We’re Going To Win

A couple of heartfelt points to make today with the vote less than a week away.

The first is to say Sorry. Sorry to everyone who felt hurt or offended by anything I’ve been writing here. I’ve used this space to let my emotions out as well as my thoughts and, reviewing some of my output, I can see how individuals would have taken offence.


I treat the blog as a platform for robust views, not the kind of half-hearted sops you get in the mainstream and, although I am revolted by deliberately divisive material in the Mail or Express, I acknowledge that I too have gone to lengths to wound those with differing views.

I think one of the strengths of blogging is that it should reflect how people speak on the street rather than the studio but even so, my passions have at time run too high and my words cut too fine. My rule is that I don’t write what I wouldn’t be prepared to say to someone’s face. On the other hand, some of it may have resulted in a punch in mine.

Fiery opinions do get read – who wants an equivocal, un-engaging blog – and have resulted in a serious following and even, I hear, some converts to Yes.

But with the time shortening, and in case I forget, I want to put on record my regret to those who have been on the receiving end. It’s not that my views have changed or that I didn’t mean it when I wrote it, but rather that you can’t go on treating others as enemies and remain sane (by my own measure!). So…sorry.

Commercial Break………….

Check batemanbroadcasting.com for two great listens. I speak to Adam Ramsay of Open Democracy and Andrew Andrew Anderson, the human rights campaigner. They give a breathtaking perspective on foreign policy and how it could and should be so much better. http://batemanbroadcasting.com/episode-15-cusp-change/

And hear Andrew Wilson give his views on the blossoming of business opportunity and economic development. http://batemanbroadcasting.com/face-face-andrew-wilson/


The second point runs against everything I know. I have never dared to predict outcomes for fear of failure and ridicule and have a natural caution developed through years of disappointment.

So – still my beating heart – I believe we are going to win. I am convinced the tipping point has been reached, that it has begun a gradual movement and that, like the avalanche, it is building to an unstoppable rush.

I am sure some votes will be lost to the orchestrated harangue of the Tory government and the boss class as a cowed section of the electorate capitulates. But I think this has come too late and I also think it is the wrong constituency to reach out to Labour voters. Bankers, institutional investors and giant retailers are identified by Labour people as the problem, not the solution. Doesn’t Ed berate them in his demand for a caring capitalism? Yet now he endorses them interfering at a Tory Prime Minister’s behest in the democratic vote of the Scots…


And Labour people have watched as their own side joined hands with the Tories, took the money of the landowners and the millionaires, and argued against the very advantages they like the SNP administration for. There may be questions of long-term affordability, but why shouldn’t Scots desire universal benefits from their taxes?

Before next Thursday I expect half a million Labour voters to be committed to Yes.

They simply don’t hear a convincing leadership voice from their own side – not Johann and not Ed. Darling doesn’t speak for them and only Brown whom they know to be divisive and obsessed seems to capture any flavour of the fervour they expect.

But they wanted Devo Max. It was a no-brainer for them. But there was no consultation, no input required and just how wrong that decision was is confirmed by the last week’s panicked package of Devo Lite. I welcome Labour-minded Scots who have stayed true to the party’s principles and are brave enough to seek its rebirth here, where it began, in Scotland.

Their own side got it wrong and the constant uplifting message of social justice, resisting Westminster cuts and a new beginning – whatever their misgivings – has got through. And it chimes with the feelings of a significant number of the self-motivators who see that their own relative success has less meaning when so many fellow Scots are left to a brutal and short life.

In this respect I think the growth of food banks has been the single most important monument to a failing social agenda, a visible and heart-rending manifestation of decline for which hundreds of thousands feel shame.

They may even be aware that on September 19, Labour will launch a blistering publicity campaign against the Coalition citing the food banks as evidence of their treatment of the poor and yet have stayed silent throughout this referendum because of whom they chose as their friends.


There are 300,000 new voters compared to the last election, nearly 120,000 registered in a month. I don’t belief they are rushing to register to vote No to save the Union. That’s what the engagement means – new voters relishing their chance to make an historic mark in their first vote.

The groundwork done through the grassroots and the unflinching optimism is contagious – it works harder than the doubt and the fear – and this is when it pays off, just as people think of wavering they realise they have come this far and can’t go back.


So, there it is. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I believe Yes is going to win. I’m not even sure it will only be a close shave because an avalanche carries all before it.

Let’s say out loud we’re going to win. Let’s tell the bosses and the bankers and the Westminster politicians. Let’s tell the Scots – even those voting No (and some I may have offended!) – WE ARE GOING TO WIN.

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109 thoughts on “We’re Going To Win

  1. We have already won, whatever the result. The genie is out of the bottle. the people will want more democracy.

    • Derek you’re right we are going to win – the look on the No camp’s faces says it all. Journalists know too and are either doing their best to continue to scare and bully us or are preparing their ‘the people have spoken’ editorials. Hope will always trump fear.

    • Pandora’s Box is open! It cannot be closed! The debate has bypassed politicians on both sides. It belongs to the people.politicians have no control over it anymore & haven’t for weeks. No Fear! Our Time Is Now!

  2. D’you know what? I think you’re right.

  3. I don’t think you have to be “nice” but you should try to be fair. Some things may not be simple or clear but where there does seem to be a clear moral argument it would be wrong to pull your punches.

    Agree about the avalanche. For a long time there was a stubborn gap in the polls but now that’s disappeared and it all seems to be one-way. Once people have opened up to YES I don’t think they’ll go back to NO.

  4. Derek much like yourself, I hate to even think it let alone say it for fear of jinxing, but yes I’ve had the feeling for some weeks now that not only can we do this? We will do it. 🙂

  5. I hope so Derek, I truly hope so.

  6. Statgeek beat me to it – we’ve already won the argument – there is no going back. The history books may well write this up as another “velvet revolution”.

    What has amazed me most about this process is the way it has galvanised and engaged whole swathes of the population who previous couldn’t have given a toss about politics.

    More than that it has brought to the fore an astonishing array of non-politicians who have stuck their heads above the parapet and put themselves out there, which leaves me in no doubt we have more than enough good calibre people to see this move for true societal change through to its conclusion.

    • Steve Asaneilean
      Agree with your post. On a stall in Edinburgh I spoke to a man with earrings and long hair, accompanied by his son. Didn’t think he would be interested but he informed me he was 40 and had never voted in his life but he was determined to vote Yes. Asked for leaflets, stickers, posters for his windows–the lot.
      I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.

  7. We are. A sort of break in the clouds a few days ago had that inexplicable sense of ‘Yes, we are almost home.’ Not scraping in, not marginally, but handsomely.
    We must strive still though, as it could yet be lost.

  8. We will win, I’ve no doubt. The votes will come from the heartlands of the most impoverished areas of our country. It will ironically be the poor, the disenfranchised and the most decent folk who will provide the last surge toward our Independence. I’m as poor now as I was 20, 30 years ago, not all of us ‘bought’ into money as the measure of success. Not all of us want ‘power’ and ‘position’. Not all of us believe that there are those that are greater and those that are lesser than any one among us.

    We really do want equality, we really do want social justice, we really do care about how we leave this world for those that are coming after us. We really do want to make a difference. It’s a testament to our fortitude in this respect that we have survived, all of us, some of the worst excesses resulting from the ideology of ‘greed is good’, and still have the optimism, courage, and hope to be in this ‘fight’ to reinstate our fundemental Sovereignity.

    Thanks Derek, I enjoy your words and passion immensely.

  9. Those of you with a slighly mystical bent might reflect for a moment on the miracle of a perfect Indian summer to get out there and deliver the Yes message. No use to the Nos, who have nobody prepared to put on their boots for them.

    And we have been given the Wee Blue Book, which seems to be refreshing the parts the anodyne Yes Scotland literature doesn’t reach.

    The avalanche has begun. Soon it will be time for the pebbles to vote. [after G’Kar]

  10. Way back in February when I took the plunge and wrote my first blog.’Mrs Scotland a Victim of Domestic Abuse’, I forwarded it to Yes Scotland, only to be told that it wasn’t deemed appropriate to compare the Referendum with the despair and misery caused by abuse.
    I thought it was wrong then and think it wrong now. So I was heartened when so many other enlightened folk made the same comparison.
    In the blog, I raised the subject of ‘Learned Helplessness in the Scottish National Psyche’ and cited the examples of Scottish Football Teams giving away silly last minute penalties or Scottish Rugby fluffing the ball when it looked easier to score a try.
    I was also scared that the Yes Movement would, in the same vein, do or say something self-destructive to destroy faith and trust.
    I know it’s too early yet but in my gut I just know that this isn’t going to happen this time. Alex Salmond and everyone connected to Yes Scotland (far too many to mention) have all played blinders and I am convinced that the Glorious Failure usually ascribed to Scotland can be consigned to the dustbin
    Learned Helplessness in the National; Psyche is in less than one week’s time going to become yet another Urban Myth.

    • “After sixty years of theft and indifference the politicians have now turned to bribes and tearful pleading. Like an abusive husband promising his bruised wife that he will treat her better in future.”
      ….as posted by me in the guardian a week ago.

    • learned Helplessness was also a part of the irish psyche – they got independence . Scotland will too – get out there for the last push!

    • I do agree with your analogy, but I also understand why the Yes campaign would not use it publicly – we know the under hand tactics of the No campaign so we also know they would take this and spin the negatives out as far as possible. The yes campaign would be vilified for using this in so many way so I believe it is wise to not use it. In regards to the national psyche, decades, centuries even, of being be belittled, suppressed, told we are too wee, too stupid etc has brought this about – however over the last couple of years the yes campaign has done an incredible job of changing this. The vote basically come down to those still suppressed in their minds (incapable of a new vision) and those who have woken to the possibilities of a new Scotland (capable to seeing the vision). In my mind the people of Scotland are ready – Yes is coming. Peace

  11. Through adversary to the stars.

  12. Bugger (the Panda)

    Me too.

  13. I have never been in any doubt about the outcome once Scots realised that the battle was between the people of Scotland and the Westminster establishment to decide who runs Scotland.
    A Scot without passion is only half a Scot and it would have pretty dry stuff Derek if you hadn’t injected some into your blog.
    The No hopers will realise after a Yes vote that we were right all along and will be glad to accept the benefits that independence will bring.
    Thanks Derek.

    • Worth repeating over and over the message from Thomas Jefferson, one of the American Founding Fathers.

      “When the people fear the government you have tyranny.
      When the government fear the people you have liberty”

      • Not to mention “People who give up liberty for security end up with neither.” Or words to that effect. Yes, I know that wasn’t quite what TJ meant, but it’ll do for me.

        • “The price of eternal vigilance is liberty”, me, 2004

          • snap Antoine. I was just getting ready to post this when I read your post.

            “The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.” John Philpot Curran 1790.

            With 97% of Scots of voting age registered to vote, it looks as if the nation has wakened up at last.

      • Here here….

  14. @Statgeek

    “We have already won, whatever the result. The genie is out of the bottle”

    I strongly disagree with this view. If ‘No’ wins, the genie will, quickly and firmly, find itself back in the bottle. Worse than that, it won’t be given a chance to come out again!

    After this almighty scare, I very much doubt Westminster will ever allow a *constitutionally-sanctioned* referendum to take place again.

    • Agree with this. “The people will want more democracy” – well, they can want all they like, but no one will care, but with a No vote we jettison our only means of holding our leaders to account.

    • Have to say I agree, Scotland would be destroyed with a no vote, nothing positive would be allowed to remain and any dissent would be fiercely stamped on, no doubt about that. A no means no country, no oil money, no hope and no future for the ordinary people of Scotland.
      But! We YES do have a momentum now, hence the fearful establishment running very scared of losing their cash cow, I think enough people know that and the world is watching. YES is most likely ahead and has been for some time.

    • I am almost totally convinced that one of the first items of business for the next Wastemonster parliament will be legislation to prevent any further referenda anywhere in the Divided Kingdom, regardless of the result of Thursday’s vote. All the mainstream parties will support such legislation, but none will mention it in an election manifesto, so it doesn’t matter who will be in office at the time. Any MP who refuses to be cowed by the party whips into voting the ‘right’ way will be more or less able to kiss his or her career away, so it will be a landslide victory for the system. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is ‘democracy’ for you. Scots, get the hell away from the dictatorship by the Thames while you have the chance.

  15. Now we’re talking !




    Let Scotland’s Eagle fly

    From broken wings of shattered confidence

    Now restored



    At last

    Free flight

    So alive


    Fly Scotland!

    Yes !

  16. Derek,
    You’ve never said one thing that upset me. I’m always struck by how well mannered you are!
    I must say sorry in case I offended anyone during my rants.
    The problem with Labour in the modern world is that ordinary folk, including many natural Labour voters,
    feel that they can no longer invest their hopes in Labour, and possibly now lack trust.
    When Labour was formed they stood up for the worker. Now they collude with the rotten state.
    It’s a complete about face.
    I’ll describe what’s happened to them in two words: Walter Wolfgang.
    When I saw, on my TV screen, the appalling treatment of that man, I knew I was finished with Labour for life.
    As for the Food Banks, that was all suposed to be done away with.
    My parent’s generation grew up during the Depression.
    Post-War was meant to be a new beginning when no citizen would ever face ‘Want,’
    one of Beveridges demons, again.
    What has gone wrong?
    Too many Universtiy boys with no experience of life in the Labour Party.
    It’s a carreer to them now.

  17. I think the language of a number of Scottish Labour’s “leading lights” during this referendum debate has been appalling. It started with Johann Lamont last year saying that the referendum would be a chance to “eradicate the virus”. Then Ian Davidson, MP for Glasgow South West, talked about the supporters of independence needing “bayoneted”. Then we had Alistair Darling not disagreeing with the description of Yes as “blood and soil nationalism” (a clear reference by the interviewer to Nazi Germany). This was followed by a prospective Labour MSP, Kathy Wiles, comparing a photo of children attending a Yes event in Glasgow to Hitler Youth and having to resign as a consequence. Then we had Brian Wilson calling people Yes “fundamentalist” on Radio 4 last week – in my view a clear and deliberate attempt (along with Tessa Jowell calling Yes an “insurgency”) to link the Yes movement with some form of extremism. But it fits a New Labour narrative of attempting to link Yes to fascism.

    However, on that scale Derek you have little to apologise for and there’s a long queue anyway…

  18. I’m sorry, Derek, but you’ve failed at the final hurdle: how could you?

    When I saw this column here, I thought, here is someone whose belief in what he has been doing was not enough to take him to the finish – the kind of man that writes “may have resulted in a punch”, when what he really means is “might have resulted…” Shame on you for sustituting current uncertainty for past swithering! I have half a mind to ask for my wine back. 😀

  19. dennis mclaughlin

    Derek I hear what your heart is saying to us all.
    I hope you are right,but after seeing the power of the media in Scotland,red in tooth & claw;I am sitting here wondering IF we will be allowed to win.

    Alec Salmond’s Press conference yesterday was a revelation to many,including the International media,but our own broadcaster BBC Scotland twisted the story for it’s own purposes….
    We all saw the unedited section where Nick Robinson asked and was answered by Alec Salmond,much to his annoyance.
    Later bulletins stated that Alec Salmond did NOT reply to any questions asked.

    Before the World’s media the BBC is trying to manipulate and denigrate the Scottish Public to satisfy it’s masters @ 10 Downing Street.

    What on earth they will try next week is frightening to contemplate,and only an overwhelming YES vote may stymie any last minute chicanery from our Lords & Masters.

    • Absolutely, who knows what dirty scheming tricks nobettertogether have up their lying sleeves, but the world is watching…and the bbc will be completely ruined if the vote is a no and people quickly regret voting no due to being lied to…

  20. Its time for we the people of Scotland to stand up to show that we are NOT AFRAID we can change things we can renew our country and bring democracy back not for now not until the 18th but for all time we can better use our resources to look after the people not just the weak and vulnerable but for us all just think of what we could do the possibilities we can use the oil to rebuild our infrastructure to guard our NHS to reverse the decision to make legal aid for the poor to who need representation the most this system has to change and the only way possible is to control our own country to control our resources instead of being involved in wars all the time we could work in peace with other countries for the betterment of all we can lead by example and show the rest of the UK that it can be done.

    Time to show that WE ARE NOT AFRAID we are a strong people with a compassionate heart just have hope for once in our lives it could CHANGE EVERYTHING.

  21. You’re saying what the rest of us only feel able to whisper. Gaun yersel’

  22. Amen, Derek. We’re going to win this. I’ve spoken to several people over the last 2 weeks who registered either for the first time or re-registered again after abstaining for years, decades even in some cases. They are planning to vote No, and it makes sense. If you’ve been disenfranchised from politics, you don’t sign up to vote for more of the same. Next Thursday will be the funeral of the Union, no doubt about it. 55% or over for Yes on the day. Let’s go out and win it!

  23. “I welcome Labour-minded Scots who have stayed true to the party’s principles and are brave enough to seek its rebirth here, where it began, in Scotland.”

    Well said Derek. The very visible push for democracy and social justice in an independent Scotland will welcome and reward those Labour members who were brave enough to believe in it.

    • Totally agree Murray. My dad is 76 and a lifelong Labour voter. He has been attending Labour meetings in our local area and after a few visits he asked the question” When is policy discussed?” to be told that ‘it wasn’t’ at local level. My dad is a retired Engineering College lecturer and was Union representative there. He is determined to have policy discussed at our local branch meetings and good on him I say as this is where the local members should also gain their knowledge with regard to what is being proposed within the party.

  24. Thank you, Derek, for daring to say what I have been thinking for months. I, too, believe we are going to win this. There is no other option. It must be YES. It will be YES. Anything else is unthinkable and will be unbearable. See you all on the other side. God save Scotland.

  25. ‘I feel it in my fingers,
    I feel it in my toes’……

    Don’t let the Scottish cringe get in the way of the amazing energy that has brought us to this point. To pinch Mr Obama’s line, YES WE CAN! I’m not shouting, I’m excited.

    I can’t think of anyone who needs to apologise less than you sir.

  26. Derek, you have shown the No people for what they are, Liars who will stop at nothing to get what they want, OIL.
    When they reached the point of desparation this week, they threatened us with a campain of – – –
    ‘Shock and Awe’ (technically known as rapid dominance) is a military doctrine based on the use of overwhelming power, dominant battlefield awareness and maneuvers, and spectacular displays of force to paralyze the enemy’s perception of the battlefield and destroy it’s will to fight.
    To me, remembering what this did to the people of Iraq, it told me just how low these people can stoop.
    There are many people who will not be voting again for any candidates in a UK general election, whichever way the referendum goes.

    People are spending every spare hour being a part of the grass roots Yes campaign in every town and villiage. Yes hubs are everywhere.
    We have seen nothing like it on our lifetimes.
    Families that haven’t voted since the eighties have all caught the bug.
    4.3 million have registered to vote. A staggering fact.

    Next Friday morning there will be a YES vote!
    We all know who will go down in history as the last prime minister of the UK.

    Never mind the Burgandy Wine. My Whisky bottle is at the ready!

  27. I really hope you are right, Derek. Many of us have waited a long time for this, but are all too aware of Westminster black arts. I am hoping, fingers crossed, but am keeping a tight rein on my spirits as I remember only too clearly 1979 and its aftermath.

    However we feel, though, I think between now and next Thursday we need to radiate optimism for independence, for our future, so that any waverers are drawn towards the light of a new type of inclusive system of government that rather than the darkness of austerity in a state that is happy to discard many who live within it.

    • “drawn towards the light of a new type of inclusive system of government” – my dearest wish is for iScotland to shake off the old Westminster style of politics that is formed around corruption and disregard for the people. We need to make sure we form a non-confrontational, open, discussion around the issues that affect us in our everyday lives. Westminster type of politics does has been to increasingly and systematically change the balance of power so that the problem of poverty has not been seen as a government problem but a charitable one. As a people, we have met that challenge, time after time each time they delegated another responsibility to the people, to free up resources for their ‘investments overseas’. We are now at a stage where we need to change the balance of power by fair and sustainable re-distribution of resources, this can only happen if our representatives sit in a glass house, where all citizens have the opportunity to be consulted, particularly on local matters. Too long have we been subject to rule from a place that is ‘far far away’ by people who have no understanding of what it’s like to live on our street and don’t care. I am very concerned that iScotland will carry on political business as usual, a carbon copy of Westminster. (but with different accents) And the issue is not yet resolved and will not be resolved until we demand change. I do feel positive about the 18th so much so that I am thinking ahead to iScotland and the challenges we will meet in our quest for true democracy and equality.
      Derek; never be sorry for your passion over this issue, you have used a pen, not a gun! (same as all the commentators here) In your passionate hand Derek, the pen has become mightier, as a weapon of enlightenment and the greatest tool of debate because it is accessible. Healthy attitude changes are taking place across the world because people are voicing their thoughts online!
      YES for Scotland. no to old politics. Scotland out of Europe.

  28. The Radio Times (Scotland editions) has a blue front page with a big whitewashed cross on it. Full coverage is promised, and adverts for Referendum Night are now appearing. It promises to be a great show!
    The Radio Times (English editions) has a different cover. It has a portrait of “…Sheridan Smith as Cilla!”
    It is on Monday at 9:00PM on ITV. It promises to be a great show!

  29. Do you know what convinced me that we will win?
    The Youtube video of two guys on bikes ripping the pish out of Labour MP’s getting off that train in Glasgow.
    We have crossed the Rubicon.

  30. MSM today every business you ever shopped ,banked,mobiled saying NO,bar chippies Glasgow

    Im waiting for the NUKE sunday papers

    keep the faith

  31. But seriously, Derek thanks for your blog.
    The threats are endless and the MSM distort the truth out of recognition. Putting up a brass plate in London is not the same as moving 30,000 jobs, unless you are the Scotsman…

  32. Sorry to be a damp squib but whilst I genuinely believe that Yes is in the lead, I am also worried about very dirty tricks.

    We’ve got to get thro Nige – although from what I hear, the MSM are pretending he’s not here and the OO which could be used for the purposes of the establishment – hope there is no orchestrated trouble.

    I also think there is a last stand in the MSM, trying to portray the Yes supporters as a violent mob.

    And lastly, the postal votes – I do not trust them one iota.

    But keep the faith, everything crossed

  33. Better to die on your feet,than live on your knees!

  34. YES there is a movement 2nights ago in a Highland town 100 houses canvassed 66yes 17dk14no!

  35. I see Derek that your lot are very scared that supermarket prices may vary from those in England once we have our FREEEEEEDOM.

    To prevent an outbreak of panic, will you be proposing new legislation to ensure prices are the same as down South?

    Or maybe that is just plain stupid? Less scary and much quicker is a “No” vote – that will give us the nationwide pricing you so desire, and allow you to sleep at night!

    Try a bit of honesty … is it not true that Alex Salmond was an economist. Oh dear oh dear, the basics have escaped him!

  36. As I walk through the streets in my neighbourhood I see more and more Yes posters in the windows. The No posters are few and far between.

  37. I wish I had your optimism. I’m voting Yes but I still read every “No” post that appears on my newsfeed in Facebook and although these kinds of posts are way in the minority, when I read any comments from no voters they all repeat the same old stuff: They think we’ll be out of Europe, won’t have the pound, there’s not enough oil, Salmond is a liar and can’t be trusted, Yes voters are blinded by Nationalism and can’t see the “truth”. The latest is that Salmond lied about how much oil we have and that we’ll be at the bottom of the list to get into Europe and it’ll take years to get EU Membership. I’ve not seen anything from the Yes camp to quash these stories yet. They might be old recycled fears but the Yes campaign need to stamp down on them each and every time they raise their heads. There’s less than a week to go and the latest poll said 48% Yes, which is a feat considering the deluge of negative press we’ve had this week, but I feel the Yes camp still has a lot of work to do before the 18th.

  38. I think labour was stripped bare of its beliefs when Tony Blair took the leadership it ceased to be any thing full stop it was all smoke and mirrors trying to put on a face to suit the occasion. I drove past KEIR Hardie’s house the other day .And the thought occurred to me that the man must be turning in his grave.
    Looking at a labour movement the has changed so much But I think he might just have the last laugh along with his friend Ramsay Mac DONALD on Friday morning . Fingers crossed it is my birth day what a special day for me if we get the (YES ) We are all hoping for .

  39. Thank you for an inspirational (i.e. your feelings are in accordance with mine) blog.
    We are going to win.
    So thankful for your thoughts, I have finally subscribed to your wine fund. Have holidayed in Burgundy but currently enjoying a Languedoc.

  40. The tide has already turned folks and Yes will win easily by a landslide is my own estimate you just need to look around the streets of every city/town in Scotland.

    Just look at the sheer range and diversity of the groups supporting the Yes campaign, let alone the grass-roots support, which is the very heart & core of the Yes movement … how can THAT potential possibly be wrong … my head and my heart knows for 100% certainty that I will never regret my decision to vote yes …. the one and only route to hope for the future in our country and for its people.

    Just needs officially rubber stamped on the 19th when the result comes in …. if this were not ‘already’ the case then the WM goons that have been gracing our shores recently would not be jumping through hoops telling us how much loved we are and how much we would be missed … aye right!, as well as another MSM ‘WWI style artillery barrage’ of regurgitating all the old BS scare stories of a few months back ad-nauseum.

    They have NOTHING left in their armoury except the blanks that they currently have to offer up via the MSM …..

    The three shades of tory parties will very soon realise that –

    “thur tea is well and truly oot”

    bu chòir

    • Kay I’m with you,but it’s the British state,a win is monumental,off their radar

      • Exactly – Westminster have been fighting this ‘battle’ in the completely wrong places and will continue to do so right up to the finishing line.

        This debate about our future is happening across the dinner tables, work places, waiting at the bus stop, doing the shopping, at the library, playing 5 a sides, and I have not even mentioned the online content yet.

        All ages, all walks of life, all races and religions ….. a combined and focused effort that has evolved far beyond simple party politics as the people of Scotland have realised that the politicians only have the power that WE ALLOW THEM TO HAVE OVER US – on the 18th Scotland as a nation will take back those powers, and it really is as simple and straightforward as that. Sure WM can hum and haw and stamp its feet in a tantrum, but they cannot physically force your hand in the polling booth to put a x in the No box, and they know that full well hence them needing to currently change their breek’s due to the awful smell coming from their hind quarters.

        This independence movement has come at Westminster ‘under the radar’ which is what is making this yes movement such a relentless juggernaut, as the main three shades of Tory parties chose to concentrate on targeting the SNP and AS they had their eyes off the ball and will pay the consequences as a result …. of that I am certain.

        I just can’t help feeling very optimistic as that same feeling is absolutely everywhere I go around the streets and cities of Scotland.

        I have not been as excited about waiting for a specific date since I was a child waiting for Christmas morning to arrive and then quickly jumping back into bed to try and get asleep because I thought I heard the jingle of Santa’s sleigh bells outside the window (my Dad used to go/sneek out the back garden and shake some little bells – no BS – truth to tell I continued that ‘family tradition’ with my own kids when they were wee and I too had a good laugh about it with them over the Xmas dinner table when they were older and we told them about our antics to get them to sleep earlier so we could finish wrapping the presents)

        We just need to keep our heads down our backsides up and crack on regardless to its conclusion … simple as …..

        Apologies for rambling on folks.

        • nice rambling though

        • Thank you. I love your story about Christmas and the bells…..lucky kids!!

          • Thank you both for your kind replies.

            Just back from the PQ demo TODAY with the two youngest (now 17 and 19 – both Yes carriers) – what a superb turnout today ….. top job by all involved…. BBC saying 350 present …. aye right …. BBC inaccurate in figures as well as facts it would seem.

            Big Hi to Yew-choob (the BBC Blah Blah man) and John and his wife, pleased to have met you all today.

  41. “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

    [Stanford University commencement speech, 2005]”
    ― Steve Jobs

    We will win because we have united to listen to that inner voice – a fairer society. We don’t know it’s final shape. It may not have one. However it lies in the opposite direction to our current travel.

  42. KayBee. We will only win if we get our vote out on the 18th.

  43. We will Fairliered … we will my friend have no doubts – folk do now know whats at stake as ‘Scotland’ has taken the time to fully educate and arm itself with the facts … and that is what will keep the Yes movement steady and relentlessly rolling forward to a resounding win being announced to the nation on the 19th September.

    Remember what Wallace was often fond of saying – “this too shall pass”

  44. Hi Derek, would like your thoughts on the Nick Robinson stuff.

  45. Excellent as ever Derek. We will win, the establishment have surely over egged the doom and gloom predictions. Still purely focussed on protecting rather than regulating and holding to account the bankers who brought this country to its knees, shows where their loyalties lie. Indeed, listening to the news over the last 48 hours you would think only business leaders voices should count. They wouldn’t admit it of course if asked but I bet these same business leaders would withdraw the ordinary persons right to vote if they could.

    As for the BT talk of new powers if we vote no, all we need to ask is if these new powers are so effective, how many Scottish MP’s sitting at Westminster have stated their intent to seek election to this new improved Holyrood to become MSP’s to use these powers instead? Brown may have hinted he would but you know what, I don’t believe him.

  46. Derek

    Thanks for your blog, have enjoyed every minute. I don’t post too often here but just wanted to offer one last thought. I do believe the Yes camp will win because we have the better argument. I would however urge EVERY supporter of Independence to get their badges on your shirts or jackets when out and about.

    There is still a lot a reluctance out there to show your support, this is as a result of the poisonous media keeping many a little fearful.

    As someone who has worn his Wings badge in public for more than 2 months I would say, there is no need to worry. I personally have not had a single disparaging remark though it has sparked the odd discussion.

    There is only 5 days left before the vote, I would hope that you make yourself known and your intentions clear. Let’s not hide, we aught to be proud of voting Yes.

  47. Derek, Wings… Newsnet Scotland… Bella… Wee Ginger Dug… Yourself… among many others have given us our voice. …and what is the point of having a voice if you are not going to use it

  48. I’m a Labour (every General Election) voter of 40 odd years standing. I echo every word you say here (and most of the words you’ve said since you started blogging). I’ve spent most weekdays for the past 6 weeks or so leafleting or canvassing for a Yes vote. Many of those I’ve canvassed with are members of no political party, others are Greens, Labour and SNP.

    The broad kirk that is the Yes campaign holds out an offer for us to try to write and mould our own future. Something is indeed going on out on the streets, and something has most definitely changed in the last 2 weeks or so. The balance has slowly tipped in favour of Yes. Once the scale starts to tip, momentum starts to pick up, and I think we are at that point now. What we must try to ensure is that those working for Yes keep calm, ignore provocative fear stories (although nothing more than common sense is required for that) and keep on working to convince others that the government of people living in Scotland by those people themselves is an unremarkable state of affairs.

  49. As usual another honest, from the heart post, thank you. I see no need for any apology as you have only ever written the truth and I know I’m not alone in commending you for that.
    I too know we WILL win, I have already voted YES.

  50. Brilliantly said Derek. I agree with you 100%. #YesScotland #indyref #youyesyet

  51. WE WILL WIN.

  52. The blackmail has become brazen. The ex CEO Justin “kitchen sink” King has promised us higher prices if we vote YES. He said that prices in Scottish stores were subsidised by the rest of the business i.e. England. Sainsbury’s have not denied this, and that is interesting as they are struggling for market share and profit. If they lost the Scottish business their results would look very bad.
    Other companies have said similar things in a clearly orchestrated manner. Treating us like recalcitrant slaves may be normal practice but may not get the usual result this time. Blackmail is recognised for what it is – we invented it, remember- and does not play well here. These companies have not thought it through. If the vote is NO, I will have been denied independence at least partly as a result of interference by a company interested only in profits. Do they really think I am going to continue to buy my fish fingers and chips from them?
    In the Telegraph yesterday Richard Dyson focused on the Scottish Building Society, with dire warnings. My response was cut, removing my rudest opinion of this person. (I am a member of SBS.) Dyson compared SBS to the Dunfermline which collapsed 5 years ago, only 2 years after boasting record profits.
    (This has prompted a digression. “A key problem was the Dunfermline building society’s exposure to risky assets, after it lost more than £9m in its own IT business and it bought mortgage securities from two troubled American finance houses, GMAC and a subsidiary of Lehman Brothers.” How can a business with 34 branches manage to spend such a sum on IT? I wonder how thoroughly the collpase was investigated. It seems to me that many companies use the film “the Producers” as a business model. If a company goes bust, no one askes hwere the money went?)
    To revert, is there any aspect of Scottish life that is not now being viciously attacked, as in , “Sir Craig Reedie, the vice-president of the International Olympic Committee, has predicted that Scotland’s biggest sports stars would be likely to just “follow funding” and refuse to represent a newly-independent nation.” from DT.
    We have not yet won and the YES campign needs a lift. It needs a lift to offset the relentless war of attrition being waged without reason, wihout love, but with big bucks.

  53. Derek,
    There is no need for you to apologise to anybody.

    You have been a shining light for truth all through this campaign.

    We are going to win.

  54. A little late to this party so all I can reiterate is that you have no apology to make, you have never been anything other than honest. Seems that there was an online opinion poll taken from 23,000 people in Scotland, the outcome was 76% for yes with 24% for No. I am sorry I cannot find the post which was on twitter and posted by Lesley Ann on Wings. So I am pinning my hopes on that this is an omen. We also have a picture of a beautiful Saltire in the Skies over Bratislava, you know, that Independent Nation, Slovakia. Where they acknowledge they are poor and go shopping in their nearest neighbour Austria for bargains but some how I doubt would surrender their independence for all the riches in the world.
    May I also commend all those commenting here, and boy there is a lot. You Like Paul and Stu are the pillars of YES and we are all grateful to you.
    Thoughts today go to Paul who is attending Andy’s funeral.
    YES we can do it.

  55. It may be late in the day but I would like to see;

    a) an independent team of observers at the voting and most especially at the count,

    b)an independent audit team to check the accuracy and integrity of the count, with special attention being paid to postal votes, and to the proportion of votes to the number of registered voters, with sample tests.

    As to the latter it is possible to check back from a ballot paper to the person who cast the vote. There is a trail.

    Paranoid, moi?

    And on the subject of French, an article in Le Monde yesterday has suggested that Scotland would be better off after independence without a big bank, specifically RBS. It would be better if RBS did shift South.

    The argument is presented by Natixis a French investment bank with assets of £400bn and 20,000 employees.


  56. People, this needs to be read and then spread. If you’re on social media, get it out there.


    A brilliant post.

  57. We will win, we have to….

  58. On the eve of the vote in Austria as to whether the country should join with Germany, German troops marched in. There was no vote.
    Is it possible that a YES vote might be set aside by the Westminster Government?

  59. I am just an ordinary working guy, i have voted this way and that over the last 4 decades. I work down on the streets, face to face with large numbers of people on their doorsteps daily. I drive all around Edinburgh city centre. I live in Edinburgh city centre. And i can tangibly feel even through the staid outer and non committal exterior of grand old Edinburgh a burning tension. I am convinced that we the YESSERS started pouring over the wall just around a week ago and we now not only deserve to win but as long as we all hold our nerve and keep taking the YES message forward victory will be ours. I and many others will not stop campaigning and i wont become complacent, so for now i will keep dreaming little dreams in the hope the biggest dream of all comes along on Friday morning.
    and p.s derek i like your writing good stuff.

  60. I been doing a bit of research on what the NO establishment will inherit if there is a YES vote and its SCARY.
    .In a nutshell they simply CANNOT allow a YES result to happen.

    Now I would like to think that the result will be a fair and properly regulated affair,and the last thing I want to promote are negative thoughts and depressing assertions on the overwhelming feeling that a YES result is all over the country,everywhere you care to ask, and has looked to me to be inevitable.

    Especially when the whole country is going to vote,everybody and even a wee ginger dug!!

    I still cannot shake off the feeling that we are being set up for a fixed result.

    The psychological effect of the polls going from 22 points OUT to 51%YES/49% NO,and then slipping to the target point(FOR THEM) of 51%/NO/-49%/YES DEFIES THE TREND THATS HAPPENING.

    With on the ground reports of YES actually sitting at the moment on an 11 point lead.Why are we being fed the LIE thet its ‘too close to call’.

    .Why would the swing suddenly stop at 49%YES.Unless it is what they will try to produce on19th September
    .Re:Quebec 2014 and see what was done to their vote.

    What i feel is that the whole Poll manipulation,every media,TV, newspaper bias-bank scares,economic horror stories etc.etc,and there are massive unexposed dimensions involved,are designed to create the scenario for a ‘well guys you had a good go,but 49 % just wasn’t good enough’.

    ,Ranging from Barack Obama and other world ‘leaders’ in bed with the BT campaign to telling our pensioners that their pensions are at risk from a YES vote,then I feel nothing is beyond their brief of getting a NO vote at any and all cost.
    Because ‘cost ‘i.e. Money and Capital and the POWER that goes with it, are what their agenda is really all about

    Hope to God I’m wrong about this.I’ll be delighted to get berated for even thinking along these lines,but we are not in Disneyland in this referendum and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

  61. You’re wrong. Mind you I’m not ‘God’, whoever he is?

  62. Pandora’s Box is open! It cannot be closed! The debate has bypassed politicians on both sides. It belongs to the people now. Politicians have no control over it anymore & haven’t for weeks. No Fear! Our Time Is Now!

  63. Derek, don’t apogise for anything you have ever said. The nonsense that Yes voters have had to put up with makes your chat, and mine, mild. I thought about apologising to some that i blocked on facebook. But, in retrospect, to hell with them. Many sat there, like Stadler and Waldorf, slagging anything and everything, whilst on their own timelines, not a word selling their own position. I switched them off. Who needs the negativity, cos that’s all it was. Not one positive thing to say about Scotland.
    I too, think Yes will win. I only started to feel confident after AS disposed of AD at Kelvingrove. We are on a roll.
    And, i’ll be glad it’s all over. To get rid of the negativity, and to feel the weight of the force against us, change and join the force that we are already a part of.
    I’m an atheist, but bless you Derek. If we have an SBC in a new Scotland, you, Riddoch and Cosgrove should be in there, and keep the new guys in your sights. The new government will have a job to do, and it will be up to you et al, to keep them focussed.

  64. I too am worried Thomaspotter2014,

    It seems all a bit……deliberate? But then again you have to ask yourself who are they polling? I haven’t heard of anyone I know being asked about their choice. Certainly all the canvassing I have done in East Edinburgh has shown a clear lead for Yes, and not to mention the tidal wave of Yes posters appearing all over the place.

    I have to agree that I too have felt overwhelmingly optimistic about the result since the Salmond-Darling debate. In recent days I have even had to stop myself getting carried away with excitement as the inevitability of the whole thing starts to hit home. To echo above concerns; this is no excuse for complacency. Let’s continue to wear our badges with pride and a smile. Our nobettertogether friends will finally have something positive to invest their time in on the 19th, so let’s extend the smiles to them too. Who knows it might even encourage them to swallow their pride and admit they were wrong.

  65. Thank you for saying you’re sorry.
    I don’t understand why you have said it.

    Whatever you may or may not have done
    it makes no difference to me
    nor I’m sure to anyone on here.

    You were a brilliant guy before
    and you are the same brilliant and wonderful guy now.

    What you have done and are doing for Scotland
    is beyond reproach
    and beyond measure.

    Be at peace and carry on.
    The starting line is just ahead
    and you have to get there,
    with us, for us.
    For Scotland.

    And once more,
    thank you.

  66. Yes, we can, and we will – and we must: the next Prime Minister of Great Britain has just been selected by the Tory machine as candidate for a safe Tory seat in the Westminster heartlands ….. Thank you for sharing truth, insight and vision.

  67. Derek, I do believe we can win on Thursday but we must keep going, talking to others, giving out information right up till the eleventh hour. On Thursday, I’ll be shouting a great big ‘YES’ out to be picked up by the Universe to be carried round in the air. How about we set a time on Thursday when we all shout out together that YES for the Universe to hear?

  68. Has anybody heard from Gramaksi recently? Has he already emigrated from Sunny Falkirk to his beloved London?

  69. SSHHH Derek. The BT group don’t realise it. Let them hang on to their opinion polls security blanket, as they did in 2011. 😉 As for apologising. Don’t. People such as yourself, and I’m sure I don’t need to mention names on this site, have been a shining light throughout this campaign. Whatever the result this week, it has been an honour and a pleasure to share a vision with individuals and groups who have outshone our opponents at every turn. Many, many thanks.

  70. Words from big brother the USA.
    I just watched the film “Scotland yet”, being Scotch/ Irish and a being passionate about human rights, humanity, being a lyricist, poet, I have pinned some feelings about your choice. I want to share them with those that were in the film. Feel free to pass this on if you wish.

    I am scotch/Irish. May family has done pretty well here in the United States after coming her many years ago. To escape something that was not good, in the old lands. We have a good story to tell for the most part. Mother a doctor, sisters doing well, uncles fought for yours and mine’s freedom from Nazi ternary. All of them came back, one shot down over Belgium but came home. We have this common ground. We have all suffered from less understood ternary. Global markets tearing at good jobs. Oppressions because of need for things on credit. Less power to truly make a difference because we seem to not understand how to cast a vote that does do something to change things. What is independence, when we need to be dependent on things not close in, in our control. Is it more control we need more autonomy from those far away we say. They holding purse strings have control of things. We have seen the struggle of a poor economy. Is this struggle as deep as world war, lasting as histories long lived deeds suffocating most people’s aspirations until referendums came. We have come so far. What is lost, what is gained. Freedom at a price worth paying. What freedoms hang here to gazes a pone do we known, truly understand. Sustain these notions of country, loyal union, to what? To a flag, an idea of statehood. My neighbor knows me, my country miss understands me, or I miss understand the notion of country, patriotism. I buy what I need. Do I look at labels, see country of origin, care about who made my clothing. Loyalty forgotten. I vote with my greed for needs. I cannot comprehend outcome if I do not care about selections. It is people standing for a belief that the common people have a voice that should be herd. The élite groups need to listen, we demand, understand their privilege was on the backs of common folks hard work. They have lost ground to a new understanding that unstable, unsustainable paradigms no longer hold true to a common logic of the people. New horizons have come, shedding light on the need for action that brings a freedom not given in past relations with those that history has shown has abused the privilege of a union of the two. We can stand united for a common cause. As in the past, to fend off a common threat. But be divided for libraries provided by independence. Yes!
    Scotland can stand on its own two feet if enough Scottish people understand what that truly means. It’s about buying Scottish things, thinking globally, helping those in need. A big problem here in the USA is people not knowing the issues wanting change but not knowing how to get it, following slogans with no backbone. There in Scotland I feel there are more people that do understand but enough to make the changes is the question.

    Patrick Holmes a working class carpenter designer here in the USA.


    No one signs a cheque with a pencil.

    USE A PEN when you vote.

    It is odds on the NO Campaign WILL attempt to rig the vote,

    using the Labour Party machine.


    • manandboy

      There are sealed ballot boxes in various locations throughout Scotland ready to be added to the count. They contain No votes and YES votes in the ratio of 4:1. Extra ballot papers are available.
      The Better Together campaign has hired Brian Donlevy, aka “The Great McGinty”, as psephology consultant.
      Returning Officers have been given private instructions, on keeping HQ advised of progress, and on the target number of spoiled papers to be expected.
      One of the reasons (admittedly minor) for seeking independence is because we don’t trust Westminster, is it not?

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