It’s Time…

Last post before voting…a couple of salient points occur. The first is about you. You are part of Scottish history now, woven into the national story as one of those who resisted, objected, debated and won the argument. The books may not record your name, but you will be there – entwined in the description of ‘a mass movement’, ‘a people’s rebellion’ and ‘those of all parties and none who took to the streets, filled the halls and the social media with demands for real democracy, for fairness, for dignity and wealth-sharing’.

A woman flies the Scottish flag

That is what the history will say of you. The barricades may, thankfully, not be car tyres, pallets and metal railings but they were barricades – of corporate power, private wealth, government connivance and media distortion. As revolutionaries you may not have held guns but you did carry a weapon – national dignity. And as the relentless onslaught hammered away, you stayed strong, remained standing and smiled.


Your success is already being written. In the mainstream media that almost exclusively sided with the failed Establishment, the despised No campaign is being prepared for burial in a corner plot marked Never Again. What will be remembered instead is your rising optimism, intellectual rigour, irrepressible humour and unquenchable spirit. You are the generation that argued for social justice, internationalism, people power and collective pride – you have been on the side of the angels. They will say you lit a beacon that inspired others in these islands to get off their knees and take command of their lives…that you electrified friends abroad in their quest for self-determination and that you shook the power base to its roots.

You did that. You stood up to be counted…for real democracy…for Scotland.



Whenever the referendum is talked of in years to come, you will remember. You will remind each other with a look or a nod that you were there and you were Yes. Words won’t be needed. This has been tumultuous, revelatory, life-changing and, yes, nation-changing  and you were its beating heart.

Lastly, there is something else that needs to be said. Alex Salmond is a great Scot. Politician he may be, open to the jibes of venality and vanity. But he has proved to be a man of transcending qualities, all the more sharply defined because of the feeble attempts to vilify him. He has shown all the skills of a true national leader and a man at the top of his game whose masterly touch has kept together a kaleidoscopic array of political interests focussed on one objective. If they slight him as sleekit, they must allow that you’d need the cunning of a sewer rat to fend off the British Establishment. While his opponents have pushed face after face to the fore to claim campaign leadership – and even provided a human shield for their de facto leader – Salmond’s supremacy over Yes has been the rock behind the movement.



The shrill contempt he endures from Unionists draws us ever closer in his protection and generates a loyalty even among those with no SNP affiliation. On September 19, he will still be the undisputed leader of the nation. I am proud of him.

So, the arguments have crystallised. The time for words is over. We are ready.

It is time, Scotland. It is time…

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97 thoughts on “It’s Time…

  1. Well, that was just fantastic!

    Well said Derek; sites like this WGD, WoS, NNS have been INVALUABLE
    for all sorts of reasons including debunking myths & misinformation, providing
    an alternative to the Pro-Union media, allowing YES people to see they are
    not alone & some kind of ‘virus’ and inspiring HOPE.

    Thank you all, including the many who comment.

  2. Thanks, Derek, you’ve been an inspiration.

  3. I had a haircut today in preparation for voting YES. The hairdresser is a YES, I had given him Aye Right cards and he gave them out to his friends, who are now YES. One of the girls in the hairdresser was a NO “because she had lots of unanswered questions and the Wee Blue Book is biased”. I told her to ask me any question she liked and I would answer it. She did, I did and now she is YES too. 🙂

  4. No words Derek.

    Its been a privilege to argue our case beside every single one of us in the pro YES camp.

    I’m proud of every single mothers son and daughter who stood up to argue that we are ready, willing and able to be a forward looking, progressive and caring nation.

    Let’s finish the job tomorrow and do it with a gallus swagger. 🙂

  5. Agree with every word, but particularly the praise of Alex Salmond.

    • I second that emotion. I only stumbled across this site a few weeks ago, and it’s a breath of fresh air after the MSM’s constant lies, smears, omissions, scare-mongering and general cynicism and negativity. You folks couldn’t send Alex Salmond or Nicola Sturgeon down to England, could you? We could use a few politicians who’ll fight for the people of England, rather than the imperialist British state. Good luck to the Yes side tomorrow. We English are rooting for you. It’s only the Brits down here who want you to lose. Please don’t confuse Brits and English – our mind-sets are completely different.

  6. Thanks Derek. We’d better bloody win after this, I’m tellin’ ye. Still, I’m optimistic rather than confident, make that quietly confident. And in a sense we have already won, one way or another. Cheers.

  7. Your articles have been informative and inspirational. A real morale-booster in the dark times. Many thanks.

  8. Derek,in some of the dark moments during the campaign (and there have been many) you have brought humour,imagination and positivity to lighten the burden.
    Thank you for everything.

  9. Thank you Derek, if you read the (ahem) writing from the Dark side you see a world that bears no resemblance to the truth but then all of them are strangers to the truth in any form. I watched the Adam Boulton interview last night and thought how absolutely insulting his attitude was to the First Minister. It was not just insulting to him it was insulting to us the majority in Scotland who voted for the man. Well let us make sure there will be no more insults to either him or our country, all we have to do is Vote in the only box that counts, the one which says YES.

  10. Fanbliddytastic, terrific post Derek and thanks for all the other great posts. AYE I’ve voted YES

  11. Katherine hamilton

    Thanks Derek. You and all the other Yes sites have won this. Scotland is already renewed and ready for building a future for our children and theirs. May the road rise up to meet them.

  12. Whatever happens we have been an inspirational movement, but if we lose then all the massive potential that lies in our hands is lost to Westminster.

    With a Yes vote we have the power to change Scotland in ways few south of the border (and many here too) can think of. You only have to cast a glance over some of the reports produced by the Scottish government and other bodies to see how Scotland could be transformed in a way from which we can all benefit greatly. None of that will happen with a No vote. A No vote squanders our future. That is too dire to contemplate.

    Please, let it be Yes.

  13. Thank you for doing what you did. You didn’t need to. Respect.

    As a retired political editor once said a few years ago and at a time when it was still just about possible for someone to utter the phrase “Freedom of the Press” in Scotland without instigating an audible titter in the room, journalists who treated the idea of Scottish independence favourably suddenly found life became ‘unusually complicated”. A wonderfully crafted euphemism I think you will agree.

    So I hope you and all the others who may have found things becoming ‘unusually complicated’ will instead find things somewhat simpler in the near future.

  14. I also want to stand up for Alec Salmond. He is a true leader. He has had to put up with so much from the MSM and I second your views on his leadership.

    I’ve just forced myself to watch the terribly biased BBc news bulletin where they showed the entirety of the Gordon Brown speech.

    It reminded me of the time when I was fed up in a job. Overworked, seriously underpaid and ignored. I went to the boss and said that I was leaving so he came up with this wonderful new package for me to entice me to stay. I was given a grand title and more money. I could eat in the staff dining room and have coffee with the “management”. He was all smiles and told me how much the company needed me.

    At the end of the first month, when I got my pay, what they had failed to tell me was that now I was “staff” I would no longer be paid for the 20 hours a week overtime I had to do. I left shortly after that.

    Gordon Brown’s bribes are just the same. Repackaged rubbish to fool people into staying in a country which does not and never will appreciate them.

    I say YES.

    • @Bamstick

      There is no doubt in my mind that Alex Salmond is a political giant. The MSM and unionists joke about that. However, they will know in their hearts that it is true. Alex has dedicated his life to the cause of independence for Scotland. He, like many others, went against the flow of opinion here and the rest of the UK for decades. They did it through sheer political principle and integrity. For this principle and integrity they have been subjected to the most vile abuse imaginable; you just need to count the number of times he has been compared to a dictator. Salmond has his faults like everyone else, but the struggle has been inspirational. Lets hope we win independence tomorrow by voting Yes.

  15. Do you know what I am most waiting to hear (after a YES result)?The name, on 26 March 2016 of the first baby born into an independent Scotland, the first Scot ‘BORN FREE’ since 1707! That baby and all the hundreds of thousands, indeed millions of our babies born thereafter will, in some sense, belong to us all; and they will all be told about US and what happened on 18 September 2014. You’ll have helped pass that torch, of a fair and inclusive society, onto them. Thank you Derek. Thank you forever.

    • @ Elizabeth Blair

      “Born Free” is a bit much really.

      That baby will be the first person born Scots for the first time in 309 years.

      Not British but Scots.

      That’s more than enough for them to cope with I think without hyperbole 🙂

    • As an Englishman, resident in England, I can’t tell you how much I envy you folks for your moment of democracy, something the Brits will never allow those of us south of the Tweed or Carter Bar. I hope we’ll soon see Alex Salmond (or maybe Nicola Sturgeon?) visiting London as Prime, rather than First, Minister of Scotland, and showing the British Establishment how to act with a bit of dignity and gravitas.

  16. Thanks Derek. Thanks for all the great articles and your efforts in the campaign. I am very proud to have been a tiny part of the Yes campaign. There is no doubt that the effort of so many people in our campaign has been outstanding. Derek, if we get a Yes vote please accept a big cyber and virtual hug from me! If it is a No vote the cause goes on. It will go on anyway if there is a Yes vote, as we attempt to create the best nation and society that we possibly can. This quote from Tennyson sums up the Yes campaign for me:

    Tho’ much is taken, much abides; and tho’
    We are not now that strength which in old days
    Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are;
    One equal temper of heroic hearts,
    Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
    To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

  17. Thank you Derek, steadying but true , helping to keep my nerves a wee bit calmer. I’m the opposite from Bill Dale, in my weird ‘it’ll jinx it way’ , cannae get my haircut til after the vote.
    Coo looking oer a dyke votes Yes!
    Thank You again

    • If I hadn’t gone for a haircut at least one other would be voting No rather than YES! This is the biggest opportunity we have ever had. Let’s look smart when we vote. 🙂

  18. You are spot on with one of the greatest Scots of modern times “Alex Salmond” is a Scottish hero. We the people of Scotland are the campaign we have had magnificent leadership from many fine people who will not be forgotten we weren’t lead by the politicians we willingly followed our leaders.

  19. That had me worried – why my mother’s birthday and not mine? It is planned for 24th March, and not 26th.

  20. west_lothian_questioner

    There are only three words that work for what’s in my head right now… Thank you Derek.

  21. Thank you for this blog. It has been an inspiration to many of us. Yes, Alex Salmond has been a true statesman throughout, in sharp contrast to spokespeople on the other side.
    I hope we are not sold out again by people intent on lining their own pockets, as we were in 1707. I wasn’t actually alive then (although it feels like I was after the last couple of months) but I don’t want to hear the bells of St Giles in my own town, ringing out “Why should I feel so sad, on this my wedding day”.as they did on the signing of the Act of Union.

    • Here’s hoping the bells will soon be ringing the chimes of freedom. If I were the prime minister or president of an independent England, free from the British imperialist past and all the baggage that entails, Mr Salmond would be given an honour (honorary basis, of course, as a citizen of a foreign state) for his major contribution to democracy in these islands. Thank you, Mr Salmond, for taking on the Wastemonster establishment, and in a dignified way they couldn’t hope to match, even in their wildest dreams.

  22. This campaign has highlighted many Scottish heroes, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon without doubt, but also Blair Jenkins, Rev Stu Campbell, Derek Bateman, Ronnie Anderson, Jock Scot, Jim Sillars, Tommy Sheridan (for all Tommy’s faults, it is impossible to doubt his sincere love of this country), Paul Kavanagh and many of the posters on here, Wings, WGD, Munguins Republic, who have calmed the fears, debunked the myths, laughed at the lies and kept us all strong. Let’s become the nation of heroes they deserve – Vote AYE!

    • Tommy Sheridan ‘rattled the bars’ of the Establishment beast’s cage; got mauled by that beast; survived & has since taken a sledge-hammer to that beast and its cage. I’d follow Tommy Sheridan into Hell. (He’s been there and he clearly knows the way out). I’m not even a socialist but I’d stand shoulder to shoulder with Tommy any day.

      • Oh Elizabeth! I’m still laughing out loud at ‘(He’s been there and he clearly knows the way out)’. I am a socialist, and would be right at your side!

    • The comments say it all Derek. Alex well said too.

      My heartfelt thanks sir. Yours is the blog that moved me most. Your words gave voice to my feelings. It’s been an honor Derek and we know your not going anywhere so i feel glad that regardless of the result. We YESSERS will have somewhere to go. To re group or to plan ahead for our new Nation.

      Again my thanks to you and all commenters .

  23. Been a bit busy out and about, so have missed recent posts, but a a neighbouring farmer here at Lilliesleaf might say of this one, ” capital, capital “.

    I have twice questioned Alex and twice received the answer to another question. Far from irritation, I could only admire the skills which you eloquently describe and which have driven the opposition to insanity – I think that is why he’s so vilified. For me, he’s magnificent.

    Off to get the billboards as I’m polling agent for Ashkirk, Midlem and Lilliesleaf – you’ll know them well, Derek.

  24. Wonderful, Derek, you are one of THE most inspirational and talented of broadcasters.

    As for the First Minister, what faults he has are but a few specks of dust on my lenses.

  25. Don’t go patting yourselves on the backs yet – still got to get the vote out :

    One more day. Then we’ll see what we see.

    What a trip this has been 🙂

  26. Aye, your posts have been inspiring Derek. And you’re dead right about the people’s story. Just looking around oor wee stall in Edinburgh today with people working the passers by, holding posters up to the buses and the traffic and getting thumbs-up and hoots in return, and the canvassers splitting off and going round more houses, asking, answering and getting ever more positive replies.

    Oh we’re going to win this all right, and it will be us, from Alex down to that one person who convinced just one other person to vote Yes, us, who will have won this.

    And you’re right about Alex. We wouldn’t be where we are without him.

  27. Aye Derek, it’s had it’s ups and downs this past couple of years, but I have never doubted my fellow counrtymen. It’s been amazing the way this referendum has galvanized us ordinary folk to stand up and be counted.

    A great big thank you, for all you have done to enlighten and encourage us. I hope that you will be there to take part in a new broadcasting service after independence

    As for Mr Salmond, he has been held in such contempt and so much opprobrium heaped upon him, and through it all he has remained, focused, smiling, polite. He is indeed a statesman . If you watch the body language, he certainly does not look like a man who is losing.

    Well done to all of our hard working folks for chappin doors, leafleting, talking to others. This is why we are here now, at this great moment in Scotland’s history.

    Lets grab it with both hands. We Will Win.

  28. Shiver down the spine stuff, Derek. Thankyou.

  29. I started reading your stuff by accident, i followed a link, then i saw you on a u tube clip. I keep coming back every day to read the words you write. Why? because you have a finger on the pulse. Long since deleted was my BBC news home page and rarely do i ever go there, once you become aware that you are and have been to use the word manipulated by something like a news page you blindly trusted only a fool would go back. Tomorrow i go with a great deal of pride in my self, my Scotland and i also go there with a hope long since forgotten in my heart. 18th september 2014 is the day my voice and that of the many will with flags and ancient symbols of Scotland clearly on proud display, quietly and with purpose vote to end a 307 year old tired marriage that long ago failed to live up to its overblown grandeur.
    i am convinced as are many others that this really is our time and our moment and eighteen nine will be woven into our Scottish history. In decades to come old men and women who are today children will tell tales round family campfires of this time in history when the power of a simple word YES rallied the people of an entire nation behind it. We will win.

  30. I didn’t discover your blog till ‘Taking the Mickey – And the Oil. 24/02/14.
    That hooked me.
    You see through all the lies and false promises, and have ripped apart the case for NO with every piece you have written.
    I hope you will eventually write a book about this epic journey to Yes.

    Alex Salmond has conducted himself like a gent’ throughout. He deserves credit for keeping his cool when all about him were venomous people trying to do him down. He certainly has been up against a never ending battering from all sides.
    He comes to the vote with his dignity intact, unlike so many of those who would have us believe we are ‘Better Together.

    Thank you Derek, for bringing us sanity and truth.

  31. You have distilled the arguments expertly and I have be privileged to read your comments and thoughts.

    Mr Salmond and his team have worked hard and long to give us all in Scotland the chance to make our mark in history. Mine is for independence. Thank you.

  32. Derek,

    Many thanks for all your efforts; you are an inspiration.

    I have voted already as I’m offshore at present so tomorrow is going to be a long day for me. I just hope we do it as the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

    Best wishes,


  33. I hope just hope we haven’t all been talking to each other and in the ballot room,fear wins

  34. I totally agree with your comments about Alex Salmond. In my mind, if it hadn’t been for Alex Salmond we would not have the precious opportunity to vote for Independence. He has also shown by example that we can stand up to the Establishment. Take down that statue of Donald Dewar (he secretly wrote of 600 sq miles of Scottish North Sea to England on the eve of Devolution!!) and replace one of Alex Salmond.

  35. Thank you Derek for all that you have done so far. And thanks to everyone who has spoken at events or helped at Yes stalls and shops or who has chapped the doors or who has simply spoken to a family member or friend or someone at work or a passenger on the bus or a drinker in the pub or a fan at the game and convinced them of why Scotland needs to change and how a Yes vote can start the process.
    Please don’t be too long with your next post. We have a huge task ahead of us to build a better Scotland – a massive task if we vote No and somewhat easier if we vote Yes. But we must keep this going and we must settle for nothing less than the total transformation of the society in which we live so it can become a beacon of hope, peace, equality, fairness, truth, honesty, justice and tolerance that the whole world can see.
    Every single person who votes Yes tomorrow because they want to make a difference is a hero because they are planting the first seeds of a new way of doing – “all of us first” as they would say at Common Weal.
    I will remain an aye for aye

  36. dennis mclaughlin

    Derek are we going to get the “unvarnished” truth and real opinion from you once the dust settles down?.

    your old employer has trashed everything we once held dear regarding media truth and bias.

    i travelled the world and always tuned in on short wave radio to get the news from home from the BBC,now i do not even switch on or listen to this toxic source of propaganda as many of my countrymen and women once did.

    what a travesty!…….this campaign has been a shining light around the globe for democracy…but trashed in every respect by our own media….the STASI and NKVD couldn’t have done a better job.

    the Blitzkrieg is almost over and i amongst thousands will put a cross in the YES box in the hope that a better country arises out of the ashes.

  37. Like that daft old fool that I am, I’m sitting here with a tear in my eye. Thank you Derek for the kind and inspiring words. And you are right, it is time!

  38. Derek, that was an unbeliveable read!

    Fantastic, so proud of you and everyone in the Yes.

  39. Derek – for your blogs and your contribution over this most incredible time, I thank you. Alex has indeed been an exemplary leader and you sir, have been an exemplary blogger. Don’t stop.

  40. ‘Looking forward to a glass of Burgundy, Derek!

  41. You’ve been an inspiration Derek, I can only wish you and all the other tireless campaigners the very best. We deserve to win this.

    Heads held high tomorrow folks, for we will be in charge. Westminster will be cowering at our presence and absolutely powerless as we take to the polls. As Jim Sillars says, lets not hand back that power at 10pm when the polls close, lets keep it forever.

  42. Dateline Wednesday 19:22
    Our eldest lives in Glasgow and has sent a picture of the crowd in George Sq., about half an hour ago.
    I am not much good at estimating but as the “lawn” is about 80% covered there may be 5,000 people there?
    Blog on.

  43. Oh, forgot to mention that a BBC reporter said that only voters inside polling stations at 10:00PM tomorrow will get to vote, Cameron Buttle?
    If an attempt is made to close a polling station with a queue outside there will be trouble. It should not be ovelooked that many polling stations are run by superannuated female council workers who are less than speedy. Not a problem at a General Election with 20% turn out, but the turn out is expected to be quite a bit higher. I hope that this stupidity is reversed and that some leeway is given.

    • The official rules now state that anyone waiting to vote at 10pm is allowed to vote, even if the queue is outside. At 10pm a polling official should identify the back of the queue so that anyone in it can vote but that no-one else can join it.

  44. Derek, we will only be part of history if we win, we will be erased from ever existing if the Nobetter win. Can I take a moment to say thank you for your enlightment in the dark hours and i look forward to more after we are a free country.

  45. Clare Tereasa Gallagher

    Thank you Derek, it’s been an absolute delight reading your many pieces, and I’m proud to be a YES, I can hold my head up alongside the rest of you, knowing I did my bit! All the best for the future, and hopefully we’ll still see your writings

  46. I do believe we’ve arrived. We knew we had a big mountain to climb but, undaunted by the challenge ahead we climbed relentlessly on to reach the pinnacle today. Never once did we stop or need resuscitated although maybe a few times the inhalers were needed when the media took our breath away with their biased views. Our beliefs are too strong to be beaten.

    You have been one of our guides on this long journey, Derek and have been an inspiration to us. You’ve encouraged us to keep going and to spread the word. Thank you.

    When the results come in on Friday morning, let’s feel a sense of pride in our achievement. The past will be behind us and we can look forward to creating our own future.

    On Friday, let’s remember too, that the No voters wont just be disappointed. Many will be feeling a bit scared about what lies ahead. They were comfortable with their present existence and would have been happy to continue with a future that mirrored their past. Many will be angry. There are those who feel we should never have been allowed to have a referendum and who are hoping that if they win that we are never allowed another. Let’s all try to understand where they are coming from and extend the hand of friendship to them. If necessary let’s lead them into a future they could never dream of and never thought possible.

    Let’s not be smug. There will be many rocky roads ahead but we will cope with them together.

  47. Brilliant post Derek and love this blog. Agree that Alex Salmond is a local hero and I’m not a member of the SNP.
    Enjoying the livestream from George Square. What a great atmosphere. Going to be a good weekend! And looking forward to Bateman Broadcasting productions in the new Scotland.

  48. Every morning ,until recently I would visit the MSM web pages. Usually halfway through my porridge I would start to get angry and head here. Even looking at one of your articles I had already read calmed me down and set me up for the day.
    Recently I have given up on MSM and have instead visited Wings,Bella,Newsnet and your good self. Please keep writing as it has been an absolute pleasure.
    God, how I would love a proper Scottish TV channel and you would be the perfect host.
    I’ll never forget you interviewing Margaret Curran,on Radio Scotland, about folk down South becoming ,as she put it , foreigners. Iv’e often wondered if she knew Tom Devine was about to make an appearance?


    Brilliant post as per usual and no surprise to see you acknowledging all the truly fantastic movers and shakers who have kept the fire burning,

    And especially -The Great Man himself-Alex Salmond.

    A magnificent and underestimated statesman,never faltering or failing, while he’s been vilified to hell and back.

    It takes a special strength to hold the dream and keep focused in the face of these attacks, which fortunately he has in abundance.

    And its safe to say he’s been taking hits for the team for what seems like an age.

    But what a team!!!! Your inspirational self,Bellacaledonia,Wings over Scotland,Newsnet,the list goes on and on

    .Surely these are the makings of the leadership and enlightenment of the Bright New Future for Scotland.

    I truly HOPE so.

    And as for our vote Tommorrow

    Let it be-That’s one small step for man- one giant leap for SCOTLAND.

  50. Thank you Derek, and more power to your mighty pen for many years to come in the new Scotland …

  51. I really cannot put into words my gratitude, admiration and heartfelt thanks Derek. My own small contribution has been to print and distribute truthful, informative articles to wherever I can manage. Your words and insight have joined a wonderful list of inspirational writers with which I’ve had the pleasure to share. Thank you so much.

  52. YES, this site and others have been inspirational and will continue to be, the people have begun to see how they can have a voice and reject the dysfunctional westminster lot so that we can have a civilised and forward looking country. It will take some doing with a no vote, but the tide is with the people not the greedy war mongers.

  53. Thank you Derek and everyone else who posts on here … absolutely harry top job by one and all …. right across the entire length and breadth of the Yes movement actually.

    I for one will pause momentarily, before making my own little ‘x’ mark in Scotland’s history. Just to savour the brief moment fully.

    I will also sleep sound as a babe tomorrow night in the certain knowledge that when I open my eyes the following morn it will be to greet a new and re- born nation (okay so I may have to wait until later in the day if they are not going to release the result until later in the day) but you get my drift.

    This campaign is already won folks ….. rest your fears ….. it is anticipation you feel not fear ….. can you not taste it ….. every town …… every city …… across the land ….. we are already an independent nation full of engaged people who will no longer think what Westminster tells us to think ……

    I am so so so so proud of what we as a nation, as a movement have evolved into on this independence journey, it swells my heart and brings tears of pride and joy to my eyes (which from an old ex-bootneck is quite rare I assure you).

    Be calm folks and enjoy the ride over the next few days as Scotland is going into full blown party mode and the rest of the world is invited to join us.

    Anyway there will still be much to discuss after a yes vote, like how best to set about reforming our country just for starters ….. which projects take priority and for what reasons etc etc etc …. the work really starts AFTER the celebrations end ………. …

    jings that turned into another ramble … thats what happens when you speak from the heart I suppose.

  54. Well said Derek and thank you for your insights over the course of the campaign. I hope and trust that you will persist- whatever the result- as the political scene in Scotland is surely changed forever.

  55. Derek, when you finished on Saturday’s GMS I was really angry and disappointed because you were the only fair member on the team. I stopped listening to the programme but googled your name in the hope that I’d find some of your newspaper articles and lo! your blog site came up. I can’t tell you the relief. My first step towards social media……knew nothing of its existence previously but from there I ventured further and discovered the other sites which were often mentioned in the comments here.

    I have to say that I’ve always wanted independence for our country but it’s been wonderful reading your articles and feeling part of a community of like minds.

    Alex Salmond is someone I have trusted for many years. Even when he headed for Westminster and was condemned roundly by the press I knew he’d return. I was convinced he had a plan and in time would come home to lead Scotland. I trust his ability to plan and look ahead. And his timing is incredibly accurate. So I too consider AS a man in a million. We are fortunate to have him and the talented people around him.

    So here’s to a BIG YES VOTE TOMORROW and though I don’t normally drink alcohol, if we win this, I’ll probably sip a little malt in celebration. So be sure and send my wine to Panda!

    A big thank you!


  56. Thank you for all your contributions to this campaign, Derek. You have been instrumental.

    Furthering your point about history, it occurs to me that rarely can a generation consider themselves to be historically significant. Future generations generally get to look back and say ‘those people were significant’ because often events happen in front of us and we have little measure of their importance until we get to look back on them and reflect. But this, this is different. We Scots are doing something incredible and our generations can look on ourselves as being important and significant right this very second. If we vote Yes, our decision will echo through the future for centuries. If we vote No we will only have a little less impact.

    Tomorrow is the day that Scotland blossoms once again into the light of the international stage or is extinguished, perhaps forever. And you, each one of you who votes, will make either of those events happen.

    Please let it be Yes.

  57. I’ve waited all my life for this. I voted Yes in 1979 and saw that weak promise stolen away. Voted Yes in 1997 and watched as the media continued to pour scorn on our infant parliament. And now I will vote Yes a third time tomorrow. Dear God please make it be a Yes!

  58. Thanks for your sanity in the maelstrom of propaganda. I have to defend Salmond from insulting personal attacks on a daily basis at work. It may seem silly to defend someone you have never met. But I feel personal hurt when unionists are so venomous to our leader. No leader has ever been treated like this is the UK. Let’s hope his final act will be one of sweet victory and revenge. We can take our nation back today.

  59. Thank you very much Derek, for each and every utterance. It has been a wonderful journey with you.

    And now, hopefully, with everything crossed, with even Buddhist blessings coming from Thailand, we will regain our independence.

    But we need you, front an centre of our emerging broadcasting system, so don’t hang up yer boots jist yet!

    Man, oh, man, what a helter-kelter ride this has been! Many thanks again!

  60. De profundis . . .

  61. It’s been a privilege to read this and Wings Over Scotland’s final post of the campaign.

    Amongst the best prose I have seen for a long, long time.

    But tomorrow we require poetry.

    Saor Alba!!!

  62. Thanks for everything Derek and to all the posters on here who have given our wee ( but not too poor or too stupid ) country great hope for the future.

  63. From the front page of the BBC News website today, Thursday;
    “The Scottish independence referendum is covered on most front pages. However, the BBC is reporting only factual accounts of the election throughout polling day.”

    Have they not been reporting “factual accounts” up till now?

    Oh, wait. It is a confession and they are sorry…

  64. After yesterday’s final liestorm

    through today’s surprise calm

    the waiting eruption


  65. Wonderful blog Derek – you’ve done a great job.

  66. We’re up to our necks

    with the tide coming in.

  67. Your old friends at the BBC have won it for the traitors. Scotland a region of Quislings. The laughing stock of Planet Earth. A nation no more and never again. DEAD!

  68. Derek, thank you. Thank you for providing a beam of light amid the Westminster-generated artifice of doubt and confusion. I am already old, but I reflect with amazement and delight that I have lived long enough to see Man walk on the Moon and the bringing-down of the Berlin Wall. What the New Enlightenment in Scotland has achieved will not falter. We owe it to ourselves to make sure of that. The conduct of our Referendum has shown the World that we are a nation, with distinction. I hope to live long enough to see us complete the journey to responsibility for our own people and our own affairs.

  69. Derek, thank you. Your article filled me with hope, pride and an optimism that not even my life long battle with depression could tarnish.

    I got to queue in a polling station. I have never been so happy to queue in my life.

    I stood outside a polling station with my rosette and said hello to people. Was anyone from the no camp standing about at ten at night with me? Of course not.

    I will keep your article and read it when I can’t go out, or in the middle of the night when the black dog won’t stop biting, as a reminded that this was a campaign for people, by people and that hope will remain alive so long as there’s one of us left standing who hasn’t been bought off with tory gold.

    We tried, the people let us down. We’ll try again.

    • The people did not let us down. The media, in particular the BBC and the newspapers, conducted a scurrilous campaign of fear, threats, lies and smears, aided and abetted by politicians happy to tell one story to their English based audience and another to Scotland, they are the people who let the people who voted NO down. We are 1 1/2 million who will never believe the media again. Onward!

      • I suspect the number of people who will never believe the media again is likely to start growing substantially in the next year or two.

      • Bill, you said what I was trying to. Thanks. This is how we need to go on, building on what we each say and do – openly, constructively and positively.

  70. I am so upset that in my whole life I will never have voted for one candidate or independence and been given what I voted for. Did nobody read the wee blue book? Obviously we have to pick ourselves up and dust down and change our parliament here in Scotland. Derek, all is not lost, the next campaign starts right here in the hearts of all iScotland supporters. I have already heard complaints from people about having to vote in pencil because they were not sure if they used a pen their vote would be counted as spoiled.

  71. Derek, you really need to see this and share it

    • The commentator on that clip uses the word “crazy” two or three times. I thought it was only we English who did understatement. I’d start with the word “criminal”. There’s enough there for the police to start an investigation, and for the individuals whose faces can be identified (among others) to be looking at jail time. Some of us have felt for some time that independent observers from abroad should have been brought in to oversee the process. It’s no pleasure to be proved right.

    • The two fire alarms at the Dundee count are certainly worrying, but I heard that the Yes votes in the No pile were explained as work in progress and not final…?

      Voter fraud always goes on in most votes and is impossible to entirely eradicate. For instance, impersonation. A person may have died since the register was compiled, and another person, a relative who knows this, may turn up and impersonate them to vote as them. Same with students who move around, so that a voting card is sent to somebody at an address they have recently moved away from, and seized by others at that address who go to the polling station to impersonate them. But statistically such levels of fraud are insignificant, especially when one considers that both sides, or various candidates, may be doing this and so cancel each other out.

      But systematic fraud is quite another thing. I think that postal votes system and fake registrations are fertile areas for vote rigging and I think this should be investigated.

      Isn’t the electoral register public?

      • In a General Election there is an audit trail as to how people voted. Like lottery tickets the voting slips are numbered. The polling station officials record the counterfoil numbers against the electoral roll. So, if an audit were to be conducted, the audiors could turn up at your door and ask you to confirm how you voted.

        This was not the case in the referendum. The voting slips were unmarked, no better than simple photocopies. There is no audit trail and no audit is possible.

        If you noticed, the Counting Officr read out the reason for spoiled ballot papers. The first reason ” want of an official mark” was always zero because none of the voting slips had any official marks.

      • Isn’t it time that people showing up at polling stations were required to show some ID with a photo as proof? I bet they do that in places like Germany or Australia. As it is, it’s far too easy to vote fraudulently.

        • Having lived my most of my professional life overseas, I do not understand why we won’t have ID cards. Against identity fraud they are very useful. Your driving license of course has encoded quite a lot about you anyway.

  72. Derek, how about you, Bella, WGD and Wingy etc getting together and starting a new publication we can all subscribe to. Strike while the iron is hot and 1.6m Yessers are in pain and in need of an outlet over the coming months. A new paper?

    • It was most unlikely that the UK’s internal state intelligence organisations would be twirling their thumbs during this whole Referendum process: there was an Establishment to protect, and although we might say they were slow to act (through and arrogant complacency) they did get their act together, just in time – from the UK Plc point of view. but notwithstanding, we almost made it: what an extraordinary performance.

      The MSM too will have had its instructions: how else could all but two newspapers make such a one-sided attack on the YES campaign. This is not griping: many Scots have will have made up their mind this morning to have nothing further to do with these instruments behind the lies, half-truths, character assassinations and bias, and would rely from henceforth on the social media, a game-changer.

      I hope that the seed of the idea sown above by ‘Bunter’ will take root and grow into a mighty, expurgated publication filled with stimulating, serious and stimulating delight to serve a so far, ill-served public.

  73. I think the online presence needs to continue but I can understand how Derek, Mike Small, Paul K and Stu Campbell must feel at this moment.

    I just want to thank Derek from the bottom of my heart for all the fantastic work he has done and to encourage us all not to give up. 45% voting for Yes despite a sustained and fierce firestorm of media intimidation over two years is no inconsiderable result, take heart from that. We must continue to hold our ‘imperial masters’ to account, and to keep their broken promises highlighted and their mendacity in the public eye and we need a critical media space now more than ever.

    Bruce tried three times to re-take the kingdom. We all know the fable of the spider, but what is undeniable is that he failed quite spectacularly on the first two occasions with great loss of life to his family and supporters. He continued his fight because he saw that really there was no alternative but to continue, unless one is content to be a slave. If reports are true that 71% of 16-17 year olds voted Yes, and 73% of over 65s voted No, we owe it to our young people to continue the fight.

  74. I don’t have facebook or twitter, but can I ask anyone who has to share this link. It shows someone opening a ballot box and pulling out a nice, neat pile of ballot papers which have not even been folded in half. MI5 vote-rigging sons-of-bitches.

  75. My Yes Saltire flag has now been replaced. In its stead the defiant Lion Rampant flag flutters in the breeze………….and boy! does it look good. This is only the beginning for many of the “social media” generation. And as an old local stone mason used to say – a start is as good as a day’s work. So on we go.

  76. Robert Peston on the front of the BBC website;
    “The big question about the Prime Minister’s plan to hand more control over taxes, spending and welfare to the four nations is how far this would end the subsidy of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland by England, and especially by London and the South East.”

    Mr Cameron said “there had to be a “fair and balanced” settlement with English MPs deciding on laws applying to England”

    On the BBC panel last night a Labour MP said there would have to be, “a conversation” – clearly the “Vow” was dead before all the votes were counted.
    (I don’t know his name and the BBC iPlayer seems to have the Huw Edwards version and not the Glenn Campbell version.)

    Still subsidised, still lower on the scale than Rutland, and still reneging…

    Plus ca change, eh?

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