Play to the Whistle

This could be the first time Manchester United (and hip hop)* has been linked to the referendum. (I do strive for a different angle). Into the batemanbroadcasting studio today came Michael Stewart, media pundit today but one time Old Trafford young footballer.


He has taken up the independence case with the same vigour he brought to the football field with, among others, Hibs, Hearts and Scotland. The producer, Maurice (Celtic) said ‘vigour’ was a euphemism but didn’t explain why…

Well, today Michael takes no prisoners in his assessment of the opportunity the referendum presents and, like me, sounds almost incredulous that Scots could vote against their own independence. We discuss how national self belief works in sport, how confidence is the driver of results and how the very concept of self-determination demands performance.


He believes in the inevitable pragmatism that will dictate events after a Yes and realises that it brings resolution to the questions confusing so many. He kind of drags you along with him such is his energy. It is a different kind of listen and I think a rewarding half hour – as good as we’ve had from politicos, academics and journalists. This guy is authentic. (I’ve forgiven him for playing at Hearts).

Here he is.  And were on Youtube at


*And to show our eclectic reach…we also have words with the hip hop legend Loki who talks about his journey to Yes….

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10 thoughts on “Play to the Whistle

  1. Enjoyed that Derek as always but that is twice now that you have forgotten to sign off.

  2. Is he willing to talk to young voters at meetings?

  3. Very good listen and a different angle from a very articulate ex-football player, do no thanks have anyone with the passion the yes movement have?

    The difference is stark to say the least.

  4. Compare him with the BT yesterday’s man Archie McPherson—whoof!

  5. Great interview Derek. As a football fan and regular Sportsound listener I really enjoyed that one.

  6. Listened this morning before setting off to work. Once again, well worth a listen. Will include link in emails to colleagues.

  7. Talks a lot of sense in a calm and assured way. Future politician material? I mean that in a positive way.

  8. Yahoo the momentum is building up nicely.

    fantastic broadcast Derek, Michael was great, you can feel the energy.

    Great Blog.

  9. Now, that was superb! I know nothing about football and have no interest in sport (apart from shinty) but that fellow made complete sense. He was positive, matter-of-fact, was well aware of the focal point and remained on target. He’s a born winner and with independence we’ll have many, many like him. Thanks, Derek, I thoroughly enjoyed that broadcast.

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