Better Together: The Proof

Proof at last we are Better Together…just when nationalists tried to claim there was something distinctive about the Scots and their political culture, the strength of the Union shattered the myth and confirmed we are just as racist, bigoted, small-minded, self-seeking, regressive and primitive as anybody else in Britain.

The pathetic claims to a more enlightened and community-minded country opposed to misogyny, racial discrimination, class bias and elitism are exposed as delusion propagated by naïve fantasists. How deeply satisfying is the old security blanket of self-loathing and deference, of sly prejudice and the reassurance that we deserve nothing better than to be run by a club of trough-scoffing careerists.

We really are just a lumpen herd of numpties to have our base instincts teased out by manipulative blowhards. Ambition? Inspiration? Aspiration? Don’t be silly. They’re for real countries, not our inept little rock of failure. Think we’re better than the nutters? We’re not. We’re just like them and that means Labour can rejoice as it stays in business even when there’s a Tory-UKIP coalition government. As the British government’s legal advice said: Scotland no longer exists. It is now part of Greater England.



The future stares us in the face…saddled for ever to the blood-sucking Britnats and their Neanderthal new friends. Here’s what we can expect when Dave invites Nigel to be deputy Prime Minister.

No support for immigrants – all must pay for themselves for five years – meaning only the wealthy can come in, most of whom do not work and are elderly, the opposite of Scotland’s requirement.

Immigrants must pay for private health insurance, hastening the end of a free NHS. Tourists cannot enter without private health insurance, forcing a serious downturn in a vital Scottish industry.

Exit from the EU will destroy Scottish businesses and jobs, prevent students studying here with a serious impact on universities, restrict European visitors and jobseekers and cut us off from our friends in Europe, leaving us to find other markets and without shared services.

Scrapping green taxes and wind power subsidies, ending Scotland’s new powerhouse energy sector, renewables.

The introduction of fracking.

Cut foreign aid which helps the less well-off in the developing countries and creates a constructive relationship with the world.

Get rid of the European Convention on Human Rights which safeguards all of us from abuses. It is the ECHR which brands as illegal Britain’s low benefits levels.

Bring back elitism into education with grammar schools.

And, of course, ‘only UKIP will return self-government to the British people’.

Self-government, you see – a highly desirable objective and a political slogan…so long as you apply it to Britain. Britain is their country, not Scotland. That is exactly the choice we face in September, more glaringly now than ever – either Britain, with all of the above, is your country and you vote No, or Scotland is your country and that means Yes. It was only the need to canvass in Scotland that led to UKIP reversing its policy of effectively abolishing the Parliament by using Westminster MPs to replace MSPs.


I think the Unionists celebrating the election of an odious right-winger are completely wrong – this result will galvanise a section of the vote which believed that it couldn’t happen, that just because we’re Scots we would prefer anyone to him. Well, they were wrong. It did happen and so can a Tory-led government overtaking a comatose Labour Party…a Tory government with much in common with UKIP and which makes a much better fit than wet Liberal Democrats. (If you’re looking for someone to blame for UKIP’s advance, look no further). The contest now is between two different futures and those who have been complacent should now grasp the reality. While it could be written off as an England only issue, we need not worry. But that has changed. The wolf is at the door and there is now no room for error. As the Tories trim and twist to accommodate the extremists even with the possibility of an electoral pact, we are about to subsumed into the woman-hating, foreigner-bashing Daily Express twilight zone of casual bigotry under the banner of Britain.


The sick irony is that the Labour leadership prefers that to an independent Scotland. The omens couldn’t be clearer…we are embarrassingly well set up for independence – no country has been better prepared – and now a bleak future of right-wing cuts and cultural ignominy awaits. Every warning light is flashing red. The klaxons are blaring. It is now urgent and demands a response.

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20 thoughts on “Better Together: The Proof

  1. smiling vulture

    when ukip got the 6th seat I felt gutted,imagine it’s sept 19th and NO have won

    • Hi Derek, I’m 61, female and a product of the ‘shut-up-or-you’ll-get-belted’ system of education which produced many, many Scots with opinions they were, and still are, afraid to express for fear of, at the least, ridicule. Something snapped inside me on Sunday night and I decided to make my voice heard at last. This piece of yours has spurred me on, thanks.

  2. A shaft of sunlight in the darkness Derek.

    In the 2009 European elections, UKIP got 16.5% of the vote in the UK as a whole, and 5.2% in Scotland – a gap of 11.3%. In this year’s election the tallies were 27.5% in the UK and 10.5% in Scotland – a gap of 17%.

    Yes the media has created a monster in Farrage and UKIP. Manipulation of base fears and anxieties is what they’re good at. Placing blame, creating scapegoats for government failure or simply selling copy or air time. But there is still time for Scotland as has been highlighted by Prof. Scully’s observation. There is more than clear water between Scotland and rUK in its rightward lurch. We won’t be able to just put this illness into remission, we may be able to cure the patient altogether. 🙂

  3. Yes, Derek, yesterday’s dreary news is not a setback, it’s a warning. We must work harder because we MUST win.

  4. A day of shame for Scotland.

    We now have UKIP clown based in London representing Scotland in Brussels.

  5. May I say welcome to the club C. Campbell. I am nearly 67 and the belt up and shut up education system never worked on me, I am still a bit on the mouthy side. Take after my Mother who nobody ever seemed to be able to shut up.
    I think the Better Together crew may keep out David Coburn but say the Scots are the same as the English to immigrants may lose them the referendum because the one thing the Scots hate most is being said to be just like those across the border. In this I also include may English people who have fled the state that England finds itself in.

  6. Let’s not forget our good friends at the BBC. UKIP would be nothing without the Beeb.

    • I take it you mean Aunty Unbiased and her kids MSM, trouble is she and they build them up and knock ’em down which is fine when you are dealing with some celebrity or another but doesn’t work so well I would have thought with a Political Party and as I have said elsewhere this morning it worked so well as we all know with a certain party in Germany in the Thirties.

      • My thoughts too. It is commonly thought that mentioning the Nazis invokes Godwin’s Law and causes you to lose the argument, It is simply that so often observations of politics anywhere invariably call to mind the worst excesses of a political model such as the Nazi regime. There is nothing new in human nature just as in politics and any system which attempts to control political discourse will attempt to use the same methods. We only become alarmed when they are exhibited in a monstrous way, like the Nazi regime.

        So yes, like you, being reminded of the Weimar Republic doesn’t mean we expect storm troopers to march in the streets or hideous totalitarianism but what it does call to mind is how useful elites find it to exploit the prejudices and fears of an electorate. Corporate interests in Germany gradually began to see how they could use the Nazi party, formerly regarded with distaste as thugs, and so conferred respectability on them and helped boost their popularity to counter the trade unions and leftist influences. Of course, it all went terribly wrong for Germany.
        Our elites do things more politely but show themselves just as guilty of encouraging populist parties of the right. But they expect to control these elements and so give them a veneer of respectability. Hence the comfortable ride Farage and UKIP have had with most of the media. Behind them, of course, are corporate interests expecting to control the game while appearing to give them free rein.

  7. Well said Derek. Couldn’t agree more. September will bring our only chance in my lifetime, if not our last ever, to reassert our nationhood.

  8. The most popular political party in England hasn’t got a manifesto.

    There is your UK future vision.

  9. Welcome C Campbell
    and welcome back Derek
    I had a hard time getting your pages over the weekend , and many more said the same. Glad things are sorted.
    The stooshy over the UKIP is a sore point but things should be taken in context. Almost everyone i spoke to saw the EU elections as a sideshow. They have more on their minds regarding the Indi ref. This was pointed out in the poor turnout and would say that played into the UKIP voters hands. That and the torrential rain.
    I think everyone is shocked and with the comments here and everywhere else most feel angry .
    But this is typical of the voter apathy in the UK as a whole. The referendum will have a huge turnout and that’s more than enough to ease my feelings of disgust. this is just a protest vote and won’t matter to many Scots until after Sept 18th.
    This is in a perverse way a big reminder to all of us that their is work to do but i also see it as a bonus in that many a undecided now see a huge UKIP movement in the rUK and are looking at a YES vote to distance ourselves from them

    It’s also shown how fu**ed up the rUk is politically. Its a big reminder of where we want this country to go and where the rUK is heading. We’re on a different road and this will show more leading to the REF itself

    keep faith

  10. james phimister

    Hi Derek, enjoyed your question time in Portree on Friday,Everything you write,is how we see it,if ever there were reasons to vote yes,the reasons are here right now.It must be yes.

  11. Well said Derek really summed up how I was feeling last night .This makes the question If not now ,when?very pertinent .I am now losing patience with the don’t knows who really need to wake up .As for the no camp they will deserve what could be coming to us .Does anybody in their right mind seriously think that a future Tory government under the sway of Ukip or even a Labour one in fear of it is going to give a second thought to more devolved powers for Scotland ,we would be more likely to lose some we already have !

  12. ‘…Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May…’
    I’m going to be frank here. I’m not blaming the press, the BBC, or the perceived

    racists within the perceived Elysian Field that is Scotland.
    The main stream political parties, in refusing to hear any criticism of the EU, have

    handed Nigel Farage the gift of sole discussion of the matter.
    They have shut down debate by using the overworked term ‘racist’ as a weapon of

    mass destruction against any member of the public who has concerns about the EU

    and its baggage. In doing that they have undermined that most precious of all gifts,

    Freedom of Speech.
    I don’t usually give advice to anyone, but when they come to discuss what they have

    done, up there on the moral high ground, I hope they’ll do one thing. Try to

    understand that they have given Nigel a monopoly. Put the sterile agendas,

    ideologies and philosophies aside and start thinking about what they have done to the


    • Hello Viking Girl. Yes, all mainstream parties, including the SNP, have taken the high road when discussing the EU. In the matter of immigration they have failed to consider the basic feelings of worry and doubt held by many people in the British Isles. People in Scotland are not immune to such concerns.
      However, I earnestly believe people in Scotland will be best placed to find solutions to problems like immigration in an independent Scotland. After a Yes vote, and in the lead-up to the first general election of an independent Scotland, Scotland’s politicians will have to address such problems not from on-high but from a down-to-earth approach where peoples’ opinions are not brushed away just because the political elite perceive them to be untouchable.
      In short: Scottish solutions for Scottish problems.
      One thing’s for sure: if we don’t vote Yes Scotland’s solutions will never have a chance.
      First things first: Vote Yes.

  13. This is a blessing in disguise. A ukip MEP “representing” Scotland will, I believe, focus many undecideds on the nauseating future should Scotland vote No. It will also focus the thoughts of Labour-supporting voters who want a better future for Scotland.
    Scottish unionist politicians, of course, will continue to focus their short-sighted attacks on the SNP: Scottish unionist politicians would rather have a ukip government in Westminster than have an independent Scotland and with it a fairer Scottish society.

  14. First visit for more than a few days – couldn’t connect –

    and still almost tearful at the 140,534 who voted for UKIP

    with it’s disgraceful consequence.

    I only hope it’s a blessing in disguise.

    Now, after 10 minutes on here,

    I am revived by Derek’s words

    and by the wonderful posters.

    This blog, I now know,

    has become my Indy compass.

  15. So, Derek, how did the new program do? I don’t have TV so I didn’t see it live, but I’ve just read the assessment by weegingerdug, so I wont bother. Clearly it is just more of the usual sh*te.

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