I’ve Done It Again!


I’m deep in the Border hills up the Yarrow Valley outside Selkirk where we’re enjoying the Common Riding when news reaches me via the telegraph that the latest edition of the radio programme is ready. It’s at http://batemanbroadcasting.com/episode-2-business-arts-media/. I hope -and is a mixture of arts, media and business where we hear what the interviewees really think.

Pat Kane gives us analysis of the Scottish psyche – why do so many Scots look beaten and can’t make eye contact? What happened to our confidence?

Michelle Thomson isn’t short of chutzpah. She leads Business for Scotland and we hear how the very thing you need in order to take national independence is belief, exactly the same ingredient so vital to business success.

Kevin McKenna has been in print journalism so long he’s like a rolled up newspaper. And beneath that thoughtful exterior he sometimes shows he can beat you with it too. We discuss bias in the media and he turns the tables and interviews me!

Amanda is in the road again with an intriguing interview with a social charity find raiser and the whole package comes in under an hour of listening. Tell your friends it’s there. Remember, unlike, the BBC, it’s free.

Up with the Souters…







: http://batemanbroadcasting.com/episode-2-business-arts-media/

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16 thoughts on “I’ve Done It Again!

  1. The boy is on his way, now where was I ?

    Ah yes, the new podcast – more great work Derek.

    Well done!

    The wife is getting there about the licence fee

    she’ll find it hard without her favourite shows

    at first

    but she is so infuriated by the BBC’s betrayal of impartiality

    she’s on the cusp of a cancellation. Yippee!

    It’s not been easy,

    But she’s worth it.

    The boy?

    Computer games will do him just fine.

    I once gave up the telly for two years

    and to my complete surprise

    I didn’t miss it one little bit after the first week.

    I had thought I couldn’t live without it

    others said the same.

    But nothing could be further from the truth.


    The Funeral will be advertised.

  2. wee folding bike

    Is there a way I can get it to download automatically and listen on my iPod on the way to work?

  3. Just listened to the Radio Show – I think I’m going to enjoy not having telly.

    Very well done Derek.

    Thank you and your helpers for all your hard work in putting the show on.

    In contrast to what’s on the telly

    and I’m not just thinking of the No Campaign

    what I get on your show is inspiration.

    More please.

  4. …an doon wi the Earl o Hume!

  5. I left comments on your broadcasting site but couldn’t resist coming on here to say FANTASTIC!……. and also to ask if Ken Macdonald can somehow be included as his last last broadcast on “Headlines” takes place tomorrow morning?

  6. The Common Riding with a WOMAN casting the flag !

    • A Souter in Edinburgh

      Yes and didn’t she do well. Great to hear the support from us Souters both before and after her Casting. What a pressure and to cope so well was inspirational. I had a tear before the Liltin for a change!!

  7. Thanks, I enjoyed it. It was a nice idea to have the tables turned with Kevin McKenna doing the asking. I’d be very interested to hear a conversation of that kind with a No Thanker, if anyone sufficiently rational can be found. (Of course any BT/NT prepared to discuss the matter rationally would end up being turned.) But you could always aim hard and high and see if JKR would join you for a chat. No idea about Souters apart from Johnny, cobblers, cliffs at Cromarty and buses, but you do learn something every day on this channel. Go Selkirk.

  8. Can’t comment….Listenning to Bateman Broadcasting: Episode 2

  9. Excellent broadcast Derek. I wanted to pick up on something you said close to the end of your interview with Kevin. To paraphrase, you said that regardless of what happens on September 18th us Yes-ers are not going to go away.
    Your words chimed with me so much as several months ago I came to a similar view – that September 18th was no longer simply a Yes or No vote on independence (if it really ever was). Rather it has become a referendum on what kind of society we wish to live in and it’s become an opportunity to reset the social thermostat of Scotland.
    If we lose on September 18th are we really going to shrug our shoulders, say we tried our best and all skulk back to our routine lives? I don’t think so. Eyes have been opened; opinions have been stirred from deep within; and a hunger for real, meaningful change has been created which is not going to be sated by a few more devolutionary morsels from the Westminster table.
    Forget currency union; forget how long it will take to sort out EU membership. This is about creating a society in which everyone makes it their priority to ensure that our kids and young people have the best education system in the world; that everyone has the best healthcare system in the world; and that our elderly, sick and vulnerable have the best welfare and social care systems in the world.
    So Yes or No I am not going anywhere on September 19th because the type of change I want to see is no longer a pipe dream – it’s an imperative and a lobby group of nearly 2 milllion people cannot simply be ignored.

  10. P.S. I am more of a “pale merk” myself 🙂

  11. Excellent. Great to hear interviews where the interviewee isn’t needlessly interrupted.

    By the by, I posted a piece on your last blog. It was an email from BT, but I tried to erase it as I don’t want your blog to come into disrepute.

  12. Listened to episode 2 of Bateman Broadcasting and it was great to hear you back in the studio. Very interesting guests airing the important issues. Now that Ken MacDonald’s programme has been scrapped, Sundays are pretty bleak on the radio. Your podcast is so welcome given the desert that Radio Scotland has become.
    A topic for future discussion would be the recently published report on Land Reform. Much of Scotland is dedicated to large sporting estates; grouse moors and deer “forests”. There’s an important debate to be had about that I think and it would get you all out in the Highlands for a change!

  13. I have started to listen to your podcasts (and some others) on the weekends, now that I no longer listen to the BBC.

  14. Great stuff Derek , got my sunday morning sorted.

    One teeny complaint . You were too easy on the Beeb. We know they are bias and under control from London, Only the Sunday Herald gives fair comments and look at the way the BBC took the Lally thing , ignoring all the scares and vile smears from the politicos . The BBC have been a disgrace to everyone in Scotland …FACT . Even the unionists can see that and cringe.

    Other than that great show and turning the tables on Mr McKenna was brilliant. very clever and i hope to hear more from you in future .

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