I Don’t Believe It!

The BBC may not be interested in critical reports from our universities. The mainstream media may be asleep on the job and dismissing as usual the efforts of citizen journalists. But the Scots are sure interested in the BBC Bias row. I’ve just checked the stats and yesterday I had 9200 hits on that story. The previous high was 6500. I’ve already had 4800 hits today so far and it’s only 10.38 am as I write. I don’t want to sound like an ad man but I regard that as pretty phenomenal for a blog without advertising. Wouldn’t the papers love a hit rate like that for a single story? Is there a lesson here that explains their steady decline? 9200 in 24 hours. I’m allowing myself a flight of fancy…if we can achieve that through one little website which doesn’t have a single dongle, YouTube link or  picture on it, why shouldn’t we go on to shock them all with a Yes vote in September…only dreaming! Thank you for your interest and support for a bitter old man with nothing better to do before the pubs open. Derek

PS Remember the Labour for Indy meeting tonight 7.30 at the STUC, Woodlands Road G3 6NG

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0 thoughts on “I Don’t Believe It!

  1. Hi Derek, Enjoying your posts. Keep up the good work. I’ve sent an e mail to Ian Small at the BBC and await a response. Will let you know if he responds. Best wishes Donald Wallace

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  2. Here, I thought we were supporting you, Derek Bateman, not those fushionless folk in the Scottish media!

    Great stats. No surprise there, but very well done, sir. Another round, please!

  3. Nothing better than a grumpy old man with a social conscience!

    Those figures show that you are saying the things that folk want to hear and looking at stats for all the Yes leaning sites will make happy reading, though not for the MSM. Excellent.

  4. It’s because you have ten times the credibility of BBC Scotland. Mind you, that’s not hard! I suggest you look both ways before crossing the road . . .

  5. Well done Derek – you are obviously saying things that people are deeply interested in and I do believe that the BBC’s band of NO-ist merry men and women will be a cause celebre with your goodself central to clearing the whole lot out. Sweet eh?

  6. If even a small percentage of those visitors do as you ask and send a mail, then they won’t be able to ignore it for long either….

    So get writing folks

    Remember we’re not going to get another crack at this in the forseeable

    Don’t wake up on the 19th September and ask yourself ‘Could I have done more’?

    • Sorry Gavin – sent the message for DB by mistake. Meant to say I agree and reinforce your message that we we should all correspond with Mr Small and our Political Rep.

  7. How many of those hits were from BBC employees? LOL

  8. Great, I keep bombarding my “not sure” friends with your updates, but the No of hits really is eye opening.

  9. The thing is that by now all the Scottish papers would have received letters and emails from readers on this matter. Has anyone seen any of this correspondence in the letters’ columns?

    This has been a black week for the Scottish media and a highly damaging one for Scottish journalism.

    Young people thinking of taking up journalism as a noble profession may have to think again.

  10. I noted that that ‘BBC threatens academic’ story had 1000+ shares on FB

  11. e-mail maureenpotter

    Like it and keep going! We should all be using our talents in different ways to ensure YES! Yours Maureen Potter

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  12. Derek, welcome to the “grumpy old git club” …… we’ve saved you a seat 🙂
    You’ve sure rattled their cage and they don’t like it one bit.

  13. I have just sent an e-mail of support to Principal of UWS and copied it to my MSP and Patrick Harvie.
    Yes for Scotland!

  14. I am very proud of you Dereck, the people want information and want to be interested in how their country is run. However the Establishment, HMG, don’t want the stupid voters taking an interest in their skulduggery it’s not good for the MPs and the great and good. Well done again Dereck from one old fart to another.

  15. “… a bitter old man with nothing better to do before the pubs open.”

    I’ve never been a fan of what appear to be room temperature-served drinks. Aging, however, is unavoidable.

  16. I wrote some time ago that I believed that Derek would be an important player in the referendum debate or words to that effect. I was not wrong.

  17. Tommy Sheriden will be speaking tonight about Independence at St Bryce Kirk, Kirkcaldy at 7.30pm tonight (Thursday).

  18. Well Done DB – Brilliant. I knew when I first read your blog that you were the boy to follow.
    This is the way to shake them up!

  19. George Dyer-Wilson

    Emails written; article shared. Now looking about how to get this into braver channels.

    Great find and thanks,


  20. Derek, why don’t you open a pub/ cafe called Yes? Advertise it on here and then you have put together some of the things you like in one pot so to speak. It would need to be a pub/ cafe that was biased towards polite conversation, not over the top of music and gaming machines, where like minded people can gather and sort out the world.
    The Hairy Bikers did it. They put together the things they like. Bikes and food, and made a TV business from it. I think you would be on to a winner.

  21. Thank you Derek for caring about our small country with a big heart. Your passion is infectious (in a good way) so I am delighted your blog is being read by so many.
    The house of cards is looking a wee bit shoogly.

  22. Well done Derek! Perhaps the route of the next independence rally should file past BBC Scotland? That way we can register our disdain over the BBC’s propaganda tactics – and allow them to accurately count the number of marchers at the same time?

  23. Well done Mr Bateman. A very important article on BBC reporting and the lack of internal checking for balance. It will open a few eyes all over Scotland.

  24. Brilliant Derek and keep it up and inspiring the rest of us. My email of support to UWS and John Robertson has been sent.

  25. Thank you, Derek for all your hard work and eloquent writing. You may be dreaming of a YES win in September but it’s a dream that will surely come to pass for if you want something enough you’ll work hard enough to achieve it………and we certainly all want an jndependent Scotland!

  26. One of the news items repeated on BBC Radio Scotland today:

    Canadian ‘singer’ Justin Beiber has been arrested for drunk driving in the US.

    No, I’m not joking.

  27. That ofcourse should read “independent Scotland” !!

  28. Searching for an honest journalist in Scotland nowadays had become like looking for hen’s teeth, or so I thought until I read your blogs.

    Thank goodness you are here upholding traditional journalism standards.

    Keep up the good work.

  29. Happened to see a bit of BBC News (London), it had been put on in the background, ,they were doing sport, then they did an item about a footballer, then they did something on Dragon’s Den.
    I listened to a few days ago to an item on RT where the new controller of BBC World News had decided to feminise the coverage, and that women didn’t like hard news so they were going to do more on fashion.
    Even a UK level we are being softened up for something.

  30. Hi Derek, great work. I thought Reuters were worth a go, you never know.
    I usually post comments with a pseudonym, but now seems the right time to stick the heid above the parapet.

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing to bring your attention to an academic report recently published on the widespread media bias in favour of retaining the Union, which pervades the mainstream media in Scotland and the UK. Not unsurprisingly, this report, which is thoroughly backed with empirical evidence, is being totally ignored. The BBC, in particular, are shown in a very bad light, and as this organisation is publicly funded, this is of great concern, with democracy being undermined at the expense of the license payer. To make matters worse, the BBC are now trying to intimidate the academic responsible for the report. I have posted the links below, and trust that an impartial, world renowned organisation such as Reuters would at least take the time to consider running a story on this.
    Kind regards. Scott Luke.

  31. All those hits on the wabsite and all this wailing and gnashing of teeth and what have the SNP said about this?

    Not a thing!

    If this report had a shred of credibility the SNP would be screaming the results from the rooftops. Their comms team would be bombarding our news editors in every news room in Scotland.

    Why have they not?

    • Oh dear Grahamski do keep up.Had you a shred of logic in that prejudiced brain of yours.You would realise that the complaint is about bias in the media who only publish articles and stories that come from No or agree with their agenda.If the SNP could just phone up the BBC and have them broadcast the story then their would not be bias or an agenda.The point is the BBC don’t talk to nationalists so how on earth can they get them to comment on the story.You really are dim old chap.

      • Careful Jock, they’re a vicious bunch at Falkirk Slab Hq. G will have his mates come round and picket you. BTW G has started to believe his own propaganda, apparently anyone can have a blog these days. It’s a pity he’s not got the bottle to do it in his real name though.

  32. So the SNP complain Grahamski what happens next?
    1. The UKOKs scream dictator, North Korea,Scottish Govt trying to control the media?
    2.The media ignore the complaint as the BBC did when they misrepresented an Irish Ministers interview?
    3. BBC Scotland in a fit of community spirit, crowd fund for an exclusive interview with Justin Beiber, knowing the nation is agog.

    Tell me this Grahamski,why is a paper produced by the West of Scotland Uni no credibility?

    • Mr team asks: “..why is a paper produced by the West of Scotland Uni no credibility?”

      I suggest you direct that question to the SNP who have as studiously ignored this as Scotland’s media.

      I suspect the reason for this is that the report does not stand up to scrutiny.

      • The SNP are not responding to this because political parties accusing media of bias doesn’t work. It is asking your opponents to be nice to you.

        It works much better when impartial third parties prove the case for you.

        For example, if stupid Labour politicians (I admit this is tautologous) make mendacious claims about European membership, sooner or later experts with impeccable credentials (some of them unionist) such as Yves Gounin, Graham Avery and Sir David Edward will point out how wrong they are.

        It’s more effective still when despite paying a sum so large that it is too embarrassing to disclose* the No campaign’s own lawyers find themselves unable to say anything more than “it is necessary to speculate”.

        *At a probable £500 per hour plus we too can speculate – shall we call it £50,000 to be conservative (it doesn’t appear that a huge amount of work went into it)?

      • What you suspect doesn’t really carry much weight. It seems that you have not taken the trouble to read it. It’s readily available online.

        One you have read it you may wish to tell us where it is deficient.

  33. Oh what a tangled wab we weave, when first we try to type “website”.

  34. Grumpy or doc or sleepy, male or female, a voice that speaks with heart and mind is always welcome. Thank you for the article. Have tweeted Q @ Auntie and will email Mr Small as well

  35. More power to your elbow, more ink to your pen. Thanks

  36. Mr ND claims: “The SNP are not responding to this because political parties accusing media of bias doesn’t work.”

    I wonder when the SNP discovered this?

    Was it after the FM described a BBC executive as a nazi political officer or after they complained about the juxtaposition of an interview with an Irish politician and the Secretary of State for Scotland?

  37. Grahamski, I don’t know what the SNP think about this report because unfortunately neither Gordon Brewer,Bernard Ponsonby or any of our media have asked their view.
    It is your post which is questioning the credibility – why?

  38. @Grahamski
    Very gracious of you to acknowledge the veracity of my point.

    Some time after Neil Kinnock discovered the same thing.

    Also generous of you to highlight the Lucinda Creighton interview which resulted in the BBC being censured by the BBC Trust (after complaints by someone other than the SNP).

    The FM described the BBC executive as a “gauleiter”, meaning an “overbearing wielder of petty authority”. Perhaps he should have used “grahamski”.

    Mr ND has no intention of providing his name to the little list being assembled by SLab’s house newspaper, the Daily Mail. Given we’re on the subject of quotes from first ministers, Winston Churchill said that Labour might “fall back on some kind of Gestapo”. He might have been surprised to find out exactly what kind.

    • Good morning. May I intervene? I’ve always said that everyone is welcome and that is true. But a constant feature has become the two-way endless discussions with our Unionist friend. I didn’t start this so that one person can dominate MY site (while not having one of his own) and do so by never declaring anything but simply by tripping up and winding up. Why people fall for it is mystifying. It doesn’t produce interesting debate, it’s a sideshow to the cause and that is Grahamski’s propaganda agenda – to deflect. It is tiresome. There are I hope enough posts to generate real discussion and if Unionists with something to say wish to participate, all the better. Can I suggest some of you set up a platform to have a binary discussion with him and leave the rest of us out. If you need to rise to the obvious bait, why not communicate directly with one another? I’m beginning to feel hijacked. It’s quite demanding trying to post daily and build the following I have but it’s dismaying to see important discussion diverted this way and my readership will dissipate if this pointless low level bickering continues. I’m not interested in censoring but if it means the original objective of opening intelligent debate on our country’s future is blunted by juvenile point-scoring which deters insight from worthy contributors, I’ll think again. Let’s keep the focus on the big question and clear the ground for real and intelligent contributions. Derek

  39. Interestingly Monbiot did a piece in the Guardian on the BBC’s refusal to adhere to its own editorial guidelines by allowing corporate lobbyists to appear on BBC progs as ‘experts’ without declaring their ‘interest’ yet they bully and intimidate an academic for doing his job?


  40. Mr ND: “..the Lucinda Creighton interview which resulted in the BBC being censured by the BBC Trust (after complaints by someone other than the SNP).”

    From the Herald:”The BBC Trust upheld a complaint from the SNP about the presentation of the interview for the evening news, although complaints about edits for other programmes were rejected.”


  41. My first post, having followed Derek’s blog with great interest. I have been driven to comment in support of Derek’s plea for debate and discussion, as opposed to hijacking of what is an invaluable resource for anyone who cares about the future of Scotland.

  42. Alistair Mackinnon

    Hi Derek, perhaps there has been some reflection by the BBC on the bias they have shown over the Independence debate. On last nights Question Time Dimbleby made a point of there only being four members of the panel to ensure ‘balance’. A tacit admission of previous bias?

  43. Derek,
    re:- your intervention
    Totally agree, your blog and comments should be with reference to that subject matter (or pretty close !!).
    Feeding Trolls is Verboten.

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