Please be advised that it is not for the fainthearted, but I suggest those of you sick of being branded Anglophobes or bigots for seeking self-determination may follow up our trawl yesterday into the depths of xenophobia in the Daily Telegraph – sparked by out-of-context quotes from the Daily Express – by peering into one of my latest correspondent posts on the right of this page. (Ivor griffiths)

This is an example of what those of us blogging for Scotland are subjected to and this latest arrival is the direct result of the smear run in the Telegraph. I’m not deterred in the slightest because it’s only argument, not incoherent anger and filth, that will win the day, but we’ve had ample evidence in the last 24 hours of how vile the so-called Unionist camp can be – not concealed in under-the-radar internet sites but in upfront mainstream Unionist media outlets. Just remember this when they call us cybernats. There are nasty nutters out there on both sides but this shows how idiotic it is to brand a whole community as cybernats because of the few. Equally I know this is not representative of Unionism, so don’t let the Ian Murrays and George Foulkes and Brian Wilsons distort the reality (Is it coincidence that most of the propagators of this kind of sewer politics are Labour?)

This is Ivor.

Ivor griffiths
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Submitted on 2014/04/23 at 6:23 am | In reply to David Martin.
The problem with Scots is that they are soft cock wankers. Male Scots have an idea that they are hard. They are puffs.

There is anot an Englishman alive who cannot leather the shite out of any grunting and ignorant scotch toe toucher.

Vote yes and fuck off.

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36 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. Its good that we have all the pro indy blogs like yourself, Derek, recording what is going on in this debate, good and bad, but jeez, how can this Union even survive a NO vote. Nutters aside, and yes both sides have them, how can the Union continue after a NO vote when we have recorded the lies, spin and misrepresentation of pro Union politicos and their media mouthpieces, for all time.

    Salmond might accept a NO vote based on the Scots being fed pro Union propaganda but will the ordinary YES folk?

    I wanted a fair debate on the merits of YES or NO, but we are not to be allowed it, so if there is a NO, well, I will be on the streets crying foul!

  2. Derek,
    Distorters of reality – Murray,Foulkes,Wilson, you should add Brown. Fortunately his presentation and figures on pensions yesterday has been unpicked over at Wings over Scotland and so I have further useful data to discuss whilst canvassing for Yes.
    Regards Ivor Griffiths, should you ever meet him expect a timorous fellow, brave from a safe distance.

  3. Les Wilson (Islay)

    Signs of panic in today’s Telegraph, Derek. Alan Cochrane has a piece entitled “Panicking Tories are risking the UK’s future”, while Iain Martin has an article headlined “The squabbling Unionist need to get a grip”. We’ve got ’em rattled.

  4. A blog called BBC Biased, dropped into my timeline last night Derek. Fully informed by The Telegraph article, it discusses your good self with even a snap shot taken from Twitter of George Foulkes commenting on you.
    For a site supposedly to highlight the BBC, the comments were fact free but there does appear to be a few Ivor’s .
    I was particularly taken with the expression ‘F**k off sweaty’ and may start signing off my letters and emails with this warm tribute
    Just as by the by , I read somewhere the other day that UKIP has 36, 000 members mm, I wonder where they discuss BBC bias?

  5. In the final paragraph of what he wrote for yesterday’s Telegraph, the nutty professor expresses the view that “the referendum is an all-Scottish affair.” Why, then, do newspapers based in England devote so much time and attention to trying to interfere with Scottish democracy? When David Cameron visited Scotland a few months ago, he announced a massive investment for the North-Sea gas and oil industries, and patronisingly told Scotland that it needed the “broad shoulders of the UK” to deal with the exploitation of these great resources. Just days later, realising that their leader had let something slip which could make Scotland suspicious of Westminster motivation, the English press started talking down North-Sea oil reserves, telling us they would soon dry up. On 18th September, the people who live in Scotland will have the opportunity to notify the beleaguered UK Treasury that Scotland’s resources, which extend well beyond mere mineral reserves like oil and gas, will in future be considered an all-Scottish affair.

  6. It is NO surprise at all that Labour are the worst, they are ultimately under Westminster control in this issue. Tories just enlisted them to do the dirtiest work rather than further taint themselves in Scotland.

    What they do not get is that they could not be anymore tainted than they already are.
    Of course if there is a YES vote, they will blame it all on Labour, suckers.

    Labour?, they are not nicknamed the “Most Devious Party” for nothing!, after all you know what a Tory is,
    anyone got a clue what Labour is now?

    • Right on Les. I believe it started when George Osbourne and the Treasury took Darling’s advice to rule out, completely, a currency union in his Edinburgh speech. Well, we all know that went down like a lead balloon and the next thing we knew an unnamed cabinet minister confirmed that a union would indeed take place, following a Yes vote. The tories are doing what they do best when they know they are going to lose, and that is setting up a patsy to take the blame. And know what, these Labour idiot’s, thinking they are world statesmen, have taken the bait, hook, line and sinker. Quite what the Labour Party in Scotland are going to do after we become an independent country I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t care, because they have only themselves to blame, so hell mend them.

  7. This comment was left on the Guardian website in response to the Gordon Brown pension story. It wasn’t a reply to another comment, the poster just posted it.

    “The British should clearly spell out how economic sanctions would work against Scotland ASAP. Also, London’s full diplomatic weight should be put behind getting the US and Brussels to sanction Scotland in case of a vote for independence.
    If that’s not enough, military action to secure UK assets in Faslane should be prepared.”

  8. Look on the positive side Derek.

    Since they are now attacking you, they must know you write the truth!

    My favourite film is the classic Western Rio Bravo.

    There’s a line from Duke as Sherriff John T. Chance which sums up these nasty Unionists:

    “You’re all in it”, growls Chance at the baddies in the saloon, “All of you!”

    Indeed they are, Tories, Labour and Lib Dems, they are all in it up to their necks.

    God save Scotland if the people vote No.

  9. The British Labour party in Scotland are very angry with the SNP for showing them up as the centre right party that they have become under New Labour leadership.
    Their policies are now designed to appeal to Daily Mail and Telegraph readers and have little in common with working Scots.
    The anger of people against Scottish independence is based on fear for what might befall them in the event.
    In the case of British Labour,independence will definitely kill them stone dead in Scotland,their pretence of stop a Tory will have no traction and they will have to get real with the electorate or face political oblivion.
    Getting real is not something that comes easily to Labour politicians so I think new career paths beckon for most of them.
    The level of irrational hatred being expressed in the right wing press should tell all of us on the Yes side that we are winning the debate and independence will prevail after September.
    Thanks Derek.

  10. I’m afraid there’s more of this to come before September 18th. Not that I’m agreeing with David Cameron – Scotland doesn’t have an established church, bhowever the Christian ethic governs a lot of our thinking – but thank heavens we can ” turn the other cheek” and not take the “eye for an eye” approach.

    Your insightful pieces, together with those of the Ginger Dug, WoS, Bella etc are such an excellent foil to the MSM one-sided take on the Referendum.

  11. I wished a good friend of mine in Wolverhampton a ‘Happy St George’s Day’ today by text.

    This is his reply:

    ‘A chance for proud Englishmen and women to proclaim their love for their
    country…and for me it stops about there…proud to be part of a system that
    inculdes poverty, food banks & areas of the economy propped up by charity
    shops…not a chance…I live in a country that has lost its identity…I don’t recognise
    it anymore, at least you have a chance of independence in some way, shape or
    form. Still searching for a manifesto that mentions building a brick wall round
    London, maybe on the M25. St George needs to slay a few of those raping and
    pillaging this country of mine…’

    It may be ‘off-topic’ but I feel it is relevant here.

    Never give up Derek; we are fighting, not only for our independence, but to
    give hope to those in England who suffer under Westminster too.

  12. I’m afraid I won’t be going to look at anything in the Telegraph or the express. I’ve done so in the past and that was quite enough , thank you. I don’t have a large enough supply of medications to calm me and settle my stomach after reading that type of bilge.

    Sad that it is still going on, but that would be par for the course. I assume that it will get worse the closer we get.

  13. Thank you to Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh for, on his advice, I watched “The Make Believers – A Documentary About Media Bias” on You Tube. Having seen that honest piece of work it surely would be impossible to vote for anything other than Scottish independence.

    We must remain one step ahead of these twisted seekers of wealth.

    Your blog, Derek, has been described as a “life saver”. And it is.

  14. Derek, as the good lord has taught us…

    Job 4:8 – “As i have seen, those who plough iniquity and sow trouble reap the same.”

    you have no one to blame but yourself.

    • Sowing trouble is hardly ever worth the effort these days – just ask Better Together, they are learning this. However, you do tend to meet some really interesting people while ploughing iniquity. 🙂

  15. You know you’re winning when the McMad’s of this world quote scripture at you.

  16. Well, well that’s you told, Derek. The prophet McMad has called on the God of the Old Testament. Expect much smiting and plagues of boils and locusts coming your way for surely Jahweh is a Unionist.

    Is the boy ivor an instrument of God’s wrath then, sent to admonish us unbelievers? Don’t think Ivor is given to quoting from the King James bible but John McMad seemingly thinks we deserve to be assailed by the ignorant prejudices of Ivor and his ilk. Truly the Lord works in mysterious ways…..

  17. Job 4:8 – an excellent quote. Applies pretty well to most of the MSM. Thanks John. Of course religious or not, from what I have read and heard, the YES campaign is more New Testament than Old.

    • Well how can one put this if your name is McMad, you have to live up to it.
      Now hop off to Labour Hame, they have not updated their page since November last year, they could do with some sparkling repartee on there

      • Yes john mcmad is my real name, just as much as hektorsmum is yours and blizzard is blizzards real name as well. Its the same with yerkitbreeks. Tell you what i’ll change my name just for you. You can try to guess who i am next time i drop in to take in the wonder of this blogsite.

        ps. never voted labour in my life, snp twice tho 😉

        pps, re your comment below. Just imagine if English people were different colour to us Scots.

        • John, I presume that is at least one of your names, you can find me with my correct name, though I use this one with fondness, on Wings. So you voted twice for the SNP, boy that must have been in your misspent youth.
          I have never voted elsewhere well at least not for the main party, I once voted for the Scottish Socialists with my second vote in the Council Elections.
          As for my remark regarding the tenor of the conversations on the Telegraph. I know what it is to be discriminated against, I have had this on a personal level from people who should have known better, so I still try and not do so. It would make no difference to me if the English were green and they used the language they seem to delight in using against the Scots, I would still speak out against them.
          I dislike complaining to the moderator but I have done so in the past, now I leave them to their filth.
          As for you using another name, believe me, your charming personality will always shine through.

  18. Some foul but equally normal comments on the Telegraph yesterday, normally foul. I said to one person that if his remarks had been addressed to someone of either the Jewish or Moslem religion or had been black, he would have been moderated off, but seeing it was just the Jocks, well that is okay.
    I would say Derek that you are definitely upsetting people, good on you

  19. I’m confused….

    – “by peering into one of my latest correspondent posts on the right of this page. (Ivor griffiths)”

    How do I see this?

    • It is at the tail end of the post as I missed it as well.

      • Ah ok, I see it now. How funny. And this post got through the DT moderation? Interesting but not surprising.

        Ok, we all know that this moron’s view is not representative of the English population as a whole, but many of them do tend to regard us as another species sometimes. It gets old from time to time, even when it’s in jest, but such is life. However, the view of most of my friends in the north of England is very similar to that of Geoff’s friend above.

  20. I remember reading 100s of nasty comments about Andy Murray because he didn’t wrap himself in a Union Flag.Some English people cannot tolerate other nationalities and that’s fact.

  21. That’s the thing Derek. Rise above them, and the more you rise above them, the more they spiit and hate. Unionist politicians are not nice people and certainly not for the people. They are simply being found out big style.

    Let’s now start making the agenda and not responding to itheirs.

  22. I used to get quite angry about these morons and their attempts at ethic division. Their gutter politics a perfect accompaniment for their sewage filled minds. But you know what? They don’t matter. They are ultimately small people, limited in their vision and products of patronage, self interest and a system which promotes and rewards this practice. Their time in power is coming to an end and they know it.

    For the sake of your blood pressure, I’d leave them to it Derek. Everyone in Scotland now lives with, next door to or knows a YES voter. They can make their own minds up as to whether we’re motivated by ethnic hatred or the aspiration and the will to bring about a better system of government.

    Oh by the by, you’ll love the most recent ministerial intervention.

    What was it I said about blood pressure? 😀

  23. I post occasionally on Telegraph and Spectator articles but the level of ignorance about Scottish politics and the abuse directed at Scots and especially Alex Salmond in a large number of the comments is quite depressing. Usually an odd mixture, even in the same comment, of how dare you think of independence and hurry up and go you scrounging socialist bastards.

    It’s hard to tell if the commenters are ill-informed and prejudiced because they read the articles or if the articles are ill-informed and prejudiced because they’re written to appeal to their readers.

  24. Derek while reading the comments in the Telegraph (for the last time) I came across some wise words to the effect that we are probably wasting our time by considering what such publications have to say never mind their sometimes rabid readers.

    It strikes me that Ivor is simply a troll &, as the internet would have it, one should never feed a troll by replying as their aim is to waste our time.

    You seem to have had relatively few trolls thereby ensuring that the comments on your posts are a good source of wise feed back. If this is now to change I suspect a policy of ignoring them would be best. You may wish to let your loyal readers deal with them but I think we’d all be better off concentrating on the positives of which there are so many.

    Not the least of which being that the Cons seem now to be gearing up for the first EWaNI election by positioning Labours big beasties as Scapescots.

    Finally I recently learned that Sweden very nearly went to war with Norway when they separated and even to this day one can feel the disdain of some swedes for their neighbours albeit tinged with a certain confused jealousy.

    We should expect – and again politely ignore – the same for a generation or three!

    • Well said Oscartaime. “Don’t feed the troll” has to be the mantra. Remember, we have the positive case, indeed the only case.

      I have yet to meet anyone, offline or online, who could answer my simple question “What is the positive case for the Union?” Concentrate on campaigning.

  25. Your response to YESnp online abuse and bullying is to reprint a hilarious Viz indyref letter? 🙂
    You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh

  26. Any chance you would have a screenshot or link to the BritNat bile quote so that I can put it in cyberbrits

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