He’s Escaped…!

I’m not buying the Clever Conspiracy line over Gordon Brown messing up the No strategy. He has mined key initiatives carefully crafted over the months which have had to be held together in the face of glaring inconsistency and sometimes ridicule. He has left the Better Together leadership facing awkward questions and created a fissure in the united front for Unionism.

It is true that Labour have struggled to make working with the Tories sellable and that there has been a need to show Labour owning its part of the campaign – something Johann has failed to do. Therefore a figure like Brown who holds a mystical power over some quarters of the wider movement is a logical choice to head off into the undergrowth on his own mission with a tattered standard to rally the faithful.


Or it would be logical – if he knew how to conduct himself as part of a team effort. The man is incapable of participating without dominating. The only good ideas are Gordon’s ideas and even when others take his ideas and they fail – like floating the prospect of an early election when he became PM – they are no longer Gordon’s. That one was put down to Dougie Alexander who was then pushed out the tent.

No one – as in no one – knows better than the mighty intellect, even Treasury officials. They warned him of the consequences of abolishing the 10p tax rate but Gordon pushed on regardless and paid a punishing price. But there is never any sense of remorse or self-criticism allowing him to morph from the man who destroyed final salary pensions to saviour of your pension in the Union without a blush.

When things went wrong he turned on his own, including Alastair, and his simmering feud with Blair was the stuff of Greek tragedy, seriously undermining the very workings of government, never mind its morale, until he manufactured a cack-handed coup to lever the elected Prime Minister out of his way. The result of allowing Gordon to run the show was horribly demonstrated when he became a figure of fun under the pressure of leadership.

We are now witnessing a version of the same phenomenon. Gordon gets involved… Gordon takes over…Gordon rewrites the script…Gordon undermines…Gordon destroys from within.


He may indeed bring some core Labour voters with him but look what he is risking – the entire strategy of Better Together is built on scaring Scots witless by wheeling up big guns from London to lecture us on what they will and wont allow us to do as they are our masters. It is insulting of course, but that’s the chosen route. The attempt to deny us use of the pound was the epitome of this approach, organised by Alastair himself. To criticise that is to criticise the leadership and Darling personally. You can detect a whiff of revenge in Brown’s public denunciation.

Last night Darling was placed in the position of distancing himself from Brown’s view on television – which is admitting on air that key people on his own side think he got it wrong. That will hurt. You can guarantee it will be one of the selling points of Alastair’s How I Won the Union book deal under a chapter heading: Brown nearly ruined the campaign.


Can you imagine the fury in Downing Street when they heard he had backed the Cameron/Salmond televised debate…that had gone to sleep and there was a generally weary acceptance that Cameron had ducked out. Now of course, every time Cameron has a mic under his nose he’ll get ‘Brown says you should debate…why not?’

Better Together do not want Salmond bigged up to the same size in Scots’ mind as Cameron…don’t want him revealing how un-Scottish Cameron’s instincts are and don’t want Scots thinking this is Scotland against posh English boy – which do I prefer? So Gordon has put it right back centre stage and will no doubt also be offering himself as debater-in-chief.

There may be no escape from this now as Gordon isn’t someone you can appeal to for understanding. He’s out there now, unleashed like Godzilla, tearing up the ground and taking no prisoners. There will now be a section of BT whose job is to monitor his activities, avoid diary clashes, keep him and Alastair apart, and devise media lines to cover up the discord. (I should imagine Yes might ask when we will see Alastair and Gordon together in the campaign). It isn’t just at general elections where the public don’t like internal splits. If they think there is a divided leadership in the No campaign, that they are just jostling egos and that’s why they want the Union – to keep them in power – they will recoil and be more receptive to Yes arguments. The No side tried unsuccessfully to paint Yes as squabbling SNP and others and now find their own side undermined in the same way.

If Brown carries on like this, it could be the unforeseen element that changes the game. Telling him to stop will only enrage him further. It’s time to reach for the elephant gun.

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42 thoughts on “He’s Escaped…!

  1. How do you solve a problem like Gordon? It’s not only that when he’s outside the tent he pisses into it, he just can’t stop spraying it all around when he gets back in.

  2. BT need to organise an icecream van pretty quickly so Gordon and Alistair can have a cone together to show how united they are.

  3. This is his chance for redemption, as he sees it, his moment to reclaim respect and gravitas, maybe rewrite his place in history as the saviour of the union. Small beer after saving the world from the financial crash but, hey, he can rebuild from there.

    Brown was right up there with Blair and Thatcher when it came to ego-driven sociopaths as Prime Minister. Brown still sees Scotland as his domain and like a wounded King Lear will rail against the winds of change. Good. If the media get a sniff of him settling scores with Darling or anyone else, they’ll be all over the No camp like a rash.

    Go for it, Gordy!

  4. I think they’ve got the wrong end of the stick you know. Its not meant to be bad cop/worse cop.

    I just love the idea of Gordzilla tearing up Westminster, but the fella does need a reality check. Brown lecturing Cameron, Osborne and Darling on the morality of negative campaigning after he’s just roamed the countryside terrifying pensioners on the dangers of independence and pension risk? Seriously?

    Brown lecturing on negativity AND pension probity?

    Still, so long as he’s wreaking his particular brand of carnage amongst the no campaign… 😀

    Gaun yersel’ Broon.

  5. Broon’s a lunatic, a wrecking ball of a politician. He is a ‘North Briton’ by choice and North Britain is his domain as he sees it. An egotistical maniac driven by the love of power and his own self-belief that he is some sort of saviour. Broon wants us all to be equal, equally poor that is, the idea of ‘pool and share’ is to have Scotland pay for Westminster’s mistakes. He’d have us all on the street licking grit as self punishment for daring to call ourselves ‘Scots’ while casting a greedy eye over at the House of Lords and all the titles, trinkets and baubles it offers. History won’t lie, this guy has been an outright disaster.

  6. he is as good for the YES campaign as one Wullie Ross ..or Baron Marnock as he preferred to be known …. another champagne socialist…. was for helping the SNP during the mid 70s… so I can not see how this wandering bruised soul without a moral compass can cause anything other than rejoicing in the YES camp…

  7. “Now of course, every time Cameron has a mic under his nose he’ll get ‘Brown says you should debate…why not?’”

    Can’t imagine any of the mics will have BBC Scotland or STV written on them though…

  8. lastchancetoshine

    John Knox’s legacy… Self loathing and self Importance in equal measure.

  9. Can you not see it? He’s being ironic, surely! This man is highly regarded in Scotland according to the Daily Telegraph
    Sulking and skulking in his redoubt in Kirkcaldy, like a wounded Charles DeGaulle, waiting for the rallying call of the people, Flash Gordon is ready once again to save the nation from itself with his financial wizardry.

  10. Aye oor Gordon hated in England, and you will hardly find a person with a good word to say there, but we half daft Scots are supposed to just love him. So none of our pensions were harmed Gordon, people did not find that the money put away for their retirement has vanished, Gordon, only in England, aye right.
    As long as he keeps hurting the Better together UKOK campaign he can carry on.

  11. What do Great Britain, Gordon Brown and Guantanemo Bay have in common?
    Answer: The same as David Cameron and David Coburn, or Body Odour and Barack Obama.

  12. Oops, “Guantanamo.”

  13. Auld Plunderbuss lecturing us on pensions…

  14. Maybe it is Alex Salmond who should be looking over his shoulder. Gordy, sensing a fiefdom possibility, rallies the Labour faithful to his tattered standard, undermines Darling, spotlights Cameron as a fealty. What a prize for Gordy. Prime Minister of the UK then First Minister of an independent Scotland.

    “I have always believed in the Scottish nation and her right to self-determination and so I shall be campaigning for a Yes…” It’s only words after all. Oh, and George Galloway as Foreign Secretary.

  15. Perhaps we should remember his claim that his favourite goal of all time or some such nonsense was that scored by Gascoigne for England v Scotland! Does that not tell us all we need to know? A feeble attempt to curry favour with the English media and people.

  16. However they spin it, Brown is unpopular in England, often touted as the worst Prime Minister EVER!.
    Bt also have to pander to the ugly desires that English MP’s have in regards to Scotland, it follows
    that Brown saying the things he has said will make them take an even more negative view of him.

    You must imagine that this is the case, he is a rogue elephant, also one that is all too easy to rile, he knows this himself, hence he does’nt do debating. He Slips in and out of the media like a more persistent
    version of Brigadoon.

    So, has he got his eyes on another thing altogether? The ” Prime Minister” of an Independent Scotland for example! Now, that would make sense in the context of all he says, maybe despite his Union veil, could this be is his real target. Fanciful ?
    Maybe, but it would explain a lot, something to think about!

  17. smiling vulture

    gord—save the union or take the piss out of BT,Alistair Darling–no contest

  18. Alistair Darling seems to be trying to get people to believe that the Unionist parties are going to get some kind of agreed consensus on increased devolved powers.

    How can he possibly try to persuade people that he can achieve cross-party consensus when he can’t even speak for the Labour Party? No one in Labour seems to be listening to Darling and those people are not even listening to each other in #LabourNo, or whatever they are calling themselves this week.

    The shambles that is better together but untied by #LabourNo is quite a good metaphor for the malaise of UK politics.

  19. Only problem is 70% of folk will have no idea as there is no media coverage
    Folk get there news from the Beeb and it will be them that won it

    Of course Cameron should debate salmond he is the leader of the UK that he cant for fear of losing the Union tells you just how indefensible the whole system is
    In what other nation would the opposition be doing the ruling governments work?
    Yes debate would be a game changer and thats why it won’t happen.
    This has been the most unfair fight ever it shames the very idea that democracy exists in the UK

    Derek I look forward to hearing you speak at Luss tomorrow

  20. The flaw in the thesis is that the media is rock solid unionist and will cover up any problems in the Better Together camp. There will be no searching questions, no reporting of splits or tantrums. It will all be swept under the carpet until after the referendum.

  21. 400 tons of gold sold at knocked down prices to his friends. A scam charity set up to evade taxes called The office of Sarah and Gordon Brown from which him and Sarah skim £10,000 pounds weekly for expenses. Yes weekly.Unregulated banks that ran riot with peoples money and got billions in bonuses that went straight to offshore bank accounts paying no tax.Gordon Brown is an egoistic fraudster you only have to ask Mrs Duffy remember her?

  22. Put the heed on them bastards that did the dirty on yi Gordie, gone yersel big yin.

  23. dennis mclaughlin

    Can foresee a John Reid “black-bag” operation to forestall Gordy. …let’s rendition him back to Baghdad :).

  24. kishorncommando

    Gordon is a stain on Scottish History shame on him = shame on us. Dump him, don’t even use him as a weapon.
    We need snipers. rapiers etc not bludgeons.

    • My last post was metaphorical of course, Chust in case anyone misinterprets my comment as militaristic in any way. Real Scots would of course understand the gentle nature and fun loving characteristics of the Kishorn Commandos.

  25. Yesterdays man is trying to make himself feel important again.Sadly Brown is a Jurassic relic.Darling is not any better.On the one hand he says the polls don’t matter as they are a snapshot.Then runs around saying the game is up and they are winning ,as the unionists are going to offer the trump card of more powers for Scotland.Powers that are at best scribbled together and limited to devo nano. Powers they were not interested in offering before the indi question was put out.That doesn’t sound like a winning team.It sounds like the last throw of the dice to crush the rebellious Scots by a losing team.If they were confident of victory they would stick to their original plan of nothing.Mind you they are actually offering nothing only a promise if we all vote for the drip that is Milliband that something might be given as a wee treat for the Scots lapdogs!

  26. Not a good turn out at Gordon’s gig at London School of Economics tonight!


  27. Jeez …not so long ago, I thought Darling was heading for a double calamity in his life after being Chancellor during the biggest Financial Collapse in 80 years AND being the head of Bitter Together (especially when they lose on the 19th).

    Buy hey! Here comes the Master of Disaster himself !!! The Clunking Fist ….excellent!!! Seems Gordon just wants to keep adding calamity upon calamity to his resume. I hated Blair, but Blair was right …just wait till Gordon is in charge, and then you’ll see a REAL control freak.

    So Better Together are bricking it! How do you stop Gordon. The answer is you can’t. As you say Derek, the man is a machine of fire when he gets something into his head.

    Let Pandemonium, Chaos and Paranoia reign freely from this point on in the entire Union camp!

  28. If the proud scottish NO voters admire the Barons, MPs MSPs that represent the unionist parties in Westminster and Holyrood then that says a lot about their own standards and moral rectitude never mind their intelligence and conscience.

    They bow and scrape to these thugs and gangsters and follow them as examples of the life they try to emulate and admire.

    They hold the MSM and BBC up as examples of integrity and honesty as they watch these liers and fraudster make a mockery of democracy in front of the whole world, and the NO voting unionists still turn a blind eye or indeed justify it.

    The NO voters are a disgrace to humanity and an embarrassment to all honest decent people. Do they think they are invisible and holyer than thou.

    A blind man can see what is happening to the political morals in this country. Yet who denies the truth, the godly NO voters. Hope you ain’t a Christian you may get a big surprise at judgment day.

  29. […] We need only look at what has happened with big Gordy Broon, Scottish Labour’s biggest of big beasts turned his anger in time-honoured score settling fashion […]

  30. Amazing that some Scots still consider Broon as a cheerleader of working people in Scotland when the facts say something very different.
    History (his chosen subject) will judge him

  31. My own simple thoughts on GB….
    Along the same lines as you Derek but inept in literary form….
    We’ve had a guess at what he’s up to….


  32. Son of the Manse chancer.

  33. David Cameron will not debate live on TV with Alex Salmond
    for the same reason he will not speak about
    Scotland’s Atlantic & West Coast oilfields.
    He is frozen with fear
    that he’ll lose them.

    And Adam said ” I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.” (Genesis 3:10 King James edition)

  34. Hi Derek. A thousand plus friends of friends and I are organizing a protest in front of the BBCS building on June the 29th. Prof. Robertson is going to speak to the crowd, would you like to join and give your own version of why the BBC is what it is? Please. Thanks Vince.

  35. Graham Hughes

    Maybe that’s the strategy. Gordon Brown in charge of Independent Scotland is the latest and most frightening manifestation of Project Fear.

  36. Just as an aside, the BBC were today, as almost every day are playing up complaints against the Scottish NH. They think that by keep exposing ( perhaps seeking out ) some complaints about, well anything.
    They hope to raise the Scottish cringe.
    They have made around 300 FOI requests related to the SNH , this is a huge increase and shows the depth of their determination in this field.

    Of course never any praise, as they are after Alex Neil, to have him resign would suit their purpose well, they are wanting to increase the cring and get rid of Neil at the same time, a double whammy for the Unionist cause. They are lower than a snakes belly, and are one of the worst of Westminster tools against
    Scottish democracy. I really want them exposed big time. Which will no doubt only occur with a YES vote, only then can we exhibit to the WORLD, just what they are. Scum.

  37. We need International monitors in place now, and for them to be picked from Countries that have no particular closeness with UK policies.
    Why do the SG just do it, the world watching closely at this level is what is needed. The Unionist bias worst would be under a microscope of world opinion, they would not like it, and that is a good thing.

  38. Well here is the answer to my previous post about monitors.

    I emailed previously to the SG about this, and got no reply. So today I phoned them and am shocked to find out that only Westminster can ask for Monitors, so fat chance of that.

    I am amazed that while it is a “Scottish Referendum” there is precisely NOTHING we can do about the Bias behavior, lies and deceit that descends on us every day. Westmidden certainly knows how to stack the cards in their favour.

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