Be Frank, Roy

I can’t help thinking Frank Roy will provide some light relief for the Yes campaign. The Motherwell MP is yer actual unreconstructed Scottish Labour windbag, like John Robertson (if there is an independent Scotland: no yard, no ships. Not a threat, it is law of the land ) or Jimmy Hood (If the Scottish people are going to be better off economically and so on, I would still be against breaking away from the Union.)


There is nothing of the gentrified New Labour schmoozer about these guys who all sound as if they still go to work with a tool bag, a piece and a flask. Sadly some of their political ideas are just as dated, be it gay marriage, nuclear power or fealty to the Establishment.

You’ll remember Frank showed all the likely lad tendencies of the Lanarkshire steel worker out for a laugh when in he was censured for placing a bet on the outcome of the election for House of Commons speaker. When Betty Boothroyd retired Frankie Boy spotted his chance. Armed with the inside info of an MP he “asked a friend” to pop out to Ladbrokes with £200 and got 20 to one on Michael Martin MP, another of Scottish Mafia. To compound the naughtiness, he also got a pal to put on another bet on behalf of – and this is where Frank’s well-known altruism comes in – a group of his constituents. Then, and we really are heading into Mother Theresa territory here, when Frank realized the odds for his constituents’ bets were only 14 to one, he split the difference with them from his £4000 winnings. Truly, a Man of the Peeepill…

Inexplicably, the Commons authorities took a dim view of MPs behaving like loadsamoney punters on the elevation of the Speaker. His apology was gracious.

And only in the West of Scotland could you fashion a story in which an MP resigns over security at a Catholic grotto. Yes, Frank told the Irish Government it would be unwise for security reasons for the Prime Minister Bertie Ahearn to unveil a memorial in memory of potato famine victims at Carfin Grotto and the visit was cancelled, playing into the hands of the sectarian bigots and the fury of the Labour-run Executive.

It was revealed he had been an official of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, a kind of Catholic Orange Order and stories from the time suggest his Lanarkshire mate, Dr John Reid may also have been involved in the warning to Dublin. Frank gave up his very important role as assistant to Helen Liddell. Interesting that both Frank of Dr John (or Lord Reid of Celticpark) are now to be prominent emissaries of the British Union. (Could Celtic Park with its Irish flag be the cover for a secret HQ of pro-Union campaigners? I shall write to Michael Kelly and find out).

Frank will provide plenty of spark between the patrician Darling and the real Scottish Labour party and don’t forget how hated John Reid is by the Brownites who in turn can’t stand Darling. (This is Labour, remember). I see even the mainstream have stopped pretending that Darling and Brown have buried the hatchet. They haven’t and won’t. What we are now seeing is jostling egos as the campaign enters the panic zone.

Frank may be an ace card in one way. He at least knows the core vote and relates to them in a way far beyond Darling’s capability. It is shoring up those waverers in the West that holds the key to success. Clearly they have deduced that Johann can’t do it – and her figures are truly mind-boggling – so it’s Frank’s turn. It may work, if he can stay out of trouble but it’s hard to think something wont turn up to add to the disastrous decision-making by Darling and McDougall and the misfiring Jim Gallagher whose sensible statements as an academic on independence now haunt the campaign as he tries life as a politician.

I see there is yet another go today at the idea that there is no distinction between attitudes and culture in Scotland and England. This time David Torrance has journeyed south in a voyage of discovery, like Livingstone presumably, only to find that there is nothing to divide us from our English cousins. Well there’s a lot of truth there. Personally I find there’s not a lot to divide me from the French or the Germans or the Spanish either. It’s just that I’m not French, German, Spanish or English. Nor do they pretend to be Scottish. They are what they are without dancing on the head of a pin about what that means. You never hear an Englishman says how much like a Scotsman he is, do you? Yet we have Scots every week in the media desperately seeking ways to align us with English folk.

Of course we share a lot and I agree that many people have similar ambitions but here’s the thing. What David doesn’t tell us is how our policies differ. It’s one thing to say political rhetoric is similar but – LOOK AT THE POLICIES. Sorry, it just strikes me as blindingly obvious that we are not the same. Forget speeches, check out what people vote for and what their government delivers – those are the hard facts. Thus we have no prescription charges, free personal care, free travel, free tuition, no council tax increase, NHS pay rises, living wage, extra police, lower crime, no redundancies and we want rid of nuclear weapons. The list of policies both delivered and promised is totally different from the race-based, spending-cut austerity followed by the parties in England, even Labour which is caught in its own trap by appealing to the South east on one agenda but to Scotland on another.

I am tired of the idea that if only we stick together it will be alright on the night. The English electorate is not going to deliver the policies we want, first because UKIP is leading the polls and secondly, Labour is committed to Tory spending plans and is openly saying it will clamp down as hard as the Tories AND they voted for the benefits cap.

Why are some people so afraid of just being Scots and voting for a government that reflects that? Are they afraid of annoying neighbours in England, are we to sacrifice our own democracy in the vain hope that somehow things will suddenly change in the south? I’m fed up waiting. This is our chance and it will be dereliction of duty for the coming generations if we don’t take it.

Unless Frank can convince me otherwise….

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42 thoughts on “Be Frank, Roy

  1. It’s sad to hear No voters lazily using the old excuse: I don’t want my relatives to be foreigners.
    What’s wrong with foreigners? I have plenty of relatives who are citizens of other nations; do I love them any the less? Of course not.

    • Some of my best friends are foreigners. I’d be proud to accept Haartime as a fellow citizen and many like him.

      I’d like see the Old Firm rabble deported over the Border. I wouldn’t like to see Celtic Loyalist bams deported to Ireland, as Ireland has done us no harm.

    • I worked in a pan-European context for 30 years. I was surprised to find I had more in common with many of my European counterparts than with the English contingent. True, other Europeans have no aspiration to be Scots, but English folk often qualify – mitigate? – their nationality by adding that they have a Scots father or an Irish granny. My own folks were Irish but I’m a Scot born and bred.

  2. Don’t tell me Masonics is involved. Obviously the Orange Order are pro Unionist, Are there any pro Independence? I think we should be told.

    • I would say that yes the M word is very much involved. I would stick my neck out and say that the CWU who have a very many members of both organisations, one one beginning with M and the one beginning with L and if they are in the one beginning with M then you find a goodly few who are also in the organisation beginning with O. As for them being pro independence, the tendency seems to be no.

  3. iceland has found a way to shut up politicians,put them in jail,and only have ordinary folk making decisions
    they cant do worse
    we have had 40 years of oil,and still they are indebt by £1.5 trillion
    if we have to pay part of the debt then we are due a part of the assets, this terrifies westminster

  4. Derek, was shopping in well known supermarket when I glanced at the newspaper section and fell upon a headline in today’s Herald “Salmond: My respect for Putin”. My heart sank to the floor. Has Salmond killed the Yes campaign. How are we going to recover from this one. Someone lock Salmond in a cupboard until the 19th September I thought. Be interested in your comments.

    • Anne – it is merely the usual smears. The FM gave an interview on Independence to GQ magazine in March (before the whole Ukraine thing) and in that he was asked about various world leaders. Of course the Unionist MSM take this out of context in order to try to undermine him (and also to deflect from the EU speech). Remember he is Murdoch’s best friend and Donald Trump’s bosom buddy as well as being on close terms with people who blow up airliners who live too long (according to the press that is, not reality). PS Westminster won’t piss off Putin – too much dodgy Russian money flowing in and out of London in a ‘tax efficient manner’ for that to happen…

    • oops Anne – you’re in danger of falling into the NO type of response, which is based on headline reading. Suggest you delve into the full article and you’ll find any compliments in Putin’s direction were strictly limited.

      He also complimented Merkel and Farage, the latter again on a restricted basis – after all no-one’s all bad.


      • My calculation is to always assume that any newspaper headline (especially a tabloid) is at the least a distortion if not an outright lie. This goes way back to to the eighties when I lived in the US.

        The headline was Carters secret gas pact
        Carters – nope State Department
        Secret – nope not under the official secrets act, just written to all refineries
        Gas – Yep (gasoline) oh wow!
        Pact – Nope direcitive.
        – 4 words but only one accurate.75% wrong 25% relevant.
        Correctly headlined?
        State department orders refineries to produce oil for winter heating in preference to gas for cars in fuel crisis.

        Always remember that newspapers are there to manipulate your opinion for the benefit of the newspaper owner.

    • Anne, Putin is being portrayed as the current bogeyman because of the situation in Ukraine. Now, the dogs in the street know what really happened, and if you don’t, just read U.S. media. A democratically elected Government was overthrown by interests, certainly not Russian, and a puppet regime put in it’s place. So ask yourself, why isn’t the truth being told by the western media, led by that not so secret C.B.I member, the B.B.C. No, they are intent on promoting the suggestion that Putin is the man wanting to start W.W.3. Nothing could be farther from the truth. He just wants Russia not to be encircled by U.S missiles bases. And by the way, don’t believe everything/anything you read in the press as we all should know by this time they will say anything to blacken the the reputation of anyone, not just our First Minister, who is standing up for an independent Scotland. Just remember, this is the establishment fighting for their very own cosy existence, and they will employ every dirty trick in the book to retain their power. While not wishing to be branded as a scaremonger, remember Murrell, McCrae, and Kelly. That’s why Derek, Stuart, Mike and Paul amongst others,should be very careful, especially in the next five months.

    • Putin is a scary individual, and I wouldn’t want to live in any country he was in charge of, so I’m just wondering whether the papers mentioned David Cameron’s, William Hague’s, Tony Blair’s and Lord Robertson of Islay’s support for collaboration with Putin. If not, I wonder why not. I don’t think Alex Salmon’s went that far.

    • Remember PM and Putin wanted help against Independence for Scotland,Did the press make a who ha about that. Surely the First Minister can have his own personnel opinion is it a crime, this just shows you whos side the Tabloids are really on but then again we already know that. Im still YES

  5. As my old dad used to say “pigs in white shirts”.

  6. Jimmy Reid went to work with a tool bag, piece, and flask, but with a difference. He had intelligence, and strong humanitarian and unselfish principles. And as he said “Labour left me”.

    You are judged by the company you keep. So too with newspapers and the columnists they engage.

    The Bitter Together foreigner fear argument is plain silly to anyone who has travelled beyond their village or town.

  7. These unionists MPs wrapped in their union flag and pro Brit conviction. Makes you proud of their courage and loyalty to Queen and country. Ye canna beat loyalty tae yer beliefs.

  8. Jim Fairlie has written in the Spectator that a vote for No is a vote for Labour heartlands to be given yet another kicking by Labour.

  9. I’m glad you mentioned Torrance, Derek. Foul language alert.

    I am getting heartily sick of him using me to further his agenda. I am f***ing p***ed off with him talking about the English. He goes on and on pushing out the same claptrap to further his own agenda, and as far as I’m concerned, his ego.

    I’m ENGLISH, I’m voting YES. Probably quite a few of us are. And I’m voting yes because I do have a different outlook to the Better Together one. I want to vote in a proper democracy and have that enshrined in a constitution. I don’t want the HofL making decisions on my future.

    I am beginning to feel that Torrance is effectively ‘othering’ me by constantly setting the English out to suit his own comparison. As you say Derek, why doesn’t an Englishman say how much like a Scotsman he is.

    Well, I’m going to say to say it. I’ve lived in Scotland for seven years. I left an extremely deprived borough in London where, under the first past the post system, if you voted for anyone other than Labour your vote didn’t count. Where the area was as deprived when we left as it was when we moved there 28 years previously. I knew nothing about Scotland before I came but have met many kind and very friendly people here. I now feel so Scottish that I was sorely tempted to put my nationality down as Scottish on the census form.

    I want a chance to press the reset button and I am grateful to the SNP for giving me that chance. I want the chance to get rid of poverty.

    Rant over. Hope this makes sense.

    • Just remember that the vote is for those who live in Scotland. Period. End of.

      Nothing to do with ethnicity.

  10. On a day when Alex Salmond is getting pelters for a set up interview.

    Lets have a look at Frank Roy anti same sex marriage, and voted for a bill banning women getting advice on abortion or contraception or getting counselling why
    Are press not all over the fact BT are promoting someone anti gay and anti pro choice is that not a god send to Yes ?
    Why not use
    I genuinely despair at the official Yes Campaign fight to win
    Fight fire with fire

  11. Haartime, delighted to hear you are a YESSER and hope you added the above ” rant” to the Herald website.
    There are those in the media and even below the line posing as undecided but who have their feet well and truly in the no camp. You will easily identify them as they regularly bring up minor smears from past and present with ” more in sorrow “than in anger style.

  12. Somehow the song 50 ways to leave your love has morfed into 50 ways to leave the union. No need to be coy, Roy.

  13. Thanks for all your replies on the Putin story. When I say I was concerned, I mean’t about the Record/Sun readers who swallow this stuff whole and don’t have access to other knowledge which would counterbalance what the MSM claim. I did read the whole article and Salmond does qualify his comments however the headline, as usual,is the grabber.

    • Anne,

      The comments were made on 14 March.

      Russia started trying to annexe Crimea on 23 March culminating in the referendum on 16 March 2 days after said comments. So yes the foot has been planted in the gob right up to the knee no matter how you try to dress it up.

      But at least he has the unique accolade as being the only supposedly serious western politician who has supported Putin’s actions.

      • He didn’t condone anything. Crimea wasn’t mentioned. do you really think people believe Salmond would back illegal military action? Look at his record. And then look at yours. Consistent smear, contempt for your elected leader and desperation to demean. Why not take out Russian citizenship? You’d be right at home.

      • Even if I was disposed to take your smear seriously (which I’m not), the fact that you think that Putin owns a time machine leads me to believe that you’re bonkers.

        • i meant 23 feb. its called a typo.

          i know very well that you would never speak against the first among equals.

  14. Frankie was a flautist in the Craigneuk Crossmaglen Republican Flute Band, which sometimes doubled up as the John MacLean Scottish Republican Flute Band.

    Saint George Galloway openly boasted in his Daily Record column how he and Helen Liddle, Governess of OZ, played the green sectarian card in the Coatbridge and Airdrie and Garscadden by elections. The Gorgeous one’s ambition is to be readmitted to Labour and become the Lord Mayor of London. Some “socialist” ambition.

    Catholic Labour MPs have net several times with local LOL to ally against Scottish Independence and against Margo MacDonald in Hamilton in particular. Catholic Cooncillors have allowed more LOL marches in Glasgow that Belfast and Derry put together in return for Orange votes against the SNP. Lord Reid of Parkheid is flanked on the Royal Labour Celtic Board by Bryan “Scotland is British” Wilson and other Labour millionaires who made their fortunes in Labour contracts. The only Unionist on the Board not in the Royal Labour Party Is McDermott who is a registered Tory subscriber.

    Singing and dancing on the terraces about the “Forces of the Crown” is meaningless when they ignore them in the Royal Box and attack the SNP, like their ugly twin sisters in Ibrox.

    “If we get Independence the Prodistents/Kafflicks will Rool”. Great tactics, for the lumpen numpties eh?

    • Donald. Fascinating insight into some of the machinations of politics in the Glasgow area (and who knows how many others). Will Independence make a difference?

    • Capella, yeah I take your point. It’s a real sewer. All a product of Divide et Imperia. Hopefully we can work together in Independence with a common goal to create a better society that has no need of these divisions. It is not just Glasgow. It is all the de-industrialised areas and ex mining communities from the South West Central belt and up to Fife.

      The shipyards factories and mines have all gone, where the workers at least had some social interaction. The banter is gone and the kids in these horrible schemes, where they grow up seeing each other as the enemy. Celtic or Rangers could win every cup on the planet and nothing would change. Politically there is no other colour in their miserable povertyish lives. Labour is not Red. It is Brown. It is neither reformist or socialist and has no need of class solidarity when they can play one side against the other in fear of Independence. Their only policy is fear of the SNP taking their seats and fear of Independence spoiling their governance of patronage in most of Scotland whilst their glorious leaders take the London Gravy Train.

      The No campaigners have lost the intellectual argument right from the beginning. Their whole case is negative by virtue of the facts of their disgraceful history. Intellectual and economic poverty and the status quo is all they have to offer us for as a future. I’m voting Yes for better than that and to hell with sectarian lumpenism and divisions.

  15. It somehow seems to be of no concern to US and UK politicians that there was putsch in Kiev and an unelected Government installed. This Government was never accepted by the population of eastern Ukraine. Russia is supporting Ukrainians who want elected president restored but as this unlikely to happen, East Ukrainians fighting for their rights, as they see it. USA and UK are supporting the putsch, Russia is supporting those opposed to it.

    Historically Crimea was part of Russia until given by Krushchev to Ukraine in the 1950s. Restoration to Russia has as much legitimacy as previous transfer to Ukraine, especially as bulk of population in favour.
    (and I am aware of history of treatment of Crimean Tartars).

    UK and USA have history of invading countries uninvited. Hypocritical best describes their stance on Russia and Ukraine

  16. I was under the impression that Alasdair Campbell (Blair’s side-kick) was responsible for the manipulation of these headlines……..and, until now I must say I had wondered when he would start playing his twisted little games with the media. He sure is worth the watching!! But perhaps Derek could verify this.

  17. Sorry Derek. I have just read “Britain’s Pravda”. Ought to have done so before I wrote the above!

    • Is it possible to post graphics here and if so how do I do it? I wanted to post a picture of Frank Roy, circled posing in a group photie with is his AOH regalia.

      James Connolly once said the AOH was the biggest racket in Ireland since the Pope’s brass band.

      James Connolly stood for an Irish Socialist Republic and was a great friend of John MacLean, who stood for a Scottish Socialist Republic, Roy and co stand for “United” Queendome run by the City of London Merchant Bankers; House of Lords, with C of E Bishops and a majority of English Commons from Westminster.

  18. Charles Kearney

    Your Photograph of the Three ‘Worthies’ above, encapsulates, in close up, what we see on the TV Coverage of the ‘Commons,’ and what an appropriate word that is, Fat Overfed Indulgence at the Expense of the Tax Payer! Cheating, lying Cronies; Placing a Bet on Insider Knowledge is exactly the same as Insider Trading in the Stock Exchange, but the overfed SLABS genuinely expect us to see it as a Jolly Jape the People who elected them would appreciate, but get up on their high Horses at the Tories. It is ‘small,’ it is ‘Petty’ and sums up the present Labour Party, laughing outside of a Food Bank whilst they Eat themselves to death!

  19. Dearest Derek

    often I head off to work with a tool bag (several) a piece and a flask oh and a bottle of Diet Irn Bru…..but that doesn’t make me a “unreconstructed Scottish Labour windbag”. However as far as the men at the top of your article go You’ve summed them up precisely. PS! Fruit tea goes best in the flask.

  20. Derek, you’re buying into the entire Better Together strategy! What’s with this assumption that we have to wait till September 19 to hold Labour to account?

    The unionists have been given a totally free ride: the media NEVER question them on what their own policies are. They announce they don’t want to talk about it — and like magic, everyone agrees to stop asking! WTF???

    It’s as if everyone has accepted that the British Establishment’s wish is their command!

    Bad enough that they pretend it’s acceptable to refuse to reveal their policies in case of a YES vote, bad enough they get a free pass for that. But then they decide to (apparetly) divulge one single policy – one that they choose: currency.

    Having broke that duck, SLab, SLib and SCon should have been pressed mercilessly for the rest of their policies.

    But worse, BT just have to say indignantly “No! We refuse to tell you our plans for you evenif you vote NO – you’ll just have to vote no then wait and see!”

    The entire UK media just go “Oh, all right, so rude of me to ask, old chap. Of course I’ll wait till after the referendum if that’s what you’d like.”

    Nooooooooooooooooo! Don’t you go obliging them as well — please!

  21. […] a. Frankie boy was at one time an official of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, a kind of Catholic Orange Order. In his teens he was a flautist in the Craigneuk Crossmaglen Republican Flute Band. He will provide plenty of spark between the patrician Darling and the real Scottish Labour party and don’t forget how hated John Reid is by the Brownites who in turn can’t stand Darling. (This is Labour, remember). I see even the mainstream have stopped pretending that Darling and Brown have buried the hatchet. They haven’t and won’t. What we are now seeing is jostling egos as the campaign enters the panic zone. Frank may be an ace card in one way. He at least knows the core vote and relates to them in a way far beyond Darling’s capability. It is shoring up those waverers in the West that holds the key to success. Clearly they have deduced that Johann can’t do it – and her figures are truly mind-boggling – so it’s Frank’s turn. It may work, if he can stay out of trouble but it’s hard to think something wont turn up to add to the disastrous decision-making by Darling and McDougall. […]

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