It Must Just Be Me

I have come to the conclusion that I live in an alternative universe or I that have gone mad. Am I really to take seriously the claims of the modern Labour Party?

Starting with the Herald, I read this morning that Ed Miliband said an independent Scotland ‘would be at the mercy of the corporations’. Is he hallucinating or is it me?


Did he miss the financial meltdown when he was one of Gordon Brown’s treacherous clique working to unseat Blair? Who does he think displayed overwhelming power by trashing the British economy? Who does he think allowed the corporations and banks to get away with it through light-touch regulation? Whose bonuses does he think the government is running to Brussels to protect? Who are the members of the CBI threatening economic ruin for Scotland? Who doesn’t pay tax despite billions in profit? Who does he think he had drinks with at Rupert Murdoch’s parties? Who does he think Vitol is that is funding the Unionist campaign? Has he heard of the Co-op?

I can’t believe this tripe, so utterly and easily dismissed after a moment’s thought, is reported with a straight face.

Further in I come across the paper’s political editor telling me how Miliband has set a dilemma for the SNP. That may or may not be true and I don’t question Magnus Gardham’s integrity in choosing his subject. But how can the political editor of a national newspaper fail to mention – to mention – the single most significant event in the country which was Margo McDonald’s ability to reach into the hearts of all Scots and even in death to remind us of our responsibilities as Scots, not just political tribes? This was a unifying national event which will of course fire more minds towards a Yes vote.


But in controversy terms the real story surely, was the Whitehall Farce of the CBI which has left a huge red face all over Better Together and overtaken the dire warnings from big business – a key moment in the debate.

To ignore both events in favour of a diary event so clearly designed as token PR AND to take the Labour Party spin without question, takes some doing. Is it just me?

Later I find in the same Herald our old friend, the doctrinaire opponent of self determination and knee-bending liege of the British state, Brian Wilson, rehashing his ancient (from the seventies!) mantra that we shouldn’t ‘walk away’ from the people of England and leave them to the tender mercies of their own democratic system. No, we should surrender our own ambitions and prosperity in Scotland in the somewhat vain hope that a Labour government, with no worked out plans for further powers, will win an election in London and actually deliver more than token changes to our rotten society. Let’s all stay poor together in a spirit of solidarity to please the Labour Party and its wealthy business manipulators like Wilson.

Brian, as ever, fails to point out that he was a minister who could have solved the poverty issue in English cities if the Labour government had found the will and the money – from Brown’s boom – to do so. They had massive majorities then and the funds, they just didn’t have the bottle or the desire to share Britain’s wealth with the people at the bottom, so now it’s our job. Is this logic, or is it me again?

Wilson found time to give his now considerable capitalist backing to the CBI in a piece in the Scotsman. Normally, from what I see, he avoids the real story when it hurts Better Together – better to deflect attention. However, this time he twists and turns to avoid actually blaming the CBI itself. It seems the real culprits are the membership. What were they all doing in the CBI anyway and why didn’t they speak up about its position? Nothing wrong with that, of course, except it is designed to clear the name of the CBI because it’s important, he says, that we still listen to them, carefully avoiding the fact they are officially partisan. Their dire warnings are real, he tell us and you suddenly see the game – to divert attention away from the lobby group and its failings so their message of doom and gloom can still resonate. As part of this propaganda play we are told that renewable companies don’t matter as they only exist on government grants and aren’t real companies making stuff (presumably like the nuclear ones that pay him) and proper, right-enough firms are still inside so listen to them, for God’s sake. (We can safely dismiss the Balhousie company as their boss is a Nat, according to the World of Brian). Is it just me, or does this stink of re-arranging the facts so the feckless will follow the correct line laid out for them by the Sultan of Spin?

Funnily enough I tweeted this today and had Baron Foulkes of Bankbalance replying and wondering how I could possibly have gained the impression Brian was backing the CBI. By reading the piece, is the answer. Interestingly, Angus Brendan McNeill MP asked Baron Foulkes what he thought about the CBI only to get a cryptic ‘Probably the same as you’. In other words, a non-answer. And isn’t that typical? Even in the face of breathtaking incompetence and official chicanery, Labour people can’t bring themselves to criticise the employers organisation. What’s it like being a former socialist, I wonder? Maybe it’s just me.


And then I came across some other material…   Want to know what Labour is really about while Red Ed is ‘outflanking’ the SNP on the left? Have a read at Rachel Reeves ideas on how to deal with those scroungers. She thinks the Tories haven’t done enough to control benefits and backs the benefits cap and if you can spot a difference between her austerity zeal and IDS, good luck to you.

And, for sheer, gut-wrenching hypocrisy I suggest you peer into this blog by a disabled woman, one of a constituency especially hard hit both by the serendipity of life AND by the Coalition’s hurtful policies. See how Labour, Red Ed’s ‘outflanking the SNP on the left’ Labour, treats the disabled. Talk about patronising and dumping people who least need it…when this review was launched one of Scottish Labour’s finest Ann McGuire MP, a spokesman on disability said: ‘I am sure they will throw down some interesting challenges to us as we seek to improve the lives of disabled people.’ And so they did, only it involved spending money on welfare – Oops!

Read and weep and think of the once-proud People’s Party.

And, just for a laugh, look at what Labour’s friends in Better Together are doing to those people Brian Wilson says he wants to stand by in Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester. This is a report showing how the Council of Europe says Britain’s welfare, that’s our pensions, jobseekers and incapacity benefits, are below the legal standard to comply with the European Convention on Human Rights. That’s right, Britain has cut its benefits so hard, they are now illegal.

I think Labour is a despicable, hypocritical mess and its members who believe in what it once was, should rise up and take it back, via Scottish independence if necessary. But then, that’s just me…

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58 thoughts on “It Must Just Be Me

  1. Ah, but Red Ed says his first priority is to save the Union. To do that he flew up with his chums on a day return, sat round a table and talked somewhere in deepest Glasgow with his chums, then sallied out to wider Scotland to take his crusade to the public in a secret, curtains closed, meeting.

    What is is with these Better Together folk and secrets — meetings, membership, policies, organisations! The Union is turning in on itself.

  2. Derek. You really must come off the fence!!

  3. Derek,

    I’m wondering if Westminster Labour has any respect left for Scottish Labour voters. To make these pronouncements conveys the impression that they think their support has no recollection or knowledge of their past mistakes or perhaps they believe that their loyalty is so blind or strong that they will just accept this new version of reality.
    It beggars belief, does it not? but then “maybe that’s just me…”
    Naw! its just plain arrogance – for which they’ll suffer electorally. Labour voters aren’t that gullible.

  4. There must be some political equivalent of the physicist’s critical diameter: if you can crush something down beneath this size, then it will continue to collapse under the influence of its own gravity. Labour in Scotland seem to have arrived there, vanishing into a space-time singularity, Soon they will be no more than a faint wrinkle in the distant cosmic background. Deo volente.

  5. They are not the peoples party. They haven’t been for sometime. As they lurch ever more to the right, they become more like the conservatives from the 70s and 80s. They very party whose unpopularity they had fed on for so long. Never more can anyone from labour say “Only a labour vote keeps the tories out.”

    What is bizarre is that they are increasingly projecting their utter failure onto an Independent nation that does not yet exist. They then use the fact they destroyed the economy to prop what they had broken, as a positive boon of union.

    They are the dumbest fuckers in the room. Even in an independent Scotland – its obvious they can never be trusted again. My feeling is that it will be the Greens who take Old Labours place as the left wing party. labour will simply self destruct.

    • Could not agree more with you, every last word with emphasis on the Labour cannot be trusted ever again. I imagine that many in England with no other party to vote for will still not give them the majority they need, too many people still remember the harm that they have caused. I see no humility in them and certainly no change in them. They still look to those in the South East of England, the Home counties to give them victory.

  6. Great article Derek. Me, I,m not surprised at anything the W.M. M.P’s do or think but journalists going along with the propaganda is the most shameful thing. I really hope that when our country is independent people in the business start up a new free and independent press.

  7. Red Ed was only copying the precedence set by Unionist “Big Beasts”, such as Cameron, Clegg, Osborne, Hammond, May, Brown, etc. None of them pause to answer questions from the public, not even from unvetted press or media interviewers. It seems only the SNP ministers and MSPs are actually prepared to talk to and debate with ordinary people in Scotland.

  8. Does Ed Miliband wear red underpants, is that his favourite colour, does he hate socialists …? I don’t get the “red Ed” tag used in the meeja.

    I think an increasing number of Scots are saying “is it me?” with regard OneNation Labour.

  9. Just read a report of the Scottish Office ‘Better Together’ sponsored meeting in Dunfermilne:

    “One of the officials was wandering round and ear wigging so we all quickly quietened up when he came within earshot. As one of the folks in front went for more tea as the hall filled up he overheard two of the suits talking and one saying to the other “we’re fucked tonight, its full of nationalists!”…… Someone also pointed out that much of the (Rosyth) dockyard (dock one and dock two) is due, under plans that will commence in 2018, to be demolished and replaced with industrial units. the 28,000 jobs were on their way out under the Union. At this point Docherty (local Labour MP) turned as red as a Labour rosette and started stammering…

    The problem appears to be neither Labour nor Better Together can longer track the lies they have told and so are now tripping themselves up at every turn.

    • Not overly impressed by my MP Thomas Docherty, the man who did the chicken run in reverse. Decided the opening of a new school in Dunfermline was the place in which to tackle the First Minister over Gay Marriage, which it turns out he is not for, apparently. I have had cause to write to him and the first time he had to be reminded by the House of Commons minder system to reply. I am not surprised that the Union intends losing jobs at Rosyth considering that the usual Tory Voter in London goes incandescent with rage at the thought of Gordon Brown providing jobs there.

  10. Derek, I tend to agree with my old pal David McCann. It is time you came off the fence and told it the way it is.

    If, like the rest of us, you really think that Brian Wilson is a sanctimonious hypocritical wee nyaff why not just say so! I reflect on all the high – minded editorials from Breakish that I ploughed through in past years in the WHFP from this charlatan who now apparently spends the bulk of his time trousering cash from the right wing press and from association with City boardrooms and apologising for the activities of organisations like the CBI .Heaven only knows what they would make of it in North Lochs.
    Like most Scots I make a point of avoiding The Hootsman those days but I am grateful for those selfless souls who hold their noses and report from time to time on its death throes

  11. Derek, you need to fix the link to the Benefit Scroungers blog as it leads to the Guardian article.
    I agree that Ed Miliband is turning into a parody of a Labour leader. But they all are. Watched the Economy, Energy and Tourism committee meeting with the lead players in the Bannockburn aka Armed Forces Day scandal. The reps from Stirling Council were sleekit about how the decision had been made to hold Armed Forces day on the same day as the 700th anniversary of Bannockburn thus creating a spoiler for the event. Worth a watch from approx 2 hrs 31 mins.

  12. Yes, dealing with the Scots is tedious for No-Very-Red Ed. Means he has to visit the place. Luckily, no need to know anything; just turn up, tell them some crap, then hide. The BBC will of course help conceal ignorance levels about Scotland.

    There’s zero self-reflection, no asking of themselves why so many Scots want independence.

    Maybe not ask a question when you can’t face an honest answer.

  13. Mr B.
    Labour didn’t have the bottle or the desire-they also didn’t have the wit to share the wealth. That is why Labour has lost its constituencey in Scotland. Many former Labour voters have had enough of them. As for the Human Rights angle, it beats me how any country that has signed up to the Act, can have food banks, because it is a signatory’s duty to make sure that none of its citizens become destitute. The British state is guilty on that one.
    The ‘Red Ed’ tag is probably in memory of his late Dad, Ralph.

  14. Bugger (the Panda)

    I awoke on Friday morning and put on my tablet so I could stream Radio 4. I don’t listen to Radio Scotland, except Iain Anderson and of a night I sometimes listen to Radio 5 live, but only if Rhod Sharpe is on from Boston.

    Anyway, It loaded just after the start of a piece on “foreigners” in British Prisons. The woman was giving it laldy about how much it was costing the UK taxpayers and why don’t we send them all home to finish (or not in some cases) their sentences. 10% she said of the prison population is foreign. I wondered if that included the Irish miscreants in that stat?

    The response came from a junior something or other, not sure if it was a Tory or a LibDem and he reasoned it quite well. He stated that whenever they tried to enact these mutual prisoner deals there are always spoiling challenges made within the Law and, although a European agreement exists, it needs to be ratified on a country to country basis. Nigeria and Pakistan were problematic because of prisoners’ rights etc. Yadda yadda yadda.

    The lady came back in throwing figures about the cost of these bad people to the good people of Britain.

    The piece drew to a close and the host thanked the lady, Margaret ferkin Hodge. I thought she was with UKIP, although I would have realised, if I had been fully awake, that UKIP only uses the fair sex for licking stamps and envelopes.

    What is next I said to myself, a something for nothing statement from RedEd. We really got nothing from him. I think he has given up hope for Scotland and is trying to distance himself from his Scottish tribe.

    There is Democrat / Republic party system shaping up in rUK with everything spun and decided by marketing / neural linguistic programming / advertising and the funders for either side will be the same people. The LibDems may last as a zoological curiosity for a short time after Clegg does a runner for Bruxelles.

    We live in interesting times.

  15. im getting sick of bt campaign,and their twisted logic,
    I would love to kick them in the goolies before putting them on a train southbound
    The problem is I would be labelled a Scots lout,…….but as a pacifist it can only happen in my imagination
    I know they are getting caught out by informed people,and maybe someday they will be held to account in a court for deliberately lying,but right now they are affecting uninformed people who dont know who to believe
    These are the people who will enable our cause,and take us on our independence journey
    I speak to as many people as I can ,in shops ,surgeries, in the street,anywhere they will listen
    My wife now prefers I go to these places alone…….oh well,at least i get some peace…..hehe

    • Hi Like Bob I have started talking to folk about YES and no and apart from the total nos everyone else is willing to discuss it in a reasonable way. We can do it !

    • dennis mclaughlin

      Bob you’ll have a real job trying to kick them in their non existent “Goolies”
      non of BT has a pair between the whole rotten bunch of them 😉

  16. “Is it just me?”

    No Derek it’s all of us who want Independence. The Labour Party is a repellent outfit with only one aim…to regain power at WM. They don’t care about ANY VOTERS, only their place in the pigsty and their nose in the slops.

  17. Talking about Miliband, here is something you will just love –

  18. I’m old enough to remember the old labour party in a mining constituency. They ruled the roost, won every District / Regional council election that was going. The encumbants had their seats for as long as they wanted, & on retirement the ‘safe’ seat would be handed on to the next generation of labour committee men (mostly) who’d done their time on doorsteps or in the miners club drinking pints etc.. They have done Nothing to make Scotland a better place, to eradicate poverty, while bleating on about it year after year, and now they’re rumbled. The very people they’ve relied on are finally fed up watching the mould grow in their homes and their aspirations, while the labour MP enjoys the benefits of Westminster. Their entitlement to rule as they have done is very much put out by the rise of the SNP. They’ve had their chances over & over and they are finished.

  19. Nice one Derek. Time to ramp it up so don’t hold back!

  20. Wonder when grahamski will be along to give us his “socialist” wisdom on this article?
    But he’s probably out canvassing a phone box somewhere just now……

    • You mean Derek’s stalker?

      • I think Stu banned him. He’s developing a very short fuse for unionist timewasters as we get closer to the Big Day.

        Grahamski really is a piece of work. Did you see him on Twitter posting the most obnoxious smears against Derek, calling him a misogynist, for posting these belly-dancer photos on the previous article? I told him we didn’t need or want his false concern, and that bleating about “misogyny” when his only purpose was to smear an opponent was an insult to women. He said “oh please” and slunk off.

        He’s all talk, anyway. I remember having a heated exchange with him on the Scotsman shortly before the Glasgow East by-election in 2008. He was boasting about the high level of support for Labour he was finding on the doorsteps and how easily they were going to win because people trusted them. We all know how that turned out, don’t we. I understand he was at the very same game in 2011, inside knowledge of Labour canvassing, certain to win.

        He’s like all Labour political types. Says whatever he imagines will win an argument or provide a suitable put-down, without any reference at all either to whether it’s true, or whether it grossly contradicts something said only last week. These confident assertions about a No win are pure whistling in the dark.

        • Grahmski is a total hoot here, the last comment I remember was the one about not disturbing your enemy when he is making mistakes. I think he took the huff then when Iain pointed out it was his campaign that was making them.

  21. The CBI Press Office today informed me that the organisation was non political ie not affiliated to any political party – this was in response to my question as to why anti- independence material figured on their website. I was told that being “non political” allows them to post material which they insist is based on purely economic considerations. It is strange how Glasgow subway removed posters from an organisation not a member of a political party because SPT declared the posters political although the poster simply pointed out that all 37 Scottish newspapers were anti independence. Does anyone know if SPT is a member of the CBI – the CBI press office would not tell me!

    It grieves me to behold Labour in thrall to the Tories and to business interests including the CBI .

  22. The singularly most significant fact about the referendum campaign has been Labour’s inability to galvanise grassroots activity.
    This should tell us much about support for the Labour party in Scotland.
    Voting Labour,for too long,along with the idea of being against independence has been the default position for many Scots but when these ideas are challenged and people have to start thinking,doubts creep in and the British establishment position becomes questioned.
    All that we have seen so far from the BT campaign are British state VIP’s telling working people that if they dare to take matters into their own hands,the Scottish VIP’s along with their fellow English VIP’s will act against us.
    Very much the case that the referendum is about the British state and it’s VIP’s versus the working people of Scotland for control of Scottish resources.
    Glad to see some passion being injected into the debate.
    Thanks Derek…really good stuff.

  23. Derek,
    Sorry for O/T but have you tweeted about BBC employees up-in-arms about the CBI situation? Don’t have Twitter/Facebook so rely on blogsites like this for information. Would be obliged if you could give us the gist on this site. Thanks.

  24. I have known many generous, honest, fair-minded and loyal members of the Labour Party; and to be entrenched within a tight group of like-minds must make it extremely difficult to re-focus and, as it were, begin again. But the YES campaign has opened the way and made redirection possible. I am convinced that the real Labour supporters, unlike the Brian Wilson types, will realise the great potential offered by voting YES for independence.

  25. “…[Ed] reported it with a straight face.”

    Sorry Derek. Ed didn’t have a straight face the last time I looked. That is ninety nine per cent of his lack of appeal.

  26. Aye Red Ed says his first priority is to save the Union.

    Surely his first proprity should be to to do his best for British people. BUT NO he puts saving the Union ahead of the poor captives of these islands.

    OT. check out the BBC’s online coverage of Margo’s Commeration. The Proclaimers were given full coverage of their tribute (and quite right to!).
    then there was the tributes paid by Margo’s friends Elaine C. Smith and Alex Neil. both given less than a minute. Elaine and Alex gave wonderfull rememberances I heard them on the radio and was looking forward to seeing them on the iPlayer. I better get used to feeling let down by the BBC.

  27. Now don’t beat about the bush Derek, tell us what you think. 😀

    ‘Former socialist’. There’s a lot of them lounging about the HoL. 😉

  28. I wish YOU were still working in the ( BBC ) the politicians letting Scotland down are bad enough, but the journalists of this country & TV presenters of political program’s are a damned disgrace? NOBODY ever challenges anyone from LABOUR on anything, it is shameful the way they all bow down to LABOUR people.

    As someone already said, I hope that after Independence this country will get rid of the lot of them, & have a decent open & honest newspaper, along with same for a broadcasters. As for a party to replace LABOUR surely that party is already working for the people of Scotland, the SNP are more socialist than Labour has ever been since BLAIR & BROWN along with help from ED Milliband, Alistair Darling, Douglas Alexander, and worse of all CURRAN & LAMONT & GREY have ever been.

    Wake up Scotland, let’s start over, with a party that really cares about the people.

  29. Brian Wilson does very well out of renewables in Cuba.

    He has no problem helping Cuba achieve its full potential but revels in denying Scotland achieving its own.

  30. It’s just you and everyone else Derek.

  31. Dr JM Mackintosh

    It is quite shocking to see how this government has driven our poorest In society below EU standards so that it has now become a Human Rights issue.

    Any “Liberals” out there reading this ? You should hang your heads in shame.

    Then you contrast this with the protection the Government affords the City of London bankers and the fight against the EU to protect their rights to continue to get their massive bonuses.

    Penalise the poorest and protect the richest who caused financial crash in the first place with their unchecked greed. Why are these bankers not all fired and why are their leaders not in jail for fraud and corruption?

    This country, the UK, is completely morally bankrupt and we have to put an end to it by voting Yes in September.

  32. I can barely believe all the Labour hypocrisy and get hope from various websites that they are a busted flush.

    Then along comes a Cowdenbeath or Dunfermline election and they get voted back in again. I am absolutely convinced that if the majority of the people that voted for them actually knew what Labour now stands for they would never have done so. Our political system allows politicians to spout and print downright lies. Democracy? My arse.

    Of course there can be ‘grey’ areas in politics but the simple misleading and manipulation of the public should never be tolerated. How can people come to a considered vote (Referendum or otherwise) if information is twisted in such ways?

    I know a guy who is convinced Labour is still the Party for the poor; and when challenged about who first introduced a Bedroom Tax (Local ‘Hero’ Gordon Brown for Private Landlords) and various other right-wing, Toryesque policies he refuses to believe it. He hasn’t heard it on the telly and doesn’t read it in the papers and Labour are always talking a good game; therefore it can’t be true.

  33. Sad to say that this was my constituency, the one which was lost because of a bad candidate, Bill Walker, one which the SNP threw out but not before the damage was done. We were rewarded by a Labour Candidate who seems cannot even read a prepared speech, but then she would not be the first in that Party, she also, and at her age, has an appalling memory, could not remember as Councillor that she had voted to close Pitcorthie School. One week after the election those who elected her in were out in the streets of Dunfermline with a petition to keep the school open. As for Cowdenbeath, again this was a seat held by Labour, the Lady died of cancer, there was never any chance of anyone but Alex Rowley getting it. He got the sympathy vote. I would love to say that the good people of Fife might have had enough of Labour, but I seriously doubt it, I think though that they may go behind the said Party’s back and vote YES.

  34. Some people love Ed though …
    I watched Margo’s memorial on the BBC website (don’t know if it’s available on YouTube in its entirety yet) and amid the humour, humanity and emotion Johann Lamont sat stony faced through it all. She was conspicuously the only person not singing ‘A Man’s a Man’ and obviously did not want to be there but could not wait to scurry back west to get her tongue up Ed’ erse.

  35. Some people love Ed though …
    I watched Margo’s memorial on the BBC website (don’t know if it’s available on YouTube in its entirety yet) and amid the humour, humanity and emotion Johann Lamont sat stony faced through it all. She was conspicuously the only person not singing ‘A Man’s a Man’ and obviously did not want to be there but could not wait to scurry back west to get her tongue up Ed’ erse.

  36. Have you seen Greg Moodie’s latest at Wings over Scotland?

  37. I haven’t read Wilson’s article, but I saw somewhere else, somebody claimed he also took a pop at renewables.

    That made my jaw drop, since he was the main vector used by London to try to persuade Scots of the benefits of on shore wind generation back in the day. Standing joke at the time was that it was the only way he could get any fans in Scotland. One of his main lines of persuasion to convince Scots at the time was, and I paraphrase from memory; “Everyone knows that the wind blows harder at the top of a mountain”.

    Typical sneak speak, because while it is a technically true statement, in terms of commercial production of wind power, mountainous areas are the least viable. The detailed maps produced showing estimated cost of production/commercial viability produced by the EEA demonstrate that by being virtually a mirror image of the terrain map of Europe.

    There are various reasons for that, main ones being cost of installation and maintenance, cost of cabling to connect mountain tops, also ‘sheltered terrain’ in the Glens and valleys of mountainous regions mean reduced output there.

    But with the double speak, what was in actuality a negative reason for wind generation in Scotland was turned into a persuasive one. Infuriated me at the time.

    The truth is, there was never any plan to use mountain tops in Scotland, I know, I saw the detailed planning consent data, which was already well advanced long before the SNP came to power.

    Topography is paramount (sic) but diametrically opposite in effect to the way inferred by Wilson when he wore that particular hat.

  38. The Labour Party has been hijacked by gangsters pretending to be well meaning politicians. It was infiltrated by Spivs, Crooks and Speculators. Ideas and cherished beliefs were disposed of, bagged and binned. What you are left with is a Cult devoted to the building of careers and the making of individual fortunes. It is worse, much worse than the Toru Party.

  39. Well put, givinggoose. Couldn’t agree more. A sad state of affairs for those loyal to the Labour Party. But after independence they can ditch “New” Labour and get their Party back on track.

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