Deceived by Darling

Following yesterday’s reminder of how Labour – and Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown in particular – swindled thousands of British pensioners, I asked the main campaign group, the Pensions Action Group if there had been any recent progress. This is the reply from them.

As you probably know, the Labour Government did compensate in part by setting up the FAS scheme which was subsequently improved in 2008. After that very little progress was made. We had hoped the Coalition and Steve Webb in 2010 would improve the scheme. In fact they definitely led PAG to believe they would. But…they broke their promises and to be honest we were duped.

We are still fighting on. We stopped directly negotiating with Steve Webb (the Pensions Minister) in March of this year who was on public record in criticising the FAS scheme for its inadequacies.

I think this matter calls for greater broadcasting transparency. The Daily Mail and the Mail ion Sunday have been great at exposing the problem. But more needs to be done.

If you want to make your blood boil, do get a copy of “The Great Pensions Robbery” by Alex Brummer (Financial Editor) who no doubt you know personally. The sub heading was “How Labour Betrayed Retirement”. You may need to download it.

Just so you know we believe there are 15,000 people affected by FAS pension failure in Scotland and some 140,000 nationwide. In addition to that we understand some 450,00+ are trusting in the PPF pension promise via legislation that is funded through a levy and therefore not guaranteed 100% by government funds. It suffers in the main from the same inadequacies of the FAS.

I am sure you may have also read in the last few days that “thousands” of Bank of England staff are however protected through their final salary scheme to which they make no contribution whatsoever. The cost of this scheme which is absolutely brilliant is around 50% of their total payroll bill. I wish my employers were able to fund at that level in the past. Instead they went Chapter 11 and the UK funds called well short although nobody has been brought to account for their actions. It was a company well known to Clydebank. You may know it.

It was called the Singer Sewing Machine Company

John Howell

FAS Pension Campaign

PAG News Brief V1.5 Final



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16 thoughts on “Deceived by Darling

  1. Darling continues to disgust.

  2. So, in ‘The Race to the Bottom’, Darling got their first. Years ago.

    After Indy, he simply must be prosecuted for crimes against the Scottish nation.

    As must others – I’d hate for him to feel lonely.

  3. With the continuing political backstabbing and double-dealing that sees no end in abating, have we lost the will and momentum for another crack at Independence? Our YES politicians are silent on the subject and the only people making any noise at all on the subject are those folks who create Facebook sites for others to blow off steam. I heard say that there may be another referendum in 10 years time, for Gods sake, I’m 69, I may not live another 10 years. I want all Independence Partys to pull enough support through the ballot and declare unilateral Independence ASAP, otherwise my greatest dream will be gone in my life-time … Saor Alba!

  4. I heard Glenn Campbell on radio Scotland the other day saying that Alistair Darling is “widely seen as a figure who put a high premium on integrity.”

    Glenn was obviously hoping for a gullible audience, but most of us have not forgotten why Darling is called Flipper. As one commenter on another site put it: “Darling is to integrity what Jimmy Krankie is to fashion modelling.” If you need something to refresh your memory, try the link below.

    • That will be the same man with shares in Private Medicine in whose Parties hands we are to believe the NHS are safe. My blood boils every time that woman Baillie opens her mouth.
      We need a root and branch clean out and I was hoping that the 19th of September would bring it, but too many people either complacent or frightened to change. The same people who gaily voted in the same band of thieves they were complaining about six months before the last General Election. They voted in the same people who discovering there was a pension crisis rushed in to the House of Commons to ensure it wasn’t theirs.

  5. The more I hear about politicians the more I believe the only way forward is a far-reaching civic revolution which will sweep them all away, including the main UK parties, which I believe are the main source of so many problems. Don’t see how this will happen though, because as a people we choose to remain powerless and too many of us are embedded in the status quo, so I’m very pessimistic about the future political landscape. We’ll continue to get self-serving individuals “representing” us, corrupt practices, bank-rolling of parties and individuals by big business, the wealthy and other interest groups, the revolving door between Westminster, the civil service and lucrative sinecures and more inequality where the rich continue to get richer and the poor get poorer as part of government policy.

    Maybe in a few hundred years things will have changed.

    • I could not have said it better myself, broadbield. The obstacles are indeed formidable.
      I’d rather climb the north face of the Eiger with a wheelie bin tied to my waist and wearing flip flops.
      I’m sustained only by the spontaneous energy of the Yes grassroots and by the surge of people joining the Indy parties. Until this energy has exhausted itself, I remain hopeful that we shall be independent in only a few years time.
      I too find it easy to be pessimistic and the more I read about the state of global economics and the onward march of the neo-Liberals, who seem unstoppable, the more hopeless things appear.
      However, let’s not give up just yet. The years 2015 & 2016 hold much promise and it would be a shame to miss out on that.
      You never know, perhaps the Union will have imploded by then. Wouldn’t that be nice.

      • Thanks for your dose of optimism. It would be nice and I hope the Yes grassroots movement continues and gathers strength. As you say, the next 2 years will be critical.

    • My hope lies furth of Britain, we seem to lack the courage or we are simply too well conditioned to revolt, but those on the Continent are not sitting still for all this Austerity which is there to remind the poor where they come from. They will start on those they should not meddle with, the Middle classes and then their goose is well and truly cooked. The Bilderburg Group will suffer eventually, they are not secret enough with regard to the amount of control they have over individual governments. Then the fat will hit the fire.

    • Broadbield – why don’t you look at Podemos (“We can”), the Spanish political party founded on 16 Jaunary this year that already leads intention to vote in the Spanish general elections, ahead of traditional conservative and socialist parties. Different and much worse setting in Spain, but take a look on wiki – it was founded to demolish the current corrupt system in Spain.

      Food for thought if nothing else. At the rate Scotland is energising its civic life, big things could happen in next to no time.

      • Interesting reading, thanks for that. The history of new parties in the UK is not encouraging – after some enthusiasm they often sink again without trace. I think we need to support the SNP and other Independence parties and then once we get there it’s all to play for. The SNP would have to decide what they stand for in an independent Scotland. Will Nicola take them more to the left? I hope so, because there is great hole where there used to be socialists who actually stood for socialist policies of fairness, equity, redistribution, caps on outrageous rewards, public ownership etc.


  7. I’m one of the private pension retirees who gets no cost if living increase in my pension contributions from 1973 to 1997 giving me an inflation rise each year of inflation x 0.3 As a low pension earner who doesn’t qualify for benefits,I was one of those who lost out on Gordon Browns 10p tax fiasco……I saw through them long before their referendum betrayal.

  8. We are being badly let down by the S.N P. They are silent on so many wrong doings that are going on they are the people in power at present so for gods sake use the powers you have to expose all the lies that are being told if it was not for the grass roots we would not have came anywhere near 45percent of the vote because in my opinion we were badly served by the top of the yes side so to all you people at the top I say grow a pair lets hear you shouting from the rooftops please please please

    • Blair, my Husband says that there is too much diplomacy in the language used by the SNP, he was more straight talking and less yammering. My hopes lie with Nicola, that she, not being like Alex and a former MP, she will be clear and unambiguous in her answers in Parliament, she gives the opposition parties the straightest of answers. I have to say that sometimes Alex has got too deep into his brief and lost those other than the other politicians when answering at FMQ’s. Needs to be short and punchy with it. and yes in case I have wandered, we both would have to agree with what you are saying. The trouble was the SNP were sighted by the media as being the YES campaign, no they weren’t, and I think that was another reason for the quietness but that is letting your opponents win.

      • Well Hektorsmum, I was lucky enough to be invited, by an SNP member friend of mine, to hear Nicola speak at the Caird Hall in Dundee on Friday as part of her tour. The place was packed out with about twa thoosand people wanting to hear what she had to say.
        It was very inspiring and her vision for Scotland as a nuclear free, social democratic country where everyone had the opportunity to achieve their ambitions got a standing ovation. She is all for the power to be taken away from the centre and wants to see cabinet to sit in various towns and cities throughout Scotland, instead of just Holyrood.
        She answered EVERY question directly without any waffle or diversion.
        She is most definitely her own woman and I for one am glad that we have someone of her integrity soon to be leading our country.

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