Et Une Autre Chose…

The intervention into British domestic politics by the President of the Council, Herman von Rompuy, to endorse Barroso the Commission President, in what is now the official stated view of the EU on Scottish membership, was a little surprising…not because Herman is anything other than a right wing centralist with no interest in democratising the institutions – he is against directly electing EU leaders – but because the Council had previously been publicly agnostic. It is after all the Council which is ultimately responsible for membership, and it is the Council legal advisers who will formulate the approach to be taken to Scotland and the rUK after a Yes vote.

So why would he join Barroso in the now infamous assertion – still without any legal foundation or description of the mechanics to be used – that ‘a new independent state would, by the fact of its independence, become a third country with respect to the Union and the treaties would, from the day of its independence, not apply anymore on its territory’?

Could it be relevant that the member of his cabinet who advises on institutional matters is one Richard Corbett? If he sounds vaguely familiar to any of you Euro nerds, it’s because he is an active professional politician in the British Labour Party and was an MEP from 96 to 09. So he’s hardly a disinterested observer although, to be fair, a man can give up one career and transform himself into an independently-minded professional in another. However, in Corbett’s case it seems he is only stopping over in the Council offices until he gets back into active party politics. He’s been selected as second on the Yorkshire and Humberside Labour list for next year’s European elections so is more than likely to get elected. Since part of his job is liaising with national governments, including the UK, how likely do you think it is that he would resist the temptation to do a bit of behind-the-scenes campaigning on the UK’s behalf by suggesting that Herman speak out on the sticky business of  Scotland?

Combined with the private talks between the Spanish right wing and the Tories to agree a common front on Scotland and Catalonia, we now appear to have a British Labour politician inside the system helping to dictate European policy towards the same end.

I know, I know, conspiracies exist only in the minds of the gullible. But sometimes, if you smell a rat, it’s because there are rodents nearby. Or should that be rongeurs?

Incidentally, on my aside about David Martin referring, strictly accurately, to Scotland as a region…my point is that our country, Britain, was created by two separate nations who retain that identity and, even if Brussels finds it inconvenient, we regard ourselves as such, or we should. David clearly disagrees and follows the Brussels diktat. But can you imagine an English MEP standing up to declare that he represents “the region of England”? I doubt it. He’d have the Daily Mail on his case straight away. We should call ourselves what we like and let them interpret to suit themselves. I don’t think many eurocrats wouldn’t know what was meant by Scotland or England. To me, it’s about pride, something some politicians seem to have mislaid. 

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0 thoughts on “Et Une Autre Chose…

  1. Why is this all OK with the EU? They seem to be paralysed or hiding behind the rules to the extent that they will watch a large democratic movement stifled by saying it is up to the Government that is trying to stifle it to make all the decisions.
    The EU is in serious difficulties over this, though they may not be aware of it yet.
    Hopefully behind the scenes they are talking to the Scottish Government.

  2. I really don’t think all these wasters realise the permanent damage they are doing by trying to interfering in the politics of wee Scotland. They bring the EU, SPAIN, IRELAND, NATO, BANK OF ENGLAND, HMG, Catalonia and MERRY ENGLAND and it’s people and try to turn them all against SCOTLAND’S PEOPLE BY FEAR AND INTIMIDATION all for their own selfish unconnected ends. They are opening up wounds, not good.


    Scotland will be independent one day soon, of that I have NO DOUBT!

  3. What the EU have to realise as do many Labour and Tory politicians is that Scotland and rUK will be equal states when a YES vote dissolves the Treaty of Union. The same rules will therefore apply to both

  4. Let’s imagine that it’s a week after the independence vote. The result was Yes. Westminster has recognised the result and Johann Lamont, Ruth Davidson and Willie Rennie have promised to work for a smooth transition. Westminster and Holyrood apply jointly to Brussels for terms for the two new states.

    Now, what’s the likely response,

    A) Yes, let’s start negotiations to amend the treaties to facilitate the process?


    B) You have both been expelled from the EU?

    My money is on B.

  5. Oops, I meant A!

  6. Andygm1, you’d better not be saying, “Ooops, I meant Yes!” on 19 September next year!

  7. I am getting to the stage where I am so fed up with the EU scare stories that I think the Scottish Government should say to the EU and it’s constituent countries that we have no problem being expelled and having to negotiate our way back in, should we wish to. In the meantime, we will immediately impose a 200 mile limit and prevent all EU countries from fishing in our waters. We will take over all EU countries assets with no compensation and reserve the right to sell them to the highest bidder. For the avoidance of doubt, the EU countries include Spain, Belgium and England. It is about time we stopped being on the defence and started attacking those who would deny our right to democracy.

    • That’s a thought that could have crossed many a mind – but, that said and there may be merit in it if things become virtually log-jammed by nutters, also to go about cutting off your nose to spite your face also springs to mind.

      One thing I am absolutely sure of and this, despite the continuous attempts to denigrate and rubbish the SNP Scottish Government, is that every avenue and facet of these arguments will have been well thought through, or will be dealt with properly as they come up.

      This is what the numpties who refuse to get ‘it’ are missing in their assumption that the status quo, or a very airbrushed version, which we all know to mean, will be much less than it is at the moment, will win their day. The very impetus and positive track record of this Scottish Government, which has been achieved in the face of all sorts of Westminster roadblocks is inspiring and self-fulfilling enough to breed confidence for the future. Can anyone say that about rUK and Westminster’s future?

      As for these MEPs – it’s time we started taking a real interest in them and questioning what they are about.

    • Well said Fairliered. I too am getting fed up of not only these stories but all the Yes Bitches appeasing and cringing about this and other issues. Eckles and the SNP should make a public statement to the EU (and NATO) to give a definitive answer on Scottish membership well before the referendum so everyone knows where we stand. If we are in then this scare story (and others) is (are) dead and buried. If we are out then who wants to be part of anything that punishes you for voting?

      • You mentioned Ekles (Eccles, shurely?) and was immediately reminded that it’s hell in there you know. However, the EU has made it clear that it can only respond to such a request for clarification from a ‘member state’, i.e. from the UK Government, which of course they are reluctant to do as it would take away yet another wobbly pillar of uncertainty that the No campiagn relies on. I imagine the issue with NATO, etc., is similar.

        Nevertheless, the Electoral Commission has made it clear repeatedly that it expects both the UKG and SG to define what will happen after a YES or NO vote. Therefore it is reasonable to expect that greater clarity on the EU situation will be included in the fabled ‘Joint Statement’, which I suspect will be published just in time to upset Labour/UKIP/Better Together at the European elections in May.

  8. Just playing Devils advocate here Derek but as Labour to my knowledge have not stated their stance on the in/out Referendum in 2017, (although senior Labour members like Lord Mandelson have admitted they have been lobbied by EU allies)are Mr Corbett, Mr Martin and Miss Stihler if they are still in post, then going to campaign for RUK withdrawal from Europe although apart from Greenland , no state has ever withdrawn if Labour decide to RUK should be out? Have I got that right? We have been given President Barrosso, Herman Von Rompuy, Mr Martin and Miss Stihlers view that Scotland would be out but somehow the RUK could just withdraw no problem, although both situations would be setting a precedent , have I understood the situation ?

    My other point is, if Scotland is ‘strictly’ a region does that not raise legal implications as to the authority of the laws of the land or regional by laws? As we have our own legal system surely we are a country as opposed to somewhere like Lombardy which has devolved powers but as far as I’m aware still comes under Italian law?

    • I think that the English supreme court can technically overrule Scots law.The Tories are also threatening that this same court will in future be able to overrule European law which will allow them to ignore human rights when it suits their purpose.So much to look forward to under continued London rule.

  9. Isn’t it more than ironic. The EU tussles with Russia over Ukraine accusing Russia of unfair tactics to keep Ukraine under its influence while using the very same kind of tactics over Scotland? At least Putin was elected (one might complain about the process but there was one however corrupt) the EU doesn’t even have a process for electing these guys.

  10. “It is after all the Council which is ultimately responsible for membership” Absolutely correct.

    “..and it is the Council legal advisers who will formulate the approach to be taken to Scotland and the rUK after a Yes vote.” Yikes, what does that mean? Legal advisers will decide the Council’s view on a separate Scotland?

    This wouldn’t have anything to do with that nat journalist based in Brussels you used on your news review show who claimed to have spoken to anonymous EU lawyers would it?

  11. As Prof David Walker (ex Glasgow University) put it ” …the Union was made by a treaty within international law”…

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