Cor Blimey (Episode 7)

I am writing to you from Kensington which seems a pretty wealthy part of the world to me. Put it this way, I won’t be buying a home here any time soon. Business appears to be booming and they definitely aren’t short of immigration to help boost the economy. (And they’re getting my money and hotel taxes)

The economic disparity created by London’s success led us to wonder what we should be doing about it. So we put the team at on the case and produced what I think is one of the most enlightening shows so far. I am not a natural businessman and neither are all those supporters of Common Weal and yet what we hear in this episode opens up to all of us the very real possibilities for improving our nation’s wealth.

Wea hear from economist Graeme Blackett how we lack coherence in our economic planning, how government works in policy silos and his control of the key levers can ensure our economy advances effectively. Two actual hard-nosed, money-making businessmen discuss how an intelligent approach to planning and investment can create generational companies rooted in their community, even in remote areas, providing local pride and long term employment aided by localised low cost investment loans from banks which themselves recognise the value of investing in their community. It is the German system and it was set up under the Marshall Plan after the war – deliberately to disperse power from the centre. (Getting the message yet?)

And a Conservative who cannot explain how his own party fails to see the advantages of independence, sees an chance to get rid of all the I build British obstacles to business. Committed people with knowledge and insight adding to your understanding.

Also, this week one of our team of reporters caught up with Jenny Marra MSP to ask why she. Remains committed to the Union if it is social change she’s after. Interesting stuff.

Try episode seven at batemanbroadcasting for a better quality of radio. You can find us on iTunes. Our handle is bateman_podcast and you can just Google us.

Get in touch too.

I’m off to have a pint of London Pride and some jellied eels with Dick van Dyck. I hear that’s what they do in Kensington.

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31 thoughts on “Cor Blimey (Episode 7)

  1. You should have proof read this before you had the pint! What’s Dick’s view on Independence? And was he wearing his Pearly King outfit?

    • I WORKED in London for six years. DICK VAN DYKE was the only remotely English voice I heard.The Russians are fighting the Arabs for the best flats, the poles are doing all the work and the real power rests with the yanks. Independence is not a movement against England, because that version of England no longer exists.

  2. If it’s Kensington, the jellied eels will be singular and it will be half an inch of eel laid tastefully on a bed of 3 wild mushrooms sauted lightly in a thin truffle jus. Then you’re supposed to say you couldn’t POSSIBLY eat another thing.

    Love your broadcasts.

  3. Dick van Dyck was famous for remembering nothing about the making of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He was permanently rat arsed.

  4. Jenny Marra should have been pressed – I would say pressed harder, but she wasn’t pressed *at all* – on what she meant about the post-Yes ‘process’ being a ‘distraction’. She claimed that this ‘process’, which I imagine as being a mature, enlightened, consensus-driven and thoroughly democratic restructuring of political life in the country would somehow be counterproductive in achieving the ‘shared’ ambition she vaguely and unconvincingly claims will be delivered through Westminster. The ambitions that the Yes campaign is promoting and that she says she agrees will ‘make Scotland a better place’, have never been delivered by her party or by Westminster, and in fact there is no indication whatsoever that things will change in the way she describes unless exactly this ‘process’ is engaged in. It is plainly a very weak argument she was making and it should have been pulled apart.

    • lastchancetoshine

      “have never been delivered by her party or by Westminster,”

      They have though , unfortunately the process stalled then went into reversea long , long time ago.

      • A moot point. What concerns me is that the interviewer completely let her get away with it. I stopped listening after that.

        • lastchancetoshine

          The important bit though is that it is the labour party that has gone from progressive to regressive, all the more reason she should have been pushed a bit more I agree, but… I think though that Derek is trying to foster a more conversational tone than confrontational, which may be what’s needed to both open up the debate and get advocates of a no agree to come on in the first place knowing which way he’s leaning.

          • ‘No’ spokespersons who won’t be interviewed unless they get the same easy ride they do on their own multiple channels are not worth filling up time on this one, I should have thought. I’m all for a conversational tone, but this matter is surely of fundamental importance and required a response of some kind from the interviewer. She’s a politician after all. This is about politics.

            ‘Och it’s just no worth the bother setting up the institutions required to make the country work to the best advantage of its people.. We’re better together.’

            As others have pointed out, there really should have been some further discussion on that point.

          • Forgive me,but at what point did the Labour Party go from “progressive to regressive”?

            I would suggest almost from its inception when it was infiltrated by the likes of the Fabians – weel kent for their name choice after Fabius Cunctator, Fabius the Delayer – amongst other opportunist elements who, up to Blair, talked the talk but,with honorable exceptions, infrequently walked it.

            Messrs Blair and Brown (Darling et al) were simply the overt culmination of this infiltrationist, British Empire status quo, exploitative rear-guard action cadre coming out of the shadows to overtly flaunt their flogged mutton and pimping tendencies at the expense of their founding principles, constituents, and decent rank-and-file MPs, MSPs, and local authority councillors whipped into the establishment line.

            No disrespect to Ms Marra for it is good that she was prepared to engage in debate with you, Derek, and that you afforded her the place to genuinely do so. This is vital when honestly done. She is to be congratulated as you and your team are.

            However, one can only hope that consciences will be truly addressed and any inculcated “psychological blocking” of the historical record, and current reality, will be genuinely faced up to by one and all come Referendum Day.

        • My understanding is that Bateman Broadcasting is deliberately giving people space to express their views rather than subjecting them to a Paxman-like grilling. I thought Jenny Marra did a reasonable job with the opportunity she was given, though I was not persuaded by her argument.

  5. Here’s the link to Derek’s podcast.

  6. Jenny Marra talks about what kind of Scotland people want then immediately references Ed Miliband in terms of delivery; the whole edifice collapses at that point.
    He depends on the support of the south to do anything. If Holyrood is simply to deliver what the UK Labour Party wants, then what is the point of a separate Parliament?
    All the Together parties have pushed the Scotland is financially dependent on England message so hard and so long, the south would not accept anything different in policy in Scotland.
    Changes, if allowed, would survive more than a Parliament lifetime, if that.
    There is more than one massive hole in Labour’s argument, but one of the biggest is pretending to people in Scotland that it is already separate and can operate outside the UK remit.
    Nobody is going to allow a future Referendum situation to develop; whatever may lead to that will not be allowed.
    Talking about the separate parties delivering each their own proposals is total nonsense, what’s worse , she knows it.
    Labour wasn’t at all keen to deliver devolution, in fact their were many very reluctant. It was designed to stop Independence, stated by senior Lab politicians.
    If it had been a settled situation why would Blair and Dewer have redrawn the maritime boundaries?
    That is a ‘just in case action’, if ever there was one.
    Labour is lying, they know it, and most of us know it.

  7. Actually Jenny Marra seriously hacked me off -as a female. Without going into all the stereotypical stuff she talks about setting up new institutions or new ways of doing things in an Independent Scotland as the processes which would be a distraction from improving peoples lives.
    As a female can I just say to Jenny Marra, this is a view ( which still impacts today) of 40 years ago.
    Conveniently the connection between those processes , which lead to policies and which in turn lead to the cost of living, your working terms and conditions, your children’s education , the NHS ,in fact every facet of your life are related to those processes.
    It used to be ‘ don’t worry your pretty little patronised head about it’ Dear God and this is being touted by a young woman in 2014 and worse an elected young woman.
    It’s those processes which say, you’ll receive the same terms and conditions not just the same as men but as full time employees appropriate to your hours, it’s those same processes that will say you will be taxed as an individual, it’s those processes which say, your contribution to a pension will still be as valid 40-50 years later and not subject to raids by a fly by night Chancellor and that’s only the beginning.
    Jenny Marra seemed to be saying to all , men and women that we should leave those boring, nasty old processes to the politicians and not be distracted by it. Perhaps she should have been asked what the hell is politics if it’s not about processes which directly impact on improving peoples lives.
    That’s before I even start about her , how the No voters want to improve Scotland…

  8. majormacbloodnok

    Whilst in Kensington, I do hope you had time to drop in on David Coburn our local UKIP MEP…

  9. Love the blog Derek

    Big disappointment that Jenny Marra got to spout her drivel without a rebuke. The lies just slide of her mouths (two faced cow) and sadly this will put many off listening to the rest of the broadcast. Pity You didn’t do the interview.

    We get that kind of drivel everyday and recording more is a bit of a let down. I turned off half way through her spiel yesterday and only listened to the rest this morning bypassing the marra bit.

    shame because the rest of your guests were interesting and had plenty of good things to say.

    I know we have to listen to both sides of the argument Derek , but this was more of the same self serving repeated non-sense . Why no hard questions??

    As for the jellied eels , YUK

    Fish supper any day….. In breadcrumbs of course .

    Damn now i’m hungry

  10. Jellied eels in Kensington, fat chance! 🙂 You’ll be hob-knobbing with immigrants like billionnaire Russians and Arabs methinks! Get yourself over to my neck of the woods, Brixton, now there you will enjoy amazing jerk chicken or Franco Manca’s stone-baked sourdough pizza. It really is food heaven along with your London Pride ale (without the tourist prices). Personally I prefer Meantime lager from Greenwich an excellent thirst quencher.

  11. If you want to get to the heart of the London establishment you need to get yourself to Muswell Hill and Highgate.

  12. Sounds like a nice wee jolly Derek, get back up here pronto!!

  13. Derek, how about getting the lass from the Maryhill foodbank on your show next week, see what they have for eating!!

    • barneythomson

      Not all Kensington residents enjoy fancy food and fancy wine. Would you believe that under the Westminster inequality drive foodbanks are needed even there –

      I expect when the locals notice they’ll force the scroungers out to a more appropriate area, perhaps by denying them allowances for their housing costs or something?

  14. Does Jenny Marra realise that to change Scotland even within the UK, it’s going to involve a great deal of ‘process’? Is she just talking the talk, as it sounds a bit feeble to me?

  15. Mon Derek fur the love o the wee man. No matter if you paid me I cannot listen to the likes of Mara for the same reason I have not paid a BBC licence fee for years and do not read The Scotsman or that oozzy oily Gardham fellow. The Maras of this world are lost to Scotland as they chant their unionist mantras that say, “we know Scotland needs to change but it must be our way.” They have nothing to offer Scotland otherwise it would by now have been offered. They have had decades to do good in Scotland and any they have done is due to SNP pressure and the growing demand for independence.

    God forbid if Scottish voters are stupid enough to vote No or if the black arts squad manages to steal the vote as they did in Glenrothes, we are right royally gubbed. I will never ever live it down. Stop giving these enemies of Scotland a voice, please.

  16. Jenny Marra simply borrowed a yes-tunic, dressed it up with cheap Labour jewellery and no doubt dropped the outfit in a charity bin the next day.

    Labour were given years to drive forward caring policies and achieved little.

    I did enjoy listening to what the business people had to say. Sensible conversations as opposed to Marra’s verbal you-know-what.

    More of your own work please, Derek.

  17. Robert Graham

    well after listening to her i can only conclude she has a serious memory loss and she has wasted 20 years as she says being involved in politics how long would you have us wait for westminster to do anything they always have to be dragged kicking and screaming to do anything lets face it jenny you’re a waste of time just exactly what have you in your time in politics achieved you and your totally useless party are just in it for the money its your job and you ain’t very good at it now stop trying to kid us its from the heart christ what a bloody liar

  18. dennis mclaughlin

    Jenny Marra talks the talk, but it’s getting very worn down playing the same old song ad infinitum….I believe this is SLAB ‘ s primary failure.
    Talking AT the people, NOT to the people ; old habits die hard in Scottish politics.

  19. Will someone challenge Jenny Marra on her assertions? It’s like she is memorising a BT brochure. Did anyone see her on a Question Time in Inverness when she patronised David Heyman on his naivety that us Scots would be able to rule ourselves. successfully I am to this day surprised he didn’t hit her, but of course you can’t do that. Suppose the only way you can deal with her is just ignore her in public, which he did effectively and with a lot of contempt.

  20. There should be a full stop after “successfully.”

  21. Steve Asaneilean

    It was inevitable that the comments on this post were going to focus on Jenny Marra.

    So let’s focus on her, at least for a minute or two. My take is as follows (and please don’t shoot me down!):-

    If we put to one side the content of what Jenny said (which I will come to in a moment) I thought that she spoke well and, in different circumstances, I would be quite happy to hear what she had to say.

    She is light years ahead of her Scottish (and possibly even her UK) leader in the eloquence league. That’s not saying much I know but I did think she was a good speaker.

    I am not a betting man but, assuming Jenny stays in Scottish politics, it would not surprise me to see her as leader of Scottish Labour sooner rather than later.

    Now to what she was saying. She focused a lot on two things: (1) her belief that what those of us on the Yes side want – equality, egality, liberty, integrity, fairness, truth, openness, honesty, tolerance – can all be delivered by means of staying in the UK and having a Labour government in London; and (2) that to achieve these things by voting Yes would mean a lot of wasted time and effort in what she terms “process”.

    Here’s where her interviewer should have challenged her:-

    – Labour haven’t a cat in Hell’s chance of winning a majority at Westminster in 2015

    – when they were given an over-whelming public mandate to make the kind of changes us Yes folk seek in 1997 they resolutely failed to deliver. So why should we believe them now? Labour has had almost 100 years at local and national level to deliver and have failed to do so. Their one real flagship success, the NHS, was based largely on the Highlands and Islands Medical Service set up by the Liberals in 1913.

    – Brown and Darling left office with the gap between rich and poor at its worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s. And they are touted as the “big hitters” for the No campaign. With friends like that…

    – to initiate any kind of meaningful societal change will necessitate “process”, in or out of the Union, so the notion that process will only be a problem if we vote Yes is disingenuous and the argument is nonsensical.

    Yes Jenny was given an easy ride by her interviewer but we can’t blame her for that. It’s the interviewer’s job to ask the difficult questions and that simply failed to materialise.

    So invite her back Derek but this time you do the interview and toss her a few curve balls to see how well she bats them back.

    • lastchancetoshine

      Whilst mostly agreeing with what you say on.

      ” Labour haven’t a cat in Hell’s chance of winning a majority at Westminster in 2015″

      I’d say you are right if we vote no, however if em,sorry WHEN we vote yes, it will put the cat among the pigeons down south and send the tory’s into disarray, I think that would up labours chances quite considerably.

      • Steve Asaneilean

        Of course you are correct lastchancetoshine – I should have said in the event of a No vote Labour will not win in 2015 🙂

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