Blinded by the Light

I fear there is an atmosphere being created in the media bubble which could have unforeseen consequences. The calculated smearing of Wings for example has developed into a witch-hunt, an idea given force by the reported attempt of Mike Dailly to compose a list of supporters for use by the mainstream media…whatever that means.

The daily publicity and denigration of pro independence supporters in the Press has the potential to generate a sense that they are society’s enemies. (In fact that is explicitly their intention). Identifying individuals who, whatever their politics, are merely citizens like anybody else and publishing their picture, describing their work or suggesting their residence and portraying them as a danger to society sets a worrying precedent.


We already know that when tweeters are identified they are soon after abused by any manner of cruel and inhumane individuals who deem them fair game as a result.

When we include rabid outpourings of extremism, blanketed in the assumed respectability of the Express, for example – as their Kerry Gill showed this week calling for the BBC to be biased against independence because it was on Britain’s side against the Nazis – it is, in my opinion, tantamount to incitement.


There are enough inadequates out there who will read such foolhardy claptrap not as the ramblings of a journalistic bigot but as a green light from the national Press to express themselves in the only way they know how. To the deranged, the idea that nationalists can be compared to the Nazis – and every nutter in the universe knows what they did – will be all the excuse they need.

It would be a tragic indictment of the greatest debate of my lifetime if one single court case hears evidence of how some unhinged malcontent was inflamed to violence by anti-independence rhetoric.

It isn’t just that this has been an inspirational, invigorating national conversation which has drawn Scots from all classes and corners out into the open, it’s that it is overwhelmingly civilised, witty and informed. To me, 99.9 per cent of social media has been within the bounds of what is reasonable given the type of forum it is. It provides people with a kind of an online pub conversation, removed from the artificial constraints of the BBC and the studied correctness of the politicians. It is authentically real and uses the robust language we all do in private.

I make no apologies for being direct and at times rude because that’s how it works and, although there is a line, everyone knows what is acceptable. To ridicule someone is not to encourage others to do them damage. Ridicule is what politicians do every day to each other. It’s what newspapers do every day to anybody they please. The sanctimony of the self-selecting Solomons of the print media stinks to high heaven.

But they are campaigning hand-in-glove with the No side to quarantine Yes supporters outside the mainstream. Interestingly, this week I asked Better Together if they would nominate people from their side to be interviewed on

In ‘reply’ I received a No Thanks icon and a link to a Darling lecture…that’ll be BT humour, then. But there is no personal message from the person in charge of broadcast – no ‘Dear Derek, no thanks…’ Even at the level of a formal request to give them airtime from what is a small but so far it seems, respected online radio project, they are incapable of displaying respect. It is the first campaign I remember in which the normal protocols do not apply. At the height of fractious campaigns like that in Monklands in 1994, each side acknowledged the other and separated out the roles of attack and that of public interest. That meant that however tough the language and however bitter the claim and counter claim, Labour could deal one-on-one with SNP officials and vice versa on matters of mutual and public concern. You respect your opponent.

That is not happening here in the same way and the result is a deliberately contrived venom that vilifies an opponent instead. Better Together can’t even communicate with an online radio station, can’t provide a single person to put their case. I have no obligation to impartiality because I am unregulated online but I am genuinely interested in all points of view and respect them. It’s a pity I won’t be able to bring the views of those proud Scots who prefer Britain because their own campaign is so blinkered. (I’m sure I can persuade a few I know personally).


Within hours of making the request, you’ll be glad to know, I was being trolled on Twitter by the Better Together ‘Director of Communications’ Rob Shorthouse. It’s a short step it seems from making contact with BT to being targeted by their smear machine.

He was following the Mike Dailly ‘I’m composing a list of Wings supporters for the media’ conversation which makes an intriguing connection, don’t you think? Labour lawyer starts anti-nationalist witch-hunt for mainstream media and Better Together Director of Communcations pops up taking his side on Twitter…Is there a tie-up? Is BT behind the Dailly witch-hunt? Shorthouse disappeared like a rat up a drainpipe as soon as I pointed this out, realising too late the implication for his campaign. When he re-emerged later it was to claim he had no idea what the original Dailly conversation conversation was about! That was my biggest laugh of the day and shows how the mindset is to treat everyone as if they’re dim. Either the BT Communications Director can’t compute basic information or he was – what’s the phrase? – making it up.

It might be worth watching this one as it develops. Or it may be after the event that someone at the No offices goes public with what really happened inside. That could be a great read. Meanwhile let’s hope none of us have to read of some personal catastrophe befalling a vilified participant before this is over.

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93 thoughts on “Blinded by the Light

  1. Mike Dailly has apparently just woken up in the shower with no recollection of ‘lists’.


    todays Times seems to suggest the the scots government is scrabbling to get a cost for independence ,turns out from the little piece of drivel I read that the Scottish government had put in an ad for staff,which the times suggests will be used to get some figures together,as the snp are desperate?
    Couple that with what you said above ,this is getting heated up by the british media,I hope we can withstand this onslaught
    I wish someone could take the media to court,for blithely making up stories,as im getting sick of it,and im sure others with more fervor may decide to take action physically, I HOPE NOT

    • Looks like the Yes Campaigners are set to be the new miners. Vilified for no good reason and infiltrated by ‘da spooks’.
      Read my post which I wrote the day after Cameron’s lovebombing began.
      Ah the good old days eh

      • Andy, that was my first though when reading this. It is the exact same reason that they have tried so hard to Make Alex Salmond the “Leader” of the yes campaign as it is an easy step to vilify everyone else through one person’s character assassination – as we saw back then with Arthur Scargill. The quick responses to this by independence seekers who are not Nationalists has made it difficult for them to do this. However, as that hasn’t worked, it seems they are now looking for “other” individuals to vilify.
        Have you noticed that they mirror their own nastiness onto other then point the finger. It shows, deep down, what they actually think of themselves. And we will be better off with THEM?

        • Yeah but look Arthur Scargill and Alex Salmond share the same initials.
          Surely that’s all the proof you need that they both wanted to destroy our septic..oops sceptered isle

  3. The No Better Together No Thanks side really are rattled. I would guess their private polling is all pointing to a clear loss in this run-in period. That and internal discords as well as MIAs – where is Ian Davidson- tell a story of a dysfunctional campaign.

    The swell of interest in non MSM commentary, indicates that more voters are taking their info from the web than from the broadsheets and even the Daily Record sees its pro No pieces trashed online.

    Their tactics at the moment seem to be to shut down the web by vilifying the leading blogs. Fat chance.

    They have always needed to shut down the debate because they have nothing positive to say so, don’t turn up for debates and have pro Yes stalls refused at community days because they can’t get a quorum to man them and, even if they did, the poor volunteers would be eviscerated, argument wise by old internet savvy pensioners and weans. Quelle horreur!

    They know that they cannot match the footfall and organisation of the YES side in the last 4 weeks of the campaign so the gemmes-a-bogey. When the Sun comes out for Yes, as it will do when they have seen the private polls, we will all know the result before the date. Hell, the bookies may pay out early.

    What will JoLa, Ruthie and whossisname do then? Be a fifth column for the another Referendum?

    We live in interesting times Grasshopper.

    • People speculate about private polling that’s scaring the No team, but I don’t see how that can be. If polls favourable to Yes are achievable, why do the polls commissioned by Yes organisations not show a Yes majority? There are probably systematic errors that favour No, for sure, but I don’t believe all the polling companies are or could be subverted.

      We need some sort of bandwagon, and with the supine, apologetic, don’t-frighten-the-horses attitude we’re getting from Yes Scotland, I don’t see where it’s going to come from.

      • Charles Kearney

        I could not agree more! The Head of the Yes Scotland Campaign is, like Derek himself, ex BBC, and I wonder if this supine attitude, the disassociation by YES of Wings Over Scotland, and the roll over and tickle my Tummy approach, by Yes and The SNP, of which I am a member, is as untholeable to everyone else as it is to me! It’s like being stabbed in the ‘Front!’

        • There are days I think they’d have done a hell of a lot better to hire Derek Bateman than Blair Jenkins. Now maybe Jenkins is going to pull something amazing out of the hat soon and show us that the Weirs’ money (and ours) hasn’t just been dissipated in staff to run focus groups to tell them that they’d better not run a campaign in case somebody might be offended, but until then I remain sceptical.

          We need passion and commitment in this fight. Derek has it. Wings has it. Yes Scotland issues happy-clappy emails asking for yet more money, and anodyne press releases humbly apologising for completely invented sins.

          • Yes management and co are playing by the establishment rules which has left them wanting in not turning the tables.

            e.g Alex has been asked why wont he debate with Darling numerous times and he always says Cameron first then all comers instead of saying that Dennis Canivan is the equal of Darling as the two leaders of the different campaigns ball is back in their court.

        • it is not for the First Minister of Scotland to debate such an important issue with any Westminster backbencher. When Cameron suggests that is what he should do, how dismissive of Scots is he being; how insignificant is he making Scotland out to be?

      • I’m happy with the steady as she goes approach from Blair Jenkins and team at this juncture. Any vitriol from them would be like manna for No.

        After the YES in September expect the MSM to go wild, and then we’ll see some of the journalism we should be getting now.

    • I had been thinking Ian Davidson had been hobbled silent out of site ‘pro tempore’. Nothing from him in weeks.

  4. It does look like a desperate attempt to shut down the online debate. No wonder! Within minutes of launching a fake “grassroots” Vote No Borders outfit, the whole deception is taken apart online. The CBI fiasco, merging into the BBC fiasco followed by the Crossfire/Kezia Dugdale fiasco, the Daily Mail cybernats, Lallygate. Barroso, the Pope ….well, where to stop! If sites like Wings Over Scotland were not available then people would be left to feel isolated and marginalised. Keep up the good work!
    Hear today that John Beattie is fronting Crossfire. Might give it a listen and check out the tone.

  5. No surprise to any of this Derek. We’re talking about hitting the state where it hurts in both bank balance and international pride. When the state is threatened they’ll pull out all the stops. Demonising a peaceful and democratic movement won’t lose them a moments sleep. They’ll keep on doing it too, right up to polling day and beyond should they somehow pull a win out of the hat. Though the chances of that are looking slimmer by the week.

    I’ll never forget what the press and BT have brought to this debate and it may be some time before I forgive the parliamentarians and parties responsible. The ordinary folks in the street will do what we always do. We are, after all, family, friends and neighbours and will live, work and play together as we always have regardless of result.

    We have such an opportunity right here and right now to show the world how constitutional debates can and should be conducted. We have such an opportunity to show that its never too late to bring something new and progressive into the world. That it doesn’t have to be government led by self and corporate interest but government by the people and for the people. Just this past week the people were handed a draft constitution to examine, a bare bones skeleton of rights for them to engage with and flesh out as they see fit.

    How was this greeted by the press? With personal smears stories, more scaremongering on the loss of strictly come clueless and Ed Balls making the safest promise in history. That being threatening his resignation IF Labour won the next GE and IF he became chancellor and IF the government were talking seriously to an iScotland about a CU.

    I mean seriously? Really? This is serious political and constitutional debate? Fear, smear, lies, misrepresentation, misdirection, rinse and repeat. There is no end in sight, no epiphany looming for the media or BTVNOBNT (can’t keep up with the name changes). They set a course through lack of real substance to their argument and will stick with it right to the end.

  6. There have been 4 reported assaults on yessers one conviction one other for racial buses on a Snp Msp and other cases pending
    The media in this country should be ashamed of there lack of questions to No
    To win by fear shames every one
    That many say there voting no with a heavy heart while BBc report guaranteed powers after a No
    I dispare I recently had a chat with a professor of Politics & a No
    He said without a Scottish media it was never a fair fight I truly dispare what the future holds if a No

  7. It’s the greatest pity that such an historic occasion is being cheapened by the MSM and the BetterTogether campaign. I’m losing count of the number of “mistruths” put out to try and scare the Scottish electorate into staying within the union, and am sick to the heart of the continual attempts by politicians to undermine Scotland as a nation and to trash the people of Scotland.

    Boris may find it funny to call the campaign for independence for Scotland “a kind of peasants’ revolt”, but jeers like these do serve a purpose a I guess – they illustrate Westminster’s attitude towards Scotland and her aspirations for a better and fairer way of governing a country. Social justice and equality don’t figure much in any of the main Westminster party political ideologies, so of course they’ll find our generally collective social conscience unrecognisable. Justice and equality are principles to be proud of, and I’m proud of all my fellow Scots – of whatever background – who believe in a society that rejects the politics of selfishness and greed.

    Let’s just carry on with what we’re doing, slow and sure. In the end, as history will show, we will have fought a courageous battle against all the agents of a flailing and failing state that wants to keep us in line. Yes, we are those “rebellious Scots”, but our rebellion is peaceful, bloodless and democratic. If Westminster is able to stay away from gutter politics and outlandish claims, they might find they can salvage some pride and credibility; as it is, the UK is already being thought of as a “an old declining empire” by China, its new best trading buddy, and Cameron as a “lightweight” in terms of skills and statesmanship. (New Statesman, 4 Dec 2008)

    “A rising country [China] should understand the embarrassment of an old declining empire and at times the eccentric acts it takes to hide such embarrassment.” (China’s Global Times, 18 June14).

  8. Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself repudiated by the Better Together campaign in favour of calumny and smear,

    Honest debate eviscerated for what and whose purpose (especially at the low food chain level of the likes of some of the individuals, and their ilk. you mention)? What’s their price? Not for opposing the repatriation of the citizens of Scotland’s popular sovereignty, but for the vile tactics employed by them in doing so? What moral blood price?

    To borrow from and paraphrase John MacLean: How do they square their collective conscience with their collective intellect? Simply astro-turf and re-brand the dark void which passes for the notion of conscience and intellect squared in a distant. parallel universe where sociopathy struts supreme?

    Would the Moderator’s proposed truth and re-conciliation service post the vote get anywhere near the root of this moral and intellectual black hole? This core of this tissue and web of bare-faced lies?

    Almost certainly not given the servitor/comprador mentality of these Bantustani elements.

    They are beyond tragedy and farce and inhabit the realm of pure, unadulterated evil.

    May their idolatorous “God” help them.

  9. Derek

    God knows what Dailly was playing at with his list. It reminded me of Peter Lilley and his “little list” from yesteryear with all of its repugnant reverberations. For a qualified lawyer like Dailly to persist with such nonsense takes the breath away.

    But that doesn’t leave you off the hook for defending an official Yes campaigner who’s modus is vicious invective and relentless ad hominem of all perceived opponents – including “WetNat” Yes voters and supporters.

    There’s a pathological and clearly traceable history with the Campbell/Wings character dating back to his videogame days.

    If you think sophistry, argument based on virtually every fallacy in the book, lies, deliberate deception and semantic pedantry when held to account, are virtues, then I suppose, Wings is yer man.

    If you don’t – and I know you don’t – then you’re demeaning yourself by defending such a repellent and potentially damaging character to the Yes campaign.

    Other than his penchant for ‘sticking it to the man’ there are virtually no redeeming features.

    Why do you persist in defending him? This guy cares about no one or nothing other than himself. It’s all a big point scoring game where he’s a boss and guys like you are seen as ‘useful’ idiots’ as part of his ‘narcissistic’ supply.

    How are you going to feel when you realise you’ve been duped?

    It’s only a matter of time till you do.


    • Ah Yes, Longshanker. Who else could write this rubbish except you.

      Every single thing you have to say about the Rev Stu, the brilliant author of Wings, is of course a tissue of lies. And everyone with even half an ounce of sense knows that.

      Hundreds of thousands of social media and online users know that Stu lays the truth out for everyone to see.
      The same people know that the press & TV in Scotland, and including your own insignificant self,
      peddle nothing but lies smears and deceipt.

      But please keep on doing it.

      In addressing the public, what counts is not what you say.

      It’s what people hear.

      We hear you loud and clear Longshanker.

      You and the BBC, STV, Sky, the press, radio and so on.


      Scotlands’ destiny.

      • Every single thing you have to say about the Rev Stu, the brilliant author of Wings, is of course a tissue of lies.

        Such as? One or two examples wouldn’t be remiss.

      • James Coleman

        You’ve finally made it Derek. The troll Longwanker aka norse warrior et al has now attacked you. That means you are an officially stamped YES supporter.

        You may not know it since you arrived on the scene only recently but Longwanker has been around for a number of years now under many assumed names peddling the nonsense that he is a YES supporter while always attacking al things YES. And it has a virulent hatred of Stu Campbell and Wings. Many of us wonder if this goes back to his deprived childhood…or maybe he lost a girl to Stu…or whatever, who knows, but his hatred seems to be all consuming.

        • Visceral hatred is something that emanates from the Holyrood Labour group towards the SNP. It’s possibly a Labour supporter/member

          • Longshaker is possibly a North Ayrshire independent councillor.


          • Yes – as a child in Central Scotland forced out to canvas for Labour in the 70s by my Champagne Socialist Mother (“the Liberals would never win, darling”) who embarrassed me w. NO DEVO and NO EU badges at (private school) Sports Days…
            I was always surprised not just at her invective towards SNP (because she was prone to invective, generally, as others are to bronchitis) but the level of hate shown by all the Labour faithful to any SNP aligned.
            I hope the innate (if inexplicable/unjustifiable) hate for the SNP id not overshadowing and turning away
            people who might otherwise see the rationale in a Yes vote.

    • You’ve just called the thousands upon thousands of Wings ‘users’ idiots. Well done that man. Wings is a rare phenomenon in UK politics; it has managed to bring ordinary people together and engage them in political discourse, something which the MSM has failed to do for decades on this scale. As his Google Analytics show, Wings is incredibly popular, and the level of below the line engagement surpasses that of ANY newspaper or online media outlet.

      Now, you may not like the guy, but asking other prominent commentators to ‘distance’ themselves from him and his site is just another co-ordinated unionist smear campaign, bereft of fact, and concocted because you guys know that you’re losing, and you’er losing BECAUSE people are now engaged in this debate, so you want to close it down. Shameful behaviour.

      • You’ve just called the thousands upon thousands of Wings ‘users’ idiots

        Got some independent proof for those figures?

        As his Google Analytics show…

        Mostly meaningless. Anyone with any nous realises that what you’re talking about is _utma cookies.

        BTL engagement is a hilarious example of groupthink, which is mindful of the Goldstein hate ritual In 1984.

        …just another co-ordinated unionist smear campaign…

        I’m not a Unionist, so spare me the conspiracy theory sanctimony. Thankyou.

        Shameful behaviour.

        To see yersel as ithers see ye. Take a look in the mirror old chum. Projection does you know favours. You’re so far off the mark it’s embarrassing.


    • If I opened my door and you were there longshanker, I would prefer there to be a Mormon or seventh day adventist smiling at me, most certainly not you.

      You’ve haunted us for years longshanks/longshanker and this is the second time I’ve said this.

      ‘Oh god no, it’s longshanker’

      You give us all a laugh with your twaddle.

  10. What I think is unfortunate is that Wings over Scotland’s recent posts seem to have become a defence of and point by point rebuttal of the accusations levelled or snide swipes taken in papers. This is understandable and I am not sure, were I in the position to be offering advice, what I would suggest he do differently.

    However such an actiont quickly becomes a bit of a “he says” “she says” worthy of a particularly virulent group of P5s right at the end of term, when everyone is tired of each other. That each side plays out on their own page, and without peer or teacher mediation does no one any favours.

    While I read and admire some of the pieces in Wings over Scotland I do think the official Yes Campaign has done well in not engaging in the level to which things have sunk. In not slipping and sliding around in the mud of a struggle that has the same propriety and upstanding of unfortunate night club entertainment, they have shown that they have not sunk to the level of the Better Together Campaign.

    Bizarrely I had such an experience as parallels the “list” on a local Facebook page. In a thread that should have been innocuous about a street beggar/Big Issue seller of E. European or Roma Origins, I complained to the mods about the language of “scum, smelly foreigners, dirty, should be left to die, they are swicking us, should never be allowed in” as xenophobic, racist and lacking in charity. I compared the attitudes and the persecution (there were a good ten or fifteen posters, some w Yes Twibbons) to those of Mosley or even the true Blood And Soil Nationalists in 30s Germany, who sought out and pursued, the gay, the Roma, the Jew, the Gypsy, the Mentally Ill, the Mentally Handicapped – the dispossessed (and the Trade Unionist and Communist).
    I was then outted as a “nationalist” and my former place of work (as a teacher) shared, and a diatribe questioning my politics, competence, my sanity, and the fact I wear a plaidie (easy to slip off if it gets warm in a class) as evidence of my fitness to teach. Granted this person did not have a Yes Twibbon.

    It was a concern as to how this person had connected my online and publishing writing/photography nom de plume with my real identity. It was very, very concerning that my professional reputation was being questioned, and without grounds as there had been no nationalist agenda in the class other than teaching Scottish History as part of the curriculum.
    The comment was removed.

    It was more of an indictment of some of our Scottish people. I hope we can rise above this mud-larking and midden-scouring.

    It would be to all of our detriment if we did degenerate to the extend of lists, and witch-hunts. It would make me fear for the levelheadedness of a path to Freedom folllowing a Yes vote. It would make me positively tremble in my boots of black balling and impact on employment, fairness in service provision, equality and justice following a No vote, should that come to pass.

    In the online debate of which I spoke above, I had the picture of the persecution of the Traivellin’ Fowk going through my mind – and was in shock and horror at my fellow Scots; I very much wonder at the same future for all those who are the least bit Other or Vulnerable if we do not chose Yes to a Fair and Free Scotland.

  11. How are you going to feel when you realise you’ve been duped, Longshanker?

    The clock will start on the day the Yes result is announced.

  12. I suggest you all read Catherine McLeod/Alison Rowat columns in The Herald, Friday is the day for latter one. Rowat takes the biscuit. She thinks if we vote YES, we will selfishly leave our English cousins to decades of Tory rule, or that we are only doing it to ‘take a pop at the current Westminster Government.’ Rowat goes onto say, ‘And sure, there will be a few (YES voters, my addition) whose feelings cannot be explained as anything other than prejudice, though their numbers are surely dwindling.’

    Well, we YES voters are a bunch of (according to Rowat) unthinking, selfish, petty people who only care for ourselves. Are callous enough to selfishly leave our English cousins to their plight. I think she has forgotten to mention our Welsh and Northern Irish cousins. I rest my case.

    • But it has always been ok for them to forget about us and our plight as their beloved Westminster bled the wealth out of Scotland and used our people as cannon fodder in all their wars which were nothing to do with Scotland. They have never had ten years of peace, what does that tell you? The people of Scotland know that we can have a better lifestyle, better services, plenty of work, control our own wealth and resources and have our own voice on the world stage. In their arrogance, our cousins down South have forgotten that this little nation of ours IS a nation, and they have forgotten what we have contributed to this world already, and never a thought of how we could contribute again if we were free to rebuild our country without their interference. I say, along with the majority of Scottish people, a resounding YES in September and we will never look back, just like all the other countries who took their Independence from Westminster!

    • I’ve come across that defence too. ‘We oughtn’t to leave, because what will poor England do without us? We will be abandonning them to the Tories.’ It comes from Labour voters, all comrades in arms. And I ask them: ‘Why should we 8% be expected to hold a line that they, 92%, have consistently failed to hold?’ But they are incapable of grasping these dynamics, so powerfully have they been brainwashed by the Labour Party mantra of comrades in arms. It smacks of a deep masochism, and willingness of the Scots soldiers to take the hit for England’s sake, like the Highland regiments did at the Heights of Abraham, when General Wolfe sent them to their certain deaths with the comment, ‘and no mischief if they perish’.

    • Ivan McKee, Business for Scotland, makes a wonderful analogy of four sane people being falsely incarcerated in an insane asylum (Westminster), on wandering round the building they discover a window that only one of them can fit through. Does the person stay in the asylum out of a sense of loyalty or do they escape with the promise to bring help later? Staying helps no-one.

  13. James Coleman

    Derek’s piece is excellent and it shows just how far the NO camp has crossed the decency line when they have riled a normally fair minded person like him so much.The comments above are also excellent but stop fretting so much. As a well known Labour spin merchant has said, political campaigns are like trench warfare, it’s kill or be killed.

    So fight back. Tweet, comment, as often as you can on social media and on MSM’s BTL sections. Ridicule them when they do something stupid. Get the truth out and show the population the mis and disinformation the smearing and sneering that is being employed against Independence and its supporters.

    And remember without Derek’s and others’ excellent blogs we wouldn’t be flying as high as we are, and without Wings we wouldn’t be flying at all. So support them whether or not you like the author. Don’t let them gain one iota of advantage.

  14. Darling only appears for money Derek four figures at least and where he can have a say as what is to be asked. Enjoyed yet again your latest radio edition we will win this.

  15. “When we include rabid outpourings of extremism, blanketed in the assumed respectability of the Express, for example – as their Kerry Gill showed this week calling for the BBC to be biased against independence because it was on Britain’s side against the Nazis – it is, in my opinion, tantamount to incitement.”

    This is not *tantamount* to incitement, it *is* incitement. By presenting ordinary people as dangerous extremists, what other result could there be but resentment, fear and reprisals? The constant comparisons of Yes supporters to the SNP – and the SNP to “blood and soil nationalists,” “fascists,” “dictators” and so on – will lead to the exact same results as the media’s incitements against Muslims, foreigners, welfare recipients and the disabled.

    The media is complicit in all this, and must be held to account.

    • James Coleman

      But just remember they used these tactics against UKIP and look what happened to IT. And no matter what they say about YES and YES supporters the support is inexorably moving to YES for Independence.

    • Couldn’t agree more.

    • Kerry Gill wrote this in April. It’s still online on the Daily Express site.

      “Alex Salmond spent the evening larding his speech with deceitful pledges of undying friendship and a strengthened social union with what would remain of the UK.

      It was one of the most disingenuous, cynical speeches a politician could make. If St George were alive today, he would have slain this charlatan as surely and as ruthlessly as he put that mythological dragon to the sword.”

      There are frightening idiots around who see the SNP as traitors, and that sort of language from GIll is tantamount to asking “who will rid the Union of this turbulent priest?”.

  16. I thought there was concerted effort by elements of the Brit Press and Media to maliciously target a certain Uruguayan supporting Scot. Unfortunately for them he doesn’t fit the easy profile of ginger heided racist. I doubt very much if there will be any apology forthcoming.

  17. I recently watched an interview between Alan Cochrane, Scottish Telegraph editor, and Mairi McFadyen, National Collective contributor. I was struck by the amount of times Cochrane referred to ‘Yes’ supporters as ‘the Nats’. I kept thinking of the Rwandan radio broadcast that continually called the Tutsis ‘cockroaches’, just before the slaughter. Add a ‘g’ to ‘Nats’ and we get a convenient insect reference, an ‘other’ not quite human, or worthy of compassion or empathy. I dearly hope that was not Cochrane’s intention, but increasingly the language of Unionist is becoming intolerant and dare I say desperate.

  18. It’s funny how what might appear on the face of it to be a miserable week turns out in the end to be a week to be pleased about. There’s no point attacking and smearing when all your evidence is just more claptrap.

    That people are engaged frightens them, that “ordinary” people dare to raise their voice frightens them, that the media is failing and that the internet provides a platform for comment that they cannot control is most frightening of all.

    Project Fear is it’s own worst enemy. People in Scotland really are NOT as stupid as their No Thanks counterparts.

  19. The campaign has moved from the streets to the internet and we the people have firm control over the net.
    The UK Government have lost the battle and know it,They will now move to discrediting and hate by means of using the same old BBC and new papers, We the new generation have learned not to trust the papers or the BBC and rely on hard facts, We have searched and found our own facts and it says YES vote YES as the gravy train Leeds to Westminster.

    Stay strong less the 3 months left till the day we all vote YES

  20. Wings isn’t part of the solution, it is an abusive website run by a misogynist with a mission, and it needs its wings clipped.

  21. STV offers something which ought to make those behind the present witch-hunt sit up and take notice.

  22. lastchancetoshine

    I take it Mr Dailly’s list thing is a tacit admission that the press are incapable of doing any competent investigation themselves?

  23. Some nice developments with Ian Davidson being investigated by Police Scotalnd

  24. Just listened to my first and last Crossfire utterly dire set up radio off.

    • When did Crossfire go out then? Sunday 22 June the BBC says episode no longer available on the Player.

      Anybody got another way of listening in? I’ll check Bella Caledonia etc. just in case.

      • Found it, by going round the back. Let’s see the results …

      • I fell asleep during “Crossfire”.

        • Yes Jan, I found it very confusing, and kept thinking “they would say that, wouldn’t they”. Though it was civilised, give it its due.

          Can’t imagine a dozen or so more programmes recycling the same issues, they seem to have covered them all in the first programme. But maybe being away from these shores I’m missing something.

  25. Compiling lists of people for the purpose of public vilification has been a tactic used by dictatorships throughout history and across the globe.
    Those people who advocate this are getting into very dangerous territory

  26. Looks like you have “graduated” Derek. A No Thanks/UKOK/Better Together snub; being trolled; and a visit from Longshanks.

  27. No post on making lists of one’s enemies would be complete without the 1984 2 minutes of hate scene?
    Listened to Crossfire this morning. dire as expected. Usual tricks, the NO person gets to speak first, the YESSER has to respond to the doomladen predictions. Then, of course, the telephone interview with the distant YES commenter doesn’t work because the line’s down, as always! So off to listen to Bateman radio instead.

  28. the argument quoted above about Scotland abandoning the English left to the Tories was brilliantly debunked by Robin McAlpine at the Duns debate the other night – ‘solidarity is not a suicide pact’

  29. I see Mike has resorted to calling people names

    Mike Dailly @mikedailly · 18h

    We have an ars*hole as First Minister, let’s be honest …

    Not the kind of behavior I would expect from a human rights lawyer, however exactly what I would expect from Labour

  30. Oh boy where to start???

    Firstly , Great broadcast Derek. Love the radio blog . can u get this out national using a PBS . I really enjoy your interviews and i am not one for the radio, Mostly if a football match isn’t screened somewhere.

    Secondly , whats with the lists. Sound like something out of 1984. What next .. round up anyone who can read and send them of to some islands to breaks stones till they die. And a lawyer , who should know better , threatening folk for tweeting support for a Wings blog that most of the YES campaigners use to de-bunk the hypocritical bull shit flung out on a daily basis.

    I despair at the rhetoric we Scots have to face every day. The UK Govt are a disgrace who use fear and mis information to dumb us down and except that “they know whats good for us.” Don’t they realise there are no arguments any more. Not really when you can google the answer to your phone and see for yourself. And thats the thing. The BT/NT/UKOK whatever cannot understand that we can get answers ourseves. Last time i checked behind my ears i couldn’t find a zip or button .

    And finally. Longwanker. James Coleman you beauty , summed it up nicely. thanks for the laugh. Any way Longshanker or whatever. Very soon the scales are going to be torn off your eyes and your going to feel a right wee fool. We deserve to run OUR country the way way we decide not those fearmongering liars down south.

    We will have problems to get over and we will fall but the poeple of Scotland have woken up from the apathy forced on us by Westminster GOVT. and We are voting with our feet. Get out there and see . Open your eyes and look around , therse a buzz and this will drive Scotland to independence and beyond.

    I trust my fellow Scots . I DO NOT trust Westminster I have a choice that i will make not through fear but with hope.

    I will vote YES

  31. Any chance of getting the Rev Stu on for a broadcast? He came over really well on his short TV appearance.

    • You know you might be onto something there. Maybe a broadcast on indy blogs with guest speakers from a selection Derek would be spoilt for choice; WGD, Wings, Bella, NNS, LPW, any number in fact. Hell, I’ve lost count now. But a show highlighting the diversity of Scotland’s new online and informed citizen journalism might be quite cool.

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