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I was girdin’ masel  for a hurl at Gordon Brown with no little distaste I have to say since I can’t think of the sulking beast of Fife without a sense of dread and longing for a talent so wasted. So I was pleased enough to be side tracked by the latest attack on my good self in the mainstream media. The latest appears in…can you guess? Yes, the Daily Telegraph which not only omitted the context of my remarks but lifted them straight from Britain’s house magazine of doctrinaire bigotry, the Daily Express. After the inevitable excoriation from Brian Wilson, these are truly my badges of honour. I must be doing something right.

If you notice, the mainstream barely mentions the lively, insightful pro independence activity on the internet. It is genuinely a phenomenon which is playing a key role in what may be the break up of Britain and yet the organisations we look  to inform us are failing to report them. They are terrified of the new journalism which exposes them and satirises them and beats them to news. The traditional role of the conventional newspaper and broadcaster is being redrawn from without and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

The objective of the Unionist commentariat is to ignore the pro independence net, don’t bring it to the attention of the dumb voters, don’t give it credence. This proves difficult when some sites make a major impact but is particularly tricky when some like me from their own world joins in. They try to ignore me but with a BBC name, that becomes tricky. When they worry that  someone like me may actually have a degree of influence, it is time to attack which is why Brian Wilson was first to smear me. It’s designed to head people off but of course does the opposite. For me, to be the object of poison from the propagandists is a clear sign of success.

Now he’s been joined by another frothing opponent of self determination, Professor Tom Gallagher, or as Alex Salmond calls him, the Nutty Professor. You can decide for yourself if he’s got a point. But for the record I don’t hate anybody English, I don’t want a border, I welcome all incomers, salute them as adopted Scots and hope they stay and take citizenship. My enemy is the British state which is currently responsible for a xenophobic platform denigrating Europe, foreigners, Romanians, Bulgarians, asylum seekers and frankly, sometimes Scots too. If you have the stomach for it, read the Telegraph article here

Then check out what I actually wrote here

Make up your own mind if the phrases taken out were an attempt unfairly to smear me and my known views.

And if it helps, check out what others say about Tom Gallagher and his motives. This is the Left Review documenting his association with American state interests and how he denigrates Scottish independence.  And these are the people telling us we’re biased…


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12 thoughts on “Making a Difference

  1. In Tom Gallagher’s article: “Russian depiction of neighbours as inveterate enemies has created an ugly atmosphere that could drive the world towards armed confrontation. The stakes are not as high in Scotland. But Salmond is fishing in the same choppy ethnic waters and using hatred of the English Tories as bait.”

    The anti Thatcher / Tory movement was pretty widespread in Scotland. It’s not rocket science to work out why. Gordon “British jobs for British workers” Brown was a significant cheerleader.

    I thought David Cameron had sought the support of President Putin to help prevent Scottish independence?

    The only people talking up ethnic nationalism are the unionists and British nationalists in general. Just look at a UKIP poster.

  2. Absolutely terrible, after listening to the Sky Newspaper Review this morning, we could not believe that people who should have been at least aware of things, were talking so much drivel about immigrants and Ukip. I know one thing Derek and that is the people of the YES campaign are much more inclusive of “foreigners” than those of some of the NO campaign and definitely down South. You are the last person who needs to worry, we know you, we read you and you are correct, the MSM are looking the wrong way, this campaign is like the Arab Spring, being fought on the internet.

  3. Fame at last Derek? 😉

    Congratulations. 😀

    Another piece unconnected with yourself pandering to the same accusations of campaigns based on ethnicity in the Guardian this morning by a Tom Morton. The opposition will limbo under a snake’s bum any day now if they keep this up. 🙂

    They seem to have no regard, no forethought as to people living together post referendum. Simply appalling stuff.

  4. Have just read the article in the telegraph and continued to read all the comments it generated……. Unbelievable. Who hates who?

  5. I delved into the Nutty Professor’ sTelegraph article BTL comments. Now I need a bath. We have to get away from these people.

  6. Congratulations Derek. You obviously merit their grim attentions. I won’t read the drivel they write but can understand the panic they feel at the thought of their cash cow being led astray by a rogue broadcaster!
    I’m hoping some kind of honour can be created in an independent Scotland to celebrate the courage of the internet journalists and other campaigners who are, and will continue to be, the target of Britnat rage. Everyone who has the courage to stick their head above the trenches deserves our support. It must be uncomfortable at times but you have the admiration of your (more timid) readers.

  7. Derek – you are right not to waste your efforts on McCavity Brown apparently the bigger risk of failing public pension provision is in England (rUK) according to schizoid headlines in the Daily Express today.

  8. I find this abhorrence of our First Minister fascinating and we need a clinical psychologist ( or depending on the degree of loathing, a psychiatrist ) to delve into the origins since the id of Freud is running amok and his ego needs to do major reassembling of the psyches of the likes of Gallagher, Lamont.

    IN AS we truly have a home based champion – could this be it ? Should he not know his place now he’s no longer at Westminster, and it seems to have nothing to rival him ? Are many Scots simply not able to assimilate this ?

  9. Tom Gallagher: “I’ve never voted Conservative” (but I write a blog for the Telegraph). Aye right, Tommy boy, by your friends shall ye be known!

  10. Im sorry but I can not see a talent wasted in GB… I can see a twisted soul who lost what he assumes was a moral compass years ago… given that he tried to reach a secret deal with the Edinburgh TAX FUNDED Kitchen Designee ( M Campbell ) in attempt to keep A.S.out of power at all costs… plus his sour face complaining about the concern of a female voter during the last election and then blaming one of his staff whilst calling this concerned voter a “racist”…. the man is a lost cause….

  11. Gallagher: A man who has stared too long into the Abyss.

  12. But then, who reads the Torygraph in Scotland, or the Express for that matter?

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