Estate(s) of the Nation

Getting poor people to register to vote to change their lives is now branded “hatred”. Have Unionists lost all decency or just a little perspective? I don’t care who goes into Easterhouse and the other sprawling estates outside Scotland’s cosy middle circle of professionals, well-paid pensioners, business types and commentators, so long as it works.

Who lives their lives content that thousands of our fellow citizens live such dreary unrewarding lives that they have no motivation to engage with society? The answer is the selfish, the uncaring and the undemocratic.

If the Unionists had bothered to go into these areas themselves to claim them for their politics, it might be different. But the unspoken pact of the elite is that some people are undeserving and beyond redemption and if they wont help themselves, what’s the point in us trying? It’s a shame, but what can you do?


Do what the RIC people are doing – get your hands dirty, engage, encourage and enlighten. To present it as anti-British is pythonesque. Who runs the country? Who holds all the powers? Who has the budgets? Who has directed money upwards for generations and made unemployed the former factory workers of Glasgow? Who closed the steel works? Who closed the shipyards – and who is still closing shipyards? British government after British government, of course. Labour and Tory, now squealing in complaint when they are found out. They decide we should have a low-wage, zero-hours contract economy while they run to Brussels in support of bankers bonuses.

And when Britain – as I always say, the British state – gets its just desserts in terms of blame, it is branded as hatred. I know what hatred is. It is knowingly consigning families to shrivelled lives with low-grade shops, poor health facilities and welfare dependency. That is hatred. How disingenuous of Labour to side with the Tories. Who represents Easterhouse, Springburn, Drumchapel in Westminster? What are the anti-poverty policies of Margaret Curran, Willie Bain and John Robertson? Vote for me, that’s their answer. Just as Michael Martin happily pulled on the silk stockings of the Speaker and snuggled into the grace-and-favour house instead of campaigning for one of the country’s poorest communities, Labour’s record in protecting the poor is abysmal.

I have my doubts about some of the views expressed by Radical Independence because I think it goes too far to engage ordinary voters. But which democrat can condemn the registration of voters and encouraging them to stand up for themselves against a system which writes them off? The answer for Better Together is to get out there and tell them about the Union, explain how inequality works, why some people are worth millions and they are worth nothing, why public schoolboys and millionaires are in the Cabinet and they are in the Jobcentre. The SNP and Yes should not be squeamish. This is where the campaign has to go next. The British elite has put on its tackity boots and so must we. Only our way is democratic, theirs is the opposite. They don’t want people to register, they want them to suffer and to do as they say. They tore up the Edinburgh Agreement, the pulled away our right to the currency. They obliterated our country in their legal advice. Is anybody in any doubt that the British state is now in full cry? The RIC message is that it is time to stand up and be counted, not by fighting but by voting. There is no reply to that, nothing they can do, just count the votes. And in the West of Scotland where sickened Labour voters are looking for answers, lies the most fruitful constituency of all – the people beyond the Better Together propaganda.

How sweet would it be if the people who decide this referendum for Yes and throw out the British mercenary elite were the poorest Scots of all?

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74 thoughts on “Estate(s) of the Nation

  1. Right on, Derek. The private school educated will not be the answer for Scotland, it will be the people who are not represented by ‘the peoples party’ or the other comfortable ‘elites’.

  2. Go Easterhouse! Go Springburn! Go Drumchapel!

    Go Cameroncurran! Go Ballsbain! Go Gingertson!

  3. Couldn’t agree more with this article. I would have thought though, that this would be the ideal places for LFI to be targeting, keeping the people with LABOUR, ( as it is often so deep in their roots they can’t escape them either, never mind poverty) by assuring them, in an Independent Scotland. There WILL be a different labour, a Scottish Labour. Where they will be living among you, & you will be able to hold them to task so much more easily than before. Just get out there & vote.
    Personally, I gave up on labour in the 70’s, & from what I see representing them today in Holyrood! I just never see me ever voting that lot again.

  4. Well said, Derek. It would not only be right for the poorest in Scotland to free her it would be right for the rest of us to acknowledge that debt and make sure that the beginning of Independence for Scotland is the beginning of the end for dependency and the start of a society that nurtures and cares for all its children.

  5. Well done, Derek. I campaigned for SNP in Easterhouse at the 1997 General Election, and was bowled over by so many of the local community activists I met there. They’re not all demoralised and apathetic, you can be sure of that.

  6. You are dead right Derek. The gloves are off now and the fighting is going to get even dirtier from now on in. The next move from the no side, probably already tomorrow, will be that it is their oil and Scotland will have no rights to it as they are leaving the UK and it is the UK who owns it.
    We need to get to “Go”, so YES is absolutely critical. There will be no second chance, no matter where you come from.

    • In my job I encounter so many different ‘homeless’ people. I could fill a book describing the horror stories.
      One that still makes me weep inside is the story of the guy who worked in a call centre for a high street bank earning £16000 annually. On top of this salary he was paid an annual bonus depending on the number of Home Insurance policies he sold to unsuspecting customers calling in with account queries.
      As part of cost cutting, said bank withdrew this bonus and made selling these ‘add ons’ part of job description. NO TARGET HIT – NO JOB,
      Eventually he suffered a kind of ‘shell shock’. His conscious mind was telling him he needed to ‘rip off’ clients to keep job, his sub conscious rebelled at the morality of it all.
      He lost his job, his house, his marriage, his self esteem. The DWP refused benefits initially claiming ‘deliberate’ unemployment’
      To cut a very long story short, He was helped by several low paid professionals who ‘rebuilt’ his sense of worth to such an extent that he now knows he will be an asset in a New Scotland as opposed to a recipient of scorn, bile and venom in today’s septic Great Britain.

      They used to say that you could divide UK between ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’.
      Then it became ‘those who rip off’ and ‘those who get ripped off’
      Now those that get ripped off have to rip off to hang on to their status of being ripped off.

      • I recognise that story. Roughly that happened to a cousin of mine, although she was with a branch not a call centre. Fortunately she was coming up to retirement age, so she got out.

        Of course, if she’d been born ten years later (like me) she’d have found her retirement age pushed up by five years.

    • I agree with you that tomorrow it will be put forward that it is the UK’s oil.

      Today in the Observer there was another load of pish about ‘ a more mature respectful debate’ yada yada but buried in one of the articles was a veiled threat that there would be an arguement about who actually owned the oil – page 9 – ‘a bitter fight is expected over the oil’.

      Could they really get away with that?

  7. In an independent country of around 5m citizens,we will not be able to afford to write off hundreds of thousands of our people as being unemployable.
    We are going to need everyone to contribute what they can and that absolutely has to start with education and jobs.
    Unlike the Westminster elite,we Scots do not accept the Daily Mail rhetoric of scivers and scroungers.
    The vast majority of people want to work and feel as if they are valued by the community in which they live.
    Westminster offers no such future for working people which is why we in the YES campaign must convince those who normally don’t vote that this can really make a difference.
    Government from Holyrood will by neccessity have to take more care of our people who have been cast into deprivation by 30 years of uncaring Thatcherite London centric governance from Westminster.
    A YES vote is for governance by Scots and a No vote,the continuation of a government elected by English votes and Daily Mail politics.
    This is not a racist statement but a fact.
    Very good Derek..thanks.

  8. Once upon a time the ‘small folk’ won a nation.
    700 years later they can do it again…

  9. How can they stop people from registering to vote?

    The people who will decide the Referendum are those who are so disillusioned with politics they will never vote in an election (approx 50%). They will vote YES. The higher the turnout the larger the YES majority. That is why the Polls are skewed? These voters are totally off the political radar. They will not even engage with the Pollsters. That is why many Yes voters are confident off the outcome. To any active canvassers, for YES, it is plain to see any amount of enthusiasts will turn out. If is obvious from many sources, BT has minimal support (only Party members – small %), and even less active canvassers.

    • Ken,Absolutely correct.
      This is a referendum about working (or not working) people and not middle class perceptions of which Thatcherite London party might be in their best interests.
      Scotland is a country of working people and those who feel disenfranchised now have an opportunity to reconnect with governance.
      I expect a high turnout in the referendum and an overwhelming vote for YES.

  10. The unemployed etc are often very active canvassers. Many turn out and campaign.

  11. The Banks changed to performance related pay in the early nineties. Alway relatively low pay for lower grades,(good pensions rights) topped up by targets. To create huge bonuses for those at the top.Introduced by Fred Goodwin RBS. Other Banks followed suit. Fred Goodwin was despised at RBS (bullying). Those who could get other jobs left, took voluntary redundancy etc. If Gordon Brown had consulted the Banking Unions instead of brown nosing and colluding with the Bosses, some of the Banking excesses could possible have been avoided. Or maybe not. The economic ‘genius’ was unapproachable, becoming increasingly deluded, believing his own publicity.

  12. It is not only Easterhouse and Drumchapel that the message coming from the whole ever-broadening scope of Yes campaign is reaching out to.

    For those who didn’t see it, check out the letter in today’s Sunday Herald. It is countersigned by a long list of intelligent and thoughtful English people who see Scotland giving a lead to the third estate throughout Britain.

    This is surely the very antithesis of the phoney Brian Wilsons and George Galloways of this world who pretentiously set themselves up on a self-imagined saintly pedestal as representing the solidarity of the working people of Britain and claim that independence arguments break faith with working people from EWNI. This attenuated con trick of self delusion is shown for what it is – irrelevant to the fast moving search for, and articulation of, the need for social justice in tune with the age we live in which the independence campaign is increasingly opening up across Britain among thinking people.

    Wilson and Galloway and such like don’t realise the world has moved on from the dour bitter days of the 1920’s and 30’s when people like my father fought for better conditions for both the working and unemployed man. These bitter prats think they are oh so smart (and oh so gorgeous!) but they are political dinosaurs out of their depth in the fast changing positive vision that Scotland’s independence offers to the world. Their political imagination is dead. They are parasitically trying to ride on backs of the real socialist like my father who got out there on the streets and fought for what they passionately believed in.

    Where is the genuine passion in the likes of Galloway and Wilson? Effete ponces more like.

    Anyway, after that Rioja inspired rant, here is the link:

    and here is what this group had to say:

    We are English.

    We want to live in an inclusive England, which can look to the future rather than cling with nostalgia to our past empire; which is comfortable with our neighbours, whether to the north, the west, or in Europe. The idea that our friends in Scotland might carve a space for themselves on our shared island but beyond the oppressive and depressing Westminster political consensus is thrilling.

    The Scots have the opportunity to set an example for us all, and so to help we English liberate ourselves too. And so we are writing to ask Scotland to ignore a Prime Minister most of us didn’t vote for either, to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and to vote Yes in September.

    We don’t see or fear Scottish independence as separation, we look forward to it as a better way of living together.

    • I don’t read any newspapers any more, so thank you for sharing this letter. What a breath of fresh air and reassuring to know that the dire insults and sneers pouring out of the media outlets are not representative of all the English people . The sentiments are quietly inspiring.

    • Having watched Russia’s SoS in the Ukraine (Viktor Yanukovych) order his “police” snipers to murder Ukrainian dissidents on the streets,we should at least be grateful that we haven’t been subjected to that sort of treatment.
      The world is moving on and I hope that people start to realise that when they disconnect from the political process,democracy gets hi-jacked by unscrupulous politicians.

    • innerbearsdenurchin

      Did you see the posts on the thread, especially the one from Robert Scott of Strathaven.

      “Oh dear that’s a pity, the Monster Raving Loony Party didn’t sign the letter.
      I wonder why, all their friends are there. LOL.

      I wonder if McTernan is lurking anywhere close by?

    • haha, ‘rioja inspired’. Thank you very much for posting this very helpful link. I already have in mind two facebook comments from no voters which will receive this as an excellent riposte.

  13. I lived in Easterhouse for many years. After moving abroad for many more years I’ve come home to the East End. Thousands of Scots who live in the most deprived and neglected parts of our country do not usually vote in elections, not because they’re ignorant, not because they don’t care, they don’t vote because they know their vote makes no difference. But they also know that on 18 September their vote CAN make a difference, and they’re going to turn up and vote in large numbers. Easterhouse is going to vote yes. Calton is going to vote yes, Shettleston is going to vote yes. And the votes of those places and places like them will win Scotland independence.

  14. Derek. You appear to have no great love of Twitter or Facebook. However, your participation in these areas would be a boon for ‘yes’ activists. Keep up the great work. Your words here reflect why I am playing my little part in this debate. You write from the heart, clearly feeling the injustices, but with great analysis and intelligence. Thank you.
    Jim Graham

  15. Jeez Derek, RIC cannae hold a candle to you. You’re getting more empassioned with every post . Well done you and let’s hope more take a leaf out yer book .

  16. When I was fit enough, this ‘well-paid pensioner’ was out in the Streets of Govan for the SNP, Derek, now I’m sitting here with the Heating Off! I agree with every word you say, but don’t antagonize people with sweeping statements that don’t hold up under Scrutiny!

    • I don’t think Derek was implying that all pensioners are well-off. Inequality is rife in our age-group as in all others,

  17. Oh my god! This is actually going to happen, a new future.

    • cynicalHighlander

      Oh believe it like a tsunami slowly building up from the depths in the distance destined to arrive on 18/09/14.

  18. Another great piece, Derek.
    Cameron’s “UK’s broad shoulders” are going to have to be fairly broad if he and his pals choose to shoulder an extra £130 billion – ie no assets no debt.
    Lovely to read about these intelligent, reasonable English people who see Scottish independence as a break for freedom – which they would very much like to replicate. Perhaps they’ll join us in Scotland instead.

  19. Tomorrow Cameron will announce a new oil boom and estimate that over and above the revinue taken they expect a extra 200 billion in revenue.
    Instead of labour condemning vast areas to continued poverty it should be thinking what it could do….it wont its party before people.
    Only a yes vote can bring about change. If its a no then we genuinely cant complain about the cuts to come…and neither can labour for they are campaigning for those cuts to take place

  20. It’s been in my mind for some time now, that the no campaign, has done such a hatchet job on the UK, that the status quo cannot survive a no vote. They have wrecked Scotland’s reputation in the UK, to such an extent that no party, having won the general election, could resist calls to scrap Barnett, and indeed scrap Holyrood. No voters are not going to thanked for having voted no. They will be considered as scroungers who knew who paid the bills. that’s a message that unionists dare not take into places like Easterhouse. These people that the UK has failed is like glimpsing the future of Scotland after a no vote. These people are beyond scaring by the likes of darling and Osborne. That is why they are so scared of these people losing their apathy and deciding to vote once more.

  21. Indy event and live stream Mon 24th from Shettleston Juniors, Glasgow so please promote this event!

    Ivan McKee, Michelle Thomson from Business for Scotland plus
    Jim Sillars, Bruce Morton and Donald Reid

  22. I have to agree with you about the RIC.I dont think they appreciate just how deeply traditional Scotland is.Their rhetoric regarding the Monarchy is unhelpful imo.Scotland has been a Kingdom our whole existence and the sort of talk about abolishing this part of our customs,culture and tradition is damaging to the yes vote.

  23. They are arguments to keep an apolitical (if totally nonpolitical) monarch as Head of State, rather than a President (political) which can create conflict and a separate power base to create stalemate in Government, Nothing gets done. The US is an example. Legislature and Presidency in constant conflict. Electoral promises are not met and empasse development into stalemate. It can be even more expensive for administration.

  24. Does the BT not want people to register, so they can influence the Postal vote? That is their usual carry on.

  25. I’m a native of Dalmellington, in East Ayrshire,Thatcher left the area decimated, the pits closed, villages like Patna, Drongan, Cumnock, New Cumnock, Auchinleck no work and dire poverty. This must be fertile ground for the YES campaign and LFI. People need hope and a vision for a better future.

    • It is fertile ground but a core group of friend on face book are active for the yes campaign
      But still slow going as the Maine problem I find is those at retirement age keep saying how is Scotland
      Going to afford the pension

  26. Reblogged this on A Pictur-Yes-que Viewpoint from the Nethan Valley and commented:
    I wonder if RIC will be visiting parts of Lesmahagow too and some of the surrounding communities. Engaging people in the future of the country is only a good thing.

  27. Then said a rich man, Speak to us of Giving.
    And he answered :
    You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.

    There are those who give little of the much which they have – and they give it for recognition and their hidden desire makes their gifts unwholesome.

    from : The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran ( 1923 )

    I guess he foresaw the selfish, uncaring and undemocratic you describe !

  28. “The changes that the UK government are set to implement over the coming years will have a brutal effect on Scotland.” Sun, 3 Sept 2012

  29. That should be “Margaret Curran said: “The changes that the UK government are set to implement over the coming years will have a brutal effect on Scotland.” “Sun, 3 Sept 2012

  30. I was out and about a couple of weeks ago in the Pilton/Muirhouse area of Edinburgh canvassing and leafleting. The vast majority were pro yes but a lot of people had given up. “nothing will change” “I don’t trust any politicians” etc. As was mentioned in the piece above its one thing getting the yes message across, but if people aren’t going to vote or aren’t registered in various housing schemes across Scotland (generalising) the loss of Yes votes is incalculable. I stay in Leith but will be going back to my roots, to the housing scheme i was brought up in (the closest one to Holyrood of all places) to make sure as much as is possible the forgotten silent majority become the ones with a voice and register and take part.and vote. Anybody reading this, from any housing scheme background across Scotland and are involved with the Yes campaign and maybe have moved away but still in touch with friends and family from their place of childhood, i suggest they do the same. This referendum should be for ‘all’ especially the people that have been cast aside and forgotten about by countless Westminster governments.

  31. Haven’t the SMP been in power for the last couple of years? Why has it taken the referendum for the SNP to help these impoverished people? They’ve been ignored until now, now that Alec Salmond can get something out of them.

    • You expect to reverse a generation of Labour and Tory induced poverty in these areas in a few years with a devolved government that has a limited budget and no control over welfare or taxation?? Aye right – that’ll work.

      Perhaps your answer is to keep the same Labour and Tories in power then by voting NO – you know the same ones that stood by and allowed this poverty to grow and did nothing … not for a few years BUT AN ENTIRE GENERATION.. Aye – you’re a fkin clever one eh – that’s bound to work..

    • Simply because Westminster is the entity that gets our taxes and decides what to spend them on, meaning that Trident, the House of Lords, the Olympics, London Crossrail, HS2 to Birmingham, etc., etc., take precedence over the poor of Easterhouse. The Scottish government does not have fiscal levers to change the taxation and welfare systems which is what would make the difference – money taken from the SG’s budget to try to deal with what are UK ‘reserved matters’ (e.g. welfare) means less money to spend on devolved matters (e.g. health and education).

      But say the SG did put money into these areas and they got jobs and started paying taxes – it would not be Scotland that benefits from this ‘investment’ and the increased revenue, but Westminster – and more taxes going to Westminster from Scotland does not at all translate into more money coming back to Scotland. However, with independence Scotland will have control of all of those fiscal levers and will be able to redefine the tax and benefit system to create jobs and to make Scotland more properous and more equal.

      You might as well ask what has Scottish Labour done over the last 50 years? What has Glasgow CIty Council done? As they have been in power in Scotland for far more time than the SNP has. By the way, I think this was Radical Independence Scotland going around the estates, not the SNP. Just FYI.

  32. Wow, Derek, all these years of biting your lip have certainly been boiling up inside!

  33. YES need all the activists they can get to spread the word. Get off yer bums. Get on the YES website, find a local contact and get out there do everything you can to stop the BT from trashing Scotland. There are plenty of activists, but don’t get frustrated sitting on yer hands. Go out there and do what you can for this wonderful country, which could be even better, if we all stand firm. Stop BT Unionisrs from trashing Scotland. You will feel so much better. Your country needs you like never before. The coarse Tory Toffs Cabinet visit, will remind people what they have done and will increase the YES vote. The YES people can capitalise on that. Your country needs you like never before. Get out there, when you can.

    How much is the UK Cabinet visit costing, while people are dying in the Oil Industry because of lack of proper health & safety measures and total neglect by the UK Gov. Their solution a minimal inquiry and blame the hardworking workers, working in a dangerous industry to line the Tory Toffs, pockets. The Tory Toffs have never do a day’s work in their lives but trashed the UK economy. Destroying the NHS/Education and have not payed off a penny of the Deficit, but are increasing it even more. Danny Alexander has cost Scotland £5Billion a year in lost Oil revenues and cut the underfunded Barnett £1.3Billion a year, since 2010. Increasing poverty in Scotland. The Charlatan Unionists who no ohe in Scotland voted for, will be sent back to think again. Haste yer back, for even more YES votes.

    The rig transportation system is not fit for purpose. Some clapped out helicopters are over thirty years old. If they were road vehicles, they would not pass an MOT, and would be scrapped long ago. The poor maintenance and cutting corners have results in deaths and fatalities, with no official compensation for the families but White wash enquiries. That’s Westminster governance for you.

  34. Cameron is a liar. Thatcher cancelled a pipe line wasting the equivalent if £Billions of Gas. Did not invest one penny in the North Sea, Gas and Oil industry. Off-shored the Oil revenues and cut the Scottish budget and economy, to the core. Causing the waste lands we see today. Ian Lang/Forsyth etc were her henchman. Lying their pockets making them millionaires, Instructions were given to keep it secret. The papers are there now released, with her handwriting. Spent the money on London S/E and low taxation for her supporters. Scotland never seen one penny of the Oil revenues with Thatcher in power. The Tory bankers who supported her Party were more than handsomely rewarded. Came to Scotland and made a statement. ‘ we English people are generous to you Scottish people’. The condescending bitch.

    Deja Vu The same Pish. Do not believe a thing the Charlatan PR man Cameron says. The only thing stopping Scotland from the same old ‘secret’ Tory slaughter is the open SNP gov in Holyrood, and always remember that. Salmond is fit for the Tory Toff/Unionists. Stand firm and spread the word. Or Scotland has had it.

    Cameron wants to use the Oil revenues to save his skin, and his corrupt Party. Do not let him.

    • Just listening to GMS this morning, Cameron visiting an oil rig. Apparently we need Westminster to shoulder the burden of our vast oil and gas wealth. On another subject around the same time someone from the Glasgow Mission Food Bank asking for donations of money to help feed people in dire need. Their arrogance is astounding.

  35. Labour/Unionists spents the Oil revenues on Illegal War, redundant weaponry and Trident, and Tory Bankers, Left the UK in colossal debt, and children and the vulnerable are starving in the UK as a result. Unionists are complete and utter useless Charlatans, who line their insatiable pockets with greed and complete ammunity, while other people starve to death. They are below contempt. Vote Yes and change your world for the better.

  36. The Unionist LibDems, or what’s left of them are useless, lying charlatans, beyond contempt.

  37. Scotland doesn’t need a CC Project at Peterhead. Full employment and lack if skilled workers. What Scotland needed was the Coal CC Project at Longannet, in Fife. The funding was available, but Hulne refused permission. Coal is much cheaper than Gas but more pollutant. Coal is plentiful all over the UK. Black Gold. The CC Project at Longannet was what was needed and more beneficial

  38. FFS – the M Scotsman unresearched ‘journalist’ is on Sky. Sky is scrapping the bottom of the Unionist barrel. The guy is a duplicatist liar. He can hardly string two words together. ‘Journalism’ for dummies.

    • Hello Ken – I watched that arsehole in dismay. I think his name was Maddox from the scotchman. He was lying about the No gaining 5% after Osborne’s visit. He was really struggeling with his story. I hope people who have not decided yet were watching that Dickhead.

  39. This is especially hypocritical of Scottish Labour who use community groups and old people’s homes to hoover up postal votes that they have sent to their offices.

    in Labour’s view
    engaging people bad

    working the machine, good

  40. Sky ‘journalists’? at it again. The Scottish Gov was meeting at Portlethan long before Cameron decided to jet in, as normal business. They travel around Scotland as normal business. The Oil revenues have fallen because Osbourne/Alexander put another tax increased on the Oil sector of 11% (£Billion) in 2010. Now Oil tax is 60% to 80% (since 2010). The Oil industry cancelled contract and put contacts on hold. Danny Alexander while lining his pockets down south has cost Scotland £5Billion a year. Along with the cuts to the Scottish budget £1.3Billion a year. The Media omits to tell that Oil tax is 60% – 80%. While (foreign) multinationals in the City of London making vast profits evade tax, and pay no tax at all. Illegally,against fair competion Law and damaging British industry.

  41. Sky Unionist ill researched ‘reporter’ is lying. Sky are lying to line their greedy pockets.

  42. From today’s FT

    Re the Conservative manifesto

    “There are six people writing the manifesto and five of them went to Eton; the other went to St Paul’s,” one Conservative MP in a marginal constituency told the Financial Times. A senior minister said the make-up of the prime minister’s team was a bad advertisement for social mobility.

    A bad advertisement for social mobility? You don’t say…………

    These are the people with whom the Labour party in Scotland have got into bed. Have they taken leave of their f*%$ing senses????

  43. If the peoples of Scotland vote No, they deserve everything that Westminster throws at Scotland.

    The Tories are so blatant in their pillage of Scotland and Labour so blatant in their desire to out Tory the Tories. In Scotland Lamont and co are owed and grubbily needy of Scottish votes so they can work their private way out of the poverty they have parasited upon. To hell with the voters, just give me the money.

    If we cannot see that and make the vote Yes ,we deserve not to call ourselves a nation.

    We will be shite, colonised by wankers.

  44. Too true Derek. Throughout 1706 and 1707 there was huge opposition to the Treaty of Union, with riots in the streets after its signing. George Lockhart wrote: “During this time the Nation’s aversion to the Union increased, the Parliament Close was crowded every day with an infinite Number of People all exclaiming against the Union…”

    Sweet indeed if the independence ripped away from the ignored People in 1707 was restored by their descendents in 2014.

    • At that time the “common” people didn’t have a vote. Now we have, so let’s make sure we all use our vote to create a new, fair Scotland.

  45. It’s slave labour in the North Sea. In Norway the workers work two weeks on, a month off. They have other jobs when they are offshore. More family friendly, economic and socially manageable. Scotland oil sector also gets revenues, which go to the UK Treasury from Contracts world wide which won by Aberdeen/Scottish based firms. £Billions.

  46. Why Political Party are being allowed to get their hands on Postal votes is a mystery. It is open to fraud and gerrymandering. A loop hole for corruption of the Electoral system. Postal vote forms should only be sent to on request to the recipient, and returned, by them, (by post if necessary) to Council Offices. No Political Party should get their hands on them.

  47. All the UK Media are lying through their teeth, to line their own pockets. The only thing is that is correct. Cameron is in Tullos and Alex and Co is in Portlethan. The rest is complete rubbish, with lack of detail, to support Westminster.

    PJ parochial Poll is rubbish. The BBC ‘expert’ Pollster are incorrect, but they get £Millions of public monies for failure. Just like Westminster and their cronies, while people starve in the UK. Most of them should be in jail for corruption, fraud, embezzlement of public monies and breach of human rights.

    Cameron will not debate Salmond because Cameron knows he does not have a leg to stand on. Even worse the truth will come out. The Westminster gov likes to operate in secret, supported by the compliant right wing UK Press, lining their pockets on deceit and cruelty.

  48. If you think about it historically it was the rich – who after all elected and were the Scottish Parliament that chose to vote itself out of existence – who got us into this mess in 1707. So it would indeed be ironic if it were the poorest who finally got us out of it all.
    Re RIC, I take you point about the problem of engagement with their ideas, but I think there is the potential in that organization to create a Party in an independent Scotland to be a “ginger group” to drive forward the agenda and not allow the dead hand of conservatism (note the lower case c) to exercise overly much influecen in our country.

  49. The outrage is because it’s sinking in that in the referendum every vote is equal There’s no swinging things by blitzing just one or two marginal constituencies while ignoring the rest of us.

    • Right enough. Never though of that. Ever vote will count equally. Good thinking Batman It’s definitely in the bag.

      That’s why the Polls are wrong. They are polling it, like a General Election. That is skewing the Polls.

  50. If this keeps up there will be a rash of burst blood vessels at the stupidity of it all.If the people of Scotland vote ‘No’ they will deserve what they get.
    They kick us in the ribs and speak the most extreme codswallop and still somehow lead in the Surveys.
    Is our Nation terminally thick?

  51. Brilliant article and oh so true on every level.

  52. In 1707, the people in Scotland, thought the concept of (unpopular) Union would be voted against by their representatives. (Tory Toffs).
    Lord Hamilton? took a bribe and voted against the People. There was outrage.

    It’s funny how things change, but everything stays the same.

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