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Aaargh…life has take over blogging and I’m fighting for time on the screen. Babies, operations, London, Edinburgh, Commonwealth Games and school holidays have taken over. I knew July would be tough but maybe now it will calm down a little after tonight’s opening ceremony – assuming I work out how to get home with two kids at midnight.


One event I will be ready for is this Friday when I follow up the conversation with Alex Salmond by staging a similar event with Patrick Harvie. These hour-long sessions are illuminating because I try to find out more about the person not just the politician and the policies. What motivates them…how did they get into politics…will they reveal something about themselves…

I try to steer but not to obstruct. Too often our interviews are messy staccato affairs more about the interviewer than the subject. There are times I think for letting the politician lay out their view and vision fully so we can all take what we want from it and obviously disagree where necessary.

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Patrick is one of our finest exponents of the political arts and has won awards. He has a lonely job in a big parliament and often the Greens have their policies pinched by others and their agenda flattened. Yet it is surely still the most pressing problem facing us all with or without independence.

You’ll hear him on batemanbroadcasting of course but if you’re in the city why not come along and join the audience. You might even get an autograph! (Patrick’s)

We have a prestigious location – the Grand Central Hotel in Gordon Street in the city centre. We will have a Q and A session afterwards so you can put your points to him – or to me. Come along and meet Patrick. He could have a key role in events after September. Just log on for tickets. It’s in the Clyde Room at the Grand Central at 12.30pm this Friday. See you there. Book here.

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14 thoughts on “Talk The Talk

  1. One of the great things about this debate, views from parties like the Greens who really never get a proper hearing are being heard. Looking forward to hearing Patrick Harvie.

  2. I might not agree with everything Patrick Harvie proposes but there is no doubt that Patrick is one of the finest orators and assets that YES has on its side and Scotland should be hearing far more of him.

  3. After a lifetime of voting SNP It may be that Patrick and his party get my vote should Yes win.

  4. I like listening to Mr Harvie. I’ve yet to see him out gunned in a debate on those rare occasions when he’s offered a telly invite. He always conducts himself well and positively, so looking forward to it Derek.

  5. dennis mclaughlin

    Let’s be honest ,apart from supporting the YES Campaign Patrick and his wee group are an irrelevance in Scottish Democracy.

  6. Let’s be honest dennis. There is no such thing as Scottish democracy at the present time. At best, an imitation. In order to have a fully functioning democracy, there needs to be a separation between those in power, and those who hold them to account. The meeja.
    What the referendum has exposed, is the power of the established elite to distort & lie to achieve their selfish goal. ie the retention of westmiddens grip on this nation via their meeja monopoly.

    Derek, can I just say, that your blog is always a breath of fresh air coming into the fetid circus tent. Thanks.

  7. O/T folks

    We all know the food banks up and down the country are desperate for help to feed the hungry . A few friends have recorded the song Caledonia with the money for the sales going to food banks . Please listen and watch the video it is a wonderful song performed by friends who have come together to help. These guy decided to act in their own way and the results are “astonishing”

    or visit their site.

    Thank you all D.Batemen readers

  8. The Scottish Green Party are irrelevant, Dennis? Derek seems to have a different opinion, as shown above in this very article: “and often the Greens have their policies pinched by others”. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  9. I have always been impressed by Patrick Harvie any time I have heard him speak or take part in a debate. He is one of the strongest advocates in the referendum campaign and I look forward to him having a prominent role in forming a new Scotland.

  10. I look forward to hearing what Patrick Harvie has to say. He’s a reasonable person. It should be an interesting interview.

  11. Anne galloway

    Derek, look forward to hearing your views on BBC England covering Scotland’s commonwealth games. I’m appalled by the crassness of the BBC. I reckon this will hugely increase the YES vote. Fingers and toes crossed.

  12. Och I’d love to hear from Patrick. But we have tickets for the judo at the secc so we’ll be there instead. I suspect my 7 year old might be disappointed if I suggested going to see Patrick instead. Looking forward to hearing it online

  13. I like Patrick Harvie

    The man speaks very well, clear and concise. I am looking forward to this one. I know his policies would be expensive difficult to put into practice but he believes .

    How refreshing when you hear all the drivel spouted out by the BT/NT/Canny remember/Eh??

    The broadcasts are ace Derek.

  14. @Dennis McLaughlin

    For some years I have given my party vote at Holyrood to the Greens. It is significant they are still there in the Parliament unlike other parties which have been and gone.

    Also we should not judge a political movement solely by the number of seats or votes it gets but whether or not its agenda is enacted. As Derek points out, many Green policies have been pinched wholesale. Some may see that as a failure of Green politics but it is in fact a resounding success. The Greens are the sort of party that wishes it didn’t have to exist, that their agenda would be so obvious that they would be able to choose which other party best espoused it.

    I vote Green despite some of their views and policies being ascientific which should annoy me as a scientist. But as a scientist I have long been persuaded of the necessity of their agenda. We are using the planet unsustainably and we do not have a lifeboat.

    I wish the Greens did not need to exist but they do and I give them party vote so they push their agenda and hopefully get some sensible policies pinched by the bigger parties. We need them there as an environmental conscience and to remind the other parties of their need to outflank them by pinching their clothes.

    You may think they are an irrelevance but increasingly the weather will bite us and the price of food that is so tied to increasingly scarce fossil fuels ditto. You may feel able to maintain your lifestyle in the face of this but this may not be the case forever.

    Historically societies that have faced major environmental perturbation have faced revolt, violence and upheaval. Why should we not be the same? If you will recall the tanker drivers’ strike during the Blair era and how close we came to societal breakdown as supermarket shelves began to empty.

    When money ceases to mediate your access to food, only your brute strength and tendency to violence. Will you vote Green then?

    I don’t want to see those days or have my offspring do so. So I vote Green.

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