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Just as I was writing the text below looking at an idea for helping the country move forward – along with No voters – and to harness the inclusive sense of community we have generated, this arrived….Click on the image and read it and tell me is this is the kind of honesty and attitude you want in your country or is it the most damning indictment yet of the paucity of vision and integrity of today’s Labour Party? Check out the bottom line and ask how that helps the democratic process!








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21 thoughts on “The People’s Champion…

  1. Labour’s proposals for further devolution are the least ambitious of any political party. In relation to tax, their proposals to partially devolve income tax would leave the UK government with power over 79% of the taxes raised in Scotland. The main purpose is short-term and to create the potential to shift the blame for Westminster austerity, restyled as “SNP cuts.” They are nothing to do with providing any means for people in Scotland to realise our values and ambitions. Shame on the Labour Party I was once a member of.

    Scottish Labour has rejected any major devolution of welfare benefits and pensions. Their proposed devolution of housing benefit and attendance allowance would leave Westminster controlling over 87% of Scotland’s welfare spending. This does nothing to match the wish for independence or devo-max indicated frequently over the last few years. Shame on the Labour Party I thought I would always vote for.

    Within the economic and employment spheres, Scotland is only being offered Westminster’s failed Work Programme, which got less than 1% of the disabled people on its programme into long-term work. The current Labour proposals still rule out any further devolution of energy, immigration, and equalities policy, and leave Trident on the Clyde. Shame on the Labour Party, which no longer deserves to be called the people’s party.

    The Labour Party has demonstrated it is deaf to the voices of people in Scotland and has deserted its core values. It is driven by visceral hatred of the SNP in general and Alex Salmond in particular, which has led it to desert the people it is supposed to stand for. Labour has become part of the problem rather than any part of the solution. It will be the first to call for reconciliation after the referendum in a desperate attempt to begin to crawl back into public favour. But, Labour’s lies and deceptions during the campaign will not be forgotten for a long time, and it will suffer the electoral consequences.

    • Thanks for posting. I didn’t even get that far when it came through the letterbox it went straight through the paper shredder…

    • Derek, what do you and others make of the seeming clear evidence of rigging, which is currently circulating- can you advise how we can press (or force!) non-corrupt investigations, even a recount?! Thank you for your time, Sincerely.

  2. I think labour in Scotland has just campaigned themselves into the same frozen wastes as the Tories.

  3. Bugger (the Panda)

    This is weird

    I nposted a few minutes ago and received my request confirmation of follow up co0mment from WordPress, whic I am receiving.

    But, when I go back to the article with the Labour pamphlet below my comment is not there and only 2 comments are visible.

    Click on the pamphlet to read it, low and behold there are 4 comments including mind.

    I wonder Derek, do you share the same blogging software as the BBC, the Guardian and the Telegraph where comment can be selectively shown or hidden?

    Just joking 🙂

  4. Not worth talking about. Their barrel is empty.

  5. Hmm! Scottish Labour Lamont & Gordon both going to ‘potts’ (the printer).

    Shocking indictment of labour in Scotland telling people to vote NO if they don’t know.

  6. Labour couldnae be further apart from us ordinary voters if it tried. I’ve voted yes

  7. The only answer from us “natural Labour voters” (whatever that actually means) is to recognise that the current Labour Party in Scotland has nothing to do with Labour or socialism. It is merely a gravy train for career apparatchiks to climb on board – either as student politicians or in local government – in order to eventually land a safe seat as an MP or MSP and the privilege that goes along with that. They do not care about the poor and disdavantaged people otherwise they would have done something meanigful about it when they had 13 years at Westminster and Holyrood. The fact that so many of Blair’s acolytes are now troughing it in the Lords or as company directors or as after dinner speakers or as international quango special advisers shows how far they have fallen and how little regard they have for the least fortunate. Remember Brown and Darling left office in 2010 having created the biggest gap between rich and poor since the Great Depresssion in 1931. Why has that been so easily forgotten by anyone far less main stream media?
    By all means in the event of a Yes vote invite on board the rank and file members of Scottish Labour who really do want change. But Lamont, Curran, Sarwar, Darling, Brown, Murphy, Davidson? Forget it. I don’t want them having any say in my future if I have a choice. They have done absoulutely nothing to merit such a privilege.

  8. Lamontable!

  9. What a highly poetic opening!
    That’s a veiled threat in the ‘serious consequences for Scotland’ bit.
    Derek, you know ‘paucity of vision’ is the name of the game for Labour.
    Jobs for the boys racket would be a better description of their modus operandi.

  10. Can anyone point to a leaflet signed by the FM calling Ms Lamont a liar or similar? Now scraping underneath the barrel.

  11. I remember when the odd Labour type would rail against poverty of ambition. Now they try to promote it.

    • It reads like a Daily Mail rant – hatred oozes from it. Scottish Labour know no shame. I just can’t understand how any of my fellow Scots could contemplate voting for these guys.

  12. Scottish Labour can go sit on the ‘political suicide’ bench beside the Lib/Dum’s, who also thought it would be a politically ‘good idea’ to join ranks with the Tories.

    Hell mend them for trying to sell out the Scottish electorate….. red tories indeed.

    They are well and truly dead & buried as a political force in Scotland now…. shame on them …. peoples party indeed …. aye right.

    Am no genetically programmed to listen to their pish.

  13. Labour must really think their fellow Scots are reallythick not to see through this. Not clever Lamontable and Broon.

  14. dennis mclaughlin

    personally i would do what the French people did on their liberation in 1945.
    Scissors ,Tar and Feathers showed graphically who were the “collaborateurs”.

    Labour got into bed with the ConDems against the Scottish people and should suffer their “Wilderness Years” as Churchill described his abscence from front line politics in Great Britain.

  15. Derek your so behind the curve it’s unreal, this was on facebook 2 days ago, go back to sleep and I will wake you on Friday for fu*ks sake!!!

  16. I’m not fond of woodlice.

    But I know where to find them –

    Inside the No Campaign

    • That sir is a calumny against woodlice who have the distinction of being the only fully terrestrial crustacean. They are far more evolved than the average SLAB MP or MSP.

      As a biologist I don’t think there are any metazoa low enough to be compared to such. A member of the funghi perhaps? A slime mold – they can come together to form something that looks and moves like a slug but it is still made up of individualised cells who can happily disaggregate and go off troughing for bacteria on their own. Yes, a slime mold fits the No campaign to a T.

  17. They are at it again. No currency union because Scottish Government could/would go out and steep itself in debt.

    Personally I don’t want a Currency Union because that bunch of Numpties down at Westminster have already done that!


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