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The latest from batemanbroadcasting brings together three different characters will differing perspectives on the referendum. From Mark Hirst the journalist we get the view from Moscow. He works in Scotland for Russia’s main news agency and files copy almost daily on events here. He reveals what Moscow really thinks about Alex Salmond and independence and tells us what the international community thinks of the Yes movement. He is influencing the global impression of our debate….from his cottage in Jedburgh.


Natalie McGarry is SNP, Women for Independence and one of the hardest working campaigners touring the country to engage directly with voters.



We hear what she thinks is going on with the No campaign and Robin McAlpine heads up the intellectual powerhouse of the Yes movement, Common Weal, which emerged from the Jimmy Reid Foundation. Robin is one of the most passionate, inspiring and unstoppable engines driving the case for a Yes vote – and never misses a chance to flog his Common Weal book! Like Natalie, he is ubiquitous and, apart from time at Glastonbury, took part in a debate at Westminster. He says progressives across England are egging Scots on to vote Yes because they see it as the only means by which the rest of Britain can begin to reform. I wish I’d recorded him arguing with Natalie before the studio interviews – it was better content than I got out of them…

Robin McAlpine


So have a listen on the site. Podcast is promised soon. Sign up and donate if you like. But do let me now your views. Following the success of the Alex Salmond conversation, I’m keen to do another and wondered if you’d like to hear Patrick Harvie in the same format…the Green case struggles sometimes to be heard through the mainstream, it requires concentration to grasp its importance and Patrick can articulate like few others. If you think it’s a good idea, you can apply to join the audience. (So I can check you against my Better Together list…)


The programme is getting serious traction and Amanda who is my expert says she’s amazed how many are now tuning in and did from the start with no advertising. Join us at


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25 thoughts on “Bateman Latest!

  1. I wonder if the mad professor who thinks Yes people are thick would accept an invite to your podcast Derek?

  2. Derek Bateman – Media Mogul.

  3. Maybolebuddie

    Derek, please pass the mike to Patrick, I have listened to his words of wisdom throughout this conversation and I believe he comes out of this head and shoulders above everyone else. He’s got my vote in 2016 whichever way the referendum vote goes!!

  4. Yes I like Patrick. I wouldn’t vote green as they are a bit of a one dimensional party. They often forget the practicalities of some of their proposals.

  5. Patrick is a great speaker and asset to the Yes campaign. Would be great to hear him. If an independent Scotland is to achieve true local democracy and decentralised decision making, then I believe the Green Party have a lot to offer.

    Looking forward to listening to the latest broadcast at home.

  6. I don’t vote for the Greens but I like Patrick. He does an excellent job when he is debating for Yes camp. Please do ask him for an interview. I hope you will manage to interview guys from the No camp.

  7. Yes, I’d like to hear Patrick Harvey. I think you’re doing a great job, and I like the balance in your interview questions. Also the calibre of your guests.

    Interesting to hear the view from Russia Today journalist (he sounded like someone who deserves that professional description, unusually in this debate). Among other things, I noted that the perception of the referendum he suggested the likes of Obama (was it?) had, was the one promulgated by the London media, rather than the here and now reality. I’d like to know more about that, and even if you can’t get hold of Obama himself, try and pin down the reasons that these people feel they want to advise against independence.

    The nervous young chap’s reference to Devo-max or whatever… Must be something in his background. But I thought it nicely juxtaposed with Natalie McGarry’s astute remark in the piece that followed, that all this No Thanks halfway-house, Halfway-Max stuff is unattached to any ideology other than expedience.

    Jings. I’d never think of writing to any of the bbc programmes I no longer watch. From the sofa.

  8. Amanda’s interviewee is a Music “Journalist”? Again, with the can’t believe anything from either side.points, totally disregarding the evidence, e.g. on what Scotland has paid through the decades to Westminster. Another slick smear with comments regarding people believing their side’s information – I suppose that he would categorise Hansard as an unreliable source.

    Again he states he won’t talk about risk, then bigs up the risk of independence. I despair of any kind of “debate” with someone who does not seem capable of articulating a coherent case. Perhaps he could have had a talk with Robin McAlpine regarding the view that Scotland is doing pretty well as it is.

  9. Yeah, more on Patrick as I am looking to switch to a new party after indyref and Greens are in the frame.

  10. Patrick Harvey would be good and Colin Fox or someone from RIC and someone from Women for Independence spelling out their priorities. Also, I’d like to hear what it’s like for the MPs such as Pete Wishart and how it feels to be in the Westminster bull pit! Can anyone justiy the House of Lords?
    I don’t really want to hear from the no camp as I feel as if we hear nothing else on the MSM. But if there is someone who is capable of articulating a coherent case for staying in the union then maybe it would be better to hear it – but not endless negativity about currency, the EU, border patrols and families becoming foreigners.
    Andy Wightman is good on Land Reform.

  11. After listening to Danny Alexander being allowed to use Scotland not being able yo cope with debt and dwindling oil and not get questioned on Scotland 14
    I long for someone to give him a grilling because I am sick of our compliant media

  12. As previously mentioned, more, more, more! PH would be great, however we not go for one of the no big yins? If they are up for it!

  13. Thoroughly enjoyed your blog this morning. Patrick Harvie and Colin Fox are good choices for the future.

    Also agree with previous 2 comments.

  14. Patrick Harvie is a huge asset to the Yes campaign, and post-independence he may well become the ost improtant non-SNP politician in Scotland. A thoughtful, open interview such as you conducted with the First Minister would be a fascinating listen.

    Carolyn Leckie of Women for Independence would be great too, so please put her name on your list.

    By comeplete coincidence, I’m doing a meeting with both of them in East Kilbride on 23rd August!

  15. I think I will stick with the SNP post independence.Sure I disagree about the monarchy.The rest of their policies are fairly workable and sensible.The SNP and Salmond must be the first party to govern an independent Scotland.They wanted independence before Harvie,Cannavan,Sillars even thought about it.Without the SNP there would be no devolution and certainly no referendum.If Salmond pulls this off he is up there with Wallace & Bruce.A political hero of our time.

    • I agree with that. I’m not guaranteeing to vote SNP till the end of time, but I’ve been doing it for 30 years and I’m not about to stop just yet. I want the politicians who have been thinking about this for half a lifetime to have the job of piloting the ship out of the harbour. The competent hands who have some idea where the rocks are and where the advantages are to be had.

      And if Salmond pulls this off I agree. Right up there beside these two, unlikely wee bauchle that he is. They’ll be singing songs about him in another 700 years time.

  16. douglas clark

    I like Patrick Harvie. He should, perhaps, be gently chided on the extent he would allow tidal power when it impacted on SSI’s etc, but he would answer that in a civilised manner.

    So, yes, you should interview him in the format you used with the First Minister.

    I am also curious about where the Green Party stands on issues like continued funding of CERN and ITER. How does he address his, ahem, fundamentalist members on these issues.

    I would be grateful to hear what he had to say on that.

  17. I’d be terrified of a government that was anything other than SNP, with or without independence. That said, I think the Greens and the Socialists (the real socialists, not Labour) need more air time to build their case and get their act together. We need to hear from more people withing their ranks, not just Colin Fox and Patrick Harvey – just so we know that there are more. I would be quite comfortable with an SNP/Green or SNP/Socialist coalition, as the SNP does need a wee tug further left.

    I think it would be difficult to get politicians to speculate on the shape of things post indy, but might be interesting to have Lesley Riddoch or Andy Wightman put some flesh on their ideas about local democracy, i.e. independence then devolution.

  18. Another anger voice has done a great article on the fact that blind policy choices show a majority of people choose green policies

    He has also done an interesting article on why the SNP alcohol policy isn’t going to work and I agree with him, being an SNP supporter doesn’t mean I agree with all their policies

    Since we have a system that was never supposed to allow a majority I hope our parliament will in future be based on parties working together to only vote for what happens to be good policy

    Although labour will have to get over their it’s SNP it’s evil mindset

  19. Yes, a similar interview with Patrick would be very welcome. I like hearing him speak and he has some excellent thoughts. And yes, some more “news from abroad”.

    I’ll be sticking with the SNP for the foreseeable future though, mainly because they’ve proved themselves in government and our first few years are going to need a steady hand on the tiller. They’re not going to be an easy first few years, and Salmond / Sturgeon are reliable and dependable. Nicola would also be an excellent First Minister should Alex ever decide to step down, though I hope that won’t be for some time yet. However, I want to see Labour rediscover themselves again and for Scotland’s people to drive all parties towards the aim of being able to govern.

    Like everyone else, just sick of the selfishness that drives most Westminster MPs to keeping their seats with an eye to the Upper House, rather than representing the people who voted them in.

  20. Good to know there are all those thinking people in England not only willing us on but also offering assistance. Change is certainly on the way. Thanks again, Derek.

  21. I would also like to see somebody from the No side included and allowed to destroy their own sad arguments. Danny Alexander, Alasdair Darling, any other I Am a NawBag Contributor who takes your fancy. They all blaw the same whistle. Don’t think you’ll get any of them prepared to succumb to your interesting “direction” though.

  22. Margaret Brogan

    The broadcasts are excellent, it’s like listening to proper radio again, intelligent radio.
    Please do have Patrick Harvie on and I’d love to be in the audience too!

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