This Time It’s Serious

Ridiculous I know, but when we are about to salute a new First Minister and have an unprecedented surge in support for Scottish Nationalism, the most gripping story in town is…Labour.


I have never known a time when Labour was in such disarray in Scotland, so uncertain, so edgy and threatened…when oblivion loomed. Oh, there have been predictions from opponents or hand-wringing insiders and commentators of how Labour was struggling and could be forced into retreat but never – never – has there been a moment when the people themselves precipitated total mayhem.

The existential crisis engulfing Labour is not caused by the SNP or by Nicola or by the referendum as such, it is born out of the reawakening of the Scots to the duplicitous machine politics of hypocrites posing as socialists.

We came close during the poll tax debate when Labour lost its courage and went down on its knees to the sovereignty of the British Parliament and the Tories’ right to legislate against majority interest, but then it was left to nationalists, real socialists, students and trade unionists to carry the flag. The law-abiding opponents did not desert Labour and accepted they had gone as far as respectability allowed.

This time, the revolt is cross-cultural, running through all social groups and political outlook, a pulsing, deep-rooted revulsion at an organisation without principle, patriotism, policy or presentation – and without power.

It isn’t that I think Scots are crying out for left-wing policies, it is that they have seen through, and are repelled by, Labour pretending to represent that position. ‘We are a party of the Left who behave like a party of the Right…we get away with it because we contrast ourselves with Tories.’ The evolution of the SNP as a common sense European social democratic party selecting policies irrespective of Left-Right provenance has allowed them to outflank Labour AND build on their brand identification of standing up for Scotland.

This is exactly where Labour stood throughout the pre-devolution years – undeniably Scottish, working class in origin while embracing capitalism, demanding more domestic powers, campaigning for fairness and opposing doctrinaire Toryism. So it isn’t just the success of the SNP that has crippled Labour, it is their own failure to defend their ground.


Blairism, with its middle class aspiration, barely concealed greed and rejection of a common social ethic, ate into the soul of Scottish Labour. Blair pragmatism and policy triangulation is all about accommodation and compromise and desperation to have universal appeal – a dread of being disliked. And when that moment came about – to make a tough choice – over the decision to invade without UN mandate, the people who needed to be accommodated and appealed to were powerful overseas allies, not the voters who elected them. (Harold Wilson refused to help LBJ with British troops in Vietnam).

Worth noting here that Labour’s failure to opt for civil disobedience to defeat the poll tax was because of they would not urge people to break the law. Yet on Iraq, they (initially) defied their own law officers and then the United Nations in order to attack, in an effective breach of international law. We see this same British ambivalence to the law in a Tory government adopting a strict legal code for citizens and immigrants yet refusing to pay a legal debt to the EU under European rules they themselves agreed.

So do any of the declared candidates offer hope that Labour can reverse what looks like catastrophe next May? I think not.

First, because I don’t think this is just a leadership issue. Far from it. This is existential – fundamental to its very being. Replacing one leader with another doesn’t answer the basic questions that are driving voter revulsion. Why is there a Labour Party? Who do we serve? Why do we do it and how are we going to advance the case? You can spin out a few ideas through leadership but you’re really appealing to the electoral college for votes and telling them what they want to hear. Promises will be made about change but this is not a bedrock reform process designed to engage all of Scotland. It is an internal bagatelle trying to hit as many pressure points as possible in the allotted time to win points.

It will merely decide who gets to determine what changes are made – another top-down, I-know-best exercise the electorate despises.

Since Labour seem stuck with the soviet-esque electoral college, shouldn’t each candidate declare that they will refuse the appointment if they don’t win the popular vote? Or, if they win without the support of ordinary members, they will immediately submit themselves to a separate referendum of the rank and file to get endorsement…

I think Murphy will win. I think Labour has set this up for Murphy to win and has prepared concessions in advance that he will ‘secure’ during the campaign. London want one of their own in charge, not another northern numpty, even if it is the out-of-favour Murphy.

The coverage he receives already spells disaster for the others. He dominates the mainstream because he is a known quantity, has profile in London, understands how to milk the media (and has his lieutenant McTernan campaigning through the media on his behalf). Those who would oppose him in the vote – half of the payroll hate him – have to look now at their own self preservation and the writing is on the wall for them unless someone – anyone – can pull them back from the brink. They will vote for him regardless after the recent polls.

I’m afraid his opponents simply don’t match up in the media performance stakes which will largely determine the outcome. This morning on Radio Four neither Boyack nor Findlay sounded remotely convincing or even competent, both heavy on prognosis but lightweight on solution. They sounded timorous and unsure when they are supposed to be full of passion and possibility. They sounded exactly what Murphy is suggesting they are – self-pitying and defeated. If neither can answer the question: Why aren’t you connecting with the voters, then they don’t deserve to win. If they can’t find a phrase to criticise Miliband however mildly then they haven’t the balls for the job.


Frankly, the two of them would sound to English ears the personification of what has gone wrong in Scotland – poor quality politicians with nothing to say beyond platitudes.

But the election of Murphy is only the beginning of Labour’s problems. He will have Kezia Dugdale as deputy – a wise choice – but he will be the living, breathing embodiment of everything Labour have become…metropolitan, right wing and sleekit. The areas for criticism are already appearing from overt support for Israeli policy interests to anti-universalism and nuclear weapons – a right-wing leader of a lost party. He dare not open up the party to a comprehensive review of the operation and policy for fear of the consequences and will field an uncomfortable array of faces and voices in his coterie. Expect an even heavier dose of John McTernan on television…and this is the solution?

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92 thoughts on “This Time It’s Serious

  1. The Guardian is already bumming him up with a full page of Super hero nonsense. Expect more of this garbage from the North Brit papers.

    • I read (some of) that piece in the Guardian today.

      I had to stop when I read, ‘If Murphy was born in the US surely he would be a presidential candidate.’


      • Don’t blame you, that is extraordinary comment

      • I didn’t get that far. That’s astonishing. Delusional, even.

      • Oh no, is Severin still going strong? I’ve refused to read the (e-version) of the Guardian since the referendum, but you can’t mistake the style.

        And from abroad, how did I know right away that Kezia Dugdale would pop up at the top? They tried to fit her up for her own BBC programme, did they not, think it’s called grooming. Media darlings are made, not born, evidently.

  2. Steve Asaneilean

    And it is utterly shameful the way that they have abandoned those who need them most – the poor, the disadvanatged, the threatened. In 1997 they were handed “carte blanche” on a plate to do whatever they wanted in terms of tackling poverty, inequality and injustice yet they failed to make any significant impact. Even all their talk about tackling child poverty counts for nothing when you learn that nearly a quarter of a million children in Scotland last year were officially recognisd as living in poverty.
    But where I ask are all the real Labour people, the real socialists Derek? Why are they not standing up to be counted in the Labour Party? Why on earth did they join in the first place if they are not prepared to oppose Labour’s rightward drift? One can only assume, as with anything else in life, silence equates to approval or acquiescence. And if they elect Murphy, as they seem set to do, then that can only be seen as further apporval of this agenda.

    • At this point it seems fair to say that, in Scotland at least, the socialists have ran away from Labour. Estimates of the total Scottish Labour members clock in at <10,000, and the fact that we have to rely on estimates because Scottish Labour refuse to outright declare their total membership suggests to me that they're embarrassed that's it's so low.

  3. Derek, why on earth is Kezia Dugdale considered a wise choice? I find her objectionable, snide, “flexible” with the truth, and in short, a nasty piece of work. What m I missing?


    • I was about to ask the same thing Tony. Really don’t rate Kezia Dugdale at all. Somewhere during the referendum campaign she was referred to as ‘rent-a-gob’ and I’ve heard nothing from her to make me see her otherwise.

    • I agree. An internet troll ‘promoted’ because of a loud mouth.

      • Sarah Boyack has been an excellent local MSP, who has led a number of campaigns to support local poor people. For instance the campaign to save Dalry baths from closure.

      • scotsgeoff – do you remember how the secret of her identity intrigued people – a relentless anti-SNP crusader, she seemed just too knowledgeable for a mere troll. And at least one occasion she crowed that people would be very surprised to discover who she was. At least a year before her candidacy came to light.

        IN a comment above, did I say “groomed”? And for longer than people realise, perhaps. Ah, ex-NUS, well populated school for Labour leaders.

        Interesting wiki entry on Jim Murphy, lists profession as “none”. Is that normal for politicians?

    • Agreed. Kezia is as crazy as a snake. Labour really don’t know what they are doing.

      • Presumably if Kezia wins the Deputy leadership she will be Labour’s spokesperson at FMQs in the absence of Murphy.

        I wholly agree with those suggesting that Kezia will not be good for Labour, and I fully expect her to be soundly thrashed by Nicola in these circumstances.

        I think Derek is calling this one wrong but even I don’t get everything right 🙂

  4. If Mr Murphy stands and wins in May 2015 in East Renfrewshire, is he then going to create a by- election in May 2016 so he can stand for the Scottish Parliament ? If that is the case, why should anyone in East Renfrewshire vote for an interim MP .
    If he doesn’t stand, or doesn’t win in May 2015, then he can’t be the party leader as he will not be a member of any parliament .

  5. Margaret Brogan

    Murphy’s right wing connections are indisputable. His poor voting record, about 52 per cent, I believe, is risible.His expenses are a bloated disgrace. His ridiculous 100 towns tour, where he shouted very loudly and survived, but only just, it was touch and go, artificial respiration was needed, an egg attack!
    The Labour party in Scotland are looking to this person to revive their fortunes. How low have they come.
    And the SNP candidate, Grace MacLean, won the Largs council by election yesterday with 38 per cent of the vote, Labour at 13 per cent! Superb!

    • I noted that on the Andrew Marr programme Murphy claimed to have had worse things thrown at him than eggs and that he had been untroubled by the egg.

      Strangely (ha ha) Marr did not then enquire why Murphy had made such a fuss about it at the time and had stalled his tour whilst considering whether to continue it at all.

      • After going on about his tough upbringing in a scheme (designed by Labour) and how he can take an egg, he contradicted himself as usual and reverted to type by ranting about a concerted effort by the Yes campaign to throw eggs at him, etc.

        His spin doctors in the Guardian says he was brought up in a drawer. I kid ye not. Top Drawer MI5 stuff, eh?

    • smiling vulture

      100 streets

  6. If Murphy instigates a by-election for Holyrood before 2016, which he indicated he would do last night on the telly, what happens if he loses? I could see Tory & Libdems voting tactically and voting SNP in a by election just to give him a BIG REDDIE! The arrogance of the man is simply appalling. He’s a glove puppet for Miliband. LOvely to see our imperial masters heckled going into their Gala Dinner by the good folks of Glasgow!

    Murphy is a script man, he gives the media a well prepared script and the BBC media don’t give him a rough time of it but pitch him up against Salmond or Sturgeon and his thin veneer mask of ‘Keep calm & carry on’ will crack, like toffee on a Halloween apple. Just a pity it’s unlikely he’ll ever get to show his mettle (or lack of it) in Holyrood. I reckon his best chance will be as a list MSP in 2016 & could he remain party leader after losing a staged MSP by-election?


    (Where’s Corky when you need him)?

  7. Seems that a fair percentage of the Scottish electorate believes what the media tells them. And if the media says that Jim’s brand of Red Tory Blairism is just the ticket, that’s what they’ll go for.

  8. A very good summary of Labour’s problems, all self inflicted and stemming from Blair, New Labour and the pursuit of WM seats in SE England. Labour has deserted its roots and that is one of the reasons the North of England is neglected.

    If I lived in Scotland I would vote SNP in GE2015. But as I now live in SE England I believe I have only two choices:

    1. Greens who have no chance of winning in my solid Tory consituency, or

    2. UKIP most of whose policies I abhor, but which could give the Tories a well deserved real bloody nose.

    Labour and Tory parties are not worthy of consideration as both are now no more than locations where careerist political opportunists seek employment to feather their nests in a very comfortable and well paid job.

    • It seems to me that everyone in your area is in the same boat, why not take a leap of faith and vote green?

    • What the UK needs is not just a Scottish Party Alliance but a Regional Parties Alliance. Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland, and other areas in England that think they get a raw deal.

      • Yes! Regional parties for England too – what sense does it make for the north of England not to have their own political parties? They could do it so easily. Not to do so is crazy.

  9. Expect an even heavier dose of John McTernan on television…and this is the solution?

    McTernan is a completely discredited figure in politics, given his time in Australia, and his increasingly bizarre comments on Scottish politics since his return. If this is one of Murphy’s closest supporters, then that tells you a lot about the substance of the man. Murphy is a toxic politico. The stories about South Africa, Murphy’s time at university, his voting record at Westminster, his political links in America, his political beliefs, are awful and horrible. Murphy is a really nasty piece of work, who appears to have no scruples or principles.

  10. Murphy seems to have spent 11 years as a student – Strathclyde University – after which time he decided to drop his opposition to the abolition of student grants. What with his long student career – without, it seems managing to secure a qualification of any description – and his deliberate escape from conscription in his adopted country, he’s not best placed to “lead” anyone far less a branch of the Labour Party.

    • He seems to have spent most of his time as a student politician, in the NUS. He has never had a proper job. He is 100% political animal.

    • I thought I was tardy at university, four years for an honours degree then I took five for my PhD (bigger than expected project and I wanted to do it properly). But my 9 years garnered two good degrees.

      But Murphy didn’t come away empty handed, he got himself a political career, with expenses. Cushy. I knew someone like him at university in NZ. Got a basic degree then went into politics via being a radio shock-jock, nasty piece of opportunism and right wing bash the poor. I know Murphy’s type.

  11. ‘ It is an internal bagatelle trying to hit as many pressure points as possible in the allotted time to win points’ I like the sentence but surely when referring to Labour it should ‘flipper pin ball machine’

  12. I’d say that’s a pretty damn good summation and couldn’t agree more, Mr Murphy is indeed a very well known quantity. THAT, however, will be his downfall.

    He represents everything about today’s Labour that we have come to detest. His views on all things either nationalist and independence are extremely well documented for instance. Can anyone now seriously believe the Labour bullshit about reconciliation? The olive branch? Bringing Scottish society together? With Mr Murphy and Ms Dugdale?!?!

    The floating of the very idea of those two appointments alone signal anything but a tone of reconciliation. Mr Murphy’s appointment would be effectively Labour’s idea of a governor general, here to instil discipline and yet more visceral bite into their politics. From the media angle, Mr McTernan’s record on the subject stands for itself needless to say.

    No these appointments wouldn’t signal any form of reconciliation, they are intended to widen and further fracture the work Labour began in the referendum. Mr Murphy, should he ever gain any foothold on responsibility in Holyrood would either turn it into Edinburgh’s version of Labour cooncil chambers or work to undermine and break the parliament itself. This man is no friend of home rule, self determination or indeed freedom of choice. Its a disgrace that he should even be considered standing for a parliament he’d rather didn’t exist at all and yet another example of British Labour’s regard for the Scottish electorate.

  13. Jim Murphy is a dangerous Labour bruiser, a hardline Labour right winger, but at the same time a lightweight. He would be out of his depth in a car park puddle. He should go far In politics, and the sooner and further away the better.

    • What do people think about the chances of Murphy using Local Authority clout to make trouble for the Scottish government? Are there still local councils out there thirsting to give the SNP a bloody nose?

      And incidentally, is local government one of the SNP’s weak points, and if so, what should they do about it? Glasgow, for example.

  14. Labour first abandoned and then denied their roots in order to keep up with the Jones’s.

    Now, being just like the Jones’s, they prefer it.

    From this point, there’s no going back.

    As for their traditional supporters; more and more see what they’ve become
    and have turned their backs on them.
    Others are in total denial and cling to the corpse.

    What we are seeing on a daily basis, is simply this scenario
    playing out toward it’s inevitable conclusion.

    Labour – from Smith to Jones; from a basket case to a casket case – a funereal procession.

    So, do have a drink but don’t laugh too heartily – you might spill some of it.

  15. You are exactly correct in your post. He will now have unlimited access to the Daily Record. BBC Scotland and the Sun, and whatever other media source Labour voters currently use to define their mindset. We can see that Johann has lost her immediate access to these sources by the deafening silence since her wee “throwing-the-toys-oot-of-the-pram” episode. If she wanted to follow up her tantrum with more explicit disclosures, she will find herself in the same place as the rest of us, with no voice in the Scottish media.
    We desperately need an independent, unbiased Scottish media, broadcast and print. Where is it?

  16. D B,
    Oblivion is looming for the Jobs for the Boys Racket. I’m breathless with excitement at the thought. Hypocrites posing as Socialists they are, and arrogant narcissists as well. Round about the turn of the eighties, during the Miner’s Strike, I became aware that Labour was changing. They transformed into Blair’s Labour, but the people could only be fooled by it for so long, and I’m afraid the sight of them all cuddling up to the Tories has made it perfectly clear that self-interest is their main raison d’être. Murphy and McTernan: The Dream Team! I’m looking forward to the next six months. It’s a sort of compensation for Sept 18th.

  17. ronald alexander mcdonald

    I agree that Murphy will win. A gift to the SNP and Greens.

    Labour in Scotland will cease to become a major political party. There will be no rebellion from MSP’s as they don’t have a backbone between them.

    I think those who keep their jobs will be privately hoping for another referendum and a YES vote. That’s how pathetic they are.

  18. The reason the British Labour Party in Scotland is dead, is because they have no activists, and no vision for any potential activist to follow. They are a career choice.
    Add up all the MPs, MSPs, Councillors and Branch officials. Then add to that number the partners and children of the afore mentioned. That is the total British Labour Party membership in Scotland.
    I would guess they might have a few hundred members not in this ‘family’, that have joined for honest, but misguided reasons.
    It’s only a matter of time before they stop being a functioning party. Without funds and activists from south of the border, they have probably passed that point of no return already.

  19. Murphy McTernan and probably also Blair Macdougall. What we see here is an attempt to create a party from Project Fear.
    I hope current members of Labour in Scotland will reject this.

  20. Agree with all that’s been said about Murphy. He makes my flesh creep and my heart sink, and when I think of the damage he could inflict … Urrgh!

    Thankfully, I’m not sure Murphy ever intends giving up his Westminster seat voluntarily. I suspect he’s been forced into the leadership post because of the two opinion polls, and ordered to do something, anything to resurrect Scottish Labour’s chances next May. And I suspect no-one concerned will be squeamish about how that is achieved.

    Thereafter, Murphy has choices. If Labour are returned to Westminster he will want either to ingratiate himself and say what great work he has done delivering the party from extinction in Scotland, in the hope of a cabinet post, or if his advances are rebuffed he may return to the back benches to foment anger and a plot to oust Milliband and replace him with Jim.

    If Labour goes down to the Tories, then Ed can’t last, and Jim will be in there stirring and scheming to become the new leader. If he wins, dire for Labour. If he fails, then as a last resort he has Holyrood to fall back on in 2016.

    Unfortunately, his tenure as leader could hinder the work of the Scottish Government in creating a more equal country and growing job opportunities with rates of pay people can live on, as well as holing Westminster’s feet to the fire for the devolution of more significant powers which Murphy certainly will not favour.

  21. The problem is that no matter how much Labour has lost ground, they still have the same old ‘Vote for us to stop the Tories’ argument at the GE.

    To change things, It might take the SNP or a YES alliance putting independence on hold, and going all out for Devo-Max or Federalism.

    Would Scottish voters put Devo-Max above the prospects of a Labour government ?

    Labour certainly has weaknesses this time around:

    1.They are seen as not so much new Labour, but new Tories.
    One and the same.

    2. There is no great affection for Ed Miliband, a weak leader.

    3. Their devolution proposals are feeble, in order to protect their own interests.
    They are vulnerable here, and that message needs to hit home.
    They have betrayed Scottish voters with promises of federalism, and ‘devo-supermax’.

    Why would voters in Scotland vote Labour to stop the Tories, when their party is proposing even LESS powers for Scotland than the Tories ??

    • The problem with devomax or federalism is that it needs Westminster’ s agreement, and they’d just start the same time-wAsting tactics we’re seeing now.

    • All these scenarios present the English electorate as completely passive. This is not the case.
      They will see it in their interest to produce a hung Parliament at Westminister, with a SNP/Yes
      Alliance as kingmakers.

      This leads to an interesting situation, a SNP/Yes Alliance with a virtual veto on a London regime’s
      agenda in their own Parliament. They could extract DevoMax or anything else they wanted. The
      real effect would be to deliver Scottish Independence. Because how long could a the London
      Political Elite tolerate this effective veto.

  22. Bugger (the Panda)

    I do not have a clue whether Jim Murphy will win or not. I know that Heaven and Earth will be moved by the Powers-that-be to make it so, but the byzantine nature of Labour leader elections and the balkan politics of Labour make it a real head scratcher..

    What I am fairly certain is that in Scotland, Labout is a dead parrot and is only sitting upright, is by way of the 6 inch nail, provided by the LaBBC and the dead tree press.

    In the Sunday Herald cannot get some real and incisive well researched articles in this Sunday’s edition, I may be thinking they are being blocked. There is all sorts of dirt on this guy from all sorts of places, I am sure, just waiting to be assembled and then joined up.

  23. I too would like to understand why you think that Dugdale is a wise choice Derek?

  24. “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

    The other Blair – Eric Blair (George Orwell) – was right: there’s nothing to distinguish the two types of Tory.

  25. so Murphy gets the poisoned chalice and has to rescue Labour in Scotland. good. he’ll never manage it and will be relegated to the back benches. good riddance.

  26. To my mind Murphy was ordered to apply for the position,and two weaker ones put up as opposition.Now I think its a trap,for Murphy,but why should we suffer him? Milliband wants rid of him,and this is not a promotion so to say but has the appearance of being one.Now if he fails he will be dropped by Ed and thats goodbye from all the rest of the Brownites.Now if he manages to make some sort of success out of it then he is stuck with it and out of Westminster for good,Ed’s problem solved.

  27. Mark Potter-Irwin

    And Murphy seem to be friends with this lot, in fact he was appointed to it’s Political Group, promoting liberal democracy by force if nesseccary……….

  28. Whatever Murphy’s motives for doing this (ex MSPs have been “promoted” to the HoL after all) British Labour see him as their best bet for keeping the numbers up in May’s election here in Scotland.
    He was just about the only Labour MP who toured Scotland in an attempt to secure his job leading up to the referendum so that gives him kudos with the ivory tower leadership in london.
    “Murphy knows how to work the Picts….just the man for us”.
    It will be interesting to watch him being ritually disemboweled at Holyrood by our Queen Boadicea every week.
    His chalice has very definitely been poisoned but the question is,by whom and for what purpose?

  29. I was told six months ago Murphy would get job was laughed at by several lab commentators

    It is about bringing Scottish Labour back under London control is Mcternan involved you better believe it
    Why Kezia why marra backing?
    Because if they don’t
    There career is over
    Thats how the labour party is run
    And thats why Murphy has the Job

  30. I don’t know why, but Murphy reminds me of Vincent Price in the Witchfinder General.

    All this talk of reconciliation is pure bullshit, and I wonder how many Labourites will buy it. He will struggle to win over the unions, and maybe the members as well, from what I hear of a Labour branch meeting in Motherwell, which attempted to oust its Yes-voting chair, but couldn’t do so, because the meeting wasn’t quorate.

  31. I might be wrong but I think everyone is missing the obvious.
    Instead of just extolling ‘Animal Farm’ as an uncannily accurate prediction of today’s broken Britain maybe everyone should revisit the James Bond film ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’…..released also uncannily enough in 1997

  32. What I cannot understand is how the likes of Jenny Marra can live with her contradictions.

    Well yes I do, because an otherwise honest MSP has this tribal disease of hatred for the SNP and that unbalances her so that it becomes her main focus.

    She simply doesn’t believe that anything good can come from the SNP; that they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    She will sign up enthusiastically to a Jim Murphy/ Kezia Dugdale leadership because she thinks that they will be a match for Nicola Sturgeon and ANO. Beating the SNP is her raison d’etre.

  33. Wikipedia correct. As profession is “nothing” and he is a pumped up NObody.

    They could have added English spy. They used to be recruited from the magic circle certain public school backgrounds and Oxbridge. Now it includes Unis, especially political clubs, lecturers and whole departments (like Glasgow Uni), even librarians and jannies. Other favourites are Tame Unionists; journalism and businessmen, hallelujah, charities who travel.

    Sometimes political activists are bribed or blackmailed. British Intelligence are said to have run Irish Republican and Loyalist groups at the same time. They have even been know to pump dope into certain activist areas in Ireland. That is for sure as did the CIA in Black activist areas in the US. I believe Glasgow was targeted in the late 60’s for the very same reason.

  34. On Good Morning Scotland yesterday Paul Pia was keen to tell us that even Sarah Boyack and Neil Findlay recognise that Jim Murphy is the “big beast”. But isn’t one of the things we are rejecting in Scotland the idea that politics is something best left the the “big beasts”?

  35. It was highlighted throughout the referendum by their constant use of tactics and now when they think a new tactic will pull them out of the fire.

  36. Steve Asaneilean

    Jim Murphy – The Eggman of NaePizzazz

  37. Well said Derek. Tony Blair’s labour won three general election in a row, which says something about the electorate, unfortunately. Help us all if they end up being equally gullible with Murphy.

  38. Murphy will lose out in debate when facing a person of technocrat or legal training, persons with structured logical reasoning. I witnessed him firsthand at one of his Irn Bru sessions. He is a charlatan.

    “Help me Rona!” – he will avoid any face to face debate with Nicola, but if needs must he will ensure a shambles by constant interruption as was Sarwar’s strategy, aided by a weak media host.

    The BBC and our “free Scottish press” will shield him. Our task is to up the momentum of the Yes campaign and discredit the media.

  39. Lets be clear about this folks!

    There will NEVER be another referendum on independence.

    Thats a given.

    Only reason Cameron give us one in the first place was because he thought that we would only get circa 30% of the vote, as the polls were indicating at the time.

    However, as the polls got up to nearer 45%, london panicked, and offered the Scots “major new powers.”

    The Scots, for reasons most of us fail to comprehend, voted for the status quo, thus giving up the right to becoming the 15th wealthiest country on the planet!


    And if you poor deluded souls think for one nanosecond that “significant new powers” will be given to our “pretendy parliament” (controlling not one ha”penny of our own resources), then you definitely need to be looked at by a psychiatrist!!

    We are now well and truly “back in our little box” and no amount of shouting “we wiz robbed” will alter the fact that london will continue to shaft us for evermore.

    The fact the SNP have quadrupled their membership is neither here nor there, from a london viewpoint. All it means, locally, is that SLAB will die a painful death at the ballot boxes here, to the SNP’s advantage.

    The only way ANY progress will happen is if Scotland decides to grow a backbone and go down the Irish route of freedom.

    General Post Office, Glasgow, anyone??

    • I’m up for the General Post Office, but the rest would probably form a queue.

      Churchill once said of the Communist Party of Great Britain, if Stalin ordered them to take over the railway stations they would queue up for a platform ticket.

      Lenin said of the CPGB that they won’t live and they won’t die.

      The SNP position has always been that they win a majority of Scottish seats in Westminster and leave the place for good.

      It looks like they can achieve that majority. Anyone else for the Post Office ,besides Nigel, Padraig Post and masel’?

      • Nigel posted eactly the same rant at about the same time (7.30ish) on Scot Goes Pop, Lallans Peat Worrier and Wings Over Scotland.

    • Sorry Nigel but they will be told by the UN as they were in before the 1997 Referendum they cannot stop it.

    • This is agent provocateur stuff. There’s a record of this sort of activity over the years. And nowadays, of course, the media could relied on to publicise any sympathetic responses as evidence of intrinsic evil and violence at the heart of nasty Scottish nationalism.

      Things are actually going well. Not only are the unionist parties uncertain about what to do about Scotland, they are – with the exception of UKIP, which doesn’t bother us – deeply troubled about their own prospects. The most likely outcome for the next Westminster election is a hung parliament: Confusion reigns; public distrust is widespread and change is demanded. Events will ensue in our favour.

  40. Poor deluded soul indeed.

  41. I understand that Murphy said that Alex Salmond was soon to be “yesterday’s man” on the Andrew Marr thing today. Please, please AS, be yesterday’s man in E Renfrewshire next May and replace the one they’ve already got. Go to Westminster and gie them laldy.

    • I think even AS may have trouble in E. Renfrews..

      Murphy, Jim Lab 25987 50.77% 6.9%
      Cook, Richard Con 15567 30.42% 0.5%
      MacDonald, Gordon LD 4720 9.22% -9.0%
      Archer, Gordon SNP 4535 8.86% 2.0%
      Mackay, Donald UKIP 372 0.73%

  42. I started voting Labour in the sixties, because my parents did, and I was told that Labour was the ‘working man’s party’.

    As I became more politically aware, I found the Labour party to be much the same as all the other parties, that is, regardless of political policies, they were more interested in promoting the party than representing their constituents.

    What got under my skin was Labour’s increasingly patronising attitude towards their core vote.

    We were expected to vote blindly for them, because they knew best, a view that presumed the working man was an idiot.

    So Derek, I do not share your opinion that there was a golden age of Labour.

    I now support the SNP, being impressed with their efforts to go around the country to take into account the views of those they would like to vote for them.

    I have no illusions.

    If they show any sign of deviating from that path I will be the first to speak up.

    The voters must keep a close watch on those who hold political power, regardless of which party they represent.

  43. Derek you are absolutely correct in your analysis. However, your conclusion is wrong . Murphy will win as you predict, but he will also be successful at reviving Slab and stopping a successful Snp Ge in 2015
    The reason? … the media. They will give him a free adoring ride to May next year. Doubt it? Check out the Ref campaign. Unsavoury types like Davidson, McTernan, and Broon given unquestioning coverage. Why would a Manchurian candidate like Murphy not be a shoo in to stymie Indy by our one sided media? …Unless a campaign of vilification can be waged against him…this self seeking slimeball will succeed

    • Lochside, I’m amazed you’re the first person to recognise this. If anyone thinks after the referendum coverage that Murphy and Dugdale are going to be anything but the ‘saviours of Scottish politics’, in the eyes of the media, then I’m afraid they’re totally deluded. It doesn’t matter how well Sturgeon performs, or how poorly Murphy responds, at FMQ, because it won’t be reported. Think how many abysmal performances Lamont put in with hardly any media scrutiny. Murphy will just need to turn up and he’ll be reported as having won the debate.

      Don’t go kidding yourselves that Murphy is good news for the SNP, he’s not. As someone pointed out above, and as we saw with the ref campaign, it’s all about the media in Scottish politics. And unfortunately the media love Murphy, especially the BBC. Labour might be corrupt and out of touch but they know how to play the media.

  44. Let’s not get too complacent, there are still people who’ll vote for Labour in the coming election from a a sense of faith, or something like that. And there will probably still be those who vote Labour to keep the Tories out. Traditions die hard. Many no voters fell into this category of people
    I know because I’ve spoken to some of them – people who used to be members of the SWP back in the 70s! Unlike people in, for example, the worst economically hit areas in Glasgow, they’ve all now spent several decades in comfortable jobs, and have somehow lost touch with politics. It took me weeks, and several conversations, to understand why they’d voted no.

    I think it’s essential that Unions speak loudly about their lack of faith in Labour, because Labour faithfuls might listen more closely to them than they would to anyone on social media/SNP/Greens. I know, because I’ve tried to communicate facts to left-wing no voters and they believe I’ve given up on working class solidarity and am blinding myself to Scottish racism against the English (even though I’m half English and half my friends are there)

    There’s still work to be done!

    • Yes I think you are right, BUT if the Labour Party in Scotland(not Scottish Labour as this is a branch of Labour UK)
      They Have lost the plot when it comes to ordinary people they go round professing to stand up for Scots
      Then go down to WM and get wash over by the Big Brother!!
      If they do not want to change they should not call themselves Labour as they are stealing jobs from someone who WOULD stand up for Scots
      All we need to do is look at murphies past seats and actions and who and what he supported in WM.
      That will tell you the True Man!!!!!

  45. As a grant recieving student in the 1970 s ,we were limited to the number of years you could claim a grant,dependent on your performance,essentially the grant allocation covered your first degree and one year post grad entitlement,I believe Jim Murphy is guilty of a criminal offence here and there should be an investigation into his grant and student fees claims,he must have lied to be allowed to study at the taxpayers expense for , 9 years and to leave with zippo,I am trying to find a copy of the rules that governed grants back then to find out the legal position regarding grant allocation,anyone who has knowledge of the rules please post them to me,9 years a student back then at taxpayers expense was a no no,I have asked him what courses he studied and why he was allowed this apparent freedom that was denied the rest of us.

    • This is the first post I have received in over a month. I thought I was barred. Was it something I said?

      Murph spent some of his time at Cardonald College before going to University, all grant aided and tuition free, which he was to vote against once his career ladder was pulled up. His time as President of the Students Union would be counted as a sabbatical and incidentally, a Labour apprenticeship, plus suspected US holidays on alleged CIA/MI5 courses.

      He also destroyed the Scottish Union of Students in favour of being absorbed into the English ‘”National Union of Students”, on the grounds that the NUS was “more left wing”. Aye right. Just compare English and Scots National educational aspirations to see who is the most egalitarian and inclusive.

      He was a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party and their front organisation, Irish Freedom Movement, now defunct. They were anti Scottish all the way and used their “Irish” front to recruit Celtic Unionist Labourite fans. The real Irish Republicans viewed these many “Irish” fronts as Brussel Sprouts (touts) and midnight masses (grasses). Their old leadership are still lecturing and spying, producing videos and articles for the media attacking and exposing socialists ,nationalists peaceniks, radicals, etc. At Cardonald he called Tommy Sheridan a Reformist.

      Lots of Labourites and spies took the career route from Universities, which are used as spy recruitment centres anyway, as are; journalism; Civil Service, certain public schools and Tame Union bureaucracies, etc.

      Murphy jogging in a Scotland top and wanting to work with Yes voters? Aye right:
      entrists and spies; midnights and spouts; more like

      • Not a lot if people know that!!
        The only thing left to all sensible thinking people in Scotland to do is vote for another party.
        This will ensure a correction.
        All you will get if this is not carried out is similar to the tinkering that took place on the politicians Expenses where they now carry on the same old practices.
        The expletive who vote them in now have opportunity and power to
        GET THIS RIGHT !
        Let’s hope they have the courage.

        • Just looking through some past posts. I was replying to the Panda lover on Saint Jimmy, not referring to him as CIA, BOSS or MI5 of course. Sorry if any offence was taken,

          • I never could get my head around how Murphy slid his way up the greasy without a trace. His biography poses mpore questions than it gives answers. He seems anointed.

            He certainly seems to be a chosen one but by whom.

            I came to the same conclusion as you, that he was a chosen to be placed in the system for some job to be done in the future; a bit like the way I viewed Obama, from the very start. It is almost as if they are breeding the barstewards.

            Any, was a reference to me above? I don’t follow it.

          • B the Panda, I just don’t like using the sodomise word, besides it is cruel to animals. I was answering one of your posts at the time, in support, and nothing else. The whole of the Brit left are in the pay of the security services, If they are not, then they doing it for nothing. Labour is not even included in the Brit left category, even if the Brit left do support them under various guises.

            Labour is neither a socialist, or reformist party. It is not even liberal: just an election machine and indistinguishable in office from the their shadow boxing partners.

          • It is nothing about sodomy.

            I am called Bugger because it is a term of endearment in many countries. I is also a sort of swear word, often said quietly and now more than infrequently on the stage and in film to say nothing of R4, even their news discussion viz “this will be a bit of a bugger etc.

            If you read my nom de plume correctly the position of the brackets tells you it refers not an act but to my cheeky avatar. If you have ever seen a real panda or better still held one they can be little buggers.

            I have visited China quite a few times and also Chengdu in Szchuan where they are found in their free state. There is a research and breeding station there which I visited and was given the chance to hold a your panda in my arms which was used to being handled as it had been bottle fed.

            Here is a more prosaic version of how I became so named.


            Rest easy, no panda were injured, abused, or hurt during the process.

          • Excellent B the P.
            Like you I chose my avatar carefully because the image can show two completely different pictures.
            Do you see the nasty witch or do ypu see the beautiful deb?
            I feel it sums up everything to date.
            The beautiful vision of the Yes Movement and the truth behind the ongoing fight for social justice versus the lies and propaganda perpetuated via the vast majority of the media to promote self interest.
            The same could also be said about my blog that I’ve mentioned on here before.
            Do you see this as a tongue in cheek bit of satire as intended or do you see it as somehow trivialising the issue of domestic abuse as has been claimed?

          • Oh I forgot, the next Leader of the real Labour Party will be the boy Miliband, who is currently living and working in New York.

            What’s the betting that whatever happens to Murphy in Scotland, he will slide snake like into an English seat and up the greasy pole into Miliband Minor’s Cabinet?


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