We Are World Class

I was in an international city at a world class facility expertly run with smart connections today to see a major sporting event. It didn’t seem like Glasgow but it was and when I stepped off the train at Dalmarnock, I thought I was in Berlin or Copenhagen, not the east end of the city.


About three years ago I turned up there on a rainy Thursday with a BBC film crew to show the rotting tenements and grubby streets that would be swept away for the Games. I made a mini movie for Newsnight and remember standing in a dark doorway, hat dripping water and picking up an empty Buckie bottle and using it my piece to camera to illustrate what level of social existence was the norm here. A cliché of course but nobody could disagree.

Today those streets are no more, erased and replaced with landscaped areas, clean streets and an astonishing full bhuna fuck-off sporting arena that blows your socks off. You now get a full-on view of the front of Celtic Park which adds lustre and with the sun shining and an army of helpers with quality food stalls, autobanks and merchandising, this is a serious top class venue and sports hub.


I was dead proud. I could get there by public transport through gleaming stations with enthusiastic helpful staff and inside the Emirates was cool, wide and family friendly.

We mingled with folk from Seychelles, Ghana, Malaysia and many from England. This felt like the Commonwealth Games should, in a real international centre.

All achieved under the Union.

Except that all those other countries are independent and I liked the section in Wikipedia… ‘No one government in the Commonwealth exercises power over the others as is the case in a political union’…in our case of course that is absolutely untrue…there is no other host nation which has power exercised over it by others – except us.

‘Rather, the relationship is one of an international organisation through which countries with diverse social, political, and economic backgrounds are regarded as equal in status and cooperate within a framework of common values and goals.’ Doesn’t that sound like the Union we should have? Equal, cooperative with common value and goals?

The Games are paid for by Scots…Scottish taxpayers and Glasgow taxpayers – Hang on! That’s me, I’m playing twice AND I bought the tickets….

London doesn’t contribute directly to any of it. So this is something we can do ourselves and get it right and do ourselves proud.


It is the inescapable concrete and living proof that this country can achieve. Can welcome and embrace. Succeed and enjoy. And pay the bills.

The SNP have shown we are already better off and would be about 14th wealthiest of the world’s countries. What stops us from moving on to the next stage? Ignorance is key. We really haven’t explained to Scots just how wealthy they are and how much better off they could be. It’s a no-brainer once you see the figures.

The people who campaign against releasing Scots from Westminster budgeting and planning to unleash our full potential are mostly from the elite who benefit from the current system.

The No campaign is run by former Labour spin doctors who will depart south when it’s over. This is a just a gig for them. As Rob Shorthouse, one of their staff said, this referendum for him is all about paying his mortgage.

Labour MPs and their Minnie-me MSP mates are getting fat from the gravy train. Alistair Darling has earned £250,000 in outside earnings by prostituting himself to the corporate world since the campaign began. (I suggest you read that figure again and work out how it relates to your income. Meanwhile the Member for Edinburgh South West fails to turn up for votes on policies towards the poor).

He lectures companies who want to privatise our health service, speaks for £10,000 a time to the finance houses who steal our money, he takes massive donations from people who run morally dodgy operations that hire known killers to do their business and who dodge their taxes.

He himself fiddled his expenses to pocket your money by flipping his houses four times. When he got caught he used your money to pay for a tax consultant. Knowing he was bang to rights he resigned from the Faculty of Advocates before they could find him guilty of bringing them into disrepute.

When Labour lost the election, his first thought was to sell the story. He did a deal with a publisher to make money from the downfall of the British economy and to blame others for the meltdown although he was the man in charge.

His loathing of Gordon Brown knows no bounds and it is reciprocated. Remember his wife Margaret quoted in the Guardian when Brown turned on Darling in yet another round of Labour internecine warfare…f***ing c**ts!! http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2010/feb/22/alistair-darling-maggie-darling-bullying

These are the people who want to stop Scots taking control and running their own country according to their own values not those of self-seeking troughers who use grace-and-favour homes to rip off the taxpayer and who sell themselves to the highest corporate bidder. Why isn’t an MP’s salary good enough for Darling to live on? Many of our fellow Scots rely on food banks to live including children so why does Alistair need a banker’s salary on top of his public earnings?

Comfortable with that, you Labour voters who read here but have no critique of your own? Want to get in touch and applaud Darling’s Blairesque crawling after business bucks? Think he’s entitled do you? Think it’s morally acceptable for a ‘Socialist’ to trouser vast sums when his constituents go hungry, lose their jobs and their homes? Can’t see how your Labour champion is just another self-seeking Tory loaded with cash, oblivious to working class needs and working hand-in-glove with UKIP and the BNP? Is that why you joined Labour? Darling is Cameron’s proxy – do any of you disagree – and will fight working class Scots to the death for his right to make money and stay in the British elite.

Darling and his chums are terrified of what might be about to happen, not because they care about you – no man earning the cash he does as extra earnings could care less about real voters – but what it means for him and his class. He might even have to get a real job although obviously not as a lawyer having had to resign from the Faculty to save his face.

This is a country that can be world class – Glasgow is showing how. But we need to take control from the selfish and the self-obsessed who see us as a meal ticket for a comfy life and who insult the intelligence and allegiance of real Labour people while they do so.

Come on, Scotland…the medal podium is waiting.


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84 thoughts on “We Are World Class

  1. Choo choo! Gravy train hitting the buffers at a station near you …. soon!

  2. Would the last Labour voter to disavow the No campaign, please switch off the lights at Blythswood Square on their way to the polling station. .

  3. World class piece Derek!

  4. Squirrel Towers

    Its astounding to me that people BELIEVE this man, this Westminster establishment…..The same politicians who are mired in so many levels of corruption, that has lied before to people in Scotland…..the self-same Westminster that hid the McCrone report. The Westminster that is currently selling exploration licences for new oil fields off Shetland, fraking licences for the central belt….when will people understand Scotland is wealthy and we can be a VERY sucessful country. …an
    English bird voting Yes…..

  5. First point I asked Darlings wife on Twitter who pays his BT Expenses was it the Tories OO or perhaps even BNP
    She assures me he does not get paid he does it pro bono I look forward to examining his Expenses because his type do nothing unless paid

    At Ibrox on Saturday for the Rugby 50 folk mixing drinking and cheering on the Underdog and the only unhappy guy there was the lad with the Rangers top and his 2 sided wee flag genuinely not knowing whether to cheer Scotland or England just not getting that rivalry could be friendly and even fun
    Have said to a Rangers fan whats it like a club being in administration terrible

    Well Scotland is in administration run by others whose only interest is not its recovery but getting every last penny for their investors

    Alistair Carmicheal has also let the cat out the bag today after the No ‘Scotland must never be allowed to forget that Westminster is its Government’ if that dont warn you of whats coming following a No vote nothing will

    • I was gobsmacked when I read that. He has forgotten what democracy is. The unionists have been telling themselves for 40 years that support for independence is an aberration. Even when the electorate return a majority SNP government.

  6. Then the there is the LIBOR scandal which happened on his watch and which he totally ignored as he pondered his next house flipping to improve his personal estate rather than look after the well being of the voters typical BritNat mindset.

    • A wee look at where he has invested his time and money as Derek says, Privatised Medical Care. Oh I know he is not alone but then hypocrisy, they do not understand the word.

  7. This is the man who claimed proudly that Scotland could not have taken part in a major sporting event with Britain. Britain has paid not one penny towards the Commonwealth Games. Not. One. Penny.

    We do not need Britain. We’ve outgrown it.

  8. Dr JM Mackintosh

    Great article Derek – not a great fan of Alistair Darling – like myself!

    I cannot wait until he is taken apart at the Alex Salmond debate. I think he may have overestimated his abilities – not for the first time.

    It could be his “Henry de Bohun” moment.

  9. Excellent Derek and so true. I’ve read bout flippers wealth amassing schemes but 1 /4 million I such short a time jeez one can hardly credit it. It so angers me- I get a large (well to me it is) deduction of my pension because I have a tiny works pension tho thankfully can still afford to eat and get free lifesaving meds but how long for is up to every fellow Scot. For everyone we must vote YES

  10. And it seems Westminster has just decided there can be oil and gas exploration (which presumably means fracking) within Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park – not far from Faslane and Coulport and their toys. Scotland is expendable. If we don’t vote Yes Scotland will be trashed. Those folk intending to vote No to retain the status quo need to take heed.

  11. God forbid if there is a no vote in the referendum, then there will be no more referendum nonsense (A Carmichael).

    The troughers will come out of their holes to plunder, steal, burn and piss all over the honest people of Scotland, and slab will be right in there slashing, burning and pillaging to leave Scotland wasted.

  12. oh dear from todays telegraph

    Ed Miliband’s policies are a “great steaming pile of fudge” and his “totally dysfunctional” leadership has failed to give the public any reason to vote for him, a former aide to Gordon Brown has said.

    Damian McBride said that Ed Miliband has combined the worst qualities of Gordon Brown and Tony Blair by becoming “isolated and paranoid” and will be doomed at the next election unless he can change.

    He warned that Mr Miliband’s flagship policies such as freezing energy prices and rent controls are popular but “rarely stand up to scrutiny” while Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor, makes announcements that “barely go noticed in the pub”.

    The comments by Mr McBride, published in the epilogue to his memoir Power Trip, are among some of the most frank and damning criticisms of Mr Miliband and his party to date.

    Mr McBride said: “At the time of writing, nine months from the election, I’ve concluded that Labour currently has no positive messages to communicate to anyone about why they should vote for the party, no policies which will persuade them, and is being run in a totally dysfunctional way.”

  13. I remember the day after Neil Kinnock’s Labour lost the 1987 general election and he flew into Scotland to make a down but not out speech at one of the last Miners gala days in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh. At the same event one of the NUM leaders introduced some of the new tranche of Scottish Labour MPs who had just been elected. Among others we were introduced to Alan Darling. There he was heading off to start a career in the Westminster gravy train and the working class couldn’t even remember his name. Scottish Labour 1987, unreconstructed trade union types and ambitious middle class chaps who knew that from a Scottish base Labour was the only show in town. Yeh ok, it was not as simple as that but maybe if we had looked a bit harder at our own side we might have spotted quite a few rising stars who operated at only a baw hair’s difference from a Tory. Hindsight 🙂

  14. Did he change name, as well as allegiance ? 🙂

    An early video version of Flipper, out of his trolley on power, probably. Some people might recognise the glazed over, heavy lidded look in his yaks as signs of other things. I couldn’t possibly say.


  15. Lordy Derek,

    You really need to get over Mr Darling trouncing you on your “Braveheart Broadcasting” Headlines radio show. I wonder if any of your acolytes on here heard that episode. I must confess I thought it a hoot. It’s a wee bit off that you now attack the man who wiped the floor with you. Poor show, Derek.

    Anyway, much to my disappointment your wee blog seems to be getting more bitter with every post. You really need to get your mojo back and use all those obscure European academics you managed to wheel out on Headlines to fill in the gaps between you singing Flower Of Scotland and complaining about newspapers writing the ghastly truth about Mr Salmond.

    Please accept this piece of friendly advice from one of your long-term fans: Why not bin the negative stuff and get back to espousing the ‘positives’ of the YESnp campaign? Preferably with ‘neutral’ academics and ‘objective’ journalists…

    Yours for Scotland


    • Here’s Jon Snow wiping the floor with Darling.


    • Hiya, Is the refit completed? Did they remove the old synthesiser that parroted ‘Better Together’ and replace it with one that squawks ‘No Thanks, No thanks…?’ In keeping with every Unionist crawler who trolls me you have only childish insult, never critique, never response, never analysis. None of you have anything but Brit bluster and the tiresome complaint that some of us get passionate about our country, poverty and immorality. You are a dead parrot and since you do have a brain I’ve even stopped feeling pity. Would you answer a single point from the blog? E.G Do you approve of Darling’s outside money-making? Was he right to flip his house? WAs he right to link SNP people to the Nazis? Have you any answers of any kind that are relevant?
      Don’t give me the I’m a fan bullshit. If you understood journalism, you’d know that the original interview on Newsweek started the entire train of doubt about the bank bail out and how the real experts – unlike your sycophant Darling – saw it for the con it was…now mainstream thinking – outside Falkirk.He also gave the first clear sign he would lead the campaign in the same discussion…so you obviously missed its importance.
      I see you prefer obscure academics. That’ll be because the passion now generated instead is the real threat to your compliant Fuck-the-Poor Unionism. The campaign is moving on. I think Scotland is too. Thanks for reminding us what an effortlessly creepy bunch you are. Lickspittles for NO!

      • Yikes Derek,

        Irony Klaxon!!!!

        “you have only childish insult…” Later in the same article: “..what an effortlessly creepy bunch you are. Lickspittles for NO!”


        I have no idea and less interest in Mr Darling’s earnings.

        I can’t see how it is germane to the independence debate.

        Did Mr Darling link SNP people to the Nazis? Don’t see why he should bother because they do that all by themselves by honouring the would-be Nazi collaborator Arthur Donaldson every year. Perhaps you’d like to have a word with your chums over at SNP HQ about that? Not very clever…or tasteful.

        Mainstream thinking is that the bank bail out was a con?

        Mainstream of what I wonder.

        Yours for Scotland


        PS My admiration of your talents is not BS. I was a devoted listener of your Newsweek and Headlines shows. Loved them both. I’m a wee bit disappointed at the tone of your blog, always thought you were better than the stereotypical ‘angry nat’…

        • So a second go and still no answers. Still dodging. Still denying. Still no critique. Brain dead. Principle free.and if you think there is nothing but anger in my hundreds of posts, you can’t compute basic information. Maybe time for a second refit. By comparison let’s read your clever, insightful, intelligent and nuanced offering to the debate when you’re not smearing the rest of us http://grahamskisreferendumb.wordpress.com

          • Derek,

            That’s a rather old link.

            Blog moved to here:


            Been too busy to blog recently, unfortunately.

            So many fellow bairns need to hear why it’s important to their future for Scotland to reject separation.

            Incidentally, I don’t think there is nothing but anger in your posts. I just think you need to calm down a wee bit…

            Yours for Scotland


    • Ah! Derek touched a nerve did he ? A very palpable hit in my view. By the way you lost me at Braveheart it was a toss up between that and the patronising, condescending tone of exasperation which you “Brit/Proud Scots but” invariably use. Oh, and what exactly is the ghastly truth about Mr Salmond ? What are we cybernats lying about and have you any positive case to make for the Union other than “punching above our weight” ? You’re good at giving advice and asking questions so go on then, answer some.

    • Much sympathy to your constituents Grahamski. I have another just like you, only it is a woman with about the same breadth of understanding of what is happening in Scotland today. She has an excuse she isn’t all that bright, short in the memory bracket oh and like you someone pins a red rosette on her and she then resembles the typical Labour Monkey who then gets elected. Give up on the YESnp, It really isn’t working, more people involved in working for Independence and most ain’t party members. I feel a wee bit sorry, only a tad, because win or lose the referendum, it is the likes of you who will carry the can. I really do not care.

    • If you wan’t to have some fun taking the rip out of Grahamski, have a look at his disastrous blog, which has been stagnating for years and has attracted the amazing total of 1 comment. http://grahamskisreferendumb.wordpress.com

  16. Excellent stuff Derek, keep up the good work, we can all feel the fear in the stuff Grahamski posts, they know they are losing and they don’t like it on wee bit

  17. Great post Derek.

    We always could achieve more, we were and are simply told we couldn’t.

    Scotland is wealthy, more than wealthy enough to care for its population. What we are denied is the power to chart our own course and prioritise our own spend. What we are denied is the right of choice due to any grown up, independent nation.

    How many would choose to contribute to a nuclear arsenal? How many would choose to contribute to construction of a train line they’ll never get to use? How many would choose to exclude proceeds from their own resources from the company books?



    All of this and yet we struggle to put food on the table for our poorest and most vulnerable in the 21st century? Better yet, we have a government that criminalises the poor for being poor.

    We’re better than that, or I believe we can be better than that, but we have one important decision to make first. This decision will determine whether we put food on a table or build a train line elsewhere we’ll never use. More importantly it’ll determine whether we get to make more choices in the future or give any real choice away.


  18. So Grahamski surfaces yet again! That was a long piece of gardening leave, but now all therapy-ed up, head sorted and ready once more for the fray are we?

    I cannot imagine AD getting the better over anyone on this country’s best future disposition with his position of a slavish UK attachment that sees him and his ilk in the money with all the rest of us as irrelevant wee people, set-up to be eternally duped dopes.

    But then again, there’s always the Grahamski POV, Take your pick! LOL.

    Great piece of writing Derek!

  19. Love your final sentence.

  20. I was at the velodrome on Sunday and heard some Australian cyclists saying how much they liked the venue, how it was “a beautiful track”. Great to get that opinion from athletes who’ve competed round the world. I was just a wee bit proud of Scotland hearing them say that.

  21. smiling vulture

    When it comes to Westminster MPs being two-faced about Scotland they are World Class.


    parliament’s magazine


    George Galloway is perhaps the most experienced ‘newbie’ MP you’ll ever meet. As he walks through Westminster Hall, he urges guests not to step on the plaque to ‘Braveheart’ William Wallace.

    prospect magazine


    I have always hated nationalism. My flag is red. I care nothing for either the Scottish or the British flags. I’m not interested in the commemoration of the 1314 Battle of Bannockburn—which this referendum is being timed to coincide with.

    • So if George isn’t interested in flags one would assume he would judge the issues on their merits and go for the more egalitarian, socialist, fairer option.

  22. Grahamski,

    I note that, ad hominem attack aside, you haven’t actually disagreed with a word Derek wrote.

  23. Incidentally, are you the same Grahamski that used to be Eric Joyce’s lickspittle? How did that work out for you?

  24. Surely Darling will have his MPs pension to keep the lights on? And of course those speaking junkets won’t simply end. Corporates will pay for his advice on opposing or profiting from the iScotland government’s policies as well as his now ‘independent’ view of rUK.

    And I suspect win or lose he will be elevated to the Lords and their lordships apparently think that so long as Scots peers are rUK domiciled for tax reasons there need be no reason to expel them in March 2016. So Flipper’s retirement is in the bag, nae bother.

    Dinnae fash yersel over the big yin, he willnae thank ye for it and doesnae need it.

  25. Replace Darling with most of the main protagonists for BT they are equally tarnished and discredited. I find it quite disconcerting that we are supposed to act like human sponges when these people are on camera, they don’t do public meetings and fall under audience scrutiny. On any other subject if Alistair Darling was wheeled out in rUK talking about the economy what would be the reaction ? What respond would he recieve from the media, he would be toast. Yet we are expected to sit up straight arms folded , no slouching at the back, eyes front, ears pricked , why? Is that because we are deemed less important that you can shove anyone with a red rosette and its like heroin.

    Dereks piece sums up the attitude that we should have possessed a long time ago that we examine their actions and their unfettered personal ambitions and ask has Darling displayed any sense of egalitarianism or is he simply a pragmatist he knows in an iScotland his star would wane and this is his only option.

    I wonder if Derek will be critiquing Alistair Carmichael’s article in the Herald 28/07, I was angry but now I would like to thank Carmichael as his statement exposed the future and the intent if we vote No. The British state will be protected, democracy will not take any further involvement, people power will be subdued. The Scottish Office will play a more significant role so that includes when that is with an unrepresented government. So there is the future prospect a Yes vote is not just an advancement of political control in our own borders but a last chance to get trully representational government. It is clear that voting No would be to hand over control to London, so it the majority were in favour of Devomax the choices are a reduction of devolved power or an expansion.

  26. Bullseye !

  27. Margaret kilbride

    You can write a good story , but I still think we shouted keep united, I definitely will be voting No for independence!

    • Please explain why…

    • Sad for you Margaret, you are being conned and I would detest that feeling. Should you win you will surely find out very quickly afterwards what you have done to not only yourself and all those you love, but to the place you call I imagine, home. Scotland will be punished as our Secretary of State for Scotland says for the effrontery of calling a Referendum on something we should have been asked a very long time ago. If you can actually go into the polling booth and vote against your own country becoming Independent, well I couldn’t. As I say I feel sorry for someone who so lacks confidence in the people who live here and want the opprobrium of their next door neighbour for leeching out of their pockets. If you do not believe me Margaret any Unionist Newspaper in England has comments in great quantity from our “friends”.

    • What is it you’re saying No Thanks to Margaret? Is it No Thanks to the NHS, No Thanks to free university education, or maybe No Thanks to a country free of nuclear weapons? What exactly are you voting No for? I’m genuinely intrigued to know.

    • United for what? Proud of food banks, illegal wars, dangerous weapons of mass destruction stored near the largest conurbation in Scotland, proud of a society which targets disabled people, proud of a system which has created the largest disparity between the rich and poor since Victorian times…..? I could go on but it’s such a long list of things which I detest about the United Kingdom.

      If you cherish these things then I can see why you would want to keep the Union. You have a strange idea of united though, if you think such an inherently divisive system fits that description. Only someone on your side of the argument could declare, without any hint of irony, ” I definitely will be voting No for independence! ” A ‘proud’ declaration of subservience?

    • Margaret, even Cameron calls it ‘broken Britain’. And who broke it? You want to remain ‘united’ to a sinking ship? Are you sae base sae be a slave? What kind of person when offered their sovereignty, rejects it? And what are the implications? The implications – if there is a No vote – is that Scotland will have been deemed to have rejected its sovereignty, so they will claim that sovereignty lies with Westminster, and boy, will they make us feel it. And as for us Yessers, do you think we are going to accept that? Do you think we will just lie down and be a doormat like you?

  28. Carmichael said:”Scots have to be reminded they have a British identity” So in other words we don’t feel British and he is going to ram it down our throat forcibly. The fact that he thinks we have to be reminded tells you everything you need to know. I have no British identity and he is not going to make me British. Go and do one Carmichael you shortbread tin Scotsman.

    • Heh, not Carmichael nor any other will tell me how to define myself Big Jock.

      And as for who needs reminding of what. That establishment mouthpiece Carmichael’s title is Secretary of State FOR Scotland. It appears he’s forgotten what that means. Mind you so did every other who held the post before him, so no change there then. 🙂

      Oh and did you clock this quote?

      “Part of the reason we are where we are today is we have allowed the Nationalists to hollow out the role of the United Kingdom Government in Scotland for the last seven years and in the same way the Olympics were about reminding people they had a British identity, the Scotland Office or the UK Government has to be there, reminding people they have two governments.”

      WE have allowed the Nationalists?

      As Breeks noted over on NNS, who the hell is WE?

      An awful place man in an irrelevant post.

    • smiling vulture

      Alistair is doing a Selfie with Edward 1 Longshanks

    • Hear, hear. I have never felt British in my entire life and he is not going to make me feel British either. Any attempts will backfire.

  29. Wow. Total demolition of Flipper Darling. Crash Gordon requires the same treatment.

  30. I found that piece by Carmichael quite chilling. Westminster, so we are told by a LibDem, is going to ignore democracy and move in like a dictator to clamp down on any democratic expressions of what people in Scotland want or don’t want. Why don’t they just cancel elections while they are at it because from what Carmichael has indicated it looks as if voting in elections will be a total waste of time.

    In the wake of this, all no voters need to ask themselves whether they wish to live in a democracy or a Westminster dictatorship where their vote and voice counts for nothing.

  31. Antoine Bisset

    Well, we may have put up some nice kiosks and knocked down a few slums – to the chagrin of some of the occupiers, apparently.
    However, we were clearly incapable of providing proficient presenters as far as the TV programming was concerned. Instead of providing experience and career opportunities for Scottish based broadcasters it provided an all expenses paid holiday for the teeming millions of radio and TV staff from the south. Great talents such as displayed by Sophie Raworth of Jubilee Regatta fame, Clare “don’t mention the Chinese” Balding, John “don’t mention Wimbledon Ladies” Inverdale, Gabby “my dad was a footballer” Logan and that man who sells crisps are all here. To them are added countless people from radio channels of whom we have never heard and likely we will never hear of again.
    Why? Because while we might just manage to put up the odd edifice we surely cannot be trusted to front up broadcasts, commentaries and interviews that are going out to the world. Damn funny accents, what, what?
    Were I an English person in England I would be very delighted with the coverage. All English competitors shown, all interviewed by proper interviewers with proper Essex and Oxford accents. Excellent English Games that just happen to have been located in the North.
    No, it was really out of the question that Hazel Irvine and Dougie Vipond could assemble and head up a team of Scottish professionals, was it not?
    If one bears in mind that BBC are not taking the pictures, as all TV coverage is being provided by Sunset+Vine/Global Television, it really is the most awful cheek.
    If I had any doubts about voting YES this patronising, superiority taken for granted, bullying, intrusive, inappropriate limelight grabbing invasion would have tipped the scales.

    • Well said Antoine. Exactly my thoughts. From time to time I have to switch off the sound when watching the Games as the English voices grate. When I first saw who would be the anchor and presenters for the Games my jaw literally dropped. Then I started to rage. I have yet to complain to the BBC.

      I am providing a link of our Scotland team singing Flower of Scotland when they were just about to enter the Opening Ceremony. It really lifted my spirits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BiGV1QuBvc

    • Yes, well descrbed Antoine. Ive been to two events so far. At the squash we had an Oz master of ceremony, but at the hockey all hosted by Englishman and the half-time entertainer had an English accent. What about that famous Glasgow humour – it was a great opportunity to showcase it. What about a Scottish hockey expert?

      Also only non-Scottish tops for sale in the big George Square shop are England ones. There was a big section of these but no Welsh or NI stuff for sale at all. Little England comes to Glasgow. Unforgivable.

  32. Correct they spent millions on the new BBC in Glasgow. Then bussed 600 staf from London to cover our games. As someone said we watch our own games as if from abroad. We even have a yank on the athletics and they are not even a commonwealth nation but no jock. The secret is put radio Scotland on and listen to the commentry and watch the box. While not sticking up for the radio Scotland set up. At least they are talking about Scotland and not British/English home nation speak. Christ we can’t even host the post games programme thats been set up like a London Jazz/talk show with a stream of English medalists. They hijacked the opening ceremony and then took over the presenting. Yet we paid for it they didn’t pay for a single part of it unlike their London Olympics. While I am on it if I see one more person getting off the train from Edinburgh with Union Jack T shirts and London 2014 stuff I will scream. The English think this is a diddy version of London and it’s team GB.

  33. Still trying to come to terms that a woman at the swimming venue with a YES Saltire was removed from her seat by the police – two of them at that , one lady cop, one man cop and for what? For having the flag.

    What in the name of the wee man is going on? We are seeing English athletes outfits emblazoned with the union jack logo – ie, England is the UK? Union Jack tee shirts, flags and whatever else being zoomed into by the BBC camera men and all related to English athlete support – ie, the UK is England!

    The problem and cringe factor right now is, who the feck told those two cops to get that woman and her YES Saltire off the premises? Dearie, dearie -me, so very, very sad – init?

    • Yeah, just heard about this. All they had to do was send a steward over and ask the lady to put the flag in her bag if it bothered the organisers so much. Sending over the police? That’s beyond overkill and senseless.

    • Has anyone been taken out for waving a Flag of St George or for that matter one of those dual purpose bits of nonsense? All I can say this may play well with the BT crowd and Grahamski types but it is going to get right up the nose of the ordinary people.

    • Antoine Bisset

      English cycling team members with Union flag on helmets, e.g. Jason Kenny. While an individual cyclist may be plain ignorant, team management should surely not be able to excuse themselves on that ground?

  34. An excellent read Derek. Yes, we suddenly have something ” home grown” to be proud of.
    Scottish hearts are swelling with pride and a “can do” sentiment is rising. Hopefully it will assist the home run. WE CAN DO IT!

  35. Just read this Derek – as usual you capture the essence of what’s going on in this campaign. I do notice that increasingly you don’t pull your punches in your criticisms of Labour and it’s supporters. I think you mirror my own growing frustration and distaste for the Labour and other unionist Elite’s attitudes in this campaign and inability of still too many labour voters to wake up to the fact but I’m also frustrated by the Yes campaign’s inability to actively counter the way the Unionist establishment spin these achievements by Scottish Government and Glasgow to their own ends to promote this all as a British Success – where are the Scottish commentators; no rendition of the Scots National Anthem at the opening I understand – their control of MSM is such a dominating force. I only hope this final stage of the campaign can really expose their true selves but I fear there again we will be up against MSM manipulation. The Salmond – Darling BBC debate will be telling.

  36. Yes free speech is only acceptable with a British Accent! That and Wallace being questioned because he had the audacity to suggest Scotland should be free when he won the Gold at the pool. This is the Unionist British state at work. We witnessed it at the opening ceremony. We witness it every day with the commentry on BBC England. How can the word Yes on a flag be offensive? Who is offended? Scottish independence is offensive everyone!

  37. This is the link for the Scottish team singing Flower of Scotland at the entrance of the opening ceremony. I’m told that a lot of the Scottish crowd sang the song when others were singing God Save the Queen –
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BiGV1QuBvc Enjoy, it fair lifts the spirit.

  38. PS Derek, any views on the Games being highjacked by London BBC?

  39. My complaint to the BBC re Games coverage –

    I was dismayed and continue to be at the lack of Scottish presenters for Scotland’s Commonwealth Games. I was annoyed when I tuned in to discover Gary Lineker et al (English presenters) taking over presentation of our Games. Even more annoyed to see an English presenter from some regional TV – someone no one in Scotland will have heard off. We have perfectly competent Scottish presenters eg. John Beattie (assigned to Radio Scotland – sport is visual by the way). As a result of the BBC’s arrogance and insensitivity to Scotland I am seriously considering cancelling my TV licence.

  40. So the Scots athletes, denied the convention of the Games of singing the national anthem of the host nation, sang their national anthem before entering the arena.

    Carmichael promises to feed us spoonfuls of Britishness if a No vote is returned.

    A woman is escorted out of an event by two police for having Yes on our national flag!

    Don’t get angry, get even. Vote Yes for freedom.

    Freedom to sing our national anthem at our events, funded by us.
    Freedom to promote our national identity.
    Freedom to use our resources in our best interests.

  41. I gave up with the BBC years ago, but it took until recently to finally cancel my licence fee. We don’t watch live TV and I could not fund the propaganda and proven (UWS study) bias any longer. I suggest we all consider this option. Complaining to the BBC about the BBC is #pointless.

  42. Regardless of the result we should all refuse to pay the licence fee after Sept 18th.

  43. I’m currently reading a book on the history of the Scottish wars of Independence 1296-1357. I’m struck by how nothing has changed in all that time. Lords from South of the border demanding fealty and obedience, those who do not comply being called traitors and rebels, proposals to send Scots fighting men abroad to die in foreign wars, taxes to be raised and sent south. Oh! and the ever present turncoats and collaborators with an eye to the main chance (and their wallets). Early Fourteenth century or early Twenty First century – who can tell? I want to move on well away from this into a modern, civilised and peaceful (real) democracy in Scotland, not this death embrace with the past that the likes of Grahamski in their projection accuse me of. By the way Grahamski the real Gramsci was an Italian Marxist. In case you didn’t get the memo Labour don’t like foreigners or anyone even vaguely left wing. Keep up or you won’t get your Knighthood.

    • Mr Brown,

      “By the way Grahamski the real Gramsci was an Italian Marxist.”

      Was he?


      You’ll be telling me that he was imprisoned for his opposition to an overweight, egotistical, blustering nationalist leader next…

      Strange, as you say, that history has a habit of repeating itself.

      And as one of the Marx Brothers would say: ‘First as tragedy, second as farce…’

      Yours for Scotland!


  44. 14th wealthiest? Would it be possible to be the 20th wealthiest instead and have a bit of a laugh with the spare GDP and perhaps make us the 1st happiest country?

  45. Oh dear derek

    I have to say i tend agree with Grahamski, the tone of your blogs have been deteriorating quite badly over the last couple of months.

    Not sure what the reason is. Perhaps its desperation? Only you will know… whatever the reason you certainly seem to have dropped all pretences of being a semi serious journalist and turned into a full blown peddler of nat propaganda.

    In any case loving the reference to scotland being governed by others, hell you might as well go all out and throw in that scotland is a colony. Your disciples would love that! I’m sure those commonwealth citizens whose countries were occupied by scottish soldiers during the time of empire or those whose enslaved ancestors were exploited by wealthy scots who built the merchant city in Glasgow – the second City of the Empire – would have interesting opinions on the yes campaign continually playing the victim.

    It seems that people throughout the commonwealth seem to be able to put their grievances aside and pull together… that is unless you are a scottish nationalist… whose imagined grievances pale into insignificance compared to the very real grievances of others.

    Mind you i suppose you have been consistent, unlike the lovely Pete Wishart who last night was trying to be more British that Britannia herself. Quite an interesting volte-face when you consider that not so long ago he was crowing that a yes vote would wash away every vestige of Britishness in Scotland.. as if Britishness was some kind of nasty virus. Desperation can do funny things to people. The poor wee soul.

    You never know, maybe your next entry will be telling us all how wonderful it is to be British and how a yes vote will make you more British? Yes that should be the new slogan! Vote yes to keep being British!

    • Antoine Bisset


      At the time of Empire some of the countries did not exist. The British made them and for the most part it worked out well. Look at India. Whatever you can come up with on the debit side is outweighed onehundredfold by India. A democracy with the rule of law and one billion people equal under the law. We did that. And if it is not yet perfect they have the excuse of being a very young democracy. What’s ours?

  46. I’ve never understood why Scottish Liberals and Scottish Labour are so viscerally opposed to Scottish Independence. Liberals used to support Home Rule for Scotland and the early Labour party was committed to an Assembly. Both of these parties call themselves left of centre. Labour even espouse socialism. Now, you would think that left-leaning parties would see in Scottish Independence an opportunity to go into the first Scottish Election with socialist policies, such as fairness and equity rather than greed and self-interest, redistribution of wealth and income to the many rather than concentration in the hands of the few, a social security system that protected and incentivised the poor and vulnerable rather than punished them, the securing of vital services for the benefit of the nation rather than the enrichment of tax avoiding multi-nationals and an end to the obscenity of Osborne’s austerity (a policy which experts say has never worked anywhere, anytime). But no, they would rather join the Establishment oligarchy and jump aboard the Westminster gravy train and collaborate with UK Tories or Milliband’s UK Tories-lite where there isn’t the proverbial snowball’s chance of socialist policies even being discussed never mind implemented.

    • Broadbield
      Recently I (and 40-50 others) were privvy to a local Labour party member ,try and explain why having given their time,effort and I would use the word love to Labour,why they felt so betrayed by their actions.

      It wasn’t the roughshod manner of ignoring issuesthey described or the parachuting in of a candidate who neither knows the areas problems or its people, it wasn’t even their stance against Independence.This person, was asking a well known Scot, if they could see any way back for Labour?

      And yet and yet they would not /could not envisage a time when they would leave the Labour Party?
      As a casual observer,i found this quite fascinating because as a non party person, I do not owe my livelihood to a party, I don’t agree 100% with any politician and if I’m being honest, don’t understand the egotistical, self serving, jobs for the boys attitude of some of the lackies who seem to be around organized politics.

      The fact that even a person (who seemed genuinely upset ) cannot see that nothing stays the same forever and yes even the Labour Party in Scotland has to evolve,seems to go some way to answering your question,as to why the Labour Party cannot be pro Independence or even socialists come to that,

      It would appear that even genuinely caring members are unable to take the stance of standing up to who ever it is that runs Scottish Labour. They would rather continue to be in the gang than out,even if that means the original reasons they joined is lost and /or the party will go the road of Mceowans toffee, still trading but not from here and not as you know it.
      The better side of me also thinks, while blind loyalty is perhaps foolish ,it is admirable, the cynic in me says “how many skeletons”,,,

  47. OK. Ran out of the hairdressers this evening, nearly left with the gown on, to get home in time for the 200m hurdles to watch Eilidh Child. And the girl did good, won a silver. So waited and waited to see the medal ceremony. An English presenter was interviewing an English athlete who had, bless him, come 7th – 3 Jamaicans in same race had won Gold, Silver & Bronze. Anyway, English presenter asked him what the English athlete had learned. A bit of coaching if you like. English presenter finishes his interview and THEN we cut into Eilidh Child with the Silver medal round her neck. JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME. Would it have been too much to ask that we SCOTS saw the whole Medal ceremony. Well thank you English Broadcasting Corporation. Please please let it be a YES on the 18th September. I’ve had it with the ENGLISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION.

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