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The very latest from batemanbroadcasting.com appears tonight. Listen now or catch up over the weekend. It’s relaxing stuff because we just don’t rush it. Instead we let the conversation flow and – our unique selling point –  we let the interviewees speak. This is a Jim Naughtie-free zone. We have our discussion on the aftermath of the Salmond-Darling debate with Maurice, myself and Kevin McKenna who tonight cannot believe his jammy luck as Celtic stay in the Champions League. It has been available for a couple of days now. But added to that we have Maurice Smith’s packaged report on an evening with both camps watching the debate in the home of a well-know Labour figure. (I’m told the house is vast and is located deep underground on the south side of Glasgow protected by high tech electronic equipment  and muscular guards in gleaming outfits).

angus bremner2

One of the joys of being both the presenter and the power behind the programme – as the team know me – is that I get to speak to some of my favourite people. One of them is Ayrshire’s Bill Kay, long since a Tayside emigre, who encapsulates everything a good Scotsman should be. Billy Loves Scotland. I know we all say that but it shines from his eyes and forms the words in his mouth as he relates tales of our history and the great characters who made it. Some people think of him as only a Scottish voice because of his programmes and books about us and our language but he is for me the embodiment of our country in that he is not what he seems at all. He is a true internationalist who speaks different languages, married a Portuguese and can relate stories of how Scots made their mark across the world. He is also a wonderful broadcaster with a voice people like me would die for. If it were a taste it would gently warmed armagnac. And he gifted me a signed copy of his book Knee Deep in Claret. And me a Burgundy man! I ask him what a Yes vote would mean for him and he has one word – Joy!


Listen and enjoy. it’s at batemanbroadcasting.com and, as special treat (note the irony here) it’s also on video so can see one of my programmes being made. Billy is the good looking one.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QjW0WYAfyk


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8 thoughts on “A Great Scot – Listen AND Watch

  1. Billy is a cultural gem. Pity out our rich culture and history does not figure in this Referendum debate, except for ignorant Hootsmon loyalists, who made utter fools of themselves attacking a Billy Kay article

  2. Apologies for squeezing in a bit of blatant promotion here… we have Billy, Mary Ann Kennedy, Louise Batchelor and Brian Munro speaking at our event in Strathpeffer Community Centre on Tuesday 12th at 6.30pm. Should be a great night.


    Back on topic, I would agree Billy has one of the great broadcasting voices but Derek is no half bad either. If you become persona non grata at the BBC does that get you blackballed from other broadcasters too? As otherwise I cannot imagine why you have not been invited to appear elsewhere.

  3. cynicalHighlander

    As ever a joy to listen as is Tommy Sheridan.

  4. Margaret Brogan

    This is so good, who needs currency union! The politicians should listen and learn that, as in Denmark and other smaller countries, the people are the greatest resource.

  5. Billy Kay is a special human being. Thank you, Derek, for an exceptionally enjoyable programme.

  6. A particularly fine programme Derek, thank you. Who had heard of Scots-Italian fascist picnics in the Meadows way back in the day?!

  7. Dr JM Mackintosh

    You are both Great Scots.
    An excellent interview – your broadcasts are the highlight of my day.

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