Every time I sit down at the keyboard, I write the same thing…WE ARE GOING TO WIN. I can’t stop it. It’s like a madness taking hold of my fingers.

It must be madness of a kind because I also think the die is now cast. We keep hearing about the tiniest mistake that could make the difference or the swithering Don’t Knows deciding the outcome. Yet I’m unconvinced.

To me the momentum is sliding iceberg-like towards Yes, inexorable and crushing. We may be fooled by traditional polls which base their methodology on general elections yet this is not an election at all. Some polls are by landline phone, some the internet, some face to face and respondents don’t always tell the truth which I think is true of people who are breaking with a personal habit and moving outside their comfort zone – a feature I think accounts for many Don’t Knows. Look at the total confusion over the weekend as the polls told conflicting stories.

The hundred thousand plus who have registered for the first time are overwhelmingly Yes as there can be no other reason for their sudden desire to vote – you don’t make that decision just to back the status quo.

Then there is the increased turnout. Just look at the two campaigns and ask who has the enthusiasm, the drive and determination to make this happen and who therefore is more likely to make sure they turn out and vote.

There is a very real chance that Yes will punch right thorough the 50 per cent barrier and produce a result that makes even the anti-democrat George Robertson blanche.

I am also saying this because it is surely clear that the No side also knows what is happening and if you put yourself in their position it explains the panic and desperation. It wasn’t just the one poll, it is the movement they detect on the ground that lit the fire under them.

And look at their response. When they needed to inspire Labour voters they had only Gordon Brown, as vainglorious a figure as any in recent history with a threadbare record and a stained character. His analysis of why we are at this point today is devoid of any mention of Labour. Just as he never took responsibility in office, so even now he is still in denial that it was the vacuum created by a failed Labour Party that created the space for the SNP to occupy.

He is promising what is not in his gift to deliver and it is abundantly clear from the reaction in Westminster that the changes, such as they are, need full scrutiny and endorsement, have implications for the rest of Britain and will be buried in the chaos of a fevered General Election.

And as the tide engulfs them, the voices of Unionism become every more bitter and shrill. Some complain of misrepresentation and of enthusiasm covering up for lack of clarity…others that there is a dark side which is spiteful and repressive and berates those who disagree with it. And John Reid – again when Labour folk need inspiration for the Union – tells them they are anti-English racists. This is all the language of losers thrashing around for justification for defeat.

So misplaced and overblown has this rhetoric become that I fear for the atmosphere afterwards if there were to be a No.

But it is now clear that a Yes vote will be achieved against every organ of the British State striving to block it, even illegally as the RBS controversy shows. All the adherents of big power – the military, diplomatic, business, landowners – have been blown away by the will of the people. This is the realisation for England that it can be done – the Establishment can be confronted, resisted and defeated. People can reclaim their country. We are already the beacon for social democratic change the British Left is looking for.

The next trick will be to ensure that we enact the changes we demand in the new Scotland. That means Yes today and Yes tomorrow – the movement will be as important after September 18 as it is now.

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54 thoughts on “WE ARE STILL GOING TO WIN

  1. Derek, I’m in total agreement. Even the weather has been with us!

  2. Katherine hamilton

    Oh I get to be first! It will be yes, I think. Last week’s shocking lie fest merely confirms that they are panicking in spades. Keep up the good work. No need for apologies either. Wee Davie in Aberdeen talking to even more “big business” people. Will he never learn? Hope not!!

  3. You are reflecting what I have been feeling for a couple of weeks now.
    Nerves are frayed and each day seems like a year. Walking on my tip toes and holding my breath, but YES we will win.

  4. A London journalist on asking folk how they would vote “Yes” shouted full of pride.

    “I would rather not say” but when pushed Voting No full of shame
    Thats what worries me about dont knows .
    I think many are just to ashamed to admit they are Nos

    • Maybe they don’t want to admit publicly, but they will NOT be in public in the privacy of the voting booth. many DK/Soft NO will look at the only question on the paper and decide. Some will stick with a nervous NO but I think many more will say “Sod it” or words to that effect, and vote YES.

      Tony Little

      • I think about 1/3 of DKs will not leave the house to vote if they have still not made up their minds by Thursday so paralysed are they by uncertainty. They are clearly battling heart over head. About 1/3 will go in there and hope will overcome fear and they’ll plump for Yes. For another 1/3 fear will overcome them.

        It will be important to create a positive buzz around the polling booths to encourage a good vibe.

        Suggest we Yessers hang around (minus signs, to not invite accusations of politicisation) in a carnival mood just celebrating ‘Scotland Decides!’. I.e., the fact that we can hold a referendum.

    • I have seen lots of YES signs in the houses and streets and even on the people, in the cities and towns of Scotland. We have even played the game of spot the no 🙂 (just teaching my kids the importance of this vote)What we have observed is the only big ‘no thanks’ signs are used by farmers and can be seen in the fields around the country. The huge ‘proud to be Scots delighted to be united’ which we have seen only three of, are on estates where; “one would perhaps do a little shooting” and the absent foreign estate owner only visits for this purpose. Winning hands down, the mightiest sign in terms of sheer numbers the humble little YES sign on folks cars and on wristbands, wedged in between the railings and the clematis, the tiny wee understated YES of the masses. Even my children understand the way the vote is going, through this observation game. The other thing my children now understand is no matter the size of your sign you still only have one vote, this is democracy.
      My sixteen year old said ‘Mum you know how I’ve never been abroad, well I’m leaving the UK next week. Stupidly I asked him where he was going. He said nowhere, I’ll be staying here!
      YES for Scotland no to old politics Scotland out of Europe.

  5. I think we are winning the argument and the Referendum all you need to do is look at the miserable faces of those on the NO campaign and tell me they look like they are winning.

    • JoLa can’t smile at all.
      Thanks Derek for a great post. The Labour old guard are really pretty sad to see or hear. As you say, Brown is still in denial but seems to at least be a bit invigorated with his threat or a return to frontline politics!! Reid is just plain nasty and embroiled with his main motivation being his coveted spot in the 300 aid a day HoL Club. They have lost their way and the really sad part is that they are the last to see it.
      Coming over to Glasgow Thursday with my son, daughter already there, to join the party! More than willing to lend a hand where needed. Any tips or suggestions welcome anywhere around the city center or West End.
      We are going to win!

  6. Derek. Sometimes you come across writing, the integrity and intelligence of which calls out to you. Your blogs have done that. Thanks you. It’s not just a mater of agreeing with you.
    I found Charles Kennedy’s warm defence of the Union on BBC One’s This Week a breath of fresh air. Someone else whose honesty and generosity of spirit is always evident. You’ve been an antidote to dissembling and cynicism evident in much of the campaigning.
    Here’s hoping for a Yes.

  7. Bugger (the Panda)

    “We are already the beacon for social democratic change the British Left is looking for.”

    Derek I an France and the tv stations have thos as No 1 discussion, especially tje earthquake rhat awaits the EU. They say Bepretagne. Catalunya and other independence minded regipns are diffwrent fpm tje airuation in Scotland and the more serious commentators ate wpndeting if Scotland will lead a new Enlightwnment in Europe against nep liberal econpmics.

    Sorry about tje typps as I jave fat fongers and a poxy wee mobile touch acreen.

    Will follow on when O get home.

  8. Bugger (the Panda)

    Sorry sorry

    • Bugger . I read through all the mistakes or misplaced fingers with pride and a hearty laugh. I get what you say , seems the whole world is waking up to an Independent Scotland. Don’t apologies friend. We get the message. And the laughs. thanks buddy.

      Derek i have felt this for weeks now. trouble was i let everyone know. And they came in the hundreds telling me not to count my chickens. Well sorry folks but no. I am not . I see and watch the area i live transform. Old, young, men, women, and kids. Hundreds of scottish kids. . I can’t find a NO voter out my way . they’re there but we are everywhere.

      Superb reading again. YOU are a shoe-in for a big job at the SBS. We know what we want and we have the numbers and energy to get it.

      great last line D. YES is just the start.

      But what a start eh ??


  9. Would the word ‘landslide’ be a bit too presumtuous to use?

  10. a bit worrying you wrote, we are still going to win 3 days after, we are going to win

  11. roddymacdonald2014

    64% Yes is a feeling in my water that I can’t shake, even as BBC News is now in its 5th day of blatant, wall-to-wall State propaganda mode. As to overblown No voters, particularly those threatening to leave, I’ll copy below a comment I posted yesterday:

    The difference is that Yes voters view Thursday as merely the start – we know we’re going to have to work to create the society we want. This kind of No voter has a paternalist view of the State and seems to expect everything to be handed to them or to accept whatever their “betters” decide they should have. It’s an empty threat, but I’ll not miss anyone who carries it through and leaves. Those who say “It can’t be done” should not interrupt those who are busy doing it.

    • Only the 5th day of blatant wall-to-wall State propaganda from the BBC? I thought that was all they ever gave us. Apart from that, great post, especially the last sentence. I just hope that any No voters who leave Scotland don’t land here in England. We already have more than enough Brit dross.

  12. Hi guys
    great article with passion
    I am furiously reposting a radio interview with christopher chote mp who said even if cameron and milliband try to give Scotland ANY extra powers it will be defeated in parliament as there are enough mp,s who have said they will not support it to defeat it
    Can anyone confirm this ,e mail me at bob.newdawn@gmail.com

  13. I have just been re-reading Ross Robertson’s novel ”A yearning for Jacob’s son”. Any doubters should read this enjoyable book. Incredibly, this book was published in 2009 but could have been written last week. There probably isn’t time to acquire and read the whole book, so, don’t knows, it won’t spoil the thrill of the story if I summarise and paraphrase, some of Ross Robertson’s foresight. The strategy involves scare stories orchestrated by Downing Street concerning the stifling of all hope of winning the Referendum, which would see Westminster saying goodbye to the oil and gas revenues. Their businesses, the economy of London and the South East being shafted. Their strategy involves an orchestrated and vicious propaganda campaign. Their main aim, amongst other things, is to discredit Scotland’s First Minister and the YES campaign. They need to desperately increase the popularity of the Labour party, to indoctrinate the public psyche with stacks of negative press surrounding the Yes campaign, move to destabilise the banks, emphasise the depletion of oil reserves, the security services will move to plant criminal evidence on Yes campaigners in connection with corruption and financial irregularities, to enforce the point that Westminster has no plans to allow Scotland to secede, to push through proposals to squeeze Scotland’s finances and the Holyrood budget, to spread fear among the poor and increase the self-respect among the undecided middle-class. I say again this novel was published five years ago. Just think what we’ve been subjected to in the last week concerning banks, supermarkets, financial institutions, broadcasting, Scottish football etc, etc.
    I still have a belief that decent Labour supporters will still honour the beliefs of the founding fathers and vote YES.

  14. Was in the Meadows yesterday afternoon and the number of happy Yes stickered and badged people was fantastic. Saltires draped around shoulders and borne aloft on poles creating a waving mass of blue.

    In recent days two videos have, for me, captured the mood of the campaign. The one with Milliband in Motherwell approached by a young woman with a pushchair, determined to ask him a question. He looks bewildered. Douglas Alexander steps in with his usual guff. The woman presses on, Milliband looks helplessly towards Johan as Douglas exits. Johan looks scared, off-handedly rattles off something. Milliband looking totally out of his depth like a rabbit in headlights, turns tail and runs, followed by Johan. Imagine if that had been AS.

    The other video was the one taken at Pacific Quay, where the young woman with only 20% lung function spoke to the crowd about her daring climb (complete with oxygen cylinders) to put a Yes sign high on the castle rock. She did it out of disgust at Gordon Brown’s scaring over organ transplants, and to make it clear that he was a liar.

    Two people. Speechless Milliband who ran. A young woman who had the courage to strain herself to the limit to let others know that lies were being told repeatedly, with her clear message of having no fear. I know which bodes best for Scotland.

  15. What Westminster has consistently failed to realise is the parliaments exist by the will of the people to carry out the will of the people.
    For so long now Westminster has had the view that it’s the people who should carry out the will of the Westminster parliament.
    Well that game’s a bogey and 2 million Scots are not playing any more.

  16. They are reacting the way they always do, with fear, with threat, with confusion and uncertainty. This isn’t and in fact never was about a concerned state asking difficult questions of the Scottish government which demanded answers. A partner looking out for its friend as it were. It was always about manipulation of the people through fear and anxiety.

    They are failing and will fail in this strategy. The future is as uncertain as it has always been for anyone at any time, whether it be that teenager leaving the house to set out on their own, a couple starting out in married life, a young entrepeneur setting up a new business or indeed as now an electorate setting its house in order. You take a risk crossing the road or simply getting out of bed in the morning. No, in the end you plan for the future as best you can, have faith and confidence in yourself and step out to make the best of life that you can make it.

    That’s what we’ll be doing on Thursday.

    Making the best of ourselves that we possibly can. 🙂

    No more fear.

  17. I am not sure how it is going to go. Could easily be Yes or No. I am just concentrating on going to the polling station on Thursday and voting Yes. After that it is just a case of watching the results come in. We will know where we stand by Friday afternoon at the latest I would imagine.

  18. What convinced me we are going to win is David Cameron’s visit today. He said it was a matter for Scots to decide, that he would not interfere and has acknowledged that Tories are not popular in Scotland. If the polls are so evenly balanced why then would he risk further antagonising Scots thus losing even a small percentage of support for No ? My feeling is that he is now preparing his defence and that he will claim next week that he did try to hold the union together. I doubt however that the friends of Boris and Nigel will show him any mercy.

  19. My pal Harald In Holland asked me how things were going in our campaign at this final stage. Here below is his letter and my reply which I think fits in well with what you are all saying.

    On 14/09/2014 13:27, Harald wrote:
    Dear Friends,

    Are you nervous for the election next thursday ?
    Our newspaper had a two page article about you Scots particular and the unforseen consequenses for Europe.
    As far as I understand it is quite clear that the autorities are afraid and therefore come with accusations , so the Yes voters have to defend themselves. It is always like that: the right wing comes with insinuations , the left has to defend themselves. Look around in the world and you see it everywhere. Everything is based on fear and power.
    I hope the Scots will be reasonable in their attitude against that institution and choose for Yes. And maybe you all will regret that decision after twenty years, but it was your choice.

    I keep my fingers crossed,



    Hi folks,

    You ask if we are nervous. Well I can say that for me personally I have been following every move in this debate for months. It has been a long and twisting road. Sometimes you feel up and sometimes down. The YES campaign has been full of positive energy and ideas and the creative people in our society are solidly behind YES. So it has been full of joy, music and imagination. We now know that at least half of Scotland is transformed with hope and aspiration for a new vision of what Scotland can be. It is so exciting.

    The right wing political power base (which includes the Labour party which was at one time “the party of the people” – before Tony Blair came along) is now in total panic as they begin to recognise that they could well be about to lose their power over Scotland. With the full support of the press and the BBC they tried all kinds of crazy desperate things last week to scare the people into voting no.

    But we are not so stupid as they think we are. We can see how the politicians are getting their high finance friends in banks and businesses to make it sound as if we face Armageddon if we vote YES. More and more people are seeing right through all their sinister manipulations and are now being shocked more and more by the exposure of the lies and misinformation into voting YES.

    The NO people make extravagant claims supposedly based on the advice of some “expert” and then many of these experts respond immediately to say they have been misquoted. In one case they quoted the start up costs to set up a new Scottish administration as more than 10 times the cost the London School of Economics (LSE) had estimated. The LSE expert immediately denounced them. They then tried to bluff their way out of that by quoting the figures of a Canadian expert and precisely the same thing happened again. Their campaign has been all about giving out misinformation to stir up fear in the community but inevitably their lies are being exposed and so very few people trust anything they say any more. The fear campaign is losing its bite day by day as mistrust (and even ridicule now) grows within society in general towards power.

    I think there is a chance that YES could win by quite a big margin and the main reason I think this is the number of people who have registered to vote – 97% – is huge and what is happening is that the people who don’t vote because they have long felt powerless and that their vote means nothing suddenly realise for the first that they really can change the system by voting YES. These are not the privileged people in society – they are the poorest and the worst affected by Westminster’s cuts to welfare etc. They will be coming out in their thousands to vote YES to get rid of what they see as a very corrupt system which cares only about the interests of London and the power elite there.

    The polls of how people are saying they will vote have narrowed right down to 50/50 but the pollsters cannot reach the poor that have been energised to vote for a better democracy – nor can the power elite find anything to say now to them that will not further confirm people’s distrust in the elite. We can see the mess society is in. It is perfectly obvious who is to blame for that – the very people who are trying to tell us that we are “BETTER TOGETHER” as they claim.

    We have a particularly stupid and useless collection of Westminster ministers who are now only making a fool of themselves in the eyes of so many people. Their shallow arrogance, self importance and dishonesty is there for all to see – and not just in Scotland. We are exposing the unholy mess of the whole system for radical thinkers wherever they are in these islands, and there is support across the UK for us among such people.

    It is just possible that a tsunami is about to happen as the less privileged people vote in large numbers for the first time ever. They constitute an incalculable factor that the pollsters cannot cope with. The pollsters have no model from the past to go on in this case.

    In 20 years time after independence we will not look backwards with the slightest regret. Scotland will be a wealthy and much more equal country offering soft power through aid, peace-keeping, green energy etc to the rest of the world. We will not allow ourselves to ever be in the pockets of power elites again – certainly not the way UK is right now and has been since the days of empire.

    This could be the final death of the militaristic imperial mind set and all that it stands for in the way of corruption around the world. We can be a beacon of hope to others, and plenty of other radical thinkers around the world are watching and praying that he can start to break the strangle hold of elite power. We know that they will throw everything at us to prevent our success but we have considerable support from the non elite peoples around the world. This is a good and moral struggle that we are engaged in and nothing to do with mere ethnic nationalism for its own sake. The ethnic nationalism in this debate comes from those who want to hold on to the last bones of the undead militaristic imperial past – from which so much of the NO rhetoric stems.

    All the best,


  20. Fact – UK parliament is in recess from 13 September 2014 till Monday 13 October 1014 – so how is anyone going to start legislation on Friday 19th September? Answer – they cannot ! End of No camp promised timetable

  21. Me personally its been feeling like the night before christmas when i was a child and i still have days to go i dont know if i can take it the BBC propoganda is getting more desperate by the hour as all types of calamities are said to happen with a YES but i am not AFRAID i actually feel hope for the first time in many many years this has got to be it this cant all be for nothing we all want change we need it things cant go on l ike this. It is my hope that on the 18th we can all as a country stand before the rich and powerful and sat……WE ARE NOT AFRAID!!!!, this time the true will of the people of scotland will be felt for too long have we stood by whille the westminster goverment that serves only itself hammered the poor and vulnerable when the destroyed our industries while squandering our vast resources on illegal wars bankers bailouts failed social experiments and now permanent austerity for the people while the rich are protected when our goverment is involved with scandal after scandal so much that it seems like the normal way of things we cant fix the rUK but we can try to save this little piece of it and maybe by doing so stand as a beacon to our brothers and sisters in ireland wales and of course england if we show that it can be done maybe just maybe we can give them what we all need HOPE FOR CHANGE.

    Peace to you all Yes and No alike were all scottish we all love our country lets try to remain friends nomatter what abd try to work together whoever wins.

  22. sorry for the typos

  23. George Quin,
    Typos don’t matter to me but passion and inspiration do and you have that in spades. I am not AFRAID either and I hope the majority can see through the bile and lies as well. We just have to pull this off….

  24. So hope you are right, Derek, but there are now 4.2 million registered voters. Nearly one million, (900,000) are aged 65+ and 1.4 million have no internet access. A majority of over 65s favour No. It upsets me greatly that older voters worried about their pensions, and also with memories still lodged in the 1970s and before when the idea of Britain meant something, could swing the vote and condemn a younger generation to a future of debt slavery, especially as it is the young, economically active population whose taxes and national insurance are actually funding today’s state pensions, and it is the under 50s who are mainly for Yes. I would find that absolutely tragic, as most of these older folks are not inherently selfish, they are just ill-informed. I think the proposal to get Generation Yes to phone their older relatives and let them know their views is a good one, as I do not think these older, No-inclined pensioners have actually thought it through.

    That said, and lest you think I’m ageist, I know plenty of clued-up older voters who will be voting Yes. But there are just too many who will vote No who have simply not grasped the enormity of their generational injustice and folly.

    They have not grasped that the Britain we once loved and felt secure in no longer exists.

  25. I suppose icebergs can be relentless and irresistible but I think a glacier is the frozen dihydrogen monoxide manifestation you are looking for. Though even that is a bit too slow moving to describe the momentum for Yes. A landslide as others have suggested or maybe a lava flow: resurfacing the nation as it rolls over everything. That’s it, we are a lava flow of progress, inclusiveness and hope.

    It is possible to divert a lava flow but you cannot absolutely stop it and it takes herculanean efforts to achieve it.

  26. Yet another excellent article Derek, full of hope and aspiration for our future as an independent country. On the question of “should Scotland be an independent country?” I like to quote to both NO voters and those still undecided, the Roman saying on the subject of independence – “I would rather spend one day on my feet as a proud roaring lion, than the rest of my life on my knees as a fearful sheep!”

  27. Norwegian state broadcaster reporting on Eddie Bone and the hurt feelings of the poor English. http://www.nrk.no/verden/england-glemt-i-skotsk-kamp-1.11931871

  28. I cannot speak for the wider world but I do know that my extended family whom I would say are a very good cross-section of all of the peoples of Scotland are providing a significant YES majority!

    The few who are NO voters have a severe case of cognitive dissonance and are either retired and “feart for their pensions” or of the “I hate AlicSammin” variety – I suppose you could call them the usual suspects!

    I truly hope that my little microcosm is typical and is repeated all over Scotland on Thursday.

  29. Derek,
    A Scottish friend who has lived in London for years emailed me to say she has been stopped every day when people hear her accent, and asked what she will be voting. She won’t be voting, but the sudden hysteria south of the border is interesting. I think they had all assumed that we would vote ‘No’ or as the guy on Sky news said ‘We just thought everything would be fine.’ I personally think the change came about after Osborne said categorically that we could never have a Currency Union. That was followed by a Tsunami of the high and mighty telling us we would lose jobs, prices would be higher etc, etc. Folk can see through it all now.
    I agree with Hektor’s mum. There is just a look about Dougie Alexander and Ruth Davidson and company that is saying ‘We know we’ve lost this.’

  30. No people are very quiet at my work…

  31. Also another fine article by George Monbiot, in which he asks, suppose the question was to join a union. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/sep/02/scots-independence-england-scotland

  32. I’m going to add a wee note of caution here:

    Scotland has a long record of snatching defeat from the jows of victory. Face it, we can lose – do the crowds on the streets match the No voters who see no point in marching and singing, but will just quietly vote to keep what they think they know? I believe and hope they do – but I cannot be sure.

    So this is just a thought – Bruce, hiding in his cave, watched the spider fail seven times. Even as we contemplate victory, we must gird ourselves to face defeat, and to pick ourselves up and start again. Can we do that? That will be the true test of our resilience.

    Let us pray it will not be needed

    • Change is in the air.

      Can you not feel it.

      Do you not recognise it?

      The country is full of it.

      Even our opponents feel it.

      Be in no doubt.

      Take heart and be of good cheer.

      There will only be one winner.

      YES !

  33. I don’t know where this notion has arisen that older voters are NO voters. Is it a straw that Better Together are clutching? Or is there some evidence for it? I am one of them and I’m a YES, as is almost everyone I know of a similar vintage. Some of us have waited all our lives for this opportunity.
    On the Be Brave topic, here is a link to the speech of that brave woman who planted a YES sign on Edinburgh Castle Rock at the weekend. She appeared at the Pacific Quay rally.

    • We may be getting fooled by the polls but most of them quote a much higher % of over 60s favour No and they are the only age group now more No than Yes.

  34. It has been very noticable over the last week that the dour faced angry people who have walked past our Yes shop are mainly No voters.
    That will be the future of Scotland should they prevail…a dour,gloomy,angry place.
    Surely that cannot be what they really want?
    We have been stunned by the amount of overseas visitors and press who are here specifically for the referendum and almost to a man/woman are pro Yes.
    They haven’t come here to see us vote No.
    The world is truly watching.
    Thanks Derek.

  35. We have today received in the post a BT leaflet which contains a number of flat out lies.

    “Our Scottish Parliament already has full power over our NHS…”

    As we do not have control over NHS Scotland income, this cannot be true.

    “As part of the UK we get £1200 higher public spending per Scot.”

    Well, technically this may be correct. But as there is no mention of the fact that we contribute more per head and that as this is really only us getting back part of what we pay in, I would certainly call it dissembling.

    “Scottish pensions are guaranteed by over 63 million people across the UK. When the oil runs out our population will be getting older. We cannot rely on this declining resource to guarantee our future.”

    Well, it is proportional. 63 million people guarantee 63 million pensions. So there should be no especial problem with 5 million people guaranteeing 5 million pensions. (This paragraph continues the received canard of the English subsidising the Scots, of course, which runs like a background refrain through everything.)

    The population will be getting older, is getting older, all the time. By the time the oil runs out our great-grandchildren will be octogenarians, though. It will not happen any time soon. When it does we will start fracking in W. Lothian. Nor do we intend to rely on this resource for our ongoing prosperity.

    “Leaving the UK means more expensive shopping. … One look at the UK and Ireland shows what price rises could be like if we vote to leave the UK.”

    A Tesco basket receipt is shown for same items in UK and in Ireland. Sure enough, the Irish prices are higher. No mention is made of the fact that prices in Irish shops have always been higher than in the UK going back to the time when Ireland used the punt, and a long time before.
    Nor does it mention that Tesco have not gone along with it either, as this quote (from BBC website) indicates;

    “They said this suggestion was “entirely speculative” and wrote to a querying customer: “I can confirm that this is not true”, adding that it had “a great business in Scotland” and would “continue to offer the best prices whatever the outcome of the referendum.”

    “Putting up a border with our biggest customer will cost jobs.”

    I am now struggling to keep a straight face. What about all the jobs that will be created by putting up the fencing and watchtowers? Really, no one except Ed Miliband has suggested a physical border, with guards?

    “Losing the pound means higher interest rates.”

    Well, this is perhaps the only statement that is not a lie. It is merely speculation and a scare story. It will not only happen in Scotland if we keep using the pound, but in the entire UK, if it happens at all. What is certain is that interest rates will rise over the next five years, because the Bank of England has said so.

    ““This is not a general election, after which we can curse the result,…” says JK Rowling.”

    I am not sure if that is meant to be taken literally, and if so, what kind of curse?

    The real curse would be to live another fifty years as a slave of the oligarchs in the UK.

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    and be none the worse

    after plenty of rest.

  37. Jackie Bird on Reporting Scotland tonight asked John Swinney about the “Penny for Scotland” that was suggested in 1999. She said to him that you “backed off” from that, how do we know that you won’t do the same in an Independent Scotland?

    I could not believe this nonsense. The policy was suggested when the SNP were not in power and it was 15 years ago.
    When was the last time any political person was asked about a defunct policy idea that was dropped fifteen years earlier?

    And why has Nick Robinson not been suspended pending disciplinary proceedings? The only thing that the BBC has going for it, in common with any news disseminator, is the integrity of the organisation and its employees. We have seen integrity in action a la BBC.

  38. Ah Derek. I’m going to bed now. I’m so stressed I can’t think straight never mind sleep. I have waking nightmares of votes piling up for No. Why I agreed to be a Yes Scotland counting agent in Kelso, of all places, I have no coherent idea.

    The life of a Yes activist in the Borders is not a relaxing one at the moment. Maybe I’ll sleep better for having read your posts.

  39. I remember way back Derek, when you came up with the F.I.F. At the time, we seemed to be engaged in a rearguard action against an unrelenting media bombardment, ( no change in that regard). What you envisaged, was, people who were leaning toward the no vote having an epiphany at the moment of putting their X in the box for NO, saying Fuck It and crossing the Yes box. The Fuck It Factor was born. This will still happen Derek, but I honestly think that it will just reinforce a win for ” the good guys”.

  40. Bugger (the Panda)

    Broken promises aplenty now.


    That didn’t take long now, did it.

    Naw voters, Hell slap it intae ye.

    • One day they might learn that Westminster just can’t be trusted. Surely there are people who remember the treachery of the 1979 referendum? Didn’t they remind today’s voters?

  41. Derek, thank you for inspiration, for magnificent efforts and the rest. We didn’t make it but those of us who travelled with you on this journey will always be grateful for your efforts. September 19th 2014 indy plan B here we go.

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