Here I Come!

Now that Gordon Brown has appointed himself Governor General of our country while the elected Scottish Government is ignored by Westminster, I thought it might be a good time to say, having slept on it, that the blog and will continue.


I will never give up on independence and in the meantime believe there is a pulsating demand to get to grips with our so-called government structures. Two things stung me in the last 48 hours after the numbness of defeat.

The first was the appointment of Establishment quango man Lord Smith of Kelvin to head up the UK government’s further powers commission (quango) while I simultaneously was treated to the BBC fawning over Gordon Brown who declared it was HIS job to guarantee powers. Meanwhile I find no reference to the Scottish Government.


Who the hell is running the country? We get a placeman with a title (and an island by the way) appointed without consultation or conferral and we have the humiliation of a backbench opposition MP thrust upon us – at whose say-so? I will take no lessons from Brown whose record in office and manic behaviour is a national embarrassment. Just as his former Cabinet colleagues…Is this how our country will now be run?

Even the bonkers fast-track ‘powers’ are now a football at Westminster as the Tories add in a reduction in Scottish MPs’ influence to screw Miliband.

We need to keep on top of this and ask if we can trust the same outlets that failed us so miserably over the referendum?


I can’t give away detail yet but I plan a media presence integrating the written word with broadcasting in one package. I am consulting with others (not Lord Smith) to produce a business model that will be sustainable. You will have a chance to be part of it and it won’t necessarily involve wine this time. That’s all I can say at the moment and more detail will have to await a series of Power Breakfasts next week.

(I used to have one of those bulky diary thingys…a Filofax. Does anybody still use them? I need to look the part. I’m hunting out my suit and if I can only find a tie…)


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178 thoughts on “Here I Come!

  1. Pleased to hear the news that your good work will continue. It’s not all over and at the age of 75 I still hope that i will one day i’ll see Scotland become a independent country. Mind you I also hope that one day I’ll go round the Old Course scoring under my age.

    • Fantastic news Derek. A new media outlet is one of the key things we now need to serve and inform the people living in Scotland. Happy to pledge a licence fee on an annual basis to a new organisation that will do this.

  2. Brilliant to hear that you have not given up.
    Anything my husband or I can do, just let us know.

  3. Good to know we will still be able to see/hear you. The establishment still seem determined to feed us propaganda, witness last night in Glasgow.

  4. Really pleased to hear this, Derek. Media bias needs to be tackled. Can I perhaps suggest that you contact Business for Scotland, which now has over 3000 business people as members, to see if they can help in any way with your business plans. This is a time for working together and effectively utilising all the expertise we have available.

    Any developments on the alternative media front will certainly attract support.

  5. Cancelled the Propaganda tax yesterday.

    Never stop reminding people that Browntrousers still supports the Iraq genocide. And he let children i his own home town build radioactive sandcastles while he knew, was in power and did nothing.

  6. After a rigged vote,I find myself thinking back to being critisized for using the word quizling,which reminds me so much of Mr Brown,who the hell appointed him as governor of Scotland
    So sell your people down the river,and be rewarded???

    • Understandable reaction to the vote. However, we got beat and need to plan for the future. We now have a constituency of 1.6 million independence supporters. What are we going to do? I believe there should be a co-ordinated tactical voting campaign against pro-dependence politicians, similar to the one that saw the Tories routed in Scotland from the 1980s to 1990s?

      • I’m just off the train from Glasgow (back in London) during my journey I formulated a plan that will get Scotland independence within five years, funnily enough part of it involves what you said 🙂

        watch this space (I need to pass the plan around some intelligent bods first so I hope I’m not talking pish)

      • I agree. We need – and can have! – MPs whose first priorities are their constituents and our national interest, not their parties. This is not only essential, it’s achievable within 8 months.

        Also adding my voice to those who want to spend the licence fee on something more useful and relevant!

      • I agree we must look to the future. However we must also investigate the stories of vote rigging. In Dundee, at one polling station, the fire alarm went off not once but four times! This cannot be coincidence! the one thing that has struck me is the sheer volume of traffic on our roads, just before voting and just after… strange. There is a feeling on the streets that we have been cheated, not by sophisticated means, but through dirty tricks distributed by the media at the last minute. Your solution and tactic for our next iScotland vote is commendable, however it only uses and builds on an already corrupt system.
        We in Scotland need to change the way we run our country from Holyrood to local authority, to make sure that it does not foster corruption. Getting rid of old style politics with its old style politicians is probably the most revolutionary and necessary change we require in order to achieve self determination. We need to separate ourselves bit by bit and stand by our own principles of crystal clear democracy, starting with our own parliament. I don’t want to hear politicians fighting with each other over their personal political viewpoint, I want to hear dialogue over the issues that effect us with the sole purpose of finding a solution. We need to look at other models like the Iceland model and learn from them. If ever there was a grass roots movement that changed the whole course of politics in their country, Iceland was it! Their method would work here because it was a bottom up movement not an ‘allowed vote’, organised by the politicians that the voter was unhappy with. They did not go to polls they held their own type of referendum in the form of a petition, which was signed by the majority of the people living in Iceland. We can start our petition as soon as the ‘vows’ that won the day have been withdrawn and people realise the truth, because I am sure that many will be wishing they could change their vote.
        Most of all, my beautiful, divided Scotland needs some TLC, we need to start pulling together and repair the almost 50/50 split in our people, smile and watch for scowls to dissipate. Then silently gather together, because, YES or no we are still one nation.

    • That referendum was a sham, I’ll never accept the result and only a weak minded gutless fool would think otherwise. Save your directions for accepting this rigged result to yourself Derek.

  7. Mass non payment of the BBC tax and the destruction of The Daily Record would be nice. If we could bring all the pro indy blogs, writers and journalists together, backed by pro indy business finance, we could set up our own media operation. There is nothing out there that represents the views of 1.6m folk who voted YES, most of whom must hate the traditional MSM.

    Big opportunity out there methinks.

  8. So pleased that you are going to continue Derek. I too am raging about Gordon Brown. So much for Scotland’s democracy. Made a call to a No voting close friend as we had fallen out about the Referendum. I wait to see what they think of this latest ‘colonial’ move of our masters, though I’m scared to mention it as my emotions get the better of me.

  9. Derek, count me in. We have a lot of brains and talent in this country and we need urgently a new media presence.

    There are rich folk like the guy that took over Fergusons and some of the BfS who could help with the funding.

    If Broon thinks he will be accepted by the BT team that I saw at the East Ren count he is even more delusional than I thought.

    He has served his purpose and will now be consigned to the dust bin of history as being the complete loser that he is.

    There has to be some way of showing the terrified OAPs that he lied to them about several things, pensions being one.

  10. Good on you Derek. BTW, any comment about the BBC’s coverage of the events in George Square last night (Friday)? There must be an alternative to the extreme propaganda of the BBC. In fact it is now so blatant that propaganda probably doesn’t cover it. Outright lying is more what I would call it.

  11. Glad to hear you’re still in business, because there will be a lot to cover in the coming months, years, decades etc.
    I have been in no doubt that Gordon Brown is being used as a mouthpiece.
    It’s obvious why. No-one up here would have listened to a Tory, would they?
    Gordon can’t have made any of those promises, or vows as they chose to call them, without full backing and permission from the Prime Minister. It’s inconceivable that he could have made the promises off his own bat. He’s not in power. He was used to go up to the land of the Jocks and get the good Labour faithful back in line. I’m on a roll today.
    Page 4 of today’s Independent has the headline:-
    ‘Calls for the PM to renege on ‘reckless vow.’
    Imagine that! Not two days since the débacle, and their saying ‘We didnae mean it.’
    Everyone knew they didn’t mean it, except the daft folk that trusted them and voted ‘No.’
    More fool them.
    Ain’t it about time you got one of them ipad things?

    • cynical lowlander

      The Mayor to the Pied Piper (after he had removed the rats)

      Beside,” quoth the Mayor with a knowing wink, 
164 “Our business was done at the river’s brink; 
165 “We saw with our eyes the vermin sink, 
166 “And what’s dead can’t come to life, I think. 
167 “So, friend, we’re not the folks to shrink 
168 “From the duty of giving you something to drink, 
169 “And a matter of money to put in your poke; 
170 “But as for the guilders, what we spoke 
171 “Of them, as you very well know, was in joke. 
172 “Beside, our losses have made us thrifty. 
173 “A thousand guilders! Come, take fifty!”

      Treachery, nothing more, nothing less.

    • Viking Girl

      It did not take that long. The Labour MP on the Glenn Campbell panel was talking about “having a conversation” and not about fulfilling “Vows” even before all the votes were counted.
      I don’t remember his name. The Glenn Campbell programme does not appear to be on iPlayer, unlike the Huw Edwards version?

  12. Thomas Muir of Huntershill


    Absolutely delighted that you have chosen to continue. You have been an inspiration with your enlightened thought and tacit understanding of our country, our politics and our people, and in this regard it is imperative that we have at least some semblance of a counter balance to the insidious outpourings from Pacific Quay and the many other media outlets in throng to Westminster and the established parties.

    Remember, 1.6 million voted Yes, along with thousands who reluctantly voted No (and who now must be feeling a wee bit uneasy of the lies told to them by Brown and his nefarious cohorts). In other words, it will only be a year at most before there is a legitimate majority supporting independence; in fact, this legitimate majority might even now, following the unravelling of the lies and the Vow, be here already. If this is the case, then a second referendum might not be that far away.

    Looking forward so much to a nationwide media outlet that supports a new Scotland.

    Thanks so much for everything and remember….The Dream Lives On!

  13. Glad your keeping going Derek.

    What I can say, is that there was not even a single bottle of dodgy wine delivered by your wine club. A much better record than many other wine clubs :-

  14. Steuart Hutchinson Blue

    Thanks for your commitment to keep going… As one of those looking for an outlet for my energies after the Great Disappointment, I hope I can be as constructive as you. (That’s after I’ve finished kicking my neighbours’ ‘No’ barn down)

  15. Yeah, who appointed the flunking cyst? Surely its inert contents must have expired by now.

  16. We’ll crowd fund too Derek. Just think; if you mobilized every one of the 1.6 million ’45ers’ to donate just 50p per month, you’d have an income of £800,000 per month! YES WE CAN!

  17. Great news any way off getting the truth out there is going to help everyone. I was also thinking that turning the Yes movement into an internet based Party that could have say five main policies to put forward ranging from a written constitution for Scotland to re-nationalising the railways. The movement could the use You Tube to elect candidates for the UK election and in this way we could have MPs who are not self serving careerists but real people with a range of skills and experience and force real change. This would also break the Unionist parties control of the agenda.

  18. Glad to hear it Derek!

  19. Great news!

  20. Thanks for the blog and for continuing it in circumstances that none of us on here wanted.

    I too am exasperated that suddenly Gordon Brown has taken on a role as a constitutional fixer. Whatever his talents were in office, this wasn’t one. He just doesn’t have a head for this work. He needs some careers advice.

    Westminster doesn’t realise that, even when the people force them into a corner so that they have react, that they still need to work together with all stakeholders. This is one reason why constitutional reform in England will only ever be a top-down process.

    How about someone keeping a running chronology of Westminster’s democratic deficits (e.g. appointing Lord Smith without consulting the Scottish Govt) and failures to live up to promises made during the campaign? James

    • I would hope the Scottish Government will adhere to clause 30 of the Edinburgh agreement which includes the sentence *’The two governments are committed to continue to work together constructively in the light of the outcome, whatever it
      is, in the best interests of the people of Scotland and of the rest of the United Kingdom.’*

      Last I was aware Brown, Milliband, Darling and most of the odds and sods of rUK MP’s who have dived into the argument don’t represent the Westminster or Holyrood Governments for now, and should be reminded of that.

      Yes supporters accepted it would take the Scottish Government 18 months to sort out Independence – let’s give them at least that long to sort out the second best option for the time being. They can be supported or weakened in their efforts during that period by how the GE vote goes in Scotland next year. I’d venture that the 2016 Holyrood Election will be the opportunity for the people of Scotland to show their acceptance or not of what is agreed (or not) by then.

      In the meantime all the other Yes Groups should be encouraged to carry on with all their excellent initiatives to support the cause of Independence.

  21. Delighted to hear it, and thanks for all you’ve done so far’

  22. Thank you for continuing the campaign Derek – your writing has been an inspiration to me – I shamelessly cribbed some of it for my own Indy blog – but gave you due credit. 🙂

  23. Great Blog. Fantastic to see how politicised people are becoming after the outcome of this referendum. My whole family have just joined political parties for the first time in their lives and young and old are looking to the future with hope and aspiration.

  24. Great to hear it Derek – if we can help in any way please do let us know – Crowd funding here we go!

  25. Thank you ,Derek, for staying on ! Could you maybe give us a wee hint as to what you’re up to…stop teasing us ! Will you tell us tomorrow ? Will an announcement be made on Monday ? Will it be made on the BBC in a blaze of publicity ?

  26. Good to know you’ll still be broadcasting your pro-independence views and information, Derek. Like you, I was greatly encouraged and heartened by the determination of my fellow YES voters to keep up and intensify the campaign. I’ve changed my twitterfeed twibbon to “45” and sent off for more SNP lapel badges to temporarily replace my YES ones, which are in a drawer awaiting the next referendum campaign.

    • SNP are not the only party that are pro-independence, the Greens have some really good ideas for iScotland. The point is that many from lots of different political positions have rallied the call for iScotland. I for one will be looking for a more socialist viewpoint, but when it comes to the question of independence, we must all pull together.

  27. Derek , glad to see you’ll carry on . How about this as a funding model that will really shake things up , the 1.6 million who voted YES and probably an ever growing minority of NO using their BBC license fee money to fund this new media .

    I have visited a lot of pro indy blogs and news sites , most are saying similar things about creating a new media , maybe everyone should open a dialogue and see where it could lead . After all we are on the same team and aiming for the same goal .

    Thanks for all your great work during the referendum , it helped a great deal .

  28. great news – are you sure you don’t want Big Gordon to do some PR for your new project ….I’m sure he could have found something suitably biblical to say…he has a great future behind him doing voiceovers on commercials in our new Scottish broadcast media…..!

  29. Now your talking. Bravo!

  30. I’m still waiting on you saying the BBC are biased, and are the British Pravda,
    Or are you still in denial?

  31. There is an enormous amount of work to do.

    First we need a network. Twitter and blogs are good, but we need something more robust. I suggest an internet forum.

    We need to crowd source our efforts and develop working groups for each issue e.g. Media bias/Alternative media, electoral fraud and how to make the process more transparent next time, negotiating the terms of Independence before another referendum is held, special interest groups in defence, health, policing, land reform, financial accountability., etc, etc.

    The list is huge, but there are many of us and we are intelligent and skilled in many areas.

    We are the 45

  32. More power to you, Derek. Gracious in defeat yet precise in your anger at our media representatives. We need you where you can shine a light on their shenanigans. This new venture you hint at will hopefully begin to bridge that gap. I’m in if you need funding.

    I went to our parliament today. The media village is still up. It was protected by a fence T in the Park would be proud of, separating the messengers from the people. You are on our side of the fence. We need you. Thanks.

  33. Great news indeed Derek! Cant wait to see some classy Scottish news output from you and friends. I have £130 odd to spend now that I have cancelled my BBC licence!

  34. William Findlater

    To say I was gutted by my fellow Scots decision to give our country away is putting it mildly. Since the result was known me, my wife and friends are having a tough time finding positivity in our situation… and then Derek, you come along and the sun starts shining again. Am delighted to hear that you’re continuing in this endeavour (a la Fletcher of 300 odd years ago) which will set the fires going again. We need you, and the other bloggers like Newsnet, Bella, Wings and Ginger Dug. ‘jingsandthings’ has a good suggestion in bringing Business for Scotland aboard. Wishing you the strength and stick-to-itiveness this will require. Go on – have a wine… I’ll be raising my glass to you.

  35. Lots of people I know, only read the newspapers or watch the TV. Perhaps some adverts in newspapers would encourage folk to your website. Mind you the press may refuse to publish a direct link, so perhaps something cunningly disguised as a quiz for prizes would work, and incidentally reveal the wonders of internet news and views. Just a thought. I heard a woman say on one of the programmes recently, how she had listened to all the arguments, as she had BBC and Sky. I feel sorry for all the folk who haven’t had the enjoyment and excitement of reading your blog and all the other great reads.

  36. Good for you Derek have enjoyed your blog since discovering it before the summer. There is no way 1.6m people can be ignored by the establishment
    I for one will not settle for second best and one day we will have our independence .

  37. Well said Derek I have read your blogs and your previous broadcasts with interest. After your post naw blog I felt safe to open the knife drawer as I was not allowed anything sharp. Look forward to your future enterprise

  38. As others have said Derek this is great news – but more than that it is essential. Alex Salmond put it perfectly when he talked about holding Westminster’s feet to the fire. We have to do that for the coming days, weeks, months, years. This is going to be a long haul – but oh so worth it in the end.
    I don’t know how I can help but if you think I can you know where to find me.

  39. Great news, we need journalists and media on our side.I feel disgusted and angry, not just at loosing but at the blatant lies and manipulation of the press. I knew it happened but to see it condensed into a week”shock and awe” was truly astonishing.
    Maybe you could set up “Channel 45” crowd funded. Anyway good luck

  40. Go Derek. We must keep the interrogation, the rigorous analysis and the lens carAwdully trained on people and events. Ultimately to ensure a significant bloc at WM next year. Deferred but not defeated.

  41. What about, rather than countering one biased media with an opposite bias media, constructing a fair an impartial media pledged to report only truth and fact?

  42. So pleased that you will not be hanging up your keyboard! You have made me laugh and think since I started reading your blog. Go Derek!

  43. Great news.Long live our Civic Nationalism !

  44. Will this media presence be a Scottish only thing? Not that there would be anything wrong with that but there might be mileage in offering a voice to the voiceless in other parts of these Islands?

  45. I find Gordon Brown ridiculous, and the fact that they have decided down there who should now be organising the next moves without asking us, or even Alex is risible. We are back to being treated like children who can’t organise their own lives!

  46. So glad you are carrying on….. Is there any chance of us getting some kind of presence on TV, there are so many who don’t go on line.

  47. I’m hearing a lot of stories of election rigging. I manned a couple of polling stations on the day and I thought something strange was going on. I said to my fellow Yes campaigner that I’ve seen one or two people going in twice but thought it was maybe I was tired. The police have got to look into this.

    • I do wonder, I saw a woman come out and get straight into a taxi, no suitcase or anything, I just thought, strange she is heading for the airport as the driver said, to the airport then? I know it could be nothing, but It did seem strange. Trying not be consiracy theorist, but what with all that lovely oil that will come on tap around say, 13th October when parliament sits again…

  48. Good to here Derek, Uriah Heep the pension cheat’s speech today gave me the boak. Let us all move forward together . Look forward to hearing your plans.

  49. “I thought it might be a good time to say, having slept on it, that the blog and will continue.”

    I have to admit, Derek, I’ve had my doubts about you, regarding the BBC and all that jazz. Those doubts have just been defenestrated: you’re a credit to the profession which was so shamefully disgraced in these past few years, and with folk like you around, the future of Scottish Broadcasting just might have a chance.

  50. The lies that the Better together campaign used to scare people into voting no were sickening. Their pledges are already unravelling. I’m in

  51. Rosa Alba Macdonald

    1) Can post you a tie…
    2) Can’t post you a filofax

    3) Will you work w. eg referendum tv/Stephen Paton for medial outlet
    4) Can we subscribe monthly to equiv. of Licence fee.

  52. I used to feel sorry for Gordon Brown having to play second fiddle to Tony Blair. No more. This is the man who agreed to spend taxpayers money backing the totally unjustified, immoral war in Iraq. He is every bit as culpable as Blair. Having helped destroy that country, he has now crawled out from wherever he’d disappeared to to help prevent the rebirth of Scotland. Polite words fail me.

    • You’re back Derek and I’m getting there. Brown is mad. I can only read one newspaper per week now and boycotting John Lewis. I’m already richer now we are all British. Money running down Broughton Street in Edinburgh now – come and get some here?

    • This spending of taxpayers money on war is why our tax is illegal! If you DON’T fill in and SIGN your tax return then they cannot charge you because you’ve not entered into any contract. You can write to your tax-man and ask how the government intends to spend your tax. If there are items on the list you don’t want to pay for ie, trident, then tell them you are not happy that your taxes are being spent in a way that is detrimental to your principles, the European Charter for Human Rights and therefore the Geneva Convention. You must do your homework and research so you know what you are talking about, but this may just be another back door to iScotland. If we the people decide not to pay tax because we do not agree with how it’s spent, then they would have to let us go because it wouldn’t pay them to keep us. I’m not saying this will work but if enough of us do it then like our iScotland vote, we will be able to shake them up a bit! At least we are starting to think out the box we have been allocated by Westminster, there are other ways of achieving iScotland. STAND FAST SCOTLAND.

  53. Thanks Derek,
    We need to keep this going, if we dont, the most vunerable in our society will be the ones to suffer. WM have already started waffle and backtrack on thier Vow.

  54. Derek as always – thanks and blessings upon ya. Hurry up with a broadcasting package as we are running out of Swedish cop shows to watch. Canna bear anything in the MSM over past 2 days.

  55. Good on you Derek. What you are planning is sorely needed and have all of us pro-Indy’ s backing

  56. Derek my pal has a crowd funding operation called Kwenchi if you need help contact me.

  57. Who the hell elected Brown not me or appointed Lord Smith of Kelvin whoever he is I’m appalled and angry keep going

  58. yes good to hear you’re keeping up the good work a lot of people would have been homeless if you had given up ha ha just a joke honest , i believe Jim Sillars gave up after trying for so many years to get the people up here to listen to the true facts in the end he just gave in tired of the brick wall thing ,the truth and the facts that are not very hard to find we all know this referendum was stolen by the media with the day and daily panic and scare stories and now they can’t or won’t deliver all the goodies they promised the NO lot were told time and time again they were lies we tried to tell them did they listen did they f/k i had started to believe the too wee. too stupid line as well what does it take to get these people to listen how bad does it have to get before they waken up its like half a country is in a permanent bloody coma then again these people have been very badly lied to and i guess its to easy just to say f/k them they deserve all they voted for oh well one last try lets see if it works this time we will get help from the con men who promised the world and will fail miserably we know that its just a matter of time and trying to waken up the sleeping just a thought

  59. Will we get another card?

    Sound a great idea.

    • I’d like to see them try and stop us! We know what democracy means, they know we like to hear it so they will have to give some attention to democracy during their discussions. The point is none of us will be consulted and in a democracy if you are not consulted you can refuse the changes. As much as I wanted iScotland out of Europe, as part of the UK at least this gives us another tier of petition to the undemocratic changes that are surely (no need to break with tradition) coming our way. We must stand against inequality in all its forms but especially the inequality coated in democracy Westminster style.

  60. Great news – I was wondering what to do with all the money I saved on the BBC licence fee. It, and more will be coming your way.

    Sign me up on the first day of an independent Scottish news channel and please don’t eat any cereal at your power breakfasts.

  61. So glad you are still here. I hope the new media that is rising out of this will not be too fragmented, it makes it easier for us to support. Thanks for all you have done – best wishes xx

  62. Sound…..intriguing I await further details with Bated breat 🙂

  63. Derek

    Could you ask, in an article to all the people who read this, re-tweet it and discuss it, exactly how Gordon Brown as a backbencher in Westminster can claim to speak for anyone other than his own constituency?

    I don’t think my head buttons up the back, but I can’t understand why the Scottish Parliament hasn’t been immediately recalled to sit in emergency debate to deal with what, if it were in a foreign country, the media would be calling a form of coup or power grab.

    Scotland has a legitimately and fairly elected Government and Parliament – where are they?

    Or do we have to do this ourselves?

    • I suspect Gordon Brown acting like some colonial Governor suits the Scottish Government’s cause.

      • My question Anne is why does the Scottish government not represent us? Is this not what we pay increasingly higher wages to them for? Copying a downright ineffectual political system here in Scotland was our first big mistake. If we had thrown off the shackles of the Westminster type politics then no amount of scaremongering could have swayed the voter. We need a big shake up as I have posted on this blog already. I’m ready for it; anyone else?

    • Very good point – why have the Scottish Parliament been recalled? This whole farce is getting ridiculous. I agree that we are going to have to take this into our own hands, but legally and in an honourable manner.

  64. Thanks for staying Derek. You are an essential part of Scotland, don’t go, we need you.

    This is not the end, its just the next step. And the goal remains independence, don’t lower your sights. In 2011 only 20% supported independence. Minds change. I guess like me you were crying and swearing and lashing out yesterday, today is a new day and we will do this.

  65. akismet-eff813566684eca1ae505ee074c9efbf

    If you need any help with your broadcasting endeavor, let me know.

  66. My Yes Group is meeting on Monday to decide what to do, Civic Dissidency sounds like a plan and in the meantime we can count on Derek, Paul Kavanagh, Bella Caledonia, NNS, Wings over Scotland, and all the other “Irregular Media” as sources of info, to be distributed via sharing @ Social Media, we will be in business, this time reporting the backlash of the broken promises, to all.

    The Noers need to be kept abreast of the price they will make Scotland pay, maybe that will open their eyes and hearts.

    Yessers need to pick any of the Yes suporting parties and never vote again for the traditionals.

  67. Just want to convey my personal thanks to you Derek, along with others you have been immense in this campaign and I am heartened that you are continuing the fight.

    We have an army now, we know how big it is, I’m ready to fight again.

  68. A filofax is so eighties Derek, get with it and buy and iPad (other tablets are available as the BBC would hardly even bother to say these days).

    All power to your continuing broadcasting efforts. I will soon have the equivalent of a licence fee to disburse as I no longer intend to watch material as it is broadcast.

    How about a Scottish Media Trust to which folks can contribute an annual or monthly donation and which commissions print, television, radio and film from alternative sources?

  69. well done dek. you and me both. one of the 45%

  70. I haven’t bought a newspaper since the 70’s for reasons which have recently risen to national concern.
    Surely there must be enough embittered hacks amongst the 45% to create a viable rag to rival what those driven to waste their money in such a fashion currently stump up for. It needn’t even be profitable what with crowdfunding and the like.
    Likewise TV news. If sexchat TV can get a freeview channel then surely so can a truthful news.
    To aim for a second bite at the indy cherry requires a truthful and trusted news outlet which yer Granny loves.

  71. Derek – I give it 3-5 years and then we will have independence – we are only at half time here ( excuse the football analogy) – the game is on, they are a goal up but we will win. Our main goal scorer, Salmond , has gone off within injury, but our fabulous outside left ( Nicola) will win the game for us . Some subs – late signings from other teams may very well score the winning goal !!!!

    • The main ‘goal scorer’ in this campaign was the Scottish people. On the day the people you speak of were just another couple of voters. The game was lost with no winners! We voted for iScotland not the SNP!

  72. governor broon more like Philippe Pétain

  73. Great to hear it Derek, my small contributions will continue as I very much enjoy the blog and radio show which beats the MSM hands down.

    I would be more than happy to set up a monthly fee to set up some other sort of news outlet, one where the people get the truth.

    More power to your pen.

  74. any chance of getting legal expertise on side to put the governor generals on their backside, or any other matter that goes against the articles or otherwise about the union.We are after all in an equal union supposedly. We are not an occupied country, although that might be difficult for unionists to accept.

  75. Absolutely wonderful, as much the comments as your blog, Derek. Yesterday I was broken and bruised after the result. Stayed up all night to listen. My husband and I were polling agents and we chatted with the local councillor who was convinced that our area and in particular our village was a Yes. The result was a resounding victory for No and our village, according to someone present at the count, had the most Nos.
    I must confess that paranoia is creep in.
    I really look forward to hearing your plan and we will be delighted to get involved.

    • Wilma, it’s not paranoia. I am hearing several reports about fraudulent voting. Thinking back, I thought some of the voters seemed shifty, but nothing I can put my finger on. However, I strongly suspect some people were up to no good. Wait a while and something will materialise.

      • The system we have here in the Divided Kingdom is so open to abuse. Postal voting is a fraudster’s paradise, and then the complete lack of ID checks when you show up at a polling station makes it easy to vote more than once, as you have to do nothing more than remember a name and address. I wonder how many people have walked up to the desk, expecting to be given a voting form, only to be told that ‘they’ have already voted?

  76. Very glad to hear that you’re staying . Quite a team building up.

  77. Have just finished watching Newnight (19/09/14) Alec may have intimated his resignation but “cats / pigeons” – he’s there!

  78. Derek
    Over the moon that you intend to continue. We need media, but we need a co-ordinated effort. We need SNP, SSP, Green Party, Yes Scotland, National Collective, Business for Scotland etc and our wonderful influential bloggers to convene to discuss the best way to create an influential ‘newspaper’ and television presence.
    I know that newspapers are declining in sales, but with 1.6 million committed loyal customers, surely we can find backing, not just from crowd-funding but also from entrepreneurs wanting to make a few bucks!
    This may seem like a ‘pipe dream’ but, given what has just been done to us, and the strength of our feelings, I really believe that this is not beyond us. The Catalans, I understand, have around 4 ‘sympathetic’ newspapers.
    I hope to influence you long these lines. We have some marvellous ‘journalists’ out there, yourself included, ready to entertain and inform. I hope that you take some of these thoughts forward in your forthcoming discussions.
    Best Wishes
    Jim Graham

  79. Excellent!

    Nothing wrong with a filofax – I still have mine although can’t afford the inserst these days. *sigh*

    • If you print out your information in landscape on A4 paper, you can use a plastic hole punch, available from selected shops with Smiths and WH in their name, fold the paper so the holes are on the short end of the paper and you have a revitalised analogue information management system that’s infinitely flexible.

      Hugely off topic, but if it helps you find a phone number, organise an event or capture an idea…

  80. 45% voted for Scotland to be independent and if Westminster thinks for one minute that they are going to meekly accept a 55% majority thst was only obtained by Westminster and its media lackeys lying and cheating all the way through the campaign, then they had better think again.

    YES campaigners should now unite to form a political force even stronger than it was complete with streaming TV and Radio and online news to rival and even better the British media in every way to reach out with a message of truth to the people of Scotland that makes it the number one choice for viewing and listening to news and current affairs in Scotland.

    Then this new political force campaigns like never seen before to make Scotland’s Westminster MP’s unionist free. We’ve already done it to the Tories, the LibDems just need one last small push, and now the Westminster Labour party in Scotland are ripe for eradication too.

    Once Scotland returns every MP as one who wants full political and fiscal autonomy we have an unstoppable weapon to get exactly what we want.

    • How do we get the message to the people who don’t read blogs, go online etc. It’s the people who were fooled by traditional media coverage that we need to engage with. But how? It’s difficult for them to accept the idea of a free newspaper as being ‘as good’ as one they’ve paid for, and no amount of online effort will get to the people who don’t want it.

      I draw a distinction between those who don’t want it, and those who can’t get it. The most at risk in our society want to know – and they go and find out – and tell others. Sadly, I must draw on stereotypes, but too many readers of the obviously ‘newspapers’ have accepted what they’ve been told and never cross checked it.

      We need to maintain the momentum of recent highs to keep our spirit moving forward, but do we need to raise more money to get more advertising time? Take out bigger and clearer adverts than NO did? Does anyone have a media buying overview who can pin-point how to reach the unreachables? Or would YES sponsored pan drops and tartan shopping trolleys reach into their lives more than reasonable debate, facts, hope etc?

      I want, and always will, champion community engagement, but when people won’t listen to you when you ask them how they are and if there’s anything they would like to discuss, how can you engage without crossing any lines? It feels as if the No camp have built a wall around the people we have been trying to help.

      Sorry for the length of this post, I don’t have the energy to write a short one.

      • “Or would YES sponsored pan drops and tartan shopping trolleys reach into their lives more than reasonable debate, facts, hope etc?”

        The YES campaign was pitched too high up the intellect ladder. How many people have accessed the White Paper and how many have read it?

        HL Mencken said;
        “No one in this world, so far as I know—and I have researched the records for years, and employed agents to help me—has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.”

        This is an aphorism that has been adopted by moviemakers and politicians with some success. Marketing men can vouch for this – would you buy a brand of washing powder to get a plastic daffodil? Well, you did.

        That has been the failure of YES and the success of NO. YES did not reach the parts other brands could. The Heineken Principle.

        This can be fixed. It is about matching the missile to the target and about timing. The NO campaign was not very good at all. It will be much better next time.

        That is why the YES campaign has to step up not one step but ten.

        • Right then, get the kettle on, we’ve some serious thinking to do. I jokingly thought about adverts in TV listing magazines, then realised that no, they are about the only thing some people read. We’ve been trying to fight fire with grace, humour and honour. Things the establishment (I never thought we’d still be talking about them in 2014) don’t understand.

          Do you think people forgot how evil the tory party is? And how desperate labour is?

          “That is why the YES campaign has to step up not one step but ten”

          I want a badge with that! It needs to be on the front page of every YES thinking website, pamphlet and sticker.

    • Can we not just be Scottish and do it our own Scottish way and not copy the Westminster political system? PLEASE. This is not the route to iScotland, because under their corrupt system they will always win. Come on Scotland lets change our system to reflect our ideology, our determination in achieving true democracy, our thirst for knowledge, our ability to welcome all newcomers, and our faith in ourselves and our nation! Change is the only inevitable, lets make it positive.

  81. Good stuff the msm are a disgrace. We need a voice.

  82. Derek, have you heard of this guy, Will MacLeod?

    He’s been putting out some fantastic broadcasts on the indyref for US based Netroots radio.

    So glad you have decided to do this. Big, big, thank you.

    • Yeah, I had the pleasure to meet and spend time with Will at OpenAirYes at The Meadows last weekend – he does great stuff! (and carries a mighty saltire…albeit on a large curtain rail… 😉 )

  83. Derek,

    your ambitions are admirable, but have you run your proposed timetable past Gordon Brown for approval yet?

  84. Considering the distaste Westminster has for all independent thinkers and also their hatred for Gordon Brown, do you think it’s their idea of a joke? Have they decided to position that puffed-up, deluded man as a punishment to both G.Brown and the Scottish people? Cameron and his cronies are fit for anything.

    Thanks, Derek. The mist has lifted and the skies have cleared. It didn’t take long for us all to get started again. Here we go!

  85. Ok, away back up the comments there are links to videos alleging vote rigging. While there may be valid reasons for the people doing what they are, it does look odd to the untrained eye and it would be good to know what Police Scotland think about them.

    To play devils advocate and try to rationalise what is shown…

    The one with the lady emptying the bin with stacked papers might be easily explained if the papers were initially stacked during a regional count and the video then showed the bin being emptied for the second check count in Edinburgh?

    The video showing a sitting lady swapping papers back into a pile after a standing lady (auditor?) walks away from the table looks odd but may simply show human error and then self-correction to the correct piles? If so, did the auditor query the error? If she did, why did she walk away without seeing the corrective action?

    The video showing the solitary male marking what looks to be an ‘x’ on a paper looks dodgy – I can’t think of a rational explanation there but then I don’t know the systems used. The male does seem to display furtive looks around after his action so this one stands out as suspect.

    The stacked ‘Yes’ papers on the ‘No’ table might mean nothing, it depends on what time the video was taken and whether the system allows stacked papers to be recombined on tables after they have been counted and verified.

    I expect there should be some official response to clarify these recorded actions and make clear how they relate to the approved procedures of the count.

    If doubts remain after a police review then things get more serious but we’re a long way from that position here, are we not?

  86. The sheer anger generated by their arrogance should fuel us for a long time, Derek. More power to you…keep us in the loop…??

  87. I like what you say Derek. Scotland has to work towards their own Media Outlet. Maybe RT can help :-), SNP, The Greens and SSP are busy accepting thousands of new members just now. 1.6 Million is a mighty call. It’s never over until it’s over. All the best.

  88. This is the best news I’ve heard in two days – thanks for the promise of more blogs and broadcasting. You kept me sane, entertained and enlightened during the campaign, and all of those are important for the times ahead.
    If anyone can take on Gordon Brown, you can. Forget the tie, or borrow an outrageous one. You are the new media…

  89. Thank you, Derek. This is excellent news. And long may your excellent newscasts–and relaxed interviews–continue. Many of us here are clearly ready to crowdfund the continuation of Bateman Broadcasting. The spirit of the 45 is with you. Onward!

  90. hi wot about a msm paper that can be funded by disillusioned non paying tv license holders and crowd funded if the sales of the Sunday herald is anything to go by i am confidante that it would work. A paper that prints the truth and that informs. I for one would by it can be not for profit but for truth and integrity. was wondering what you think. I have enjoyed your posts thank you

  91. Delighted you are remaining in the fight, Derek. Your contribution is enormous. 1.6m people are angry and the 300k who cost us the Nation are looking on in embarrassment as the Westminster promises disappear into the sand.
    We will be back here again before we know it.

  92. How is 37% labour voters switching to YES a triumph for Gordon?losing Glasgow?dundee?

    after a couple of days,thinking about it,45% is a stunning result,1.6 million,unionists must feel ill

    • Only upset for about 24 hours as the realisation dawned that we’ve been fooled again! Now, as Derek posted the other day, we’re still standing and looking for ways of coming together for the next debate affecting us.Stand firm Scotland, it’s not over yet!

  93. Good news Derek. Keep it up.

  94. But just before we go



    In the beginning, The FM said that a positive campaign would always win over a negative one.
    This clearly was not the case.
    Not when you have a huge elderly population.
    No 1 – 0 Yes

    The No Campaign as I understand it, was lifted straight from the Quebec Referendum campaign in 1995 in which No won by a nose.
    The methodology was tried and tested – and successful.
    The IndyRef No Campaign knew that if they did the same as in Quebec, they would win.
    The SNP failed to understand the No strategy, which was to target the elderly
    and as a result did not counteract it.
    No 2 – 0 Yes.

    With a very large elderly population in Scotland, the No Campaign targeted them specifically throughout and particularly prior to the issue of the postal voting forms.
    With relentless scaremongering, the elderly population,
    who are easily made anxious at the best of times,
    were scared witless at the thought of a change of money, remember decimilisation?,
    and threats to their pension
    which for so many is an essential part of their lives and must be 100% secure.
    Gordon Brown had them scared shitless.

    Postal votes arrived. Darling told the people to get them in quick.
    With fear and trembling the elderly obeyed
    and voted to stop these threats to their security from happening.
    800,000 postal votes, 70% of which were No,
    which is 560,000 No votes and 240,000 to Yes.
    It was already over – long before the polling stations were opened on the 18th.
    No 3 – 0 Yes

    The count.

    “It’s not who votes that counts but who counts the votes”

    Labour’s election motto for 80 years.

    With the Labour ‘vote rigging Machine’ spread throughout the country,
    The Yes Campaign did not have the numbers, the experience or the hardline fraud mentality,
    to stop Labour from ‘making sure of the result’ when the count was done.
    It was like lambs to the slaughter.
    No 4 – 0 Yes.

    The FM rightly condemned the No Campaign for spreading a message of fear and threats.
    But he failed, apparently, to understand that that message was precisely what was needed, from their perspective,
    to reduce the huge elderly population to jelly –
    and to cause many more to doubt.

    The Yes Campaign/SNP ought to have countered No’s strategy against the elderly
    with a precise, authoritative and reassuring rebuttal.
    But didn’t.

    To continue to complain about scaremongering through lies
    from the No Campaign was to miss the point –
    Yes/SNP should have poured much much more energy into protecting the votes of the elderly .

    Much more could be said about these issues
    and probably will be,
    but right now, we are where we are.

    But if, whatever comes, the Yes Campaign fails
    to learn from it’s failings in not taking sufficient care of the elderly vote,
    while not neglecting any other grouping,
    then quite possibly
    the same thing could happen again –

    with or without a brand new and brilliant Bateman Broadcasting Service

    • Your analysis may be correct or may be wide of the mark. Your strategy, howver, is correct.

    • I am so glad to read your post Man and Boy, you’ve been quiet after the vote…. I agree much more could have been done to help older people understand what they were voting for. We didn’t remember where they are coming from and with all the confusion around what we we were actually voting for only added to the no vote.
      My mother (76) actually thought she was voting for AS! You may be shocked at the reason why! The SNP was always, in my mothers day, the Scottish tories, so she thought AS was just like Thatcher or Major or any of the Westminster crew and being a tory supporter voted YES for the Scottish tories. Although her reasoning was wrong I must admit to my shame I did not put her right. My mother is only one of the 40% of older people we have in Scotland. Slowly, over the years many in my mothers age group, found themselves isolated more and more from politics, only finding out about changes to services on trying to access them or indeed having to pay for them. Our older people need reassurance that their pension will in no way be compromised by iScotland and they didn’t get it. They need to be reassured that the services that they depend on will still be available in iScotland, they didn’t get that either. What they did get was reassurance from the no camp that they would be ok in UK but not in iScotland and with nobody to argue and access to the internet limited for many, the vote was cast.
      I agree Man and Boy, we need to be more inclusive with the next movement, careful not to leave any Scot uneducated. Stand fast Scotland, it’s not over yet.

  95. Fantastic news. Count me in. I can post ties and I know a man in Donegal who works for magee of Donegal, purveyors of fine suits. If you need a lawyer at any stage let me know too!

    • Perhaps as a lawyer you can work out if the Scottish gov can take BBC to court and sue for misinformation broadcast in the run-up to the vote?

  96. Filofax? What you need is Tablet. Pricey, certainly. MCowans in Stenhousemuir used to make a budget version but sadly they’ve gone out of business

  97. Not read all the comments so if someone else has already suggested this, apologies for repeating…why not just stop paying the Beeb their fee and give what you feel of that to Derek Instead?

  98. Boycotting the Record would be a very signifcant start, their name has been heavily soiled.

  99. Excellent Derek. You used to be the reason I dragged myself out of bed at 8am on a Saturday morning – to listen to Radio Scotland. I have read each and every one of your blogs. I don’t listen to Radio Scotland anymore.

  100. EDIT: This post turned out longer than I planned. Sorry, but I need to get things off my chest!

    Great news. Been a fan since day one and expect to be an even bigger fan in the months/years ahead.

    This may seem an odd thing to say right now as I am sure many of us are still in a mild state of shock at the result and maybe I am irrational! But maybe losing this referendum at this time, one that many people are beginning to doubt was fair, might be the best thing that could have happened. The resentment and anger and determination to keep this going that I read about will only grow. People are feeling that they didn’t lose the argument, but were denied through the Establishment fear campaign and are not going to stand idly by while Scotland faces retribution.

    There is not only the 45%, but already on social media, people who voted NO are publicly regretting their decision. We need to bring them INTO the fold. The “Vow” will inevitably be dropped as the UKGE winds up, but Scotland (i.e. US) must keep this issue live and as it does so more NOers will move across. As austerity bites even more people and hits the pensioners as well, some of them will also move across. The campaign is not over, it’s hardly begun.

    I am no political strategist, but what if, after the next round of Barnett cuts, the SNP government stands up and simply stated to the Scottish people,

    Here is our Barnett grant which is x% of revenues raised in Scotland, here is what it costs to run our key services, the former is smaller than the latter. Because we receive back less than we raise in Scotland we can no longer support ALL the services we want, to the level that they deserve. In the meantimeThe Labour party are demanding that we fund x services but do not suggest how that can be done within out smaller grant. Put simply, there is not enough money to do that. So what services do YOU the Scottish people think we should reduce or cut?

    Given the biased media, the only way to do this would be through a PPB as this would have to be broadcast without “interference” or “biased, selected quotations”.

    Scotland needs to be aware that we are a very financially secure country, but that our resources are being syphoned off through the Treasury. The economy fear was an Achilles heel that was never properly put to bed (more so than the currency in my view), and certainly the pension scare to the old was a disgraceful tactic, but they won the battle, so it worked – we need to learn from that.

    Finally (thank God I hear you say!) the evidence does seem to point to the fact that the older voters, probably the ones most “insecure” as they have a fixed income, voted overwhelmingly NO. They seem to get their information from the traditional sources, especially TV. How we break that hold, I don;t know, but break it we must. It may be “unfair” but someone in the campaign needs to build up and play on their fears. Build up a narrative that their Pension is weak, one of the lowest in Europe; it is at risk by WM policy; they will face means testing (Labour policy); their HS will be “uniformly managed” throughout the UK (Labour policy) meaning we are open to privatisation; their bus passes are at risk (Labour policy) and so on.

    I’ve gone on too much – sorry. But I do feel better now 😉

    This is only round 1.

  101. Thank you for all your wonderful blogs which have sustained us throughout the referendum , This is wonderful news and so desperately needed . We need a strong voice and a unifying focus to see us through this rather rocky patch. Very best of luck with your negotiations.

  102. Great news Derek, just what will be needed in days to come. Will now wait to hear what 45ers can do to support…18/09/2014 merely marked the end of the beginning.

  103. If you need any pro bono legal input as part of your plans, get in touch.

  104. Derek, I am a filmmaker and video editor in Edinburgh and would love to help out, whether it’s with filming and/or editing. Please get in touch.

  105. I understand feelings are still very raw (I know mine are) but I don’t think groups like “45ers” are productive as by definition they alienate the 55% majority. I also believe that the Yes campaign was excellent in its enthusiasm but fatally flawed in that it aligned itself too closely with left of centre politics. I think some campaigners forgot that the object was to get an independent country and not an end to food banks/Tories/Labour/Monarchy/etc etc. All successful independent countries need a mix of ideas and ideals from Marxists to rampant capitalists and all countries till the end of time will have a mix of rich and poor. If there is to be any way forward towards another referendum (and with sadness I don’t think I will be alive to see it) then it must start by acknowledging this. The time to debate social injustice was after we had achieved independence not during the campaign.

    The way forward in the short term is to stop grieving, stop moaning and join the SNP.

    Lastly, thank you Mr Salmond for fighting for my beliefs your entire life. You gave it your all and your country let you down. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us.

  106. If there is anything I can help with, research skills, writing, please get in touch.

  107. If there was a mass cancelling of the BBC TV licence then many of us would have £10 a month we would happily divert towards a worthy alternative. Our Freesat box will be getting unplugged and the TV licence ripped up.

  108. Wait a minute. We have had the leaders of the 3 major UK parties telling us what they will give us (yes, you know, and I know, that they don’t know what they will give us, and even if they did they couldn’t agree on it, and it is Parliament’s job to do that anyway), But can’t we just be happy that they are going to sit down together and decide on our behalf? Can’t we just sit in an ante-room and wait for the words of wisdom to come down from on high? Why should we want anything as subversive as a discussion about all this, say between Westminster and Holyrood. We really are ungrateful! Sometimes I think that we just don’t know our place!

    We need to go on, and we need to address the worries of those who voted No. One of them is fear (surprise!), but another is the sense that this is about blood and soil nationalism- living in Europe that’s what I find most people think it is – and that’s what I would have thought it was until around a year ago. And this is certainly true in rUK, especially the media.

    Remember that politics is more about emotions than about reality. Let’s go with a slogan like “Independence: this is not about who we are, it’s who we want to be”. We need to nip this in the bud, and put them on the defensive.

  109. Yes2?

    I’m in.

    I have a feeling that you might be the man that can draw together the various egos that are the indy online community and create a cohesive and comprehensive media to counter the establishment propaganda machine. I hope that some of your meetings will be with Stuart Campbell, G.A. Ponsonby (assuming he *is* online Ed 😉 ), Mike Small, Paul Kavanagh, Independence Live et al.

    I hope that is where you are going.

    Perhaps part of that is the non payment of the licence fee. If all of us that cancel put the equivalent into this venture and tell the establishment that we are paying our licence fee, but to the SBC and not the BBC then that sends the message to the establishment media that we are not going away or going to take their mendacity lying down.

  110. BTW Is this part of what you are doing? I See Ken McDonald is the commercial director, so am I right in assuming you do know about this?

    “iScot; an independent news service holding the establishment to account & to promote Scotland.”

  111. I agree entirely. I can’t understand why anyone is listening to Gordon Brown – the Westminster Parliament certainly won’t!! His false smile and ranting rhetoric hoodwinked so many – FEAR of what ‘might be’ – won over HOPE of what could be – so, so sad that more people couldn’t see the vision. Alasadair Darling and Gordon Brown will be long remembered as the Scots who were instrumental in giving away Scotland’s heritage – for personal interests – shame on them.

  112. I am still numb and very low just now.

    Anything that can be done i am up for.

    Thanks for not giving up on us Derek. It’s not quite over in my mind and the people of Scotland need to be reminded constantly if they fail to give us the powers they offered. By the time of the GE it will be forgotten.

    And someone needs to talk about the pensioners. Especially family members. Get the message across until they are sick of hearing it.

    Great news Derek and i look forward to hearing more.

  113. Yip – great Derek; I think it is time that we all regrouped – every last party / group / individual and coalesced into a formal, proper movement, with its own central – but devolved and disparate as ever to maintain creativity etc – media. Imagine all the talent getting together to produce a real, rich media for Scotland: informative, eclectic, diverse, creative, truthful, inspirational, and took the agenda forward.

  114. Iain MacIlleChiar

    Regarding your proposals for an independent media presence, it might be an idea to get people who are cancelling their television licence to transfer the equivalent into your project, once it has been set up. An incipient independent Scottish broadcasting service, even?

  115. Tony Little’s suggestion on a clear statement from Scottish Government on the consequences of the inevitable funding reductions which are now going to happen and asking British Labour and the public what services should be cut is exactly how Scottish Government should approach the issue. Well said.

  116. Lots of positive energy on social media last two days, looking for some focus and direction. Hope there is a plan soon to take this forward as 9 months or so till 2015 GE where we have the opportunity to seriously damage British Labour, if we get it right.

  117. Brilliant Derek – do please keep it going.
    When the More Powers turn out to be the dampest of damp squibs, and the SNP win another landslide at the General Election, we could have an ‘in’ for another referendum. And hopefully enough No’s having been bitten once, will get it right next time.

  118. the other thing I notice about this, after the union of 1707, Scotland was effectively run by “governer generals” – Henry Dundas, “uncrowned king of Scotland” etc – where London’s rule was imposed on Scotland once her parliament was ignored and dissolved. Now we have London appointing itself again over Scotland and its parliament with appointed or self-appointed “govern generals” over the head of the Scottish people, their parliament over ruled and not central to the issue now. Are we seeing a deja vu of 1707? And we are told that we have power in Devolution!

  119. Derek, I have for a long time wanted to thank you for what you have done in helping us, the people, against the state, for keeping us inspired and energised and for being one of a relatively few people who could be trusted to disect the spin and fluff which has been presented to us by those who would want to deceive.
    OK, admittedly you predicted the wrong outcome but I don’t think we’ll vilify you for that!
    I hope someone somewhere has been documenting the past couple of years worth of the political and social chess match, which has been the quest for a YES vote so that at some point in the (near future hopefully) future, a documentary film can be made showing the process to independence. For sure, if nothing else, the birth of the YES campaign should be brought to the world’s attention since it has been one of the most significant socio-political movements in recent times, rising from a political campaign to grow arms and legs and outrun that which originally inspired it.
    In the same spirit as Scotland Yet, wouldn’t it be great if it could be crowd funded!

  120. Good to hear that you have proposals for future activity to carry forward the campaign and challenge the appalling imbalance in the existing Scottish (sic) media both in print and broadcast. I have now reached the state of decrepitude that excuses me from paying a TV licence and am therefor denied the opportunity of withholding the annual fee!. I will certainly subscribe to your alternative when details emerge.
    Similarly my annual subscription for the digital Herald is about to expire and will certainly not be renewed, although I will continue to purchase the Sunday Herald as the only newssheet that is not blindly unionist and ignoring 45% of its potential customer base.
    These organisations will cease to exist if the punters withdraw support and they have done absolutely nothing to indicate that they deserve our money.

  121. Great news, but why will it take you so long? BT came up with a whole series of increased powers in only a couple of days

  122. Thomas Muir of Huntershill

    Hi Derek,

    I left a comment yesterday which was very complimentary and supportive of you and your plans but it didnt semm to be published. Any reason why?

  123. I am a scot living in Cyprus now. We have numerous people from all over the UK with holiday homes here. The story from every region of England is of food banks & the same struggles we are experience in Scotland now. Even in London they have large deprived areas. Would it be possible to canvass support from some of these areas for what we aim for in Scotland? We obviously would ideally want independence for Scotland but we could, at the same time, maybe encourage deprived areas of ruk to fight against the austerity facing them. Just a thought.

  124. Derek glad to hear you are to continue we need alternatives to the tosh we are subject to. looking forward to seeing what is to come

  125. Good one derek dont give up mate one thing they never counted on us yes voters didnt give in to defreat we ill rise again and soon not 20 years i gove 5 or less for once it looks like we the people aint gonna take it took them bloody long enough lol

  126. Quinie frae Angus

    I am absolutely into this plan/initiative. Too exhausted and drained at the minute to make much comment but I have a few ideas of my own which I will throw in once I have had a sleep, got some sort of presence at work under my belt,. and can think clearly!

    But basically Derek, more power to your elbow.

  127. Thanks Derek, So after ‘trawling the net’ looking for ideas that could bring independence through the back door. This is my ‘news of the day’ found on Yahoo news so I can’t account for its accuracy but I’m sure like me you will all go check it out, to see if we can use it in our campaign. I am sure, for example many of our mothers and fathers would have voted differently if they had heard this one story. Please hurry because one of the links I used already has a ‘page not found’ message; Shocking in terms of its blatant theft but expected, in the sense that I wouldn’t put it past the smiling assassins at Westminster.

  128. So we have a situation where the proposed referendum re the choice to stay in the EU or leave could be presented to the British public in a couple of years which will very likly produce a result of England choosing to leave dragging Scotland kicking and screaming out of the EU , this scenario needs to be pointed out in Brussels and the opportunity of persuading likeminded countries/groups to support a move to allow the ODIHR to check referenda in the UK with or without Wesminsters permission.
    In my veiw the first thing we need to do is to get the UN to accept the Scots as a distinct race from England and as such incur the protection of the UN,

    This in turn gives us the protection of the OSCE who’s job it it to protect the human rights of national minorities such as Roma and Sinti and as such would be ENTITLED to monitor any such future referenda to ensure those right (enshrined) in UN law would be protected,

    • The in/out referendum on the EU won’t happen. If Cameron’s still PM this time next year, he’ll renege on his ‘cast iron guarantee’ (quelle surprise), which he has only made to try to lure UKIP voters back. As we’ve just seen in Scotland, the Westminster class will stop at nothing to get the result it wants, which will be to stay in the EU, and the MSM, especially the BBC, will push the Westminster side of the story without hesitation.

  129. So pleased you are setting something up , Derek, it is so badly needed.
    PS if you’re needing a tie I’ve got a beauty and if you like I will send it to you. Pm me an addy and it’s yours 🙂

  130. Do tell us more, Derek, when you are ready. BB King sings that “The Thrill has gone”. Well, it hasn’t.

  131. Good on you Derek. We became the media. Now we need to become the mainstream.

  132. Glad to see that you are not giving up. With you and the rest of the #45 all the way.

  133. Good decision.

    The referendum has been very useful in defining the political landscape.

    We now know who are friends of our country’s aspirations and who their enemies are (although there has been very little mention of either group overseas – something worth looking into).

    We also know that, like, say, Vietnam agreeing to a pitched battle against the USA, we weren’t going to win on a battlefield chosen and prepared by the enemy. We need to pick small conflicts that we can always win, and wear the enemy down; since the enemy is (in political terms) outnumbered within Scotland and so weak at various points, these are both the social means (supporting and politically educating the poor, encouraging political activism at local level, etc.) and the political means (agreeing to one pro-indie candidate for all elected positions). Each of those new recruits to pro-indie parties needs to be given a small task that will contribute to a large push for society as a whole. We also need to consolidate support within Glasgow, Dundee and East Renfrewshire and then begin the food banks, social support for the poor and recruitment in Aberdeen, Inverness and Edinburgh.

    • I don’t think it’s ‘the poor’ who need any political education. Instead, it’s Darling’s ” Silent Majority” who don’t read blogs, don’t tweet, and really only read TV Quick and have never questioned anything.

      At the heart of this issue is that whilst we discuss this openly and bat ideas about, the no voters have turned back to reading about celebrity haircuts while the vested interests of the MSM and the tories have another swan burger and congratulate themselves on how stupid the scotch are.

      We need to educate the person in the street, the ones who didn’t campaign, wear badges, or engage – as, unsurprisingly, they’ll be the ones who, in ten years time, will start whinging about the NHS, education, and not having free travel, personal care etc…

      This won’t be easy, nor will it be cheap.

  134. Derek,

    Great to hear about this. I’m now at the stage of refusing to even look at the websites of the mainstream media, having become so utterly sick of reading the one-sided crap they produce. The problem is that it is now difficult to get much in the way of news! Outlets like Newsnet are great but we really need a full-time, fully funded media channel/outlet to challenge the old guard. As someone posted above, there must be some pretty fed up journalists out there who were part of the 45% and would be grateful for the opportunity to contribute.

    All the best with this, I sincerely hope it works out.

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