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It’s out now…my latest radio programme at batemanbroadcasting. It has Labour insights from Steven Purcell about the crucial West of Scotland Labour voters who will in all probability decide the outcome. We hear where the party went wrong in its strategy towards the referendum.


The socialist perspective comes from Frances Curran, the former MSP, who explains the opportunities presented by independence.



I have a rant – forget Blether with Brian, this is more Bitch with Bateman – about the faint-hearted offers of extra powers. Is the ability to raise a higher percentage of tax really a power when the benefits come from the ability to spend in all the areas in need of investment? And if some powers are good, why not all powers? What is the weird attraction of a political system that ties our hands and leaves the big decisions to others?

Amanda has been out and about too seeking the voices of young creative Scots. Listen to it here

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7 thoughts on “Real Radio

  1. realy good third show i listened today and was impressed by your interview with Steven Purcell that guy is a loss to this debate and i really think you with a little push could steer him away from the dark side ha ha and your shows are getting better you would almost think this might be your day job ha ha only joking its a pitty you are denied a wider audience because it think your contribution adds to the debate just a thought

  2. Steve Asaneilean

    Excellent broadcast again Derek. Particularly liked the Steven Purcell interview. He came across, in this interview at least, as quite reasonable and fair minded and whilst obviously leaning towards No there were sufficient grounds for believing he could be swayed.
    However, I disagree with him about the NHS being a reason to stay part of the UK. The NHS in Scotland is and always has been independent and the NHS in general owes its very existence to the Highlands and Islands Medical Service which pre-dates it by 35 years.
    My own view is that we need a Yes vote to protect the NHS in Scotland. The NHS in Scotland is dependent on the block grant the Scottish Government receives from London. All the Westminster parties have said or at least hinted that in the event of a No vote the block grant will be reduced in Scotland in an attempt to address the perceived imbalance of the current arrangements under Barnett which are seen to favour Scotland.
    Moreover with both the Tories and Labour in London in favour of privatisation (started by Labour and accelerated by the Condems) how long can the NHS in Scotland resist, especially if we end up with Labour in charge at Westminster and Holyrood?

  3. Really enjoyed the Frances Curran interview. I could feel her excitement and I think she is right that there is a sense that we are about do to something really monumental on 18 September. However, at the same time I think I’m going to find it nerve wracking to hear the results on 19th September. Please Scotland, don’t let me down.

  4. Derek: I seem to remember that Frances Curran said her sister was going to vote No because her view was that solidarity should be maintained with the workers in the other parts of the UK, presumably so that we would all be better or worse off together. Now this makes no sense to me. I can understand how voting No is going to make our lives worse, and I can imagine that voting Yes might make theirs better, but I cannot see how voting No is going to improve anyone’s life apart from the Nobs. And so, if I might make a suggestion, would you please invite her or someone with similar views onto the programme and ask her or them to explain how voting No is going to improve matters anywhere?

  5. I listened very carefully to the piece with Steven Purcell.

    I also googled his name – and got a reminder – and an education.

    Here’s a man who fell off the gravy train.

    Now, he wants back on.

    Derek, I think it was a mistake to include S Purcell on your list of guests.

    He got more out of the interview than we did.

  6. Ps Joan McAlpine tells it like it is, minus the crucial details of course.

    Well, there’s no point in having Steven Purcell’s PR man Jack Irvine ruin your life.

    BTW, you want a cover up? Jack’s your man. Look what he did for Sevco Scotland Ltd.

    A real El Cid story, right here in Scotland!

  7. Further apology – this is the correct link.

    Derek, would you be so kind as to delete my previous post – it really is just rubbish and litters the site.

    The anti-Yes must be getting to me – perhaps a few days rest will reset my brain.

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