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I’m huddled down in the bunker as all around me the blitz continues…shells whistle overhead and burst in the papers, explode through the screen and the rat-a-tat of gunfire crackles nearby. Jobs leaving….companies up-sticks…no currency…isolated…hated…excluded…impoverished…



Now shock troops from England are on their way to reinforce the barrage and if this continues there will be nothing left but a desert. It is a relentless onslaught of death and doom. Scotland? Independent? ? Don’t make me laugh. Just try it and see how you’ll suffer.

Of course this public pounding shouldn’t be regarded as in any way anti-Scottish. Rather it’s for our own good. We don’t realise what we’re doing, as John Major (a new hero of Scottish Labour) made clear on Radio Four.


The big boys – you know, the bosses, the bankers, the MPs, the journalists – they know best and remember how well they’ve looked after our interests…the bosses who filled their pockets and their pensions funds while cutting pay and jobs…David Nish, Standard Life, and his board, gave themselves million pound bonuses after reducing staff and cutting dividends to policy holders. The bankers crashed the economy, destroyed pensions and still got bonuses. The MPs were exposed as crooks robbing the taxpayer, and the journalists…oh, yes the journalists, revealed as ciphers for Establishment propaganda.

Have we forgotten what this campaign is about? The question is: Should Scotland be an Independent Country? Of course it should. Every other country is independent. We are an identifiable nation, currently a region within a state. We will get to elect our own government and make our own decisions over all areas of life. (Like other normal countries we will pool and share – mostly through the EU but also in NATO and in the UK with our currency).

Why so scared? Think of it this way. If we did have a politically mature neighbour we could have discussed this sensibly and a range of agreed options laid before the voters. Instead of running to Vladimir Putin for help, the UK could have discussed what it wanted to retain and share and been honest about Scotland’s contribution. If that excluded currency union, the Scottish government could relay the reasons to the voters without the threat and drama and we could decide another currency option – our own – hurray!

With a sense of maturity and cooperation we could have presented an agreed programme. Where there was disagreement, it could be clearly stated. Minus the rancour, the threats and the game-playing the voters would not have needed to strip out the hysteria and hyperbole. A rational decision could have been reached one way or the other. That’s what tends to happen in other areas of life and business when one partner wants a change.

Would it have sounded so scary if the political class had behaved like grown-ups and accepted it as part of the democratic process? I doubt it. And of course the irony is that so much of the uncertainty was deliberately contrived by the No side as a campaign tactic. As Robert Peston has been writing…the issues of the banks and the financial institutions and the retailers is all the result of the currency issue. If Britain had found it possible to be honest, or even discovered some goodwill, the currency question could have been sorted immediately and the raft of business horror stories avoided.

It is a self-fulfilling prophesy engineered by a mendacious State. It is why from the outset I advocated any option but one that left any control in the hands of the British. We couldn’t trust them in the past (over oil and spending), we can trust them today (over currency and much else) and we certainly can’t trust them in the future either. If you give them any leverage, they will shaft you. If you trust them, they will abuse you. They only ever want control, not equal partnership which also the reason – along with incipient racism – they want out of Europe. It also explains their reading of the Union itself…it was a takeover which extinguished our country, according to them and it means they now hold all the assets and will be continuator state while we are left with nothing – except a share of their debt. Meanwhile they deride us as spongers freeloading off their charity when the figures show the opposite to be true. (1984 anyone?)

How Scotland ended up in this pernicious arrangement and why we still, it seems, wish it to continue, will puzzle future historians not to mention psychologists.

But you know the really scary part? Staying in this defunct Union is the truly frightening option.

Worried about jobs? Since the hated Coalition came in 600,000 public sector jobs have been lost. 600,000. And still the unions back Britain…the budget cuts have only partially begun and the majority have still to be made. The Coalition has in addition earmarked another £25b of cuts. The economy is not in full recovery even now – this is the longest recession in a century. And even as the deficit closes as tax receipts go up, the national debt rises by the minute. A Labour government wont reverse the cuts. In the case of welfare they are planning to be tougher than the Tories. Whatever the risk of independence (prices at Waitrose might go up – is that possible), the dangers of Union for the living standards of working and non-working Scots are staring us in the face.

When those bite and when the Great Broon’s Iron Timetable of Doom dissolves amid backbench revolt and General Election UKIP fever, what will the No voters say? What will Labour people say when poverty gets worse, benefits sanctions increase, when stories of family tragedy emerge (suicides are already occurring) and children are targeted as victims of austerity?

When TTIP is approved covering the whole British NHS and an American corporation buys great chunks of it for profit, will Labour voters say they were right to vote No? Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham said it ‘will open the floodgates for private healthcare providers that have made dizzying levels of profits from healthcare in the United States, while lobbying furiously against any attempts by President Obama to provide free care for people living in poverty. With the help of the Conservative government, and soon the EU, these companies will soon be let loose, free to do the same in Britain.’

Scotland’s health service is not exempted. TTIP applies to the nation state – the UK.

Cameron told us the NHS was safe in his hands after his son died. That has been proved to be a lie. As soon as the referendum is over Labour will say that – across the UK, not just in England and Wales, but here too. Labour will attack Tory policy on welfare on September 19 and Johann Lamont will not be seen on a platform with Ruth Davidson again. Their true colours will again be revealed once Scotland is kept safely under London’s control. Those No-voting Labour people had better get ready for a lifetime of regret if they ‘win’ the referendum next week. And there will be no shortage of Yessers from here to kingdom come to remind them.

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64 thoughts on “Make My Day

  1. Exactly Derek,very well said.
    I think the referendum is coming down to those who perceive that they have nothing to lose from a Yes vote and those who are afraid of losing the little (or not so little) that they have.
    Opportunity or threat.
    In these last few days,we have to open voters eyes to the threat to our public services (NHS in particular) that allowing Westminster to continue ruling us represents.
    Status Quo,and I don’t mean the three cord RSI band,it will not be,whatever the outcome.
    Thanks Derek.

  2. Re the stories of banks heading south if we vote YES: I see that as another plus for indy. Next time they trash the economy it won’t be our problem.

    Re the Labour Party: They’ve gone too far with the lies this time. I think that during this referendum they have taken the Scottish electorate for granted once too often. A great many people who were once staunch Labour voters are now saying they will never vote for them again. They’ve been seen for the mendacious, grasping careerists that they are.

  3. Think there is a typo in this sentence……can should be can’t? We couldn’t trust them in the past (over oil and spending), we can trust them today (over currency and much else) and we certainly can’t trust them in the future either

  4. In the (increasingly unlikely) event of a no vote next week, I intend to have a t-shirt made which will read “Don’t blame me – I voted YES”. This will be worn every time the U.K. Government announces budget cuts, austerity measures or further cuts to the democratic rights of Scottish subjects.

  5. Good article Derek. The lies and smears used by the British state in the independence referendum campaign have been astonishing. All the elite institutions have taken part, big business, major banks, BBC in both Scotland and England, politicians at Westminster and the MSM. I see Helen Liddell is even saying that the SNP voted down the first devolution referendum result in 1979! 😀 😀 Nobody is challenging these statements from unionists. They can see whatever they like, safe in the knowledge that they will not be held too account. This has been an eye opening campaign, even for diehard Scottish nats and independence supporters. What we are seeing is co-ordinated propaganda being launched at Scotland, saying we are uniquely incapable of running our own affairs.

    Derek you are absolutely correct about the consequences of a No vote. I don’t think there would be no new powers. We are heading for the EU exit as part of the British state, we will lock ourselves into continuing austerity, and the British state will take a terrible revenge on Scotland for holding a referendum on independence, if we vote No.

  6. RBS sent a letter to our FM saying they are not moving no jobs and no offices will close, not that it matters listening to financial analysts brave enough to speak out…ENGLAND is BANKRUPT no nation has ever survived a debt this large and no amount of oil revenue will save them….we had better get out while we can,we are debt free with huge assets,who do you think will get money cheaper?????? this propaganda from the BBC must stop!!!!!!

    • Bob I was scorned and ridiculed when I first said “England was bankrupt” so thank you .Derek anothet excellent article as per, I have recommended you to so many undecided for non biased opinions , through social media I hope for Scotland’s sake we have dereated the biased show from the British media

  7. Once again you are spot on Derek. If there is a no vote next week I for one will never, ever, forgive or allow any of those cardboard cut-out ‘Proud Scots, but’ to forget what they’ve done; not just to themselves but to the rest of us who can see an alternative and who hope for a brighter future. Incidentally thanks to their antics today my wife and I have just closed our account with the Royal Bank which we’ve had for over 40 years.


  9. Well i for one wont be swayed by these absurd lies and scare tactics i am voting yes for the future how much worse canit get, well a lot worse if we stay in the union where do you think the majority of these cuts will land…. Scotland of course we are the test subjects for all the nastiest tory libdem coalition policies they can send all the westminster MP’s up to scotland well tell em to go back as we dont believe a word that comes out of their mouths if they said it was raining i would have to go out and check thats how much i trust them.


    vOTE YES!!!!!

  10. Great article Derek, it is so easy to see how quickly the westminster establishment would have opened fire on the Scottish public if they were in a position to do so.
    There is a very real hatred in the air and it is aimed directly at the Scots, and all so they can keep lining their pockets with our money.
    It is really sad that they have come to this, but hopefully the majority of Scottish people will now see them for what they are and vote yes..

    • This morning, down here at the Borders, I saw a convoy of military vehicles moving north towards Edinburgh.

      Remember January/February 1919?
      “Ten thousand troops armed with machine guns, tanks and a howitzer arrived on the Friday night and Saturday to occupy Glasgow’s streets…” From wikipedia, in case you don’t.

  11. A great Article Derek. Husband ( Andrew Brown) above has said all the rest.

  12. I’m one of your admirers and appreciate and support the vast majority of your written content. I hope you don’t think me too much of a pedant but your reference to ‘British’ and ‘The British’ seems erroneous. ‘Britain’ or ‘Great Britain’ is the name of a group of islands that includes Scotland, NI, Wales etc. Politically we are The United Kingdom. (at the moment), I suggest you replace ‘British’ with UK, or even ‘Westminster’s’. There is no ‘British NHS’, only three separate entities, NHS England, NHS Scotland, and NHS Wales. I know what you meant but…… Anyway, your blog is otherwise absolutely spot-on!

  13. Just how many proudscotbuts do you think you will be able to find if we are stupid enough to vote no and the inevitable then comes to pass?

  14. ‘How Scotland ended up in this pernicious arrangement and why we still, it seems, wish it to continue, will puzzle future historians not to mention psychologists’.

    The Labour Party.

  15. I’ve been thinking the same recently about our politicians in England. There is something infantilising about the Westminster system that promotes people with little emotional maturity and doesn’t develop their personal skills. If English politicians had had any b*lls in 2012, they would have gone north, faced the heat from ordinary people, and tried to hammer out some kind of compromise they could then have sold with integrity to the whole of the UK. I would have been behind them then. However, everything that has happened (or not happened) since then has confirmed the SNP critique of Westminster. I don’t see it getting better with a No. With a Yes, only economic self-interest will check Westminster’s tendency to use its muscle to get its way.

  16. Just listened the most biased discussion on World at One where a clip from FM and a derisory short and shallow interview with CEO of Abdn Asst Man was dwarfed by the usual one-eyed view from R Peston and a couple of UK politicians on the fiscal/financial armageddon facing us on Independence. They never discuss the fiscal black hole facing the UK at present and the even greater one which will face the rUK once Scotland stops subsidising their dysfunctional economy.

  17. See this, an article in the Lancet about the huge risk to the NHS from TTIP;

    Blunt, stark and unbiased.

  18. Great piece, Derek. I refuse to consider the opposite of YES. As has been asked many times, why is Westminster fighting tooth and nail to keep Scotland? We must be more than gold-plated for these money grabbers to be so determined. It’s obvious that we have to stand firm if we wish to survive. VOTE YES.

  19. SKY is on steroids just now its doom doom doom we are all domed ASDA – B&Q all quoted well kinda quoted when you listen to what both organisations actually have said it means nothing Nada newt non nine what both companies have answered to questions is we will adjust our business models to suit operating conditions in the particular country that we operate in and thats news F F/ sake get a grip oh me heads burstin

  20. Has anyone asked the credit ratings agencies what rating EWNI would qualify for in the event that they lose 10% of GDP and get saddled with all that debt?

  21. I’ve thought for a while that any firm that wants to move south due to Scotland’s independence should go. It might be the right time for them, and the best thing for their business, and as others have said, the next time they go bust Westminster can pick up the tab again. Their departures would leave gaps in the market here for new blood, particularly in the matter of bras and stereos. We need more bra businesses and you can’t get a decent stereo anywhere now. I won’t say anything rude about the bra lady, or the stereo man.
    Colin, the British State hasn’t come to this. It’s always been like this and it will never change. In the last year we’ve seen them in their true colours, and sadly, we’ve seen some rather distasteful Scots as well.

  22. For my part, I believe in a Yes victory.

    I refuse to countenance a win for political or cultural tribalism.

    With an uncluttered mind

    I’m voting Yes

    • Thank god you are back Derek. Since Sunday morning it feels like I’m watching a Scotland football match and we have scored a goal with ten minutes to go … but that ten minutes is infact 12 days long! As you say, we are under attack. Hold the line.

      I closed my Lloyds account today.

  23. Yes are ahead that’s the reason for the panic.Hold your nerve people they are the ones who are bricking it.You see they need the oil and Trident to keep the yanks sweet.Scotland will become a stronger nation than England with independence.

    • The Labour Party is determined to deliver a No vote for the establishment. In doing so it will not attract one voter to switch from the Liberals or the Tories; it has forever divided Labour supporters in Scotland; and will earn the deserved scorn and detestation of every Yes voter. Its hatred and jealousy of the SNP will lead it from impotency to destruction. No-one will turn up at the funeral.

  24. If it’s a No vote next Thursday and we are back to austerity with a vengeance, I think the Scottish Labour will be decimated in Scotland, very similar to the Lib Dems, at the General Election next year.

    Re more Devolution powers, why only the income tax, what about VAT, corporation tax, National Insurance etc etc. Well no politician would dare to put up income tax so there is the useless Devo power.

  25. Derek,

    I’ll take issue with you on a couple of points.

    The economy is not recovering.

    Tax receipts are not going up, except for receipts from stamp duty, hence why Osbourne is creating a new housing bubble.

    The deficit is not reducing. In 2010 Osbourne said it would be £60bn this year. It isn’t. The last 3 years have seen deficits of £120bn, £100bn, £108bn and this year is not going well so far (May’s deficit was £13.5bn, £4.6bn more than expected. This year will see the deficit continue above the £100bn mark.

    Ask yourself this, If tax receipts are going up, then why isn’t the deficit reducing ?

    To reduce the deficit and curb borrowing, Osbourne needs to save over £100bn a year, proposed cuts of £25bn are akin to band-aiding an amputated limb.

    • Don’t let the bastards grind you down!!!

      Surely people will see these distortions of the truth for what they are.

      The blatant lies and manipulated polls.

      The desperate acts of desperate people.


      It’s not over because they say it is.

      7 days still to go.

      And I’m not ready to roll over and say ‘Well done ,You deserved to win’

      WE CAN DO THIS!!!

  26. ScottishGeorgeOrwell

    Ladies and Gents – I realise you have cornered yourself into a unfortunate land of highly selective voices, but Puh-lease …

    We all know the SNP aims to hand over sovereignty to the (what will become a foreign) Bank of England. This will surely mean that us true Scottish Bravehearts will again need to shout FREEDOM … and then proudly and dutifully head off to the polls … to vote no!

    Derek – can you also void the Declaration of Arbroath with your proposal – “so long as a majority of 100 of us are daft enough to vote yes, we will willingly hand over all the main levers of economic policy to a foreign bank.” And a foreign land we have just spent ages denigrating, by the way, ensuring negotiations will be tricky.

    You could not make this stuff up – a vote for Yes is now a vote for Independence-less, and hassle-max. Don’t go there!

  27. Quite the scary picture Derek. Not going to happen though. We’re going to vote Yes.

  28. Regarding Yes becoming the Party of ‘I told you so’ after a ‘No’ vote, Derek….

  29. If it’s a No vote next Thursday and we are back to austerity with a vengeance, I think the Scottish Labour will be decimated in Scotland, very similar to the Lib Dems, at the General Election next year.

    Re more Devolution powers, why only the income tax, what about VAT, corporation tax, National Insurance etc etc. Well no politician would dare to put up income tax so there is the useless Devo power.

  30. It’s the brazen lying that astonishes. The Devil may be the Father of Lies but a Westminster politician and his/her media allies are willing mouthpieces. Whatever happened to the 4th estate? Bought and paid for?
    Thank heaven for the internet this week!

  31. When Westminster’s legal hacks, Crawford and Boyle, came out with the opinion that at 1707 Scotland was ” extinguished “, that did it for me.

    All their thinking flows from that. But post Inde, the notion that England was also ” extinguished ” raises lots of lovely options, especially as regards the EU.

  32. I’m feeling 6 days before bannockburn

    We’ve dug the holes,sharpened the spears,hand made weapons,prepared our strategy.sleep,fill our bellies.

    MSM had us down as cyber-nats.Westminster didn’t bother sending scouts,our grassroots movement has been heroic

    I’m glad to been with all of you this journey.


    • And the vast bulk of the 200,000+ people RIC has registered (I did a few of those) who have never voted before. They will be the surprise flank attack down through the trees that will cause the buggers to begin to flee the field having realised all is lost.

  33. Excellent dissection Derek and spot regards what awaits the other side of a ‘no’ vote. Thatcher’s time in power will look like a picnic by comparison.

    On the most basic level though beyond economics, beyond politics there is simple human dignity.

    For the sake of blood pressure I’m going to gloss over decades of similar abuse and concentrate simply on the last three years. HMG and the entirety of the UK media have waged a war on two fronts on the general public of the UK. They have smeared, lied, incited others to violence, encouraged racism, spread fear, uncertainty and doubt amongst their own electorates (north and south of the border), manipulated fact in order to mislead, manipulated opinion to foster social division.

    I would vote YES to independence from these vile shysters every day Monday through Saturday and twice on the Sunday. I am done with Her Majesty’s Government and their pet media. To put it as bluntly and directly as possible and just so there is absolutely no misunderstanding here –


    I WILL NOT bow down to fear and intimidation. I will not back away from casting my vote against the perpetrators of one of the vilest campaigns I have ever witnessed. There’s only one answer to bullying and intimidation. You face the bastard down. You take them on. You don’t back off for any reason and you win.

    The stupidest part of their vile and moronic strategy is that it didn’t even make the choice difficult for me. Who volunteers for eternal abuse?

    • First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.

      Mahatma Gandhi

      It’s a shame the people in this lousy kingdom aren’t more like the French of 220-odd years ago. Taking out a few politicians or journalists pour encourager les autres wouldn’t worry me.

      • If you’d suggested that a few years ago to a younger me I’d probably agree.

        Today though I’m much nastier, I want them to live with their decisions and their choices. After we win next week I want them to witness a better Scotland taking shape and then I want people to point them out and laugh in their faces for as long as they live.

        Gandhi had the right idea, there is only one way to do this right and the irony hasn’t escaped me that its against exactly the same institution. 😉

  34. Derek, any chance of an article about the behaviour of the BBC and especially dear old Nick Robinson lying on air about what happened at the FM’s press conference.

  35. Wee Ginger Dug has a great post today. He was thinking about what to write for his partner Andy’s funeral on Saturday, watched the news and then came up with a brilliant story about how Andy, as a copper in London, had arrested Ronnie Kray. All bullies crumble when you stand up to them, That is what is really concerning Westminster, SLAB, the MSM and not least, Derek, the “impartial” BBC.

    Keep up the great work Derek and all the Wings, YES , Bella and WGD folk.

  36. Just cancelled the direct debit for the TV licence following Nick Robinson’s lying on the 6 o’clock news about the FM not answering questions on corporation tax. I can’t believe I kept paying these people to lie to me for so long.

  37. Just when you thought the BBC couldn’t get any more biased along comes Nick Robinson.
    The BBC may think it can get away with it but because of the internet it has been found out.

  38. I popped into the local branch of the RBS this morning and asked the teller if she had read the Scotsman. She had not and was unaware of their impending move South. Nor did she know if she would receive relocation assistance.
    It was a bit cruel of me to wind her up but it seems that the RBS are not briefing their staff too well.
    The Scotsman headline is very scary “Company chiefs in Scottish independence warnings” but when you read the article it boils down to “some companies will put up a small brass plate on a doorway in England”.
    However, that would not be a very dramatic anti-YES headline, would it?

  39. Who has an 80% shareholding in RBS & Lloyd Banking Group? The timings of these announcements can leave then no doubts of UKG manipulation and collusion to influence voters. Beyond reprehensible. Please god, we’re smart enough to see through this.

  40. It occurred to me that one reason they are working so hard to pretend that the NHS in Scotland is not under threat, is that the possibility and reality of it being taken over is less important than keeping the whole present and future wealth of Scotland and its resources.

    Further centuries of access and ownership of the sea; fishing rights, mineral rights, shipping rights and the land; agriculture, sport, minerals, then the people; education, ideas, armed forces.
    It could be worthwhile at the cost of part lose of the Scottish NHS.

    That is why they are so furious it has become an issue and may sway votes.

  41. Steve Bowers 74% win

    Channel your energies towards turning No voters and convincing undecideds, plenty of time for these Westminster arseholes after Thursday, go knock on your neighbours door and have a cup of tea and a chat, we’re winning and we’re winning one conversation at a time.

  42. Excellent dissection once again Derek.
    Complimented by this article from a retired senior Whitehall official

  43. Might be of interest to Derek and everyone else. Big data on independence –

  44. Yes, I have made it clear to my No voting friends. When another person dies from starvation because their benefits are cut, when the NHS is privatised, when they or I have to pay for a prescription, when we again enter an illegal war and the mutilated bodies of soldiers come hom.

    I will be there. I will be tapping them on their shoulder and reminding them that they have blood on their hands.

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