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Enjoy the leaders’ debate? Still mulling it over? Have a listen to the views of Women for Independence members Susan Stewart and Ann Ballinger who are expressing what many of us were thinking. Is Darling connected to the Scottish working class? Does Labour know what it’s doing?

How easy was it for Salmond to squash him with simple questions? Had Better Together learned nothing fromDarlings recent appearances when he has failed to answer THE QUESTION which is what new powers will we get?

Have a listen at batemanbroadcasting.com….

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8 thoughts on “Podcast Latest

  1. I’ve just listened to the podcast and I am ‘astonished’ that some of Susan Stewart’s friends thought that there were still unanswered questions after the debate between AS and AD and they are still undecided – they thought it was too shouty – deary me, bedroom tax, new WMD, privatisation of the health service and their poor ears were hurt.

    Just how much information do these people need. Darling was found to have lied about the £, found out to have attended a private dinner with private health care providers and couldn’t answer the question on how many poor children, disabled folk had been put there by coalition policies supported by Labour.

    If they can’t make up their minds after that, when will they?

  2. @ Liz These are not people who will change in the short term. The “not enough information” retort is a false objection. If you provide them with information, then there will be another concern. Cognitive dissonance is what these people have. They have accepted the Brit Imperial line for so long that any challenge to it disturbs their world view. It would take some time for them to come to terms with the need to re-examine their beliefs and value structures. This is not normally something that can be achieved in a short time.

    It could be worth giving them the Wee Blue Book, but don’t be surprised if they are “too busy” to read it. Just keep on campaigning with people who genuinely need access to data, such as those not on the web, like a friend I met today, who will soon have his own copy of the WBB, 🙂

    • Now i completly agree with you there Bill.

      Anyone who says they are DKers are kidding themselves on. Make a decision for goodness sake , the fate of our country is at stake and your still unsure ????

      Food banks -bedroom tax- lowest pensions anywhere- disabled being abused daily- families , many with workers in them , unable to feed and heat their homes- austerity and cuts to the poor wage rises for the politicians and tax breaks for the rich- pedophiles kept from prosecution by the elite , expense scandals


      Folk like you will leave MY country broken and used with nothing for our future children. You will take away my country and replace it with a region in another country to use our resources to finance illegal wars and to continually lie that my countrymen/women are subsidy junkies.

      Make a decision , even if it’s a no vote. Because if you need anymore info then your a liar who can’t look up things for yourself and it might be better for you as WM can make all your decisions for you.

  3. With you totally, Liz………..and please keep spirits UP, Derek. No depressing chat for me!

  4. Steve Asaneilean

    The call for “more information” is just a smoke screen. Thereis more information out there on this political process/decision than there has been fro any such process/decision – ever.
    Those who moan like this don’t actually want more information. What they want is confirmation of their pre-conceived ideas and beliefs. They also want to legitimise their own cognitive dissonance.

  5. What carrot and what stick will be used in September by Westminster if the vote is ‘no’? I think they’ll offer an oil fund based on savings made to the block grant which can only be used for buying milk and honey. In other words we’ll pay for it anyway and it’ll be for buying things we don’t need.

    Also, Westminster would get rid of Barnett and tie in funding to ideological demands eg a percentage of funding will need to be spent on the private sector (in the NHS).

  6. Pleased to report that at least some of these friends have moved to yes as a result of the execrable No video and women for indpendence’s follow up today. Sorry for depressing anyone; it was a very small part of the podcast and happened to also be an accurate reflection of what many of my undecided, non political women friends were saying. I always find it best to try and understand where they’re coming from in order to have a better chance of convincing them to vote yes.

  7. The issue for many DK’s is probably not about information but about love.

    They might ask themselves ‘ Do I Love Scotland ?’

    And if not, or are not sure,

    then they ought to start now –

    and vote YES.

    Then let them say to themselves with ballot paper in hand,

    ‘ I love my country,


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