the voting system is an insult to democracy and the House of Lords is medieval inequality and patronage at its worst, but when you learn that so many of our legislators are either actually in the pay of corporate billionaires or are expecting to move seamlessly onto their payrolls (along with their civil service apparatchiks) and that the oligarchs have placemen helping to advise on and draft legislation for their own benefit then you know there is no democracy in this country. To put it crudely, at UK level, “democracy” means we get the opportunity every five years to place Mr Murdoch’s pet poodle in Downing Street.

    I really don’t know how any of this is going to change – they have the money, they have all the levers of power, they have the organisation, they have the forces of law and order and the judiciary (prison for stealing a bottle of water, no punishment for bringing the economy to its knees), they have the security services. They can lie, cheat, spin, suborn and ultimately repress.

    OK, “We are the people”. But do enough of us know what has been happening over the last 40 or so years and do enough of us really care?

  57. would we have after a yes vote we have seen those brand new armoured troop carriers charge through Carlisle and Berwick. why did they order hundreds, why all this intimidation. david cameron stated from the outset he would do everything within his power to stop independence.

  58. Any YES supporter still paying the BBC licence is complicit in maintaining the propaganda.

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