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This week’s programme from batemanbroadcasting brings two contrasting characters together. The academic, author and broadcaster Professor Murray Pittock of Glasgow University has a life-long interest in the national question and wrote The Road to Independence? which is a lively account of the origins of the movement and which he updated ahead of the referendum. He is an authority on the constitutional question with unrivalled understanding of the history and culture of home rule. He has keen insights into the progress of the campaign and is both optimistic and critical of aspects. His series on Radio Four dealing with the story of the movement was a critical success. His analysis is invaluable.


He is joined by Kate of Caskie of Women for Independence, as lively a voice as you’ll hear and whose zest is a reminder that politics need not be as dull as Better Together would like. Have a listen for the other gems in this package which is at, is in the iTunes store and on our Twitter ID which is bateman_podcast. Let us know what you think. Happy listening….

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6 thoughts on “Radio Latest

  1. Evening Derek, I just wanted your opinion on this…

    Do you think that the cut off point of the gents statement was just a further ‘oops sorry’ moment… or deliberate?

    Someone on Wings suggested that the conclusion of the statement could have been something like; “In Scotland it will be much harder to do business [cut here] for fracking companies that demand the absolute right to frack drill anywhere in Scotland.”

    Do you still think that the BBC is not really biased… just not very good?

  2. Excellent show Derek. Murray Pittock’s historical analysis was fascinating to listen to – and it was a revelation to hear him explain why politics always trumps law, something I hadn’t thought consciously about before.

    Your podcasts are proving far more interesting and diverse than the tired old hackneyed tv formula’s used by your old employers.

  3. Margaret Brogan

    There is no link to the broadcast, May I have one please?

  4. Thanks, OM&M. Heard it at last. (You must remember, Derek, that folk of my generation are usually more at home just turning on the radio…….though there are the exceptions!) Anyway, yet again I found your programme extremely interesting. Please, though, if you ever plan to interview anyone advocating unionism, give plenty of warning before hand. I have great difficulty listening to their dreary repeats. So depressing. I like to look towards a bright future for my grandchildren and a last cheerful few years for myself!

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