Post Mortem (Corpse Twitches)

Looking for some honest, no-punches-pulled analysis of the debate? Can you take it? Listen to me in conversation with Glasgow journalist Maurice Smith who watched the event at the home of a Labour luminary and Kevin McKenna of the Observer.


We go back over the format, the performances, the content, the hits and the gaffes with critical reviews of both Salmond and Darling. Who got it right and who got it wrong. How do we explain the snap polling showing a heavy swing to Yes by the Don’t Knows and what should happen at the next debate? There are lessons to be learnt and advice for both sides. Sit back and listen at your leisure. It’s at It’s available on iTunes. And you can follow at bateman_podcast. Let me know your views and I’ll put ‘em up. Remember, the party leaders listen here too!

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10 thoughts on “Post Mortem (Corpse Twitches)

  1. Evening,

    Here is my tuppence worth. 18 Mins in, I have to agree with McKenna, if Better Together did start putting forward a positive case for the Union, even now they would be able to persuade some of the undecided to vote no. There are those who are turned off by the negativity of Better Together and find themselves going to ‘Yes’ just because they have a positive vision. A positive vision for the union would have them moving back to ‘No’ very quickly.

    I wouldn’t agree that making a personal attack on Darling regarding house flipping would strengthen the case for Independence. It would just be absorbed into the general population shrug of ‘they were all at it’. We did the expense scandal and the duck houses to death. The people who were going to get annoyed about this already are.

    I would however agree that a more ‘gladiatorial’ discussion should be had. Not loosing the rag or talking over one another but pithy observations perhaps? Having a smart answer is in our DNA and few of us can resist either to make a cheeky retort or repeat a good one we have heard.

    Pensions was an opportunity, not only to point out the damage to pensions for working class people made by the Labour Chancellor Gordon Brown but also to point out to those voting ‘No’ because of uncertainty, that Independence does not have exclusive rights to an uncertain future. With our minority representation in the UK Parliament and the absence of a written constitution, our ability to mitigate UK wide policy (tuition fees, under-occupancy penalty) is based on the goodwill of the rest of the UK Parliament. Sounds a bit uncertain to me.

    I think for those looking to have a majority vote for independence on the 18th they will need to make the undecideds aware that remaining part of the UK guarantees nothing, that if they are experiencing a reasonable lifestyle at the moment that is in part to Scotland not operating as a region but having a devolved parliament with limited powers and finally, that after voting ‘No’ and loosing our best card how successful do they think Scotland will be able to mitigate the next horror the current UK Government wishes to unleash? Fracking anyone?

  2. interesting listening

    yes I can understand why they are training him not to look smug, however training all the fire out a scott is not going to do us any favours, going for the jugular and then not smiling would have been a better tactic

    3 times in the debate A.S. moved from behind the lectrum to deliver to the audience, it was a very stage managed performance and showed as such.

    Why not mention our other currency option, well each of them does have a negative which will be pounced on by BT, so part of me understands why A.S. will not state them, however the people are asking – making it clear before stating the other options that the reason they are your plan B,C,D is because they whould hurt both Scotland and England might lesson the BT attack

    Currency union – considering 2 options have been laid out for the amount of debt we will shoulder and to avoid the we won’t pay anything – would have thought a better line would have been to state we will only shoulder our fiscal balance of debt if we don’t get sterling, think it’s between 40-60 billion

    Middle class voters voting no, true but then someone better enlighten them to the fact that it is impossible to keep squeezing the poor (you can only remove so much money from each sector or you will end up with multiple cases of starvation, death etc). So the middle classes are next in line for paying for austerity over the next 10 years (it is already stealthily begun)

    Felt that A.S. started his questioning very weak, but thankfully managed to pull it back

    Given that if we stay the Barnett formula will be scrapped at a cost to the Scottish budget of 4 billion.

    “At this moment in time we will not be ”
    “It’s not on the horizon at this moment”

    is political speak for as soon as you vote no it will be the time and the horizon will be right under your feet.

    What does free university education cost each year 500 milliom ?
    Free Prescriptions 70 million ?
    Poll tax freeze 500 million, managed to find that one

    so just think what a cut of 5 billion will do – it will utterly wipe out the above and then some

    (god I so wish someone would do a pie chart giving us an idea of what the budget gets spent on, it allows people to envisage what the house of lords cost’s us, what nearly 1 billion of defence saving could cover)

    I honestly believe that Yes campaign has been very positive, but it may be time to highlight some of the negative if we stay

  3. Really enjoyed the broadcast Derek. Kevin McKenna always sounds as if he at least considers the question before answering and although Maurice ? Smith is a new voice to me enjoyed his contribution too.
    I see Referendum TV is starting today. The BBC really have missed a trick and it’s interesting to note how many of their former employees are still broadcasting quality just not for the BEEB.

  4. Agree. The BBC wants to control the news; not report it. The BBC’s Augean Stables will require a Herculean effort, post independence, to scour and flush clean. Perhaps the River Clyde could be . redirected through the portals of ‘Pacific Quay’ to fulfill this task?

  5. Enjoyed this broadcast and the insights from Kevin McKenna and Maurice Smith. This is a welcome relief from the general hysteria elsewhere in the media. It’s specially good to hear that AS appealed more to the undecideds in the debate. That, after all, is what he wants to do. Who cares about which currency we use? About 2% of voters (presumably all tories). How many times have we been told it’s the pound? Umpteen! Lookng forward to the next broadcast.

  6. Darling was a wreck. Couldn’t answer any questions. Got angry and all shouty, name calling and and finger jabbing. And he was exposed as a lying hypocrite when his recorded support for a CU was repeated to his loathsome pretend Scottish face. (he’s english not Scottish. Born and lives in London. Just another lie to try and con the ignorant masses)

    There is no way on this Earth that Darling won anything. it must be great to live in a free country where the entire media is not controlled by foreigners who hate the fact you exist.

  7. I enjoyed the broadcast and listening to the analysis.

    We know Scotland will use the pound one way or the other.

    The real issue to be decided is whether George Osborne is going to increase the debt burden, interest rates and taxes on rUK voters while keeping businesses happy with their additional transaction charges.

  8. great stuff Derek

    Great interviews and a nice relaxing way about the whole thing.

    Nice to hear we gained a few undecided. YES will win this time for sure. We have the people to thank and the many blogs that not only entertain us but educate us too You all deserve a medal or two but as we don’t do medals , only badges and stickers , a huge thanks is given . Still we will need guys like you for the new SBC and i might even buy a license too.

  9. Derek, what are you pageviews for these broadcasts? I’m not out to diss your effort, I’m just curious to know your reach. Wings reached record daily views and unique visitors after the debate and I didn’t hear it mentioned. So I wondered if you have seen an uptick of your figures on Bateman Broadcasting or iTunes as well.

  10. Top job broadcast.

    Journalism as it should be….. open and honest ….. congrats to all ….. you guys are going to be very much needed after the Yes vote in setting up our national media.

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