The Rabble Rouser

So the BBC runs with a story on Radio four based on Jim Murphy’s claims of mobs and physical threat – so far none of which are confirmed by the police – and ends with one sentence about an actual conviction in court of an individual for threatening the First Minister…AND didn’t mention the offence was a threat to assassinate him.

One egg versus a threat to kill.

Excellent news for Better together…all over Britain the impression is given of angry mobs intimidating a member of the shadow cabinet when the big story about the campaign is its peaceful, intelligent nature.

Perhaps the qualification should be added that a man with a microphone shouting at passers-by on the street – and the filmed evidence is of Murphy really shouting and firing up spectators – is itself provocative. It’s meant to be…


But when his rabble-rousing rouses a rabble, he departs the scene complaining that people reacted. Perhaps that’s job done. I see Jack McConnell, who has falsely accused Yes before, decried the campaign too for chasing poor Jim away. Why does this smell like a stunt?

Is it because nobody believes what they say? Is it because it fits the serpentine mind of Murphy to turn black into white and to stick in the barbs at every turn? During the Catholic Church Peter Kearney-led campaign a couple of years ago to whip up ill feeling with claims of anti-catholic attitudes, Murphy was quoted saying someone had called him a Catholic when he was canvassing. Dearie me…imagine someone who backs weapons of mass destruction, illegal wars and Tory policies that impoverish the weakest being cat-called…Is there no decorum any more…no respect for honourable and honest men to speak out?

I don’t agree with physical attacks – even if the law does decide to define an egg as an object of violence – nor do I like crowd chanting of words like traitor but, to be honest, the question comes to mind: What did he expect? The evidence is that No people just don’t turn up, don’t engage or debate – I read that Murphy has pulled out of an event this very night in another of the long list of Better Together let-downs – and if you stand on a crate in the street and shout in the middle of a massive political campaign during an age when people can’t afford to eat, do you really expect a throng of smiling, doe-eyed Christians to gather round shaking tambourines?

Still, looks like it worked…Honest Jim, the brave trier, has been forced to retreat by the mob while his security is re-arranged.

Know what I really hate about Jim’s behaviour? It’s not about Yes and No – it’s that he has successfully tarnished the image of Scotland when we should be at our proudest.

The best word for Jim isn’t patriot (Catholic or otherwise) – it’s intellectual crook.

Just remember, when the history is written, It is Yes that will be recalled with credit and Yes that is studied as a worldwide example of how real democracy can work.

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92 thoughts on “The Rabble Rouser

  1. This was Jim on a “I will tell you this” tour – ignored the lady asking him legitimate questions a few weeks back. He had a megaphone and was determined to use it. It worked for John Major in 1992 remember. Must be one of Jim’s heroes.

    • I thought Jim Murphy’s point was that this is an organised campaign and it does seem like the nationalists are beginning to act like nationalists down the ages; feeding disinformation the disadvantaged (and believing it themselves) and conning them into voting for something that just ain’t gonna happen. Some of the nationalist I have met recently don’t seem to realise how close they are to type ie fascist, xenophobic and veering towards totalitarianism.
      if alex salmond was honest about the hoops we will need to got through to become a prosperous nation people like me would be all for of. But he knows the people he needs to vote for him would run a mile from that.

  2. Katrine Paterson

    Well Said Derek. I heard Jim Murphy tell the tale on Radio Scotland this afternoon. ‘They sent organised mobs!’ ‘The Yes People should call off their mobs!’ Only blurted out as an after thought and got added to, as he went on. Then came,’ I’ve asked the police for advice, and called off my 100 towns 100 walks tour for 72 hours,’ etc.
    He had, as usual, been interrupting the ‘yes’ person in the studio who was very polite, time and time again.

    I suppose a group of Yes campaigners would look like a mob to someone who can’t rustle up more the three or four in support of No.

    • YES but what about the Highland YES families who come out in protest against this idiot? If he decides to go to Highland, the comment ‘I’ve asked the police for advice’ has a whole different meaning. Our own SNP or National Socialists (a name borrowed from the Nazis) led government decided it was a good idea to let the police carry guns, the try out as always is the Highlands. (Sound familiar?) The police in Highland carry guns, there is a real risk that any of our YES protesters can be SHOT DOWN for their views. Retract that one Salmond! I don’t want to be a part of an iScotland that promotes equality down the barrel of a gun! Once more I say – dispense with the lot of them and look towards an iScotland that promotes equality by hearing the people. My YES vote is for Scotland not that bunch of …. sitting at Holyrood!

      • I love the spin put on the firearms issue.

        At the most on any given day we have 150 armed police on the streets of Scotland. It is not being “tried out” anywhere as suggested it is a consistent policy across Scotland..
        Incidents such as Dunblane,Hungerford, Armed robbery or Glasgow Airport attack etc can happen anywhere at anytime.

        Making use of armed police for routine duties is the norm all around the world. I have just driven to Italy via France and Switzerland and was stopped for routine checks on highways by armed police – so what?

        The Independence debate is NOT about who forms the Government. It is about the right to form a government of our chosing with the power to implement policies of our choice.

        The term OUR is democracy.

        • Clootie
          I do hope that your comment was entirely disingenuous. We do not need armed police routinely patrolling Highland, or any other, cities and towns.
          While as a philospohical viewpoint your statement “Armed robbery or Glasgow Airport attack etc can happen anywhere at anytime.” is indeed correct, as a logistical practicality it is absolute drivel. In any risk assessment the likes of Johnshaven and Achiltibuie are likely to be assessed as low risk, I would hazard. The high risk areas are shopping malls, airports and posh hotels, followed by accessible military installations,such as Edinburgh Castle. Soft civilian tragets where lots of damage and loss of life can be inflicted quickly and publicly with maximum international publicity are top of the terrorist lists. If these are in “multi-cultural” places where they will not be noticeable, so much the better.
          An armed outrage at a shopping mall in Glasgow will take some time to respond to if the armed officers are on routine patrol in public parks in Dundee.
          One might also comment that police officers simply could not cope with a terrorist attack. Have you ever experienced the chaos that results from police attendance at even a minor traffic crash? That is why we have highly trained specialist soldiers to do that.
          You are correct when you say this is not about who forms the current Government.. It is about being able to choose a Government, and post YES we will hopefully be a able to select a sensible bunch of MP*s should such candidates be found.
          The nature and composition of the independent parliament is a can of worms not yet opened, you will have noted. Will the legislature be bicameral?

          * We won’t need to call them MSPs any more, either,

        • This is our Scotland not just a country you pass through on your way fleetingly while on holiday, and make grand assumptions about how the people of that area conduct themselves. In ‘our democracy’ do we not have the right to be consulted and does the government need consensus in ‘our democracy’ to pass such legislation? The whole idea of a democracy is consensus on the issues so that the majority get their way. It’s the reason we’ve come to vote for iScotland the fact that we never consented to have a tory government, but we put up with it because we are essentially a democratic country. We never consented to having armed police either and that was put upon us by the Scottish parliament. To remind you Scotland is not the ‘norm’ and most of us are just back from our holidays on Skye or Blackpool not from our tour of the ‘normal’ countries in Europe such as ‘Italy via France and Switzerland,’ where the police carry guns.
          ‘(T)he right to form a government of our cho(o)sing with the power to implement policies of our choice’
          When were you asked by the Scottish government, who were democratically voted in, if you wanted your police force armed? Remembering of course that our police force is a legislated peace keeping force, will they keep peace down the barrel of a gun in your opinion? The Scottish government have the power to implement policies and they do wield it not just in this case. I think you’ll find that arming the police in Scotland was not ‘our choice’ because we were not consulted!!
          ‘we have 150 armed police on the streets of Scotland.’
          Can you tell me where you found these figures? I do my research empirically and have been unable to find out how many police are armed on any day. This leads me to believe that you must be in the inner circle of either government or the police to be able to spout with confidence a particular figure or perhaps you just waffle. This is the kind of thing we try to escape from.
          YES for Scotland, no to all politicians. Scotland out of Europe!

      • Nothing ****s me off more than seeing my party described by some moron as Nazis. I really wish I could plonk you slap bang in the middle of Nazi-controlled Europe in the late 30s/early 40s. You’d reassess your stupid ideas of what constitutes a Nazi pretty bloody quickly.

        • Well Stoo, I think you’ve misunderstood the context here. The German people exercised their right to go to the polls and vote in the ‘German Socialist Party’. Little knowing the horrors that lay ahead. We must be very careful, who we vote in to parliament and how much power we give them. Our first minister along with others who are nameless decided to go ahead and arm the police without consulting us. This is not socialism, it’s not even democratic! I know you are passionate about your party politics, and YES I agree that the SNP is the only vote that will gain iScotland, but we must re-assess our political structure Stoo. We cannot afford to have a government that is less than transparent about matters that can effect us gravely, like the police carrying weapons. The Criminal Justice Act coupled with an armed police force makes me worry about my countrymen out there campaigning for a YES vote, The Murphy event shows how heated things can become.
          YES for Scotland no to all politicians.

  3. Tottally bang on the money as usual Derek,how DESPERATE are these saddos becoming.
    Personally I’ll never place trust in the TV and newspapers involved in this poisoning of the truth as long as I live.
    They will obviously stoop lower than a snake’s belly to strangle the truth out of this referendum and do as much as possible to prolong their slanted world overview on the vulnerable among us.
    Time for the real Revolution to begin where Scotland can at last be set free
    .Free at last!
    And not before time
    It’s time for them to wake up and smell the coffee!!

    Thanks so much for being there

    best regards

    Tramspotter Tam

  4. You know the empire is dead when an egging causes the stiff upper lip to be replaced with a quivering upper lip, and that of a former defence secretary to boot. The over the top coverage of this by the media damages them and I notice the BBC is all quiet on the front page story in The Sun about a road rage incident concerning the FM and a NO supporter.

    But then the FM has class and doesn’t run squealing to the media at the drop of a hat.

  5. I agree if you are going to stand on a box with an amplified microphone and shout at people you cannot complain if they are thus forced to shout back at you to be heard.

    As for the egging, it is a time honoured part of political campaigning in this country to be egged. He joins a long and eminent list, or perhaps a new list of the less eminent to be egged needs to be made and Jim be appended to that one since eminent just does not apply to him.

    Also is he never satisfied? First his rent-a-crowd that travelled around in his bus with him was identified and roundly mocked. Then he became famous for talking to empty spaces (they usually take you away for psychological assessment for that). Then a few Yes inclined persons turned up and asked him questions he could not or did not wish to answer (so much for ‘debate’ eh Jim?) which has led us to where we are now: the only crowd he can gather are committed Yes people come to barrack him. You wanted a varied, genuinely local crowd Jim, so you had best make the best of it and stop bloody whingeing.

  6. PS ,Been checkin out the odds on Bookmakers oddschecker.4/1 and 7/2 STILL AVAILABLE! but several slipping to 3/1 for a yes ,from 5/1 ,that’s interesting if you like a wee flutter.BUT IN BOOKIE LANGUAGE IT MEANS GET ON!!!!

  7. It was the ‘This is directly organised by YES Scotland’ bit that stuck in my craw.

    Why on earth would YES, who are already operating in shall we say a hostile media environment, want to co ordinate something which was always going to bring bad press is the gaping logic gap in Jim’s argument.

    I agree with the last sentence, I think those on the YES side are fully aware that win or lose everything they say or do will be analysed by future historians. The NO side just don’t seem to give a sh*t what future Scots think of them…as long as they win.

    Here’s an alternate theory for you to chew over Derek….

    What we have actually seen over the last week are actually the first public skirmishes in the great Scottish Labour civil war.

    Gordon Brown heckled by an ex Labour councillor.
    The Courier video of Jim Murphy screaming at 2 men who identify themselves as ex Labour voters
    Jim Murphy egged in Kirkcaldy…Labour heartland

    Hidden in the smoke of the Indy Ref battle, there is an incredible and at times nasty fight for the heart and soul of the Scottish Labour movement between the leadership like Murphy and Douglie and it’s grass roots core vote.

    If you look back at most of the flashpoints in the whole campaign, with the exception of Farage and Cameron, they always involve a Labour politician and disillusioned ex Labour voters.

    Douglas Alexander likes to claim (but never provides evidence of) he is called ‘quisling’ and ‘traitor’, I wonder if it has ever occurred to him that he might be getting called this for his relationship with the Labour Party and it’s traditions rather than his nation ?

  8. Still think the BBC is just badly managed or under-staffed, Derek? What have the headlines been these last few days after the mauling Darling received on Monday? The Sweary man allowed to get the fucking word in despite (correct me if I am wrong) the BBC call-in shows having a default delay system explicitly to ensure this kind of language is NOT aired? The air-brushing of John Swinney’s treatment by a NO supporter masquerading as a Don’t Know. Now this contrived piece of poor street theatre?

    I am not convinced that the BBC are simply incompetent.

    Tony Little

  9. Where were his WMD when he needed them most?

  10. Eggie Murphy “son of the Texican”? I don’t think so. Fled at the crack of a single chookie bubble.


    • Katrine Paterson

      Credit where it’s due Yesnaby, He actually ducked lots of eggs, all from behind him. The man then walked towards him and cracked an egg on his shoulder before walking off along the road.
      The yes people with flags/posters in the footage were just standing quietly in front of Jim. M.

  11. Perfidious Albumen.

  12. The last, desperate flailings of a man about to be ejected from his well-paid, well-expensed sinecure. So sad to see. When the history of the Referendum is written, it won’t be too forgiving on British Nationalist fanatics like Murphy.

  13. Derek, I recall your post of 26th August went under the title : “Shell Shocked”.
    Not only are you a great writer…

  14. If this is all the No side and Labour have, then pity help us if it’s a No vote. With people like Jim and cronies in charge we have no future.

    • Same with the SNP! The people need to be in charge. We have forgotten that these people are paid by us to carry out our wishes. How many of you have been heard in the last 40years? We need to vote them out as soon as we have independence and follow our own way. I was sorely disappointed that after nearly 400 years we got our parliament back and copied the same old tired politics metered out in Westminster. We now have the biggest opportunity since then to make our own particular politics work. A peoples council would be the most effective way of dealing with issues that are being ignored or there has been no consultation with the people over. For example, arming the police in Scotland, nobody asked me, was any of the population consulted on this far reaching move. YES for Scotland no to the SNP!

  15. In a word, WEAK. Not fit for office, public life or any position of responsibility.

  16. Steve Asaneilean

    Just as well no-one threw flour at him too – otherwise he would now be complaining that he had been battered 🙂

  17. Rosa Alba Macdonald

    Not sure if Catholic or not is relevant here.

    Except it is. I do not know about the Peter Kearney stushie or stramash (might have been during my sleep-deprived years of an undiagnosed child), but I do know that Cushnie came out today to say, Catholics should consider the Church teaching on Social Justice in deciding how to vote.

    I am not sure how anyone who is a Christian, Catholic or otherwise, can stand by in the face of poverty and do nothing, or not protest against WMD.

    ANY Catholic who endorses the elitist and discriminatory politics of WM that disadvantage and harrass our fellow citizens who are weak, unfortunate, disabled, young, old, poor, ill-educated, or medically needed needs to thoroughly examine their conscience.

    This referendum has transcended the Indy Deep issues of self-determination, and even representation into the clear issue of morality and social justice. It was never about the Braveheart issues.

    • Well said, couldn’t have put it better myself. Personally, I can’t stand Murphy.

    • Cushnie ? please explain.

    • I do not understand “Cushnie” or “WM”.

      This referendum is about one thing only and that is self-determination. The clue is on the ballot paper.
      The rest is nuts and bolts and can be fixed.
      If you know of any Catholic who has spoken in favour of places like Easterhouse, or the use of atomic weapons on civilian populations, please give chapter and verse.

  18. An egg….

    Is it just me or is this whole issue a bit silly?

    A public soapbox rammy where an opinionated politician is out there to shout a bit at people and be a bit controversial. A politician by the by who is no stranger to being a bit on the offensive side himself:

    and we’re expected to believe that this guy is in fear of his safety?


    And of course its a coincidence that in a week where we’ve seen a jump in poll support for the YES campaign, Cameron getting handed a slap in the kisser from the CBI over Europe and Darling being filleted on live telly this storm in a tea cup occurs?

    I smell at very least deflection.

  19. Why do I get that feeling that the so-called Yes supporters who attacked Murphy were really a bunch of pro-Labour thugs pretending to be Yes supporters? (Sadly, physical violence, or the mere threat of it, isn’t exactly alien to Labour supporters and their fellow travellers.)

    • YES Bob, it is just a feeling. Be careful of conspiracy theories. The truth is that this Labour politician got scared because he did not listen to even his own constituents, so he did not think he would have any opposition. If he was a man of the people he would have know better than to show himself in public let alone spout off politics that nobody supports. Sadly, his ignorance led to the mere threat of violence which isn’t exactly alien to the Scottish voter. We must be careful of this because the criminal justice act makes it a criminal act to gather in numbers more than a dozen (even for peaceful protest). This politician is paid by the British tax payer to carry out his constituents wishes, I would like to hear from one of his independent constituents if they knew he was out there on their time and if he really does represent his constituents on this? It’s what the people want that matters not what any individual politician wants, they must go to the polls as well. If I was his constituent I would ask for his resignation in the light of his covert activities that was nothing to do with what he is paid for. YES for Scotland no to all politicians.

  20. We have better arguments [and better jokes] so we don’t need eggs. They won’t turn up to debate so we should turn up where they are, complete with our own ginger crates. 1 crate each. 1 megaphone or loud ‘shouty’ voice each. fight lies with truth. The truth will set you FREE.

  21. Would all this be part of the next BT stratagem – an attempt to discredit YES members? Project Fear, only this time THEY are supposed to be afraid of US. Is this their next dirty trick?

    I was told today that a local naysayer felt afraid of what might happen if BTNT won! She was assured that since it looked as if Yes voters were going to be successful there was nothing to fear! However, I don’t believe the idea just dropped from the sky. They’re at it again – attempting to engender fear.

  22. Derek,
    Do you still defend the B.B.C. if you heard Kay Adams with Alex Salmond this morning!, also Thursdays TV program ” what’s in it for me?”, both of them were really just a hatchet job on the “yes” campaign .

    • Katrine Paterson

      I never listen to Kay Adams. I turned off The TV prog after 5 minutes because I could see where it was heading. Toxic!

  23. Agree with you Albaman. I was shocked by Kaye Adams attitude toward Alex Salmond. However, she calmed down and I suspect her producer had a word in her ear. Still, worth a complaint to the BBC. As for ‘what’s in it for me’ David Bell and the other economist did a hatchet job on the Yes campaign. Haven’t these two ‘experts’ heard of other small independent countries successfully running their own affairs. Why doesn’t someone in the BBC put that sort of question to them, but that would not be helping Better Together!!!!

    • YES Anne, Iceland, only 4.2% unemployed on course for their target of 2% because they refused to bail out the banks. (Scottish unemployed 6.4%) They are thinking of using the Canadian dollar as their currency not the Euro. They won’t join the European Union, recently voting no. The people forced their whole government to resign, and the bank shut down. ‘Earlier this week Iceland’s Depositors’ and Investors’ Guarantee Fund (peoples bank) said Britain and the Netherlands had filed a $4.87 billion claim with a Reykjavik court over money they paid out to cover domestic savers losses in Icesave accounts when Landsbanki collapsed in late 2008.’ (Reuters 17/02/14)This is Britain trying to get the people of Iceland to take responsiblity for British savers money. They relinquished all responsibility for the bank in 2008. The Icelanders are now going it alone as far as borrowing internationally is concerned and they are a much better country economically than they were before the great world banking fiasco. Their economy grew 3% in 2013. (Scotland- 0.7%growth Q3) There are lessons for us in this model. YES for Scotland no to all politicians.

      • Don’t understand your comment. Are you suggesting that it is a good thing that the Iceland banks have done by stealing money from British investors to give to Icelanders?
        I’d actually like to think that a Scottish Government would have a real moral outlook and the backbone to stick to it. Moral relativism is a fiat for theft and corruption such as we complain of in the UK.
        If I have not understood, please explain simply.

        • No Anne, I have not said the banks in Iceland gave any money to the people of Iceland. I have said that all bank’s in Europe failed to operate in a way that protected their investors. Like many European countries, here in Britain, the tax payer suddenly became responsible for the collapse of the banking system because the government took the decision to bail the banks out with our money. Remember the protests in Greece and Spain? People were left destitute and food banks were the only bank with any real credibility for the people. This was unacceptable. In Iceland, the people refused to bail the banks out, made their whole parliament resign, jailed the bankers and started again from scratch in 2008. They formed their own banking system, independent from the old one. Nobody stole anyone’s money, the bankers failed investors who deposited money by choice in Europe, not just in Iceland. These investors are victims of the great world banking and corporate financial fiasco! The Iceland story is the story of a small independent country, which is managed by the people who re-wrote their own constitution to make sure they will never be in that position again, and they are doing better than any other European country. Like I said previously we can learn something from this.
          YES for Scotland no to politicians Scotland out of Europe.

  24. Dr JM Mackintosh

    Another great article, Derek.

    When Murphy leaves Westminster to stand for the Scottish Parliament there should be a concerted attempt to defeat him and kick him out of Scottish politics for good.

    Hopefully the egger will be identified as one of his henchmen or some other nutter but hopefully nothing to do with the YES campaign. (wings are on the case!).

    Murphy really is a pathetic individual – what does he expect tramping around the country and winding people up on their own streets.

    • If the people of Scotland vote for independence next month, I can see Murphy, and plenty of other LibLabCon dross in Scotland keeping their British citizenship and continuing their gravy-train-riding, er, political careers, here in England. We already have to suffer people like Micky Gove and Malky Rifkind having Westminster seats because they won’t win seats in Scotland in a hurry.

  25. Just listened to Jim Murphy on Newsdrive on iplayer. The man should be given an Oscar for self-deception. He shouted over Derek McKay of SNP and then Jim said very piously at the end we would all get on better if we didn’t shout at each other. Jim must be hoping we’re all as daft as he clearly thinks we are.

  26. For the record:-

    Archbishop Cushley said:

    “I encourage you, in the light of Catholic social teaching,
    carefully to consider the issues and to do your civic duty on the day itself.
    No matter the result of the Referendum,
    I would hope that all Catholics will continue to engage positively in public discourse,
    and ensure that the Christian message and its values
    are better expressed and understood, to the benefit of the whole community.
    By doing so, our beloved land will be a more just, peaceful and prosperous place for all its citizens. “

    While in Glasgow:-

    Archbishop Tartaglia commented:

    “The Scottish Independence Referendum is now just a short time away.
    Along with the Bishops of Scotland,
    who are deeply conscious of the importance of this referendum,
    I encourage and urge all those eligible to vote
    to do so with complete freedom of choice
    and in accordance with their prayerful judgment of what is best for the future.
    May God guide us and bless us in whatever choice we make in good conscience.”

    • manandboy

      Thanks for that.
      I understand now, I think. Rose was just sneering at Catholics and Catholic bishops in particular.

  27. I think of him as a bit of a swanker. No ……. swanker!

  28. You have called the man out. Isn’t the word: agent provocateur?

  29. Would a ripe tomato have been more acceptable?

  30. I was at school wi Kearney during the day. Aw these wee boys resident at
    the pedrophile St joe’s college for future pedros…(think father ted )

    Sent aff by fanatical zealot maws., that allowed pervos tae violate their sons, and fk them up.

    Faith of our fathers…Aye fkn right!

    The priests and nuns. All vicious nasty brutal scumbags.

    Anti-Scottish, but provo lovers.

    I remember them stinking the class oot, and smelling of pish.

    Nae mair god/skyfairy bollox for me as a 15 year old.


  31. I asked Muphy a question in Kirkcaldy (didnt wear a yes badges) about the actual number of jobs that would be lost in Faslane in the event of a no vote, this wee gray weasel standing next to me (wearing a no badge) says well done pal, thinking I was on their side, but Murphy smelling a rat just took me line and just started ranting about defence as a whole, I was forced to then shout (really noisy) is Jackie Baillie wrong about 11.000 then? since there are only 450 car parking spaces at Faslane,
    Weasle man next to me says “I thought you were one o them ya b*********

    It was ugly there,
    a woman who was clearly well off (carrying a mercedes umbrella and well dressed ) along with her husband made a point of pushing yes people about, the woman poked my wife with her umbrella and cut her finger, she made the assumption my wife was a yesser based on her persona because we both went there sans badges to ensure if we got a word it we couldnt be accused of being part of a coordinated campaign (which we genuinely wern’t), but after saying my peice and witnessing the scuffling and anger in the crowd, I got my wife out of there, (not at all steady on her feet) she still nevertheless managed to politely advise Merceded umberella woman that if she poked her with umbrella again she would be getting it surgically removed at the vic all the while said with a beutific smile on her face,

    I am proud of my wife.

  32. in another exchange ,again my wife had, was with the Murphy entourage who along with her, all too sheter in an empty shop doorway, this point is important because the person she spoke to (suit, English) was cleary a murphy facilitator who dissapeared soon after the start of the melee (possibly going to prime the egg man?)but anyway, this genius assuming he was among freinds started talking about the miners who accordinbg to him “caused there own demise and were totally to blame for the destruction of the mining industry in Scotland”,

    my wife laid in about the 30 something whippersnapper and let him have both barrels about how during the miners strike the support of the wider public in Fife was 100% behind the miners and it wouldnt be a good idea to go around spouting his revisionist version of history.

    She told him I was a product of Norman Tebbits advice to “get on your bike” and all the time the strike was on (and for many years after) I spent my time in England sending money back home and she then passed on as much as she could afford for the miners strike fund to feed them and let them have a few pounds to heat their homes,
    to this day if my wife went into a pub (not that we do ) she wouldn’t be allowed to buy a drink.

  33. ‘one o them’? Who’s them?

    Charming wee individual.

    ‘They’ do so love their social division and daily dose of mindless hatred don’t ‘they’.

    This is the product of dehumanising politics which your average Westminster party mouthpiece revels in. Divide and manipulate, dehumanise your opposition and you’re free to do whatever you want to them. Vile, simply vile strategy.

    Not for much longer JD. 😉

  34. This ‘protestor’ must be the first protestor ever to protest against , well nothing. No rallying call, no name calling, just blithely walked up, broke an egg on his shoulder and calmly walked away. Something stinks and it’s not the eggs.

    I listened to Kaye Adams yesterday. Mr Salmond certainly turned the tables on the ranter who was demanding he resign if it’s a No vote.He also showed up how little understanding of the electoral system and a manifesto pledge appears to mean to some people. As for the guy from Elgin , if he was so sure of his facts , why did he need to keep shouting louder and louder?
    I thought Kaye Adam was very poor. There is a time to let people speak , sometimes giving themselves enough rope and there is a time to at least try to conduct a programme in a civilised manner. Perhaps the man was taking his cue from Kaye’s overly aggressive tone?
    What was very interesting though was this was conservative Scotland ( with a small c) on the line ( with the exception of one or two). This was the ‘can’t have the neighbours talking’, that we all know and love, yet when feeling their getting pushed out their comfort zone, yell and shout and stamp their feet just as much as the next one. In fact the only difference between sweary boy on Thursday and shouty proud Scots but was at least what he said was the truth.

  35. I wonder if Sincerity Jim managed to charge the eggs to expenses.

  36. A few weeks ago, my local MP Pete Wishart described an incident in the House of Commons near the voting lobbies, where he was taking a note of Labour MPs who were voting in support of some Tory-inspired welfare policy or other. He was approached and confronted by Jim Murphy, who proceeded to shout aggressively and repeatedly into his face, “Fuck off, fuck off …”

    It seems Murphy has now transposed this thuggish attitude and behaviour out onto the hustings, so to speak. Quite a contrast to the oily measured tones he adopts when being interviewed by tame presenters on radio and television.

  37. A real conviction politician would have taken the egging in his stride and carried on heroically, all the way to Glasgow. Even YES supporters would have grudgingly admired him for it and BT-MSM would have turned him into a hero for the cause. A real opportunity presented itself. Sadly, Jim Murphy had no stomach for it and used the incident as an excuse to make a hasty retreat. That was his big chance and the coward blew it.

    • Yes Luigi, you make a good point. When I was little political meetings could become heated, and did the Riot Act not get read at the Mound?
      As for Murphy, he is man of little talent it seems, who has “risen without trace” being a political placeman such as appear in most political parties.

  38. Fascinating though it is to examine the antics of Murphy and co, let’s remember that this is what he wants. He is just a louder, more aggressive troll than the blogosphere version.

    Let’s just keep on with our positive message for Scotland. More and more people are getting the message, despite the MSM and political smokescreens from the Brit Imperials such as Murphy, Alexander squared et al. I always thought that Al had a problem anyway 😉

    Remember the key rule when dealing with trolls “Don’t feed them, ignore them!” 🙂

  39. As religion is being mentioned

    I Emailed BBC morning call phoned texted am a persistent bugger
    To ask if Douglas Alexander would confirm or deny as he stated at tbe church of Scotland assembly
    ‘Yes Scotland subsidizes UK’
    It was not asked

    He was allowed to tell a pensioner
    There pension in a independent Scotland was uncertain

    That the navy do not buy complex ships from out with Uk
    Last warship was bought from Norway
    Ok its a icebreaker
    But no shipbuilder here could build because its ‘complex’
    Just as Clyde is only shipyard capable of building new frigates
    Its utter lies
    And the beeb let him
    Its the pensioners who will deliver a No

    • Royal Fleet auxiliaries being built in Korea are not considered “Royal Navy”.
      “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”
      I suppose the Westminster Government consider this to be sound advice rather then an absurdity from a children’s fantasy?

  40. YES maybe Salmond should come out and assure our mothers and fathers that their pensions will be safe in iScotland. I would like similar assurances that my parents and yours who fought for the UK, set up the welfare state including NHS and paid into the grand kitty their whole working lives, will be shafted no more. They are the generation who have paid the biggest price in terms of the care they can expect in their old age. Having paid into the system his whole life, spent 21 years in the signals core, worked his way up and left the army a captain. My step-father then went on to set up telecommunications in the North sea for a well known, recently disgraced oil company, got sick of training ‘wet behind the ears’ posh graduates to do his job for almost twice the wage he secured. He took early retirement, got Parkinsons and now all of his savings are dwindling to pay the care home costs. This generation thought they were saving to leave something to their families, happy in the knowledge that they had ‘looked after’ us. My step-father now sits fretting over what will happen to us the next generation, with little or no inheritance to claim, apologising over the mess our country is in. This is ‘old school’ caring.
    YES to Scotland no to all politicians.

  41. I still can not figure how or why Jim Murphy’s close protection officers from the Met / SPS let someone get this close. (The close protection officers are the ones with the ear pieces and are probably packing a 9mm Walther or Browning pistol who are assigned to all UK Ministers current and past)

    Nor after Yes Kirkcaldy circulated pictures of the actual culprit why the local police have not caught the guy.

    Then there is the point the egg was not ‘thrown’, it was deliberately broken on Jim’s back – just what did the close protection officers ‘know’ to let this guy get too close – if it had been a knife Jim could well be dead by now.

    When at Dartmouth I got to know one of the Duke of Pork’s close protection officer’s and he was never more than ten yards from the prince. The only reason the Duke of Pork could play hockey was because one of his Met CPO’s played and hockey playing seniors like myself were briefed how to protect ‘Pork’ under the Met officer’s command, if required.

    This is what raised the question in my mind – just what were Murphy’s CPO’s doing?

    • I asked a similar question on the Herald. No one responded – surprise, surprise.

      It stinks of some kind of set-up, but by whom, I don;t know. This guy’s face has been plastered all over the news and social media, but not been named yet? Pull the other one. He’s known by someone, but I’ll be surprised if we find out before the 18th.

  42. Jim Murphy’s suggestion that there is any concerted effort on the part of the YES campaign to silence him fails on two fairly obvious counts.
    His shoutey activities from his ginger crates have been shown to be spectacularly unsuccessful in that the main component in his “crowds” are from his own bus and
    His efforts are seen to be almost wholly unproductive.
    Why would anyone want to silence him?.

  43. I’ve just read the Daily Comic, oops Daily Record..(I only buy it on Saturday’s for the racing pages..HONEST) My gut reaction during reading screamed ‘set up’ and lo and behold cleverly hidden at the very end was..
    ‘ A police spokesman said “We sent an email to Mr Murphy’s office to say that whilst no complaint had been received, we were asking him to get in touch.
    So far we have not had a response”.

    I may be biased but to me that suggests diplomatic speak for
    “We know what your game is Jim lad. Cut it out or you’re getting done for wasting police time”.

  44. Why no arrest of the egg-back-slapper. His face is all over the place in photos. Has Jim Murphy made an official complaint to have the perpetrator charged? If not why not?

  45. Probably, the truth is that “Lurch” Murphy jist “coodny be arsed” wi’ his 100 towns tour promise and was sick and tired of being confronted by a series of wee Scottish wummin comin’ up and askin’ him aw sortsa “stupid” and awkward questions like “Why are you a Tory noo, son”? However, re- the “Scrambled-Egg-Gate” scandal” – in my experience, if someone is unhappy enough to “lob” an egg, they usually let one know why they’ve decided to sacrifice “a negg piece” – or omelette, in favour of cracking one over one’s nut! Perhaps, now, he can get back to representing his “natural Tory constituency” (according to Sally Magnusson) where voting New Labour is the “acceptable and respectable way” of voting Conservative. Ah well, stranger things have happened – from membership of Revolutionary Communist Party, to becoming New Labour MP for the “naturally Tory” Eastwood constituency? Well, there’s always our “light-touch” Darling and his “Hail, the Scottish Workers’ Republic “to compete – no?!

  46. It’s not a criminal act to gather to listen to someone on a soapbox or crate. I think you are getting mixed up with folk gathering to protest which is certainly not the same.

    We are no police state!

    • YES it is – if the police say it is! The criminal justice act was legislated by Thatcher, to stop protest whether it’s peaceful or not with the police making the decision to intervene. This causes problems with article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights: Freedom of Assembly and Association, where it was identified that in Britain

      ‘Public order legislation is complex, overbroad and risks eroding the right to peaceful protest’.
      Suggesting these as the reasons for the risk;

      “The police have a vast range of statutory and common law powers and duties in relation to the policing of protest. However there are questions about the impact of overbroad legislation on the ability of police to manage peaceful protest effectively.’ because;-
      ‘The review shows that:
      • The police do not adequately understand their powers and duties.
      • The police do not always strike the appropriate balance between the rights
      of different groups involved in peaceful protest.
      • Introducing more legislation may unnecessarily expand police powers and
      have a negative impact on the right to protest.
      • Protests in and around parliament are subject to a restrictive
      authorisation regime.
      • Counter-terrorism powers to proscribe organisations are too broad and
      may interfere with Article 11 rights of non-violent organisations.”
      (I have quoted directly from;
      Do you see the problem Mogabee? Have you ever been in a peaceful protest where people have been arrested for shouting their slogan? This depends solely on the police attending whether to take violent action against peaceful protesters or not – and now that they carry guns….

  47. That was obviously a reply to Jack!

  48. Steve Bowers 74% win

    Excellent article Derek, some great comments too

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