It’s Bateman Broadcasting…!

What a fright I got this morning! I switched on the computer and heard myself broadcasting…I haven’t done that for nearly a year. Then I remembered – that’s what I’d been doing all week…putting together on online podcast covering Scottish politics. You can here it hear

I was at a hustings in East Kilbride last night with Linda Fabiani hosted by the local churches and went to bed forgetting I had a new radio show – as you do at my age.

But there it is at bateman broadcasting, a first programme with Jim Sillars in strident form berating our political system – and Labour – for keeping the Scots down, revealing how he was nearly punched for his opinions and keeping Margo at the centre of the national debate.

My side-kick Amanda will be our roving reporter taking her mic out and about to get the voices from the street and the factory – this week she’s with the editor of the university mag at Glasgow Uni. (She’s also the digital expert who sets up the recording equipment and edits it because even after all these years I never learned how to change a plug).

We get the first interview with John Jappy, the retired civil servant who has made such a hit on the internet with his incisive and knowledgable view of how the British state operates. He spotted in 1968 while working on the economic figures that Scotland was subsidising the rUK not the other way round. John came down from Inverness on the train to our studio in Glasgow.

And Jeanne Freeman is there too, a powerful figure in the Women for Independence campaign with a professional background, politics working with Jack McConnell and now committed to independence, based on her life experience. She is like the Avon lady – if you want some politics, she comes to you. You have a relaxed chat among women pals and have a laugh. She’ll even drink your wine!

It’s a mixed bag as you’d expect. I tried to get a leading Tory in there too but that wasn’t possible this week. I’ll keep trying though. I want all of Scotland’s voices to be heard, for and against independence. I like to take longer than the usual BBC interview to allow argument to develop and ideas to flow and I’m not in the game of jumping in to stop someone when there is no reason to do so a part from the presenter’s ego. I keep my ego for pretending to boss Amanda about…

I’ll get the hang of this radio thing yet. I’m already working on next week’s guest roster and if you have any ideas who you’d like to hear drop me a line either here on the blog site or via the podcast page marked above. You can join us and be part of the project too by donating.

Sorry my blog has been causing so many difficulties. It is getting so much traffic – I like to think – that the server couldn’t cope so it has migrated to a more powerful platform and should purr from now on. I know I am…

Let me know what you think of the podcast and what we can do better – and don’t say replace me with Jim Naughtie.

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34 thoughts on “It’s Bateman Broadcasting…!

  1. Is there an RSS feed? It’s not advertised in my browser.

  2. Very interesting programme. Important points made. Perhaps, for the encouragement of new Yes supporters, future broadcasts could end with a slightly more upbeat, even humourous, message?

  3. smiling vulture

    Alistair Darling

    get him to talk about heroic figures

  4. George Elliott

    Enjoyed the programme, well done! I have posted it on my FB let’s hope you get plenty of hits.

  5. Such a breath of fresh air – you’re voice back again this Saturday morning.

    Jim Sillars said to you that the 25 – 40s won’t go away on the 19th ( assuming a YES ). There will be, if the predictions are correct, an extra 40% turning out to vote and I’m concerned about these and their future voice ( look what happened in Egypt when a well organised group occupied the space, got into power and started to Islamise politics and power ).

    AS has said that things will be taken forward by politicians ( of all sorts ), professional advisers, and representatives of Civic Scotland. This last group and their representation is my concern – a concern put forward rather aggressively by Robin MacAlpine not so long ago – and I could see Women for Independence, for example simply disappearing and their “voice” being hijacked by reincarnated movers and shakers.

  6. How frustrating to hear John Jappy’s hard economic facts arising from the 1960s that completely destroy the subsidy myth, yet we still pick up newspapers today proclaiming that Scotland needs financial subsidies from rUK.

  7. Enjoyed that Derek you mention democracy and why Westminster kept the facts of Scotland’s actual wealth from us. Simple answer is that the UK never has been a democracy and a recent example of that is that no party promoted 5yr fixed term parliaments yet were imposed on us by someone who got the DPM job with its perks, self interest nothing about good governance.

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed your programme, Derek. Looking forward to the next one.

  9. Derek
    Any chance you could make a couple of wee trips to our Nordic neighbours? I’d like to hear you interview Martin Lidegaard of Denmark and Carl Bildt of Sweden to see what responses you would get to your questions. I imagine the questions would be more penetrating and the answers more revealing on what they actually think.


  10. Tried to email you via the podcast site – you either got it twice or not at all!!
    Thanks for the programme

  11. Excellent. Really enjoyed that.
    I look forward to more, and I hope too Michael Greenwell can secure a guest slot sometime too.

    Between you and Michael, we’d just about have Scotland’s drive time radio covered, and it would be so much better than Radio Scotland. Bring it on…

  12. Delighted to hear your voice again on the internet ‘airwaves’.

    Great Job, Derek.

    And well done, Amanda.

    Yes just got closer.

  13. Excellent podcast. May I suggest that Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp and Ivan McKee of Business for Scotland would be very interesting contributers?

  14. Jens Stoltenberg, former Norwegian prime minister and now NATO chief, has George Robertson’s old job, might be useful to interview about how small nations can contribute to NATO.

  15. Not had a chance to listen yet, but looking forward to hearing Derek’s weel-kent but much missed voice again. Can I suggest Duncan Hamilton the lawyer as a future guest?

  16. innerbearsdenurchin

    Pity you were not at the Counting House last week, May 29th, as there was a personally imported bottle of Cotes de Bourgognes with your name on it. In the end, it was auctioned off in the raffle.

  17. And about time too Mr Bateman.
    Great to listen to quiet considered views again. It did occur to me whilst listening, that without the stress of needing to be an orator addressing a large audience, your guests were able to talk in a relaxed manner, and with the absence of an “ego” interviewer interrupting them.

  18. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet but definitely will this evening.

    Ideas for guests.

    Jackie Bird
    Sally Magnusdottir
    John Boothman
    Ken McQuarrie
    Anas Sarwar
    Johann Lamont
    Rev Stuart Campbell
    Paul Kavanagh
    Calum MacDonald from the Herald
    Jerzena Roza
    John McIntyre OBE
    Doug Daniels
    Scott Minto
    Kezia Dugdale
    Cara Hilton
    Brian Taylor
    Stephanie Flanders
    Andrew Neill
    Kirsty Wark
    George Osborne
    Patrick Harvie
    David Coburn MEP

    Toodleoo the noo!

    • Have not yet listened but will, can I ask that you remove Cara Hilton from that list Andygym1. I have terrible trouble reaching the radio to put it OFF she has nothing to contribute any way. I expect it would be what referendum?

  19. Thoroughly enjoyed your return to radio this morning – made me a bit late for a ‘Women for Independence’ stall. However, I made them all aware of your input and hopefully they will pass it on.

    I would like to see: Canavan; McAlpine; Riddoch and Nicola.. Alistair Darling; Gordon Brown; Johann Lamont; ( good luck with the last three).

  20. Really enjoyed the podcast. Might I suggest Philippa Whitford, the breast cancer surgeon who has been such a hit on YouTube explaining just why she is concerned about NHS Scotland if there is a No vote. She is an inspiration on the cooperative nature of NHS Scotland. If you need to contact her email me and I can put you in touch.

  21. Listened to the podcast and have to say it i loved it

    great guests and short snappy honest answers.

    well done Derek

  22. You’ve been provided with lots of putative interviewees, so tentatively one more – Jenny Marra who’s come out more positively than any of her Labour colleagues.

    She would definitely be one of my choices for the FMs politicians grouping to input to the new Scottish setup – as judged by her performance at the BBC Kelso meeting.

    • i think that Jenny Marra is definitely teeing herself up for a Yes vote, just a Kezia Dugdale is doing for a No vote. One of them will be a future SLAB leader and my money’s on Jenny. definitely a bigger picture thinker than Kezia.

  23. Great to hear you broadcasting again. Took me back to the much loved Saturday morning Newsweek which had the great advantage of having “the professors” as invited guests, giving their insight into the issues of the day. So more academic dissecting of the issues would be great (and not the think tankers and usual suspects we get on Radio Scotland now). This could restore my Sunday morning listening since Headlines is about to be axed in favour of a party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party, every week.

  24. I put this on as I lay my head back in my chair, my husband joined me. Sat in his chair, just as Jim Sillars started to talk, I have never seen my husband sit so quietly, as he listened to every word. He did sort of fidget a lot during Jeane Freeman and the university lassie. But when John Jappy got talking, he tuned in again. When it was finished he said. 1968 eh!!! that wis before the oil then? I said, aye!! and we were paying more than our fair share even then, yet being told the same lie as today We are subsidised By England. He was always a YES voter! but now he is more determined to be a yes voter. Great broadcast Derek..looking fwd to the next one.

  25. What a joy to listen to folk being interviewed in a way that allowed them to express themselves without constant interruptions -Excellent

  26. Great stuff Derek. Thank you.

  27. The level of interference from Washington will,I suppose,depend on the value they place on Westminster support for their socio economic global model.
    There is no doubt that Westminster will be weakened by the loss of Scottish assets,it’s just a question of how they view the impact on their global interests.
    Scotland would not have and will not give unconditional support to much of USA foreign policy and will almost certainly seek to allign itself with the Nordic council.
    Scots do not view themselves as being a world big beast who uses violence to serve their economic interests so might be viewed in Washington as being unhelpful.
    However,the “free” world will welcome us.

  28. Canon Kenyon Wright
    Bob Holman

    both respected figures who have recently come out in favour of indy.

    And if you are looking for thoughtful unionists, Walter Humes writes well in the Scottish Review.

    What about some other people with a stake in the issue who rarely get airtime such as the head of the Orange Order.

    Would also be good to have an’ inside BBC’ interview with any other recently retired BBC Scotland news staff…

  29. Yes Derek a bright light in the sea of darkness ! I look forward to your next broadcast .stiil need to join your wine club.well done

  30. Great stots an’ bangs – BB (without the C)!

    • The unacceptable behaviour of the biased media services(?) is an absolute scandal.Let’s put them out of their misery on 19th September once and for all.The time has come for SCOTLAND to stand up and be counted.I never needed convinced to vote YES.its the only way to get our country running the way it should.Let’s do this .

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