Here’s a little personal news some of you have asked for. I’m thinking about making this a regular feature under the title Stormtrooper. What do you think?

First, I’m booked for a series of public meetings which I’ll tell you about as they approach – don’t move your holidays to be there but come along if you can. On Sunday afternoon at the Mitchell Theatre in Glasgow between three and four for the Scottish Pen event as part of Aye Write with an international panel discussing censorship and constitutions. Don’t worry, there will be real experts there too from South Africa, Norway and Ireland.

I’ve been asked where I’m going for my Easter break, you know, the way Andrew Marr is asked what he will reading on a Greek Island or Kirsty Wark tells us about her Arran hideaway. This is me stepping into celeb culture here because I’m aware it could start a trend, like the way people started waving saltires at Yes rallies after I did it once. That was me that started it, wasn’t it? One of my favourite places is Ardnamurchan because it is far enough away to feel remote – when will that wee Corran Ferry be free? – and yet close enough to make a comfortable journey. I stay at Garmoran Square which is contemporary mixed with solid quality, a bit like myself. My favourite bit is sitting behind the ceiling to floor windows with the fire on watching the squalls sweep over the moor from Ben Resipol…with a bottle of Burgundy. I’ll let you know how I get on…


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6 thoughts on “Stormtrooper!

  1. Aye Ardnamurchan is nice, I’ve fond memories of camping in Kentra bay many moons ago.

  2. Margaret Brogan

    This isn’t a comment! I sent you an email a wee while ago inviting you to speak at West Kilbride Yes on 15th July, alongside Blair Jenkins. Don’t know if you got it , so am repeating invitation, you were suggested by several, but I got the job!
    Stormtrooper, great idea, Ardnamurchan even better. We were there in autumn last and it was stunning, mushrooms galore, our host knew his mushrooms. Have a lovely holiday!

  3. wee folding bike

    As I remember the Corran ferry is only not free if you take a car… and I obviously don’t so I’ve never had to pay for it.

    About 20 years ago as I was tricycling back from Arisaig on a Sunday afternoon in July I suddenly thought that it might not run on the Sabbath. The tourist office in Strontian had no idea. It turned out I had seen Whisky Galore too often and all was well.

    Braking a heavily laden trike round that area heats up the front rim noticeably. Trikes also have a wee issue on ferries because they roll around on their own. I had to tie it up whenever I let CalMac take the strain.

    A few months before that I encountered a big brown and white cow lying in the middle of the road near Resipol farm. It was calmly chewing the cud and not for moving.

  4. Is the idea of ‘Stormtrooper’ a benign version of Cybernat?

    Just asking ’cause I have no idea why Scottish folk that want independence should have any pejorative names attached to them.

  5. Vincent McDee

    Pardon me asking Derek, this is the old Marketing guy speaking, wouldn’t it be:

    CyberStormTrooper? Just saying.

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