We’re Better Together…

‘Bateman’s been quiet’, I heard someone say. ‘ Must be the referendum hangover’. Well, far from it. In fact I’m half way to becoming a media magnate  as plans to develop a new digital media proceed behind the scenes. Think Randoph Hearst or Rupert Murdoch…OK, not Rupert Murdoch. Citizen-Kane-finally-plays-Hearst-Castle-3Q144DEM-x-large
I’m as frustrated as anyone else at the piss poor coverage of the referendum. It was at best patchy, at worst execrable, biased, led by Better Together and completely missed the appetite of the Yes people for something – anything – to reflect their views and aspirations. We will not be put back in our box.
I’ve been trying to do something different by inviting guests on to batemanbroadcasting to open up about their beliefs and tell their story – without constantly interrupting and treating them like coconuts on a stall. Our filmed versions on Youtube have been a bit of a hit giving insights into Alex Salmond and his childhood influences, Elaine C Smith and her Labour disillusion and Billy Kay, a wonderfully evocative story teller. Others included folk you’ve maybe never heard of but whose voice is just as valid but rarely if ever heard in the conventional media.
Scotland is alive with people with stories to tell but who can’t get the interest of media outlets more interested in pre-packaged story-lines that don’t upset the powers that be and the advertisers.logo

I know may of you are aching for something more intelligent and responsive. I hope to bring it you soon. The idea, in conjunction with the founders of Newsnet and others, is to combine the written word – news, analysis and comment based around the well established and popular Newsnet brand – the first and original – with digital programming, both radio and on screen, through batemanbroadcasting, produced by my production partner TVI.
It would mean all formats in one wrapper bringing together Newsnet, Derek Bateman Broadcaster, batemanbroadcasting.com and other content providers we negotiate with. We’re ready to cooperate with others. You will not be excluded. There will be fully interactive access to make a complete platform for intelligent opinion.You will have the chance to join us and become part of our project by contributing both financially through subscription, donation and crowd funding, and materially, by suggesting subjects to cover and taking part in a programme of events and online discussion.

Newsnet is the longest-established website which began in 2009 arguing for Devo Max – until the 2011 election produced an SNP majority and a referendum – when it focussed on independence. Now, in 2014 we’re back at the beginning, examining Devo Max. It has built a solid and loyal following but the founders recognise it is time to move forward into a new post-referendum age, joining forces with my operation. Combining our two outfits produces a seriously large consumer base. We hope to hold on to all of you and grow the project. Details will follow soon and I’ll tell you what we need and how you can take part. Something is growing organically out of the exhilarating referendum process. I intend to act quickly. Let’s capture it together.

In the meantime, I’ll have to get back into the broadcasting saddle. If you’d like to be interviewed and have something to say – AND fancy meeting us – drop me an email and I’ll get in touch.
PS what do you think of Bateman Global for a company name? Too much? What about The Scotsman…that title’s not doing much these days. Or Dodgy Derek’s Dippy Doodles? (I have today cancelled my subscription to the Times and the Guardian)

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160 thoughts on “We’re Better Together…

  1. Now we’re talking, or we hope to be, to as wide an audience as possible.

    How about Blether with Bateman?

    Ah’ll get ma coat. 🙂

  2. Well, I hope it works. I’ve found Newsnet Scotland to be mostly unbearable during the referendum. The tone of the articles is cringe-worthy, always declaring someone is “under pressure” or whatever when we know perfectly well that’s not true. Some fantastic articles on BBC bias have been spoiled by the style of the write-ups. The idea of linking to evidence or source material is something that seems to have completely passed the editors by. Any challenge to an error is met by an insta-banning rather than constructive action.

    The people behind the site are anonymous, remote and unresponsive. The moderation is opaque and vindictive. Any chance of growing a community was strangled at birth several years ago, deliberately. So different from Derek himself who has always let his personality shine through and engaged with people below the line.

    I hope this can change for the future, but my own negative feelings towards the site will take a while to wear off.

  3. Bugger (the Panda)

    I am not a fan of Newsnet.

    Some of the articles are OK but I find them a bit aloof and full of themseleves.

    If they were chocolate etc.

    • They do need to loosen their moderation and posting policy quite a bit. They could also do with, as Morag points out, getting links to source material in their articles as well as losing the tabloid headlines.

      They are a good resource to have as a starting point, but IMO a bit of an overhaul for this new phase would help considerably.

    • They are touchy because they are constantly having to fight to be recognised as journalists and a journalistic organisation entitled to ask questions and be in press conferences. In that situation it’s natural to be touchy. Try to understand and not hold it against them. Hopefully this tie-up and Derek’s standing and connections will help and they will relax a bit.

      • They would sooner earn that respect by being straightforward and “broadsheet” in the old fashioned sense, rather that the urge towards tabliodism. I hope you do well Derek, but this could be a less than positive move in my (useless) opinion.

        I detest NNS’s moderation. I am capable of responding to more than one person in any given 30 minutes. I am also capable of responding to DIFFERENT articles in 30 minutes as well. The moderation has completely put me off the site. Hope you can do something about this so you don’t vanish without trace.

  4. Rev Stu on Wings is the best of the best. He’s been worryingly quiet as well since the ref. I advocate a Bateman & Wings collaboration. At the very least Derek you need to get in touch with the Rev and cheer him up.

  5. We need a project that speaks to the middle classes, I think an amalgamation of Derek Batemen and Newsnet will be the way forward, good luck to all, you have (for what its worth) my support.

    • To speak to the older/middle class/conservative voter it needs to be on paper. Is a tie in with the Scots Independent Newspaper possible. They are separate from the SNP but rely on members for operations as well as readership. Before internet they were practically the only source of independence news and comment!

  6. How about the Bateman Broadcasting Conglomerate? It would have a catchy acronym.

    More seriously this is great news and will try and get the word out when it comes together. We need as many as possible to know about it to counter the lies and distortions in the MSM.

    For eg getting the English media to acknowledge that the SNP longstanding a principled stand on West Lothian Questions even exists is an uphill battle. Because of course the SNP can do no good and can never be principled. It’s like banging your head on a brick wall sometimes.

    The Guardian did a ‘what are the features of the offers and questions’ after the referendum and had a section head that asked what are the parties’, including the SNP position on West Lothian Qs. Yet the SNP position did not appear. Was it present but removed and the head not modified? The information can’t be that hard to find. If the Guardian is doing that you can imagine what the others are doing and we wonder at the sheer ignorance of English people on the issue.

  7. That sent me off looking for words beginning with ” b” I found one that applies to me ,
    ” beblubbered”- disfigured by crying.
    One for you Macart ” bodewash” – cowdung , hot or cold though I confess it doesn’t mention temperature!
    And one for Mr Bateman , though there were many I preferred the one I thought of ,
    Batemans Bodkin for pricking the cheats , liars and manipulators.

  8. Don’t know who else you are talking to Derek but I hope it includes the likes of Lesley Riddoch, Paul Kavanagh (Wee Ginger Dug) and the many talents displayed on Bella Caledonia…
    Depending on what transpires I would be more than happy to subscribe if that’s the way you are going in terms of funding.

    • Yes. Don’t forget those extremely hard-working YES people mentioned above by Steve. Everyone must be included. There’s so much talent and energy to be considered…….a massive task, I know, but it has to be done.

  9. Thank you, great to read this, feeling so frustrated by lack of mainstream representation and balance – we have cancelled our t.v licence as of last Friday – so we will have spare cash and can set up a DD to help.

  10. By the way how do I email you? Do I need to join the “wine club” first?

  11. Interesting to read the comments about NewsnetScotland as they mirror my own. I thought it was just me… and I paid to advertise them on my van and still do (along with Wings and BfS) though I’ve removed the ‘yes’ decals.

    Derek, you have a very open style so I hope your influence rubs off on Newsnet. I think it is a great idea in principle but I think you need to explore the likes of BelleCaledonia and Wings too.

  12. I agree with the previous comments on the tone of NewsnetScotland. It’s ok, but it could be a lot better. It has no personality, with rather to much emphasis on having a go at the BBC. I almost felt that Newsnet had a chip on it’s shoulder, almost as if the editor had lost out on an interview for the BBC. It needs to move on.
    When you compare it to Wings, it looks like a grumpy version of the Sunday Post.
    Wings is popular because it is less stuffy and has appeal at a “common man/woman” level.
    If you could take the intellect of Newsnet, the character of Wings, throw in some Bella and Derek’s knowledge, you may find that you are onto a winner. But take your time and don’t rush; we need a rounded, well oiled machine, not a half baked product.

    • Bugger (the Panda)

      Half baked hot potato?

      mmm Maybe it is horses for courses and wee need the diversity of the different approaches to the indy quest.

      It is all to do with branding, style, content and presentation. Newspapers have different styles but share manufacturing costs, automobile manufacturers too.

      Who care what colour is the cat, so long as it catches the mouse.

      There is not just one path from here to there. Follow the yellow brick roads but keep our eyes always on OZ.

  13. If Newsnet have difficulty being taken seriously as a new outlet they only have themselves to blame. The site has some really splendid investigative journalism especially as regards bias in the BBC, so maybe a team-up with Derek will be very constructive. However it has always been badly let down by the awful tone of many of the articles, and the appalling moderation policies.

    The faceless operators behind Newsnet have always put me off very badly, which is why I react negatively to Derek, whom I admire, teaming up with them. However, maybe it will prove to be a good thing.

  14. Not a fan of Newsnet. The moderation was difficult to understand, and any queries went unanswered. I was banned about 2 years ago, and have no idea why. I emailed them a couple of times asking for the reason, and never had a reply.
    Half the pleasure for me, is the interaction about articles btl.

  15. Udo Seiwert-Fautri

    if you need me for help, support, interview..I am prepared

  16. How about a free Scottish Metro type newspaper? Funded the same way as the Metro. This would get unbiased Scottish News as well as the usual trash such as football, movies, fashion and business in front of every commuter in Scotland every working day. Then devolve the bbc license fee. Also, ensure bbc journalists are not members of political parties and are monitored to ensure impartiality! This is essential. Provide a commercially viable online news-medium that allows users to participate and comment. Participation is addictive!

    But most important of all try and embrace the 55%. Win their hearts and minds.

    And finally, teach your children to think for themselves – critically – as they grow up!

  17. Newsnet? Something terribly puerile about that lot. Bizarrely enough its the only site on the Internet I seem to be banned from. No idea why and no response to requests as to why…

  18. Was a fan of Newsnet from the beginning but not now. They have lost/do not print posts fron many people from whom I learned a great deal. I now feel as though I am being talked down to. Moderation is too heavy handed, little if any respect for differing opinion. Willing to read anything that keeps the Independence flag flying and highlights the bias of the MSM but I am NOT a child, feel as if I am treated as one and have all but given up reading it. Sorry Newsnet really no longer appeals to me. Will keep an open mind. CILLA

  19. I agree with the previous comments, we desperately need a more collective and wide ranging outlet (one that visually challenges the MSM also). And to do this I think all groups need to be involved, from BfS with their business nouse (Gordon has media experience and am sure they could influence funding, National Collective and Common Weal (Robin) have certainly expressed their views on a similar theme of common collective space and a larger mainstream outlet / presence, then we have Bella Caledonia and others (blogs such as Wee Ginger Dug) etc. I would like a broad collective tapping into all of these wide ranging groups with their boundless energy, talent and experience.

    Can you reply Derek or elaborate? (I appreciate you are busy in both senses of the word!!).

  20. Whatever alternative emerges to the mainstream, must for me include daily information about political developments in Scotland, the UK and beyond, so that we don’t have to look to the print or broadcast MSM at all for that basic update of what is going on in politics, finance and the economy, the environment, public services, culture, sport – a tall order, and maybe not possible at the start, but something to work towards as quickly as possible. It would be excellent to bring in Paul Kavanagh, whose writing can be so poetic and inspirational, and also use the Investigative and statistical talents of Stu Campbell. The proposals sound to be the start of something really important. How about, instead of the MSM, we have the SNS – Scottish News Service

  21. Howabout bateman bites as a title build it up into all sorts wih quick liinks and lost of sausages

  22. It may turn out OK, and I’m prepared to keep an open mind. I used to read Newsnet quite a lot, but I found the people behind it, whoever they are, so aloof, unapproachable and up themselves, I began to go off it. They then decided they didn’t want anything but clapping-seal comments below the line, and deliberately strangled any dialogue.

    Derek is very approachable though, so perhaps he’ll show them the light.

    • Bugger (the Panda)

      but clapping-seal comments below the line,

      That proved to be impossible for me with my ursine hands and anarchic temperament.

      I think I was actually banned there but I never attempted to post again, so maybe tit was a short sin bin sentence that is long forgotten.

      I will read but not post there.

  23. News Scotland (Keep it simple and meaningful)

  24. I think this sounds like an exciting venture! I have to say, Newsnet’s coverage has been a bit hit and miss, but I guess we’re possibly expecting a little too much from what is effectively citizen journalism. There have been a few tonal issues in articles, and there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of subbing or proofing given the number of typos and grammatical errors in pieces, but that can improve with the right sort of input. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of this!

  25. At last a plan .Well done Derek.

    Newsnet has it’s faults but has been a firm supporter of YES and as you say they recognise they need to change. having you there would be a superb move and a great catch for Newsnet. Lets give them a chance folks. After all we have only the Sunday herald for news with the MSM. Beggars canny be choosers.

    I would love to see Stu from Wings on as a guest along with Paul K at the Wee Ginger Dug . I have followed the guy through some of the most emotional and uplifting experiences online anywhere. His blog has a way to leave you with a smile and we all know he’s been through the ringer and still played on. I admire him for so many reasons , but his strength in the most unbearable circumstances is a credit to him.

    Wings involvement would boost the figure too Derek. We’re all a little angry and waiting for something to do so helping out a new news broadcast might get us going again. Rev Stu must get a mention D.

    This is the guy who put the MSM to shame with his investigations and his quick to the point approach is a winning recipe on Wings.

    You yourself are a trusted and well loved blogger and broadcaster with a big enough fanbase. I would gladly pay to watch you and love the way you interview. Nice and relaxed. the one with A, Salmond was a cracker.

    You have my support Derek.

    And a big thanks for what is already a fantastic blog.

  26. Yip, it will give breadth to the channel(s).

    Its more of a “With Bateman” but the “With” motif is done to death.

    “Bated Breath” the best of the puns I could come up with, but not actually that keen.

    How about “Just Plain Bateman” – logo a shot of supremely tasty well buttered plain bread outsider toasted with the steam still rising…

  27. Can’t say how encouraged I am by the ability of the movement to bounce back and seek another way to get to the Better Nation we all seek. After 79 we were on our knees for a decade. This time it was more like 24 hours.

    The focus shifts to Westminster and to obtaining the most from the panicked ‘Vow’. Control of all onshore taxation and, not least, broacasting. There will be no UDI or second referendum. Probably. And probably we won’t need either. Revenue Scotland will form the basis of a Scottish Treasury. The journey is as much about institutions as it is about electoral success.

    What wonderful news that the Sunday Herald has doubled it’s circulation. We need a daily paper.

    8 months to the election. Tick Tock.

  28. Bugger (the Panda)

    How about the Clarion Bateman’s Broadcasting Clarion

    A Clarion is a narrow war trumpet, not a strumpet. That is Paula Rose.

  29. If there’s to be a tabloid arm of this venture can we call it Jings, Crivens, Help Ma Boab? 🙂

  30. So pleased something is happening on this front. To make it sustainable others need to be attracted in so that it has the oomph and clout to grow and reach the parts of the electorate that need more accurate information. Like the Yes movement, it can benefit from all those differing strands that so enlivened and deepened it.

  31. Great news that the Journos are talking to each other.

    Some inky fingered chums who know how to put fish&chip wrappers into the shops are next needed.

    “New Media” is all very well for career minded corporate suits and pauper bloggers, but punters still pick up newspapers.

    You Derek and several other online writers became required reading during the indyref.
    Become the mainstream.

  32. I agree we need joined up thinking.
    I read newsnet – good info on keeping tags on the BBC but I have never commented on there.

    We definitely need to consolidate the different Yes groups but I feel the likes of Rev Stu would feel straight-jacketed by the style on NNS.

    We also need to bring RIC and LfI on board, especially Alan Grogan who has since left the Labour party and therefore is probably no longer on LfI.

    We need to reach to as many Yessers as possible without diluting the message and this could be a start

  33. Couple of themes here. Newsnet may not be the most suitable partner. Anonymity and moderation a problem. Getting info out.

    Whatever transpires, it has to be more than a cafe for hard-core Yes supporters. I suspect some of the 45 will soon drift away and then there’s the No voters. There needs to be a strategy for getting the info out to everyone. If we can get a profile of Yes voters who might drift away and the No’s who might come over are they really the kind who are going to read Wings, Newnet or even Bateman?

  34. It’d be good to see all the pro-indy sites amalgamate. There’d surely be enough content to maybe start a weekly print edition. Maybe even tie in with the Scots Independent newspaper that already has print facilities?

    Egos need to be put aside though which might be difficult in some cases.

  35. I would be quite happy to do something with you Derek, but can’t find an email address for you.



  36. Thank you Derek, great to see the momentum and potential.

    Today I joined the Greens and CND, donated to Scot goes Pop and cancelled my contracts with EDF and BT. TV licence to come next.

    I hope that with all these singular actions, big and small, we will be an unstoppable force.

    Do you, or anyone, think that Stuart Cosgrove would be worth an approach?

  37. My suggestion for a title would be “Scotland’s Voice”, to be a counter to the existing MSM and BBC/STV output.

  38. Derek it is difficult to contact you when there is no method of contacting you on this web site ….. I, for one, am interested in helping on the journalistic / production side of the venture – drop me a message via WordPress to my blog page.

  39. I NEVER get on a train or bus without looking to pick up the METRO.

    Should a new free paper appear with lots of what you do best Derek

    and it should have a short snappy title like Metro, say INDY or INDAY or similar

    and with the right content balance

    I can see it being successful.

    Only problem is, Metro already has that spot and fills it very well.


    in any new venture, you yourself would have to be as visible and accessible

    as you are on here.

    In your case the message and the messenger are indivisible.

    One thing’s for sure – there’s a tidal flow of interest and energy out there

    which has the potential to create a complete tartan makeover for Scotland.

    It MUST be harnessed before it turns

    which may be after the EU Referendum in 2017.

    But all things are possible even the impossible with the current young generation.

    Go for it, Derek !

    • Bugger (the Panda)

      Round 2

    • Bugger (the Panda)

      Project Popeye

      Project Spinnach

      Round 2

      Here we come.

    • See the next time you get on a bus or train – pick up ALL the Metros and stuff’ ‘ em in the bin when you get off , it’s the Daily Mail .

      As for all those criticising Newsnet , it was the first to be up and running and it tried hard to behave like the newspapers available to all. It wasn’t the site for folk to vent their spleen in an abusive manner , it wasn’t going to allow expletives which might have dissuaded douce folk to dismiss it out of hand.

      I really find it quite hard to read comments like if they were chocolate , and so far up themselves etc.etc. There are plenty of sites that allow for freedom of expression and there is room for all , particularly if the elderly ,middle class union flag waving , Queen and country brigade are those one is trying to persuade.

  40. Anyone know if Stewart Kilpatrick’s putting his Caledonian Mercury hat on again?

  41. This is a good development imo. Makes creative and financial sense. I’ll switch my funding over to “Bateman NetsNews” when you are all in your new hoose.

  42. Good luck with the new venture Derek. Newsnet has done a lot of good work attacking the BBC. However, following the “No” vote, they are now beginning to sound like someone shouting at a car that has just run them over. Attacking the BBC is never going to work. It is time to move on. The only thing that stands a chance of challenging the BBC is a brand new pan-independence media platform – one that brings together and leverages the combined talent of all members of the independence movement – from members of the former professional broadcasting community such as yourself and Lesley Riddoch (Referendum TV) to the alternative media (Wings/Newsnet, Bella, Caledonia etc) and, most importantly, A BRAND that existing official political parties and the new grassroots army (45 etc) can get behind.
    ALLIANCE MEDIA sounds good to me. It could start immediately by bringing existing alternative media content to a much wider audience. To begin with I would like to see a central HUB website featuring the best of, and links to, all the existing media players. They can continue to do their own thing but all must agree to pool their best content. If the existing “Yes” supporting media cannot cooperate in this way none of them will be able to achieve individually the sort of impact required to make a real difference. If any of the existing media goes under, Alliance Media will still be there, replacing those bowing out with fresh talent – and there is plenty of it around. In my view a printed newspaper, Metro style, is an absolute must if you are going to reach the over-55 “no” group in any meaningful way. If there is a proper, advertising-funded daily paper called “The Alliance” or suchlike, I would buy it, read it, distribute it, take a subscription to its online content, etc. It must be fun, forward-looking, not at all stuffy or insular. Open, honest and inclusive – like the “Yes” movement itself. Any hint of childish squabbling and fall-outs and I would immediately stop buying it and cancel my subscription. I have seen quite enough of that. I am sure I am not alone.

    • A plea to all “Yes” media people – it really is time to stop doing your own thing and get behind a single brand as Derek Bateman suggests. We are all out here waiting for you to give us something we can support with our hearts and our wallets. If people see a serious attempt to pool resources, skills and equipment then all of us will back you with our cash.

      I would prefer to see all existing media come together under a single, new brand like the one I suggest above. That way all existing players can still be individually recognised for what they do whilst immediately getting their content out to a much larger combined audience. Whatever you do, now is the time to do it before the “Yes” energy and momentum fades away.

      p.s. please approach the people at Independence Live. They put in a tremendous amount of hard work documenting the grassroots referendum the BBC disgracefully ignored. Their strength is covering events as they happen – flashmobs, spontaneous protests, celebrations, off-the-wall publicity stunts, etc. Some of their broadcasts had several thousand online viewers.

      • Fully agree about Independence Live.

        It was incredible to first, get reliable advance notice, and then be able to watch meetings in Scotland even from abroad.

        Only problem for me was sound quality, but that might be my computer/internet link.

  43. Great news. Now that I no longer listen to BBC radio and TV and have stopped all MSM except the Sunday Herald, I have a news deficit which I hope your venture will fill. Happy to subscirbe and if most of the 1.6m YES voter also subscribed you would have a sizeable funding stream. Selected advertising from pro Indy business which did not interfere with content would also be acceptable.
    I would like a Saturday news and current affairs paper with what’s on, arts and (OK sport) pages. That would not compete with the one existing pro Indy paper the Sunday Herald. Digital radio and TV would also be welcome. No thoughts abut the name except that it should be able to survive changes in personnel and focus and reflect a pro-Scottish flavour. Good luck.

  44. I don’t really get the antipathy to Newsnet. I often found their articles very informative in that they were more like a formal news outlet than any of the blogs. That may explain why they felt less personal. For instance their current headline piece about devo-max establishes that the NO campaign were clearly advocating devo-max to the voters in the two weeks before the vote. That needs to be emphasised with recorded examples which Newsnet give. Their other articles detailing the perfidy of the BBC likewise give concrete on the record examples. Much needed. In fact collating all this in one place would help us all to keep track of the lies and mendacity which swung some voters to NO in the last week of the campaign.

  45. Pravda Ecosse

  46. How about Bateman Broadcasting Company.There doesn’t seem to be a grown up ,honest organisation using any thing approaching those initials.Best of luck and thank you.We will be happy to transfer our monthly D.D. from B.B.C. to a new B.B.C.

  47. Splendid news and I will support the endeavour. In facetious mode how about ” The Vow” for a title?

  48. I have to concur with Morag and the others above. I’ve never been impressed with Newsnet Scotland. Something about their unreconstructedness, if that’s a word. I sense a certain unwillingness to acknowledge that women are equal, or something, I could be wrong. There also seems to be an unwillingness to acknowledge Freedom of Speech: an unresponsiveness. Are you sure you’re doing the right thing?
    Muscleguy. If they want to be treated like journalists they’ll have to learn to listen to their prospective readership.
    As for the Rev Stu, I think he’s off on a well earned holiday. What a guy he is.
    I was also hoping you might go in with the Scots Independent. We need a newspaper that can reach a lot of people. I know that’s a big ask in the modern world but it could be on-line as well.
    Is that guy suggesting pictures of naked pandas?
    Love the idea about the free Metro thing.

  49. Several people have already commented on the need for this to be a tangible object. This needs to be at the top of your business plan. The people who we need to reach are the ones who want paper.

    This needs to be item one on the agenda of the first meeting.

    I know this sounds old fashioned, but it’s the old-fashioned (not the old, many were YES) that need to be educated, informed and maybe even entertained by a new venture that they can understand.

    I look forward to the online version, and that it can be an opportunity for new writers and thinkers and that the paper version will distill the online content and reflect more of the feedback than of the original articles – perhaps in a way that allows the hyper localism that might be needed to constructively wake people up.

    • Yes, and a regular Scotlandshire feature would be a great contribution to the fun side. To think some Scots haven’t so far even heard of Scotlandshire! Then there’s Duggie Dug …

      There’s so much talent already out there it’s asking creative people to be incredibly generous and join up as soon as possible. It’s now or lose the momentum.

  50. Fantastic initiative. So may good ideas on his one page alone. We have to counter the unionist press and act as a complement to the Sunday Herald, plus be visible in print, online and maybe on a TV channel too; coaxing the general public away from established channels might be easier than we think given the 1.6 million of us who voted Yes plus all the others who had buyer’s remorse afterwards.

    Additionally, there is massive support across the world from the Scottish diaspora, and having an online news channel would be an excellent way of keeping them up to date with current Scottish news, politic and events. Since many of them are joining up as foreign supporters of the Indy political parties – particularly in the States – there’s a committed source of support, subs and dissemination.

    As for a name – Talking Scotland is my fave at the moment, followed by News Scotland. I’ll be watching developments re gaining control of BBC Scotland, but they’d have to change the name and cut links with the BBC, or sign up to a legally-binding contract that stipulates fair and unbiased coverage and answerable to the people of Scotland. And a completely diffeent management system too – none of this antiquated hierarchical business that we know of in BBC Londonshire. 😉

    Even if we don’t have Indy right now, we can build and develop the kind of society we want along the way, involving everyone who wants to see a better, fairer and more equal Scotland. A movement of the people by the people for the people.


  51. Urrghh. Typos. *thinks: must zoom in more when checking prior to pressing Post*

  52. Derek, what you are proposing is certainly very badly needed. What you actually set up must be a “broad church” that brings the most people, with many differing views and outlooks, to “the table”. In this regard I would like to see included:

    National Collective
    Bella Caledonia
    Business for Scotland
    Radical Independence Campaign
    Labour for Independence
    Wee Ginger Dug
    The Jimmy Reid Foundation (?)
    The Common Weal
    WingsoverScotland (suitably moderated in terms of bad language in comments)

    and others I have missed..

    How about Alba Media or Scotland United or similar for a name?

    I note the comments regarding poor moderation on Newsnet but hopefully you could retain editorial control and also ensure professional moderation. Wings for example is a fantastic site and what they have achieved in readership is almost unbelievable. I am in no way a prude but the one thing I have against Wings is the, at times, bad language in some of the comments which in my opinion would need some form of moderation and editing – a massive job but with the potential for massive funding for your project not beyond the realms of possibility.

    I see no reason given the tremendous Yes vote (1.6m voters) how your venture couldn’t be more than adequately funded. Look at what Wings achieved with their crowd-funding. Lets think big, 300,000 subscribers (at least) with an average monthly £1 subscription is £0.m a month or £3.6m a year. Lets think big for Scotland. £2 a month and 500,000 subscribers would be even better.

    Just the ramblings of an old codger who waited 27,856 days for the opportunity to vote for an independent Scotland. I fully expect to see independence in my lifetime.

    • I would be happy to subscribe just as Jim Arnott describes. I wouldn’t regard £5 or £10 a month out of the question. Since yesterday I have £145.50 a year to spare!
      I would like to see a serious approach made to someone like Blair Jenkins to chair the project – someone who could be speak for the new media alliance in the Scottish mainstream media.
      I would be happy to see part of my money used to fund an appropriate salary for someone of Jenkins’ calibre and experience.

    • I agree that we need a more restrained outlet. Most elderly people would be put off by what they consider bad language (even if it is pretty normal to most of the younger generation). While it is not good to have to many small new sources of news, it is also not good to have just one.

  53. NNS has too many articles by “A Newsnet Reporter.” Surely, if a media company is to be successful, we need to know who is writing the stories?

    Some sort of tie-up with the Scots Independent would be very appealing. As others have noted, there is value in putting dead trees in the hands of those we seek to convert.

  54. Derek,
    Firstly you have no dea how delighted I am that you are doing this.
    Secondly, on the topic of chosing a name: my advice is that whateer is chosen will be good (and there are many suggestions above) and will feel like the wrong choice until it has been used for a while. Once it no longer feels strange to say, it will be the one!

  55. Some folk on here need to get a grip as you sound like No voters not liking Salmond instead of encouraging all types of media outlets no matter whether they write anon or not.

  56. cynical lowlander

    How about a Contact box Derek?

  57. Not sold on Newsnet either. I think you’d be better off collaborating with Bella or National Collective or turn Referendum TV into a proper channel with a different name. If you need assistance with filming and editing, please do let me know. I tried to contact you but there is no contact address on this site.

    • Any sort of formal merging of organisations, especially if it requires one group to subsume itself in favour of another, won’t get very far.

      What we have at the moment is a “niche” model. What we require is a “mass market” model.
      It’s a matter of galvanising limited resources to form a “spearhead” that can have a lot more impact.

      All pro-independence media could contribute to a central content pool without significantly changing their individual operations.

      A lean “hub” organisation run by Derek Bateman and a few others could collate the pooled content from this large network of contributors, standardise it, and put a serious amount of work into broadcasting it to a mass audience both online and in print.

  58. Great to read of this project. Lots of potential contributors.

    Paul Kavanagh published a magazine in Spain I understand so he would bring that knowledge and experience, also he writes so well.

    Newsnet I find a bit arid – like the Telegraph and the Guardian.

    Peat Worrier would be a great analytical resource.

    Wings for getting the point across – directly.

    Out campaigning I met many +60s who did not access the internet so a printed paper is the way to reach them.

    • Bugger (the Panda)

      I have said this ear;ier and your reference to WGD, Paul Kavanagh is pertinent. Paul must have contacts in Catalunya on the indie side. The Catalans have an extensive and sophisticated independent and Independence based MSM, with TV and Radio channels. There may be things we can learn from them on funding, diffusion and content. Worthy of some thought and Paul speaks both Catalan and Spanish as well as some Northern European tongues.

      • And Paul really needs a job and a lift right now. Somebody get him a job, the man has been amazing. Positively heroic.

        • Have to agree – brilliant writer , needs a job and needs to be read by many more.
          I will be forever grateful to that Wee Ginger Dug arriving in my mailbox , saved me from many a morose , inward looking day.

  59. Some thoughts.
    Input from as many sites, organisations, people as possible.
    Would Rab McNeil be willing to produce the sort of column he used to post in the Caledonian Mercury?
    I like the idea of a Metro style paper and would be happy to subscribe. I would hope that Brian Soutar would arrange for the new paper to be offered in Stagecoach buses instead of the Metro.

  60. Guys who produced Dateline Scotland looking to organise something similar:


    Any thoughts on a co-ordinated response to produce a new media outlet?

    • Clearly many of Scotland’s talented pro-independence media people are arriving at an inevitable conclusion: the only solution to this problem is a serious, mainstream challenger to the BBC.
      Perhaps it is time to hold a big pow-wow where all the media people can establish a SINGLE fund raising strategy? If each of the 1.6 million donates just £1 you will see people start to believe.
      Derek – if you are reading these posts – we, the 1.6 million, are counting on you.
      Please invite all the media people to a PRO-INDEPENDENCE MEDIA CONFERENCE very soon.
      Appoint someone to start raising the cash.
      One big pro-independence media Indiegogo appeal to raise £1.6 million in £1 (or more) donations in a month. That would be a very good start.

    • Great Derek, something to look forward to. NNS good in my opinion. I simply want quality informed and unbiased reporting. Opinion/comment pieces like yours are great but it takes a particular talent to do this – you, Ian Bell and McWhiter are among the best. To expect that level of writing on a daily basis is too much.

      Most of all I want your Sunday review radio programme back – I miss the ‘uhmm’ noise you made when the guest were talking rubbish. Can you steal Kenny Macdonald from BBC?

  61. Seriously people ? ‘I don’t like Newsnet because of their moderation policy’

    Get a grip, it’s not about YOU, it’s about the message. If not having to carry out moderation on posts means that more time can be given to actually writing articles then fair play to them. I was banned, probably deservedly, and after a bit of a huff I read their articles and visited the site every day.

    There are plenty of other sites you can post on.

    As for them being obsessed with the BBC, WTF ?

    How do we all feel about the BBC ? Thank the lord someone had the balls to go and challenge them (Ponsonby’s a star in my book). No other website took the argument to the BBC like Newsnet did – they did a sterling job over the Lucinda Creighton affair and constant complaint got the BBC Trust to acknowledge that Raymond Buchanan’s reports were ‘off’ although they never forced BBC Scotland to apologise. Buchanan of course, resigned from the BBC during this issue.

    Their is a wide diversity of styles, Newsnet is different from Wings, Wings is different to Bella and Bella is not Newsnet. Chuck in National Collective, Business for Scotland and ol’ Derek here with a smattering of Michael Greenwell and Lesley Riddoch podcasts washed down with the hoots over at BBC Scotlandshire. What a wonderful mix of styles, approaches, information and agendas.

    Crikey, people complain about the negativity and staleness of the MSM and yet when offered a feast of alternatives manned by people earning no or very little money over years they still complain.

    Seriously you lot, have a word.

    Well played Derek, exciting prospects and all the best for a bright new future.

  62. The more I hear about the more exciting it becomes.

    All the different blogs that sprang up because of the dire output of the bbc, show just how much talent there is around.

    I’m with the others on here who suggest opening it up to all the artists, writers, comedians, poets, writers, journalists, musicians, etc who contributed to the campaign – it could be amazing.

    Think of all the media studies young folk we have out there as well and graphics designers.

    I could help in a practical way as I am none of the above – lets make this happen

  63. Hi Derek, a long term fan of yours. Have turned down numerous invitations to appear on BBC Scotland via radio and TV and told them why (this morning was the latest). I would be happy to be interviewed by you. I’m Chair of the Society of Authors in Scotland and co-founder of Bloody Scotland, Scotland’s international crime writing festival which opened again this year on the morning after the referendum in Stirling. However my views are my own as a Scottish crime writer and a former teacher of 20 years. If I can help in your endeavour I would be delighted.

  64. I like Newsnet. I’ve never been able to post there as there seems to be a problem for me logging in, and I agree their articles often lack oomph but they are well informed and they have taken up a number of investigative issues, so well done them.

  65. #the45 and Beyond.

    A Conversation with Tommy Ball (SSP), Ben Wray (Common Weal) and Davie Torrance (SNP).

    I hope the last name is not a typo.

  66. I do think there is a huge amount of strength in diversity though. It has really worked for us that we are so hydra-headed.

    By all means pool resources. But beware, centralisation and standardisation is the disease we are all trying to escape from!

    So, both, and.

    • Exactly, MBC – diversity and flexibility makes the medium a harder target for the top-down conventional media to attack, too. After all, Vietnam didn’t win its war by taking on the world’s foremost military power in a pitched battle.

  67. I think it is important to aim for a printed magazine, not just digital.

    There is a relatively new DC Thomson weekly magazine called The Stooshie which may be worth looking at for some ideas.

    Agree with the comment above that it should have a broader reach than just politics.

    It should be entertaining and FUN to gather a widespread audience – not just the politics crowd.

    That means current affairs, sport, food and drink, restaurant reviews, readers photos, etc

    Big facebook presence also to aim for.

    Some general Scottish Facebook pages have thousands of ‘likes’

    eg ‘Scottish Banter’ has 750,000 members.

    • Bugger (the Panda)

      Serious question here.

      Is there a market for a People’s Friend type of weekly woman’s newpaper and whatever with a political nuance?

      • Exactly. This has consistently been the demographic it seems to have been impossible to reach, engage with or involve.

        Someone mentioned ” The Stooshie”. I think we might need to avoid anything that sounds coothy, tartany or that could be confusing. I’m sure the above publication is well intentioned, but it might as well be called the Shortbread and Scottie Dug.

        People make their minds up in under five seconds. After that it’ s difficult to explain the truth behind the shiny headlines to someone who’s convinced they know things. Almost as if you are threatening them – with big scary (cross referenced, publicly available, triple checked) facts.

        What does the People’s Friend reader read apart from that. if anything?

        What do they want, and would they read anything with even the slightest political content? Or would they run screaming – “no, it’s too much for me…”

        I’m running low on positivity here…

    • Productions like that are not peanuts to be sure, but doable.

      What would be a big seller and give you more bang for your buck is a popular format newspaper (accent on the news and current affairs). Something in the Berliner or boadloid category. Newsprint may be on the wain but it still has a couple of decades life left in it and is a daily or weekly hit for the punter as well as being more cost effective to produce.

      Magazines quarterly, monthly or weekly take cash and lots of it to produce to a required professional presentation and also take longer to impact a market. With limited funds and competing with top quality opposition it’d probably feel like you’re pushing a pea up a hill with your nose.

      Using the newspaper title you could possibly produce specials or quarterly mags for insert and absorb the cost through newspaper sales and advertising.

      There is a market out there though and a large niche to fill… us.

      *shyly waves* I have some experience in this arena. 🙂

  68. Hi Derek, love the idea, we really need this. BUT is this the same initiative as Freedom TV? That is already going and is almost at it’s crowd funding goal. Please lets have one initiative that pulls everyone together.

    Derek – call a “Yes” Media Conference, film it, and invite the 1.6 million to contribute £1 or more to finance a proper, mainstream pro-independence print newspaper start-up.
    If 160,000 people contribute £10 each you could be off and running within a month. Hopefully you’d invest 60% of the start-up capital in a sales department to sell advertising to pro-Yes businesses and others who want to reach 45% of the Scottish people. That way you wouldn’t run out of cash in month two. I really hope you do this and, if you do, we all support it. I definitely will. This is the only way we will ever challenge the treacherous BBC.

  70. I think a lot of the criticism of Newsnet Scotland (NNS) here is wrong and also many of the those making these comments need to seriously pull their necks in. Let’s iron some things out:

    NNS prior to the rapid rise of Wings was the leading voice in our blogosphere. The fact that Wing rose so rapidly cast a shadow on NNS but takes nothing away from it.

    NNS was and is largely a one man band.

    GA Ponsonby (GAP) is a Nom De Plume, a man who works full time and writes for NNS part time.

    The sheer volume and quality of content from GA Ponsonby is mind-boggling.

    The secrecy surrounding NNS is a product of GAP not wishing to endanger how he makes his living, his anonymity no doubt held back NNS but his reasons for it were real and sound.

    The contribution to our cause by NNS is immeasurable.

    A lot of the criticism of NNS in general and it’s moderation policy (enforced by unpaid part timers) is pretty rich. Take a look at yourselves you prolific and critical keyboard warriors. Many of you spend hours a day on blogs lobbing your tuppence worth in and enriching the debate very little. GAP and the other NNS volunteers provided something of real value. Perhaps if some of the many above critics had got up off there bloody arses and chapped on a few more doors we would have won.

    Unfucking believable ungrateful fuckers some of you.

    • I am not one of the critics of Newsnet you refer to but I don’t think falling out with each other is going to help. Let’s skip the falling out and go straight to the doing something about the problem part. There are many practical and sensible ideas and suggestions about what can be done on this forum alone. People like Derek Bateman and Newsnet should be applauded for all they have done but the fight is just beginning and we need them as the leading lights of the alternative media world to step up to the plate and start thinking big about how they can make an impact on the undemocratic BBC propaganda problem. There is no more room for half-measures and shoe-string operations. We need Derek and Newsnet to show real leadership and if they act quickly they will get the financial support they need. It is a week since the referendum. If there is no real movement within another week the momentum and energy is going to wane and a great opportunity will have been lost.

    • You started the swearing, so go and take a flying fuck at yourself.
      I don’t recognise your name, but some of us have been online for more than 5 minutes.
      A few years ago, the BBC shut down comments on their Scottish blog. Newsnet fed off this, and provided an outlet. For Newsnet itself to then block and ban commentators was pure hypocrisy.

      Saying that, I hope this project is a success.

      • ‘Online for more than 5 minutes’, dear, dear, dear Juteman, I won’t be entering into a pissing contest with you.

    • Dougie Douglas,

      I think, it was a while ago now, that I came to actually join the SNP because of Newsnet Scotland.

      I seem to recall mandating money to them – NNS – on a monthly basis. I am a sucker for a good cause.

      I asked questions about the fractious split that occurred shortly thereafter. Some guy claimed he owned them and some other guy said he didn’t. The money? Where did it go?

      Chill a bit, still posting to a new / old Newnet Scotland. Asked what had happened? I am not shy if I think I have been swindled.


      The Rev Stewart Campbell has also banned me, but that I can accept. Despite the fact I think he is an egotistical wanker, he is a bloody good political activist. But a narrow minded idiot to boot.

      Ha1 ha! say the allies of the Borg.

      That Clark chap is a mere minion of the Brittanic State!

      A quisling?

      Well, my ballot paper was cast, and it was a ‘Yes’.

      Despite both Newsnet Scotland and Wings Over Scotland being idiots.

      It has been argued, I think by John Swinney, that we need to reach out to ‘No’ voters?

      Firstly you fuckers need to reach out to ‘Yes’ voters.

      Because you obviously do not have the Holy Grail of ‘The Idiots Guide to Independence’.


  71. What about The New Scotsman; for the forward thinking Scot?

  72. As our ain tennis champion put it – “let’s do it” – big time! Go for it Derek, you’ve always been the main man.

  73. Why not call it “The Fifth Estate”.
    The Fourth Estate was meant to be the newspaper industry. They should have been monitoring the corporate state and revealing the corrupt practices which were obvious for all to see. Instead, they saved these swine from public opprobium by ignoring the evidence e.g. by justifying the Krays because that’s how the Eastend always works. Cockney sparrows anyone, larks tongues?

  74. Great, inspiring news. The week before the referendum I finally stopped reading The Herald after more than 50 loyal years. I could take no more. There isn’t a Scottish daily newspaper left to me. Now I am desperate for something to fill that void, and would readily subscribe to an online news service which met the criteria you describe. I would add one other criterion. The funding model would need to be such that it could never, ever be bought out by business interests, no matter how successful it became and could never, therefore, become a parody of all that we have come to despise in the news industry.

    • “The funding model would need to be such that it could never, ever be bought out by business interests, no matter how successful it became and could never, therefore, become a parody of all that we have come to despise in the news industry.”

      My thoughts exactly – well put!

  75. Make a simple, all-encompassing claim in the title and let its opponents argue against it: Scottish News.

    Get in touch with the Scottish Freelance Branch of BECTU, the main broadcasting union.

  76. Latest news;- Better together as we are now at war with Iraq again! There’s obviously not enough oil in the North Sea, for this oil hungry Westminster politicians. This was why Cameron was in the States during the biggest vote in the history of British politics. Didn’t take them long eh? I am so annoyed that we have to wait to sever ourselves from this war monger who couldn’t do it without the Scots. It is to our shame that we did not educate before the vote so Scotland wouldn’t be associated with such terrible decisions. Our lads again, the Scottish battalion along with the fodder from south, having to fight for the big Anglo-American oil business. I am so shocked at this latest news, that I am looking abroad to see if there is somewhere I can achieve freedom from, multinational corporations and their wars.

  77. It will be a success; but it isn’t the 1.6m (45%) that we should be aiming for. if there is anything we have learnt from the referendum is that social media can become an echo chamber and not reach the wet-no voters.

  78. Try again using my “proper” WordPress details 😉

    Derek – where’s your e-mail address?

    if you don’t want to publish it here, can you please follow me on twitter (@awfypuggled) and you can unfollow once I’ve DMd you.

    ta much.

    Jim T

  79. Dougie-it’s a matter of Freedom of Speech. If someone somewhere is rejecting posts without any communication about why, that is undermining Freedom of Speech. Newsnet almost convinced me to vote No, because I don’t want to live in a Scotland where you can’t speak your mind. A website that is promoting independence, that almost convinces someone like me to vote No, is a failure as far as I am concerned.

  80. Just looking across the internet for 15 minutes reveals a plethora of ideas and appeals to fund “new media” for Scotland – Bella, Broadcast Scotland, Referendum TV, i-Scot, and so on. I am starting to lose track and I can’t support them all.

    I see a parallel with the political parties – Greens, SNP, SSP all increasing their support.

    And of course we still have National Collective, Common Weal, Business for Scotland and others (though I am not clear what is happening with Women for Independence)

    In each case there is as yet no clear vision of the way forward and many have even yet to hint at their hand let alone show it.

    I just hope that somewhere off radar they are all talking with each other and trying to continue with a collective/umbrella approach.

    In terms of this thread specifically we can’t possibly support more than one broadcaster and one publisher so how do we reconcile that with the multiple appeals?

    I just worry that without a collective strategic vision that we can all buy into (in the way that we did with Yes) everything will fragment and our momentum may evaporate.

    I do not want to see that happen – but I am only 1 of 1.6 million and even on site likes this or WGD or Bella or Wings regular contributors remain in double figures.

    Meanwhile I keep plugging away in my own minor key…

  81. The rejection of free speech, and we should all understand the limits of that, for a political cause is as empty as when it is against us. But it is worse than that.

    It was perhaps nice to be in a happy clappy band of similarily enthused ‘yes’ supporters.

    But it was untrue.

    We lost because we thought we had won. We thought we ouldn’t lose.

    Partly we were guilty of Kinnock syndrome.

    Our place, right now in the world is pretty dark.

    But I utterly disagree with our good host on how quickly politics can change.

    The memberships of the SNP and Greens are going through the roof!

    Is that beause of sensible policies on corporation tax?

    I humbly doubt it.

  82. I personally dont think that “no” propoganda nor, for that matter, “yes” arguments made much difference to the 55%.

    I think most of these Scots were always going to vote no.

    I could never fathom how so many of our nation adopt a default position of being for the union, when most clear thinkers know we are being taken for complete mugs.

    In that respect, Scotland must be unique amongst nations in being the only nation which has turned down the chance of winning a multi billion pound lottery!

    A strange nation indeed…

  83. £30,739 is the Indegogo total now (27/9/14 @ 14:48) for Broadcast News for Scotland – and they thought a target of £10,000….!

    I totally agree with a lot of the comments posted here.

    There needs to be an alliance between Derek, Newsnet, Bella, Wings, BNS, Wee Ginger etc.

    There is a bottomless well of enthusiasm but, unfortunately, not a similar well of finance available from the punters.

    The balls in your court Derek…

  84. Just surfed onto this site and I assume (always dangerous) that the blog is not trying to be objective?

  85. I have noted that a number of the websites mentioned are a one-way street. It is not possible to contact the editors, writers etc except on their terms. Whatever they are.

    We need an open news platform, with dialogue. We need to put our name to our views and visions. Even if those names are nom-de-plumes. We have a lot of convincing to do. We have to ensure that the 1.6m remain onside and that the others are converted.

    We have to be open to argument and we need to address the arguments. We also need to keep a scorecard. The scorecard will be based on Westminster deviation from the Vow and the things that Westminster dumps on us. Two examples. Already devomax is now on the timetable behind discussions on the Cornish Assembly…
    That fine company Ineos, run by the fine Mr Ratcliffe, will be bringing fracking to a garden near you very soon.

    (Ineos, for those who have forgotten, was the company that was prepared to wreck the Scottish economy in its dispute with the employees at Grangemouth.
    For an insight into the full horror of what we may expect, in return for a few coppers,see http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/energy/oilandgas/11126668/Ineos-offers-2.5bn-to-communities-disrupted-by-shale-gas.html)

    Note that many people may own the right to minerals etc beneath their property. Many may not, as landed estates etc often sold off land for residential development without the mineral rights. See your Title Deeds.

    A real bunfight in prospect, but between the “haves” and have mores”

  86. I’m unconvinced by this cascade of small, independent media channels and worry that some may be ends in themselves to satisfy their creators and sympathetic followers rather than being outlets determined to get through to the bulk of the population. Divide and be ruled. Too often those on the left mistake their own enthusiasm and euphoria for something more general in the population and proclaim the New Jerusalem when what they’ve seen is a mirage. What start as nationwide issues often quickly dissipate into smaller-scale local issues.

    I’ve just finished reading Owen Jones “The Establishment…”. If you haven’t read it and want to get really angry then get hold of a copy. The whole BT campaign could be seen as the Establishment battling to preserve the status quo, afraid that an independent Scotland might challenge the accepted truths. Both Darling and Brown (and Labour) are members, having once been on the left (Darling was even a republican once, apparently) but soon became fully paid up members, buying into the neo-liberal mantra of government bad, private enterprise good, state-ownership bad, privatisation good. They even saved the banks by ensuring that it was taxpayers who would pay the price for their misdeeds while the bankers and financiers got off scot-free and would continue to be rewarded excessively while the rest of us, especially the poor, would pay for it all. Then came the Establishment’s greatest success: arguing that the cause of the crash was too much government spending, to which the remedy was austerity – that is, austerity for the poor, the vulnerable, the unemployed, those on benefits, while they ensured that their rich friends got even richer.

    This is who we are fighting and it’s the neo-liberal consensus we have to overturn. He suggests, the Establishment can be fought through, among other things, social media and alternative media outlets and Think Tanks.

    I think any action has to be co-ordinated and brought under one internet portal so that all the players are easy to find. We also need to have something to provide the intellectual framework to challenge the Establishment hegemony of political and economic thought and put forward a left of centre alternative and the case for Independence.

    • Bugger (the Panda)

      How can you herd cats?

      • Bugger (the Panda)

        We are not the Borg but a pack of fox terriers will take down a bull if the attack from all sides and overpower the single power of the beast.


        • Wolves maybe….but they are organised – it’s in the word “pack”, not a loose collection of individuals pulling this way and that and arriving at different times while the bull kicks each individual to the great den in the sky.

          Just heard Ruthie on GMS saying she’s proud to be British (that’s her prerogative) and that lots of countries want to be like us, standing tall in the world. Now who’s going to challenge this rot? She’s comfortably off, living in a bubble as leader of the nasty party in Scotland. Is she proud of the food banks, is she proud of sanctioning of benefits claimants for petty “misdemeanors”, is she proud that the bankers have got off scot free and that the tax payer and the poor are paying for the clean-up?

          A campaigning think tank with an extensive database of info could call her to account. Or we can just complain amongst ourselves.

      • The same way as you sex a Sinclair Spetrum…

    • “I think any action has to be co-ordinated and brought under one internet portal so that all the players are easy to find. We also need to have something to provide the intellectual framework to challenge the Establishment hegemony of political and economic thought and put forward a left of centre alternative and the case for Independence.”


  87. Letter from Her Majesty the Queen to David Cameron

    Dear David,
    Thank you for your e-mail containing your carefully worded apology and the YouTube link to the Tom Jones hit “What’s New, Pussycat?” Philip chortles uncontrollably every time I play it.

    Now, I really must say, David, I was surprised that you felt the need to phone me in the first place to inform me that my kingdom was still united. Are you under the impression that I do not possess a television, simply because I do not have a television licence? Growing numbers of my lesser subjects know that the two do not necessarily go together. Also, in future, you ought to look at the clock before you phone. Some of us need to sleep, you know.

    Now, let’s come to the “purring” issue. I have discussed this at length with my servants and advisors, and we have arrived at two possible, although very different, explanations. The first of these is that what you heard was in fact Philip snoring in the background. Sometimes he sounds like a dysfunctional steam train, but every now and then his snoring tails off into something akin to the sound of a purring cat. The second, and, in my view, more plausible explanation is that you and the other Bullingdon Boys were so drunk on champagne that you completed your inane ramblings on the phone before dialling my number, and the purring sound you heard was in fact the dialling tone.

    Kind Regards,


  88. Derek,

    As I suspect you rarely read as far down as this in comments, I would ask those close to you who do, to at least reconsider, or negotiate your ‘terms of engagement’ with Newsnet Scotland. It was the infantile era of on line debate, where ‘keepers of the gate’ – idiotic censors were seen, though perhaps not needed, as necessary.

    Or perhaps you already have, and we can expect a far more liberal comment policy than we have seen in the past. Which should allow:

    i) Open criticism of the site and it’s content. We are not children. If we didn’t recognise propoganda for what it is before this, then we do now.

    ii) Open criticism of the above the line commentators. We are large, we contain contradictions.

    As a movement, we have progressed a lot from feeling threatened by lunatics. We all know who the enemy is. We all know we are bigger than that.

    But it is absolutely essential that better people are responsibe for deletion of posts, or not, as the case may be.

    I adopt a view that anything that is not ‘fire in the theatre’ should be allowed and will be contradicted in any healthy forum.

  89. I am an ex-journalist (freelance nationals and BBC, mostly BBC Scotland), and what I have craved throughout the indyref has been reporting which has been unashamedly unbiassed. There has been some excellent comment (thankyou Derek Bateman), and plenty of it, but a gaping hole where good straight reporting should be. They are of course completely different things, and I feel there is a hungry audience for both.

    Can this new alliance deliver? I hope so, but I agree with one commentator above who pointed up the need for works on paper. We have been howling at the BBC, but we can also howl at our ‘Scottish’ press, and I hope that somewhere in the discussions there are people planning a new truly independent newspaper, committed to clean accurate reporting as well as intelligent and inspiring comment. We need this, as we also need our own TV station, and online media network.

    I am not naive enough to think this can all happen without enormous investment, and this is the great opportunity offered by working online, but as we gaze at opportunities for statehood (devo or the full works) we need to find a commensurate ambition for our media. We need to draw back from the old, heavily accented dinosaurs of press and airwaves, and lay down the foundations for a calm, mature and multi-layered media service fitting for a new state. This can include, but must not be dominated by, opinion pieces. It should be the place where people can confidently come for facts delivered straight down the line: there is certainly nowhere people can go for this at present.

    This alliance is, for me, only worth its salt if it is committed to quality, unbiassed journalism. Only thus will it have the power to change minds and engage with Scotland as a broad population. If it is an organ driving for independence it will be just another pile of words, however good, which most No voters can’t be bothered to read.

  90. I always regarded NNS as a news website – not a user’s opinion website. I didn’t think they wanted comments at all, the BBC (etc) don’t allow comments on 90% of their news stories.

    Its like anything else, you buy the newspaper or watch the style of news that suits your demeanor generally. NNS put me on the right road, I don’t really care if they don’t want my opinion because I don’t believe its necessary for opinion to be heard at every single opportunity.

    Never had a TV licence but I’d happily pay a subscription to a non-biased news outlet – I don’t believe a Yes friendly set up will attract the 55% as such – they’ll just say “well, you would say that wouldn’t you…” I think that’s why a lot of what the Yes Campaign said fell on deaf ears.

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