Skye Vote Song

I haven’t posted for a couple of days – I’m scared to in case David Torrance reads it. didn’t want to say anything on Thursday because I know the blog has a wide readership and the Electoral Commission said I might influence how people voted…

So instead I had an epic lunch with VERY famous music personality, so famous we both had to wear shades in the Merchant City.

Now, on a clear blue morning, I’m preparing for the drive to Skye for a Yes meeting in the Aros Centre – with Arthur Cormac, Ian Blackford, Jean Urquhart and Natalie McGarry who isn’t speaking to me after Hibs beat the Accies. I’m making a weekend of it with a wedding tomorrow, so I’ll be dancing during the Heinekin Cup and the Champions League but where better to be on a May Saturday than Sleat?


The Wine Club Platinum Loyalty cards have gone out for global dispatch. If you haven’t got one, it’s not too late – check out the Club Page next door. Apart from the international subscribers, and those at home – even London! Who’s George Osborne? – I’m proud of having members in Arran, Eigg, Lewis and Orkney. Where are you, Shetland?

By the way, did you notice how the BBC kept saying Farage had great publicity ahead of the vote. Who gave him that? He was never off the airwaves and that affects Scotland too where we share so much of the output and yet his party are pretty marginal here. This is another area where the BBC has to address its news judgment. Assuming UKIP scores well in this election, it will be massively because of the publicity given to him by the taxpayer via the BBC. Which also shows you how I crucial broadcasting is in our referendum.


There’s a voice saying we’ve got to leave now so wish me luck as I deliver a Tirade of Hate at the Skianachs at the Aros Centre 7.30.


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25 thoughts on “Skye Vote Song

  1. I know some of you think I am wasting my time, however, I thought I just couldn’t leave it –

    Dear Ms Galloway
    Reference CAS-2709958-HJWZ03
    Thank you for being in touch about the BBC’s coverage of the independence referendum.
    It is the job of our presenters to be robust but fair in interviews and we believe Sally Magnusson fulfilled that brief. We are aware from our research that audience members want us to be robust and ask difficult questions of politicians.
    In the Referendum the BBC seeks to bring a range of views to the debate, and to provide balance between the two sides of the argument.
    Sally conducted her interview with the Prime Minister in the same style.
    At the BBC, we are determined to be impartial and fair in our coverage and to bring a range of views to our audiences. The up-and-coming referendum is a long campaign and there have been, and will be, many opportunities across all of our platforms for coverage of the issues. Please be assured that bias plays no part in our reporting. We place the highest value on accuracy and impartiality within our own journalism and rigorous editorial standards are applied across all of our output.
    Details of the BBC complaints process are available online at
    Thank you, once again, for taking the time to contact us.
    Kind Regards
    Laurence Murray
    BBC Complaints

    Your response states that Sally Magnusson interviewed David Cameron in the same robust style as she used with Alex Salmond. I beg to differ and I am not alone in this view. It is strikingly obvious that Sally Magnusson was aggressive with Alex Salmond whereas with David Cameron it was a much softer interview and almost reverential. I would suggest that you ask an independent person to look at these interviews again.

    • Anne. Im glad you are complaining. When I do, I don’t ask for a reply because it will be weak and patronising. Im hoping that the numbers game will be helpful in the future, so we should keep doing it. To be honest Im unsure if the numbers are logged! Anyway the BBC thinks it’s doing a good job and Magnusson is clearly an establishment figure.

    • Hi Anne, I have complained and got the same reply. Strange the sudden axing of Scotland Tonight, were they not being biased enough to the NO campaign?

  2. The Sgianachs will be offended already.

  3. So might the Sgitheanaich.

  4. Anne, just like the CBI having lied and the BBC (with a vested interest,)having reported it,how can the BBC decide what is ‘fair and impartial’ anymore?
    Anne, I’m an independent person and agree with your view, Mr Murray’s assurance that bias plays no part in their reporting whether it be Sally M or the CBI is only lip service.

  5. Good luck on the Midgy Way.

  6. UKIP > BBC < CBI

    The BBC gives large amounts of national coverage to a racist political party

    The BBC gives licence fee money to a right-wing free-market organisation

  7. Well done Anne ,

    Those smug fools have already been challenged by ofcom.

    “it wisn’y me ” Aye right .

    Hurry back Derek ,

  8. My favourite comment of the day, which is doing the rounds.

    4 party politics in England now

    1. Tory

    2. Diet Tory

    3. Tory Max

    4. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Tory.

  9. Cunning work using the disguise of a social event to unleash the “forces of menace” on Skye. Like a Tartan Pimpernel saving Scots from a life sentence of no hope.

    I have great memories of camping in Sligachan and a walk up to the Old Man of Storr on a beautiful June day.

  10. Thanks for your support re bias in Reporting Scotland. I will send my complaint to Offcom.

    • Reminds me of Anna Magnusson’s Thought for the Day this morning on the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland, about the letters that remain after those who write them are no longer around.

      “For me,” she said, “words written on paper are as real and powerful as the touch of someone’s hand or a voice at your side. Words of affection and courage from the ordinary days of life or the heart of suffering: these words which we write in love and give to each other, they have an immortality about them. They carry our spirit within them.”

      It was the last bit that came to mind, reading what Anne wrote above, and thinking about the way the BBC treats its listeners and viewers.

  11. Ah, now I understand why it’s called Offcom. If you complain to the BBC about their rampant and disgusting bias, the response you get can effectively be summed up in two words, the second of which is “off”. Naturally, this means you have to take it to Offcom ….

  12. Carole Inglis

    You forgot to mention Skye in your extensive list of island Wine Club members, but we’ll no doubt forgive you this evening! Hmm, better sit you at opposite end of the panel from Natalie. In fact I hope she doesn’t know Ian’s a Hibs supporter too, she might turn back at the bridge. The Sgitheanaichs are ready and waiting and you’ll be glad to know there’s no midgies to fend off, it’s Baltic today!

  13. Though the BBC did report this concerning the CBI application on No vote campaigning; it wasn’t signed by a junior official.
    “The application submitted by the CBI to register as a campaigner against Scottish independence has been made public.
    The form was signed by the CBI’s head of campaigns and its senior campaigns advisor.”

    They made no comment about their own position.

  14. Derek, you are not trying hard enough. You really need to ramp up the vitriol if you want to attract the sort of coverage that an impartial publicly-funded broadcaster would allot to real hate politics.
    Also “Wines of Burgundy Club” is just too high-brow and cosmopolitan if you want to be taken seriously as a commentator by mass media. How about a British Bitters Club? It has a catchy acronym that seems to fit!

  15. G.P Warlus i second you on that .

    Haste ye back D.

  16. Dr JM Mackintosh

    Be sure to get a song or two out of Art after your meeting – he is a great asset for the Gaelic language and culture.

  17. Lucky you on Skye…….even though the weather wasn’t the best today I know the welcome would be warm. I only hope that when our Sgitheanaich family friend, working in Australia, reads your blog she’ll return home immediately. We need all our loyal supporters back here.

  18. dennis mclaughlin

    Maybe this wee break will put some backbone into your blog Derek, enjoy your wedding.

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