Not in My Name

I’m not sure I’ve done such a scary interview as today’s with Craig Murray, the former ambassador.

In it he casually describes forms of torture and how it is organised, who is behind it and how it is covered up by successive British governments.


More than that, he reminds us how he blew the whistle on fingernail-pulling and immersion in boiling liquid (confirmed by forensic pathology in Glasgow) and how he was threatened by his employers – our British government. They first of all tried to maneouvre him out of Tashkent with the offer of a posting to cultured Copenhagen, then they threatened him with a list of 18 misdemeanours, none of which were true – including driving a Landrover down a flight of stairs!

It is extraordinary stuff which lets you see the British State in a new light – the dark, sinister and calculating uncaring British machine, not the honest broker of fair play and decency…old fashioned Blighty of popular imagination.


What I like about this analysis is that it coincides with my own which has over the years changed from indifferent acceptance of the British brand to hostility to the whole idea of Britishness which, whatever its strengths, is a front for often brutal, inhumane, self-serving treatment of foreign interests and of our own people at home.

There are signs of a gradual awakening to this concept of the benign front for easy cynicism that is the British system from MP’s expenses to the castration of the Kenyan Mau Mau and the determined denial of wrong-doing until proven guilty in our courts – the last bastion of British values?

But the swing to the SNP and the rise of UKIP – never mind the diametrically oppose policy positions – are indicators of ordinary citizens grasping what the Establishment is really about. It ain’t pretty. We are no longer a country on the side of the angels and this interview provides a harsh and withering light on the morality of New Labour – progressive democrats(!) at home and bloody abusers and murderers abroad. As Murray explains, even Thatcher baulked at intelligence taken from torture. All it took for Labour to join the despots was Blair to fall in with Bush. From then on, no one was safe – not the innocent, not women (pregnant and otherwise), not children who were also rendered to undeclared prisons and not principled dissidents. Britain – our government – authorised their kidnap and detention in torture centres from which some would never return. Cruel Britannia indeed.


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24 thoughts on “Not in My Name

  1. I agree with most of your article Derek. However I have some doubts about this:

    As Murray explains, even Thatcher baulked at intelligence taken from torture.

    Thatcher at worst supported Pinochet and other vile dictators, or at best was extremely tolerant of them. If 9/11 or a similar incident occurred when Thatcher was PM, I think she would have reacted in a similar manner to Blair. Of course what it probably does demonstrate is that Labour inherited the authoritarian method of rule of Thatcher (and she arguably inherited the old colonial/empire mentality from those before her), and arguably took it to even lower squalid depths. No wonder Thatcher was so proud of New Labour.

    • This poster is so typical of the people who voted Bliar and his criminal cabal in and cannot face the truth of what they done.
      It had nothing to do with Thatcher and everything to do with a bunch of dishonest and crooked politicians and their entourage who should be in jail for their crimes.

      • I never voted for Blair, Brown and New Labour. If you cannot see the parallels and similarities between Thatcher and New Labour in both foreign and domestic policy, then that is your problem. They both had an authoritarian mind-set at the heart of their politics. New Labour clearly inherited that mind-set, and it is related to colonialism/ imperialism, and reversing the decline of British state power in foreign policy in particular. To properly understand politics and history you need to study both change and continuities, and the latter includes those between succeeding governments. You seem to think you can judge them in isolation from each other.

        • New Labour did not inherit anything from Thatcher and the idea that they had a mindset related to colonialism/imperialism beggars belief. Not only that but to suggest that their goal was to reverse the decline of British state power suggests someone who has studied neither change nor continuities between succeeding governments. They are entirely isolated from each other in terms of ideology and completely divorced from the notion of continuity by their own words and actions.
          The only people who compare Bliarites with the tories are those “left wing” stalwarts who were left behind in the rush to get a position in the Mandelson, Campbell and Bliar clique.
          The reality of the situation is that the Bliar government set about politicising the institutions of this country with placemen or women appointed to absolutely prevent any alternative opinions being brought forward…. to shout loud abuse at anyone who dared question their motives… to cement their power base…..a bit like the old communist states did……and like their counterparts enriched themselves while they done so…..but the betrayal of the people who voted for them and of the country at large went much deeper than simply imposing their will upon the country….they tried to ensure that no other political view would ever again be heard… retain power at any cost….to stifle expression of opinion …..and along the way committed some heinous crimes along the way.
          Please do not try to lecture me on how to judge politics or what I should think….I suspect I have lived through more than you…..and I have been fortunate enough to be educated enough to form opinions only on the basis of evidential information.

  2. Listening to your interview with Mr Murray I find that I am not surprised.
    On a smaller scale this is happening to Scottish, and other UK nationals, at the moment.
    The torture of the ill, the poor and the work less is denied by the Government.
    So, yes, there is torture in Scotland at the moment. Maybe not on the scale of the torture Mr Murray describes but how else would you describe the treatment of the ill. ATOS, sanctions, food banks.
    Maybe it’s just cleaned up torture??

    A TV programme earlier this week which looked at some people in Blackpool who were on benefits was so biased in favour of the State. It portrayed these people as unworthy and not “the hard working people” that the Government want us all to be.

    In fact, anyone who questions the ways of the Government are treated as unworthy.
    The MSM is like a drug pusher, peddling the Government lines and “informing” us what they want us to know and persuading us what to think. Journalism is dead. Drip-fed, well paid reporters of the Government line, that is all that a journalist is.

    • “Arbeit macht frei” out in the blatant open the next stage of – to date – the relatively covert domestic British state policy of favoring their kleptocratic “elites” by means of impoverishing the many and smashing all opposition to their agenda (the way paved by a complicit and dissembling BritNat MSM)?

      From these inventors of the modern prison camp, nothing would surprise me.

      As other posters have noted, time to exit this “vile regime” even if only to square our consciences.

      I ken I am preaching to the converted here, but surely it is (now) a moral imperative incumbent on us all to play our part in dismantling this cruel, inhumane, and murderously criminal British state?

      Thankfully, post-the-(re-)independence referendum and the subsequent Unionist shenanigans, the scales seem to be falling from our collective eyes in Scotland and it seems in our grasp to do so in relatively short order,

      “Bring it on!” to quote the former British Labour FM in Holyrood, Wendy Alexander.

    • Here here Bamstick

  3. Miranda MacDonald

    I think you will find in the Guardian report earlier this week about torture in Brazil that they sent their men to England to learn how to do it because they had developed methods at that time which were used upon suspected Irish terrorists. That happened on Thatcher’s watch !

    • Yes indeed, read about the case the irish govt took to Europe against the UK govt accusing them of torturing 14 innocent men. The uk appealed the torture verdict which was reduced to “inhuman and degrading treatment”, thus opening the way to all these latest abuses.
      The video shows how new evidence came to light showing top british ministers at the time had sanctioned torture and had withheld information from the court.
      Strangely the irish govt decided to ask the European Court to re-open the case a couple of days before the US government report was published. So the UK govt will be in the dock in europe over a 40 year old charge of torture, whatever the fallout over the CIA connection

  4. Sorry Derek but I just couldn’t listen to your interview. I felt ill reading your article, knowing that I had contributed over the years through my taxes.
    It’s imperative that we shake ourselves free from that vile British regime which pretends to be “the honest broker of fair play and decency”.
    But thank you for revealing the whole dirty business.

  5. I have grown up believing in the neutrality of the BBC and the balance of their reporting. I know, having seen full interviews followed by BBC headlining of said interview, how this is simply not the case. I am deeply saddened by the fact that I cannot believe the BBC. It cuts to the core of me (I’m in my 50s). I struggle to know where I can find unbiased, informative reporting of the serious issues.

  6. Well done Derek, you’ve given Craig Murray the time of day, while all others have turned their backs to their everlasting journalistic shame.

    What he has to whistle-blow about is just deplorable and is to his great credit and also personal cost, no doubt.

    I like what this guy stands for. That’s the spirit and integrity we need.

  7. Heartily agreed, Barontorc.

  8. Despite my low opinion of American policies,at least they got some of this information into the public domain which is more than can be said for HM press.
    Our so called democracy is deeply flawed and resembles more a mediaeval feudalistic state than a 21st century one.
    As long as we are ruled from London,we are never going to see ethical,transparent governance.
    They are completely incapabable of any meaningful reform and I believe that one of the main drivers for opposing our independence was the desire to block the inevitable changes which that would have brought about.
    Thanks Derek.

  9. Finally glad Craig is gettin the much needed attention that the people if this country need to hear, I’m glad he’s standing as an snp member and wish him all the best, I’ve heard all his tales during our referendum an disgusted is an understatement, this elite establishment should be afraid, the truth will prevail, Westminster needs to end

  10. To see ourselves as others see us.

    We don’t have to be part of this any more and we can change it.

  11. Derek,
    I listened to your interview and it is a very important contribution to free speech in our discredited country.

    It is quite extraordinary that all our MSM and TV channels choose to ignore Craig Murray and to pretend that the UK was not involved in this shameful period of recent history under New Labour.

    At least the US has an independent judiciary and free speech where these issues can come to light. This will never happen in the UK.

    This interview should be listened to across the World to show the true nature of the UK state.

  12. The story IS deplorable but it is not the story of ill-got information it is about safeguarding flows of wealth. The society called Brittiania is admired in the lie; in actuality it is the home, the refuge, the fount of wealth. This torture may occasionally yield useful information; it will always yield fear among the population. It will attempt to undermine threats to the rulers.

    We must (supposing they are correct) continue to support truth-tellers like Murray and Ponting – Asange or Snowdon.

  13. […] We reject torture, a practice long condoned by UK governments. […]

  14. I have never held the British Government in high esteem and it appears that the US Government is just as bad, I begin to despair that we will ever get free of them, because so many people continue to believe what they are told to believe. I think the lie they tell is just so large and whilst they do not believe it they know that they have many people condition to believe.
    I too am pleased that Craig is standing, he had the conscience to stand up to them and we need people like him in an Independent Scotland.

  15. Yes, how is Assange? Psychical and mental health holding up? How steadfast of Westminster to be vigilant over his embassy confinement in London. And why?
    His crime? Alleged rape committed in Sweden. His fear? Extradition to the USA. So what is the real story, that he is a nuisance to the USA?

    I so wish to rid Scotland of Westminster’s governance and influence. A worry is once independent, how do we protect ourselves from Westminster perfidity? As a people we are smart enough but we’d have to learn to understand how the Westminster Establishment think and act. Arguably 45% have informed themselves,faced up to the reality of this United Kingdom, figured it out, and voted Yes.

  16. Steve Asaneilean

    Having read this and listened to the broadcast I feel ashamed.
    Your title says it all Derek – not in my name.

  17. Sadly, what Mr. Murray speaks of is 100% truth. This actually does happen. It even happens at some of the lowest levels of society right here in the UK!

    Mr. Murray speaks of overseas, however, this happens everywhere 🙁 Sadly, people who do know what really goes on are prevented from testifying to the public, its blocked off the news channels and the public continue going about their daily duties 🙁

    Hat off to Mr. Murray for saying what he has. One small step in the right direction!

  18. Sadly, even the courts can offer no guarantee against a perfidious government, as the people of the Chagos Islands, victims of genocide by most legal definitions, have discovered to their cost. There is a connection with these matters: the US military installation at Diego Garcia is part of their homeland, which is a British Overseas Territory. Jon Pilger has reported extensively on this abuse of power.

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