imagesI think it’s time to thank all of you who have contributed to the wine club the last few months. The banking cycle has one more turn before the referendum and I owe it to you to say that you not only provided much needed funds – for Beaujolais, Rhone and Burgundy –but a morale boost for the blog.

It began to feel like a community as the names appeared month after month and some of you have been regular posters on the blog too sharing reactions and ideas and making it one of the best places for interesting debate. I have at times been stunned by the level of knowledge and understanding displayed by people with genuine experience of complex subjects.

Sometimes when things don’t go so well and there is so much hostility, it’s heartening to remember than whatever the situation, there are people of commitment out there who remain friends – of the Yes project and of myself.

Red wine pouring into a wine glass.

As for me, I plan to carry on after September. It’s become clear there will be big issues to thrash out win or lose. I’m going to a meeting in Edinburgh next week to discuss a constitution, to one in Biggar examining how the Yes movement can continue afterwards, and I’ll be appearing at the Fringe to debate a new media. Meantime I’m being interviewed – again – by the non mainstream media this week. So interest is high, the new media needs us all to stay true and even if we don’t get a Yes, the aftermath will be gripping – especially what happens to the ghost of the Labour Party. So I’ll still be here. I may branch out into other areas – consumerism and online art are two possibilities. You’re all welcome to continue with me. For us this isn’t a campaign. It’s a cause. So I’m staying focussed and determined and optimistic. Thanks for travelling with me this far. Hold on to those Wine Club cards – they may come in handy!


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28 thoughts on “Merci

  1. Lost my card but am glad to be supporting you. Also supporting Referendum TV so I hope that keeps going too.

  2. Should add really enjoyed the YouTube video with Billy Kaye and the discussion with Kevin McKenna and Maurice Smith. More like this please.

  3. My Wine Club card is a treasured possession, keep up the wonderful work you are doing, you’re a great asset to the Yes campaign. By the way, I loved the Scotsman letter, but you’ll need to learn to let go a bit, you were far too restrained. 😉

  4. Feel guilty as a wine club member in not posting more … but I echo Stuart above, keep up the wonderful work – you are a great asset to the Yes campaign.

  5. Derek, I for one will stay with you, you are an island of common sense amid the storm of the MSM and broadcasters. Love your interviews and blog.

    Look forward to seeing you as a main player in an Independant Scotland’s media.

  6. You’re a not to be missed in the daily trawl across t’internet.

  7. Steve Asaneilean

    You said it Derek – win or lose this is just the beginning. We need to create a different society. This is just the start and September 18th is most definitely not the end. Keep this blog and Bateman Broadcasting going – my sanity needs them.

  8. Winemopper! Whit’s up wi’ Plan B: malt whisky, fitting for the occasion?

  9. I have really enjoyed your blog immensely and wouldn’t want it to stop! Ever! You have provided some of the sharpest analysis around, and as you have intimated, the real fun starts on September 19th, win or lose. You are a first class journalist and our journey to self-discovery and reconstitution of our nation is only just beginning so please keep on and we will stay with you!

    Many thanks.

  10. Your blog is unmissable for me and it lifted my spirits today to read that you will be continuing whatever , I look forward to the new Scotland !

  11. I too would like to add my thanks for all your excellent work and searching analysis. I will definitely be with you going forward irrespective of the outcome on September 18th.

  12. Always enlightening, informative, balanced and fair. I only wish my NO voting friends read your articles. … More importantly ….. how do I get a wine club card?

  13. Sláinte 🙂

  14. Derek,
    It can’t stop now , no matter what the outcome on 18th Sept. The momentum is self evident. Many of us experienced the disappointment of 1979 and the depression of the thatcher years but the desire for real democracy in our country continued and grew stronger year by year and it won’t stop – there’s too much appetite for more of what we’ve all experienced over the last two years as this movement has grown.

  15. Hi Derek,

    Is it possible to give a one-off donation? I’ve been temporarily laid off, and won’t be in work again till mid September. I’ve got a bit of money set aside which I have donated to various off-shoots from the Yes campaign, and I’ve given one-off donations to other sites (Bella, RefTV). But I can’t afford to set up a direct debit. Could you tell me how I could give you a donation? I just want to show my appreciation for your journalism! … I used to wake up to you in the mornings before school, so I get an extra dose of enjoyment when listening to your broadcasts 🙂

  16. Hey hey hey, what’s this win or lose? Many many people are awake now,many have started our journey of self discovery. Maybe we are all at different stages but we now all know that given a chance ( CWG) our country and people can shine, we have talent in abundance ( Derek, Wee Ginger Dug, Stewart Campbell plus dozens of others) who can write as eloquently and with more clarity than what we have been spoonfed for years.
    There are musicians and poets and plays and music and feisty aspirational children and folk with sharp economic brains and people with heart who get up everyday and make us stay in this amazingly beautiful country.
    Now with so many people awake , we are already creating a different country.

    In Italy, some villages have a week of celebration for the good things in life. Believe it or not a week to celebrate Trout can be a fun thing with excellent food/dancing and music.
    Here in Scotland next year, we should celebrate (maybe not a week) of the wine club but celebrate the good things in life, like wine ( obviously) being awake and the future. I hear someone in Fife is already trying to grow grapes AND they are growing , so why not , any things possible !
    Thank you Derek

    • I agree. Timid fearties blethering oan about wine ffks!. like a wee Mrs Cholmondely’s tea and scones gatheriing in a Comrie wummins book club.

      Wtf!. Negativity. black clouds.

      Referendum looming fainthearts and auld dearies……………


      Chap the doors, for a yes vote instead..

      Time for wine n cheese on the 19th..


  17. Well said Derek , as usual.

    Your the first to state that your staying online after the referendum and thats a real blessing. My hope is a YES vote and the blog can mature with the new status of our country. The referendum has been such a success so far because of the online and ground work of YES supporters getting the truth out there whilst the MSM twist and distort everything. Your blog , as well as the Batemen Broadcasts are the very best of whats on offer online and there are many brilliant blogs.

    Relief that we won’t lose you. And very proud to be here to comment.

    “Tough Love” The most emotional and moving piece ever, IMHO . I read that and was physically shaking afterwards. Words can indeed be mightier than the sword. That was me hooked . And i intend to hang around a lot longer too.

    It’s happened a few times by yourself, other blogs and the commenters . What a wealth of talent we have.

    Thanks for sharing Derek

  18. A daily visit is always a must. Analysis, sane conversational interviews and pointed commentary. Doesn’t get any better. Though a malts club might be an idea. 🙂

  19. Joy to hear you won’t be deserting us after indyref Yessers in it together! you’re 1 of my hero’s and I was lucky to be part of the audience with your audience in ‘Conversation with Alex Salmond’ at Kilmarnock college. I managed to get both yours and the F.M.s to autograph my copy of Scotland’s Future.Big thanks!

  20. If there’s one glaring lesson from this campaign it is the corrupt state of the media in the UK. The 4th estate seems to have self immolated in a hysterical battle to shore up tne union. We need a 5th estate and your contribution towards developing tnat has been entertaining and enlightening. More power to you elbow!

  21. Sites like this must continue post referendum. Newspapers and television news have both lost all credibility – piss on their prejudice.

  22. Derek, you are going nowhere. You will not be allowed to go anywhere. Post 19 September you will be one of the mainstay voices in an independent Scotland, one that we can trust and rely on to speak for Scotland. So put that in yer wineglass. 😀

    Thank you for all your hard work, your commitment, your determination to speak out and above the general quacking of the mainstream media. There will be a reckoning post-independence and those in the media who have failed in their duty to present a balanced view will not be required. That will leave very large gaps that people of your high calibre and integrity will fill. 🙂

  23. The whole of the MSM is discredited and exposed by this referendum. I also remember the 1979 referendum but I feel that any disappointment at the outcome of that, will be as nothing to the huge effect that a No would have in September. Even more people than in 1979 will be conscious that the result would, in effect, have been stolen, this time not by a political trick but by the outright and undemocratic support of the MSM who have displayed a shocking bias in their warped and one-sided reportage. They have acted like a vast PR campaign for the No campaign.

    No matter the result, a large number of people will have had revealed to them that media reporters and presenters had clear political allegiances and that they used their power to communicate with the public to influence opinion. Nothing new in that, but the wall of noise coming from the presentation of a No argument has drowned out any fair discourse. Newspapers have always had their own political agenda but the BBC is supposedly mandated to be impartial. I don’t know how things will transpire in the media world when such a substantial proportion of the educated and politically engaged has been so alienated.

    One thing which has emerged – which is different form 1979 – is that people like yourself, Derek, and others who host sites of reportage, opinion and discussion, have opened up a new avenue of communication – our very own samizdat – for which we are grateful. It is obvious that we will continue to need people like you and Wee Ginger Dug, Bella and Newsnet no matter the result. I don’t know what will happen to the traditional media after that, but they have lost trust. I lost trust in the BBC many years ago and it appears that many others now feel the same. Perhaps such a political awakening was necessary and it was also time that we had a new means of looking at the world. So, please do carry on Derek.

  24. Merci or mercy, Derek.

    The opinion polls would suggest the latter.


    In the highly unlikely event of a YES vote I will accept the will of the Scottish people and work to make our country a fairer and better place as a separate country.

    Judging by the comments above it looks like there are many in the YESnp campaign who, if the vote goes against them, are set to reject the will of the Scottish people.

    Which is a pity.

    Yours for Scotland!


    • Well well well. After the seemingly never ending negative, pessimistic and sometimes nonsensical comments, at last Grahamski now seems to acknowledge the possibility of a YES Vote.
      Keep doing the research my man. You’ll come to the right conclusion in time

  25. Derek,
    I was hoping you would carry on no matter what the result of the referendum will be, and I hope you will carry on letting me post my rants!
    I think the matter of Scotland’s independence has found new adherents and it is not going away. In the sixties, here I go again and I did see Hendrix at Green’s Playhouse, there was less support than there is now. I used to be shocked at the looks of fear in people’s eyes when I mentioned the subject. In the course of the current debate, I’ve been surprised to hear people of all age groups, now, expressing their support for the return of this country’s freedom. I am sure it will come.
    Bon Santé.

  26. Derek, I would like to email you something I have written. Can you contact me? Many thanks.

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